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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 18, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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phones. >> an extreme or necessary? michael says -- another law to protect us from ourselves is not what we need. there once was personal responsibility and a thing called common sense. >> kelly tweets, ridiculous. next thing you know, they'll enforce proper handwashing in public bathrooms. >> thanks for weighing in. >> i wouldn't disagree with that. >> have a great weekend. "fox & friends" starts now. it is friday. good morning to you and your family, i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. a group claims it hacked donald trump's phone and security information. the details just in. democrats moving forward with plans to force hearings on president obama's supreme court nominee. do the american people even know who that person sunshine. >> how do you think whitey bulger will do as a supreme court sglufts. >> i hope he can -- justice? >> i hope he can make it. i know the republicans are going
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to attack him. >> whitey bulger would be great as a supreme court -- wait until you hear about sammy hagar. all true, folks. >> you cannot drive 55. it was an apology the judge never saw coming. ♪ hello there i want to say i'm sorry for the things i've done ♪ >> oh, man. >> the funniest thing is the lawyer on the right. this fellow channeling his inner adele. we'll tell you that story and let him finish that song because friday mornings are better with friends. >> he's very sorry. i got distracted in the middle of my cold open. first time i've done that. >> you were walking to the left because kelly walked in. >> yeah. >> to hand you this paper? >> i left my notes i've been working on since 2:00 in the morning in the other room. kelly walked in while i was reading. i'm easily distracted as
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everybody knows. >> good to know. welcome to this friday. ♪ hello >> but a little better than he he did. >> quite a story. first, this is a fox news alert on this friday morning. you know that hacker collective known as anonymous? seen on the screen there. they have claimed that they have posted on line, they've hacked in to donald trump's personal information. they posted on line one of his cell phone numbers, social security number, home addresses, where he lives, personal information close to his family, his spokesperson's information, campaign manager's information, and information for various family members, as well. >> we heard this, when i heard this this morning, jaws were dropping. this is ridiculous. you know, this is not how democracy works. you're releasing someone's social security number? >> that's how hackers work. these guys -- one day they're going -- hacking isis. the next day they're hacking who they think is the enemy of
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america, and that is the trump family. that's not the only attack. more are coming, including ones coming up on saturday who's going to be a big rally. in columbus circle. that's march 19th, posted on facebook. for everyone who wants to rally for donald trump and what they say are his policies. >> a pro-soccer group called cosmopolitan anti-fascists, a group in new york city. at this rally which is the same day that black lives matter group will be rallying in phoenix. what they said on their facebook page was trump's policy threatens many of us in the black,no, lgbt, muslim, and other communities. they say come to columbus circle, which is up on the west side of new york city, and they were going to march to trump tower and let him know that hate does not work. >> bill o'reilly addressed this last night on his show.
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he was talking about how many people are calling donald trump a racist. he says you're not a racist if you are claiming that illegal immigrants need to come into this country the right way. just because you are against illegal immigration doesn't mean you're a racist. it means you want steroids get into the country the right way. follow the -- use want individuals to get into the country the right way. follow the rules. >> follow the rule of law. a country needs borders. there's one other hack to talk about this morning. it's something that wound up in the home of eric and laura trump. remember they were with us on tuesday morning live from palm beach. last night about 7:30, laura trump opens an envelope, white powder falls out of it. they called the police. they wound up calling the fire department, fbi. they don't know exactly what the powder was. clearly somebody was trying to
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be a wise guy. >> could be anthrax thing. we're trying to show nothing in particular except for a trend. a trend it from the left, the right, hackers, protesters, donald trump under attack. and believe it or not, it's actually not just coming from the left. it is coming from the right. i mean, there are emergency meetings in washington, among people that got a -- find some way to stop trump. >> it shows how scared people are. >> i think it's also reinforcing the people that like trump. >> 100%. how far will people go to stop the front-runner? this is the guy people are going to the polls to vote for. listen to the people. >> trump has a sense of humor as does ted cruz. yesterday on line, they exchanged various photoshop versions of 1990s jim carrey movies. there you see donald trump put up "liar liar." put jim carrey's head off and put ted cruz's. then ted cruz in return took the
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poster for "me, myself, and irene," and changed it to "me, myself, and don." the original movie with irene was about a seriously crazy person with a split personality. apparently mr. cruz thinks that's trump. >> and he wrote, don't take a chance. a new release coming to the ballot boxes in november, 2016. >> through the process, the level heads are the ones i think are getting the most airtime. people are calling it on a day-to-day basis without an agenda. and i turn to newt gingrich through the process. here's a guy that was runnier u to mitt romney, was there in the '90s and brought change to the republicans. they see donald trump as different but not a threat. he is watching and taking account rather than accusing and panicking about what's going to happen to the future of the republican party. last night, newt gingrich on what the republicans should be doing. >> that attitude is hopeless and
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doesn't reflect anybody. lets me say for a second about the eric erickson approach. be honest, if you want to help elect hillary clinton, then help elect hillary clinton and a radical court. don't give us any pius baloney that you're going to be for some virtuous middle way. there's no virtuous middle way here. you're either for the republican nominee, when trump or cruz, or you're for the election of hillary clinton. there's no middle ground here. >> of course, yesterday in washington, d.c., eric erickson who is a conservative guy from down south, he met with some other conservative people to try to figure out, okay, if donald trump is the nominee, how do we put together a third way? you know, newt gingrich is very clear, a vote for anybody other than the nominee is a vote for hillary clinton. it's that clear. we had michael mislansky on, a
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pollster. and so many on the right who don't like donald trump they if he's the guy, i'm going to vote for somebody else or stay home. michael meslansky says they say that every time. whether it was about a mitt romney or john mccain or george w. bush, we hear that every cycle. >> more i think mccain and romney got vicious on why is this guy here, the squishy middle. we're not going to vote for him. we're going to stay home. >> in mitt romney's case, so many did stay home. the other major news story this week. >> obviously, you know about the supreme court just. we've been covering that all week. democrats are trying to move forward to vote on the supreme court justice nominee that the president is suggesting. and that's hmerrick garland. there's his picture of the last night, you know how jimmy kimmel
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does "lie witness news." he has one of his reporters go out and interview people. who is this guy? listen to what happened on "jimmy kimmel" last night. pretty funny. >> reporter: how do you think whitey bulger will do as a supreme court justice? >> i hope he can make it. i hope. i know that the republicans are going to attack him. i've seen that this morning. >> reporter: do you think whitey's criminal past will have an effect on his ability to get confirmed by the senate, or it will be okay? >> it will be okay. we all do wrong. >> reporter: do you think sammy hagar is a good choice for a supreme court justice? >> i feel that the motions that he is for and laws and things he wants to change and everything, i think he would be a good candidate for the role. >> reporter: what about his laws that no one can drive 55? do you think that will be sort of a hindrance or -- >> i think it's just -- depending on the person. some things that people are for, people are against. depends on who actually is for or against in society. i think -- i don't have a problem with that. >> there is something intoxicating about a television camera in your face, where if
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somebody asks a question, you want to be on television -- >> i think you don't want to look stupid, so you go with it. >> no. i think that people are afraid to say i don't know. >> right. >> i didn't see that. you don't know who merrick garland is, okay -- >> who doesn't know who sammy hagar is? he's running for some something. >> especially after his appearance on our show. sammy hay gulf war. democrats -- hagar. democrats going after republicans in a senatorial district, trying to force them to take action on merrick garland. they'll go to the guys or women in tough districts, tough states to keeping their seat. they're going to put pressure on john mccain, they're going to put pressure on congressman portman, senator portman, and others, to look as though they're rooing rigight-wing ext. >> just do your job. that's what they're saying to the republicans.
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just do your job. >> mitch mcconnell has told them we're not doing -- look at there guy. >> they're not after him. now heather with headlines. >> reporter: good morning. just going to do my job. we start with a fox news alert. dozens of police officers targeted in an isis kill list. hackers releaseding names, addresses, and phone numbers of three dozen minnesota police officers. web analyst discovered the list on an encrypted messaging app posted by caliphate cyberarmy. include the message, "wanted to be killed." the fbi taking the threat very seriously and working with local law enforcement agencies to track down the hackers and to protect those cops. a brand-new bombshell to tell you about in the v.a. scandal. this is really disgusting. there is now a whistleblower coming forward, claiming that it at least ten suicidal veterans were turned away from the phoenix v.a. over a one-month period. and five got called and checked on by medical staff.
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the other five simply unaccounted for. an internal report shows v.a. employees were negligent, but no one was disciplined. march madness living up to its name in the opening round. take a look. >> looking for an angle -- mason is lethal! >> yale, yale of all the yfrt universities making its first apowerment in 54 years. tony bennett collapsing court side. he said he blacked out while crouching down. he was checked out and came back. arizona coach miller sweating it out so much, the internet drowned in memes. the coach completely drenching his shirt that he had to change the halftime. now wonder his team got stuffed by wichita state 65-55.
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i think the geese cuys can rela. the ladies say ooh. >> under pressure. thank you very much. coming up on this friday, caught on camera, a high school pep rally goes way off the rails. [ screaming ] >> yeah. you don't see that every day. a stuntman accidentally catches himself on fire in front of hundreds of students. how did that happen, and what happened next? stick around. and donald trump is the master of messaging, but what is he saying that's catching so much traction with voters? we are going to read between the lines.
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3:18 am
"you are the brand," steve adubato, welcome back. >> thank you. >> when you teach a class on branding, do you call 1-800-donald-trump? >> i will tell you, trump was good at selling trump and his products. i never thought that donald trump would be able to enter this arena with these candidates and be able to sell himself this way. i was taken by surprise. i never thought it would sustain. i thought when the mexican comments happened, i went on the air and said, this won't work. i've been wrong again and again, and i will tell you, i know he's said crazy things about i can go out in the middle of times square and do certain things -- >> shoot somebody -- >> i actually think -- and i don't like saying this on fox -- i don't think he's wrong. >> number one, he brought the thing about building the wall and said, you know, mexico, they send here, i like the mexicans. he sends that, no one listens. but he says the people who come over are not good people.
3:19 am
the muslims -- we've got to figure out what they're doing. the broad-brush way he's saying it sounds anti-muslim, yet it works for him. >> it works for him. works for social media, it works for twitter. this is a candidate who is perfect for social media and twitter. his policies work in 144 characters or less. if you drill down, here's what he says -- don't ask me the details, make me the president. i'll make great deals. trust me. and by the way, i'm better than she is, and the fact is because her brand, i know i'm jumping ahead, but hillary's brand is so bad, she's so -- so unlikable by so many, she's not trusted by so many that in many ways, people are saying to themselves, i don't like hillary clinton, democrats and republicans, that i believe that if he gets through this and he's the nominee, i would have never thought it was possible. he could be elected president. >> why is it that the critics seem to make him stronger?
3:20 am
where governor kasich makes one mistake and says some things about women coming out of their kitchens to help out nain the '70s, he had to apologize for two days. donald trump can say what he wants to say? >> donald trump plays by different rules. those who support him support him in a way that is visceral, is deep, and they don't actually care about the conventional mistakes he makes. the fact is i do believe it ae' logical and issue rational, and he is the message. donald trump, people believe in him. by the way, when you catch him in something and calls him, i'll pay for someone's legal fees, then i won't pay for it, it doesn't matter when he changes his point of view. people think things are so bad, i'm going with trump because he's got to be better than everyone else. >> and does he have another page for the general -- >> does he need one? does he need one? >> that's the question. we'll have you back to talk about that. >> you got.
3:21 am
it remember, hillary's brand is pretty tarnished. ten minutes before the top of the hour. thanks. coming up, remember this professor fired for kicking journalists out of a protest? >> you need get out. >> she has an excuse for why she wants her job back and what she did wrong that day. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere...
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time for some headlines. come look at the tv. a trick gone horribly wrong for the stuntman they call inferno. [ screams ] oh, man. wasn't supposed to be like that. the fire breather was performing at a high school pep rally in florida. he was rushed to the hospital
3:25 am
with burns on his face. students rushed to the hospital for breathing fire extinguisher duflt. his trick did not go off as planned. in florida, a driver loses control, barrels through the window of a pizza shop and hits two people inside. incredibly, the victims including the person behind that counter going to be okay. aly, kurt? >> thank you. we all love selfies. this was from this week, all of us on the curvy couch. soon y'all be able to pay -- soon you'll be able to pay using selfers. amazon filed a patent allowing users to make payments using their faces. kurt, this seems ludicrous, really? >> it is not ludicrous. when amazon files a patent like this, you wake up and say, uh-oh, this is coming. there's a good chance that amazon wants to remove anything between your wallet, and they're getting to your money. this would do it.
3:26 am
a lot of people, according to amazon, say that taking selfies would take out the awkwardness of using a manual password. they're saying on our mobile devices, when you enter a password, it's not only embarrassing, it's awkward. so the idea of how this works, we're talking about selfie passwords. never needing to remember a password again. it would work like, this according to the patent. you would be with your phone, right, and and asks for your password. you would say, okay -- >> you take a selfie of yourself. >> you would think it's that easy. to make sure it's not a photo of you, you're going -- you're going to have to follow instructions like, blink one -- blink your right eye. >> which you can't do. >> not everybody can do. to work out the kinks -- use will have to blink. that tells it that you're not just a facsimile of yourself but human blood. >> how secure is this? >> the technology can be very secure. at the mobile world congress, the big annual gettogether in
3:27 am
barcelona, spain, that was a big centerpiece this year. all about intersecurity. why? passwords are difficult to remember, and we need really elaborate ones to keep out the bad guys. >> the facial recognition always throws me off. you know on facebook when you post a picture and then if you're tagging someone, sometimes it will go into the facial recognition and try to tag my friends as someone else. so facial recognition, it doesn't always recognize the right person. >> that's true. so the way that they plan to make this work is also adding in another layer. the other layer would be where are you when you're taking this selfie or proving that it's you in the passwords. the answer is it's probably a location you're familiar with that they trust that you belong there. for example, you're on the curvy couch, you do the password, they'll say ainsley belongs to the curvy couch, we believe that's her. let it go through. if you were, for example, in
3:28 am
nebraska, where you weren't last week, well, all of a sudden it might say, hmm, let's get her to take that note gene or put yourself in fronts of the selfie cam and authenticate you. >> how far, is -- how far away is this? >> it is coming. at some point, when with amazon or not, it is coming. mastercard is already using something similar. >> all right. >> you can find more. as you know, i'm all into strengthening your skurchecurit. if you go on line, i will show you tips to strengthen your passwords and security of your phone. >> i'm figuring out the fingerprint thing. thanks. coming up, an apology the judge never saw coming. ♪ hello there i want to say i'm sorry for the things i've done ♪ >> what gets me is no one's reacting in the courtroom. this fellow in channeling his
3:29 am
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trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ the hacking group anonymous has declared war against donald trump. [ applause ] >> hacking him shouldn't be hard. if there's anyone who just uses their name as a password, right? trump. >> you know, i -- the whole thing about the hacking group, anonymous, why don't they go back to fighting isis?
3:33 am
we were all behind it with that. >> exactly. >> now -- >> i don't know how they did it with that. i don't know how they poexzed isis. >> they -- exposed isis. >> they were saying -- earlier, why don't they take the mask off. then they wouldn't be anonymous. i was laughing at fallon -- the hat he was wearing. did you see that? >> he took it from the drummer. >> heather was chuckling, too. i heard her. >> there was a lot going on st. patrick's day. i know, i'm sure heather's got crazy pictures of what she did yesterday. >> but get crazy, heather? >> yeah, wild. >> surveillance photos. >> you know how we roll. good morning, everyone. hope you're off to a great day. i'll take it from here. i've got a couple headlines this bring you now. the first-ever american member of isis to surrender on the battlefield is speaking out, calling his decision to join the terror group a bad decision. muhammad hojas from virginia captured in iraq confessing on television. listen to this -- >> translator: i didn't really
3:34 am
support their ideology, and that's at that point that i decided to escape. >> it was a gal that recruited him. always a woman's fault, right? it's not clear if he'll be returned to the united states for prosecution or what. former university of missouri professor melissa click speaking out for the first time, claiming she is the real victim after she was fired over these campus protests. listen -- >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need hustle over here. >> click was later fired after this video surfaced. she's now written a "washington post" op-ed defending what she did saying she's taking full responsibility, but she went on to say, "what would our world look like if no one ever took a chance? what if everyone just played it
3:35 am
safe?" i can't even -- i can't even. yeah. remember this viral video? a woman with her face in her phone walking right into a fountain? now, lawmakers in new jersey want to make sure it doesn't happen in their state. there is a proposed bill that would slap people with a $50 fine or 15 days in jail if they're caught using their phones while walking. >> i think you should be safe, but i think the law is a little drast drastic. >> no word on when the bill would go to a vote. want to see what steve thinks. it was the apology the judge never saw coming. take a look. ♪ hello there i want to say i'm sorry for the things i've done ♪ >> but this is what cracks us up -- his attorney doesn't even look. nobody seems to care. like it happens every day in the county in michigan. 21-year-old brian earl taylor
3:36 am
apologized through song in a michigan courtroom last week. despite the song, he was still given 17 years in prison for unlawful imprisonment. a very serious kriecrime. those are your headlines. >> he certainly has changed his tune. >> right. >> good one, steve. >> all right. thank you very much. all right. it is 24 minutes before the top of the hour on this morning after st. patrick's day. and out on the streets of new york city, there's maria. >> reporter: hey, good morning. we have all kinds of weather going on across the nation. i want to start out across parts of the gulf coast because out here, we've been dealing with showers and storms. and a lot of flooding over the last couple of weeks across places like texas, louisiana, and even been ongoing in areas as river flooding has been a big concern. and unfortunately over the past 12 hours, we saw more showers and more storms across the region. we're still expecting that to continue as we head into this weekend. some areas could be picking up more than four inches of range here. of course, that's a big concern in terms of additional flooding along the gulf coast. another concern is a threat for severe weather across texas and
3:37 am
louisiana. yesterday we had reports of large hail, photos out o twitter, from dallas/fort worth of the storms. today, a threat again for more severe storms with damaging winds, large hail, and even isolated tornadoes across central texas and also extending into southern parts of louisiana. it the big question becomes what's coming up this weekend because there are rumors already about a nor'easter coming up. forecast models hinting that 6 to 12 inches of snow could come down especially along interior areas and across parts of new england. so a big question mark here as far as who's going to be getting the snowfall, who could be seeing mixing along coastal areas. we'll keep you updated. sunday into monday, we could have a nor'easter impacting the northeast. let's head inside. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, campaign marketing can make or break a candidate. often has more of an impact than the person's policy position. when it comes to campaign catch phrases, what works and doesn't,
3:38 am
let's talk to this guy. rice university history professor and author of a book called "rightful heritage," douglas brinkley. great to have you. >> great to be on. >> right now i think the most famous sloegen is donald trump's "make america great again." >> yeah. that tells you, that slogan, that america's not great now. it means that barack obama has not done a good job as president. in trump's case, it means george w. bush didn't either. we have to go back to at least the bill clinton -- maybe way further back until we had real american greatness. i think it's a reaganesque slogan. it works very well and particularly the hats. the perfect -- giving free gear out has worked for donald trump. >> it has. we've got some of the campaign catch phrases from history. we're going to spin the wheel of wisdom. that sounds familiar. all right. so who said this? read my lips could no new taxes? remember this, folks?
3:39 am
>> read my lips -- no new taxes. [ applause ] >> so that was very effective at the convention. they used that -- was that good or bad? ultimately we know -- >> ultimately terrible for him because by 1992 when he ran against bill clinton and then ross perot broke, the big complaint in the republican party was that he had raised taxes, that he was a liar. that he said such things. it was a dysfunctional one. let's cross that out of the history books. it hurt 41 terribly. >> what cooked him goose is that buchanan calling heim -- abilene, kansas. i know about "i like ike." remember this? ♪ you like ike i like ooim ike ♪ ♪ everybody likes ike we'll go to washington ♪
3:40 am
♪ we'll get ike to washington >> what it was about that that worked well in the early '50s? >> a jingle that get stuck in whenever you hear ike, you hear like. what are the republicans beating up hillary clinton -- she's not likeable. the point in politics is you will have to live with that person all the time. by 1952, that meant living with them on television. you don't want to see somebody every day that you don't like. that one worked. ♪ >> let's go back to the wheel of wisdom. what what about -- that's a good one. the stakes are too high for you to stay at home. i remember it, do you? >> seven could six, five, four, three, two, one, zero. >> vote for president johnson on november 3rd. the stakes are too high for you to stay home. >> you know, douglas brinkley,
3:41 am
that has been one of the most impactful raids of all time. only ran one time? >> one time. but look how many times it's repeated. we just did it. how powerful and frightening. that's lyndon johnson fearmongering about barry goldwaters, hawk in the cold war, getting elected. the idea is it will be nuclear annihilation world. in 1964, everyone was concerned post cuban missile crisis about the world going up in a mushroom cloud. johnson provided the imagery. >> that little girl. you'll come back later in the program. tell us what "rifle heritage" is back b. >> franklin roosevelt and the great depression and how fdr took all the farmland that had been burned out and created programs like the civilian conservation core. unemployed people, gave them jobs, $1 a day. they got up at bugle call and planted over three billion trees and built things like the great dam and red rock's amphitheater
3:42 am
outside of denver, saved parks like big bend in texas and the great smoky mountains in the east. it's about how fdr land planned during the great depression and world war ii. >> a lot of things we have and take for granted started then. >> all of them. bridges, like the golden gate bridge, bridges here in new york. thank you. >> all those -- they could replace a bunch of those. going to be back later on. ahead, what does general david petraeus also wrapped up in an e-mail scandal think about hillary clinton's latest problems? finds out. the co-host of the new fox business show "wall street week," anthony scarmucci, here with more from the exclusive interview next. trugreen presents the yardley's. hello?! -oh, pizza is here! -oh! yeah, come on in! [claps] woah! lose the sneakers pal. kind of a thing. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today. trugreen. live life outside.
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3:46 am
the cia amid a criminal investigation involving providing classified information to his girlfriend, biographer paula broadwell. remember that? >> we do remember that. many have compared that incident to the current investigation into hillary clinton's emails. >> so what does the general think about the investigation into the former secretary of state? listen. >> she's being treated fairly, and i think that there are people, critics, who will claim otherwise. there are supporters actually who will claim otherwise. both sides are given to fantastical conspiracy theories. i think the debate among them and the treatment actually has been fair, and i think we'll see how this plays out. >> and that's key. we're about to find out soon how it plays out. host of a brand-new fox show called "wall street week," airs at 8:00 p.m. it will be tonight. anthony, welcome back. >> thanks. >> from fox business. >> congratulations. >> appreciate it. >> congratulations. the general's not speaking much. you sat down and spoke to him. tell me about the jist of the
3:47 am
conversation. >> listen, i think he was driving to be fair to her, but i think what he's trying to explain is there's a process in place that is over and above any one individual. so i think what was clear from his remarks is that even if someone tried to block her indictment, say some governmental official, the locomotion of the government and the processes and checks and balances are such that if there is indictable evidence, she'll going to get indicted. >> ultimately it is the attorney general and president of the united states, her boss, who decides whether or not that happens. >> i think -- >> we aren't talking a very political white house. >> you have to understand, they were probably trying to also stop his indictment. at the end of the day, they -- i don't think the president wants the legacy of having people in his cabinet or director of the cia indicted. and they couldn't stop his indictment. so i think the point he's making, they won't be able to stop her indictment either. what happens is you have all these journeymen, super experienced fbi people -- >> absolutely. i trust them. >> yeah. they're going to push this thing
3:48 am
super hard. and it would be almost impossible for the attorney general to have indictable evidence on the table and not to assert it. do you remember loretta from new york, by the way? very, very bright, honest person. i don't see her as this political, diabolical person. >> what was his response to a lot of people saying he was raked over the coals during his investigation. and that that hasn't happened for hillary clinton? >> i think it is happening. i just think it's happening in a way that's little different. she's a candidate for the american presidency. and i think there is probably more intense scrutiny for her than anything. you know, i think his thing happened much more quickly if that's the point you're making. >> we'll be watching tonight. 8:00 p.m. eastern time over on the other channel, fox business. >> what can we expect? >> well, listen, he's going to talk about the world, trade, the oil situation. he's going to talk about donald trump which all of us talk about it, apple. the encryption thing. when he's for or against the back door. i think it will be an
3:49 am
interesting night. >> congratulations. >> thanks. good to be here. thank you. >> all right. coming up on this friday, coming to theaters this weekend, the powerful true story of a little girl who miraculously beats a mystery illness. seen the commercials? the producer of the film "miracles from heaven" starring jennifer garner is here to talk about the power of faith.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
it's the powerful true story of a child struck by a mysterious illness, a disease that threatens her life and the miracle that cured her. it comes to the big screens from the producers of "heaven is for real" starring jennifer garner.
3:53 am
>> excuse me, this is not acid reflux. she's not lactose tolerant. there's something wrong. >> you need to calm down. >> you need to calm down! i'm not leaving this hospital until i know what's wrong with my daughter. >> "miracles from heaven" focuses on faith, love, and struggle. one of the film's producers devon franklin joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> this an exciting, big week for you. >> huge week. >> tell us about this movie. >> it will bring you to tears of joy because the beam family which is the story is based upon them, christy, is fighting for the healing of her daughter, annabelle, when she gets sick out of nowhere. they pray for a miracle. from that day to this, annabelle is healed from the incurable stomach condition. from the moment i read this book i knew that this was a movie that not only would touch people, but would inspire anyone who's going through trials and tribulations right now. >> as far as faith movies are concerned you were behind "heaven is for real" which was
3:54 am
successful at the box office. i feel like hollywood is moving more in this direction. how are these movies doing at the box office? >> the movies are doing surprisingly well. i'm going on 19 years right now in hollywood, and i can tell you from the day i stepped foot in hollywood there's a greater embrace of films of faith and content of faith. a lot more movies. as you mentioned "heaven is for real" was a sleeper hit. it would do $100 million worldwide and that opened the door for us to do "miracles from heaven," which we feel is positioned for success as well. >> it's so refreshing as a new parent that my daughter will be able to see movies that are faith based. jennifer garner, i have noticed she's been speaking out more about her faith. has her life changed since she has been a part of in? >> you know, i don't know about change necessarily. i mean, jennifer from the time i have known her, she has been a person of faith around a person of great integrity. i think the thing that happened is that, you know, making this film and her children with her
3:55 am
during the whole filming, we were in atlanta the whole last summer and she's also talked about it in press, coming out of the film, her children said, hey, mom, you never take us to church. she said, wait, because she had grown up in the church. that was a part of her foundation. she hadn't really given her children that experience. okay, done. her children have been in church every single week. >> sometimes the children, they become the parent. the final thing i want to talk about is your book. it's called "the wait." this is your wife. >> my beautiful wife. >> she is beautiful. why is it called "the wait?" >> because it's about the delayed gratification in relationships. we waited to have sex until we got married. we wanted to help people in their love life, find love that's healthy and peaceful and joyful. >> "new york times" best seller. >> five weeks in a row.
3:56 am
we're totally blessed. >> thank you for spending time with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. coming up the former executives of the wounded warrior project, fired over the scandal, they break their silence. >> the organization is not perfect. we clearly made mistakes along the way, despite the great success of the organization. >> hear their side of the story in the exclusive interview. brian got that interview. you will only see it right here. that's in the next hour. fabio is america's sexy new citizen. he wants to run for office. you have to hear this one. for a limited time, you can get a
3:57 am
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volkswagen reward card and 0% apr on new 2016 passat models.
3:59 am
good morning. it is friday, it's march 18th. it's my brother's birthday today. happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> yes, i'm ainsley earhardt. fox news alert.
4:00 am
the trumps say they're targeted. anonymous is claiming it hacked donald trump's cell phone, social security number. a lot of personal information and also his son eric gets a suspicious package overnight. and the wounded warriors top executives were fired after a spending scandal rocked the charity. they're speaking out and they do it here. >> i'm not perfect. the organization is not perfect. and we clearly made mistakes along the way. despite the great success of the organization. >> they have a lot more to say on that. our exclusive interview coming your way. >> we'll want to see that. he just became a citizen this week. >> beauty has a face. perfection a name. [ laughter ] >> well now, mr. perfume fabio wants to run for office? >> hi, i'm fabio, and i want to be your governor. [ laughter ] >> we'll tell you what we know, live from new york. it's fabio friday.
4:01 am
>> good morning, this is fabio. you're watching "fox & friends." >> thank you. >> up until this time the latest citizen was stuart varney. >> until -- >> he takes a back seat now. stuart who? it's all about fabio. >> stuart also posed for all those romance novels back in the '80s. >> right. >> most of them were not released. i'm not sure -- >> congratulations, fabio. welcome. >> we'll tell you the story in a minute. but first, we have a fox news alert. you know the hacker group anonymous? they're claiming that they hacked into donald trump's personal information. they have published his cell phone, social security number, home address, stuff like that for him, his family members. campaign people. because they're just trying to -- according to them, they're having a little fun with them. however, this is not the fun part. eric trump, his son, who is on our program a couple of days ago
4:02 am
along with his wife lara, lara opened a couple of envelopes at their apartment on central park south. and white powder fell out and apparently, there were a number of death threats and implied that the children would be hurt if donald trump does not withdraw from the race for president. >> wow. wow. >> i would add to this, i think we all know this, behind the camera, in front of the camera and here. when you get hacked, if your -- your accounts has to change. everything is being changed, everything is being secure. they have to go through with their forensics. >> home addresses. >> right. they have to find a way -- >> they can't move. >> well, they can't move, but they have to secure their places. >> life lock. >> bring in additional security. they have to worry about life lock, whatever it is. by the way, if you have life lock and you're a trump it is going off like crazy right now. your laptop -- >> i bet he has it or something similar. surely, right? >> you have to change your account numbers. got to watch for what else is going on.
4:03 am
>> i'm confused. is anonymous trying to help democrats and hillary or they don't like trump? >> it appears that way. >> they say some ugly thing about him. they said they want to fight fascism. that's why they're doing this to donald trump. >> that was the video they put out a week or two ago. >> and now something else going on unrelated tomorrow at 9:00 in the morning, there's going to be an anti-trump demonstration here in new york city at columbus circle. >> there's an outfit, love soccer, does not like trump. it's called cosmopolitan, anti-officialist. they put out that trump's policy threatens many of us in the black, latino, lgbt and muslim and other communities. they just want to en masse from columbus circle over to the trump towers, to say no to hate. so it was in english and then right below that it was in spanish. hoping to get a large crowd. >> people are saying that he is
4:04 am
a hateful person, that he's a racist person. i was listening to bill o'reilly last night. he was defending donald trump saying he's not racist. he said, just because you don't believe that illegal immigrants shouldn't be crossing the border doesn't mean you're racist. he's encouraging people to follow the law. >> they're coming from everywhere, from the left, from the middle, from guys with masks, from soccer fans downtown. at one point, do you think donald trump saying to himself, do i need this? look at the life he had. he was traveling around to the different golf courses and watching pga events from the front row. >> i think there are a lot of people that are frightened by the power that trump currently has across this country. his message is resonating with lot of people. he says we've got to have a border. you can't just walk across. >> right. a lot of people agree with him. look at how many votes he's getting. the front-runner. >> hillary clinton yesterday said our border is fine, we've solved the border problem. >> remember the ad on wednesday that donald trump released with
4:05 am
hillary clinton barking? one of her super pacs has responded with an ad against donald trump. >> first, let's play the trump ad and then play the brand-new ad by hillary. first donald trump takes aim at mrs. clinton. ♪ [ barking ] [ laughter ] >> well, not only did she not like it, but apparently the kremlin says we didn't like it either. so in kind, one of her super pacs responded to the punch line video with their own. taking a shot at trump. ♪ >> who are you consulting with consistently so that you're ready on day one? >> i'm speaking with myself. number one.
4:06 am
because i have a very good brain and i have said a lot of things. [ laughter ] >> that was the response. so there you go. it hasn't officially begun, but it's begun. >> just goes to show you that super pac has a sense of humor. if they have a sense of humor they'll use hillary barking in an ad. >> i think they're funny. i think hacking into someone's accounts, really -- >> desperate. >> exactly. not funny. over the line. >> all right. meanwhile, frank luntz -- you know, he does a lot of thinking about how things will play out so they can game it and strategize. here's what he said last night on "the kelly file" about what it looks like, going forward if it is trump versus clinton. >> there's really no undecided, which going to make this probably the ugliest election that we have ever had in modern american politics. and it is not based on policy. and now here's where the
4:07 am
journalists going to get angry. this election is going to be determined by personality. in hillary clinton's case, do you trust her, does she have the integrity to be president and most polls show that most americans don't believe she does. and in donald trump's case do you have the confidence that he can actually do the job? and we know in polling that there is some doubt there. so both of these candidates have record unfavorable ratings and hillary clinton's case 53% of americans and in donald trump's case, 60% of americans. >> wow. >> so this is truly going to be an either a none of the above election or a quite frankly election of the two evils election. >> so ultimately, okay, so you make the argument they both have high negatives. the key to winning elections is getting your people who are going to vote for you energized and coming out the the polls. if you look at the primary season thus far it's been the republicans that have had the energized votes while, you know, they have gone up 25% in some
4:08 am
cases and the democrats have gone down. >> or the democrats that are coming over to the republican side like the lady you interviewed at the beginning of the week -- >> life long democrat. >> her grandfather would be rolling over in his grave if he knew she was voting for a republican, but the difference are the democrats today are not the democrats of his day. >> and donald trump doesn't remind me of the republicans of a traditional republican which is why they're having a hard time. so many democrats are trying to stop donald trump right now, you have to wonder what they're afraid of. if they were not afraid of donald trump, they would keep their mouth shut and hope he got the nomination. but if you see what happened yesterday and the president is out on the stump who spoke earlier this week, there's something about trump that has them unnerved. >> i can't tell you how many new york democrats are telling me they're going to vote for donald trump. going back three or four election cycles i can't remember any new york democrat saying they were going to vote for a republican. >> i mean, you can't drive down the street in new york without
4:09 am
seeing a building with his name on it. >> you also can't drive down a street in new york. they have shut down everything. >> we have the awesome citi bikes. good morning. a lot of people ride bikes down here. we start with a fox news alert. dozens of american police officers targeted in an isis kill list. hackers releasing names, addresses and phone numbers of 3 dozen minnesota police officers. web analyst found it on an encrypted messaging app. the fbi is taking the threat seriously and is working to track down the hackers and protect the police. well, new video just surfaced of that american college student stealing a propaganda poster from the north korean hotel. this act is what led to the 21-year-old's arrest and conviction to 15 years of hard
4:10 am
labor in win of those notorious -- in one of those notorious labor camps in north korea. the white house demanding that the young man, warmbier, demanding he be released saying that north korea is playing a political game. listen. >> it is increasingly clear that the north korean government seeks to use these u.s. citizens as pawns to pursue a political agenda and the department of state strongly recommends against all travel by u.s. citizens to north korea. >> and the back drop of this is north korea openly defying united nations rules, launching two ballistic missiles into the sea of japan. the u.s. says that no one was threatened but we consider it an act of aggression. well, if you want to search through hillary clinton's classified e-mail server, you can. thanks to wikileaks. the secret sharing website published a searchable archive database of more than 30,000 e-mails that were found on clinton's private server during her time as secretary of state and can now be viewed. her e-mails have been released
4:11 am
but a full review of them won't be completed until next year. unless you want to go to the website. and america's sexiest new citizen could add politician to his resume. listen. >> beauty has a face. affection a name. >> well, just days after taking the oath of allegiance, fabio telling "the new york post" that he wouldn't rule out running for office. quote, i'm a people person. i'm definitely go for the people. and those are your headlines. that could be one of those political catch phrases like you were talking about. i'm for the people. >> you have to figure he's using arnold schwarzenegger as his model. he was born in another country. >> they both shaved their chest for quite a period of time. >> yes, we found that out. >> yeah. thanks, heather. >> that's a question that brian tried to ask years ago, do you shave your chest?
4:12 am
>> if you remember how the words came out, write us. >> tell me. >> we'll tell you during the commercial. >> it wasn't one of my high moments. moving on, coming up on a friday, secretary of state john kerry finally calls the slaughter of christians and others by isis genocide. what are they going to do about it now that they have finally said it? and it's safe to say this guy is not going to vote for donald trump. now that little stunt has gone viral and the driver is in big trouble. >> uh-oh. >> jokester.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
in my judgment, daesh is responsible for genocide in groups including the yazidis and shiia muslims. >> daesh also known as isis, now officially deemed as genocide by the federal government. there you see secretary of state
4:17 am
john kerry saying that. if this is true, why has no action been taken yet? >> here to weigh in is the director of the center for religious freedom at the hudson institute and international human rights lawyer, nia shea. thank you for being with us. >> great to be with you. thank you. >> well, could you shed some light on this? many people are accusing the administration of being reluctant to designate a christian genocide. is that happening and how do we solve this problem? >> well, there has been great reluck tanss to do it, there have been different excuses for it. but we finally got that yesterday. congress mandated a deadline for secretary kerry to make a decision on its. he named christians and yazidis as victims of genocide. now this was a good move, but now he has to make it a significant move. and there's many action -- policy actions within his purview that he can take. for example, refugee resettlement. only six christians and one
4:18 am
yazidi have been admitted for resettlement into the united states in the five years of the conflict. that's outrageous. second, peace talks. there are peace talks going on in syria, but there's no minority voice. the christians should have a voice. they have lived there for 2,000 years. borders are going to be redrawn. constitutions drafted. and they need to have a voice in the future of their country or they will be marginalized. the lands, the secretary has talked about preserving their lands, preserving what isis has tried to destroy. and to do that, they're going to have to have someone like the united states sticking up for that. because -- >> which, you know, we finally did that yesterday where we -- it's extraordinary that it took so long. clearly, it was genocide. so what can we do? because it's genocide, people are looking from all over and, you know, he mentioned the yazidis and the muslims but so clearly targeting the christians as well over there.
4:19 am
>> right. we have seen it in realtime, technocolor, the beheadings in libya. they continue to happen. there was a beheading of a protestant pastor in syria just last summer. there's executions of syrian christians in syria this september. so, you know, these atrocities we're still learning about. they're still coming out, information is hard to get. but it is happening. it's very serious. this is -- it's a crime of crimes. >> really quickly before you go obviously politics comes into play, but part of not calling it genocide is because the administration wants to for whatever reason down play how awful isis is? >> well, i think they wanted to be politically correct about this. that was part of it. they did not want to -- to feed
4:20 am
propaganda this was a crusader war. that was the same excuse that was used not to focus on the jews during the nazi genocide of the jewish european jewry. so that was catastrophic. this -- this would have been t catastrophic for the christians and yazidis under the administration takes action. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> finally they said it, genocide. >> coming up, wounded warrior projects fired after a spending scandal rocks the charity, answering our questions for the very first time. brian got this interview. >> if the forensic accounting found that the cbs stuff was wrong, why are you out of a job? >> his exclusive interview is coming up next. >> you'll want to see that. and is religion dying in the united states? the startling number of young people and how they feel about faith. what it means for the future, coming up next. my school reunion's coming fast.
4:21 am
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all right. welcome back, everybody. the nation's largest veteran charity, wounded warrior, has been rocked by scandal involving allegations of spending millions of dollars on big-time parties and not enough on the warriors themselves. as a result, the board of directors hired an outside accountant and law firm to examine how this company operates. and their conclusion -- well, they fired the two top executive, ceo steve nardizzi and the ceo al giordano. i was shocked by the allegations because i know both very well and i have had the privilege of hosting the organization's courage awards which are an
4:25 am
extremely inspiring and well produced. both nardizzi and giordano have appeared on this program dozens of time and yesterday i interviewed them for the first final. cbs did the expanded story, "the new york times" did the expanded story. they did not cooperate because they were asked not to by the organization. but they spoke up for the first time yesterday and we want to bring you that exclusive interview. for the first time ever i'm talking to you as the former heads of the wounded warrior project. and through a series of cbs reports, you guys are now out. first, al, your reaction? >> it cape as a bit -- it came as a bit of a surprise. obviously when we saw the cbs reports seven weeks ago we knew that was a misrepresentation of the good work that the wounded warrior does. >> so the board looked at what cbs came up with and here's the accusations that they found in their research. only 60% of the millions of dollars are being spent on program sflsss. $26 million are is being spent
4:26 am
on conferences and 2014 alone, the group was spending $7.5 million per year on travel alone. first off, steve, what's your response to only 60% of the dollars that are raised go to the soldiers? >> the board actually hired an independent investigation initiated an independent review that included the major law firm, the accounting firm and they validated everything we are telling the public all along, it's actually 80% of the spending goes to programs and services that support the warrioiowarri warriors and families. >> and two appeared on camera without their face being shown. there's one that appeared on camera, named eric moll let. he's a staff sergeant and he's critical of the way that the organization is run. let's take a look. >> let's get a mexican mariucci band in there, let's get the logo, put them on every staff member's desk, let's get it catered and have a big old party. i'll be damned if you'll take
4:27 am
hard working americans' money and waste it instead of helping the brave men and women who gave you the freedom to walk this earth. >> former employees told us the excessive spending began when stephen nardizzi took over as ceo in 2009. >> he rappelled down the side of the building. >> to make a grand entrance? >> yeah. he's in on a segway, a horse. >> your reaction? >> my reaction to that, first of all, we're not perfect. decisions we made for the organization over time have helped it to grow from serving only 3,000 warriors a year to over 100,000. the programs provide deep and meaningful services to the warriors and the family members. every day we keep them out of nursing homes, keep them from committing suicide and from homelessness. >> you don't think you should have come in on the horse or rappelled down or did some those things that create a lot of angst? >> of course. the first thing i would say is that i'm not perfect.
4:28 am
the organization is not perfect. and we clearly made mistakes along the way. despite the great success of the organization and looking back, one of my regrets is that i allowed a few activities that we did, small time during a conference intended to boost employee morale, i allowed that image to be used by the media to really misrepresent who we are and what we do as an organization. and for that, to our donors and supporters i apologize personally for that. >> now, that conference in particular they say cbs said it cost $3 million. is that correct, steve? >> that's incorrect. >> if the forensic accounting found that a lot of the cbs stuff was wrong, why are you out of a job? >> i have to tell you, i was really disappointed in the board's decision, especially after this independent review showed that those allegations were just untrue. but i understand the pressure that the media can bring to bear. i felt it myself. and i think by the time the board completed its review, and with the mounting criticism,
4:29 am
that they felt they needed to make a change to end the criticism and allow the organization to move on. >> what is your greatest fear about this process? not only your own welfare, you have to get jobs. your pictures were everywhere. people are saying, wow, i cannot believe you did this to our veterans? >> it's been difficult. between my military service and my service for veterans i have about 30 years invested in either serving or serving those who have served. however, the people that know me and know steve know the type of character and integrity that they have. and they know these are false allegations and misrepresentations. >> what about the fact that some sponsors are looking at this and running for the hills, they might leave the organization? you guys are located in jacksonville, say i can't give my money if 60% or 80% is only going -- i want guys -- i want the organization that's giving 90, 95%. what do you say to them? >> there's no better way to generate the impact we're making.
4:30 am
you can help them heal, you can't keep them out of nursing homes if you don't have staff or infrastructure and if you don't have the resources to enable the programs to exist. i think donors and supporters if they understood the complexity of the services that are being provided would understand the need to spend a portion of that money reasonably. >> finally, where do you do from here? >> you know, i spent my life working to help others. i have a passion for doing it. i have been blessed to see the benefit of the work that myself and the incredible team at wounded warrior they have been able to accomplish. i'm going to find other ways to continue to serve and give back. >> brian, great that you were able to bring us that. because, you know, a lot of people -- you see the commercials. and they're so powerful. and you want to think that the money you are sending is going to help those vets rehab because that's what you see in the -- and in the commercials you see the rehab and the struggles with family. but don't see the big parties. it's good to know that something is being done to make sure that that is changed. >> i mean, the forensic
4:31 am
accounting, yeah, they were hired by the wounded warrior project but they have their own reputation. they were hired to go in there and find out the true story for the board of directors to feel as though they did a look and there's some things about the cbs story, like the 60% and 80% that's very different. you're spending 6 of every $10 as opposed to 8 out of 10, that's huge. one thing that everybody agrees on, there was no criminal activity that occurred. the other thing is, the money is there. there's over $300 million sitting in the account. the question is, why isn't that money not spent yet on the troops? they said, yes, we want to spend it on program that want to roll it out. they need it now, and the v.a. has failed miserably. >> hats off to you, because we wanted to hear their perspective as well. they have helped a lot of people. >> just spend the money on the vets and not the waiting game. all right, coming up on a friday, new reports warning lead could be contaminating the water in your children's schools
4:32 am
across the country. not just flint, michigan. students being tested for lead poisoning. we are live at one of the affected schools next. find fast, all-day sweet relief behind the pharmacy counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut right on past that aisle... ...and tell your stuffed up nose to stuff it, with claritin-d. a non-drowsy allergy medicine combined with the best oral decongestant. it starts working in as little as 30 minutes. so you can get back to living the good life. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
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call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. we have a fox news alert for you right now. school children in newark, new jersey, just across the river from new york city, today, undergoing lead testing after unsafe levels of lead found in the water at dozens of newark, new jersey, schools. >> listen to this. steve, the district might have known about the contamination. known for years, brian. >> yeah. we are live outside the school over in newark. theresa? >> reporter: hey, good morning, ainsley, brian, steve. good morning, everyone. what is one of schools that has tested positive for lead and today 131 parents will be bringing their kids here to get the blood testing that is needed to show if they do in fact have
4:36 am
lead contamination. these concerned parents are opting to bring their kids here. it is voluntary at this time. ultimately, 17,000 kids will be tested but they are starting with the youngest. ages 1 through 6 because they're known to be the most vulnerable to lead contamination. this problem came to light last week after routine testing of the school district's water supply and since then, all sinks and fountains have been shut off. now, if that's not bad enough, parents are also learning that the city and state have been concerned about lead in the water since 2004 and they never told the public. take a listen to some concerned parents. >> as a mom, you know, you send your daughter to school to study and, you know, you heard something in the school is not good. >> they knew a long time ago that the pipes were old. just like every other pipes in the city. they should be checking on that every six months i believe. >> reporter: now, at this point,
4:37 am
there's absolutely no cause for concern about lead being in the city's water supply, but we are also being told that the public housing units as well as the homeless shelters here in newark are doing their own voluntary testing to be sure. they fear if this cold happen in the schools it could happen in the other neglected entities here in the city. a lot of people incredibly concerned about this, guys. you know, when it comes to kids all bets are off. still when you talk to public officials they'll tell you time and again, this is not flint, michigan, but as the information comes out, people are very, very concerned. back to all of you in the studio. >> thank you. you send your kids to school, worry about the safety. you're worried about all sorts of things. the water, now we have to worry about the water. coming up in half an hour, we'll talk to one of the guys who discovered the water problems in flint, michigan. he's in virginia. blacksburg, virginia. what he's going to tell you
4:38 am
about the water in all sorts of public facilities across the country is going to have you thinking twice. >> the epa needs to listen to this. you don't know, when you're drinking the water, you send your kids to school, get tap water at the restaurant. meanwhile, heather nauert has to think of that as well, but first, the news. >> good morning, everybody. i hope you're off to a great day here. the first ever american member of isis to surrender on the battled field is saying he regrets his decision to join the terror group. mohammed khweis, captured in iraq, explaining why he did it on kurdish tv. listen. >> i didn't really support their ideology and that's at that point up -- that's when i decided i needed to escape. >> yeah, didn't support it at all, right? he joined isis back in december, but he claims he never saw any
4:39 am
combat. he says that a woman recruited him and encouraged him and helped him get over here. it's unclear if he's being returned to the united states. the former mayor of toronto, rob ford, is asking for your prayers this morning as he continues his battle with cancer. he's in the hospital with his family by his side. his former chief of staff released a statement, putting rumors to rest that ford had died and he thanked people for their ongoing support. ford was forced to drop out of the mayoral election in 2014 after tumors were found in his abdomen. he is fighting tumors in his bladder. a north carolina driver who thought he was clever for the next video finds out, well, he's in trouble with the law. watch this. yeah, i guess he thought that was funny. but he's now in some legal trouble. it was posted on facebook by
4:40 am
20-year-old julian shufler. he appears to crash through the pro trump sign, i love having a jeep sometimes. the police caught wind oiff it d charged him with hit and run and failure to maintain lane control. he said, i did what i thought was morally right. i guess it's love to mow down a sign, right? >> all right. love but not hate, but let's run over political signs. >> i don't think he'll do that again. >> thanks, heather. >> he is good at covering his tracks too. 20 minutes till the top of the hour. it's water's world and you're just living in it. >> who is the vice president of the u.s.? >> currently? i don't know. >> how do i not know this? >> oh, my god, not joe biden. >> right. jesse watters is here. he is jesse watters, he's not joe biden with a preview of his brand new special. next. why else would he wear a suit
4:41 am
and walk in the studio? >> oh, this is watters world. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. ♪uh. introducing centrum vitamints. a new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint... with a full spectrum of nutrients... new centrum vitamints.
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4:44 am
all right. one person who never wants to be in watters world -- reverend al sharpton. but jesse watters and his panelists plan to take him there by looking back at his older, famous, inflammatory rallies like this one. >> i believe -- do what you believe in! or shut up and admit it, you lost your courage and your guts to stand up. >> that's right! >> i believe in fighting -- ain't nobody holding you. >> hmm, what else is on "the
4:45 am
watters world" this weekend? >> offing crackers is beautiful breakfast conversation here. >> where did you get that video? >> it's from '92, back in new jersey. the reverend doesn't want this tape to get out. that's only half of it. you should hear what he said about the police. we'll show you the whole thing on saturday night. >> what did he say? i only screaming. >> you need the words on the scream. if you're angry at the police or angry at the man, if you want to do something, do something. if you want to off a cracker, off a cracker. i'm not holding you back. there are plenty of crackers on the street right now. >> we have a more sanitized side of al sharpton, but the question is has he changed? >> do you think sharpton shows remorse? who knows? he's advising the white house. i don't know. >> jesse, how long is the sharpton focus this weekend?
4:46 am
>> that's one segment. i know you like it when i'm on the beach, but -- >> that's right. >> we went to the project, arizona state university. we quizzed some students there. >> what'd you ask them? >> well, with immigrants -- when immigrants become citizens, they have to pass a basic civics test. we try to see if americans born and raised here can answer these questions. >> okay, let's watch. >> who is the vice president of the u.s.? >> currently? i don't know. >> how do i not know this? oh, my god. not joe biden. >> is it biden? >> got a lot of things to give out here. >> what month do we vote for president? >> december? >> january? >> um, march? >> in the fall. >> okay. august. >> august is in summer. >> you have to tell me somebody got it right and you didn't use
4:47 am
them. >> no, we usually have one ringer who gets it right. then we go ding ding ding. >> i want to ask you, where do you get the video clips? how do you know the movies so well, does kevin mccarthy help you? >> i have a great producer behind i. >> do you give him some of your extra money? because he's so talented. >> no, i haven't considered that at all. thanks for bringing that up. >> i think he deserves it. your show, it's gotten off to a great start. totally different than anything else out there. it's the first successful spinoff from the major successful series since "laverne & shirley." because "o'reilly factor" gave birth to "laverne & shirley." >> the budget made about $12 million. >> no "laverne & shirley" was successful too. >> a little before my time, kilmeade. >> okay. >> thanks for dating yourself.
4:48 am
>> got the o'reilly attitude down. >> you're from the same generation. >> no, right. >> if you want to see it this weekend how do we do that? >> 8:00, saturday night. if you're going to watch basketball, it repeats sunday at 8:00. or dvr it. >> the show on saturday is going to look like the show on sunday? >> don't give it away. >> i think you already did it. >> all right. >> jesse, thank you. >> we're in your world. >> that's right. >> for another five seconds. >> get out! >> we're about to get out. straight ahead, without jesse, march madness getting too hot for arizona's head coach. he's little too sweaty. and the incredible story of faith is hitting the theaters this weekend. "miracles from heaven." kevin mccarthy is here to talk to the stars.
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
a faith based film about a girl's trip to heaven and back just hit theaters. but will it live up to the fans' expectation? >> that's rule. "miracles from heaven" and other movies are hitting the box office this weekend. it's the founder of, kevin mccarthy. good morning. >> hey, good morning, steve, brian, ainsley, this is our first time on a friday show together. so thank you so much and congratulations on the -- on being on the show. >> thank you. we love having you on. >> good to see you, guys. this is the face of somebody what's already seen "batman versus superman." i can't wait. this is my face. >> i mean that in a nice way. >> lovingly. >> i know.
4:53 am
>> well, tell us about this new movie. >> okay, "miracles from heaven." this film is an emotional roller coaster but you leave -- you leave on a positive side. this movie is about a young girl who's diagnosed with two incurable digestive disorders who fell from a tree, hit her head, was miraculously cured and she claims to have gone to heaven, spoken to jesus. jennifer garner is amazing in the role as a mother in real life, you can feel the passion coming through the screen. the performances are amazing. again, i definitely got a little teary eyed there. people they were crying all around me. it's an emotional film but you do find yourself leaving with inspiration. i sat down with queen latifah who stars in movie and i asked her about her faith and how it got her through tough times in her life and she opened up about an up cred -- an incredible story about her great-grandmother. >> when i lost my brother, it helped me when i lost my
4:54 am
grandmother. i went up to a park called eagle rock reservation. there was a big boulder in ground. it has a view of new york city from where it is. i was sad i lost my great-grandmother. but then i looked at this rock and i thought about how long this rock had been on earth and what it must have witnessed, and what it must have seen. here it is standing strong, all this time. and it just kind of put things in perspective. i wrote a poem about it. you know, one of my cousins reminded me of it, i read it at the funeral. but it just made me think about how strong she must have been to witness many of the things and endure what she had. and now it's time to rest and be free and live a new life. it's her life. so things put it in perspective and if i didn't have god, i don't know if i'd see things in the same way. i would think i just end. and i don't. >> well, it's great.
4:55 am
how many stars? >> a powerful story. i give that movie a 4 out of 5. a powerful story there from queen latifah. >> a true story too. we need to mention that, kevin. >> tell us about the other movie. "allegiant." >> this movie is so awful. first movie was decent. "insurgent" was pretty bad. this is the worst in the franchise so far. the characters are trying to get outside the walls of chicago to find out why this post apocalypse of chicago has been divided into factions and shaeleen woodley in the movie, she's divergent and she's on the run. it's a waste of talent, naomi watts, shaeleen woodley, they have been in so many better film, this is not worth a single penny of your money. i gave it a 1 out of 5. i found myself wondering how a script this bad made it on to
4:56 am
the big screen. 1 out of 5 for the movie. >> that's a major company. >> don't see that, see "miracles from heaven" instead. >> yes. yes. "miracles from heaven" is a great film. i definitely recommend that for sure. >> to review, you're happy ainsley is on the show? >> ainsley is awesome. i love ainsley. she's one of the nicest people i ever met in my entire life. i'm honored -- >> i try to be. i try to be. it's from seeing all these movies like "miracles from heaven." that's why. >> all right. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> all right. coming up on a friday, a brand-new bombshell for the phoenix v.a. a whistle-blower reporting that veterans on the verge of suicide were refused treatment. details next. and guess what? geraldo rivera is here live. we always love waking up to him. join us. >> he might be wearing a leotard.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
well, good morning to you. it's friday. you made it through the week almost. it's march 18th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we have a fox news alert to tell you about. two trumps targeted, anonymous, that site, declares war on donald trump claiming it hacked his cell phone and social security number. his son eric getting a suspicious package overnight. breaking details on this story just in. also a brand-new bombshell on this friday in the v.a. scandal. suicidal veterans are shown the door and never checked upon. how did that happen? and it was an apology the judge never saw coming. ♪ hello there, your honor i want to say i'm sorry ♪ ♪ for the things i have done >> that felon is bad guy, but he did channel his inner adele. we'll let you know how it all
5:01 am
worked out, because fridays, especially the final hour of fridays, are better with "friends." >> all right. welcome aboard, folks. usually geraldo rivera would have already sauntered in here and sat down here. but he's actually in los angeles preparing for his upcoming debut on "dancing with the stars." good morning to you, geraldo. we'll start with anonymous, the hacker group, has targeted donald trump. they have published his cell phone numbers, social security number, addresses for his family. eric trump his son apparently his wife lara opened up some envelopes at their house on central park south. white powder came out. death threat inside. the message implies that the trump children would be killed if he does not withdraw. ♪ first of all let me tell you i
5:02 am
love being on the program every friday ♪ >> you sing and you dance. nice, geraldo. >> you know, donald trump is leading in a way that's shocking people on the far left and on the far right. there is a collapse going on within the conservative movement on the right. on the left, the extremists see in him a polarizing figure that they can use, the occupy movement. you know, some of the, some of these other activists groups, black lives matter can cause the tumult in the street to have a negative impact on the candidate. in eric jr.'s case, and lara, ordinary folks who happen to be the son and daughter in law of the leading presidential candidate, easy marks for a group with the high skills, digitally speaking, in terms of digital piratesy to mess up their lives or send them talcum
5:03 am
powder powderer or do annoying bits. trump has superb security, they can crack down on it. but it's extremely -- it's a nuisance. it adds an aspect to the presidential campaign which is already fraught with all kinds of passions that we certainly don't need, guys. >> there's also a rally, you're going to miss it, tomorrow in new york city. it's starting at 9:00 in the morning. they'll come out to march against donald trump and what they say he stands for. look at the way he's getting blitzed from all sides. this is unbelievable. >> you know, you remember -- first of all, let me talk about that rally tomorrow, brian, because i think it is important. remember chicago, remember that night, that dramatic night where there was a big donald trump rally planned a week ago friday and it was cancelled because of all the tumult. all of the organized demonstrators from the outside, and you had well-known activists and even bill ayers, you know,
5:04 am
purported terrorist. you had everyone joining in to disrupt. what happened? trump ended up carrying illinois. flashing back to 1968 when you saw those demonstrators trying to change the democratic party at the chicago convention from within, you know, they ended up giving the nomination to the establishment candidate, hubert humphrey over uh-eugene mccarth after jfk had been killed. i think these kind of disruptions help the target of the disruption more than the disruptees. i think they and the kids are getting off on it, they are showing they can take direct action against the candidate. but in terms of the impact, the political impact, people tend, you know, because most people don't demonstrate in the street, they tend to really be annoyed by people that jam up their traffic, that steal their phone numbers. you know, that steal social security cards, that mess around with people's private lives. they go beyond the boundary and once they pass the boundary americans have punished them for
5:05 am
it in the quiet of their home or polling booth. >> are you saying a vote for trump is a vote against the protesters? >> i think that trump will gain net positivity in terms of election results from his firm stand against the protesters. i think the protesters are being counterproductive. i think even with black lives matter, go back to the early days of black lives matter when they were closing subways and doing things very disruptive and targeting more than just the offices involved in the particular tragic incident. the net result was black lives matter was suppressed. i'm a fan of nonviolent civil disobedience. that's the way i came up in the '60s, but you have to tailor it in a way that you don't offend people who have no dog in the
5:06 am
fight. >> right. you know, we have been talking about some of the dangers involved with this campaign, with the envelopes going to eric trump. but there had been funny moments throughout the campaign. everyone is falling donald trump on twitter. this is an image of instead of jim carrey's face on the outside of the dvd on the outside of -- this is a picture of ted cruz saying liar liar. and ted cruz posted this one. me, myself and don instead of me, myself and irene, saying he has split personalities. what do you think? >> satire is great, as long as people get it. like i think of trump as uncle fester. people know uncle fester and they can put the shot up of ted cruz and uncle fester. >> doesn't matter what he looks like, it's what he stands for. >> well, you know, but it does matter what he looks like, brian, because it's a joke, it's a joke to bring down your person that is the target of your wrath, of your satire.
5:07 am
liar liar is -- >> so you hope that the joke sticks? >> you don't even hope that the joke sticks. you hope the joke stings. liar liar is a takeoff on lyin' ted. no doubt about it. me, myself and donald is the cute way of saying donald trump is everything to all people. that he'll change his position on immigration as soon as he gets in there because he's a political schizophrenic. he does anything he needs to, even dog whistle to david duke to get a southern turnout in the s.e.c. primaries. he'll do whatever it takes to get elected which is incidentally a principle that i believe. i don't give it a malicious tint. i think that donald is extremely flexible. he is doing one thing to win the republican nod. i think there will be a much more moderate candidate in the general election and what cruz is trying to do with me, myself and donald is call him out on it. >> let's talk about you, if we can.
5:08 am
>> your favorite subject. >> do a couple of moves here? >> don't hurt yourself. >> well, geraldo, watching the promo right now. how is it going? bring us behind the scenes. >> well, you know, that's edyta, my partner, she was in the studio with me all last week. she did the first ten seasons. she took three seasons off to have a child. she and her husband came along to make sure there was no messing around. >> very smart. >> very smart. i'm trying my best to learn something, you know? can you teach an old dog new tricks? in this case can you teach a very old, old dog new tricks? >> geraldo, how many people do you know right now in the cast that you're better than of? how many are you convinced you can do better than that and how many are better than you? >> doug flutie, i'm coming after you! you're the secondest older. >> you keep saying you're old. you look great in the videos.
5:09 am
you're not wearing your glasses, right? your hair is flowing, no glasses. >> i won't be wearing any glasses. my hair will be flowing in the background like that adele song. >> you'll be dastardly on the dance floor. geraldo, out of curiosity, you have been practicing for a while. when you get up in the morning, is there any part of your body that doesn't hurt? >> what a great question, steve. you know, you're just old enough to remember it. you know, there are muscles that you use that you forgot that you had. you know, i am not a dancer. last time i danced i was tequila drunk at my wedding to erica. i don't remember that. >> i think we have some pictures. >> you were both there. >> a lot of people say that they lost weight on the show. not that you need to, but have you noticed that you have? are your pants fitting looser? >> i have lost eight pounds. i have lost eight pounds. i just knocked my eye piece -- i
5:10 am
knocked out my ifb. lawrence taylor said he lost 50 pounds. >> wow. >> lawrence taylor, the football player. because you use the muscles that you don't usually use. i'm getting my feedback in there. i have lost eight pounds. i don't have eight pounds. i'm down to my fighting weight and i'm a 72-year-old man. i'm about to stuff myself at breakfast. >> another shirtless selfie coming our way? >> yes. >> brian, you can -- you can bet on it. you will see me naked. i will do whatever it takes to win this competition. >> on that note, we're leaving. good luck, geraldo on monday night. >> when he was in his skivvies. >> enough. >> i thought it was a dumb question. >> the second floor just about passed out collectively. >> hi, heather.
5:11 am
>> hi. doesn't leave much to the imagination. >> never does. >> i'm glad you're dressed this morning. >> good morning, good morning, everybody. i hope you're off to a great day. serious news to bring you. fox news alert. isis hackers putting dozens of minnesota police officers' lives at risk after releasing a kill list online with names, addresses and phone numbers of the officers. web analysts scanned the list of 36 names on an encrypted messaging app and the fbi is working with local agencies to track down the hackers and to protect those officers. this happening in minnesota. well, new overnight, american airlines passengers in fear for their lives when their plane is struck by lightning. this incredible photo shows the visible damage to the wing of that plane. that plane was helded from north carolina to new york city. it was forced to land early after being hit by the lightning. 51 people on board. no one was hurt, but they were shaken by it. >> it was a flash of light and a big explosion. the plane dipped about 100 feet, i don't know.
5:12 am
it just felt like i was on a roller coaster. >> i bet. the faa is now investigating. a brand-new bombshell in the v.a. scandal and this is another sickening one. there was a whistle-blower there in phoenix now claiming that at least ten suicidal veterans were turned away from the phoenix v.a. in a one-month period. just five were called and checked on by medical staff. the other five were never followed up on by doctors there. and an internal report found the v.a. employees were negligent, but no one has been disciplined. did you see this one? arizona's head basketball coach sean miller sweating it out during round one of march madness, leaving his shirt so drenched he had to change it at halftime. the internet is drowning in memes. here is miller at halftime, showing former presidential candidate marco rubio taking his famous water break. and others noted the comparison of miller and striker from airplane.
5:13 am
and another said he's about to win a wet t-shirt contest. something we don't need to see. >> yes. thanks, heather. it's not just flint, michigan. this is a fox news alert, because alarm this morning over lead found in drinking water at schools all across the country. the man who blew the lid off of flint has a message that every parent with a kid in school needs to hear. and this is an apology the judge never saw coming. ♪ hello there, your honor i want to say i'm sorry ♪ ♪ for the things i have done >> that man is channeling his inner adele and nobody in that courtroom cares. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn.
5:14 am
get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at [so i use quickbooks and run mye entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it. a fox news alert. it's not just a flint, michigan, water problem. a bombshell "usa today" investigation published yesterday has found problematic lead levels in the water of schools in 42 states. look at the tv. are you in one of those states? you have problems there. one school in maine had levels 41 times higher than the epa limit.
5:18 am
joining us right now is dr. marc edwards a virginia tech professor who helped expose the water crisis in flint, michigan. he joins us from blacksburg. doctor, what's your headline regarding this? >> well, that there's high lead in water in schools. i mean, 10% of schools are required to test and that "usa today" article was based on that, the good news. that there are adults out there testing and finding problems. 90% of schools are not testing and that's where you should be most concerned. >> the 10% that do test, they have their own water source. they might have a well or something like that, whereas the 90% -- this is the scary part. those are in many cases, doctor, older buildings with lead pipes and nobody is checking that lead level, are they? >> it's incredible. you could have hazardous waste levels of lead coming out of the tap of a kindergarten classroom and there's no law against that in this country. >> why doesn't the epa keep an
5:19 am
eye on the lead in our schools? if i was a principal at a public school, using public water, i would call the front office and i would say, hey, can we ship over a test this morning because i'm curious, i read this thing in the paper, i want to make sure the kids are okay. >> you should be concerned. you know, epa did try to get authority to regulate lead in school water, but they lost in the first round of a court battle and never refought it. what we have is a voluntary system that schools are supposed to test. >> right. >> but they're not doing it. >> okay. one of the problems is the old building, the lead pipe, the lead solder and stuff like that that can cause brain damage in young children. and there are a lot of parents who are going to clamor for their school districts and school boards, please check. for any parents watching right now, doctor, who are concerned, what can they do? >> well, you can work through your parent/teacher association or talk to people at the school
5:20 am
and ask if they have done the voluntary testing. ask to see the results and if there are none, push them to do the testing. it's better to know. the health harm from lead can never be undone. >> right. >> we can't be looking back and casting aspersions. we have to try to stop future exposures, whether or not it's lead paint or lead water. >> so many are concerned about the security of the schools that nobody thought about the water, did they? >> yeah. >> unbelievable. >> dr. marc edwards, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> all right. now that is a crazy story. check your kid's school. all right, meanwhile, straight ahead, former executives of the wounded warrior were fired over the major spending scandal. they break their silence.
5:21 am
hear their exclusive interview next. ainsley is headed back to school, school of rock. the stars of the hit nickelodeon show are teaching her a couple of moves. ♪ ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the
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welcome back, everybody. now time for your headlines. doctors scrambling to stop the outbreak of the deadly blood disease, as it crosses the border into a second state. michigan now reporting its first death related to the elizabeth kinga bacteria. and bumblebee tuna is expanding the recall to 100,000 cans. the tuna may have been spoiled
5:25 am
due to issues in the sterilization process. the recalls start with the letter "t" on the bottom of the can. ♪ ♪ what is the answer, martha >> nine. ♪ no, it's eight >> no, it's nine. ♪ yes, i was testing you it's nine ♪ [ laughter ] >> remember jack black's hit movie "school of rock"? now it's turned into a tv show on nickelodeon. >> who is that? >> i don't know. ♪ ♪ you gave me sweet talk you're lying your lips are moving ♪ >> it's our new singer. that's who. >> well, we have the stars of the show. we have breanna yde, this cute
5:26 am
little thing and then we have tony cavalero. they're here to take us back to school, "school of rock." how awesome is this? are you excited to be part of the show? tell us what it's about? >> well, it follows a group of kids a at the prep school. they learn to take risks and they learn sort of how to rock out thanks to their teacher dewey finn. >> so dewey, he's a substitute teacher. everyone loves when they have a sub, don't we? >> always. >> because they're really mean. >> but he's not a mean substitute teacher. >> he's awesome, rockin'. >> so dewey, tell me about your role. >> i lucked out, i got to play this role that jack black created. the story is so nickelodeon in tone. it's wonderful to bring it to life for the whole audience. >> you teach them music and develop a band in the classroom? >> yeah. in the show it's more the kids create the rock band.
5:27 am
>> in the movie it's how dewey's role grows, but it's more following the kids. how they learn to relax and rock. >> this is not your first show on nickelodeon. >> yeah, my second show. >> you're experienced. >> i understand you play a lot of instruments. how many do you play? >> wait, one -- four. i think. >> what do you play? >> i play the guitar, bass guitar, drums and piano and my vocal cords which makes five. >> you're a great singer. can you teach me a few things? >> for sure. >> what do you want to teach me this morning? i need to rock out by you guys. >> this is by the amazing meghan trainor, on one of the upcoming episodes. on bass, it's simple. you'll be strumming this top string and go from the third -- >> it's easy to recognize because the dots. the third -- >> oh, oh, got it. little dots at the top here. that's third. >> one, two, three. then four, five.
5:28 am
and then eight. >> okay. >> so right here, all right. >> that one right there. >> that right there? >> do it for real. >> let's do it. >> you ready? >> "school of rock," saturdays 8:30 p.m. on nickelodeon. >> yes. >> ready? >> i'm ready. >> one, two, three. ♪ >> you're nailing it. >> yeah. you're awesome. ♪ i know your life, ♪ ♪ yeah, i might be young but i'm not stupid ♪ ♪ and when you're young you gave me sweet talk ♪ but i know you're lying your lips are moving ♪ ♪ baby don't you know i'm done >> yeah! awesome. >> oh, man, she's in the >> she's great.
5:29 am
can't do that on "special report." good job, ainsley. still ahead, a trick gone horribly wrong for a stunt man named inferno. [ screaming ] >> we'll tell you the details on what happened there. step right up and play campaign -- we'll play this game called campaign catch phrase. some of the most famous slogans and how they all worked. we'll pick a campaign slogan out of here and tell us the story behind the story. don't ask me how much that costs. a lot. ♪ ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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nationwide? awesome. nice neighborhood. ♪ nationwide is on your side are you exhausted from your guitar playing? >> wiped me out. >> that was so good. >> i'm such a mom. did you see my dancing?
5:33 am
the little girl is so talented. i wish she taught me how to dance. >> if you want to learn how to dance, call geraldo. >> heather has some news about the wounded warrior project. >> all the military families want to watch the next interview that brian just did with the former top executives of the wounded warrior project. they're speaking out for first time against the allegations against them. they were let go after a cbs news investigation found that $24 million in your donations were spent on travel and employee events. leaving just 60% of the funds to go to veterans' projects. the former executives say that's not true. >> it came as a bit of a surprise. i mean, obviously when we saw the cbs reports about seven weeks ago we knew that was a misrepresentation of the good work the wounded warrior project does. >> the board actually hired an independent investigation and they validated everything we had been telling the public all along. it's actually 80% of the
5:34 am
spending of the organization goes to programs and services that support the warriors and their families. >> there's a lot more to the interview. find it on the website. the wounded warrior project is the nation's largest veterans charity, raising $300 million last year. nice job, brian. for the very first time we are hearing from the woman who brokered a meeting between actor sean penn and the drug cartel leader el chapo. the actor thinks it handed her put together the get together. >> i don't think it was me, castillo. he probably had a crush on -- >> had a crush? >> well, we have to ask him. it looks like -- >> wait a minute. >> well, maybe, i don't know. i don't know. i think he says maybe an admirer. i don't know. okay, maybe yes. [ laughter ] >> drug kingpins can have crushes too. castillo isn't sure if he had a
5:35 am
crush on her or her persona on television. a trick had gone horribly wrong for a stunt man named inferno. watch this. students were screaming understandably so as the man who was supposed to breathe fire, caught on fire, during a pep rally at a school in del ray beach. he was rushed to the hospital with burns on his face. seven others were hospitalized including the students. we're praying for a recovery for him. it was the apology this judge never saw coming. unreal. ♪ hello there, your honor i want to say i'm sorry ♪ ♪ for the things i have done >> well, the folks in washington, they're not too taken by this. 21-year-old brian earl taylor saying he's sorry. he was channeling his inner adele in the courtroom there. despite the musical apology, he
5:36 am
was given 17 years in prison for unlawful imprisonment. a very serious charge. certainly no one seems to care. >> which adele song was that? he started with "hello" but then -- that was it. >> maybe it was a medley. >> greatest hits. >> what about chicago's "hard to say i'm sorry." >> i wonder if they knocked off years, do you think he was supposed to get 25 and he got 17? >> we'll look into that. call adele or peter johnson. >> 17 years is still hard time. look who's outside where it's going to be a beautiful day, but snow could be coming? >> well, the first day of spring is on sunday, and guess what mother nature has planned is a nor'easter and some snowfall. some areas can see a foot of snow. i want to start off along the gulf coast, because out here we have been dealing with showers and storms for a big chunk of the month of march. eastern parts of texas, parts of louisiana have been dealing with river flooding that continues till right now.
5:37 am
it's still flooded out there across some areas. we have more showers and storms unfortunately and that can add to the flood concerns and some areas are picking up three to four inches of rain. we have a concern for severe storms as well out there with damaging winds. large hail and isolated tornados. here's the quick look at the forecast set-up coming up as we head into this weekend. starts early on sunday with some snow across parts of the interior northeast and the mid-atlantic. it tracks up the coast and given it looks like parts of new england and the interior northeast can pick up to 6 to 12 inches of snow. let's head back inside. >> thanks, maria. let's go back to the campaign trail. campaigning can make or break a campaign, so what are some of the catch phrases that have worked or not? look who we brought back, incredible historian and author of the brand-new book "rightful heritage, franklin delano roosevelt and the land of
5:38 am
america", welcome back. we taxed you two hours ago. ready to spin the wheel? >> let's do it. >> have you spun the wheel yet? >> i haven't. >> go ahead. >> he doesn't know his own strength. we remember this one. 3 a.m., who do you want answering the phone from -- >> hillary clinton famously. >> in fact, you want the hear the ad? >> it's 3:00 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep. who do you want answering the phone? >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> she could queue that up again. >> didn't work for her. she lost to barack obama. people didn't want her answering the phone at 3:00 a.m. indcall that a failed one. we all remember that because it was applied to the other candidates. >> a state senator two years in, but didn't work. all right, let's spin again.
5:39 am
all right. here we go. the stakes are too high for you to stay at home. let's listen. >> seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. zero. >> vote for president johnson on november 3rd. the stakes are too high for you to stay home. >> why did -- why did that work? >> they only ran it one time, pulled it. but then it became kinetic. everyone started to talk about it. >> before youtube. >> yeah. before youtube. i got scared right there. mushroom cloud, remember that? that's always when we say the president has his hand with the nuclear codes. do you want a trump, do you want cruz, do you want hillary, who do you want with their finger on the nuclear button? johnson made the point you don't want lyndon johnson because he's too much of a hawk --
5:40 am
>> you mean goldwater. >> yeah. >> and he won in a good way. >> this is totally random. our tape guy is working hard. he's got to be ready. look at that. let's -- how about that one? >> went right to the sucking sound -- >> i'm voting for happy days are here again. >> the giant sucking sound looks like this. >> we don't care about anything but making money there will be a giant sucking sound going south. so we -- if the people send me to washington, the first thing i'll do is study that 2,000 page agreement. >> he's talking about nafta. and he is the third party candidate, the independent ross perot. >> perot got 19% as a third county candidate. >> no delegates. >> no delegates. and who wants to be known as the sucking sound guy, even the way he said the word, sucking sound leaves a bad taste in your mouth. it worked as a -- it's a crucial hit over people's head at the moment. but with longevity and view of
5:41 am
history he -- >> let's do this one. reagan one, are you better off? how about that? i'm the worst game show host ever. they have always been rigged, the game shows. >> you would ask yourself, are you better off than you were four years ago? >> the speech not an ad. >> exactly. that's really powerful one for ronald reagan. because people were not happy with the carter years. double -- you know, double digit inflation. long gasoline lines. economy in tatters. hostages. reagan's trying to remind people that look, things are better now than they are than if you're dealing with jimmy carter years. >> we're not talking about fdr getting elected here, but talking about what he did as president. some of his projects preserved the great parks we have today. people look at teddy roosevelt and say he's a conservationist,
5:42 am
but it's fdr? >> yeah. he created the national wildlife refuges in america and he's the progenitor of the smoky, the olympics, jackson hole. he loved the land so much. and not only that, he hired the federal government national parks service who is celebrating the 100th anniversary this year to do all the state parks. so people that are watching here, they have a state park system, fdr sent people to work there. >> and with the research, douglas brinkley, the best in the business. "rightful heritage" the name of the book. coming up straight ahead, donald trump's son is targeted. the breaking details next. the final hours of jesus' life that's retold in the epic live musical coming to your tv this weekend. guess what, tyler perry is the post and he's here live with us first. ♪ [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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good morning. a quick look at some headlines for you. developing this morning, baltimore ravens cornerback ray -- tray walker is in critical condition after a motorcycle accident down in miami. police say before 8:00 p.m., he was rising a dirt bike -- riding a dirt bike when it collided with a ford. i hope he's doing okay. and should isis be allowed to recruit college students on campuses? of course not, right? well, one tennessee lawmaker says yes. state republican daniel martin claims as long as no campus
5:47 am
proceedings are disrupted, a terrorist could stand in the middle of the square and recruit students. he thinks, quote, it's just part of being exposed to different viewpoints. what? in other news, a fox news alert. the trump family targeted. overnight, eric trump, the 32-year-old son of donald trump, received a mysterious letter and apparently there was white powder in the envelope. >> the envelope was sent to his new york city apartment and that's where we find robert moses. good morning. >> reporter: brian, steve, ainsley, good morning to you. there are police officers guarding the entrance to eric trump's apartment all morning long, but there was a far larger response last night. the cops confirmed that a suspicious letter with some sort of powdery substance was sent here.
5:48 am
now, while they wouldn't confirm its recipient, multiple reports say yes, it was mailed from massachusetts. that's where it was postmarked and addressed to eric trump. it reportedly threatened donald trump's kids if trump does not bow out of the presidential race. no one was hurt and now the contents of that letter are being tested. the arrival came on the same day as the website -- excuse me as the group, anonymous, claimed to have released trump's social security number as well as his cell phone number and that group posted an ominous video on youtube. as we come back live this morning i have been speaking to police this morning. so far, they tell me no one is in custody in connection with this letter that was sent here and the contents are still being analyzed. brian, steve and ainsley, back to you. >> thank you, robert moses. apparently there was a note as well. threatening in nature. >> so what do you do? do you do business as usual? do you go to arizona and utah, do you take the day off? take the day off? >> otherwise the terrorists win.
5:49 am
>> hand it over to the investigators. next on the rundown, the final hours of jesus' hours is coming to your tv this weekend. tyler perry is the host and he's going to join us live. but first, the host of the next program on this channel, martha maccallum gives us a preview of what happens in 11 minutes. >> good morning to you see you, guys. so paul ryan is boning up on the rules of a contested convention. and donald trump's son receives a threatening letter. and arizona and utah, this race heads west now. we'll talk to steve hayes about all of the above. and north korea sends an american college student to the labor camp and john kirby with what the administration is prepared to do now on that. and the president starts to slowly put his support a little bit more firmly behind hillary clinton. so what is that signaling in the
5:50 am
big picture about her future? all that and much more when we see you here at the top of the hour. see you soon.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
the final hours of jesus' life will get a modern spin this coming sunday, actually palm sunday. >> yep. fox's live musical event billed "the passion" will feature the biggest stars re-enacting the biblical story through popular music on streets of new orleans. >> joining us right now is actor and narrator of "the passion" you will see on fox on palm sunday night, tyler perry, who is joining us from new orleans. so tyler, explain this. how can a story that happened 2,000 years ago happen live this weekend on the streets of new orleans with people walking around in modern day clothes and stuff like that? >> i'll tell you, this was
5:54 am
performed in the netherlands for many years and the first time it's being performed in america is next sunday. i'm so excited about it. because it's the story that's forever young, forever fresh and we're going to tell it in modern daytimes. we'll tell it right here in the streets of new orleans. i'm so excited that the whole country gets to watch it on fox. >> you're excited but it's also live in new orleans. >> yep. >> do they understand -- they live life without a script. there's going to be a wild card to this production, am i correct? >> i'm sorry, i -- something about wild card to the production. >> i'm saying, anything can happen feeling to this show? because it's in new orleans. >> because it's live. you never know what's going to happen. >> yeah. yeah. it's live and anything can happen. but we got a lot of rehearsals going on, so we'll do our absolute best. but live can be nerve-racking, but as -- as you know early in
5:55 am
the morning. >> tyler, i think it's so refreshing to see some of the shows. we have a movie coming out this weekend, we have a live performance on fox. what is it like to be part of that? i know you're raising kids and you're very involved in the music industry and the television industry, film industry. so what is it like for you, from a personal perspective to tell jesus' story? >> well, for me, personally, i'm shocked at how -- i read something somewhere, about 45% of americans don't believe in god or anything. it is shocking to me coming from the generation that i came from, where your mom dragged you to church. what i know that if we don't give our kids something to lean on, something to turn to, they will find something in troubled times and troubled times are definitely guaranteed. so that's what "the passion" is about, showing love, favor and teaching us about the love of god. i'm so excited about it. >> it's a perfect city, a city that's been resurrected to have this story of the resurrection this sunday. isn't it, tyler?
5:56 am
>> yeah. i mean, new orleans is literally -- ten years ago under a liquid grave. my city, my hometown rose again. so what better place to be a back drop than new orleans? >> fantastic. well, we're all going to be watching live on fox. "the passion" airs 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox broadcasting. tyler perry, thank you and good luck. >> my pleasure. thank you very much. >> tyler, thank you so much for all you do in getting this message out. god bless. >> it will be great. >> fox did something similar with "grease" it came off very well. >> even though it rained. >> we'll see how it goes sunday. >> you have to put a dome up. >> they have one. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet.
5:57 am
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all right. america's sexiest citizen isn't ruling out a career in politics. listen. >> beauty has a face. affection, a name.
6:00 am
fabio. >> and now the italian model took the oath of allegiance this week. when asked about running for office, he told "the new york post," i'm a people person, i would definitely go for the people. he sounds trumpian. >> people party. >> have a great weekend. see you on monday. martha: thank you, guys. high drama on the road to the republican nomination. the speaker of the house paul ryan is saying there is a growing likelihood the convention this summer will be contested. reporter: i'm leland vittert in for bill hemmer. it takes 1,237 delegates to get to the nomination. if none of the candidates get to that number, the convention in july could turn into a


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