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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 21, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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no rest for the weary. >> big night later tonight on fox all the reports for you here. >> we've got utah arizona happening now. we will see you later. jon: our fox news alert google president obama onthat historic visit to cuba, the first american president to visit there in 80 years . let's listen in for a moment as the communist nation welcomes the us president. >> . [national anthem playing ]
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>> .
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[ speaking spanish] you have to wonder how long it's been since the star-spangled banner was played in cuba, especially by an official military band. this is the palace of the revolution. the president obama is there to meet with cuban president raul castro, they will have a handshake and there you see the president, let's listen in for a moment. >> . [speaking spanish] [band playing ]
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>> as the president reviews the honor guard were going to break away. when the president makes remarks we will continue to monitor and if there is news coming out of his cuban trip we will bring it to you here on happening now. meanwhile, the countdown to next showdown is on wiki contest in the presidential race less than 24 hours away. the first one since the republican field narrowed to a three-man race. good morning to you jon scott and we welcome heather. heather: hope everyone had a good morning pickle i'm in fort jenna lee bureau gop voters head to the polls in two state , arizona and utah. democratic voters have contests there and in idaho as well and the race is very interesting on the gop side with holes giving trump the edge in the winner
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take all state of arizona. jon: but it's a different story in utah where a new poll finds senator cruise with a two ãone lead over trump which could impact the all important delegate count here's where that stands. donald trump is in heat lead 678 delegates, more than half of what's needed to clinch the nomination for senator chris is next with 423 governor casey far behind with 143 bureau joining us now brett bear, anchor of special report bureau everybody is doing delegate math these days brett your donald trump, chief among them. he is talking to our sean hannity tonight and here's a bit of what he said in front of a live audience in phoenix about the delegate count. listen to this bureau. >> they want to get into a convention and then they will steal it and if i sign a pledge, like apledge means something they signed a pledge to bureau i'm not sure if it means very much. if i'm right up there , let's say i'm 50 delegates short
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bureau if i'm 50 delegates short and somebody else is five or 700 delegates short i don't mind that as much as somebody comes up that got defeated during the process because that's what's going to happen. i think we are going to get there, i think were going to get there in the delegate count and let's see what happens. jon: trump thinks he's going to get there in the delegate count but what if he does it?>> there are a lot of what if it's here john. let's stipulate that the most likely outcome is that this momentum continues and somehow he gets to 1237, the majority of delegates needed. that's the most likely option but short of that it is possible that he doesn't run the 50 percent roughly, 53 percent of the delegates left on the table in these contests and he comes up short. if that happens, it then comes to a contested convention and they have ballot after ballot until someone gets the 1237, the majority your the likelihood is that trump would
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make deals at the convention and somehow co-opt or coerce some other candidate into relinquishing his delegates or be a part of, tell his delegates to vote for trump. that's the most likely scenario but anything can happen because it will be open. you've got arizona and utah tomorrow on the republican side. arizona seems to be leaning very heavily in favor of donald trump, 58 delegates there. utah though seems to be going to ted cruz. you got 40 delegates there so tomorrow's race isn't necessarily going to settle a line is it? >> it won't but it will really set the table because it's the two races for a couple of weeks here for the republicans and it's a decent delegate hall. arizona, trump is positioned well. early voting there, one would think favors trump overwhelmingly. we will see if cruz and narrow the gap in late voting and late deciders.
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in utah it appears cruz as a lead but the key thing about utah is that if a candidate doesn't get to 50 percent of the vote there, the utah caucus been is proportional. in other words divvied up on the 40 delegates in utah. it's possible if cruz is at 42 percent he could get to 50 percent then he gets all 40 of those delegates but john kasich in utah complicates that math for ted cruz. jon: karl rove was on america's newsroom and our oh so ago and in his view, donald trump has yet to sealthis deal . here's what he had to say. >> 7.5 million people voted in the republican primaries for donald trump, roughly 37 percent of the total. 12.8 million people have voted for somebody else. and if they are consolidating support and gauging support and win the majority of the popular
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vote in the primaries, it's a dangerous side going forward to the convention. i hope you meditate on that and what he could do to change those numbers. jon: what can donald trump do to change those numbers? you said that the most likely scenario is that donald trump goes into the convention with enough delegates to make this nomination his own. >> i think that is the most likely go but in order to get there, to do that he's got to rally as rove points out the other part of the party did that did not vote for him. in order to you that he may have to change his tone and tenor.he may start delivering more scripted speeches. we are told the speech this afternoon to aipac in washington is a scripted speech for donald trump which is a rare event as you know and how he deals and talks about the other part of the party that is not voted for him will be an important sign going forward but again, the unity of the party is the only way the republicans can win once they
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get to a general election. otherwise you have a scenario where the democrat, likely hillary clinton walked away with it. jon: once again donald trump on with hannity tonight on fox news channel. people are going to want to check that out. and we had ted cruz and john kasich on special report bureau got them all covered. thanks brett. heather: something else coming for you. president obama on day two of the historic trip to cuba. part of the administration's effort to restore ties with the communist country. we watched mister obama live as he arrived at the palace of the revolution. a handshake, a photo op with president raul castro up next. what could be the most important part of his trip, a meeting with castro. live in havana with the latest. kevin.
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reporter: heather, always nice to be with you. historic day in havana, search first time since 1920 sitting president will conduct meetings with a human president right here on cuban soil, a momentous day indeed. we've been able to watch pictures through the morning here not just in havana but also on fox news earlier. we saw the president was able to lay a wreath in other of cuban hero josc marti. we were able to watch the welcoming set ceremony. raul castro and the president ahead of bilateral meetings planned between the two men. we expect that trade and commerce will be high on the list of conversations today. there are a number of american ceos here hoping to reconnect the united states and the cuba people through commerce . but certainly were also going to hear a great deal i'mcertain about political oppression , dissent and human rights. to put it mildly. there are a number of people who've been watching. not only what's happening in cuba but the cuban-american
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community in south florida. there have been protests in the state and here. let me show you pictures. that's the ladies in white who routinely protest human rights violations and the arrest, the consistent arrest and sometimes even being of political dissidents here and there are critics who suggest that by opening new ties with the cuban government, effectively the us is sanctioning that sort of governance on the island. here's what one expert told us. >> what we've done in a sense is prop up, given legitimacy to a single party dictatorship that is very much likely to continue now. after raul and fidel castroare no longer on the scene . reporter: it is important to point out the president is expected to meet with dissidents during his time in cuba though we have not been given the names of those he plans on meeting. we will keep an eye on that for you and the later, it's more remarks by the leaders sometime
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around 2:00 this afternoon. catch all that right here on snc. heather: thank you kevin. jon: back to domestic politics. hillary clinton wrapped up her comments to the aipac conference, a top pro israel lobbying group. she took shots at gop for donal stay neutral in the mideast peace process. a few hours from now trump and the other gop candidates get their turn to address that same conference. correspondent james rosen live from the verizon center in washington where it's underway. reporter: hillary clinton received a heroines welcome here at the verizon center with tens of thousands of people cheering as the front-runner strolled down along i i'll to the state shaking hands on the way. akin to a prizefighter approaching the rain. clinton heard loud applause on even standing ovations at several points as when for example she pledged to maintain
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israel's qualitative military edgeover its neighbors and when she called on palestinian leaders to stop inciting" , rewarding attacks on jews. but never was the former secretary of state more loftily applauded than when she tore into gop front-runner donald trump. never using trump's name but leaving no doubt who she met when clinton warned about a president who would quote, insult israel's allies , and boldness and allies whose presence itself she called unthinkable. >> we need steady hands. not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because every thing is negotiable. my friends, israel security is nonnegotiable. [applause] reporter: you hear the clapping here at the verizon center. the audience was noticeably
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more silent when clinton described her role as one of the architects of the iran nuclear deal and last night when joe biden expressed criticism of what he called the systematicexpansion of israeli settlements in the so-called occupied territories , the crowd here actually erupted in booze . jon: james, thank you. heather: the key suspect in the paris terrorist attacks captured in a police raid in brussels. what investigators are warning when salah abdeslam and. and we want to hear from you. donald trump has received an unprecedented amount of free media coverage. is that fair question mark our live chat is running at join the conversation. double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks and it's drier than poise. try it. we're so confident you'll love it, we'll give you double your money back if you don't. incredible bladder protection. double your money back guarantee.
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that's always discreet. heather: europe's most wanted
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man in custody following a police raid in brussels. 26-year-old suspect in november's deadly terrorist
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attacks telling authorities that he had access to weapons and was planning more violent operations. his capture could reveal some key information for us about future attacks and terror cells. malik ferris is a fox middle east terrorism analysis. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. heather: what do you think we can learn from his arrest? >> definitely french, belgian, other european and even american authorities will get from him a lot of information to be compared with other information that is available about this specific attack in paris and the networks that supported him and his cells in doing so so that would be very important. as far as learning more about the whole network system of isis or europe, this may not help a lot. heather: in terms of the logistical support, complex organization that he's already been talking about so far, i understand that as of saturday there were 18 people in detention in six countries on suspicion of assisting the attackers. does that surprise you? >> it does not. if you look at the way this cell, the terrorist cell has,
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they definitely needed to have a very sophisticated as you said system of support, logistics. those who we would have to go to safe places that would be protected, shielded. those who wanted to leave the country would need other individuals to help them and it's not a plan b as we learned was in brussels so indeed that network of support for this operation is now going down in general terms. heather: you and i have spoken about low and beach specifically, plenty of times before and mozambique has known to be an area where he could easily hide and receive assistance. >> absolutely. first in paris there was an area that the french police went into capture at the time and now have this area in brussels which indeed, we know and i have been there and many experts have visited and we have good analysis about what makes it so special is the fact that there are networks of
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jihadists who have been in the past spreading propaganda in this area but some of them also went to syria and iraq and authorities know about that and came back. that's why this is known as a hot area for these activities. heather: the house where salah abdeslam was arrested was in the middle of mozambique about a third of a mile from his home where he grew up, where he still had family members and it was a street away from the bar that he owned where he and his brother worked so very interesting. let's talk a little more about what you are talking about in terms of going to syria, coming back over. that is the concern of a lot of europeans especially with the onslaught of refugees and you recently been speaking about that. >> i was speaking about that, some days ago in brussels at a meeting of the european parliament. the meeting was focusing on the migrants but a lot of the meeting was about the infiltration by isis of these migrants in europe and into france, germany, britain and
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brussels. potentially if these guys are able to settle in western europe they could travel to the united states speak. heather: you answered my final question. i'll leave ferris joining us with some great insight. >> thank you for having me. jon: the serial killing suspect known as the grim sleeper on trial in los angeles. the defense expected to try to cast doubt in the minds of jurors by focusing on key dna evidence.. plus more drinking water contaminated with lead in new jersey. fears growing after tests revealed elevated levels of lead in nearly half the city schools. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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heather: happening now the decision in the trial of the suspected serial killer known as the grim sleeper begins presenting its case. bonnie franklin junior pled not guilty to murdering nine women and a 15-year-old girl between 19 85 and 2007 in los angeles. the defense attorney is expected to show there was dna evidence on the victims that is not connected to his body. jon: school students in newark new jersey being tested for elevated levels of lead. voluntary blood test will take place after revelations that children have been exposed to lead tainted water at dozens o schools there . laura angel is live with the latest from newark. >> . reporter: most of the schoolkids will be drinking bottled water until the situation is safely brought
8:26 am
under control but as history has shown, replacing miles of aging infrastructure with these types underground where the contamination is believed to have come from is not going to be a quick, easy or inexpensive fix. now the elevated levels of lead which exceeded the federal safety limit were found in 30 of 67 newark district schools early this month during routine water testing, sparking a backlash from concerned parents who are bringing their children in for voluntary blood tests. lead is known to affect a child's development and as many as 13,000 schoolkids could have been affected. as drinking fountains are being picked up with signs, presidents are learning these water tests have shown unsafe levels for years throughout newark public schools butthose results were never shared with the public. >> they knew a long time ago that the pipes were old like any other pipes in the city . they should be checking on that . reporter: and the school
8:27 am
district officials say whenever lead levels were found in previous school testing, remediation practices were put in place which included replacements and installing filtering systems as many people try to figure out who knew what when the new york public schools spokesperson tells fox today their state appointed superintendent reported the findings immediately to the department of environmental protection and that's a call that apparently had not happened with previous superintendents. the federal government only requiresabout 10 percent of the nation's schools and a small percentage of day cares to test for lead. the environmental protection agency says cities are the ones that need to take depth to reduce lead levels if they exceed 15 parts per billion but one of the biggest obstacles to the pipe underground are owned by utilities so there's a lot of going around and figuring out who's going to be able to
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fix this problem . jon: scary situation. laura ingle in newark. heather: the presidents race has left as gop candidates europe for the contest tomorrow and in one state voters don't even have to leave their homes to cast their ballots. we are live with that story. plus donald trump getting a whole lot more airtime than other presidential candidates. and some of them complain that's not fair. our media panel weighs in on whether those complaints are warranted. >> now i'm down to two leftovers. i have two leftovers. i have lying ted and i have john. i will be the most presidential president this country has ever had except for honest abe lincoln. i can't beat him.
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jon: guess what? in the grassroots people are getting it. now they didn't get it because frankly, you put me on the tube a lot but trump got $1.8 billion worth of free media. i got like none okay? jon: ohio governor john kasich putting a price tag on the amount of airtime given to donald trump. that figure comes from a media firm in oregon which tracks coverage of the presidential candidate. in comparison, it estimates kasich's media coverage worth just shy of $40 million. of 50 to 1 ratio. he says that's a big reason he isn't faring as well as trump in the presidential race.
8:33 am
let's talk to our media panel. tammy bruce, a fox news contributor. alan coles is host of the alan coles show, syndicated nationally by fox news radio. tammy, does the ohio governor have a point? >> if i had $40 million worth of coverage i'd be president. this is not just about money. the government shows you that all the time. they grow billions of dollars to things that can make it work. governor kasich is also in those debates. 20 million people, 25 million people watching him. americans have rejected his message. when it comes to donald trump the fact of the matter is this has been a perfect storm for him. it's been the message, the mood. if donald trump wasn't in the race the nominee would be ted cruz who i support because he's an outsider. but i also think when you're looking at the volume of coverage, it has been, there's
8:34 am
been a lot for him but jeb bush had an awful lot of money as well. if you have the same amount of coverage you have for jeb bush, jeb bush would not be the leader. he'd still berejected . jon: this is this company that tallies up the value of television exposure and others, social media etc. donald trump, $1.8 billion >> donald trump is doing what's called earned media . media clock calls it that and that's because shows put him on because he gets ratings and he says outrageous things that get eyeballs and you have people at his ralliesthat are beating other people up and people being arrested and that is genuine news. john kasich , if he had people beating him up at his rallies and saying i never said that, maybe he would probably get as much coverage. >> if this is just about coverage than all the democrats should be wanting to vote for donald trump also. if this was about coverage it means the 65 percent of republicans who haven't been voting for trump would be voting for him so let's remember it's not aboutthe mass or the volume , even still people are reacting, thinking individuals.
8:35 am
this presupposes that americans don't think for themselves. >> there's a certain segment of the population that's attracted to what trump is, whether that translates to a general election where whatever media coverage you get will attract the same percentage wise as it does among this segment of republicans is pretty large but it puts that line to governor kasich's complaint. jon: you mentioned there'sbeen violence at trump rallies. that's been covered a lot in the media. trump talked about it in his interview with sean hannity take in front of a live audience in arizona, it runs tonight at 10 pm. here's what trump had to say about that . >> i don't even know why they are there. they don't even know. the guy goes, i don't know. i don't really know but i'm here. i don't have any comment. you have to see these
8:36 am
interviews. they don't even know why they're there. they do have professional disruptors but if you look at my rallies other than the one i ended in chicago where no one was hurt there i did the right thing. there you have a couple hundred thousand protesters and i had 25,000 people who were able to stop a lot of them from coming and i can't because when i landedat the secret service, the police everybody said this could be a problem so we get a lot of credit to them . i hate to do that. jon: professional disruptors. >> the police after that chicago cancel rally said we assured donald trump that we could handle it, that it could go on. that's not true. as usual what donald trump just said that all of his supporters then how can the police say that. this is, we know that it's groups that are aligned with the left but no one is talking about hillary clinton's responsibility for this violence. barack obama for the last eight years, jon: you think barack obama could be responsible? >> praising them for their actions. if the media was really doing its job they would be inquiring
8:37 am
about the reality of this but the bottom line is that if it's about volume of coverage whether it's the nature of the coverage or who they're talking about, the american people are still making up their mind and here's the fact of the matter. they are responding to what donald trump is saying you are going past the media. they don't trust the media and that's a lesson for the media right now is that the american people trust them so little they are not even necessarily listening or taking seriously the coverage they're getting. jon: you can't blame the media for everything. >> i'm saying there irrelevant. >> hillary clinton and barack obama, if he promotes, he promotes, it's some supporters that initiate this and he supports it. you can't blame barack obama and hillary clinton for that. jon: but when the protesters arrived at trump rallies you can't blame him for that either. >> i do blame him. he has promoted them. he's said this person could be
8:38 am
dead. he said i pay for your legal fees. he's done nothing to take back those things he said. i totally blame him. >> the good news about the media coverage that people can see this for themselves. they know who's involved. with the internet we know who these agitators are and they're not just relyon this conversation. we can give context but the american people know that alan is upset for no reason at all. jon: trump said in that clip we played from hannity's interview, he says it's professional disruptors are going in . >> donald trump is a pathological liar.he's lied about everything. he takes no responsibility for anything he says. >> you're a media guy on the left. i was a community organizer on the left and that's all we did. we professionally agitated where we could to disturb what was going on in the right. they are still doing it. i developed some of these elements 20, 25 years ago so come on. >> leadership is taking responsibility. leadership is setting the tone for what happens at your event and he said a despicable terrible tone and is
8:39 am
responsible for the tone he has set. he is responsible for the actions that have resulted. >> it fascinating for me to watch the left fall into bed with the community organizers. they should stop. jon: some great discussion. any bruce, alan colds. thank you very much. heather: speaking of the elections, major developments in election headquarters as voting in three western states era presidential contest tomorrow. the gop dozens of delegates in arizona and utah are at stake. same forget the democrats except idaho is in the mix as well. in utah technology playing a role which for the very first time giving the option to vote online. gc is life for us in salt lake city with more. how is this going to work? >> i'll tell you, the system was set up to keep turnout as
8:40 am
high as possible because utah republicans for the first time are holding caucusesinstead of the traditional primaries and since the caucuses are a big time commitment , time commitments can scare voters away they are letting people stay at home and cast ballots from their couch. as many as 40,000 utah republicans may utilize the new web based ballot that would be among the most ever to vote online in any american primary. it should be easy to use but there are concerns it's also easy to hack with some cyber security experts, the company in charge of the equipment says there have not been concerns during testing and that there are backups in case of a crash or any sort of outside interference. for any ballots have been cast, online or in person voters here have been caught in the middle of a brutal back and forth about mitt romney's stakes. donald trump questions if mitt romney was a mormon after he announced he would vote for
8:41 am
cruise on tuesday and that is a problem that drew quick condemnation from the other two republicans still running. >> it was sad yesterday. to see donald trump stand up in utah and call into question mitt romney's faith. that has no place in politics. that is wrong. >> i don't question people's religion. it's not my place to judge okay? thank you all. reporter: donald trump now says he was just kidding when he questioned romney's beliefs. >> i said it in a joking way but they can take it anyway you want. the mormons are very smart people. i don't think mitt romney is a smart person. i never have thought he was a smart person but the mormons are smart people. reporter: a new poll by the local newspaper in denver that lists the economy and security far and away the two issues that are likely to motivate utah republicans but we've been speaking to folks who plan to vote online andin person on the sidewalk . a lot of them are calling this the most important thing to them is putting a conservative
8:42 am
on the supreme court. heather: they can vote online and in person. right? reporter: either or, whichever one you want. heather: thank you so much. we will see what happens. jon: hillary clinton talking mideast policy as she addressed aipa, the influential lobbying group. other presidential candidates will speak but not all of them decided to skip the event. the impact it could have on the race for the white house.our political panel weighs in. israel's security is nonnegotiable. [cheering]
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♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? america can't ever be neutral when it comes to israel's security or survival. we can't be neutral when
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rockets rained down on residential neighborhoods. when civilians are stabbed in the streets, when suicide bombers targetthe innocent . some things are negotiable. and anyone who doesn't understand that has no business being ourpresident . [applause] heather: that was hillary clinton taking a veiled swipe at donald trump at aipa. the other gop presidential candidates will the israeli lobbying group but noticeably absent, bernie sanders. he's skipping the event and it comes on my growing pressure from democrats for bernie to skip the race or at least focus is fire on defeating the republicans. political right today in an article called democrats to sanders: time to wind down.
8:47 am
nearly a dozen democratic lawmakers suggested in interviews that sanders should focus more on stopping donald trump on and less on why he believes clinton is on trade, financial regulation and foreign policy would make her a flawed president. joining us now, basil michael, democratic strategist and david avella, a pack german and republican strategist. thank you so much for joining us. quest my question is the same for both of you. should he stay or should he go? >> i think bernie sanders should stay in the race. were not in a position to ask any of our candidates to step down for the quote unquote good of the party. that's a decision he will have to make. he's makingthe argument that he's raised a tremendous amount of money, $45 million in the month of february alone. he's got a tremendous amount of support and he is still rallying a substantial component of the democratic base . so there's no real argument for him that i think any of us could legitimately make for him
8:48 am
to come out of the race though he may make the decision on his own. you're not going to see a forced him out. heather: he did say he is not going to quit. he saidthat it would be undemocratic for him to do so. david you agree but for different reasons that he should stay .>> let's hope he stays in because he served as wife hillary clinton is vulnerable in the general election. young voters are inspired by her. middle-class voters don't believe she will fight for them. republicans believe she's incompetent and wrong on the issues and all of them leave that she is untrustworthy and unprepared to be ready to be president of the united states. look, in 2008 democrats already showed that hillary clinton wasn't their first choice and with the amount of money , the amount of enthusiasm that bernie sanders has generated, it also suggests she's going to have the same problems with democratic voters, key constituencies within the party as we get ready for the general election. i'm not suggesting she won't
8:49 am
win democrats. she will win democrats but by what percentage that she can get key voting blocs? young voters,african-american voters, hispanic voters . how can she turn them out? >> also independent voters and that brings me back to what you were talking about. one of the reasons that hillary clinton's camp doesn't want to upset those who are following bernie sanders right now because she doesn't poll well with independents. she doesn't poll well necessarily with young voters and she will need those two core groups in a general election. >> myissue with that argument and the argument earlier, i think it's a continuous round because she's winning . that's a key statistic that she is winning in terms of delegates both on the ground and in terms of so-called superdelegates but going back to an earlier point as well, she only lost the democratic nomination by what, 300 delegates in 2008?
8:50 am
this wasn't a huge repudiation of any of her message. if you go back to what she was in the senate, she worked for republicans. there were republicans that wanted to work with her. i don't think that's the republican party that's in congress right now quite frankly but i do think their message is a winning message and the reality is that she will, assuming she's the nominee she will be able to get the support of young voters. he will be able to get the support of middle class and she's already getting african-american and latino voters with the results in south carolina. heather: thank you both for joining us. we will see, bernie says he's into the end. basil, david, thank you. jon: the us and cuba have been at odds over the years over a lot of things but the game of baseball isone thing both nations love .lots of professional players in the us hail from the island nation. now one major league team is getting ready to take on cuba's team. well our national pastime help
8:51 am
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on outnumbered at the top of the hour. andrea and harris, what's coming up? >> monday, donald trump meeting with european lawmakers in dc to mend fences with the party establishment. amid reports of a new republican plan to deny him the nomination. where is this relationship going? >> plus hillary clinton said to be training her sights squarely on donald trump. she can, i guess can she? can she do what other republicanhopefuls can't do? can she take him down? no one is successful .
8:55 am
>> president obama making history in cuba but his trip just rewarding a communist dictatorship that let dozens of us fugitives hideout including a convicted police killer. >> all that plus a hashtag one lucky guy minus the robe. the last one gave it away. you heard the laughter. >> will be there for sure. thank you guys. were going to talk a little bit about more john. jon: cubans in america this week in addition to obama. the tampa bay rays gearing up for a game against the cuban national team. the first time in major nationally baseball team will play in cuba for 50 years. arrogant is keeping an eye on that live in miami. reporter: the tampa bay rays had to win a lottery to become the first us major league baseball team to playin cuba . relations between the two countries have been normalized. the trip is more than just symbolism.
8:56 am
a record 150 baseball players left cuba in 2015. causing officials in cuba federation to fear their league was crumbling. the us has just relaxed trade restrictions against cuba that could allow cuban players to earn major-league salaries without cutting tiesto the communist island . >> i think the rays are excited about it as an organization because they want to get into the cuban baseball players superstar pipeline. reporter: the current layout for cuban baseball stars can be risky and illegal but the numbers often justify that risk. cuban baseballplayers can earn as little as $40 per month . for just this three-day visit, the rays players will receive $10,000, what human player would earn in 21 years. despite such disparity, the us players say they expect a hard-fought game. >> they have such a history and love for the game that i
8:57 am
think it's fun that we getto have some major league baseball played here . reporter: cuba's seven-year-old stadium with its wooden benches can hold 55,000 people. it's expected to be packed tomorrow. john? the one stephen harrigan in miami. we will be right back. th us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority:you
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>> heather and i back in an hour. now "outnumbered." >> this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. we have harris faulkner, host of "kennedy" on fbn, kennedy. host of "after the bell" on fbn, melissa francis. we welcome back to the couch fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. andrea: you're outnumbered and happily outnumbed. >> who could say


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