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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  March 21, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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good question, media buzz at fox nice to have you along for the ride. we can also continue the conversation on twitter. we're back here next sunday president obama walking the streets of havana, the first american president to visit cuba since calvin coolidge went there in 1928. this is the next chapter in what the obama administration started about a year ago. some controversy over it. and arguably, a part of the president's legacy he wants to shore up before he leaves office. restoring diplomatic ties between the u.s. and cuba. he's only been on the ground there a few hours, and in that time, he and the first family, as you see here, have been on a walking tour of the historic old havana, a world heritage site. and so on the trip, it's him, first lady michelle obama, their two daughters, malia and sasha, and what is being described as a rather large delegation that
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swept into havana this weekend, traveling with the obamas on air force one. the wife and daughter of late baseball star jackie robinson, the first african-american player in major league baseball. baseball, as you may know, is enormously popular in cuba. in fact, the president is due to wrap up his trip at a game between the tampa bay rays and cuba's national team. more on the last time we saw something like this. president calvin coolidge addressed the pan-american conference in cuba back in january 1928. president obama referenced that today in his first stop of the trip, a visit to the u.s. embassy. staffers and their families they talked with. watch. >> it's been nearly 90 years since a u.s. president stepped foot in cuba. it is wonderful to be here. back in 1928, president coolidge came on a battleship. it took him three days to get here. it only took me three hours. i know it's been a pretty busy
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seven months. you've helped support high-profile visitors from across the administration. and the business community. and now me and michelle, and i know your workload is a lot heavier than it was. but i want you to know everything we've accomplished so far, more americans coming to cuba, more engagement with the cuban people, civil society, faith groups, entrepreneurs, students, young people, more opportunities for the cuban people to improve their lives. it's all happening because of you. every single day, you're bringing the cuban people and the american people closer together. >> the fact is, though, not without controversy is the trip. kevin cork is traveling with the president. he's live for us in havana. the president is taking two journeys, you might say, in the eyes of the american people. one to a communist nation we seldom see the inside of. the other to a nation that has a horrible record of human rights violations. that is the backdrop.
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what is the trip about so far? >> well, i think you made a couple of great points in your lead-up. first of all, engagement is really at the heart of this visit from the president's perspective. understanding, however, that there is a long and i daresay controversial history between the two countries. that will not only be in the conversation, it will certainly be a part of the president's comments as he addresses the cubans. a speech that will also address the concerns of the cuban-american community as well. if you're looking for actionables, you may not be terribly satisfied, but i do think you'll see a couple of things. obviously the cultural, commercial, and athletic exchanges. i'm wondering if the late jackie robinson's wife may end up being the one who throws out the first pitch. the thought just crossed my mind. but i think you'll also see something else that's important. this understanding that while we may not agree with the cuban government, we can certainly agree that people are people,
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and those exchanges are expected to be at the heart of this particular visit. harris? >> this trip has its critics as we both alluded to. how is the president being received there by the cuban people? >> good question again. but let me just say this. we had a chance to walk around and talk to some cuban nationals here, and they were, i would daresay, pretty excited about the fact that the president was coming. especially when we talked to some of the older residents here of havana. they seemed overwhelmed with this idea that a president from the u.s. -- remember, they thought about this for many, many years, that the u.s. might invade the island. and so the notion that a sitting president would come here and address them, the body of the cuban people is remarkable. however, there are, as you can well imagine, plenty of skeptics, not just here on the island, but certainly back here in washington. we've seen protests, to say the least. a number of arrests leading up to this particular visit. not everyone is sold that this is a good thing.
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in fact, i want to share something with you very quickly. listen to what bob menendez, democrat from new jersey, a senator, cuban-american, has to say about this latest visit by the president. >> you need to challenge dictatorships, because dictatorships don't just give up power or change their ways. especially after 55 years of enjoying the benefits of dictatorship. they're not about to do that. >> okay, so understand this. cuban-americans feel like listen, we were here. we had our property stolen, our businesses stolen, our effects stolen. we want that back. they have a very strong feeling about how they were treated by the government that remains. we're talking about the castro government. there are younger people, cuban-americans and others, who feel like now is the time to move beyond and begin this people-to-people bridge. it's a dramatic time here. i for one am looking forward to seeing how this exchange goes. and you did point out something that i think was also important. you didn't see raul castro greet the president. a little back story behind that.
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this is a diplomatic gathering, as you know. as long as the embargo lasts, these two countries are not exactly perfectly on renewed relation terms. >> what you point to is such a critical point. that is the idea of us giving them legitimacy. they have suffered a lot of cruelty per this cuban government. they went to that church today. they go there almost daily. they are arrested on the regular. but they have suffered a lot of physical violence by that government. hoping today would be the exception with president obama there, and it was not. they rounded them up just a few hours before the president arrived, and we've got video of that. i don't want to gloss over that. because people have legitimate concerns about us legitimizing their government. but i want to move on. there's been no mention so far of whether or not guantanamo bay on the white house agenda will be part of this trip. your thoughts? >> reporter: not going to happen.
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they'll talk about it. but the white house has been fairly clear. they're going to keep trying to empty it out slowly but surely making sure there are more detainees that are moved out. the president would love to empty it completely before he leaves office. that's unlikely to happen. if you're wondering whether they're going to give guantanamo bay prison back to the cuban people, that is definitely not going to happen on this trip. >> it's been a big issue with the obama administration. you remember national security adviser susan rice saying we will try to close it, that detention camp, or die trying. i mean, those are strong words from the obama administration. we don't know that it won't come up, but as you're saying, it's not indicated that it will. kevin corke, stick with us for this hour. we may check back if there are any news points that pop up during this live presidential trip to cuba. thank you. and kevin just referenced a long controversial history between u.s. and cuba. we've been talking about it. here's a little bit of that, some history for you. the cuban embargo began during the height of the cold war with the communist nations. u.s. owned oil refineries that
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were doing business inside cuba refused to process soviet oil. so in response, cuba seized those refineries, those companies. and nationalized them. soon after, cuba took over all other american businesses there. and those american companies got nothing. no cash. nothing. no compensation in return. so the united states announced an embargo on most exports. in 1961, both countries broke diplomatic ties altogether. fidel castro declared the island a socialist state, and the very next day, the doomed bay of pigs invasion. a u.s. sponsored military operation meant to topple castro failed. and after it failed, fears of a nuclear war group. in 1962, then-president john f. kennedy announced the soviet union had nuclear missiles in cuba, just 90 miles off the coast of florida. the united states positioned ships around cuba, forcing the soviets to remove the missiles after some time.
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didn't happen immediately. and president kennedy privately agreed not to invade the island. now, let's fast forward a couple of decades in all of this, when president jimmy carter tried to normalize relations, but several issues, including a flood of cuban refugees in 1980 stopped that. in 1991, the soviet union collapsed, bringing an end to the subsidies that cuba depended on for so long. they call that time of hardship and starvation, well, oddly, the special period. families had to find any way they could to survive without even the most basic necessities, and journalists that we've had visit there say even today finding something as simple as soap can be hard to find. cuba's crackdown against political dissidents continued. remember, kevin and i just showed you, it continued today. we had that video. to try to stop that back then, the u.s. government tightened its embargo in 2004, prompting castro to put together this protest. >> translator: i will be on the
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front line to die fighting in defense of my country. >> the so-called special period eventually led to an opening of cuba's economy. the government allowed some private businesses to open, especially those that catered to the growing number of tourists. and now, fast forwarding to now, american businesses are hoping to crack back into cuba. we'll talk more about it later this hour with the fox news political insiders. meanwhile, on the trip itself, president obama is scheduled to hold a bilateral meeting with president raul castro. remember, he didn't meet him at the tarmac. more on that. and then take part in a state dinner at the revolutionary palace. stay tuned to the fox news channel for the very latest on the visit. now let's go on to america's election headquarters. donald trump talking live right now. here it is. you're looking at it. the palm beach county gop dinner in palm beach, florida. this comes as three remaining candidates are ramping up for another big tuesday in the race for the white house.
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98 delegates at stake. arizona is a winner take all primary. while utah is a majority take all caucus state. meaning one candidate could conceivably run the board and add nearly 100 delegates to their total count. some conservatives are calling on third-place john kasich to drop out in order to give ted cruz his best shot at taking on donald trump one-on-one. but the ohio governor apparently doesn't buy that logic. >> maybe ted ought to get out because he can't win in the fall, and maybe these people that are hot on that ought to tell them to do it. they try to tell me to get out of the race. how many times, chuck? and now they should be thanking me for staying in. because if trump had won ohio, it would be over. >> we ought to put logic in quotes, because everybody's got their own idea how they can do this thing. peter doocy is reporting live from salt lake city, utah. how are the candidates trying to count on mormon voters there? >> it's really interesting to look at how the top two here in
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utah are doing it, harris. ted cruz talking a lot about how utah's own mitt romney is going to vote for him on tuesday. and donald trump talks a lot about how he doesn't think that ted cruz's campaign is consistent with mormon values. >> lying ted cruz. he holds that bible high. that's why the mormons are not going to give ted cruz a victory. because the mormons like people that don't lie. >> now, those aggressive anti-trump protests in utah, arizona, and new york this weekend were motivated mostly by trump's tough stance on immigration reform. and since ted cruz has a similar platform, john kasich really stands out, when he says he doesn't think it's ever going to be possible to deport everyone that came here illegally. even though that is often a very unpopular position with republican primary voters. here's what kasich said, though, just this morning.
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>> the idea that we're going to go into communities and yank people out of their homes and leave their kids on the porch crying, that's not what we're going to do. that's just -- that's more promises that will never happen, and the people will become m cynical. i don't make promises, by and large, that i can't keep. i try to keep what i say, and i've not deviated from this position at all. >> reporter: kasich definitely playing ball here in utah. he and ted cruz both crisscrossed the state for the first half of this weekend. they are trying to catch up, ov obviously, with donald trump. that was in salt lake on friday night. >> i guess this is every candidate's challenge, right? to try to reach out to voters who may or may not either know who you are or like who you are. so what is senator ted cruz doing if there's any headwind for him there? >> you know, the final cruz pitch here in utah is equal parts about a path to the nomination and just about how important he thinks it is to
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beat donald trump. when you listen to ted cruz now in utah, he's trying to court conservatives who may be looking for a new candidate after theirs dropped out. so he name-dropped carson, huckabee, and fiorina as former rivals who may have been favorable at some point. but since they're gone and trump is way ahead, cruz thinks the only smart thing to do to beat trump is to consolidate conservative support. >> if you're someone who maybe started this campaign supporting someone else, all of the very, very good people who started in this race, from rand paul to mike huckabee, from jeb bush to chris christie, from marco rubio to carly fiorina to ben carson. if you want to stop donald trump, stand and vote with cruz. >> reporter: and to wrap up the talk about who should or should not drop out, cruz continued to tell utah voters he thinks a vote for john kasich is the same as a vote for donald trump. >> peter doocy, thank you very
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much. right now, we are learning more about the second american killed in the u.s. mission to defeat the islamic state savages. now, a detachment, as they're telling us, of marines headed to iraq. and the paris terror investigation heeding up following that capture of the top support in brussels. what he allegedly has told investigators, suggesting additional attacks could now be in the works.
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this is just coming into the newsroom. we've learned about the identity of the marine, the pentagon has identified him as staff sergeant lewis s. cardon of california. he was killed by an isis rocket fire, targeting a coalition base. the attack left several others wounded, although it is unclear how many people were hurt. the marines were among the thousands of americans advising and training iraqi forces in the
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fight against the savages there. now the military says it is sending a detachment of marines to iraq. the troops coming from the same unit as the marine who was killed. new developments now in the capture of the top suspect in the terror attacks in paris. and we have learned that he may have been in the process of plotting something new from brussels. remember, that's that suburb where we know that radical islamists are nesting. garrett tenney has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: this capture is already proving to be extremely valuable for both investigators and the intelligence community at large. on friday, belgian security forces arrested salah abdeslam. so far, he is cooperating, and belgi
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belgium's foreign minister said abdeslam told them he was planning to restart something from brussels, suggesting additional terror suspects are in the works. and elsewhere, and how they operate. that kind of information could prove extremely valuable for western intelligence agencies, including the u.s. as they carry on the war against isis, something that white house chief of staff dennis mcdonagh referred to earlier on fox news sunday. >> they say that they intend to do this again. so we take that very seriously. and we are trying to draw lessons from exactly what happened on that terrible night in paris and make sure that not only our friends are ready, but that they're well-trained and we're sharing the kind of intelligence with them that we can. >> reporter: abdeslam anda an accomplice have been charged with terrorist murders. they're expected to
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fox news has confirmed with the fbi it is investigating reports of a threatening letter that was sent to donald trump's sister. marianne trump barry is a judge with the u.s. circuit court of appeals. she says she found the letter in her home in philadelphia. it arrived fewer than 24 hours after donald trump's son eric said he got a similar threat. we reported on republican contests this tuesday. now to the democrats who have caucuses in idaho, utah, and arizona. bernie sanders, right now, this is live, holding a huge rally in seattle, washington. that state actually won't caucus until saturday of next week. hillary clinton, meanwhile, off the trail today. her husband president clinton working on her behalf in arizona. and our dan springer is working
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for us in tuesdcson to bring use latest. >> reporter: nothing like the crowds we saw with bernie sanders in washington state, but a pretty good crowd for former president clinton as he is campaigning on behalf of his wife here in arizona. big state, big vote on tuesday. and she is in a good position to get the lyiolion's share of the state's 85 delegates. bill clinton campaigning here with former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband mark kelly. they say she's the only candidate who they believe will stand up to the gun lobby. bill clinton alluded to the argument that sanders will only help those on the bottom. >> we are on the verge of being able to launch an explosive period of economic growth that lifts everybody, so we can all rise again. [ applause ] but, if you want to rise
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together, we have to think, we have to seize the opportunities, and beat down the problems. >> bernie sanders had three events, or has three events in washington state. they have 118 tell gdelegates u grabs next saturday. that's a good state for sanders to do well in. here in arizona, both clinton and bernie sanders will be here on monday in anticipation of a big vote here on tuesday. harris? >> dan, thank you very much. tomorrow, fox news will sit down with the remaining republican presidential candidates, bret baier interviews ted cruz and governor john kasich on a special report at 6:00 p.m. eastern. then it is on donald trump on "hannity." on tuesday, watch our special coverage, arizona and utah holding republican and democratic contests, as i mentioned. idaho holding its democratic caucuses. live team coverage kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern. that's tuesday right here on the fox news channel. so the beginning of your week is already made. we'll take on all the political headlines straight to our fox
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news political insiders coming up, including president obama's trip to cuba and what it means politically. and the delegate countdown. can donald trump get enough before the convention in cleveland? and how close is close enough? and what hillary clinton needs to do to prepare if, in fact, it comes down to a one-on-one with trump. voters are being called angry. but is angry the right word to describe what's going on this election season? what would you call it? the insiders say they have a different word. hit us up on our fox news social media pages, facebook and twitter. we're coming right back. and they're going to be right here. h
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all right, let's talk politics, shall we? my happy place with these guys. the fox news political insiders pat caddell, former pollster for president jimmy and fox news contributor joining us from his sunny home in south carolina. former republican congressman for new york john laboutlier. the big news breaking at this hour, a couple of candidate events that are going on. but outside of this country, and something that a lot of people thought they wouldn't see in their lifetimes is this normalization of relations between the united states and cuba. and the president and the optic of him being in that country legitimizing, in some eyes, legitimizing where that country is.
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>> that to me is a sign and symbol of the weakness of our foreign policy. this isn't nixon going to china. this is president obama going to the cubans, getting nothing for it, dissidents still enslaved. no real relaxation of basic freedoms. the only mace the president engages with is authoritarian, totalitarian dictators. >> all right, so pat, the reality was, these dissidents, these women who go -- they're tried to get their loved ones freed. they've seen a lot of brutality at the hands of this government. they were arrested yet again today. apparently it happens with regularity. it is a symbol of what's going on still to this day in that country. >> yes, and by arresting them today, they essentially thumbed their nose at obama who said he
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wanted to engage the dissidents. he is always affirming tyranny. he could not go to paris. he could not go to paris after the first attack or the second attack and stand with our allies, but he can go to cuba, and as i said, affirm tyranny, and get nothing for it, as doug said. this is just despicable, frankly. >> john, your thoughts? >> he started his presidency, his first foreign tour was known as the apology tour, where he apologized for everything america had ever done in the world. and he's ending his presidency with this. and i have a feeling, maybe around thanksgiving, this guy may show up in teheran. why not? >> you're not joking. >> i'm not joking. why wouldn't he? >> it's not a joke. he has had a policy of engagement with brutal authoritarians like the iranians and the cubans. he did not support the color revolution. i believe it was 2010, if i have the year correct.
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when the iranian people voted against the mullahs. he didn't support them. and john is probably right. he'll go to teheran before he goes to tel aviv. >> let's talk about guantanamo bay for just a second. i spoke about this earlier. guantanamo bay is something that the president's administration says it wants to shut down, completely close it. and kevin said there was no indication that that topic would come up during this trip. what are your thoughts on that? >> well, i think the cubans are going to ask for it back. and i'm more afraid he's just going to hand it to them. >> what would that mean? what would happen to the people? >> it would mean the end of the democratic party. but look. he can go to teheran and he can -- they'll show him the baa lis -- ballistic missiles. and israel must be wiped off the face of the earth. this man and his secretary of state sold this country and israel out, and all of the --
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you know, all of those people who just pander to him and the media, and went along with this. and we've already got a dose. they got their money, and now they're going to put it to us, just as the american people believe. >> i just want to clarify on guantanamo. there is a naval base there. and on the naval base is the prison that we hold all these terrorists at. that is the thing that obama's trying to shut down, the prison. not the naval base. the cuban government wants the naval base. we have a lease and they're not giving it back. he couldn't give it back, even if he wanted to, which he probably does. the closing of the prison, that's a separate thing. >> doug? >> yeah, and the real problem i have is why would we want to take the remaining terrorists, bring them to u.s. prisons, run the risk -- >> it's charleston. >> we don't want them anywhere near you, that's for sure. >> they're coming here. >> but this is a serious foreign
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policy problem that we're facing. and because the president doesn't have a policy to fight terror, he's effectively letting terrorists go, and the people get released. >> the state department just admitted, can you imagine, that isis is committing genocide. >> and the yazidis and the other ethnic and religious minorities. but you know what? what we aren't talking about is what happens to those people that are captured on the battlefield against isis right now? where are we planning to put them? maybe we'll have some black site somewhere around the world. but is there a legitimate reason for gitmo at this point? i'm just wondering how it doesn't come up. you've been on these sorts of trips before. >> everything is scripted in advance. so there are no spontaneous conversations. and when the white house says we don't expect it to come up, unless the cubans raise it in an x party way, it probably won't
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come up, which is again a sign of really how we are just capitulating to the cubans. >> what you said about teheran is now resonating big-time in social media. >> and he may make a little pop-in on the way to teheran, hit pyongyang. >> oh, you don't know all that. >> this is a fantasy happening in john's head. >> an american in jail for 15 years. >> send bill richardson to get him out. >> with dennis rodman. >> the 21-year-old who cried, the whole world watched him cry. all right, let's talk about what's happening now with the delegate count in this country in the gop race. pat, there's a lot of talk about contested conventions. we got down into the weeds of this. i don't know how much the american people have really thought about it, until last week. when it seemed like the rnc chair and some others in the republican party were hinting at well, there might not be -- house speaker paul ryan, there might not be a way around that happening in cleveland. exactly what does that mean for
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the american voter? >> well, for the american voter, and for the people in the republican party of donald trump, it's a frontrunner and comes with a lot of delegates. it means what basically i've been watching in the media and a lot of republicans say. they absolutely dismiss the american people, the republican base, which is in revolt. and the american people want their government back. donald trump did not create this. he has touched it and he has perhaps not handled it or exasperated it. but let me tell you something. the american people in both parties, and the vast number of independents and others in this country are not voting in the primaries, want their country back. they feel the government is failed, and they are tired of this, and they are being treated like, how dare you? >> the music is playing. >> quick comment. this could divide the republican party irrevocably for years to come.
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>> we'll pick that back up after
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the fox news political insiders are back with me. i want to show you something. this is the leadership in the republican party i had alluded to before. and maybe floating in the idea of parachuting in a candidate that's not even running for the gop right now. watch. >> i think it would be somewhat very unusual, but, you know, i can't 100% guarantee that, but i can't imagine right now sitting here believing it would be anyone but the three remaining candidates. >> i can't imagine, but maybe. john? >> i can imagine anything. here's how i seat it.
1:43 am
donald trump, if he doesn't get to 1,2237 before arriving in cleveland, he won't be the nominee. >> what if he's like a vote short? >> i don't know about a vote short. the party, if you listen and read and watch everything, there's so much anti-trump stuff built into the establishment, the hierarchy, the party chairman. all these people. they don't want trump. so trump's chance is to win it in the primaries, in the caucuses. he's got the best chance to still get to 1,237. if he doesn't get there, he will not make it. and neither will cruz. that's why you now open up all sorts of possibilities. >> so this call among some of the gop for john kasich to get out. when you look at some of tore states that are now in contention for ted cruz, does john kasich getting out necessarily mean that those votes are going to go to ted cruz? >> no, i think they help donald trump, if, in fact, john kasich were to get out. new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, california. i think the moderate republicans
1:44 am
there go to trump before they would go to ted cruz. but harris, what hasn't happened is for all the forces against donald trump to coalesce in an organized systematic way. and unless and until that happens, i don't think you're going to deny donald trump the nomination. john may be right, but i don't think so. i think that they need a much tighter organization than they now have. >> pat, your thoughts on this? >> mie thoughts are simple. we are watching, as i suggested several years ago, could be the weak party of the modern era falling apart. i think it's pretty applicable to this. having desserted all their principles, they now deserted all their citadels. this is the reverse of that. they want to throw away votes. they tell their voters they don't matter. i believe that this is the wig party breaking up.
1:45 am
and i believe that we're in a new era of politics. and it is the people who believe right now, they don't want anything they're being given, and you have a mass of voters who are in revolt and in charge, and god knows where that leads. >> that applies to both parties. i think if you could take the whole country and look at it, most people would agree with this. which is i don't really like any of them. and i'd like someone else. >> so let's get to something that i asked our viewers. i said you guys have a different word than angry. i asked people to come up with a word. the voters aren't angry, they are what? >> fundamentally frustrated. they're distressed. and they are really -- their sense of frustration with a failed system and failed both parties. >> why doesn't the word angry work? >> it doesn't work because it's more fundamental than that. it is a sense the institutions don't work. it's a sense the parties don't work. it's a sense that a
1:46 am
representative in responsive government that we all grew up believing was the essence of our country is gone forever. >> i'm getting this from twitter. heartbroken. disappointed. >> building on what my friend doug said, i want to go even farther. that it isn't just anger. and it isn't just fear. it's deep seated worry about the future of our wonderful country. and that no one has a handle on how to get it back on track. which is the brilliance, by the way, of trump's slogan. make america great again. best slogan ever for a time. now, he hasn't yet filled in the blanks on how to make it great again. if he spent more time on that -- >> he would argue with you on that point. >> he can argue with me all he wants. if he spent more time on saying i'm going to fix it here, i'm going to fix it how. less invective. then he starts being more of a unifier, not a disrupter. >> i want to go to pat for just one second. pat, half a minute goes to you. your thoughts. ar >> my thought, as my colleagues
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said, they are very distressed. these are people who see that 68% of america is in decline. the government doesn't work for them. they saw that when democrats attacked republicans and vice versa. nothing is done to help the people of flint. they see that politicians put party before principles, as elizabeth warren did when she would not say hillary should release her transcripts. they are tired of a country in which they are not in charge. and my god, it is their country and they will take it back. they're coming to the political class, whether the political class and the press like it. >> we'll be right back.
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welcome back. disenfranchised. not surprised. and smoldering. you have a list. >> i mentioned before that there's this genuine fear, in the public about the future of the country. >> both sides? >> oh, yeah. this is more than the political class. in my view, this is the leadership class, wall street, business, academia, religion, medicine. all of it. >> it's the end of the american dream, as i see it. >> there's this gap between these leaders and the average american. and we see this all the time now. this smug arrogance. and this condescension from these well-educated, supposedly, rich people who have made it in america, who look down at the american people as if they're a bunch of idiots and losers. and that's the division that's killing this country. >> but how do you -- i mean,
1:52 am
when you look at everybody who's running, there's not a sort of every man atop either tier. hillary clinton on one side. >> trump is the every man. >> trump is speaking directly to these fears. and the reason -- >> interesting. >> why there's so much instability, why so many people on both sides are taking to the streets, is because trump, for a lot of people, is speaking truth. for a lot of people who are equally angry, it's abhorrent what he's saying. >> let me press in with you. you're known hillary clinton for many years. >> and i've known trump for many years, too. >> you probably haven't worked on anything with him the way you have with her. >> i've worked with donald trump and hillary clinton. >> on campaigns and that sort of thing. as you look at the two of them, if it ends up being the two of them, how worried are you for her, for your friend hillary clinton? and how do you think he matches up? what you're saying is he's able to reach that working man or woman in a different way that she can't. we can't even see the transcripts of the speeches she gave for $300,000.
1:53 am
>> exactly. and here's the way i see it. if the republican party stays together and nominates trump, i believe she's the decided favorite. as i put in a "wall street journal" piece this week, it could be very close, harris, for the reasons you suggest. reagan democrats, independents, they could be brought in to vote against somebody who is the prototypical representative of the political class, even though she is my candidate. >> all right, pat. i'm seeing on twitter by debbie miller, trump has a movement. would you agree with that? is it more of a movement than a political platform? i know john has wanted to see some specifics from all the candidates, particularly donald trump. >> well, there is a movement going on in the country, and that is what is carrying trump. if he would speak more to the movement and more to what it represents rather than tearing down his opponents, and getting on twitter, and engaging these
1:54 am
stupid battles, he would do better. because this is the power here. and doug is right. hillary clinton, who is -- look, the american people believe she is corrupt as the day is long. and she is dishonest. and i can't say i disagree with the vast majority of americans. she represents everything they are against. and the question is, they're going to say if they can't handle trump or whatever, but he's going to shake it up. they're going to say what does this mean? and we will have more to come. >> wow, interesting. if, by chance she gets into office, i have a feeling pat will never be invited into a white house dinner. >> i don't think so. i'm not sure i'll be high on the list either. >> you guys are going to lose your democrat card. >> i would consider it an honor not to be invited. >> all right. real quickly, before we go, i want to look back down at social media and ask a couple of questions. people are very curious about, you know, what you said. johnmarr go says trump has
1:55 am
outlined detailed plans as well as on his website and interviews. didn't you know? >> of course i know. and the website is one thing. but what he says that comes out of his mouth on every phone-in, he does eight interviews a day, i see them all and listen to them. and he spends too much time trashing other people and too little talking about what i'm going to do to make your life better. >> john couldn't be more right. >> when we come back, real quickly -- >> and make america great. >> we have information that we have detached part of a unit of marines in iraq. i want to talk, get some final thoughts about that, because that will be a story that could pop live this week. stay with us. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses, i'm in charge of it all.
1:56 am
so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it.
1:57 am
some of the news that we learned and have reported this hour had to do with one of our marines in iraq, who was taken out by the islamic state salve a -- savages. you have some thoughts on this. >> that is breaking news, that we're reengaging on the ground with ground troops fighting isis. american troops fighting isis. we haven't heard of this. is it in con jengs? i don't know, with this decision to announce by kerry and the state department. recognizing that these bastards have to be killed and somebody's got to kill them. >> they've been killing christians. there's a genocide going on. we need those troops to stabilize the country and defeat
1:58 am
isis, period. >> yeah. but we've been there before, pat. >> yes, we have. and so far, our president is instead in cuba. there's so much to be said about the disingenuousness in our american foreign policy. this is one of them. either you get serious, or you don't get serious. and now we are going to get sucked into this again. i'm not sure the plan or favor. but that's all right. hillary clinton said this week with no comment by the press that that's all right, no one was killed in libya either. >> wow. we're going to wrap this up. there's always more. gosh, i wish we had more time. good to see you guys. have a great week this week. i'll see you on >> it is monday march 20th a fox news alert. chaos on the streets of cuba. protestors pouring into the streets just as president obama arrives. the fallout and the controversy
1:59 am
mounting this morning. >> and donald trump and ted cruz making their final pushes ahead of critical contests in arizona and utah. can the trump train be stopped? >> into the hands of the fielder. 71. >> march madness living up to its name. the incredible buzzer beaters and last second shots. stunning. basketball fans all across the country. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" this monday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am abby hunts man. chaos exploding in the streets of cuba. >> hundreds of protestors taking to the streets just moments before president obama's
2:00 am
arrival. >> police arresting 50 demonstrateses calling for free speech and amnesty for federal prisoners. kicking hear heels for president obama's visit to cuba. his visit the first by a u.s. president to cuba in nine decades. >> kelly wright joins us with details. >> it is taking place after oo 50 years of ak krom moan knee. he and his family walked through the streets of old havana. the first family is on a three-day trip to cuba. the president is hoping his visited will help improve diplomatic relations with cuba. >>


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