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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 18, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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shred all losses and we're back in positive territory in markets in the united states as of today. a major terror arhys. we'll continue our reporting on "your world" with neil cavuto. when news breaks out, we'll break in because break news changes everything on fox news channel. >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. some fast-moving develops. going into this hour we have indications now from mitt romney, put out a tweet and on facebook, that he is supporting at least to the utah caucuses -- his home state -- senator ted cruz. quoting here, this week in the utah nominating caucus i will vote for senator ted cruz. trumpism and the cruzism. trumpism has become associated with racism. misogyny, bigotry, vulgarity, and threats and violence. to nominate a republican rather
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than mr. trump is to have an open convention at this stage. the only way we can reach an open convention is for senator cruz to be successful in as many of the remaining nominating elections as possible. bearer of the republicans, when it comes to running for president of the united states, has now formally put out his support for one ted cruz. we'll have more updates on this. in the meantime, an updade at the corner of wall and broad. we finished finished the week th positive week for the dow, something we have not seen since last october. the dow 117-points, positive for the year now just under 17,600. it's still about four percent from the all-time high but represents an incredible comeback and that even with oil weakening. the bottom line is there is growing support and consensus for not only earnings but obviously the tone of the economic recovery, which we're
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told is good. a lot of this had to do earlier with the federal reserve saying, steady also she goes and now finishing out the fast-moving developments, one of the most warranted terroristed in the worlds, busted in belgium. the operation not over yet. catherine herridge on what it means to have one salah abdeslam. what the latest? >> we just wrapped up a news conference that was held by the french president, as well is a his belgian counterpart and there are several major headlines. fir it wasn't a single capture but there was abdeslam. themhf+ench interrogation rules are different then the u.s., theirs a right to silence but no guarantee to access to a attorney. so this is the golden window of opportunity for french
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interrogate ares. the french president emphasized as he directed the victims of the attack last november, that he sees this as a very wide and deep conspiracy with roots leading back to syria, saying very clearly that he believes it ñwça and it was not inspired by the terror group. the u.s. intelligence community has been providing information and work with the french, really since the immediate hours after the paris attack, and this afternoon, the white house spokesman spoke to that cooperation. >> the united states obviously has significant resources and significantoaca+u!ilities, and e have used them to assist the french and the belgians as they have conducted investigations into the adynamics, and as they have taken steps to try to safeguard their country. >> the interrogations base opened my experience in this area, and we have seen is that the focus right now is on the exploitation of the electronics
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that are recovered from that apartment in belgium. so, phones, computers, e-mail traffic, in an effort to map out the support network that allowed him to stay under the radar for four months and whether there are other conspiracies or plots that are in the works and directed by isis in that part of western europe. most importantly this will be another test of whether these devices used encryption, the type of encryption we say in saa bernardino that has prevented the justice department and the fbi getting inside phones or whether it's the other kind of encryption think instant message, telegram in particular, which has been used so much by isis followers, to hide their communications from investigators, neil. >> superb reporting as assault, katherine, thank you. you probably heard what catherine was talking about. buzz words, phones, computers, electronic devices, encryption. all of this ringing a combined bell cincinnati does to former cia director james woolsey, and
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joins to us put a perspective on this. thank you for taking the time. >> you. >> what do you make of dismiss how we might have found abdeslam may be true -- through the very devices that we're debating using or getting information from in the united states right now? >> well, apple has helped the bureau and other law enforcement institutions to get into phones a number of times, which really at issue in the fight in the united states is that the bureau wants to design the operating system or at least a key part of the operating system for apple, and they want to make sure that there's a backt] door for all apple phones. and apple understandably is resisting that. this is an important issue and there's value on both sides. this is security and privacy or both important so not a simple answer it to.
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what really ought to happen is that apple and the bureau ought to get together with a couple of experts on each side and sort something out that will last long-term because it's just not realistic, i don't think to suppose that the bureau gets to design essentially an important aspect of the operating system for apple and put a back door in all apple phones. if they do that, the next time we have a dispute over phones with iran or china or any of a number of places, courts in other countries will say we want to be able to do what the american bureau can do. we want to be able to get into your phone, and here's the back door. here we go. we don't know even about whether the devices involved here in brussels were apple products. i'm told at least among the attackers in november there were a variety of devices, android and apple devices. i'm getting in the weeds there but that authoritiestr were able
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after many of them killed themselves. to get this, including the suspects' brother who blew himself up outside the stadium. but having said that, director, is it your sense here that -- we don't know how they finally got in, and found the right neighborhood, the right apartment complex, this week, tracked down these guys today. apparently one more they're trying to find today. but the electronics, the gadgets, the devices, have led them to this day, this moment. >> we're just not sure. it could have been one of a number of things one report said thatfh&c fingerprints of salah e present in the apartment, and that is quick and very professional forensics if the french or belgian intelligence or law enforcement found that out and they used that to find salah. i think we just don't know yet
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whether it was electronic devices or something else. >> we have learned a little built,yé director, about maybe e weren't the only ones -- that is westerners went weren't the only ones interested in finding this guy. so was isis, and maybe assuming he had killed himself, and he did not. >> right. >> what are we to glean from that? >> isis would have loved to have gotten their hands on him, and any forceful interrogation he experiences at the hands of, say, the french, will be nothing compared to what isis would have done to him in order to have tried to get information out ofy so, he is lucky he wasn't out free long enough for isis to get ahold of him. >> amazing. all right, director, i appreciate your indiligence. james woolsey, the former cia director. we have a lot more going on)fçw3 here. not only this. we'll keep an eye on brussels
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because they're not done there we're keeping an eye on the fast changing develops in on the political scene in the united states. when mitt pit was here, searching for an alternative to donald trump but not necessarily placing his bets on any of the other candidates who still remained. well, he has placed his bet and is going with ted cruz. and now there is a holy war within the run party. game on. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox.
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or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card the words are powerful from mitt romney. this week in the utah nominating caucus, i will vote for senator ted cruz. simple, to be point. the former standard bearer of the republican party has said he is going to vote for, well, the guy who is challenging donald trump, the guy who has the runaway lead in this delegate race, and the guy it seems mitt romney isn't the only one intent on]ç stopping. g.o.p. leaders holding their own closed-door meeting in palm beach, florida in part to not only discuss what is going on
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legislatively and their strategy for the remains months of the term but this nasty little political race going on for president of the united states. trace gallagher on what they might have said or done in the middle of the storm. trace? >> reporter: turns out there were a couple of these closed-door secret meetings, one in palm beach, the other in d.c. the palm beach get the headlines along with big-time donors who have given millions to super pa the palm beach meeting wasn't a stop trump meeting as it was a, what do we do now meeting? with some who are open to nomination but also plenty of talk on how to block trump from getting the nod. the d.c. gathering was much more blunt with some two dozen conservativezñ activists openly trying to stop donald trump at all costs. the exact details of the meeting are being held close to the vest
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but the conservative talk radio host, eric ericson, posted this, quoting: we believe the issue of donald trump is greater than an issue of party. it is an issue of morals and character that all americans not just those of us in the conservative movement. muss confront. he went on to say it took abraham lincoln three ballots to win his convention and if it's good enough for lincoln issue it's good fluff this time around inch all there seem to be four basic ideas out of the d.c. meeting. one, get a third party on the ballot. two, work to make sure that ted cruz is the nominee. number three, don't work to make sure john kashich is the nominee, and finally, send a last, minute candidate to the convention you've noted that mitt romney supported cruz on twitter and it's now on facebook and he is asking other republicans to vote for ted
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cruz. >> vue -- thank you very much. to pat buchanan. i remember when i was talking to you when you were talking to mitt romneyjo about the effort o stop trump, he prefaced it saying i'm not saying if he gets the delegates eye'll stop that. if he gets it hanks the knock any. i won't vote for him. what would you read into the other developments? could you ever envision the party redoing the rules even if donald trump did get the 1237? >> well, you 1237 it goes over the top. if he's short, many ways he could talk to vice-president -- offer the vice-presidenty to kashich, talk to robbow for the open delegates. if push came to shove, he could off ever it to ted cruz. donald trump and ted cruz are not going to allow outsiders, the beltway folks to come in and
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take the nomination5é away from the two of them after they've been at this for a full year. there's a real need for reality check in the party. my thinking is i think donald trump is probably going to have the nomination on the first ballot, and i think -- >> what if he doesn't, though, pat? what if he is shy of the 1237? >> well, then he'll have to get the delegates, i think -- get the dale gots to go over the top. going to be a number of weeks after the primaries and the rest of it where he has plenty of time -- >> you're right. to make deals. i want to be clear. i didn't mean to jump on you. >> no problem. >> like florida governor, who says if he is close, give him the cigar. if he has such big lead, he does, give it to him because it wailing cause war if we don't. what do you make of that? >> let me tell you. i'm sure they can all try to stop him itch don't think they y you got a lot of mice in the beltway who are trying to bell the cat.
1:17 pm
most of the folks are plotting in palm beach and georgia and d.c. come on. where is the candidate they got out there that going to stop him? one thing is the real threat, though, this talk of a third party candidate si getting someone on the ballot. that clear live a sign not to stop trump but to defeat him and elect hillary rodham clinton. the folks call that a moral position. they can say so but how moral is it going to be to have her picking supreme court nominees who are going to decide the right -- on right to life? so i think what we're missing, neil, is the opportunity here. you take the trump voters, the kashich voters, the cruz voter ands the rubio voters and put them together, with trump's issues in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, on trade, on amnesty, you have the potential to take the presidency of the united states. those -- both houses of congress and the supreme court imunderstand why people are
1:18 pm
unhappy. but what they ought to look at is the potential and the opportunity that is here -- >> you're right, you're right. all good points. but one of the flipside people get is, it's one thing to trump people if they see this taken from them. let's say trump gets the nomination. i hear from other guys they'll be mad at trump because the soul of the republican paster has#? been -- party has been taken. how can the both sides have a group hug after this? >> some of them will say this is a moral position, some neocons say they'll vote for hillary. you have to say, don't want to join us, okay, you're free to go. goodbye and good luck. but most of the party, trump has to start reaching out after he locks this up -- arizona is going to point to that -- i think he reaches out, he does not change his positions but he offers bridge for everyone to get aboard, own nose who called
1:19 pm
him names and he has the persona to do that. i believe he has the persona to do that but the other side has to walk across the bridge and look at the opportunity. everyone knows how unhappy significant slices of the party are, and people inside the beltway -- >> joining them up. do a kennedy-johnson thing. all right, lbj, i'll make you my vice-president. two sides come together. require to your point at the outset, that maybe -- >> i think no doubt -- >> -- get a cruz on your ticket. what do you think of that? >> well, i think cruz is a potential thing but i think my view would be ifher@ñ you look n this, kashich -- i know hi is ruled out but kashich offers soldity in ohio which you need, he offers some support in michigan, some in pennsylvania, some in illinois -- >> how will that go down with the cruz people? won't they say, hey, what about us? >> look, if i were donald trump, and the party would look like it was going to take it away from
1:20 pm
me and kashich was joining those who said, let's stop them on the first ballot, would pick up the phone and talk to ted cruz. trump -- what he want is to win this thing but everybody on the party -- we all disagree but what got knot going to change, republicanism is dead. about stopping trump, you can't go back to open borders, a can't to back to interventionism. can't go can go to -- >> they're not at the kumbiya stage because trump just tweeted a response to the mitt romney development supporting cruz. tell presidential candidate mitt let us down, is now endorsing lying ted cruz. this is good for me. what do you think of that? >> i don't see the seatness i've been lookingokmíz for. >> not quite there yet. trump should bear down and win this thing and once it's won,
1:21 pm
and put in the bank, then you make your move. i still -- there's no need to say those things. arch knows that phrase about cruz and what he thinks of mr. romney no need -- ought tof( go out and win arizona. >> maybe they're all not as sweet and kind and gentle as you are, patrick good, to see you, legend in conservative movements across the country. "the wall street journal" is saying, let's step back because donald trump is not the be all and end all. wait a minute. they've actually got data to prove it? i'd like to see that.
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we toll you how mitt romney has thrown his support behind ted cruz who plans to vote for him the utah caucuses,vú8rxgñ rs home state. got a quick response from trump. not too pleased, saying he was a loser and a choker, and this one saying that my mitt romney doesn't have a clue no wonder why he lost. okay. "wall street journal" op-ed now saying that donald trump might not be all he appears to be. certainly he this front-runner, no doubt but as far as the votes he has gotten going into the
1:26 pm
convention, it doesn't even match those of gerald ford back in 1976. jason riley is here to explain. let's stretch this out. donald trump has always argued and you can understand in a crowded field, not going to get the kind of overall votes that i would in a field of one or two or three people. pointing to hillary clinton. he does have a good point. so, how does this math jibe factors that in? , ithink the crowdedkok field hs helped him. that's how i would look at it. the fact of the matter he is a weaker front runner in that the more recent front runner ins -- >> how -- >> when it comes to the overall count vote, as the general pointed out he is trailing by more than a million votes of hillary clinton -- >> again, hillary clinton and just one guy. >> threat not the only metric. the number of delegates he has at this point, compared to what
1:27 pm
previous front-runner had in the election, and also the number of states he has won ask the margin of victory. >> i'll go back again to fact we have had more candidates initially and that a lot of those early delegate states were proportional. >> the other point being made is his high negatives and the fact that the republican party itself has not coalesced around him. that a large majority of republican does not support his candidacy. even if you look at the exit polls coming out of tuesday you have something like 39% of people saying they support a third party if donald trump is the nominee. a 39% ofj od
1:28 pm
they did move forward. the other side will be angry. if the side wins donald trump and his supporters won't be keen on them. but will there be any sense that you have or friends of the journal that they will still be able to coalesce? is -- has to do with donald trump and weapon you -- when you listen to his resident ridge issue his buster, i don't see that happening.
1:29 pm
>> i am taking no sides here and donald trump refused to come on the show, feels we're not fair to him, whatever,s which is fine. so i'm not here to apologize for anyone. i am saying, though, isn't the other side unfair to him sniff you're donald trump and you hear about meetings in palm beach, middle eastings in seattle, meetings in washington and wouldn't you begin to start feeling like custer, you are surrounded, there is this move afoot to topple you? he hears the former standard bearer saying anyone but trump. he hears marco rubio talk bat stop trump effort. works both ways. >> the riles are the rules and have been the rules since the civil war. plurality. it he goes to the convention and has majority of the delegates the nomination is his. if he does not have a majority, way to determine who the republican nominee will be. >> you don't agree with rick scott of florida who says if he has the most delegates, and is
1:30 pm
close, just give it to him. i was arguing your point, i don't care who you're for, there's a reason why they have >> i think they're there for a reason the party apparatus is there to try to make sure they end up with a sober, capable, nominee, and a lot republicans right now do not people donald trump has the tone or temperment to be president or be the nominee and represent their party, and that, i think -- first of all he keeps proving them right. no a day passes when he doesn't. ot us of queue don't win the nomination? i think right there -- >> talking about the -- you're quite right about that. jason. even when donald trump -- what he said about your fine paper -- >> we're in very good company. he has gone afterring me begin
1:31 pm
kelly and charles crowd krauthammer. >> i asked this question of pat buchanan, the two sides can go forward. if donald trump gets the 1,002 been 37 goal good ats -- 1,200 tell good ats and is the nominee, think i support him? >> the part of the party right now that is opposing him, going to stand down and join behind him? >> yes. >> i don't that's going to happen. wouldn't bit on it. people like mitt romney and other leaders in the partying are trying to save their party and continue to stand up for the principles that the republican party represent. >> folks say that party is dying and he saved it. >> i don't think someone who has basically been a lifetime democrat who aren'ted to all of the campaigns that ted crust
1:32 pm
what the run party -- republican paster needs but donald trump would disagree. another tweet here, americans want to see a president who will fight for them. not a butch of failed politicians fighting with each other not to stop me. i don't think they're getting along. let me introduce you to our broker. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab.
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you see that dow? is this going to be a winning issue for the democrats? is this going to help hillary clinton? all of a sudden she has;$é,f mat forces, make economic fort as the wind at her back, hmm.
1:35 pm
1:36 pm
thank you, rick reithmuth. it's almost spring and rick dumps a major snowstorm onxál mt of the east coast, the northeast, and it could be a doozie. and whatever. nice going, pal. >> almost spring means it's still winter. >> almost spring. >> but still winter. some day it is spring and we'll be dealing with winter. temperatures are fine but tonight the first piece of cold air comes in. so by tomorrow morning, here across the mid-atlantic and the northeast and great lakes, it gets cold, colder than it's been. it will feel like winter, and then we have this storm down across parts of the south and this is what is going to kind of get its act together tomorrow, and turn into kind of a classic nor'easter, and that's going to
1:37 pm
bring us some storms. so here we have the mess across the south, but then by the time we get in towards saturday afternoon, we tart to see snow falling in across the central appalachians and then sunday morning, around thej;i-95 corridor. now in typical fashion when you have a nor easter, talk about where a rain-snow line sets up, who gets rain and snow and then how far east or west makes a big difference the latele model show the snowfall totals down for everybody except for new england, and the models that we watch so closely have been that kind of doing that. so some of the heavier snowfall, eastern areas of new england and maine, certainly going to get a really pretty significant snowfall from this. some spots maybe six to 12 inches. the laid -- latest middle for new york, three inches.
1:38 pm
this is on sunday but sunday night, monday morning, a colored one so the road monday morning, going bag to work, a littl⌝ç problematic. everybody has to take it slow, and then by wednesday, we're back into the 60s. >> doesn't e don't end on a happy note. you're the best. thank you, rick reithmuth. we talked about mitt romney putting hi eggses in the ted cruz basket and got pointed exchanges -- tweets from donald trump. and the dnc as much as mitt romney would like to contend he is not responsible for the rise of trump, his own divisive rhetoric in 2012 set the stage for the current front runner in's victories and now look the rest of the g.o.p. establishment trying to run away from what he created by trying to keep the nomination away from trump. cruz doesn't have a 47% chance of becoming the nominee.
1:39 pm
i'll go out on a limb and say they don't like mitt romney. just me. i'm diving in that way. in the meantime, can you believe this childish back and forth? can you believe this? look at this. the dow, at 17,602, we had a horrible january, right through the first week and a half of& february, we were careening towards maybe a bear market. that was then. this is now. the past five weeks we have made that back. even on the year, up on the year, and one guy on the planet said this would happen. maybe two others. i don't know their names. but this guy did. charles payne. haas charles what happened? >> we got to an oversold situation, and a lot of it resolved around a -- revolved around a lack of confidence. earnings played a roll, or lack
1:40 pm
hike in december got a people spooked about the fed trying to adjust the economy, wink, wink, keep the market up. then the market&&çbgot to an oversold point. the rebound has been these old today on the new york stock change, 131 names that hit new 352-week high, only hit lows. not the high-flying names. >> you mentioned about the federal reserve and it's kind of going to keep rates low, not hiking them much, at least that's the read from the recent meeting. so weren't they kind of inducing all of this? they are but they also sparked the move to the downside. when they raise rates in december there's no reason to do it other than janet yellen to prove to wall street she was --
1:41 pm
the tail didn't wag the dog. other than that there was no real economic reason for them to do that. and maybe later on in the futuro w re w re sal she -- we'll say she was brilliant. it was a de facto rate cut. who knows how history will look at this. she has gone back into the good graces of wall street. we're up 2,000-points -- >> gone into the good graces of hillary clinton, i imagine, because a candidate in a party that controls the white house likes stocks going up rather than going down. >> they do like stocks going up rather than going don't, but remember, though, even when george bush was president, when the market does very well. democrats say that's wall street. that's not main street. and this is something i've always been upset about. they always pushed off the notion that anyone watching the show can't go out and buy a few shares of home depot. i they can. but it's always been a divide
1:42 pm
and conquer, wall street is their piñata, look how great these guys are doing. are you doing this great. >> no way. >> home depot, a place where people are very handy, right? >> that's where you guy goes i jumped at the chance to take the dna test through ancestry and my results ended up being african, european and asian. it was great because it confirmed what i knew in my gut with a little surprise. ancestry helped give me a sense of identity.
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(bike bell) (sighs) kellogg's raisin bran. and try tart and sweet kellogg's raisin bran with cranberries. let in the just tell you something. you know, what you're are -- joe arpaio is doing is;e[é- an outr. we looked at the tent city. the fact he crashed her meeting is to me very, very wrong,rl not
1:46 pm
something that he should have done. >> would you have accepted the spot of vice-president -- >> thank you very much. >> all right. that was bernie sanders walking[ out of an interview with a local arizona reporter and as concerned as he said his wife, city, popularized by sheriff joe arpaio, where he puts illegals, and she went there, that is her in the black, her back to us here, and the did get a chance to check out the place. then the sheriff went to visit her and find out what she -- if know what transpired between the two. i do know that sheriff joe is with us. we did reach out to the sanders, hope to hear from them. sheriff, what happened? >> well, i had a press conference on the volunteers -- right down the streets from the
1:47 pm
tents and i heard she was going to be there. i walked over there she was in front of the tens. i had a little conversation. seemed to be a nice lady. invited her in to talk to the inmates directly and get the feel of how we operate the tents. she agreed to come, in talked to ták and that was it. i answered all the questions, and now her husband, which is very distressful, said -- >> how was she to you, sheriff? >> how what? >> how has she to you? >> how she was what -- >> how was she with you? were you polite with each other, nice? >> of course. she was a nice lady. i answered a lot of questions. she had the wrong information. she thought they were all in there. they were convicted. that's not true. she didn't like the 120 degrees in the food and all that but that's the way i operate the tents, and then right after that, the democratic party went after me. they were angry that she did do
1:48 pm
this because i got some press out of it. her husband, the senator, said that i treat people bad and they don't have the power to fight back, and then he said if i'm elected president i will have the power. watch out. sheriff's joe. so what is that, a threat? is he going to start the investigation like 100 days investigatiop0like 100 days
1:49 pm
and also she -- actually -- >> referred to the temperature of the food or -- >> the temperature of the tents. i responded with our veterans, our people overseas fighting for our country, our begin g.i.s. so she really didn't have many complaints. i let her talk to inmates. some inmates said nice things about me, which ruined my reputation. >> now, bernie sanders has called your behavior outrageous and unconscionable. what is he talking about? >> i don't know what he's talking about. like i said, four presidential candidates in the past visited the tents itch just took her in there she was very nice. we talked about the ice cream and burlington, vermont. we talk about all the good primes i have. drugb(kk.ç prevention programs s is all politics. >> was she surprised to see you? did she expect you would be there? >> i don't know if she was
1:50 pm
surprised. she didn't act it. she was very nice and i had a little conversation, but you know me, have an open door policy, comp on in and see for yourself. i don't know what this is blown out into but i don't like what the senator is saying. looks like a veiled threat. >> he is calling the conditions inhuman. you disagree. how do you answer that? >> well, you know, he doesn't know the true story either, but, you have to understand i'm an elected sheriff help said i should resign. or i should get out of there. but once again, don't like the political part of this after the fact that i have a little threat there, and i'm not worried about threats. you know that. what is he trying to say? if he is the president he has the power, watch out, joe? a tough thing:z to say. so let him say what -- i don't worry. never going to be president anyway. so just kind of surprised me,
1:51 pm
how stupid they are. >> never know, sheriff, very good seeing you,thank you very much. we have reached out to bernie sanders and jane sanders. hopes springs eternal. we always do. a little more after this. millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪
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an update now. apparently they have a number of other guys there too who might have been behind the terrorist attacks in november. live from london with the very latest. >> hi, neil. the largest manhunt in modern european history reached conclusion after four long months. they were arrest in the three raids around the belgium capitol and this is a big deal. we're learning more details.
1:55 pm
police have identified the building he was in. when they breached the door, they shouted at him to put his arms up. when they refused, they shot him in the knee. they bundled him outside in the dramatic video you've seen and they have him alive and in custody where they will keep him for 20 hours before he is allowed to see a lawyer. nobody knew where he went after the attacks. he was held two times as he drove back to brussels and yet he was released by the police. after that, the trail went cold. we know that all along he was hiding in plain sight under the noses of the police. some thought he had gone back to syria where he fought with isis until 2014. others thought he went to morocco where his family is from. today they found him in the very district where he come from. this all began last tuesday during a routine raid by french and belgium soldiers. they entered an apartment and suddenly faced fierce gunfire. during that attack one man was
1:56 pm
killed but he escaped across the roof top. and they left behind their weapons. today many people hopefully seeing it come to a conclusion. >> thank you very much. from london. we'll be keeping on top of all the developments. and the utah caucuses next tuesday, mitt romney saying that he is the alternative. that he is the guy. other candidates are responding including john kasich. mitt is entitled to his view. i don't think anyone will have enough delegates to get to the convention. it's okay.
1:57 pm
we'll be fine. just keep doing our thing. donald trump has not been so understanding about this saying that he was a loser and lost an election that was winnable and who essentially cares? they have got to come together and just hug. good. e company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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breaking news overseas, the paris terror attack was caught in brussels. salah abdeslam was captured. the paris attack investigation goes on. also today, terror developments at home. the fbi says a teenage suspect accused of stabbing four people at the university of california last year planned the attack and may have been inspired by isis and other jihad inspired groups. so kimberly, just when people started thinking paris, s


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