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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 18, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> a fox news alert. media reports out of belgium who say the main fugitive with the paris attack was captured alive. i am jon scott. >> i am heather childers in for jennaly. officials found abdeslam who was captured in a terror raid today. it would signal the end of a massive manhunt after the november attacks that killed 130 people. benjamin has the latest from london.
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>> reporter: hi, heather, the massive manhunt is underway at the moment. police sources are telling us that women are wounded. one of them appears to be abdeslam. one man is holed up in the apartment. two days ago there was a raid in brussels which police thought would be regular. there was a massive shootout. two men escaped on the rooftops. they found abdeslam's dna. he is tracked down to it another part of brussels. if he is caught it would bring to an end the largest manhunt in history. abdeslam has been caught alive. and now this will be a gold mine of intelligence. he can hopefully shed light on sleeper cells and how other
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attacks are held in the future. he escaped police twice. once from paris and today he was caught. there are helicopters overhead and the police are not taking any chances and it is still a fluid situation. we are getting live information as it gets through. he is caught, wounded and in police custody. the district is in the center of brussels. and long been the focus of paris. abdeslam's brother who blew himself up came from there. we spoke to people that they would be hiding him. friends and family would be hiding him. it seems that the story that started with 130 people murdered may be coming to an conclusion. it may put to rest the horrors
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that happen to the families there. this is the biggest police surge and helicopters and it is a fluid situation and we'll let you you know what we hear as time goes past. this is a conclusion of a massive manhunt which is focus of so many people. >> benjamin, we have a question, on tuesday his finger prints were found in another apartment. can you tell us where that one was located and this one? >> reporter: that was the direct of forest, it was further south and all in the city of brussels. he escaped from that raid. there was no electricity going to that apartment and they thought it would be empty and they went in and there was a volley of gunfire and they found ammunition and isis' flags and found his dna on the glass
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there. we don't know if he was holed up in that apartment or moving around. that is where it started on tuesday, a raid erupted and one man was killed in the raid. two today have been wounded and one arrested salah abdeslam. they transcribed him down after he escaped last tuesday. >> of course, news of the raid made it to the white house. josh earnest answering the questions now. let's listen in. >> we are in close touch with paris and belgium as they take steps to protect their country. the united states has significant resources and capabilities and used them to assist the french and belgians as they conducted the investigations in the attacks and taken steps to safe guard their country.
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we'll stay in close touch with them on this. i don't know at this point if the president was briefed, but i am confident he will get an update from the national security team today. >> reporter: the leader sent by sanders asking the treasury department basically. >> josh earnest, he moves on to the press corps, but we'll get back to covering the story about one of the most wanted attackers and suspects with the november paris attacks having been arrested and apparently injured in a raid by police in belgium. catherine, you have information and he was a wanted man, catherine? >> reporter: it is no small thing to capture abdeslam alive. this individual is trained and
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indock rinated in that suicide mission in paris. it is no small thing to capture him alive. officials often say dead terrorist can't talk. in this particular case, you want him to lay out two distinct networks. the network how wide spread it was and command and control from syria. and what kind of support and network existed beyond what investigators already identified in france and belgium. secondly and most importantly, lay out the network that allowed him to remain under the radar for the last four months. what is the extent of sympathizers or isis- affiliated individuals in paris and belgium and was he in africa as was
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reported at that time? based on a decade of experience working in these areases, my contacts advoice to me the interrogation of a suspect is important. but given the nature of the individual in this case, their statements to investigators demand a second or third corroberation. and what is the greatest tol for intelligence gathering is the exploitation of the electronics and now he is taken in to custody. what kind of electronic hardware will be recovered from the apartment. will it include phones? were they disposableses or his personal phones or heavily encrypted. if not you are looking at networks and contacts in that area and also the computers.
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that's the information that can't be manipulated and often the first choice for investigators in terms of pursuing the initial leads. >> it was a joint french/belgian raids and the french have a good reputation in contacting these types of investigations and the belgians do. >> reporter: good investigation may be hard and aggressive interrogation if you will in this case. the french and belgians are working closely to unravel the network that was responsible for the paris attack. here in washington, a small group of journalist met with a foreign minister and he noted to reporters that they had 600 people in syria affiliated with
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isis, 200 citizens have been killed fighting for isis in that country and another 200 returned to france and 250 are on the way. if you total up the numbers, you are looking closely to 2000 individuals. but back to the news of today, the capture of one of the primary suspects in the pararis terrorist attack alive, opens up a whole set of possibilities in terms of the intelligence gather aring. one driven by interrogation and second and most immediately is exploitation of electronics and that allows a link analysis chart. this is the network of individuals that allowed him to stay under the radar four months effectively. and others identified or linked to the paris attack itself, jon. >> obviously catherine, they will look for chatter in that
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network and other roaches to scurry out of the wood work now they know the ring leader if that is in what he is, is alive and talking. >> reporter: one preference for the intelligence officials if they keep it under the radar and like to see the chatter and discussion happens. that was true of the kalid mohammed after 9/11. the capture was known in the upper are circles of the u.s. government and not on widely known beyond that circle. but it was known to followers of al-qaeda he was missing and when people pop up on the radar to discuss the event, that is a way of flushing out individuals who are connected to the network.
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and so in this particular case it is not possible to do that but p has the effect of generating chatter of those connected or sympathetic to the isis cause and attacks in paris. a coupfor the french and belgians to get him alive. he was part of a multi- dimensional terrorist plot where there was a commitment and indoctoration. they would have to operate on the assumption that he was willing to die than be captured. >> his own brother blew himself up in the raids in the night in paris. catherine herige joining us with the latest information.
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and joining us on the phone, danny colson, fbi and hostage commander. danny, i know you now how to get inside of the moind of a guy like this. what is job one for the belgian and french authorities. >> catherine did a great job. you don't need me now. she was wonderful. and what they should do now is interrogation and she brought up a point, the electronic devices may not be -- it caused a dispout in the department of justice and fbi and apple for not allowing the intelligence service for getting in the phones. i am all for privacy but have to work out a way that the fbi can get in the phones to save lives.
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these guys slaughter innocent people. we believe in privacy, but we have to work together and we are at war and these people will kill more and more people and the more they understand and phones are encrypted and we can't get into them. they is a horrible problem for our country. it has to be through the courts and legislation to be drafted to allow court orders to get in these things and so they catch them. they want to kill you and me. they have no conscience and no mercy and very good at what they do. we can't take tools away from the law enforcement. >> the guy staring out of the screen and soulless eyes was not a refugee from fighting in syria. he was born in belgium. and may have been the ring leader of the attacks. how do authorities lean on him to devulg what we know?
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>> not what we do. in france they are more aggressive and they hold him incommunica incommunicado. and he will scream for lawyers and they will not listen to this. and some of the people that he's with, will obvious continue the banner. but this is a great coup. caherine was absolutely right. to get him alive was important. a lot of the refugees don't come here to france to assimulate. they come to new countries to vulcanize. and they don't respect the law. and it creates enclaves of people who don't honor the law of the land they are in. it makes it difficult for law enforcement and recruit informan
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informants. it is a problem and the french are good at that. and i give them credit and the belgians for what they did today. >> this is heather childers. i have a question. throw of the 12 gunmen in the paris attack were from molambp iqk. how did they escape authorities and they were look nothing the area or should have been. >> likely he went someplace else and there is a network for these individuals and they have safe houses and they know how to hide. likely what happened here he was there and they moved around. i have chased terrorist around the world and they very seldom stay in one place. obviously bin laden did.
10:16 am
he had no place to go. >> i don't know how they tracked him. they may have had a cell phone message and tracked him that way. but saying that they go to a place comfortable is not true. but in the fugitive business, they are smart and they know how to hide out and they have a lot of people helping them. >> but the noose is tightening. the raid on tuesday, they believed that abdeslam and another guy ran out of the building on tuesday shooting. there was another would- be gunman killed in that particular raid, but they tracked him to another hide out. that is two for the iowa sis' sympathizers and that has to be good news for the paris and belgian authorities. >> it is. and in my business we have
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a motto. assumption is the mother of foul up. you can't assume you are going to a dry hole. you always have to it be alert. and like i said, new york city, i chased a lot of fugitives and when we went after them we expected's gun fight and sometimes it was. and i think that sometimes, we look for information and it doesn't look that good and you walk in a hornet's nest. don't assume he's not there. assume he is. do your raid and set up an isolation tactic and contain that. and when you walk in the door, expect a gunfight. and remember chasing fugitiveses is risky. you are not hunting deer. you are hunting people who want to kill you when you come close. i am sorry the gdidn't get away
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>> danny, thank you for sharing your expertise. kudos to catherine, she did a great job. >> she always does. you saw abdeslam. the man wanted in connection for planning those terrorist attacks. he was arrested and alive and police will interrogate him. back with more in a moment. y , they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical. because you can't beat zero heartburn! i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning.
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>> a fox news alert for you now. the eighth suspect sought in the paris attack has been captured
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alive. belgian authorities said they tracked down salah abdeslam and taken him in custody alive. it signals the end of a massive search months after the massacre in paris that left 130 people dead. we'll follow the story as it develops. a warning for republican front runner donald trump, suggesting that he might want to doyle back his confidence, because he may not be unstoppable as he think he is. a trump reality check. he is the least commanding gop front runner since ford. donald trump will not debate republican arrivals again but will argue on twitter. thursday, he demanded an apology after we, dummies at the wall
10:23 am
street journal editorial board noted that hillary clinton receive million more votes. he would rather walk down fifth avenue shooting the messenger. we'll talk to phillip bump, who is a writer for the washington post. elanato you first. your publication undertook the big stop trump edition that hasn't seemed to have had the intended affect at this point. what about him and the confident. is the wall street journal editorial board right. does he need to doyle it back. >> when the wall street journal said he is weakest front runner this is far more about the general election than the primary race right now.
10:24 am
the latest survey showed that 30 percent of the republicans will never support trump. trump brags about now voters, he is likely to shed the republican coalition which would make him a weak general election candidate. it is likely up against hillary clinton and that's what he has to worry about. we'll likely see that play out in a general election than a primary if he becomes the nom no and even the wall street journal talks about the contested primary. >> phillip, it is still a three- man race and cruz and kasich will be in it and will it be that way to the convention? >> i am not sure how long kasich will sick around. he can't win enough delegates.
10:25 am
it will be curious to see him stick around to the convention. i think how strong trump will be among the republicans is a critical point. in 2008 bark bookkeeper obama was a weak candidate and went on and did well in the general election. donald trump's willingness to change his mind make its likely he will change before the general election. it is hard to predict. >> i don't know if you watched the first hour, but we had former speaker of the house newt gingrich talking about how trump is reshaping the republican party. >> you have in trump, someone who is bringing in independents and democrats. people say luckily the upcoming primaries are closed.
10:26 am
think about this. they are saying we don't want to let demdeps and independents in our party. how do you grow a majority party if you say we don't want you. trump is doing more than anyone since ronald reagan who brings in a new generation of voters. i like what he said about american nationalism and controlling the border and taking on washington. >> i was surprised in hearing a former speaker of the house and a former contender talk that way about donald trump. he suggested he is broadening the base of the republican party. >> there are two things the former are speaker didn't grapple with. how many voters did the republican party shed compared to the candidate like donald trump brings in and how is donald trump changing the party
10:27 am
ideologically? it is not that he is not doing going to the party. many conservatives said the ideology that donald trump is anti- free-trade when the republican party is pro free-trade and wants to close the border and many in the party want to see immigration reform and his foreign policy ill defined and no matter how many voters he stands to bring in to the party, they are unwilling to embrace the reforms and changes that he proposes. >> phillip, she said that tleks percent of the republic-- 36 pey they will never vote for trump can he bring in enough to overwhelm the party that will not vote for him? >> the core group of democrats
10:28 am
we are talking about is white men. and a lot of the white men migrated to the republican party starting with reagan in 1980. i am not sure how many more you can peel away. it is the case that donald trump will bring some of them over and also the case that a lot of people are not going to want to vote for him. it is a contested primary and a lot of fury at donald trump. he keeps winning and people get out of the race and someone can boat him. there is all of the indicators that suggest he will be a strong front runner and november moderated his position to pull in republican support. right now it looks iffy. >> thank you both. >> donald trump critics are calling on the press to knock
10:29 am
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>> we got him. those words reportedly coming from belgian authorities at the capture of salah abdeslam. he is the eighth suspect sought in the paris attacks and he was captured alive in an event in a brussel's neighborhood. that was after months search after the paris massacre. once again authorities confirming they have captured salah abdeslam alive. we've not indicated that preference. what we have said and the president said publicly and privately, is that he will have an important responsibility in the summer and fall, once the nomination process has concluded in bringing the party together and making sure this even after
10:34 am
a vigorous debate which the president believes is good for the party. it was good for the party in 2008 and this kind of competition is good for sharpening the skills of the candidate and exercising the organizational muscles of the democratic party. >> that's white house press secretary josh earnest after he was asked who president obama voted for. there are reports that mr. obama decided it is time to unite the party behind hillary clinton. obama wading deeper in presidential campaign melee. obama tells donors time to back clinton. how will this affect the campaign. we'll talk to our fox news thbts and radio talk show hosts.
10:35 am
welcome to both of you. steve, to you first. the white house backed away from the new york times report that president obama wants to side with his former secretary of state, but at some point, he has to pick somebody and it locks like hillary clinton is on the way to the nomination, is he a potent political force that could give republicans fits in november? >> you know, jon, i don't know who is more delougzal. he's had a failed presidency. look at obama care and look at his foreign policy. hecant mustered 84eds of radical islam and abandoned israel and hillary clinton wants a third term of failure ands because p she's willing to continue his agenda, of course, he will endorse and back her. he is a selfish guy.
10:36 am
i think we have seen it in the last seven years. >> he wants to continue his legacy, lesly? >> no question and if we are talking about selfishness, i think donald trump wins the proiz. and if it is donald trump, there will be voters whether republicans or don't want to align with one political party that will look to the democrats, if hillary is on the platform backing from president obama is helping. one, his approval ratings are up. he is good for the african-american community. but the area she needs help in is the youth. looking at both presidential elections when president obama was elected and reelected he does well with millennials and getting new voters out. i think she will be the nominee
10:37 am
and i think it can only help hillary clinton. >> i want to look back since late january on some of josh earnest, the comments endorsing someone for this nomination, listen. >> the president has been clear that you know, at this point he doesn't plan to offer a endorsement in the presidential race. right now not to make that public. but i would not rule out the possibility of being public. >> i haven't rowelled out endorsing and the president has not either. we don't plan to. and the dynamics of each race are different and some of it has to do with the president's view that particularly in the presidential level, the democrat
10:38 am
candidates are likely to benefit from a longer than expected campaign. >> leslie, i am guessing you are not on the e-mail of a strategist. but he wrote in the news letter. presidential elections usually correct the previous president's failure. we chose carter to reverse nixon and reagan to reverse carter's weakness and bush to reverse clinton's weakness of character and obama to undo bush's unthinking manliness. trump's display of strength and confidence may be what the republicans find lacking in the president we are about to replace. is it possible that donald trump is a creation of the man who
10:39 am
currently occupies the oval office? >> i know a lot of people want to blame obama. but look at the elected officials who have majorities in the house and senate and said vote for me and i will bring you job. not one bill did that. vote for i will secure the borders and an area of bipartisan support and nothing was done with immigration reform by the republicans, and so it is it a statement on the party and insiders in washington and career republicans more than the president. >> steve? >> leslie has the typical liberal ideology. president obama had the house and senate the first couple of years in the administration. where are the shovel ready job. we are a laughingstock and this is not the america i grew up and
10:40 am
that's why you see donald trump and republicans and independents and democrats swaying over to this guy, because he is not a insider and establishment and i know that is hard to swallow leslie, but it is the truth. >> you two enjoy your weekend. thank you both. >> you, too, >> lots of doubts about hillary clinton's candidacy despite her delegate count. she is not winning many punditsine on the left. howie kurz joins us to exmrin. >> it is faceinating heather. she is clobbering bernie sanders. many pundits and even liberals that are worried about hillary clinton as a general election
10:41 am
candidate. she is embodyiment of the establishment and worried about donald trump's attacks can do to it her and 25 years of various controversies she's involved in. >> if and donald trump. the new battle cry why can't the media stop trump? >> it is not the media's job to stop or promote a candidate. but there is desperation among those who would like to see trump denied including some of the new's business. the media has to stop him and do something. the media didn't create donald trump. we have given him air time. but we have reported again and again on his changes of position and giving money to democrats in
10:42 am
the past and mistakes and misstepments and it bounces off of him. and only if we are harder in him, everybody in america would understand what is apparent to them. the press's role is not to target any one candidate. >> howard kurtz, thank you. fox news alert, belgian police confirm that terrorist abdeslam believed to be the leader of the paris attacks that killed more than a hundred people was captured after a shootout. two other people were wounded in the shootout. abdeslam, a belgian born p national and isis sympathizer, captured. more in just a moment.
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>> a fox news alert. sala h abdeslam is under arrest after a raid by belgian and french anti- terror police on an apartment in brussels. abdeslam thought to be one of the drivers and ring leader ares of the november attacks in paris and now under arrest. he's been taken alive and two other men wounded in this raid. he will be spirited off for interrogation. great news for those who are trying to get to the bottom of what happened in paris when dozens and scores of people were murdered in cold blood. we'll bring you more as we get the latest from authorities in belgium. switching gores -- gears with easter just a week away.
10:47 am
fox is bringing you a live story of the passion. >> reporter: that's right, heather get ready for a spiritual journey in a live fox musical and never done before. witness the passion of jesus kroift. and the set in modern time and moderated by tyler perry and told in the streets of new orleans. i caught up with the casts to learn more and check it out. >> any time i mention the passion. or the movie. not the movie. how would you describe this undertaking? >> it is no beards or rods or long hair or flip flop or crocs. they are are approaching it this way, and playing the role of jesus in telling the incredible story, are are you seeing
10:48 am
something differently in the way you haven't before? >> this time around and we are doing stories and singing love can move mountains and demons from the magic dragons and that stands out to me. and that's the beauty of this project and a person can feel the live energy man, it is happening right now. and it is working harder in the project. >> you are seeing the characters in a different way and hearing the story in a different way because of the modern songs are not like christian songs or anything like that. and people no matter what their backgrounds. >> you illustrate it is it a live performance and an undertaking. >> it is every emotion. i performed in front of an
10:49 am
audience before. it is different. so people love and believe in it. you have a responsibility to dliefr it. >> if it was old school and visual of what we are taught all of these years and who is this hot dowd in a trench coat? oh, that is jesus. that is mind blowing. and there are powerful, powerful moments in the scenes that i don't think we have ever seen jesus in this way and as human as this portrayal or vulmerable. and this will help us to identify with him more. ♪ i will love you unconditionally. >> all right, heather this is special for everyone involved in this project. it is historic and i just down
10:50 am
loaded the song list from itunes and it is epic and perfect for all of the working out you do and get you going, i guaranteed. catch "the passion" live on fox celebrity news inside. our legal panel breaks down who has the upper hand coming u. up.
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vrjts jurist started deliberating in the hulk hogan media trial against gawker. the video shows him having sex
10:54 am
with a friend's wife. the former pro wrestler seeking $100 million in his invasion of privacy lawsuits. gawker argues his hogan spoke publicly about his sex life the video is news worthy and protected by the first amendm t amendment. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. >> ashleigh, i'll start with you. was the video news worthy or was hogan's privacy invaded? >> i think the video was news worthy and gawker was going to win the case. when hulk hogan went on tv and had his own reality tv show and put his life in the public sector and put his sex life, wrote books about it, went online, all of that makes his right to privacy lower on this particular issue and makes this story more news worthy. so that changes the balance and the analysis the jury is going to have to make. >> and you disagree. >> i disagree. the man has a right to privacy
10:55 am
irrespective of his public amendment. commercial speech which is what these people were doing which is what they wanted to do is line their pockets with gold is not as protected as political free speech. the government can control what people say and make statements on the first amendment for purposes of commercial speech. the purpose here is i think gawker's comment was notrocious. >> do you think the verdict will be 100 -- how much is he trying to get? 100 million. >> no case is over until i'm out spending the other side's money. we'll see how much it is. i would hope it would be certainly well under eight
10:56 am
figures. >> ashleigh, what type of precedent do you think this case sets moving forward? >> i think it's going to set a huge precedent. the issue is this case has been heard in federal court and the judge ruled that amendment has been applied. it's going to be whether the jury decides the first amendment right of a newspaper or online organization outweighs the individual's right to privacy. the issue is hulk hogan was not in his own home. there's a difference in our own home verses going into another person's house and that person videoing you. >> we'll see what happens. closing arguments underway. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. have a good weeked. >> you too. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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this is a fox news alert. we're in the middle of a breaking news story. this afternoon the last fugitive from the vicious november paris attacks that took the lives of 130 people is surrounded and wounded in brus ls. the sites and sounds of that raid as it was underway in brussels. this is the same neighborhood where the dramatic postinitial paris raids went out. for four months the search has been out. we can now confirm he's been taken into custody alive. the news comes hours after police revealed a trace of his dna was dpoufound inside an apartment belgian police raided earlier this week. they were hot on his trail


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