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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 19, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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thanks for watching. bill will be back on monday. please remember, the spin stops here, because we're looking out for you. it's been a wild saturday on the campaign trail with rallies and demonstrations from coast to coast. hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. welcome to a brands new hour of america's election news headquarters. >> ike arthel. topping the news, from the streets of new york city to the deserts of arizona, angry protesters blocked traffic and carried sign. what were they protesting? donald trump plus this. >> see this dramatic video of the capture of the terror suspect. we're learning more about him and what he is telling authorities. what essaying to the prosecutors straight ahead. and did you put your snow
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shovel away already? get it back out. winter is refusing to give up, planning one last blast on the first day of spring. quite day in the republican primary race, from right now we've been waiting for events to get underway. we'll take you there live when they do. donald trump just moments away from taking that podium at the stage in tucson, arizona, where he has been campaigning all day. and governor john kasich he's set to hold a town hal in utah, in the southern part of that state. another critical rounds of contests come on tuesday. it will be interesting to see what happens at the trump rally after what happened earlier today. you're looking at folks protesting at the trump rally in arizona. they were doing everything in their power to try and even stop him from showing up there and speaking. they actually blocked the road,
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the only way in and out of that rally that was held in fountain valley, arizona. meanwhile, thousands of miles away, take a look at this. new york city, angry protesters in the streets in midtown, manhattan, they marched electric central park to trump tower. that is the sky scraper where mr. trump works and lives. first, let's go back out west where peter doocy is live in utah where senator ted cruz wrapped up an event there. hi, peter. >> reporter: with those trump protesters, you just saw some video, it's what we're seeing here on the west coast. they have no interest anymore, most of them. the state organized groups in letting trump speak. they want to completely shut down his events. they do not want him to speak in their city in their state. in arizona earlier today, there were some protesters that completely blocked all traffic on the main roads in and out of the event that made it a nuisance for some, but it can be
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dangerous if there is an emergency situation and first responders need to get through. arizona is a state that protesters are taking a big issue with the businessman stance on immigration, but that's a state where his supporters are most motivated by his position on immigration. today trump's speech earlier was 25 minutes long. that is a lot shorter than normal for him. so his focus was running quickly through his main points and jabbing at the competition he has left in this race on the republican side, john kasich and especially ted cruz. >> you know, lying ted, we call him lying ted, lying ted. so lying ted comes up with a bible, hi, and he's going with the bible. he puts it down and he starts lying. and you know what? the evangelicals don't like liars. >> reporter: the one thing cruz voters in utah have been telling me is that they're motivated by
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denying donald trump the nomination. on top of the talk about the constitution at this cruz event and sending dc a message, a big theme from cruz himself is just stopping trump. cruz got mitt romney's vote. not his endorsement. i asked cruz earlier if he thinks romney's support is really going to matter because state to state, romme is just back whoever thinks he -- he thinks has the best chance to beat donald trump in that state. no matter who it is. we saw him give his support to kasich and rubio last week. listen to what cruz said a few hours ago. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the next president, the only way to beat him is to stand united behind our campaign. >> reporter: john kasich is crisscrossing utah yesterday and today as the town hall that's going to get underway any minute trying to see if he got any kind of momentum from that first victory of his in the big state of ohio by tuesday. back to you.
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>> all right. when the governor begins to speak, we'll bring that to you. thank you. arthel? >> on the democratic side now, three states are on the line in the race for the nomination on tuesday, including arizona. senator bernie sanders is spending time there today. he's trying to gain some ground after hillary clinton's clean sweep in the last nominating contest. kristen fisher is live from our dc bureau with the latest. hi, kristen. >> reporter: hi. bernie sanders is suffering from a severe delegate deficit. hillary clinton has nearly two times as many delegates. sanders is showing no signs of slowing down. today he held two events in arizona, one in phoenix, the other right by the border. when asked about his losses last tuesday, he said, i'm most disappointed by the loss in ohio. but he believes that he can still win in states like arizona, new york, pennsylvania, and california. yet today sanders again saved his sharpest attacks for donald trump. >> i would hope that all of us
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are rightly appalled by the divisive, bigoted and zenophobic comments of people like donald trump. attacks against people in a very personal way is not what this country is supposed to be about. >> reporter: sanders still says he's zero intentions of dropping out before the convention. behind the scenes, president obama may be ready to get behind his former secretary of state. the "new york times" is reporting that last week the president told a group of donors privately that it's time for democrats to coalesce around clinton. the white house denies the report. clinton won all five states in last tuesday's primaries and now she's taken the weekend off. tomorrow bill clinton will be in arizona. chelsea will be in los angeles. but hillary clinton won't be back on the campaign trail until monday. this is yet one more sign of just how confident the clinton campaign is, that their candidate now has a lock on the democratic nomination. arthel? >> kristen fisher, thanks a lot.
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i want to remind everybody that fox news is america's election headquarters. we've got a big week ahead. this monday senator ted cruz and governor john kasich will be on "special report" with bret baier starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. later that night, don't miss donald trump on hannity. that starts at 10 p.m and don't forget about our special election coverage tuesday. voters in arizona, utah and idaho heading to the polls. bret baier, bill hemmer and martha mccallum leading all the action beginning at 6:00 p.m. here on the fox news channel. the suspect in paris attack facing questions. the french national who grew up in brussels was caught there after a dramatic shootout yesterday. finally after four months of being on the lam. france plans to request a fast track extradition of that terror suspect. we're also learning he apparently was planning to blow himself up as a suicide bomber
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at the paris stadium during the attacks, but backed out at the last minute, leaving his suicide belt behind on the street. benjamin hall has more on this from london. >> reporter: today the suspect was formally charged with participation in a terrorist murder and admitted to belgium investigators that he wanted to blow himself up where his brother died. but that he changed his mind. this follows a day of dramatic scenes in which he and four others were captured in three different raids in the brussels district. two others have been charged with hiding criminals and one with participation in a terrorist murder. dramatic footage showed the moment he was taken from the apartment and bundled into a car. france has said they will request extradition as soon as possible. but his lawyer has announced they will fight it. he arrived in prison, around 50 miles from brussels where there are special isolation cells for terrorists. it's unclear how long until he's sent back to france. last night forensic teams scoured the raided apartment and
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will now be searching for any accomplices hoping that he may give them information that might lead to jihadis or other terror cells. he was a logistics guy who planned much of the operation and he's now told belgium investigators that during the summer he traveled around europe to pick up other attackers and that he bought hydrogen peroxide to make the vests. we know the police were tipped off after he called a friend for help. that friend called the police and passed on the cell number he was using. catching him alive will be an intelligent gold mine and interpol told border patrol to watch out for accomplices who may seek to flee. >> benjamin, thank you. as authorities in europe are still warning of even more attacks, coming up, we'll talk to a former advisor to four u.s. ambassadors to the united nations about that threat later on in our newscast. arthel? we have a fox news alert. two americans are among the five
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people killed in a suicide bombing in istanbul, turkey, earlier today. dozens of people were also hurt. it happened in a busy shopping area located near cafes and restaurants popular with tourists. u.s. officials condemning the act of terrorism. there are no immediate claims of responsibility. however, local media reports is saying the bomber may have been affiliated with isis. a tragic day to tell you about for our armed forces in iraq. a u.s. marine is dead. several others injured after an isis rocket attack hit the northern part of that country. this happened in the iraqi base, south of the isis-controlled city of mosul. the u.s.-led coalition in iraq with attacks on that base have increased as it built up its forces there. advisors helping the iraqi forces fight isis all in an attempt to eventually recapture mosul from the radical islamic terrorist group. this is the second american
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serviceman who has died fighting isis since combat operations against the group began in august of 2014. former c.i.a. director david petraeus spending his saturday on capitol hill testifying before the house benghazi committee. petraeus was expected to take questions from somewhere between three and four hours to tie up loose ends from testimony he gave back in january. petraeus was director of the c.i.a. during the 2012 terrorist attacks in benghazi that left four americans dead, including the u.s. ambassador to libya. recovery efforts are underway at the russian air field where a dubai airliner crashed, killing all 62 people on board. officials say the boeing 737 passenger jet, as you can see in the surveillance footage, was flying from dubai to a southern russian city, making a second attempt where you can see so chilling in there. it just crashed as it was approaching the airport. there were 55 passengers and seven crew members aboard the
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fly dubai airliner. crews are searching through snow and debris. officials say both flight recorders have been recovered at the crash site. so far there is no official cause of this crash. authorities say bad weather and played a part. tomorrow is the first day of spring, but somebody forgot to tell winter that. the east coast is about to get hit by a major snow storm. janis dean live in the fox extreme weather center. you're covering your face 'cause i'm saying ooh, what's up with that? >> oh, my gosh. the good news is a couple of days ago we were talking about the potential of maybe a foot of snow. oh, no! well, the good news is we're not talking about a foot of snow. we could see several inches of snow across new england. we're going to be watching it. the cold front associated with this system is bringing the
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potential for severe weather over south and coastal florida. we have the remnants of a watch, which is about to expire. but we don't have any warnings in place, which is good news. now upwards we go towards the mid-atlantic where we have a coastal storm, a nor'easter that's going to form tomorrow afternoon and ride up the coast. but again, the good news is we're not thinking blockbuster storm. it's just going to be messy. we are going to see snow in a lot of the big cities. you can see that's where the cold air is centered. the warmer, relatively warmer air here. so that's the cutoff line where we'll see the potential for rain mix, around new york city. then new england, you could see a few inches more than the big city. so we'll watch this. this wintery mess that starts tomorrow afternoon, watching it very carefully. we're going to get the snow mixture overnight on sunday into monday. then we're going to see the potential for several inches of snow here, depending on where the low tracks.
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that is the key, arthel. we think right now not a huge, huge snow maker. still quite annoying if we get an inch or two here along the coast and then boston, you could get upwards of four inches and then portland as well. and maine, that's where we could see six inches plus. but first day of spring, just a little tease of snow and then it will be all over. i promise. i think. >> oh, you see? it's a promise with crossed fingers. >> you know what? it's not unheard of to see snow in april. okay? but i'll see what i can do, my friend. >> we love you anyway. thank you. >> right back at you. >> the u.s. economy has been holding pretty steady for the past few months. but now some new polls show we're getting a bit concerned about our spending. are you? some folks are pinching their pennies. why are some of us more pessimistic? coming up, we'll talk to a financial expert about this. plus, as we are waiting a
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john kasich event to start. >> people are standing by. there is proving to be a crowd in the republican race for president. why the ohio governor and senator ted cruz are each telling each other to drop out. >> at this point kasich's role is essentially as a spoiler, a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. with heart failure, danger is always on the rise.
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john kasich and ted cruz stepping on each other's toes in utah today. kasich set to hold the town hall in saint george. we're looking live there when -- we may dip into it. meanwhile, cruz also holding a rally earlier in provo. that's in utah. saying the republican race may not be big enough for both of them. >> what i think is undoubtedly clear is that john kasich cannot win the nomination. that it is mathematically impossible for him to win the nomination, that a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. i don't know if donald trump is campaigning tore donald trump's vice president. >> there you have it, the kasich campaign making the same
3:20 pm
argument against cruz. campaign strategist tweeting cruz is a spoiler, a vote for either cruz or trump is a vote for hillary. here to join me is colleen mccain. colleen, before we start, i want to let you know we may dip into governor kasich's rally there in saint george, utah. if so, we'll interrupt you and take a listen. meanwhile, let's talk about this. what are the odds that governor kasich will become the republican nominee? >> under normal circumstances, the odds would pretty much be zero. john kasich would not have a path to the nomination at this point. he's won only one contest. he has 143 delegates. even if he won every single delegate that is still left on the table, it still wouldn't be enough for him to secure the nomination. but in this campaign season, we've seen that it's been filled with surprises. this is not a normal set of circumstances. so you have john kasich
3:21 pm
campaigning, saying he's hoping to get to a contested convention. he's not saying i can win the nomination outright. he's saying i can hold out and wait 'til july and get to a convention and then hope a lot of things go my way and even if he gets to cleveland, even if he gets to the convention, other still needs to have a lot of things fall his way because the republicans have a rule that to be on the ballot at the convention, you need to win the majority of delegates from at least eight contests. at this point, kasich doesn't have a clear path to do that. he's only won one contest. so he's really hoping that a lot of things will fall his way over the next few months and that he can just kind of hang on and see what happens in a year full of surprise. >> like you said, if he does hang on, he still may not make the ballot. but of course, this is, as you said, this race is full of surprises. we'll see what happens. anything could happen. what are the odds of senator cruz becoming the republican nominee? >> well, again, under normal circumstances, they would not be great. donald trump has a commanding
3:22 pm
lead in the delegate count. he's ahead by more than 250 delegates. ted cruz has 400 some delegates. he would need to win nearly 90% of the delegates that remain to win the nomination outright. so ted cruz is campaigning at this point, saying that he has a plausible path to the nomination, but in reality, it's a very narrow and rocky path to win the nomination outright. but cruz has the best chance of presenting a continuing challenge to donald trump. he will probably continue to win a number of states. and so in a lot of ways, cruz may be hoping to just kind of stay close with donald trump. it will be very tough for him to overtake him. but if he can go into the convention in a strong second place and kind of make the argument to the republicans that they don't want donald trump to be their standard bearer, cruz can say, i'm your best alternative. i ran a close second. >> donald trump definitely is in it to win it. in fact, he's in arizona right now. we're looking live at the
3:23 pm
convention center. he's been joined by governor jan brewer, and fountain valley, arizona, sheriff arpaio is there, and donald trump is there before a large crowd right now at the tucson convention center. you can see they're quite excited as they usually are at his rallies. so we'll see what happens there. if he says something, we'll dip in. back to you, colleen. you have cruz and kasich calling the other the spoiler. so if one is a spoiler, which one is it? >> well, i guess it depends what happens next. at this point kasich certainly has more potential to be the spoiler just because he's running such a distant third. but it's complicated by looking at what happened this past week. john kasich won in ohio, an important state. ted cruz did not notch a win in the last round of contests. he fought to a virtual tie in missouri. but he didn't win any contests. and so cruz certainly has a stronger argument to make that
3:24 pm
he is the best person to present a challenge to donald trump. but he's hindered also by the fact that the republican establishment is not exactly rallying to ted cruz' cause. you've seen ted cruz get a few nominations in the last several days. but it's not as if top republicans are saying okay. if we don't want donald trump, ted cruz is our guy. it was notable that within the last couple of days, mitt romney came out and he said that he will be casting his vote for ted cruz in the utah caucuses. but he stopped short of endorsing ted cruz. he said, i want to do this because i want an open convention. but he didn't say he wanted ted cruz to be the nominee. >> that was very clear to everyone watching. quick question, quick answer if you can, will there be a brokered convention? >> at this point, that's a distinct possibility. donald trump still has a chance to get to 1237, the magic number of delegates. with every passing contest, it looks more and more likely we could see a contested convention. >> colleen mccain nelson, good
3:25 pm
to talk to you. we'll talk to you again as this debate goes on. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. eric? >> the top suspect in the paris attacks are finally arrested after four months on the lam. why his capture is being called an intelligence gold mine in the fight against radical islamic terrorism. >> i can tell you that he's collaborating with the justice and that refused extradition to france a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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3:30 pm
center in saint george, utah. this gentleman is warming up the crowd. governor kasich should be taking the stage at any minute now. >> fears of terrorism continue. that as two americans today have been killed in a terrorist attack in istanbul, turkey. that bombing in a busy shopping street claimed the lives of a total of five people and comes as that key suspect in last year's terrorist attacks in paris, he has finally been captured. a 26-year-old man was finally arrested in the in belgium yesterday. what does this capture mean for the fight against isis and terrorism world wide? what can investigators find out as they try to stop another tack? rick grunell is our guest. this comes as we had another terrorist attack. this time hitting istanbul. what's so astounding about absalom is he was hidden for four months by the communities in belgium. four blocks away from the brussels town hall.
3:31 pm
the authorities also arrested a family that was protecting him. why didn't they give this guy up and what does it say about the culture or the political beliefs that hides an alleged notorious terrorist like this? >> belgium and all of europe has a big problem because they're hiding behind this refugee rights movement. what they're trying to say is that we shouldn't try to gather intelligence or we shouldn't try to push through into these jihadi areas. look, what the facts will show is that where he was located for these four months was a jihadi neighborhood. it was known for protecting their own. refugees came in and they created within brussels their own little safe haven. we can not have these little safe havens no matter where they are. this is of concern everywhere. this is a concern for right up the road from where i am in san bernardino. i want to know how to unlock
3:32 pm
this guy's phone in san bernardino because i want to know what his network is right here in this area. maybe in palm springs because it's right up the road. these are the types of things that law enforcement officials have to be able to do. they have to be able to not have the pushback from the community that says this is just our little refugee area. don't violate our rights by coming in here and disrupting us. this is a situation in brussels that was unfolding for the past four months. it was in plain sight. it was in a jihadi neighborhood and the people of belgium and throughout all of europe should be demanding that their law enforcement agencies get a lot more active. >> in this case, thankfully in this case he's taken alive. so maybe they can get some information. reports say that he's saying he was going to be a suicide attacker at the stadium during the attacks, but he basically chickened out. he left his suicide belt behind and didn't carry through. will they find out, do you think, who planned it, how it
3:33 pm
was planned, who financed it, whether it was indeed hatched by isis over in syria or if he and his friends and brother, they just came up with this on their own through looking at the internet? >> look, if he won't give us the passwords, let's hope he doesn't have an apple phone because we may not get into this. the fact is this 26-year-old planned the entire attack in paris, 130 people were killed. he was the mastermind. he didn't blow himself up. he chickened out, as you said in paris, because he was doing the planning. he also was probably planning the next attack because if you've got the belt, if you've got the equipment and he clearly -- on march 15 they were saying that he escaped with a couple of others because the belgian authorities were on their tail. here is a guy that is clearly having an entire network right in brussels helping him. the people of europe have got to get loud.
3:34 pm
>> how can we pierce that 'cause we've seen it not only there, but here in the united states with the bombers of the world trade center in 1993 who was part of the community and were protected. is it possible to infiltrate and uncover this or change their hearts and mindsets so that they don't have such anti-western values when it comes to protecting these suspects? >> well, i hope that the answer is yes, that there is a long-term strategy to win the hearts and minds. that takes a very long time. that's not gonna stop what's currently being planned in san bernardino or paris or brussels. our law enforcement officials need more tools. they need all of the intelligence gathering tools that we can give them. look, this relates to the presidential race. ted cruz voted against some of those intel gathering techniques. i hate to say it, but that's the fact. if you care about these issues, ted cruz was not on your side when the rubber met the road. >> sadly, tragically, news now that two americans right now as of this hour have remain unidentified, at least publicly,
3:35 pm
have lost their lives in the bombing in a busy shopping street in istanbul, turkey. the national security council calls it a heinous attack. no claims of responsibility yet. but as you just warned, it could be and likely will be even more attack. >> our prayers to those families that just lost these two. it's terrible. >> absolutely. and it's sadly continues. the challenge of our time. thank you. >> very, very sad. politicians of both parties are locking horns over the vacancy on the supreme court. president obama once again calling for his nominee to be considered. but republicans in the senate are not backing down. >> this nominee is not gonna be considered and the american people should understand if the shoe was on the other foot, this was a republican president submitting a nominee to a democratic senate in the middle of a presidential election, there are no circumstances under which the nominee would be
3:36 pm
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okay. ohio, governor john kasich is now addressing the crowd there at the town hall meeting. it's a dixie convention center in saint george, utah. 40 republican delegates up for grabs in tuesday's utah caucuses. governor kasich hoping to increase his current 143 delegate count. >> sent these helicopters to try to rescue our hostages and they crashed in the desert. and we studied that and then we studied the war in lebanon where our marines were and there were navy ships off of the coast, yet our marines were on the land and their radios would not work.
3:41 pm
so they wanted to contact this navy ship. we were told that they would have to go to a phone booth and call the navy ship. that made for real trouble. so i happened to work with mr. nichols and a whole host of the conservatives there to force the services to work together, to try together and fight together. they called us the most significant change in the operation of the department of defense since world war ii. and that didn't always go down so well either. after six years being in the congress, i started offering my own budget to try to get the budget balanced. when you're trying to balance budgets, you step on every toe. everybody wants something. so when you force the politicians to make choices, they know that you're making -- they want to just pass on -- it's an old story that, jfk was passing out half dollars when he was running for senators and
3:42 pm
somebody went to him and said, mr. kennedy, if you get elected, you don't have to pass out your own money anymore. you can pass out the people's. what caused these things to happen? over the course of time, i made a lot of enemies, to be honest with you. people that i made uncomfortable because they force -- i forced them to make choices. why am i telling you this? because when you look at a little bit of the history of this place and it reminds me of when my staff and i, we knew they were coming after us because of all the trouble we made and we'd say, who are these guys? >> that is ohio governor john kasich there addressing the crowd at the dixie convention center in saint george, utah, in his very personal style that he maintained throughout this campaign. >> now to the capitol hill battle over judge maker garland.
3:43 pm
will he take the late justice scalia's seat or stay on the side lines? it's heating up. our guest is the chief congressional correspondent for the washington examiner. susan, it's becoming a growing issue in the campaign. on monday democratic activists plan to hold what they call a day of action protesting the republican senators who oppose a vote. how do you think this will start playing out? >> it's really interesting, these developments. it sounds like senate democrats plan to pair up with these outside groups to try to increase pressure on republicans in the senate to take up garland's nomination. at least to hold a hearing. and so they announced last week in the senate democrats did, that they would be pairing up with these outside groups and they were going to step up pressure. they were going to try to keep this in the headlines, keep it from fading out of the public eye long enough to pressure the majority leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, to take up garland's nomination. now, i don't think they're going to change anyone's mind. i don't think that garland will get a nomination hearing or a
3:44 pm
vote any time before the november election. at this point this is going to mostly be a political battle where it's democrats try to make republicans look like obstructionists and like they're being unconditional by not considering garland's nomination. >> and the republicans trying to portray the democrats as not obeying what they claim is the biden rule in all that. you said up until the election, what about after that? there is a potential lame duck hearings and that from the republican point of view would be if hillary clinton was elected. >> yeah. i think things get really interesting after the november election. right now they're saying that there is no chance of any consideration until the next president is sworn in in 2017. but after that, all the rules get -- go out the window. if the democrats are suddenly in the majority and you have a democrat potentially winning the white house, i think at that point they would try to weigh whether it would make more sense for them to try to get garland
3:45 pm
on the bench because he is potentially less liberal than a hillary clinton nominee and he's also 63 years old. that sort of limits the time on the bench in a practical way because of his age. and there is talk behind the scenes about whether this could become a reality. i think what you have republicans saying now is well, that's a hypothetical. we don't want to consider that. but others are saying, maybe this is a good idea and garland is not such a bad nominee. we could get someone far more liberal f. our goal is to prevent the bench, which is now tied evenly from swinging too far to the left, garland may be a good choice. but this is a but, only if the white house falls to a democrat. if not, of course, all bets are off and we wait 'til 2017. >> what about the voice of the people? critics are saying why would it be if hillary clinton is elected or maybe donald trump or whoever the republican would be? >> exactly. i think the voice of the people is pretty much undecide.
3:46 pm
the polls show public opinion is still forming about what to do about this nominee. shows less than half of people polled thinks there should be a hearing or vote. i think there is indecision out there about what should happen. i do feel that democrats right now are trying to sway public opinion on this with these outside groups, et cetera. republicans are fighting back. the biden rule and how the democrats have acted in the past with these nominees. but i think as we move along, we get to november. the reality is changed and whenever you're in the postelection congress, suddenly they throw out the views they had before the election and there is a new reality. >> policyics. >> oh, politics. when the fat lady sings and all that stuff. we'll see how it will continue. susan, thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> there are concerns about the dangers of drones on the rise after one nearly collided with a passenger plane in los angeles. pilots finding themselves in
3:47 pm
similar situations nearly 900 times over a 16-months period. and 40% of those incidents were reported in three states. new york, florida and california. will carr has more now from los angeles. will? >> reporter: hey there. as drones have gotten cheaper, there is a lot more flying around. some have created serious safety issues, including yesterday when we saw one come dangerously close to an airplane near l.a.x. about 200 feet, far too close for comfort in the aviation world. it's not the first time there have been issues with drones recently. according to the federal study you were talking about, there were 900 near misses with commercial airliners nationwide from april 2014 to august 2015. of those, one in five happened here in california where there has been issues not only at airports and with planes, but also during wild fires over the last year. we've seen a number of incidents where fire crew high school to stop flying critical air tankers because of drones in the area.
3:48 pm
california senator diane feinstein, one of the sponsors, the consumer drone safety act, which would give the faa authority to set clear rules on drones issued a statement after the latest near miss which says this is one more incident that could have been brought down -- could have brought down an airliner and is completely unacceptable. a near miss of 200 feet should serve as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by reckless drone use. the problem is there really aren't a lot of federal restrictions. operators have to register the drones and they're not supposed to fly them around airports or above 400 feet. but obviously they continue to do that and even when you see a drone, it can be difficult to track down thehe control. arthel? >> it is dangerous. will carr, thank you very much for that report. >> for sure. they're voting on tuesday in utah. new polls show utah voters are most concerned about their money. even though the u.s. economy has shown some promising signs, but
3:49 pm
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tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions and medications including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. >> utah gearing up on the presidential politics. they are concerned about the
3:53 pm
economy. the next certain is national security. the u.s. economy looked like it did in december and the unemployment rate has gone down a bit since then. we'll bring in nathan who is the financial consumer expert of simply money. good to see you. why are americans still feeling gloomy about the economy. >> there is absence of good news. we are told that we are doing so well that the economy could go in recession. wait a empty. i haven't recovered and now a recession. this is not good news if the consumer looks down the road. >> what needs to change for that >> they needçó to get confidenc they can afford houses.
3:54 pm
why would i want to move? we have to get the log jam going. interest rates go up thanks to janet yellun. buy less affordable. it adds to the doom and gloom that the consumer has when they are hesitant to pull out the wallet. >> they haven't been able to save money for a big down payment. >> savings is growing. but it is not what you feel confident with. you have a raise and you go that's great. but when you have a raise at the pump, you don't know how long that raise will last. as a result, wall street talks about benefit of lower gras prices. i am not investing in it and i will not take on an additional car payment. that creates doubt and gloom.
3:55 pm
>> what is the take away for a consumer. >> pay down the dent they have. and think of investing every savings at the pump and at lost have something to show when gas was cheap. >> thank you for that and we'll leave it there. and pope francis, he tweets, but he doesn't use facebook. presence. they are opening an account on the popular photosharing site. the popular photosharing site. cleared see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people
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pope francis is now on instagram. yes, the pope who has 26 million followers on wit twit, opened an instagram account and shared his photos. >> his profile reads i want to walk with you with god's mercy and tenderness. ea=vé4 @franciscus, he's gained 100,000 in one hour. and he tweeted 749 times. use of social media.
4:00 pm
>> the pope has 1 million followers who posted three posts so far. i am following him now. >> we'll follow you. julie banderas is up next. take care. the republican presidential candidates take on the wild west as the campaign season barrels to two major contest. donald trump wrapping up a rally in tucson ahead of arizona's winner take off. his campaign was plagued by protestors and in new york city, gathered hundreds of people for an anti- trump march outside of trump tower. and three people were arrested in phone iks. both


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