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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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continuing coverage of breaking news out of brussels, belgium. huge developments in the war on terror. thank you, everybody, for'ing part of "the real story." here's shep. >> breaking news. "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news deck.gz >> 3:00 on the east coast, 8:00 p.m. in belgium. we're hearing after new explosions in the same neighborhood of brussels where police captured at%:0y wanted fugitive and still hunting for somebody else. a live look at the scene. a "wall street journal" reporter who is there right now, tells us she heard multiple explosions win the last hour. we'll speak with her live in just a moment. and a deputy mayor tell this "associated press" that cops are now trying to take someone else into custody so this is very fluid. this comes after hours of fast-moving developments. a short time ago belgium's justice minister confirmed security forces had taken down sallah abdeslam. the most wanted man in all of
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europe. the subject of the largest history. abdeslam a key suspect in the terror attack in paris. he he had been on the for 126 days. is streak of freedom just ended. belgium officials say cops hot and wound him during a raid and took him into custody. this all happened in an area of when the raid went down. look. [gunshots] >> the same neighborhood where police arrested several people in days after the attack. abdeslam evaded police self self -- several times. you can see video of police taking someone from the scene, and the most wanted escapee was likely on tuesday. that's when police shot into -- got into a shootout with terror suspects while raiding an apartment in a different brussels neighborhood. investigators say they found
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fingerprints matching those of abdeslam in that apartment. it took them three days to connect the dots and track him down. a man wanted for those bloody attacks across thek'hfrench capital lahyñ november. when islamic state militants carried out a night of terror, punch waited by suicide bombs and gunshots they've killed 130 people and wounded hundreds more and shredded so many families. but europe did not forget. security fors did nod give up and today, tonight there, they caught man accused of causing all the pain. but the situation in the streets of brussels has apparently not ended. let's go to at the scene now. we have a report for "the wall street journal" in brussels. tell us what you have seen and heard. >> reporter: well, i've been out here on the scene for a couple of hours now, police have cordoned off a block and a few streets, and where wades were earlier taking place, it's quieter now, although i'm
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hearing a few sirenses. a little while ago we heard two blasts. unclear if they were explosions or gunshots gunshots gunshots os police were using. there were some scrimmage with local youth. police are using dogs to keep people away but$s by don't see major police action inside the zone. >> gabrielle, we're led to believe they're looking for someone. do we no who this is? >> reporter: authorities have not confirmed that so we have no details. >> but the operation appears to your eyes to be continuing? >> reporter: there's still police. doesn't seem to be a lot of action right now. there is a lot of riot police guarding the area, but earlier the helicopter is gone. where most of the action was
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taking place, things are quieting down. >> it was three days ago that our understanding is authorities went to carry out a raid on a building, but they didn't have reason to believe, it's our understanding, that someone who was in the middle of this paris terror attacks was there. is that right? can you give us a the brown? >> reporter: yes. indeed the raid was in connection to the paris involved in the raid. they were not expecting the kind of violent pushback from the people inside the apartment. when they stormed the parent, they were met with gunshots. four police officers were injured, and then one of the and the beg revelation today was that the person indeed was also wanted in connection with the attacks and had been seep with sallah abdeslam in the beak the paris attacks and that indeed, abdeslam's fingerprints were
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found inside the apartment. >> is it believed now that during that raid, three days ago, that abdeslam had been there at the time andfyjh escapd at that time and they were able to track him today after those events? >> reporter: well, my colleagues in paris have a source saying his fingerprints were found on a glass, which suggests he had been there very shortly before the raid. or perhaps even during the raid. we do not know the details yet. >> do we know, regarding today's raid the and the wounding and taking into custody of sallahjq abdeslam do we know whatjt his demeanor was, whether he privated information of electronics for them? >> reporter: i do not know that. >> the reports from the wire services are that he had been shot and was subsequently taken into custody during this raid? >> reporter: i can't speak to that. i'm afraid, because i've been on the scene here and i didn't witness any of that.
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>> are we expecting anything more from police in the minutes or hours ahead? >> reporter: definitely. we're expecting news conference and i think details will emerge over the coming hours and probably days. so, yes, keep an eye on "the wall street "wall street journal" web site. >> thank you, and all the best. as many of our viewers know we have a center network in united kingdom and covers europe for us, they great partners and they're in the middle of this right now. late cross over to sky news right now. >> -- one of the character yikes of people is when they captured, for some reason they give themselves up in terms of the intelligence they0pp+e. the whole structure of these terror grist groups works on the assumption that people will in the old-fashioned word sing, they will talk, they will spill the beans, and therefore this arrest will probably mean that a
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number of other potential plots by extension may be disrupted or shot down, or there is, of course, always the possibility that they could be brought forward. so nothing over the next few days will be taken for granted by the belgian or french authorities and others across europe, including the united kingdom, but one thing islamic state likes to do when it's on the back foot, as it is on this occasion and!$ has been in terms of the operational survival it's trying to struggle through inside syria and iraq, where it has lost a lot of territory to coalition backed troop air strikes and it need bows stronger than it is and that will be a cause for concern. so the capture of this man is both a huge boon in terms of intelligence and also of course for worry in case there's some kind of counterattack from the so-called islamic state. >> where we are here at the moment in this -- >> again, sky news giving us
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background on what happened three days ago and then the raid today. let's listen. >> reporter: -- what is your assessment of the current situation? do you think the operations are still ongoing? still live? >> i think all the indications are they're very much live. the reason is because the people that you thought you were after may be in custody or may be bottled up in one environment, that doesn't mean there aren'tcl other cells waiting for you to drop your guard, perhaps, set up a car bomb, maybe people there with suicide vests, could be any number of opportunities for terrorists to strike back, particularly when there's a concentration of people from security forces. so they will inevitably spend v if the operation is over from the shooting perspective and the arresting perfect. they will be combing that environment to make sure there's no other threat hidden within it. >> stewart ramsey from sky news. benjamin hall has been tracking
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developments and has been to this neighborhood in brussels and has been tracking the terrorist attacks in paris.
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s. the friend of french want to extradite him to france. the family trying to get a lawyer for him but i would say good luck for them if they hope that will in any way get him off. at the moment, the last paris attacker, abdeslam, 26 years old, is6j now in police custody. this is still ongoing, hemses still over the streets, a predominantly muslim district in the heart of brussels, raising many questions before integration of refugees, other cultures into such a european city. i was there in november when its happened and the shocking thing was that many people said they would hide him. they supported the paris attackers so that's a big question. >> benjamin hall, excellent reporting. think of the possibilities here. we'll go tower intelligence correspondent, katherine herridge. stay with us. e came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared?
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breaking news coverage continues. a live flacco brussels where are anti-terror raid continues after the capture of the most waned ÷ paris terror attacks. the u.s. envoy to the coalition tweeted congratulations to the belgium authorities. we'll never forget his and all isil victims, and think what it's possible to learn from this finally in custody. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more. what a break.
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>> it is. the u.s. government began providing intelligence to french within hours of the november attack, including electronic intelligence which helpedn
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intelligence will be getting at the electric electronics. phones, computers, e-mail traffic they can look at. in the end the electronics don't lie, and the time stamps are very important in terms of understanding how he was able to stay under the radar, who is associated with him, that inner
12:17 pm
circle within france and belgium, and then whether there's any kind of command and control to syria. here's the big piece that changed in in the last year, the encryption piece. we learned two of the!s,c phones recovered in paris, the authorities there were not able to get full access, not because of the apple problem but because they were using a type of encryption to instant message with others.wl so, the key here is going to be whether thosefipt(u)onics are accessible and the degree to which the information can be revealing more about who he is connected to and their relevance even to other ongoing operations. >> just being able to track movements, just backwardses from today to tuesday, when they first encountered the man, that alone. >> yeah. i'm very curious to know at nights what electronics were picked up in that raid on tuesday, and i -- based on my experience, that is going to be the electronic trail that led to today because the ability, once
12:18 pm
you have a series of numbers, phones, whatever they're using, social media, to track individuals, is extremely high. it's hard to stay under the radar and it does appear to me like there was a major slipupy÷ here and really unraveled beginning on tuesday. >> thank you so much. we're just getting started as this news is developing now. continuing coverage of the developments in belgium. what we're learning about how sallah -- salah abdeslam avoided capture. you know in the minutes after this happened in the dreary night in paris, he was taken into custody along with two others. they checkedded the list and released million. caught and released, and 15 minutes later authorities say they realized he was most likely involved. now, all this time later, why the cops may have been the least of his concerns. a major terror arrest has happened today. the implications are grand. stay with us.
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breaking news out of brussels, belgium. the police lines are set up, the operation continues and this just in from the white house. per a white house official. the assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism briefed the president on the arrest of the belgian suspect salah abdeslam. the president has been briefed. it's our understand that interrogations are underway and we're confident, because of the words police and others, that the most wanted man in all of europe, one of those behind the attacks in paris, is now in custody. let's bring in lori henet, ai for the "associated press" who has been following the case closely and is live by phone from paris. what should we expect that would
12:23 pm
be possible to glean from this man? >> reporter: well, he is the person who holds the key at this point to how the november 13th november 13th attacks were out, and possibly who else may be at large. he is the person who bought the gear and rented cars and booked rooms, and moved people into place for the attacks, and then at the last minute, for reasons that hopefully police will find out, he appears to have ditched a suicide vest, called for help and left. >> he called for help to belgium. >> he called to belgium, to twoe neighborhood, mollenbeek where he was captured the same neighborhood where he grew up and many of the attackers have ties. >> it's our understanding -- i know you have reported on this, if you can help me have a better up in understanding. in that enabled it would have been possible for someone like him to hide out in the open because it's not exactly the sort of climate where the peoplé
12:24 pm
upon. the thought it was another piece in this very large puzzle. not the holm or their most wanted. >> not only did the think it watt others piece in the puzzle but the warrant expecting anything at all. they thought the apartment was empty. so went in expecting it to be fair i routine search of an ebb
12:25 pm
empty apartment and immediately came under five. >> after that, the people who correct? and then others scattered? >> yes. possibly three scattered and one of them may have have been abdeslam. the person who was killed is now believed to have been somebody else linked to the november november 13th attacks. more the authorities believe were linked to this? how many more suspects there are for whom they're searching? >> reporter: there are several suspects out there, salah abdeslam was crucial because he was the person who was directly linked to the attacks, but there are at least two other people out there, and possibly many more that we don't know about. >> we're expecting to hear from the federal prosecutor today. >> reporter: yes see, be later. >> we're led to believe that an interrogation would be underway, which makes sense. who we be heading that up? french authorities involved or how would you describe that? >> reporter: french and belgian
12:26 pm
authorities have been working together closely in this investigation, and they almost certainly will be working together in questioning salah abdeslam. >> does the sim allow him to, in as we say in the united states, lawyer up and avoid questioning or not? >> reporter: there's always the chance he won't talk. they can't force him%%÷ to tal. but i think they're going to do their best to try to learn as much as possible about the november 13th attacks, in part to clarify what happened that night and also to prevent more. >> our intelligence correspondent, catherine her around has been discussing as matter of pattern, with history as our guide, sometimes when terror organizations, when there's a big get like this on the part of authorities, they brace for retaliation. has that been your experience? >> reporter: that's a little hard to say. this is the first time someone has been captured alive in major terror attack in sweet -- quite some time. >> it's your reporting that this is the individual, not one of them, but the individual, who
12:27 pm
did all the physical planning. >> reporter: this is the person who was he the logistics guy. his naming eye then car rental, the program rental agreements. we bought some kind of explosives in the paris suburbs and we know he drove up and down the length of europe multiple times over the summer and into the fall. >> to think of the treasure - trove of information there for the taking if they can get it. lori, very good to talk to you. "associated press" correspondent from paris who worked this for a long time, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> just getting started, approaching the bottom of the hour. we'll reset with the top of the news and also tracking other news. there's serious, serious weather system headed across the united states. there are reports now that people in charge of this nation residents nuclear missiles may have been snorting cocaine so there's a lot of news and we'll get it to. glad to have you with us on this friday afternoon. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to take their act to the next level...
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i'm lea gabrielle. we'll get back to breaking news in just a moment. first the fox report on today's headlines. thousands of people protesting in the streets of baghdad pushed past security forces in the green zone, whichéi is home to government headquarters. demanding reforms as the country battles an economic crisis. russian president vladimir putin is in crimea today, marking two years since he took it over from the ukraine. he visited a construction site of a bridge that will connect the peninsula to russia. the u.s. and eu do not recognize that. a man rescues three dogs from a fire in california. this happened in south los angeles. the pups were fenced in right next to the burning building as crews battled the flames the man ran back and forthand carried the dogs to safety. news continues with shepard smith right after this. caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things.
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breaking news coverage continue out of belgium and the capture of salah abdeslam. a suspect that stayed ahead of investigator ford more than four months after the attack in paris. media outlets say security forces weren't the only ones after them and the islamic state was looking for him because of report head had chickened out for lack of a better phrase and failed to blow up himself during the night of terror in paris. trace gallagher has that part of the story. he was supposed to be dead. hough did he avoid the cops? >> reporter: it appears he had some luck and quite possible lay lot of help. hour arches the paris attacks, salah abdeslam had some friends drive down to paris to bring him back to belgium. now, their car was stopped at the french border and abdeslam's i.d. was checked but because it didn't show up in the danes addiction -- database they let him go there are numerous raids in several brussels neighborhoods and in december
12:34 pm
one of the raids turned up abdeslam's fingerprints but there was no sign of him and some authorities believe he might have fled to syria. then three days ago during a raid and shootout, at another brussels apartment, another suspect in the paris attacks was killed and abdeslam's fingerprints turned up again. those prints and other information inside the apartment apparently led to today's raid and capture but authorities have not detailed exactly how yet, shep. >> the police lad to deal with restrictses in the course of its investigation? >> they did. authorities discovered abdeslam's fingerprints in the brussels paramount they couldn't conduct a raid right away because in belgium, police are not allowed to conduct raids between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. unless a crime is underway. a civil rights law that dates so authorities believe he snuck out or was smuggled out in the middle of the night. and the apartment where his fingerprints were found on
12:35 pm
tuesday was represented back in december. so investigators say he could have been living there for a few weeks or several months and there are reports out of the u.k. that abdeslam not only chickened out of the suicide attack, but told friends that he also regretted the attacks, which is why isis apparently would like to find him as well. >> i'm sure they would, and maybe he will talk. that would be fascinating. remember when this happened in november, it really did change the course of politics for a while here domestically, especially in that it focused the candidates on both sides more on foreign policy, and exactly how to attack these challenges. chris wallace is with us. we all remember this well. suddenly foreign policy is what we were all dealing with politically speaking. >> absolutely. it completely changed the debate on the republican side. remember back in the fall, donald trump and ben carson were
12:36 pm
tied in the polls in iowa and nationally, and carson was considered a very serious contender, but in a series of interviews, both after paris and then a couple weeks later after the san bernardino attacks, he showed some gaps in this foreign policy and really fell dramatically in the polls. meanwhile, trump with his tough talk about take only terrorists and eventually his call to ban all muslims, foreign muslims, from coming into the country, gave a real boost to his campaign, and one of the things that's been very interesting to me in all the exit polls throughout this primary campaign, is that on the asked, do you favor. at the time it was very controversial dire do you favor the idea of a temporary ban on foreign muslims coming into the country? in almost every state a majority of the republican voters said they favor that ban. chris, hang on. we're getting an important news briefing right now. breaking news, the belgian prime
12:37 pm
speaking live with translation. >> right now, briefing in the official language on the events which has taken place in mollenbeek, and let's get the news while we wait for the >> it is our understanding that first they were speaking in belgian, then switched to flemish and now there will be english. lefts listen. >> -- >> still speaking in flemish. what due you make of the capture? obviously there's satisfaction. how important? >> you're listen to the commentators on sky news.
12:38 pm
translation was no problem. from belgium. it's more of a problem from fletch -- flemish. we're guaranteed they will speak in english which probably means they will not. be that as it may, chris, i wonder the degree to which your experience would suggest this is going to affect the campaigns here in the short run as well. >> well, i think that it will simply remind people again of the terror threat that seems at this point to be working towards the strength of hillary clinton on the democratic side, because of her foreign policy experience. it's not a strong point, especially, for be any sanders on the republican -- bernie sanders on. on the republican side the strong man seems to be donald trump and works to his benefit. so to the degree that foreign policy is an issue it favors the two front runner. >> the producers tell me it's english. let listen. >> -- in this entire area and we know the group, islamic
12:39 pm
state, daesh, whatever you want to call them, have a very strong network in this part of the country in this part of europe. so we know that this has always been an area of big concern and we know there are lots of people who are sympathetic or supportive of the cause. so it makes sense that he would be hiding somewhere like this. >> interesting. minister belgium there thanking how there's a mood this is the end of the operation and they're not looking for anyone else. >> i think this is a great victory, and this is why i think celebrated in this way. why they're talking to president obama. the paris -- president hollande. >> saying that he was arrested with two accomplices. [speaking in foreign language]
12:40 pm
>> he is speaking now to the victims and the families of the victims. >> i think we have the headline now. three suspects arrested including salah abdeslam who is believed to be the logistics guy, the man who rented the cars and assigned the hotel rooms and whatever else was necessary, and was wearing, we're led to believe,, as as a vest, one that the authorities found on scene there which he ditched. i reported earlier they believed he just decided against and it later said he regretted the attacks. but there are two other suspects in custody as well and came to light these are the first major terrorism suspects who have carried off major worldwide terror strikes who have been brought into custody for questioning. it's a big deal. >> well, absolutely. i was listening to that interview you were carrying out with the app reporter akñt(w3it
12:41 pm
appears the plan was that everyone that was involved who survived the attack was going to launch their -- ignite their suicide vests and kill themselves, and obviously not be taken alive. that wasn't the case with salah abdeslam, and one only has to hope he will crack, saying whatever you want to call it, and -- between him and his accomplices they can give us a lot of insight into the whole terror network between isis in syria and the middle east, and its tentacles in belgium and france and across western europe. that's been a big concern, they were going to export their brand kd alsoç possibly into the d states, and abdeslam was major player in all of that. so he may have a lot of information we can give up. >> you also are left to wonder, chris, there in washington, here in new york, and beyond, whether isis has plans for other attacks
12:42 pm
if something like this might be a trigger. >> well, one wonders given the fact that as has been suggested, and in the commentary that isis may not have been very happy with abdeslam as well because he did not carry out his part of the bargain and kill himself in that attack. whether -- how operational, how up to date his knowledge was. this happened in november. who is to say whether or not he knows much of what isis was planning in the months intervening but if there's anything he knew about, one would figure they would want to carry it out before he could provide information that would block any of those of operations from taking place, that's pure speculation on our part but makes some certain logic. >> it does. chris wallace in washington, as the news is still developing. this weekendñ on "fox news sunday" chris will talk about the supreme court with mitchell mcconnell and the white house
12:43 pm
chief of staff, and the ohio governor and run presidential candidate john kashich is chris' guest live on "fox news sunday." the news continues with breaking news out of belgium. some serious weather working across the united states. here it is, the middle of march, been nice for the last month and all of a sudden the weather app says how much snow this weekend? hang on. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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an american recently defected from isis is now speaking out for the first time. he told kurdish television living in the isis stronghold city of mosul in iraq was pretty hard. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. so he turned himself? >> it's very interesting to hea; that this alleged paris attacker, abdeslam may have had second thoughts and isis may have been looking for him when he was captured in÷;ñ4:v mollenk
12:47 pm
because this man has given an interview in which the described the hardship of what it was like to live in mosul and raqqa, and why he decided to turn away after they started to teach him shareea. he arrived in syria in december. here's the interview. >> it's not like the western countries. it's very strict. khweis left virginia in december, went to turkey and lured into syria by an iraqi female. he said that during the interview. he said they banned him from smoking and when the started
12:48 pm
learning about the sharia law, muslim law, the dvded it wasn't for him. so he is an interesting case of an american, one of the foreign fighters, one of 250 that u.s. authorities estimate have gone to iraq and syria to fight for isis, of getting -- having second thoughts and turning himself in. >> kind of rare? once you're in with thatpym bun, they make it hard to get out, don't they? >> they do. and in fact i think there has been cases where americans who have gone there and been killed by isis leaders who thought they were traitors. so, again, this paris attacker, his life was likely in danger when he decided not to go through with the suicide aknack paris and had been in hiding from authorities and also from isis itself. but what we're hearing more and more from those who do manage to make it out of syria and iraq is that it's not all it's cracked up to be and certainly they're
12:49 pm
havingá!w an increasingly diffit time getting western recruits and they're turning more and more, according to john kirby of the state department, turning more and more to children and training children to fight in syria and iraq. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. two new item just came in. the first, this just in from the french president, hollande, who says the paris attack investigation is not over. that more arrests will come. again, that's from the french president moments ago in addition we just learn from respects news organization we trust there, sallah abdeslam will almost likely be transferred to a prison in belgium. they say there's a special section for terrorists, only eight cells, and one of them kept all along free for abdeslam. there are concerns that -- you have this guy who has all this information. what can isis do to harm him now that he is in the custody of
12:50 pm
authorities? that is a matter of great concern and they're certainly working to keep him and all of his informationt? safe, as they take him to what we're led to believe is a prison in belgium. continuing coverage of breaking news next. millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪
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continuing coverage the arrest of salah abdeslam, the most wanted man in europe and the one believed to the low jess sticks guy who participated in the terrorist attacks on paris. let's bring in vivian wall. in paris, spent time in brussels and hatt has written wasn't terrorism there. the. >> you're welcome. >> just heard from the french president who says this is not over there are more.
12:54 pm
what do we know? >> reporter: i think almost certainly true. one of the many paris attackers who came from brussels had right after the paris attacks that they were about 90 isis operatives secreted back other into europe -- >> 90 of them? >> yes, 90. citizens have gone to fight with various jihaddist groups in syria and iraq, and people in belgium intelligence officials i've spoken to there tell me they believe about 130 of those havew;ú @ve filtered back into e over the last month. but not necessarily back into belgium, and certainly some of those are now dead. but nonetheless we're dealing with probably dozens of belgian citizens who are back in europe
12:55 pm
somewhere, having fought mostly with isis and al qaeda. we don't know what their plans are but there really are acñt( substantial number of europeans back on the continent. >> well, we'll see how it play otherwise. thank you. we'll be right back. when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. my man, lemme guess who you're wearing... everyone's lookin' red carpet ready. toenail fungus!? whaaat?!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine... ...used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. jublia is workin' it!
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if you're in charge of protecting nuclear missile, maybe try to avoid doing drugs. the air force investigating whether more than a dozen airmen who protect some of the country's nukes were getting high off duty. that's the word from an air force general live says the men are eustachianed at the warren air base in wyoming. it's right outfieldjl of the capital of cheyenne and home to the 90th missile wing. the general refused to say what drugs wore involved but defense official says some airmen may have been doing cocaine. thunderstorms in the deep south and more rain for those who have already had so much.
12:59 pm
texas, louisiana, and mississippi, look at tall air dealing with. we usually measure rainfall in inches but a yardstick might be more appropriate for some partss of louisiana because forecasters say some areas have gotten two feet of rain in the last week. snow is coming to the mid-atlantic and the northeast. along the mid-atlantic, few inches in new york, six to eight inches by sunday night. the dow is having a whale of a day. it's up 125 -- 116 points now. that makes six straightykç sesss of an upward trend. oil touched around $40 a barrel today, which is very good news for so many in houston and beyond, and those in the energy industry. there were questions about whether it might go down to $10 but oil has rebounded on the discussion happening in opec about reserves. the dow is now -- all three of the major din desks are have
1:00 pm
shred all losses and we're back in positive territory in markets in the united states as of today. a major terror arhys. we'll continue our reporting on "your world" with neil cavuto. when news breaks out, we'll break in because break news changes everything on fox news channel. >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. some fast-moving develops. going into this hour we have indications now from mitt romney, put out a tweet and on facebook, that he is supporting at least to the utah caucuses -- his home state -- senator ted cruz. quoting here, this week in the utah nominating caucus i will vote for senator ted cruz. trumpism and the cruzism. trumpism has become associated with racism. misogyny, bigotry, vulgarity, and threats and violence.


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