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tv   Watters World  FOX News  March 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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was killed in libya either. >> wow. we're going to wrap this up. there's always more. gosh, i wish we had more time. good to see you guys. have a great week this week. i'll see you on "outnumbered" at noon eastern. take care. you're in "watters' world" now and i'm your host jesse watters. the tea party helped take the house and the senate. but so what? trade deals and illegal immigration are destroys the middle class. the debt ceiling got lifted. taxes went up. paul ryan passed obama's budget. you have executive amnesty, the iranian nuke deal, the irs investigation got stone walled. hillary breezed through the benghazi hearings. politicians are wrecking this nation. so along comes a businessman, donald trump. doesn't play by their rules. says you guys had your chance and you blew it. storms through the primary. racking up delegates.
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you guys see the count. waahead of cruz. on a clear path to the nomination. the republicans on the losing side. all i hear them talking about is running a third party ticket. or stealin nomination from trump at the convention. if you want a big tent, why not listen to the voters instead of trying to muzzle them? these republicans are claiming that trump is, quote unquote, destroying the republican party. but a lot of people are wondering, hasn't the republican party destroyed itself? how can donald trump be destroying the republican party when he's bringing in so many new voters, independents, and even democrats into the party? record-breaking republican turnout in the 2016 primary. but maybe donald trump is breathing life back into the republican party. so the question is, will republicans unite behind trump, or splinter and lose to hillary clinton? joining me now to discuss, the co-host of "outnumbered," the andrea tanteros.
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and the president of "high noon strategies." the host of "red eye" tom shillue. and radio talk show host richard fowler. and of course, certainly not last and least, democratic political strategist jessica tarlov. andrea, i'll start with you. it seems to me that there are republicans who care more about saving the republican party than they care about saving the republic. >> ah-ha, it's not saving the republican party, it's saving all their trips to sea island, to golf. it's saving the merlots and the steaks at the capitol grill. it's saving their power and their existence. the establishment has made big money off of being professional campaign consultants. i mean, this is a big business. you think about the thousands of lobbyists that won't be able to lobby a donald trump the way they could lobby an establishment candidate. i think that that is why they're fighting so hard, for their own relevance. but they're the ones that got us
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into this mess. when president obama said it's not me, he's right. it is the republicans that got themselves into this mess. they nominated two losers with mccain and romney. and they didn't do what the american electorate wanted when they were elected in the midterms this last time. i think the voters have just had enough, and they know that on both sides, the establishment are just failed. >> you're right. you're looking after their pocketbook s instead of the pocket books of the american people. you bring up a good point about romney and mccain. i remember when mccain was nominated, the guy was pro-amnesty, he was against waterboarding, he voted against the bush tax cuts. but people that didn't like john mccain were told to fall in line, soldier up, he's the nominee. now when donald trump is looking to be the nominee, they're talking about a third party. can you make sense of that? >> well, i believed them. i believed it with mccain. i believed it with romney. when they were hiding and went into the debates and romney was playing it cool, he wouldn't go on the attack.
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i was telling my friends, don't worry. he's got a strategy. the american people don't like when the republicans are aggressive. and i was wrong. and they were all wrong. but they're still sticking to that playbook. they still want to hide their way through the election and they can't do it. >> don't you see that any time you try to weaken donald trump, you're actually strengthening hillary clinton? >> well, i think you're strengthening him, because let's face it, he's had more than $35 million in attack ads spent against him and a lot of that money was spent in florida and look how well he did. he defeated a sitting u.s. senator, and did surprisingly well in ohio in a state where if you look at john kasich, he's represented the state off and on for 38 years now. so, i mean -- >> it has like 80% favorability on top of it. >> and also was re-elected two years ago. so, i mean, yeah, as much money as they continue to throw at him, it seems to only embolden him. you saw mitt romney come out and attack him. that also only emboldened him.
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the people that are supporting him are the people that are fed up with government. you look at exit polling, majorities in north carolina and ohio believe that the republican party has betrayed them. they have distrust in government. and quite frankly, they just see the republican party as a failure. >> you're a democrat, jessica. you must be laughing yourself to sleep every night watching this chaos going on on the right. what do you make about all this mess? >> i think it's great to sit around and hear republicans bash republicans because the work is easier on this side. >> we'll get to you later. we haven't even gotten to you guys yet. >> while i have my moment to say this. i think it's really disconcerting. i think a major mistake the establishment has made, besides the decades of mistakes, is not endorsing and getting behind one candidate. mitt romney's speech that he gave, which was incredibly effective if you listen to the language of it, he should have said, and vote for marco rubio. i am backing rubio. or john kasich. and i've heard now that they're going to try for a unity ticket with kasich and cruz. but it might just be too little
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too late. >> i think that whole unity ticket thing is totally out of touch with reality. >> and that's assuming that romney actually has influence in the party. >> of course not. i think these robo calls actually helped trump. i would say romney, please, stump for everybody else. every time you do it, it helps me. >> his numbers go up every time. >> i agree with andrea, for one time in my life. >> nice, right? >> you can't blame barack obama for the republicans' current situation. you can only blame them. it's bad management. they've lost control of the party. while the party was stationary, their voting base was moving to the right. and so they lost control of their party and nobody is going to get it back to them. they think ted cruz is going to be their hero. that's not going to happen. donald trump will most likely be the nominee. all we can hope for on the democratic side is donald trump is a scary candidate, right? he'll just say anything, do anything. he's rewritten the playbook. >> yeah, you look terrified of trump. >> i'm not terrified of trump. >> it's so funny listening to
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them say the democrats have lost every state house, the house, the senate. >> their frontrunner is under investigation by the fbi. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. there's a lot of time left. still to come, controversial video of al sharpton from back in the day. the reverend did not want this getting out. but coming up next, a diamond and silk, the internet sensations. >> get on the trump train. either get on the trump train, or get the hell out of the way before you get ran over. >> choo choo! get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection. [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains
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better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. like all republicans, donald trump has an uphill climb wing over african-americans. but i recently found out some blacks are definitely down with the donald. joining me now, video bloggers and sisters lynette diamond
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hardaway and rashida richardson. also known as the stump for trump girls. how are you doing? >> wonderful. >> how did you get the nicknames, first of all, diamond and silk? >> we've always had little small nicknames. >> uh-huh. >> so we just decided to dust them off. >> bring them back to life. >> uh-huh. >> okay. quickly, you guys, all over youtube. huge sensation, racking up all sorts of hits. >> all aboard, get on the trump train! get on the trump train, or get the hell outf the way. before you get ran over. >> you guys are pumping up donald trump big-time. lifelong democrats, too. how did you guys get on the trump train? >> well, when he first announced he was running for president -- >> uh-huh. >> he wants to secure the border. he wants to bring back jobs. he wants to unite this country by bringing back spirit. we absolutely loved it. so we was onboard from day one. >> day one. >> now, he's been getting a hard time by the media. you know, people say he's
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racially insensitive. people say he's mean to latinos. you guys defend this, though, right? >> we absolutely do. >> absolutely. >> listen, donald trump speaks the truth. a lot of these people want to speak about politics. what he's speaking is about common sense, and he's speaking the truth, and that's what we love about him. >> that's right. >> what are the specific policies that you guys like from donald trump? >> well, we like the fact that he's going to be helping our veterans. we like the tax plan. the tax plan is really good. >> it's wonderful. >> and he's going to help all americans. >> all. >> not just one set of americans. >> uh-huh. >> those are the specific things that we love. >> a lot of your friends and family members, they hear you guys are big donald trump supporters. you guys must get a lot of heat about that. how do you guys react to that? >> well, first of all, our family, most of them in my immediate family have already switched their party so that they can vote for donald trump in the primaries. if you noticed that back in support, we started this campaign, me and silk called it the ditch and switch now
5:13 pm
campaign, because what we wanted people to do is get out and vote in the primary. it was a must. we wanted them to be republicans to do so. >> and if you was a democrat or independent, you was able to switch your parties to republicans, only to vote for donald trump in the primaries, and that's called >> how is the ditch and switch campaign going? i think last time romney got about 10% of the black vote. donald is somewhere between ten and 15. i don't even know if i believe those numbers. how are things going with the ditch and switch? >> well, look. i think phenomenal. it's wonderful. going to be black people, white people, asian people, hispanic people. >> yes. >> he is going to be putting a lot of people off the democratic plantation on to the republican party to vote for him in the primaries and the general election. >> even people that's never voted before is jumping on the trump train. >> yes. >> to vote. >> that train looks like it's
5:14 pm
leaving the station. you guys are democrats. a lot of people look at you and say you must be obama supporters. why do you like donald trump? what do you think of president obama? >> first of all, we were formerly democrats. we are now republicans. we already switched our party. we did that back in september. >> that's right. >> i think about obama. i think it's very disappointing that we've had an african-american president that did not work for african-american people. and although he says he is a president for all people, african-americans, once again, have gotten left behind. >> that's right. >> so what we decided to do is not to cry over spilled milk. let's get somebody like donald trump that can come in and clean up the milk. that's why we're voting for him. that's why he's resonating with everyone. >> with everybody. >> across the board. >> we're also probably going to have hillary clinton, who could be the first female president. you guys are females. you guys don't feel any allegiance to hillary because
5:15 pm
she's a woman? >> absolutely not. >> oh, no. >> i'm not voting for anyone that has it on their bucket list to be president. >> that's right. >> you don't get to play musical chairs with the presidency. her husband bill clinton has already been president. we don't need another clinton running anything around here. >> that's right. >> even though bill clinton was the first black president, you're still not getting on hillary's campaign? >> he was considered the first black president to sign a crime bill into law, to have plenty, thousands upon thousands of black men locked up, and probably still locked up today. >> that's right. >> so-called quote unquote the black president that outsourced thousands upon thousands, millions of jobs from this country. we don't want to hear another thing that the clintons have to say. they can go home and be quiet. >> that's right. >> okay. lastly, ted cruz. ted cruz used to say donald is the man. now he's really going hard after donald trump. what do you guys think about senator cruz? >> he's a liar.
5:16 pm
cheats and steals. he's done all three. what ted cruz can do is go somewhere and sit down too. he's already lied. he's already cheated. he's already stolen. we're not voting for him. >> his cruz ship is sinking. we're voting for donald trump only. >> that's right. thank you, guys, very much. diamond and silk, everybody. there they are. coming up, footage you've never seen before. exclusive videos of al sharp on the and former domestic terrorist william ayers shutting down a trump rally. and later, watters' world checks in on campus. what year did we declare our independence? >> 1984? performance sales event is on. with extraordinary offers on the visionary ls, the generously appointed es and the new, eight-passenger lx. ♪
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>> as you know by as you know, donald trump canceled a speech in chicago last week after radical activists clashed it and started clashing with trump supporters. for some reason, the media and fellow republicans blamed donald trump and his supporters for inciting the ruckus. so my guests tonight were on the grounds and shot footage of the protesters, who were definitely looking for trouble. take a look. >> [ bleep ]. >> he's a racist. >> he's a liar. >> [ bleep ]. >> we don't need organized hatred to be spilling into our center. >> is that hateful, though? people have time to say no hate.
5:21 pm
>> no, we don't hate. >> it's a reincarnation. >> donald trump. >> [ bleep ]. >> i'm not here for hate. i'm here for compassion and understanding. >> who do you guys support? >> bernie. >> who do you guys support? >> bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders. >> trump has galvanized a feeling that there's something loose in the land, and that's something that's dangerous. absolutely. anti-american. >> he's in there organizing a fascist mob that's ready to fight. they're hungry. >> got to deal with that. >> the voice of the revolutionary communist party usa. >> a [ bleep ] white man who gets to do whatever he wants to in this space, so i'm saying no, you do not have permission to walk around, videotaping women of color and acting like you can do that. >> what changes the course of history is popular movements
5:22 pm
from below. what this represents is fire from below. that's why it's important. it's not resolved bay candidate. it's resolved through an ongoing continuing struggle. >> [ bleep ] trump. and yeah, go bernie sanders. >> wow. joining me now from chicago is jeromey siegel from rebel pundit, and andrew marcus, the producer/director of "hating bright bart." those are radicals, they look like they came for business. did you notice a leader? was it organized by anybody? what was your analysis? >> well, the whole premise of how this begins, this is all pre-planned. but it's planned in a way that it's hard to find who the leader is, who's running this. it's designed to deceive you
5:23 pm
that there is a big movement of unity here, and it's not unity at all. it's actually hundreds of different groups all out in the name of social justice, like bill ayers says. this is resolved through an ongoing continuing struggle for social justice, indicating they don't even want anything resolved. as long as they're protesting, they're getting what they want. they're trying to take away power from people who have it, give it to people who they believe don't in a way that is completely un-american. >> bill ayers, as we know, bombed the pentagon. president obama's friend and neighbor. what was he doing there? does he just show up at all these things? occupy wall street, he shows up? what is he doing now? >> well, you know, i don't think it's just that he shows up. i think there's a lot of work that goes on beforehand. i think that he's there as a --
5:24 pm
you know, he's sort of a shaman of street protests. he's a gunfiodfather to people a hero of this movement. when you take a look at his twitter feed, he was out bragging the next day. hey, we shut them down! that took a lot of work! congratulations. there really was a premeditated attempt to harass and intimidate the people who wanted nothing but to have the right to free assembly and hear a political speech. bill ayers talks about how un-american donald trump is and the movement is, when they premeditated, shut down free speech. i can't think of anything more un-american than that. >> well, you're right. it was very intimidating for a lot of people out there. and my hat goes off to you guys. it takes a lot of savvy and street smarts to navigate that kind of environment. so guys, thank you very much. and keep bringing us, you know, behind-the-scenes of these protests. i really appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, jesse. up next, we debate who's
5:25 pm
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris faulkner. president obama is in havana. he says it is a historic opportunity for him to reestablish diplomatic ties between the longtime cold war foes. he's already met several government leaders and taken a walking tour of the capitol. still ahead are the official welcoming ceremony and a state dinner tonight. he is the first president to visit cuba in 88 years. is a la abdeslam, the top suspect that left-hand 138 people dead, has given belgian
5:29 pm
authorities startling new information. he's telling them he was ready to restart something from belgium. belgian authorities taking this very seriously. abdeslam was arrested during a raid on thursday. i'm harris faulkner. for news when you want it. now back to "watters' world." welcome back. secret service tackled thomas. somehow trump was actually blamed for that. but who's really to blame? last time i checked, it's always republican officials under attack from the left. >> whoa. >> [ bleep ]. >> i can smell you. your shirt.
5:30 pm
pretty good >> pretty good reflexes there by w. the pea parties were peaceful, but occupy wall street not so much. and the liberal media and democratic politicians really lit the fuse in ferguson before it had all the facts. republicans can't even use certain words. but the liberal mob does whatever it wants. that's righteous anger seeking social justice, right? sure. and then there's the reverend al sharpton. the peacemaker. i have no words for him. let him speak for himself. in an exclusive clip obtained from political consultant steven marx. the reverend is speaking in new jersey in 1992, specifically about police misconduct and the community's reaction. community' >> oh, brother.
5:31 pm
i don't believe in marching. i believe in offing the pig. got pigs out here. you ain't offed one of them. i b believe in or shut up and admit do what you believe in. stand up and emerge you lost your courage to stand up. [ applause ] i ain't having no more. fight this! ain't nobody holding you. i'll off the man. well, off him. ain't nobody knocked a gun out of your hand. >> wow. joining me now by phone is the man who provided us with that damning footage from 1992, stephen marks.
5:32 pm
so, if this video has been around for so long, why has it taken this many years for it to finally come to the surface? >> well, you know, when al sharpton goes on to the mainstream media, like when he's on "the "o'reilly factor"" or fox, he sounds very reasonable, or even on his own tv show, he comes off as just any old civil rights guy, just a black leader trying to do good things. but when he's preaching to the choir, he says things like that. kind of like if you remember david duke was the same way. he would sound like any old conservative. he's preaching to the choir, he just went crazy. >> you can hear on the tape, the crowd is loving it. they're clapping. they're hollering. it's pretty shocking. what do you make of this? >> well, back in the '80s and '90s in new york, sharpton was doing these types of things regularly to divide the races.
5:33 pm
and what makes it even more of an abomination is that president obama during these cop shootings, when he needed somebody to talk to, a black leader to be his point man on race, instead of going to jesse jackson, who if you remember brought bill clinton into his house in front of his people to denounce black racism against white people, obama instead choice al sharpton, a guy who's had a history of dividing the races. >> you're exactly right. this guy is now the adviser for racial issues to the white house. unbelievable. stephen very much, thank you. back with me now, andrea, jessica, richard, tom, and fox news contributor stacy dash. stacy, i'll start with you. everybody has stuff in their past. and people can be redeemed. i don't know. i think this takes it to another level. do you think al sharpton is ashamed of this? >> i don't know if he's ashamed of this. but i'm wondering if this is before or after he was convicted
5:34 pm
for drug dealing, and then became a snitch. that's what i want to know. >> he was a federal snitch. >> yes, a federal snitch. >> he wore a wire. >> i don't know what he did, but he was a snitch. i don't want a snitch representing me. i don't understand why he gets to speak so much. he's just a rebel rouser. he's a divider. >> and it makes much -- it makes the jobs of the police officers that much harder when you have guys like this out there saying these things. andrea, this guy doesn't even pay his taxes and it doesn't even matter. you think he's going to get away from that? >> we forgot tax cheat. i don't see how he has any credibility. and i don't understand why president obama, when there's so many other black leaders, would choose sharpton to elevate. i'm not sure how much pull he has within the black community, but if we're going to go higher, i think this falls on president obama, at his feet and the division in the country. you mentioned so many different examples in your opening about ferguson. about black lives matter.
5:35 pm
about these protests that have turned violent. we see the cops attacked in d.c. by black lives matter. and you hear absolutely nothing from the white house. so how can you say that you're not sewing seeds of discord or division. to me, silence is very loud. >> and the silence has been loud because we've reached out to sharpton and reached out to the network and they have not provided us a statement defending or explaining this footage. >> i think i know the statement they're going to come out with. >> what do you think? >> your selectively edited tape. how dare you? you didn't show the whole tape. >> it's an hour show. you know i mean? it's not selectively edited. we played it in full context. and just so everybody knows, he's talking about a specific allegation of police brutality and how the community is reacting to it. how does this make you feel watching this? >> i think if you look at the tape, he's clearly talking to a group of people, saying you guys want action, but you're not providing action. he's not saying going out and
5:36 pm
killing anybody. >> well -- >> no. he doesn't say that. he says if you guys want to do it -- >> how is that different than not encouraging it? >> the point -- the larger point here is mr. marks, the guy compared him to david duke. david duke has blood on his hands for lynching african-americans. and burning crosses in people's front yards. so to compare al sharpton to david duke is not only ridiculous, i call it preposterous. >> do you defend this behavior here on the tape? >> no. i've never been a big fan of al sharpton. this is also 1992. it's a very different time. >> even if it's a different time, it's never the right time to call for the offing of crackers. >> i'm not supporting it. what i would say is that even though he is an adviser to the white house right now, if you look at where the power in the black community is coming from now, the black lives matter movement, and also the parents of trayvon martin, eric garner, all of whom are supporting hillary clinton, which i think
5:37 pm
is very interesting. eric garner's daughter is with bernie sanders. but all of the parents are with hillary clinton. so i think that you need to look at where the future of this kind of leadership is going. i think al sharpton, his appointment is largely ceremonial. he's been around a long time. i think this would upset president obama. i think it would upset anyone. >> while we're waiting for president obama to disavow this. up next, i see what people in the projects think about the presidential election. >> what are hillary's policies to create jobs, do you think? >> resumes. >> resumes? >> yeah. get an up-to-date resume. umes. >> get an constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy.
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then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. under president obama, the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer. so i went to queens bridge, the public housing project across the river. hard-hit for decades, to see what the folks think about the presidential contenders. so what are you doing out here today? i'll hold the mic. >> oh, okay. i thought we was going to hold the mic. >> you getting something to eat? >> filapia. >> you mean tilapia? >> tilapia. >> you have a boyfriend? >> i don't want to say that on camera. >> what do you do for a living?
5:42 pm
>> cut. >> how is everything going in the country for you? >> not so good. >> it's bad. >> the guy wanted $4 for a two-liter ssoda. i don't want to go back to kool-aid and mess my stomach up. >> whose fault is that? >> oh, president bush. he messed up this country. >> is it still bush's fault after seven years? what do you think about president obama? >> i love president obama. he's the first black president. >> second black president. >> i don't remember the second one. >> bill clinton. >> oh yeah, yeah, yeah. >> big election coming up. >> yeah. it is coming up. >> who are you going to vote for? >> nobody. >> you know who's running for president? >> no. >> do you know who's running for president? >> obama. >> he can't run anymore. >> oh. i wish he could keep running. >> what is it like to be the
5:43 pm
last black president? >> seriously? what's it like for this to be the last time you ever talked to a president? >> what about hillary clinton? are you going to vote for her? >> she believe in abortion? >> yes. >> then i'm voting for her. because sometimes you might slip up, you might need an abortion. >> i would like hillary to win. >> a lot of those things when clinton was the president, she was the one behind it. >> like monica. >> yeah, basically. >> i love hillary clinton. >> what are hillary's policies to create jobs, do you think? >> resumes. >> resumes? >> yeah. get an up-to-date resume. >> hillary clinton is running for president. >> another liar. >> you think hillary is a liar? >> of course. >> you like bernie sanders? >> yes, i do. >> why? >> because he's making sense. >> i own one pair of underwear, that's it! >> why do you like bernie sanders? >> because he talks to the people, not at the people. >> you feeling the bern? donald trump running for
5:44 pm
president. >> i know i can't say colorful words on television. >> and you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> donald trump. >> oh no, he speaks what's on his mind. >> trump and his hair can eat my [ bleep ]. >> he's not for us. >> who is for people, hillary? >> yeah. >> if hillary doesn't tell the truth, why do you believe her that she cares about poor people? >> that's true. >> if donald trump wins, i'm moving me and my family to canada. >> it's a little cold up there. >> i'll get a bigger coat. >> he's fooling the people. he wants to be razzle-dazzle. >> you don't think the american people are smart enough to realize what's going on? >> you damn straight. >> you're [ bleep ] right. >> trump wants to build a wall on the southern border. >> that is wrong. you can't build a wall. we build bridges. >> so illegal aliens can just walk across the bridge into america? >> oh.
5:45 pm
>> who are you? >> i'm watters and this is my world right here. i'm watters, and this is my world right here. >> bye, watters. >> oh, they love me there. lisa and stacy are back with me now. and joining us is the executive director of the accountability project, along with fox news contributor and reporter eer a huntsman. abby, i'll start with you. >> that was hysterical, baey th way. >> let's try to make this a serious issue. black voters are not turning out for hillary clinton. i think the black turnout in florida and i think ohio, we're down 30% to 40% compared to when obama was running. is hillary even going to get these people to turn out? if she doesn't, it's trouble. >> i love the woman that called him mobama. does that mean my obama?
5:46 pm
that was a hilarious interview. what stuck out to me was there wasn't one person that sounded excited about hillary clinton, if they even said they wanted to vote for her. it seems like across the board there was a frustration just with both parties, saying they don't know who they're voting for, if they even knew who was running for president. so that was a big takeaway, that hillary clinton has got a challenge there. if they are voting for her, it's because of her husband. it's because of what bill clinton has done. i do think she has an uphill battle, but she will obviously i think do better. >> and one of the things that makes hillary reaching out to black america so challenging is hillary's personality. before we get to you, i want to show you some footage of hillary at her finest. >> i don't know why that's funny. we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. what difference at this point does it make? i am a real person.
5:47 pm
>> she's a real person, right? >> i'm sold. >> you can't be excited about that, can you? >> if you took hillary along with you, so she could actually interact with real people. because the problem is she only meets them on the campaign trail after they've been filtered in one by one picks. >> they'd have to pick, like, three people who they screened for about a year. stacey, watching that, what did you think? >> i think it's sad. they need to be educated. that's the problem. i mean, hillary's a lying criminal. and the other choice is a socialist. >> don't hold back. i think i'm going to take stacey dash to the hood and we're going to see if we can change some lives. >> i have a plan. >> a three-point plan. >> i do. >> what did you think? >> it sounds like you made some new friends there. what's interesting is that even voters in all corners of the country have picked up on the fact that hillary clinton is a liar, and that's really
5:48 pm
problematic for her. because they may not understand the intricacies of her e-mail server and private e-mail, but they know that they've picked up on the fact that she's a liar and part of that is what you saw with the clips and the fact that she lacks authenticity and tries so hard. it's pathetic. i almost feel bad for her that you feel like you have to bark to get attention or to connect. >> i don't feel bad for hillary clinton. >> i think romney barked, too. >> he just strapped the dogs to the hood of the car. all immigrants who come here legally have to pass a basic civics test. but could you? what month do we vote for president? >> december? on't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] test this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement
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♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. >> in order to gain american citizenship all ill lee i egal immigrants must pass a states civics test focusing on our
5:52 pm
government history. it is very easy. i wanted to see if americans can pass the test those born and raised here. check out the answers i got on a recent trip to arizona state university. >> who is the vice president of the u.s.? >> currently? i don't know. >> how do i not know this? >> oh my god not joe biden. >> is it biden? >> got a lot of things to give out here. >> how many senators out there? >> 7 or 12, i am not sure. >> i know this. >> 50. >> 2. >> god, this is like from 7th grade. >> is it per state? >> how many state senators 100. >> you got it. what month do we vote for president? >> december? >> january. >> april? >> not april.
5:53 pm
>> when is it? >> that's when you pay your taxes. >> march. >> in the fall. >> august? >> august is the summer. >> oh my goodness. november. no. >> you got it. >> what year did we declare our independence? >> 1984. >> way off. >> 1884. >> 1776. >> okay. still off. >> 1776. >> 1776. >> she is on a roll, folks. >> july 4th. >> 1776? >> genius. >> now the name of our national anthem is? >> isn't it called the national anthem? >> it is the star-spangled banner. >> are you ready?
5:54 pm
>> oh say can you see by the dawn's early light. >> what so proudly we hailed by the dawn -- by the twilight -- i forgot the rest. >> for the lamb parts we watch. >> ram parts? >> god bless america. >> and the rocket's red glare, the bomb bursting in air gave proof through the light -- >> night. >> that our flag was still there. >> land of the free and home of the brave. >> webest one today. well done. you are just as good as an immigrant. do you have any idea who i am? >> i am watters, and this is my world right here.
5:55 pm
back now with you. are we doomed? >> arizona state is a good college, too. >> yeah. >> my mom went there. i am going to defend it. >> you have to. >> the stash spangled banner, the words can be complicated. that being said, not knowing who your vice president is, i am actually really concerned about this next generation coming up. you have to be a curious person today to want to learn these facts. everything is on google. you don't know you look it up. you go home you watch the kardashians, you watch "the bachelor." >> my favorite was what year did we declare independence? 1984. >> the year i was born. >> what did you think about that? >> i think their parents are prob depressed their money is going to the wrong place right now. >> it is unfortunate. if we really want to take it to
5:56 pm
policy a lot of education funding has been cut for the last 30 years. >> it's the republican's fault. >> the watters' world is the real deal. and the powerful rc coupe. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. 80% but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day. whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
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>> people say to me all of the time watters' world is edited. it's not real. unfortunately it is. jimmy kimmel knows what i am saying. he sent a reporter out. >> what did you think when they had l. ron hubbard to the supreme court. >> i identify myself as a republican so i was pretty content with that choice. >> do you think sammy hagar is a good choice for supreme court justice? >> i think the motions that he is for and the things that he wants to change, i think that he would be a good candidate. >> see what i am saying?
6:00 pm
these people are out there walking on the streets every single day. that's it for tonight be sure to follow me on twitter and instagram and facebook. tell me what you think. thanks for watching. remember, i am watters and this is my world right here. >> oo welcome to "hannity." coming to you live from arizona. it is from 2016 for presidential candidate for texas senator ted cruz. we have a large audience watching tonight. it is put together by the super pac keep the promise. we have a lot to cover for the next 60 minutes. voters in the great state of arizona head to the polls on tuesday to pick who they want to be their party's nominee. you ready to get things started? all right. joining me now 2016 republican presidential candidate texas na


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