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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 17, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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ms. megyn is night. i'm bill o'reilly and please always remember that the spin stops here in south florida, because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, high drama in the white house race. the rnc said convention rule changes less than 24 hours after the front runner warns about riots if he does not win, welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. remember, just six days ago, violence forced him to cancel a rally. >> i think we'll win before getting to the convention, if we didn't, and if we're 20 votes short or if we're, you know, 100
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short, and and we're at 1100 and someone elts at 500 and 400 because we're way head of everybody, i don't think you can say we don't get it automatically. i think you'd have riots. >> some are suggesting mr. trump was just speaking figuratively, speaker of the house paul ryan is not amused. >> nobody should say these things in my opinion. to address or hint to violence is unacceptable. >> with trump's warning we're seeing reports the republican national committee may ditch it's massive rule book in favor of a, quote, simpler plan in what some critics are calling an effort to head off the effort to stop trump. publisher of the federalist has been writing on the issue. great to see you. so, ben, what is the rnc preparing to do?
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they say we just want more transparent, that is all, and that is a good thing. >> rnc is considering a suggestion perhaps they should shift to roberts rules of order as opposed to using the 1500 page rule book. i do think this is a sign of how unwilling the party establishment is to consider supporting cruz. they're more willing to risk the riots donald trump is talking about and potentially have violence in cleveland than to come around to the i'd kwa that ted cruz is their only real way to stop donald trump. >> so this isn't about the so called republican establishment trying to stop trump. it's trying to stop cruz and trying to paracute in a third party saviour? >> that is exactly what they're trying to do. it turned out donald trump did,
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opposed to ted cruz. >> the speaker of the house, not amused by trump's language. john kasich has been all over him today for suggesting they are saying he is suggesting that there would be riots. what say you? >> no. i mean, megyn that was a shot across the g.o.p. establishment. the problem is donald trump is where he is because of a rage against the machine. if somehow the g.o.p. managed to pull the rug out from under him and from under voters who put him where he is, the revolt would be extraordinary. it would never see anything like it. >> explain that. if he didn't get to the convention with 1237, and he is 100 short, should they are forced to give it to him?
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rules say you have to have a majority. >> the will of the voters has been shown. if he's short of 1237 by 100, she's short by 200, and g.o.p. elders say do you know what? we think our idea who should be president is -- >> that would be the second move. next move would be let's have a second ballot and see what voters -- at that point they're free to vote. >> it's manipulation. they may want someone other than donald trump, they may want cruz. if they do something that is without transparency in a way that usurps the will of voters -- >> there has been six republican presidents who is come out of contested convention. contested conventions are often
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healthy things when the party is divided. i understand the rage of the people. this affected democrats and republicans. but there is a voice as well for conservatives to believe they ought to do it in a different manner. if supporters want to riot, i say let them. they'll find out what the party -- >> and different matters of the primary? no. no. you're saying there is a different way to do it and it's different than allowing votes, the constitutional right of people -- >> there is a reason for a threshold. >> it prevails to become the -- >> if donald trump is the uniter he claims to be, he should be able to win over the support of enough people to take him over that threshold. it exists to show he has the necessary support to be a competitive contender in general election campaign. he's a bit of a deal maker. he ought to be able to get those votes. >> speak to ben's point of there
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is a process that doesn't say who gets the nomination with a plurality. the rules say it's up to the people voting and they're no longer bound. why shouldn't these candidates be required to follow those rules? >> because this is the year like never before. because the outrage now, because of the overwhelming support that this man has in the light of the last seven years, voters being told that we're second best, and that the rest of the world better not be offended by what we do, or we'll change what we do. the rage is extraordinary. and the rupture would be irreparable. i don't think they're going to do it. >> donald trump doesn't believe in rules when it comes to debates, honesty or the law. it's no surprise to me david would feel that way given the
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expression that is made in circumstances. >> bottom line, he's going to get to 1237. >> thank you. >> amid upheaval there has been talk of a possible third party candidacy. something many voters say they might be able to support. fox news exit polls finds about four in 10 republican primary voters say they'd consider voting for a third party candidate in november if donald trump and hillary clinton are the two nominees. donald trump assures that would all but ensure the victory of republicans in february. good to see you both. >> thank you. >> do you believe if a third party cropped up, we've seen reports of that today, that it would hand the white house to hillary clinton? >> absolutely, it would. i haven't seen anyone layout a path to victory assuming find a
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candidate in a national field, get them valid in all 50 states, all the third party candidate would be would be a way to vote for hillary clinton without pulling the lever for hillary clinton. i think there is some conservatives would be okay with that. their goal is to deny the presidency to donald trump because they think he would hurt the republican party as president. if hillary clinton is elected she gets to choose the replacement to justice scalia. whoever she picks might be on the court. >> if she wins the election, elections may take a look at merrick garland. on second thought, he ask get a vote. there may be other supreme court vacancies. dana, you're a cruz supporter. you know never trump people. do you believe that they will come over to support trump in a
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general election? >> i think a lot of them won't, megyn. you mentioned exit polling one of the things i noticed is just how unbelievably polarizing donald trump is as a candidate. you think back to a lot of these republican primary candidates, the nominee, or coronated as such, they had it wrapped up before super tuesday. we're not there yet. i don't think the people are going to go over. these people are on principle and not going on popularity. i don't believe this is their fault. i think this is the fault, i place the blame on two things, the republican part yes for allowing this to happen. if the republican didn't have such a fetish against grass roots conservatives and going after people like ted cruz and senator mike lee and people like rand paul, people who are doing
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the will of the people, i think we'd be having a different conversation today. i think there are a lot of people in america that are impatient. we're in a marathon, not a sprint. it's going to take more than just a few election cycles to get more conservatives in the senate, in the house. >> you make it sound exhausting. take a look at -- what is they all about round those round tables in the back room? okay. back to serious business. what is interesting so far this week is we are seeing folks that didn't want either one of these candidates to get together and it's interesting to watch, too. you know? linds linds lindsey graham is pushing for ted cruz. so, mark, as the never trump people are faced with a choice right now, because a lot of the
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never trump people feel like never cruz, either. >> if you don't want trump, he's the only other person. if you don't want donald trump, get behind ted cruz. goes to convention, support him in a contested convention. but then, if donald trump wins the nomination, if you start opposing him, i understand, i would have to choke down my bile to vote for donald trump. but the supreme court is a real major, you know, wrench in the system. justice scalia's seat up for grabs and that will -- hillary clinton in one term, cements a liberal majority of the court for 25 years, what donald trump has to do now is get the nomination and win over those anti-trump conservatives.
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it's not the case. he's got to go and win those people. who are antitrump conservatives. he's got to win and say who are you going to nominate for the supreme court? name somebody. tell us who you will nominate if you nominate the real conservative, says i'll nominate so and so, that could bring them over. >> the issue for people like eric ericson is a fundamental moral issue. they do not think he is a moral man. they feel like he's not going to be a pro-lifer. i mean, they feel like they'd rather go down voting for someone if they steal the vote from republicans for someone in his convictions in which they believe. >> i think that is true. we don't know, honestly, can anyone say what donald trump is going to do? if, and going to do well. but in looking at this, do we know what would happen during a
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trump presidency? can anyone say for certain? that is the issue. i understand where the people are coming from. they have no idea what they're getting. they know with hillary clinton. at the same time, people are looking at the rule not want be to be responsibility, i think there will be a lot of talk about the rules. >> great to see you both. >> thanks megyn. >> it is still months until the political convention, hillary clinton and donald trump are attacking each other like we're in the general election. pollster frank luntz is here and then, folks los to both campaign about the strategies for the road ahead. plus, the story of a dad who walked away from $13 million to spend more time with his son.
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly.
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welcome back, everybody. we are tonight hearing both hillary clinton and donald trump ramping up calls for their parties to unite behind them. watch. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination, and winning this election in november! [ applause ] we can't do this without you. so if you've been waiting for the right moment, now's the time to come join us! >> the fact is, we have to bring our party together. we have to bring it together. [ applause ] we have -- we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. >> joining me now, frank luntz, the author of "what americans really want, really." frank, how about that messaging we're hearing from these two? >> it's time we launch a new segment of the electorate, and i
9:19 pm
call it the trump democrat. and trump has been very successful in bringing in 15 or 20% of the voters that are brand new to the gop. similar to reagan democrats from 1980. people who never identified with the republican party but do identify with what donald trump is talking about. and that 15% to 20% is significant and allows trump to dispatch one republican candidate after another. and frankly, it's what makes him viable in the fall. these trump democrats are middle to slightly older. incomes below the mean. not particularly interested in politics until this election cycle. and still don't really identify themselves as republican as they vote for him. but these are the people that the republicans have not been able to win over since the early 1980s, and they're people that could make a difference for him. >> but this is the question for him. he's getting this influx of voters on the gop side who may
9:20 pm
be more modern, who may be democrats, who may be just disaffected republicans, but there's a group like glenn beck who are saying, we're out. we're out. never. >> yep. and those are the lost republicans. and it's why hillary clinton has a lead in virtually every single survey. so if donald trump is watching today, he's going to like the first half of this and hate this. the fact is, trump is also losing women, younger women that republicans have been challenged with. he's not doing as well nationwide among latinos. and there's some upper middle class voters that feel uncomfortable with him. we have an electorate that is shifting, significantly shifting. it is not the same that voted in 2008 and 2012. and what's interesting is that they're not defining themselves by what they think of hillary clinton. they're defining them selves by what they think of donald trump. which is why even if i try to
9:21 pm
talk about hillary clinton, the group always goes back to what donald trump is saying. >> what extent does it play that both of these two people, and let's make clear, these races are not yet settled. their name recognition is 100%, right? it's not like the electorate needs to get to know trump or hillary. they know them. how is this race different than other races? >> because there's really no undecided, which is going to make this probably the ugliest election that we've ever had in modern american politics. and it is not based on policy. and now here's where the journalists are going to get angry. this election is going to be determined by personality. in hillary clinton's case, do you trust her? does she have the integrity to be president? most americans don't believe she does. and in donald trump's case, do you have the confidence that he can actually do the job? and we know in polling there's some doubt there. so both of these candidates have record unfavorable ratings.
9:22 pm
in hillary clinton's case, 53% of americans. in donald trump's case, 60% of americans. so this is truly going to be an either none of the above election or quite frankly a lesser of the two evils election. now everyone is going to be mad at me, mad at fox. but that's why this is so fascinating and that's why people are paying attention to it. >> as you well know, sometimes the people get mad. we still have to do our jobs. great to see you, frank. >> thank you. hillary is not the only one who seems to be turning her sights on donald trump. clinton's fellow democrats are also sounding the alarm tonight. not to mention republicans trying to distance themselves from their party's front-runner. joining me now, boris epstein, along with robert zimmerman, a democratic strategist and dnc committee member. robert, let me start with you. this week we saw these huge democratic groups say we've got
9:23 pm
to organize and get in all the swing states and make sure donald trump never gets this nomination. why are they doing it now? >> it's a tribute to donald trump. he's united ted cruz and lindsey graham. i'm waiting for rapture to kick in next. it's a remarkable development. and why i disagree with frank, it's who donald trump is, talking about riots if he's not nominated, that people who believe in our system of governance and our electoral process are standing up and rebelling. >> what do you make of it? >> i don't see anyone rebelling. i see the republican voters overwhelmingly in favor of donald trump. california, arizona, all for trump. we as republicans need to listen to the voters. and the democrats have their own problem with hillary clinton and
9:24 pm
her untrustworthiness. that's why bernie sanders has done so well. it's because hillary clinton is a flawed candidate. >> i want to ask you about that. we heard a lot about the enthusiasm gap, that donald trump is galvanizing some pockets of the republican party. and we haven't seen that enthusiasm on the dem side this year. >> no question donald trump has produced a lot of media and enthusiasm. but hillary clinton has still gotten over a million votes more than donald trump. but you talk about a lower turnout. she's gotten over a million and a half votes over bernie sanders. my point being, when you look at the issues, that's what every election hinges on. i don't care about the speculation. the fact that in the democratic party, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders have approval ratings of over 80%, and in the republican party, 43% of
9:25 pm
republicans, according to "the wall street journal" poll, believe that donald trump is hurting the republican party. it tells you -- >> what about that boris? we have heard that, and the numbers you just heard frank tick through, we checked and they're real. his gender gap, the women, they are not going for trump right now. >> about 50% of women strongly disapprove of donald trump right now. but there's still a lot about donald trump that has not been out there. as we coalesce behind donald trump, he has eight months to show the electorate who he is and that he can truly lead this country. as republicans, we have no busy having these secret meetings in d.c. to stop donald trump. we need to be focusing on all the enthusiasm that's behind him. >> but people like eric erickson and the never trump crowd, they're allowed to not like
9:26 pm
trump. they're not talking about changing the rules but stopping him according to the rules. >> it's detrimental in the party and helping hillary clinton. >> what's helping hillary clinton is we see higher than ever democratic registration. >> you have to be worried about trump. even david plouffe said he doesn't envi hillary clinton running against donald trump. >> when you debate the issues about immigration reform, infrastructure, raising the minimum wage, hillary clinton is going to win and big. >> hillary clinton has been governing for over 20 years, what is her offer to the american people? things are going to get better and i'm going to change things? she doesn't have any new ideas. >> the question is whether he can peel off enough latinos and women to make up the gap that mitt romney lost. and if he can't, can he make up that gap with these new voters
9:27 pm
with the blue collar democrats? >> losing women by record numbers puts him behind in the beginning and he's encouraging more democrats to register. >> great to see you both. so with donald trump and hillary clinton going t each other as if they're in the general, we thought we would look at what the latest polls suggest for november. plus, how much do you know about the president's pick for the u.s. supreme court? that's just ahead. . [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪
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joining us here, we go to trace ghallager for polling. trace? >> let's begin with millennials. those 36 and younger according to a poll, they favor hillary clinton over donald trump, 52% to 19%. almost 3 to 1, and as you break it down, the news for trump gets
9:32 pm
worse, white mill legalins favor hillary. young hispanics, 4 to 1, and young african american voters 13-1, 1 out of four republican mill legalins would deflect to the democrats. listen. >> donald trump is dividing the people, to be honest. it's not so much his policies, but what comes out of his mouth. >> i'm a republican, and though i'm mexico, trump, unfortunately. >> it's the bigot or the liar, i'm going with the liar. >> now, donald trump says he is well liked by women voters but the polls beg to liver. half of u.s. say they have an unfavorable view of donald
9:33 pm
trump. the women polled cited several reasons for cans liking trump, including his stance on immigration and disparaging comments about women, including the anchor of this show. donald trump quoting i can see women not necessarily liking the tone but i had to get to the finish line. i had to be harsh in order to win. i can see women not liking that, that will change. experts say to win the presidency today you need 25% to 30% of the nonwhite vote. right now trump's unfavoribility among black voters is 86%, hispanic voters, 77%. though 57% of white males favor trump, the times are changing. in 1980, ronald reagan took 56% of the white vote and won 24 states, but in 2012, mitt romney lost 26 states. that does not bode well for donald trump. >> just changing demographics of our country.
9:34 pm
trace, thank you. joining me now, barry bennett and guy benson. great to see you both. barry, you know, that is the reality. the demographics of our country changed so much that you do need a much, much higher percentage of the white vote if you want to win on white votes alone. the safer, better path would be to win with all of the electorate. that means this nominee, whoever they pick on the republican side is going to have to do better with hispanics an african americans than mitt romney did. no? >> partially right. you have to turn the white vote out. if you turn out 60%, you can get a smaller percentage to do well. so turn out is key. >> what about, i mean, what are your thoughts on whether we should have a president that can
9:35 pm
win a significant percentage of minorities? and women? >> i think the polls myself today that among african american voters, trump is at 12 which is unfortunately pretty good. and i cans guarantee they're going to look different. >> american people have been watching donald trump for months and they don't like what they see. this is someone knows his name id virtually 100%. and so, the dumbs and stats that trace just ran down were brutal. they layout why donald trump
9:36 pm
would perform with women, young people. i think he'll under perform mitt romney. this white man opposes donald trump. and there is a lot of fellow conservative who's view to a previous topic on the program. >> i would never vote for hillary clinton to steal a line from trump. and if i vote for him, it will be difficult. i think he's unfit for the presidency. >> he said the same thing about john mccain. and i did. >> many people -- >> come on. >> so the thing people say is that he's nothing like john
9:37 pm
mccain. >> just saying that he's never cared about the party. >> the question, as he feels the party is going to empty the party when people like when potentially guy and others say i'm out. >> in the end these guys are going to hold their nose and vote for them. we're always unhappy. and in november, we're going to be there. >> people that i didn't agree with, the goal is to advance the ball and win the election to
9:38 pm
beat them. donald trump is different. >> what do you make of the women? the republicans have released an ad against him highlighting the debate about women. the poll numbers with american women are very low. >> i mean, if you look at the voters polls, the numbers weren't that different. >> democratic women, that is just the way it is. it's a polarized country right now. as he tells a story, have you seen a positive condition?
9:39 pm
no. >> okay. >> great to see you both. >> up next, he's back. he's back and has a story of a dad who walked away from millions to spend more time with his son. the dog who managed an amazing story of survival, and what happened when kimmy kimmel took to the streets to ask every day americans about president obama's pick. >> this morning president obama announced his nominee. how do you think whitey bulger will do for the supreme court? . >> i hope he can make it. i know republicans are going to attack him.
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9:44 pm
some famous names out on the street, far from the short list for the highest court in the land, and watch what happened. >> do you think sammy hagar is a good choice for supreme court justice? >> i feel the motions that he's for and the laws that he wants to change, it think he would be a good candidate. >> what did you think when you heard that president obama nominated l. ron hubbard to the supreme court? >> i thought it was a good choice. i identify myself as a republican, so i would say content with that choice. >> do you think he will bring peace to all seven kingdoms or he will be divisive? >> i think he'll be divisive. >> even though he formed an alliance with the mother dragon? >> yeah, yeah. >> tried to have his own son
9:45 pm
murdered and all that. so this is very disturbing to me. >> you know what it shows? we have become a nation that never says i don't know. because we are not going to give up. if we don't know the answer, we are going to -- >> one of the others was whitey bulger. >> do you think his past crimes will hurt him? i don't think so, no one is perfect. we used to say, i don't know, but now we just filibuster. >> why is that? >> we're used to going to school for oral reports not prepared. you can't say i don't know, you go up there. >> i think it's mr. google. he's made it unacceptable to not know. we gave up not knowing in the 21st century. we gave up maps because we have g.p.s. in our car now. we gave up cassette tapes and dvds and all sorts of music for
9:46 pm
pandora. and we gave up not knowing. >> the problem is, if we gave up not knowing and we knew, that would be great. but we gave up not knowing and we don't know, but we pretend to know. you know what i'm saying? >> i know. i do. let's move on to something we do know about, which is the orcas down at sea world. i went on vacation with my family and we are taking a family vacation down to florida. apparently we getter get to sea world right away if we want to see that. >> there was a documentary called "blackfish" that talked about the life of the killer whales. not too good. there was some really sad things about trainers dying. so this comes out and their attendance goes down 12%. when you show up with your ch p children or family, people show up protesting and they're yelling at you. >> what are they going to do with the existing orcas? >> they're going to put them in
9:47 pm
an observatory. so we'll get to observe them in their own environment. the good news is, for those who get to say goodbye to kobe bryant in his final season and derek jeter, we'll have a year to say goodbye to this whale and all the whales. >> one of them is pregnant right now. so what is going to happen to her? >> they're in trouble. because they were told not to mate in california. they said no more breeding. then you turned up pregnant. a lot of explaining to do. >> it happens in a lot of places. >> but you are training things called killer whales. you know that nature is against you. so the natural people, the people that are pro-animal, they took away our elephants, now the killer whales. so now we have to talk to each other or text somebody. >> there are a lot of attractions down in florida. you don't have to go there. baseball is a thing you love. i thought you were going to have a different take on this story. tell us who this player is.
9:48 pm
>> adam laroache, he plays for the white sox. he starts this year kind of injured. one thing about this year and last year, he wants to bring his 14-year-old son to the game every game. the team said you can bring your kid, but not every game. and my sense is, the locker room is a place to get away. it's a workplace. you have five, six, seven kids, you're not even sure, but they're not running around the studio. >> occasionally they come. >> there you go. so they came down on adam laroche. he said good night, i quit, you owe me $13 million. if my son can't come, i won't play. >> he just wanted to bring him to the games and not the practices? >> 81 games you have during the day, you have time with your kid, i'm for that. but if everyone brings their kid to work, who is going to get work done?
9:49 pm
people agree more with you. most of his teammates are mad at management for kicking out the kid, because he's a great kid, he cleans everybody's cleats. but you can't use the lord's name in vein. >> why not? >> do you think a 14-year-old should be hanging out with 25-year-olds? >> it's up to his dad. his dad makes that call, not me. but there could be legal problems. i have to get to the happy story before we go. the dog who lived against all odds. >> the name of the dog is luna, two miles off the show on a fishing boat. he's a german shepherd. he falls off the boat, they can't find him. they think he's dead. it turns out he swam somehow two
9:50 pm
miles to the san clemente shore and stayed there for five weeks. they found him sit thing on the side of the road. he must have ate a lot of mice. >> and brian has something big storm. i'm going to tell you after the break. >> i can't talk. there's no time. >> don't go away.
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happy st. patrick's day. it's the holiday when all of us, including yours truly, can be proud of our irish heritage. even if we aren't irish at all. ever wonder from the traditions of parades, beer, corn beef and cabbage come from? trace gallagher volunteered to find out. he started with the beer. >> reporter: we should begin by fessing up that st. patrick was a brit, kidnapped by irish pirates. historians point out that he was an atheist who later in life discovered his faith and became a priest. it's unclear if he died in ireland but it is believed he died on march 17. and it used to be a religious holiday but became celebratory, because as my grandmother used to say, the irish like a wee bit
9:55 pm
to drink. the first parade was in new york in 1766. it was said he used the three-leaf shamrock to explain the trinity, but the historians say they would wear shamrocks on their coats and leprechauns weren't always little rosy hitle green men in suits. at one time it was believed they were ferries. and corn beef and cabbage is an american dish, and the original color of st. patrick's day was blue, but because ireland is the british isle, blue lost out. >> if you ever go to ireland, never kiss the blarney st uh, hello geico?...
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tomorrow night, some of the protesters who were behind that join us. we're going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. >> tonight, the washington post calls for a brokered convention to try and stop donald trump. newt gingrich is here with reaction. >> there are only two candidates that have any plausible path to getting there. >> and is it a two-man race now for the gop nomination? laura and monica weigh in. then, two filmmakers will expose who the anti-trump left wing agitators are, including bill ayers. all of that, plus rudy giuliani joins us with an analysis of the 2016


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