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tv   Kennedy  FOX News  March 19, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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us. "the o'reilly factor" is next. i'll see you on the fox report live. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm eric bolling are this special edition of the factor, election 2016. is the never trump movement only helping hillary clinton? despite facing onslaught of attack ads by g.o.p. establishment groups, donald trump has dominated the republican field racking up delegates with one primary win after another. so, is it time for the anti-trump forces in the g.o.p. give up and rally behind the frontrunner? it clearly bothers trump that he has been laughed at and dismissed and played down for so long but in a
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way it's the biggest gift to his campaign that he wasn't taken seriously for months. if there had been organized effort starting last july to drive a stake through this campaign it could have been a lot more difficult for him. at this point after he has been incullinged and validated for so long, it's a little tough now to flip back on that. >> joining us now for reaction from miami, tim miller, former communications director for jeb bush. and a senior advisar to our principles pac, the anti-trump group. and from boston adrianna cohen a boston herald columnist. tim, the attack ads, the attacks. to attack trump, isn't hillary clinton laughing all the way to the election? >> hillary clinton is laughing and that's because she sees a prospect of facing donald trump in the general election. hillary clinton is a disaster of a candidate. she is extremely unlikeable. she sunday investigation. and, yet, if you look at the polls, donald trump's favorite thing to talk about, she is crushing him. he is the only person she
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beats. if she annihilating him that's a gift to her. >> 8 months ago jeb bush was leading donald trump in a head-to-head competition. you remember that. >> eric, has been running a campaign for the last 8 months. people have seen him on tv every night. people have rendered a judgment. american people don't like him. 20% favorable and 60% unfavorable. >> donald trump hasn't even focused on hillary clinton at all and that's what you are going to run with? by the way, let me ask you this, tim. >> it's what donald trump likes to talk, about eric. >> you are a good guy. but you are working for a pac that probably has tens of millions if not more going after a g.o.p. frontrunner. just inherently as a conservative, i don't like that. >> well, hey, eric. let me answer that really quick because al. pack supported mostly by conservatives who funded tea party candidates. the rickets family who funds this pac big supporters of ted cruz when he ran against establishment guy. this isn't about establishment. one third of the republican party in the exit polls on
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tuesday said they would go third party if donald trump ran. eric erickson, glenn beck, ken blackwell, these are great conservatives who are saying never trump because donald trump is not a conservative. he has beenyp around 70 years in his life and he has never demonstrated that is he a conservative. >> that's bologna. >> tell me how is he a conservative, adrian, i would love to hear. >> go ahead. >> that's bologna. laughable when rinos in washington don't like trump because they think he is not conservative enough. you have got to be kidding me. these people have been green lighting obama's left wing agenda for the past seven years. they funded obamacare. they funded amnesty, they funded planned parenthood despite the gruesome videos. and in the recent omnibus bill. they even funded a syrian refugee resettlement program government can't even properly vet these people. >> adrianna let me go through that list on obamacare.
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pushed through on healthcare. he says he liked socialized healthcare. on planned parenthood, donald trump has been the only republican candidate defending planned parenthood. the only one. >> no. he doesn't defend abortion. no, he doesn't defend abortion. >> he said woe should fund planned parenthood. donald trump's the only candidate who has said that is he not a conservative, adrianna. >> we can vet donald trump's stance on all these things at another time do it online go to bill o' check it out maybe something will be there. i'm not sure. tim, the establishment class, the elites, the group that you are representing. jeb bush that became romney that has now become this super pac that's going after the outsiders, originally he was going after trump and cruz. now have you decided cruz is your only alternative to trump. >> that's not true, eric. like i said, this group is funded by people who supported ted cruz in his senate run. they supported scott walker's campaign. so, no, that's not true at all. >> you have to admit donald trump because is he not a conservative. >> you have to admit you are
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representing the d.c. establishment class, are you not? >> no. i'm not representing the elite class. if anything, eric, as you know, the elite class in d.c., the mitch mcconnells the karl roves of the world they don't like ted cruz. i'm representing conservatives around the c country. >> karl rove i know,. >> terrible president. >> michigan mcconnell and karl roe i know those guys. you are saying our principles pac, which you represent now started boy katie packer who was a romney senior advisor isn't establishment? >> it is establishment. >> what i'm saying is it is not just about the establishment versus trump there is a wide swath of the republican party who people who are supporting us like ken blackwell who you can't get more conservative than him in ohio. glenn beck, eric erickson. >> i heard those guys. i lover all of them. they are good conservatives. >> give me a break. on your network charles krauthammer. steven hayes. these guys were
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conservatives. >> adrianna, if you are hillary clinton, do you put money in this super pac? >> exactly. >> hillary clinton has donald trump campaign. >> mitt romney the two-time loser melting mettle ling in this election and wet their pants because they will finally lose power and lose the nomination to donald trump, they are basically, this pac, your pac is directly helping hillary clinton. because i will tell you what's going to happen when the establishment elites like mitt romney stab taj this election at the convention. that's going to alienate a whole swath of people. what's going to happen is we are going to punch back during the general election. we are not going to show up at the polls because we are not going to be forced into electing ted cruz or another candidate that we didn't pick. and hillary is going to win. >> adrianna, hold on. i want to play a sound bite that's pretty good.
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listen. >> we have people who are elitest. who are part of the ruling class of this country or pretenders to that throne who think they are part of the ruling class, who are openly and willingly going out here and telling the american people, who have voted for donald trump, that they are stupid and that they don't know any better. i want to tell you, if that's the path they want to go down, there will be consequences for that kind of thinking. >> that was the trump national campaign co-chair. there are a hot of people who agree with what is he saying. >> it's true. >> i totally understand what sam is saying there, eric. i that i voters though ho have r. upset about what's happening in washington, d.c. have a right to be. there is a lot of terrible things happening in washington on both sides. fess, what if they think that the answer, the person who is going to fix it is donald trump. they are sorely mistaken. >> you have got to be kidding me. do you think that the establishment is going to fix it? think of the power. what have think done? what have they changed?
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all this have done isoñ funded obama's left wing agenda. >> donald trump left wing agenda, adrianna. i don't know what you are listening to. he funded these guys his whole life. eric, you were a rand paul guy. say whatever you think about rand paul, this is somebody who respected the constitution and understood what this country is about. and that's putting the rights back in the hands of the people not the government. donald trump is all about putting the rights in the power of the government. he doesn't respect the first amendment, the second amendment. >> hold on, guys, hold on. let's be clear. i'm an outsider guy. i don't like the establishment. we have -- conservatives have been promised a load -- a bill of goods and we haven't really got them. i like the outside. >> but issues matter, eric. policy matters. you can't be goofed because you are outside. >> hold on, tim, what are you going to give up -- when are the elites going to role lives we're just not that in
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to you anymore. >> i'm never going to give up against anybody who doesn't respect the constitution. eric, not going to do it. neither of these other conservative people who i have played out in the interview. donald trump will beat hillary clinton in the fall. >> what will a trump vs. hillary matchup look like? we will have the analysis up soup and sandwich and clean and real and inside jokes and school night. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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♪ [ laughter ] >> shortly after that video was released a super pac backing clinton for president put this out ♪ ♪ >> who are you consulting with consistently so that you're ready on day one? >> i'm speaking with myself, number one, because i have a very good brain and i have said a lot of things. [ laughter ] >> joining us now for reaction here in new york lisa booth, a republican strat jits and jessica jessica -- strike0nbqj strategist. >> it's hilarious, hillary
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clinton going to try to hit donald trump with a fly swatter and is he going to run her over with a bulldozer. woe saw when she tried to go on him war on women playbook and he hit back and had that ad attacking bill clinton and tieing him to anthony weiner, tieing him to bill cosby as well. and so i think she is going to have this problem where she is going to try to hit and is he going to hit back even harder. >> how personal is it going to get when -- if it's trump vs. hillary? >> it's going to be horrible. it's going to be like, you know, your brother or your sister suddenly decides to take you down. they have been friends for decades. i mean, there is no -- the opposition research on the and on trump the t5!&]h is he has a lot of skeletons in his closet. >> how far back. >> is he going to go back certainly to arkansas days. he goal after bill clinton's stuff as well. i have always said that we litigated that in the 90's. and now that she has -- she was losing with female
2:15 pm
voters but now it's back in full force for her and that's actually what's been propelling her to win in these contests. >> leave the stuff in the 90's alone? are you going to do that for trump, too? hillary should do that same thing. >> i think she will leave it if he loaves it he doesn't have a good record here. we a new poll 50% of women across the country have very unfavorable. >> if they are supposed to leave bill out of this and leave the 90's or priorities out of this what about for trump. >> eric, women aren't that hot on hillary clinton either. she has a problem with white millennials and men as well. self-avowed socialist tells us a lot. biggest problem for hillary clinton is politics is a chess game. hillary clinton is a predictable opponent and bad player. donald trump enigma. she going to have a hard time -- she lost in 2008. >> she is a horrible candidate. >> senator, secretary of state. >> >> hold on. let me answer you, lisa,
2:16 pm
what about about her deciding to bark. i know what she was saying. she was saying the republicans are -- they are making a lot of noise barking like a dog. didn't her campaign know that that ad they were going to cut that and use it for political ads? >> i feel like hillary clinton tries so hard. show tries to be cool, she tries to fit in and makes herself relatable. implanted i mean this isn't like what happens behind closed doors and she had a flip camera. she parked in public. you don't think that's going to get out there and embarrassing? that's humiliating. she barked in public. she is not a dog. >> jess, she -- >> -- i'm not going to back her on the barking. that was a mistake. that&!2 doesn't make her any less qualified to be president of the united states. >> what about donald trump's comments saying when i want to consult someone i will consult myself first i have a good brain. >> he has set a lot of things. and majority of them i disagree with whole partiedly. i think that sums it up that
2:17 pm
donald trump is not prepared to have a cabinet. he doesn't know who the advisors are he does everything on the fly. >> well you can also look at hillary clinton, the fact that she did nerve as secretary of state. look at all the failures she has under her pelt. look at failed russian. she has nothing to hang our hat on as a united states senator. this woman has been a politician for as long as woe been alive. >> what about consult myself. he doesn't have the foreign policy experience who is are÷ going to sur rund himself. do you want to so he some names and thens? , i do think that donald trump needs to be better about laying out who those people would be. send a message he is serious and has serious people around him. >> what sort of people are going to back. >> he has actually ran things. what has hillary clinton done? she was. >> is this a joke? >> no, it's not a joke. >> i feel we are in alternate universe here. >> i fell like it's deja vu
2:18 pm
again. >> welcome back, it's bigger and better than ever this time. >> isn't hillary clinton just going to go away. >> no. she is going to be your president and you are going like it. >> what's your issue with a businessman coming in and trying to shape us. >> i don't have an issue with that. greg or monday, a businessman. measures#÷ want outsiders. that exists on both sides of the aisle here. >> let me play devil's advocate here with this. if is he a businessman the last 40 or 50 years he doesn't have the opportunity to rub elbows with foreign policy people. >> if he was close to do the clintons which you know that he was. he they were at his wedding. he has been introduce to do at love people. president obama hasn't taken the time -- >> -- is this the time to be doing that or after he is actually named the candidate, the nominee. >> that's my original point. this is what hillary hillary clinton's biggest problems is. she maybe?
2:19 pm
for so long an she credit. run aways against a 74-year-old self-ai haved president. he would be the oldest president we have ever seen? very good debate: next on the rundown, donald trump in the sit down. republican frontrunner directly ahead. stay tuned.
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in the factor flashback segment tonight, donald trump sat down for one op. one with bill o'reilly on wednesday. here is what he had to say. >> you got to be looking out now, i would assume your campaign is, to the fact that you may very well get the nomination and, if you do, you are going to need 65 million votes to defeat hillary clinton. somewhere in that ball park.
2:23 pm
so, perceptions are being formed now. many have already formed their opinion on you. would it be wise for you to kind much come back from the confrontational style and be more statesman like? >> well, i think it would be and i think i will be. i do want to finish this off. i'm dealing with two smart tough guys and i want to mike sure i end up winning. i would like to get to the finish line. i'm pretty good getting to finish lines so i want to make@ú sure. it certainly would be and i think that's what you are going to see. >> that's why i asked the question. so we are not going to hear lying ted anymore? that's not going to be what you and cruz and not going to be lying ted anymore? >> well, i can't say that. i mean, i think i will save to maybe until after i'm finished with this. i like it tell the truth. >> rubio, say nice things about him. >> we will see what happens. >> i don't know if lying ted is a good -- look, you are in a position where you are
2:24 pm
being attacked by move-on and these other very he well organized radical left groups. you know+- it, security knows it, secret service knows it that's going to continue. do you have a plan on how you're going to handle that? >> well, it is going to continue because the last person they want to face, the democrats want to face is me. and the last person hillary clinton wants to face is me. and i mean i know that for a fact and people like to report it different ways. they want to have me out. they want to have somebody else to run against hillary, assuming she gets to the starting gate, which is a big question. are these emails going to allow her to get to the starting point. >> i could come in but she is going to win the vote. you get in trouble when you react, all right, so the proactive forces are coming at you. then you react. you have said system very questionable things lick maybe we punch them in the face or something like that.
2:25 pm
what i'm trying to get at is -- >> -- i didn't say that bill. i didn't say that. >> something along those lines. >> we have a very rough dude and a massive 25,000 seat auditorium. every seat was packed. this guy was very physical with a lot of people. i was seeing it. and all i did was make the statement i wouldn't mind doing it but you have to understand where it all comes from. >> and i do. but is restraint now required on your part because, again, you are going to be provoked. is restraint required? >> i think so. and i think i have been restrained, bill. we have had very little problem. i have had the biggest, as you know better than anybody, i have had the most people by far, not even close. we have 20,000, 25,000 people routinely and, you know, we have one person stand up, and it's usually somebody that's sent in by i don't know who sends them in. but we have very little problem. then in chicago we could have had a problem and i made a decision and got credit for that decision to cancel because there thatu,
2:26 pm
was really -- that was very confrontational. >> black lives matter, move-on. all of these people trying to brand you as some nazi and the press will go along with it enabling them to do their deal. but, they are baiting you. donald trump now is not speaking as the art of the deal guy or the apprentice guy. you are not speaking anymore on that level. now you are speaking for the united states. you may be president. so your rhetoric means so much more than it used to mean you are in a different place, a place you haven't been in. i'm wondering how much you have thought about all of that. >> i have thought about it. at the same time we want to be effective. we have to be effective people at what we do and what we are doing. i certainly have thought about it. i think it's a very terrible thing going on though, bill. people will have a rally or they will have, you know whether it's 2,000 or 500 people and people are
2:27 pm
september in to those places. i must say it happens with me more because i'm the frontrunner and they want to make me a little bit more than they would somebody else. >> they want to provoke you. >> they do. yeah, they do. >> nobody is going to provoke john kasich. ted cruz, yeah, they don't like him but it's not -- they want to bait you into doing something. and then the press -- >> --well, they don't think that kasich or cruz is going to win, so they don't really care. >> no, no, no, no. i disagree with you. it's personal against you. they don't care about kasich and cruz>n they don't like you because you sand for border, deportations of immigrants, stopping muslims temporarily from coming here. all of these things your opposition feels are human rights violations. they don't like you. that's why they are doing it. >> well, and i'm the frontrunner and i think they probably feel in the other cases they may be wasting their time in all
2:28 pm
fairness. we will see what happens. >> all right. >> i'm not going to be provoked. at the same time, you have to take tough action when this happens. you can't let them get away with it. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. should illegal immigrants be able to get obamacare? chilly shea clinton seems to think so. is this one more sign that the democratic party is more liberal than it's ever been? we hope you stay i take pictures of sunrises. it's my job and it's also my passion.
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be in the unresolved problem segment tonight,ible in the democratic party have advocated for government handouts for illegal immigrants. but chelsea clinton seems to take it one step further. >> is she planning on expanding obamacare as people know aca to include people that are not fully documented because when you get i will, your illness will not ask you if you are a refugee or not. >> she thinks it's so important to extend the affordable care act to people who are living and working here, regardless of immigration status. regardless of citizenship status displm obamacare for illegals now? wow. joining us from washington is david good friend.s a democratic strategist and former advisor to president bill clinton. david, do you think it's a good idea for clinton to campaign for obamacare for illegals? >> well, eric, i think the one thing that you and i can probably agree on, there is not much, but you and i can agree on this. taxpayer money should be
2:33 pm
safe. when hillary clinton talks about obamacare talking about the ability for undocumented people to buy in purchasing insurance. that saves taxpayer money in two ways. one is actually getting them on the exchanges with their own money. the second is really important. people who are uninsured show up in emergency rooms where things cost 10 times as much. and we all pay for that because the emergency radio is required by law. >> are you going to try to tell me right here a guy who spends his life knee deep in numbers and money that you think we'll save money by offering illegal immigrants in this country obamacare? >> not only will i say it, i'm going to point you to two websites. american, and website -- >> --two liberal websites. >> two liberal websites. you can look at the numbers and make your own decision you are knee deep in numbers. i will tell you. >> if you give 12 million people obamacare, it's going to cost a boat load of
2:34 pm
money. >> if you allow them to buy in with their own money and they show up at an emergency room ensured with their own insurance, my friend, that saves the taxpayers money. >> 12 million are going to go and buy obamacare. how many do you think are going to pay for themselves when you know very well probably hit the threshold for getting it for free? >> you are talking about the government subsidies. i'm not talking about that. >> all of it government subsidies. >> that's very important thing to talk about. >> medicaid. government subsidies and medicaid i am not talking about. i'm talking about the ability to buy. in that's what hillary clinton, i believe, means when she says. >> that's not what she said. she said illegals. doesn't matter what your status is you will be able to participate in obama care. >> imagine this. i want you to imagine this. a guy who is undocumented working on construction site falls and gets hurt, right? ambulance comes. >> right. >> ambulance is going to take him to the emergency room. that's the law. the emergency room is going to tweet -- treat him, that's the law. they are not going to ask whether is he legal or not. >> who pays for it.
2:35 pm
>> we too. we finance the hospital. i get all of that. >> >> unless you have insurance. >> and it is -- one in 1,000 incidents. you are talking abou for every illegal to have health insurance. >> no, i'm not. no, i'm talking about every undocumented worker having the right to buy it on an exchange. >> you are splitting a hair here that i don't think hillary clinton and through chelsea was saying. so, let me ask you this. free healthcare now. free food stamps. what about welfare? i don't have enough money to pay for my house are we going to subsidize that as well? where are we stopping, david? >> what about taxes? are we going to collect taxes from people who work here and are undocumented? i think we should. i think we should have them pay in just like everybody else. >> this is massive loss to the measure taxpayer. >> wait a minute. >> you realize that. have from l these precincts and say by the way we hope you pay your taxes. we are going to get smoked on that deal. >> listen to me. i actually have this for you. if you look at why people come to this country, they
2:36 pm
come here to work. >> all right. >> when they pay their taxes, we come out ahead. >> worry going to provide them with obamacare, with welfare with food stamps, with help for the house, help for heating their house. >> you're saying that. i'm not saying that. >> what's going to happen when the rest of mexico or canada or any other imgrant realizes you just going to get thrawnd are going to get everything for free. >> i thought we were talking about buying into health exchange for w. your own money. you are adding all these other things. let them pay into a health exchange with their own money and tax them. that happens whenm% they become processed above the fold. >> imillegal, baby, what do i want to do pay taxes and pay for health insurance or do nothing? >> if you come into the exchange, you are going to expose yourself to whether or not you are going to so you pay taxes. >> option to pay your health insurance instead of going to the emergency room for free and pay taxes instead of not paying taxes, let me tell you something the revenue side of this equation is going to be near zero and expense side astro
2:37 pm
no, ma'am nickel. >> eric, that's where the pathway to citizenship comes. in that's why you ought to be supporting pathway to citizenship. we want those people buying houses and cars. >> do you know what the pathway is though? the pathway is this. go out, get in line, and come back in legally like everyone else has to doonches it's a failed system and we have to fix it. marco rubio was even before it before he flip flopped and against it. >> that's what cost him. thank you very much. bad debate. directly ahead is the democratic party in 2016 the most liberal than it's ever been? we have a report up next. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa!
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just a few more ways the good hands are doing more than ever before. see what the personal service of an allstate agent can do for you. call 877-644-3100. thanks for staying with us on this special edition of the factor election 2016. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. the uberaa left senator elizabeth warren has long been a fierce wall street critic. listen to her wishy washy answer to a question about hillary clinton's ties to goldman sachs. >> do you believe that senator clinton should release the transcripts of her speeches to goldman sachs? >> look, i think that our candidates are out doing
2:42 pm
what they should do in a primary. they are debating the issues. >> you are not answering my question, senator. >> what i'm doing is telling you what i think should be going on right now in this election. >> it's just a yes or no question. it's a yes or no question. should she release the transcripts or not. >> what i told you is i think the primaries are doing what they exactly should be doing and the candidates are being tested. >> now, some are saying that's the sound of warren positioning herself to be hillary's potentially v.p. pick. is the democratic party gone so far left that it's willing to nominate a massachusetts leftist for the number two spot? joining us now to discuss from chicago tom bevin a reporter for real clear politics and washington, d.c. a political reporter for "u.s.a. today." now, tom, is the democratic party more liberal now than ever? >> i think objectively it is. i mean, barack obama has probably been one of the more liberal presidents. if you look at hillary clinton, for example, you know, the 40% of people that
2:43 pm
are supporting bernie sanders don't think obama went far enough. and clinton has reversed her husband's position on trade, on abortion, on law enforcement, on, you know, gay marriage. the list goes on and on. i think unquestionably the democratic party has shifted to the left in the last 10, 20 years. >> heidi, elizabeth warren has been rough on hillary clinton. some of her policies most notably the big one in 2001 when hillary clinton voted in favor of reforming bankruptcy laws. that was perceived as being very pro-wall street and anti-average joe. now she is pushing back and saying i'm not really sure whether hillary clinton is tough or not on wall street. why the sudden change in elizabeth warren? >> well, actually, in the context of this election, it's completely consistent with elizabeth warren keeping hillary clinton at arm's length. that's because she is in a completely conflicted position. if you think about it, she is one of the only democratic women that isn't p;t!qsing hillary clinton.
2:44 pm
queen of the elizabeth warren, anti-wall street wing of the party. it's a movement now. and bernie is the king of that wing. >> heidi, this would be a great opportunity, if elizabeth warren is so, you know, worried about wall street, which she is. i will give her that this would be a great opportunity to push hillary clinton to release those transcripts with what she said to goldman sachs at those speeches. a lot of people want to hear it, and i don't know if she is going to be the anti-wall street advocate, elizabeth warren. this would be a good chance for her to do it. >> are you suggesting there is politics going on in washington? because, you know, you brought up the prospect of v.p. at the top of the spot. and that's not alleu too unreasonable and i know that there is actually some people who within the hillary clinton camp are even pushing for it. at the time that they thought that they were going to have a huge bernie sanders problem in terms of mobilizing people who on the bernie sanders wing of the party. but i think that's less likely now about, you know, a month later where it looks
2:45 pm
like hillary clinton is close to closing in on the nomination. she may still have a big problem mobilizing that wing of the party. look, elizabeth warren, her, you know, endorsement of hillary clinton may be much more valuable as well down the road, depending on how things go with trump. they are hitting on a the love these same issues that could be liabilities for her. >> no doubt. tom, the thing that elizabeth warren brings to the table for hillary clinton is. it allows hillary if she does, this it allows hillary's attack back to the center. bernie sanders draw her left, far left, and if she picks up elizabeth warren as a running mate, she can say elizabeth you stakeout that far left base over there that we need. i need the money from wall street, tom. >> yeah, look, elizabeth warren, one of the reasons she may not have taken the opportunity on national television to rip into hillary clinton is pause she recognizes that hillary is basically barring some catastrophic event, that she is wrapping this thing up and it's time to start
2:46 pm
circling the wagons. hillary -- plet war ren as vice president it would absolutely i think energize the bernie sanders supporters. that's something that she needs, observed, i'm not sure exactly if -- she is still the darling of the party. if elizabeth warren had wanted to she could have run for president and we would have seen her sitting here talking about picking hillary clinton as the running mate. hillary clinton has the woman thing going. >> she has that far left base. heidi, how about this? look at the distinction between the right and left going on now. you have hooking up with hillary clinton who wants to be a centrist. on the g.o.p. side we have two factions. outsiders and insiders beating themselves>q senseless. elizabeth warren won't ask for one simple thing that she has represented for the last seven or eight years. >> i mean, it is really striking if you just look at it in terms of what her platform has been all along. she staked her entire career
2:47 pm
on, you know, going after the banks.,z and wall street. and, in fact, if you look at her 2003 books, she specifically names hillary clinton and dings her over changing her position on that bankruptcy bill and even suggests that it may be because of those campaign contributions. so, you know, those two women, i don't think have the coziest relationship. but i'm not surprised that she is pulling her punches, because at the end of the day, she a democrat, hillary clinton is closing in on this nomination. and how much do they really want to bloody hillary clinton know that she is going to be the nominee and bernie sanders is doing a perfectly good enough job of that on his own. >> tom, i have got 20 seconds. what do you got? >> hock, i think same thing. i mean, bernie sanders is not going away. he has pulled her to the left. like the chihuahua that's got ahold of her pants leg. annoyance. not a threat anymore. drag him along to the convention. >> i have got to go, guys. i'm sorry. hard break coming up.
2:48 pm
is it morally wrong to support donald trump? one "new york times" writer thinks. so we will show you his debate with bill up next. when heartburn hits fight back fast
2:49 pm
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in the back of the book segment tonight, recently there was a very tough column in "the new york times" written by timny egan. the column basically said folks supporting donald trump are morally wrong for doing so. he's the author of the new book "the immortal irishman" and bill recently spoke with him. >> so a column you wrote recently caught my eye. you're basically blaming the trump phenomena on the folks. "hatred of immigrants, racial
2:52 pm
superiority, a disregard for the civility that binds a society." hatred of immigrants or illegal immigrants? >> there's a survey that showed 35% of americans think that immigration is not a good thing, which is astonishing. we're a nation of immigrants. to have that percentage of people say that immigration is not a good thing tells me there's something else at work here. >> i think you boiled it down wrong. i'm for strict enforcement of immigration laws and the wall. i'm for that, because i believe that the situation has been allowed to get out of control. i wouldn't consider myself, as you said, having a hatred of immigrants. i hire tons of immigrants. >> my point is, people know what he's getting at. my larger point is, when you have these hate groups, these neonazis, coming out strongly
2:53 pm
and saying it's a violation of your heritage not to vote for trump. >> i don't believe a political candidate can be held responsible for those who are supporting him or her. and while the far right anti-immigrant nativist people like the strict enforcement that trump calls for. so do some moderate people. they don't want anarchy in the immigration zone. and i don't think you can attack a guy like trump or a guy like bernie sanders, because some of his supporters are loons. >> you shouldn't generalize and say all trump supporters are like this, but there's some forces that he has unleashed -- >> but i don't know -- >> i'm talking about the people who are anti-immigrant and anti-mexican and anti-black and strongly against -- they have been in sort of hiding.
2:54 pm
>> he hasn't unleashed them, they've unleashed themselves because they see someone that they believe in their mind is sympathetic to part of their world view, as erroneous as it is. i don't believe that for a second. but i don't hold any political candidate, including trump, responsible. i want to get to the racial superiority. i've known this guy for years. he doesn't walk around thinking i'm white and i'm better. it just doesn't happen. he hires thousands of people of all races, colors, and creeds. racial superiority? >> bill, ask why would storm front support him? >> because they hear what they want to hear. they hear "wall." oh, we want a wall. >> they say this is the first time they've ever endorsed a candidate. >> nobody has come at illegal immigration as hard as donald trump ever, ever. >> i like to time travel as a
2:55 pm
writer of the future. i have seen this in our history, you have, as well. this is one of those episodes where it's back. >> when i first noticed your book, i thought it was about me. thomas francis mar was a fascinating character, civil war hero who came from island, as we discussed in the trump segment. why did you write about him? >> because through one man's life, and he died at the age of 43. you see the entire ark of the history. banishment to the island of tasmania. america. and then the civil war. lincoln names him the general of the irish brigade.
2:56 pm
only two brigades took higher battles in the war. they were there at bull run. and finally in the american west where he goes to become the territorial governor of montana. so i love the story of one man's life holding all those episodes of irish history. >> tim, thank you. we appreciate you coming in. >> pleasure, bill. tickets are going fast to the who wants to be president show starring dennis miller and bill o'reilly. that's june 18th at mohegan sun in connecticut. then they'll be in o are selling quickly in october. in atlanta, almost 60% sold out already. and then in biloxi, mississippi as well. details on we'll link you over to the box
2:57 pm
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if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. before we go tonight, the 2016 campaign has been like no other, giving plenty of materials for comedians. here's the democrats getting the late night treatment. >> 112-year-old male was named the oldest living man. when asked how he was going to celebrate, he said by beating hillary clinton in the elections. >> a 74-year-old jewish man can't win in florida, that's tough. >> tv news here, hillary clinton is going to appear in this week's episode of "broad city." meanwhile, bernie sanders will actually be appraised on "antiques road show." >> that's it for us tonight.
3:00 pm
thanks for watching. bill will be back on monday. please remember, the spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. it's been a wild saturday on the campaign trail with rallies and demonstrations from coast to coast. hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. welcome to a brands new hour of america's election news headquarters. >> ike arthel. topping the news, from the streets of new york city to the deserts of arizona, angry protesters blocked traffic and carried sign. what were they protesting? donald trump plus this. >> see this dramatic video of the capture of the terror suspect. we're learning more about him and what he is telling authorities. what essaying to the prosecutors straight ahead. and did


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