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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 21, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> violent outbursts at campaign rallies. in tucson, a protester punched and stomped as he was let out by security. >> more violence surrounding the campaign of donald trump. will scenes like these effect the voters. [chanting] >> we have a special report this >> for more than half a century, the sight of a u.s. president here in havana would have been unimaginable. this is a new day. >> president obama in cuba. some believe he has already been disrespected by raoul castro. but here's the important question. what's in the detente for the u.s.a.? >> donald trump is a clown.
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like i don't want him to be my president. i would like to hire him forht&ç my child's birthday party. >> you are dressed like that but trump is a clown? >> also ahead, watters goes to a music festival to talk politics with young americans. >> people toom >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪smwn hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. what the next president should do to save the u.s.a. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. many americans, myself included, are getting tired of the stale rhetoric by politicians on both sides. the harsh truth is, most of what they say will never happen. that's why people are so angry. because the words disappear
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after the votes are cast. the next president will be facing complex problems that have been festering for years. first, income inequality. working americans not getting ahead. that's been going on for decades. the reason is companies do not have to pay unskilled workers tee sent salaries because there is took much competition at at that level. if do you not have a skill, are poorly educated and not willing to move to where the jobs are, you're in trouble. and millions of americans find themselves in that very place. the solution to income inequality is not big government give aways, senator sanders is pedaling a myth. income inequality can only be overcome by education. the next president must level with the folks. you must learn a skill and must learn thousand yourself in the marketplace. no tattoo on your forehead. public schools receiving taxpayer money.
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have to revamped, totally revamped. emphasizing basic educational skills, basic math, reading, spelling, and you have to know how write a sentence. and you have to know how to say it. and the high schools have to provide courses that are job-targeted. remember shop? the crux of all this income business is an inability to compete. public schools must deal directly with that. now, the second thing the new president must do is mobilize nato to defeat the jihad. that's long overdue as well. the most powerful military alliance on earth must confront islamic terrorism and provide safe zones for refugees in places like syria and libya. right now, the jihad is on the move in africa, arab sharks and the middle east. president obama has dithered, allowing isis and other groups to grow stronger. it's got to stop. if some nato countries won't
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cooperate, throw them out. period. finally, immigration and border security. there is no question a wall between the u.s.a.mñ and mexico is needed simply to stop the tons of hard narcotics flowing into america. the drug cartels control much of mexico. that's not to improve any time soon. we need to stop the madness down there and secure our border. a war will not solve every problem but it can be effective as the israelis have shown the world it's worked over there. once an effective barrier is built, illegal aliens currently living here can be dealt with in a fair way. they will all have to register with the federal government. all ofix them. and then congress should pass a series of new laws defining their status. those who have broken immigration law are not, not entitled to citizenship. but, we can be humane if they have kids who are american citizens, extended
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families, been here a long time. we can be humane. and allow some of them to work off a punishment in return for a green card. so, those are the top three priorities for the new president. now talking points has a very simple question. do you believe any of the candidates could accomplish those things? that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from washington charles krauthammer. and you say? >> well, i think you've got the general idea right. but i do think the problem with stagnant wages is not inequality. i know that's what sanders and manyqe liberals focus on. i don't think people necessarily care that there are people up there making a lot of money. what they care is are they making enough, are they keeping up? and that, i think, has been the problem. if you are able to end the wage stagnation, then i think people aren't going to talk about inequality. and to do that a couple of
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things. i agree with you education is absolutely necessary. i don't think the public schools will ever achieve what you are advocating. >> force them to. >> the way to do it is school choice. >> i >> the federal government. >> massive scale. >> almost like sanctuary cities. the federal government provides direct money to some perhaps most public schools. a, every kid should be wearing a uniform. b, the curriculum has to be changed to basically have the three r's right there inzs @ a testing system. not common core. all right. just basics. and then c, these shop courses, these courses in electronic, high tech have to be offered. if they don't, charles, you cut their money off. you starve them to death. >> that's how you do it? >> you are not going to be
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closing public schools unless you offer an alternative. the reason that none of this is happening teacher's union have a stranglehold. what counts in the teaching profession is seniority, not expertise not energy. >> they can't break the union. >> the only way to do it is to create competition so people flow to the other schools. charter. >> okay. i agree with that and perhaps if a republican is elected president and they have the two bodies are republicans. democrats will never support that. >> of course not. we are talking about what the country ought to do this is argument for elected conservatives the other part of this is if you can't narrow inequality. what you can do is raise everybody's standard of living as we have done until recently since the second world war by expanding the pie.
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growth is 2%. at 2% we are never going to help the working class. >> the pie has to be eaten by people who know how to chew. look, i'm telling you. you know, charles is saying okay, i'm going to bring back these jobs from china and mexico and all of that is he never going to do that that's never going to happen, all right? it's a totally different economy and the mill economy and england and steal economy in michigan is never coming back. no matter what he does and how he rattles the saber. training and high tech and the new innovative industries that we lead the league in here. league in here. weh y those, that will wipe out much of this inequality. >> bill, i don't disagree. and i'm certainly not a trumpite when it comes to this promise to bring back jobs to make the chinese spit them back to us. the way to go about expanding the pie, yes, you have to have the education, yes, you have to have training, yes, you have to have the basics, but why
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does that exclude what we absolutely need to do and that what we did in 1986, which is that we have to clean the tax code. because it works against industry. it works against innovation, and it is obscenely unfair. >> i agree with that. >> we have crony capitalism. we have cutouts. we have political favoritism that corrupts the system. every 20 years we have to clean the barnacles off the ship. because for 20 years we have been accumulating all these special interests. you wipe them away and get 1986, which was followed by 20 years of growth. almost uninterrupted. >> 1986 tax code you mean? >> that's got to be done. >> the reformúñ the tax code was done in '86. now we are 20 years in. >> we have to do it. >> 30 years in and we have to do it. we are long overdue. >> we are going to hold charles over, of course against his will but we have locked the doors he can't get out of the washington studio. we want to talk about why
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including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next. continue with charles krauthammer who is in washington. conservative media voices and politicians split on trump, even on this news channel. do you see any pattern in support or dissent or is it random? >> i don't know if there is a pattern. i don't know if i could identify a personality type. but i would say generally speaking, people who are truly committed to conservatism as a cause, rather than the republican party as a vehicle are -- have been resisting coming
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on board trump for the 1eu6r78 reason that is he not a conservative. now, there are others who have now signed on, who are conservative and i'm assuming because here i'm projecting because i'm not one of them, but if you are asking me to speak on their behalf, they believe either that he is malleable or that if they can climb on board the trump train, they will have influence and they will steer him into conservatism. >> i'm more interested in the personality in the segment. this is fascinating. a guy like glenn beck, all right, can't stand donald trump. and he is very conservative, very constitutionala doctrineaire. another guy on talk radio michael savage, very conservative, loves donald trump. varying degrees in and out of that crew. on the political front you have chris christie from new jersey a moderate governor. he supports donald trump as we know. and then you have on the
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other side senator ben sass from nebraska, another conservative. he doesn't want anything to do with trump. i mean, it's just lindsey graham, hates trump. but,k governor paul will he page of maine, another conservative guy loves trump. i can't really process this. even here when i watch the individual shows, you know, bolling loves trump. you don't like him. i don't know how it gets -- how we get there at all. >> well, i object to the use of the word hate. i don't hate anybody. >> i said you don't like him. >> i don't like him t. it's not a matter of liking. the question is do i want him to be president of the united states. >> you don't support him. >> well, because i don't think he would be a good the '. i think they would be a terrible president. >> why do you think that and then a guy like bolling who, you know, is promoting trump. see, there is something
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about trump that i think alienates people on emotional level. why be wrong in saying that. >> i don't think it's emotional. i think it has to do with two things. one is ideology. there are people who don't particularly care about his positions. i'm not even sure anyone knows his positions. you have got any idea what trump's position isúon the h 1 visas? do you think even trump has any idea what his position is? >> on which? >> on the h 11 b visas? >> the visas you get educated people. >> he took three positions in one night. >> he favors that i know all of his positions. if you want to know any position. >> do you know his position on people being deported. >> yeah he says he is going to deport 12 million. >> he says. >> after he deports them. >> he is not going to deport them. >> this is what he says. >> i explained why he couldn't and i think he realizes that. >> come on. >> look, he says these
8:17 pm
things and he wants to do them. he wants to do them, all right? but when faced with the reality of a federal court system, which is going to block him, the first time he knocks on a door, what can he do? he understands the system that is he going to be blocked. he knows it. >> but the point is when you are choosing a president, the only thing you have to go on is what he says. so he says he wants to deport 12 million people. and then he says that after he deports them, he wants to go through them and to find the really terrific ones. >> but he has never even going to get. >> there he is going to have the department of terrificness and they are going to examine all of these people and terrific ones are going to come back. >> you have been around long enough to know that politicians -- >> -- i want to be head of that department. >> politicians say things to mobilize support. and then they say, you know once i get the power, then i will deal with it so i want to do it, i'm sincere in saying i want toe do it, and
8:18 pm
i will find a way. and then they get in there and look at barack obama. the best example. i'm going to do. this i'm going to do that. i'm going to -- and he does butkus other than the healthcare. >> you say politicians say stuff and when the votes are counted. >> everything disappears. >> into thin air. >> right. >> isn't that what you are saying trump is doing? >> he wants to do. >> i want to fly. i want to sprout wings right now and my. but that's not running for if i run for president. >> i understand and told donald trump to his face that the deportation of 12 million was never going to happen. all right? and millions of people heard and saw that. but they are still going to vote for trump because they like his spirit. they like the sentiment. last word. >> i want you to be head of the department of terrificness. [ laughter ] >> i think you would be a wonderful guy for that. >> i don't know.
8:19 pm
i'm not so terrific. >> but you -- you have a discerning eye for terrificness. >> that's why you are on for two segments. >> absolutely. >> charles krauthammer, everybody. >> i'm ready for a third. >> next on the rundown is barack obama being disrespected in cuba? kirsten powers has some thoughts. then trump meets with some republican big shots. newt gingrich on the scene. we hope he will tell us what happened and the factor is coming right back. ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class?
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the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting personal story segment tent, president obama in cuba this evening. earlier today he met with the dictator there raoul castro, brother of the aging fidelf castro. raoul didn't bother to show up when the president landed
8:23 pm
in havana yesterday. some believe that was disrespectful. question tonight what is the u.s. getting out of detaunt with cuba? that's how you say it if you are in cuba. joining us now from florida kirsten powers. i have never been to the country. i have been to guantanamo bay twice which is located on the island but is u.s. territory. beautiful from what i can see. but i don't know what's in it for the u.s.a. having president obama go there. you know, we remember calvin coolidge. i know you are a big fan of his. he was the last president who went there and he went there because they were making all kinds of trade deals with cuba and that's why calvin whose famous quote is you know the business of america is business went there. i think i'm rambling. but what is in it for the u.s.a.? what is in it for us? the reason president obama going there obviously is we are now entering a new stage with cuba. and we are normalizing relations with them. so the president, i think, is trying to mo us a step
8:24 pm
forward in that direction and you can ask the question of what were we getting from not having a relationship with them. i would say very little. this is a country who has continued to be oppressive. >> we don't need anything, with all due respect. we don't need anything cuba and they are human rights investigators. the day before the president and first lady showed up they were dragging women, women who were demonstrating peacefully into jail. one said she was stripped and hue humiliated. political prisoners all over the place no, free press. why are we going down there? >> we have relationships as you know many with countries that have political prisoners and treat people badly. china probably being the numbera6 one example of that. >> we have to have relationships with elm. this thisson a option. >> relationship with other countries like saudi arain yarvettle again we have to. >> i think part of the idea -- i'm a big believer in engagement. we have disagreed before about iran, for example. i think you engage with your enemies. i think that's where you need to have diplomacy and
8:25 pm
that's what the president is doing. >> i'm not going to reject that point. >> what are you going to get out of it in hopefully you are going to help that country move. you see th china it's glacial. you have seen them change very much more in the direction of a market economy that's better for them sell things to them. in cuba you have to acknowledge two things we in the united states don't need that island. if there is nothing that they have that we need. it's not like china or saudi arabia where those countries provide a service to us. the second points and this point is more important the economy of cuba is run by whom? who runs the economy of cuba? >> the government. >> which part of the government? >> >> the military. >> yeah. >> military runs the economy. >> okay. >> they are the ones that are going to benefit from any american investment. it's going to go? right to the people who are keeping the other people down. >> look, there are --
8:26 pm
>> -- it's disturbing. >> going back to the thing. you just dismiss this idea on the one hand you say there is no reason to do it. people are keeping the people down. well, the people in china are the same people that are keeping the people down. the government is not a good government there. the government in saudi arabia. >> different economy in china. >> it's a different economy. >> a lot different. >> than it was when we start to do have relationship with them. >> i concede with you that it is possible. >> let me just finish and say the point is over the long run that you hope to see some sort of change in cuba, which is good for people in cuba and good for people in the united state# it's to the true they don't have anything to offer us. >> people do business with the military. keep that in mind. >> it's military get the pony. >> in china, they are doing it with the government that just as evil as the military. >> all right. last question. all do you think it was disrespectful that raoul -- >>.
8:27 pm
no i think this is -- people making much ado you about nothing. it is not news. listen, when the president of china comes to the united states, president obama does not go to meet him. the vice president. >> this is the first time since calvin coolidge and i'm sure you know this when calvin showed up the president of cuba showed up to greet. >> okay. i don't even think the white house wanted him to meet him there in the first place. >> why not? >> because if they wanted to, i think they would have demanded that he do it. >> demanded? >> let's also remember that the president was able the white house was able to get him to agree to have a press conference. something that he doesn't normally do. they got something much more posh than a photo op. in an airport. >> i want you to watch the woody allen movie bananas. >> i have already seen it, bill. i'm one step ahead of you. >> everybody should watch that movie and get up to speed. >> donald trump meeting with2a some prominent republicans in d.c. newt gingrich was there. he will debrief us.
8:28 pm
watters with the young'ns talking politics. >> what is the most important issue facing the country today? >> i don't have enough shoes. >> we hope y
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"yeah" "oh, that didn't hurt at all." "yeah, completely painless." "credit karma. give yourself some credit." campaign 2016 segment tonight, there will be votes in arizona, utah, idaho and america samoa tomorrow. arizona polls say trump ahead by double digits. on the democratic side hillary clinton up big.
8:32 pm
30 points over sanders in that border state. in utah, it's a different story. senator ted cruz up big over kasich and trump. hillary clinton and bernie sanders close in the utah. joining us now from washington katie pavlich and here in new york city juan williams. first of all i wantuuz know because over the weekend the reportage was the same it drives me crazy, by the way, they say the same stuff over and over and over. few isolated incidents at the trump rallies, all right? people at home watching. this now, everybody is catching on there could be trouble at a trump rally. the media loves that you know that vort in not one camp or the other are they affected by the pictures. >> it could be ugly. trump supporters turned off. some say trump support supporters are urged on by that they feel more passionate. >> they don't want to be told that they can't hear the guy. >> remember, if you are talking about trump as the leading republican candidate at the moment for the nomination and looking
8:33 pm
toward independents and democrats and especially where he has had trouble with women voters gender gap there, i don't think it helps. >> what about you, katie, what do you think. >> i certainly don't think it helps. especially with independent voters. they don't like seeing even if it's isolated incidents these types of fights breaks out at political rallies. they feel like political rallies should be a place where they are safe and feel like they could bring their children and don't want to be surrounded by that type of environment. not effect the general primary but effect the general;ñ election. >> if both ofemz you are correct and it's not in stone, these are not facts. these are opinions we are giving you, but both juan and katie are correct. then, katie, it means that the move on far left cabal, which is behind all this, they are the proactive people. they are setting up the confrontations, they are winning. because if what you are say something true, it's going to turn off independents and
8:34 pm
people who don't really know, they are not committed, then we are going to see more of this because those people are going to say, you know what? we are going to create such a fiasco that the whole election is going to be turned upside down. am i wrong? >> sure. i think it's fair to say that the left's goal is to shut down speech, not necessarily to add more speech. and i think doo think is there is a difference between disruptedders and protests at these rallies. in terms of donald trump himself and whether independent also vote for him at a general election, he has onable gation to come out firmly against what is going on. yes, he has condemned the protesters, but he hasn't necessarily roundly condemned the people responding to them. >> i don't know how much that's going to do to primary season. >> the general election is what he has to worry about. >> say trump comes out strong and says i don't want any of anything like that, okay? it's not going to help him among his primary voters, is it. >> not necessarily. no, on the other hand as katie was saying he is not
8:35 pm
hurting him on primary voters. he is doing pretty were well. >> as i said to donald trump himself and it will never be reported by the far left media that he should be peacemaker. i think he should be a peace maker. because i have also an eye on the general electric democrat. >> that's wh i was talking to you about. i have got to say at the same time he has to take some responsibility. >> i don't agree with you on that. >> just organized by the far left move on. people in chicago they get on facebook and they decide they are going to make a stand against trump. >> hard core educators and it's fine. they get on facebook and go out and hold a sign. nobody is complaining about that the hard core agitators? they are coming out of these precincts and they're the ones that are whipping the crowd up. katie, you get the last word. governmental either way it doesn't look good for donald trump. general election 68% approval rating to overcome much higher than hillary clinton. he has a big hill to climb.
8:36 pm
easy thing to do in a situation where violence is happening inside your rallies is to say enough. we're not participating in this. voting -- you know the old principle of voting is substitute for violence. that's what we are going to do moving forward it would help him in the general, but at this point it doesn't seem like he wants to do that despite the fact is he winning the primary. >> i'm not so sure about that he did not appear in chicago. that was a gesture to stop any violence, anything like that. so he forfeited that' aance there. so i'm not so sure yet about that. we will see going forward because you know that these agitators aren't going to stop. they are not. when we come right back, newt gingrich sat in on a meeting where donald trump spoke with big shotp republicans. then watters talking politics with young upcoming. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done?
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8:41 pm
but we want know, you know, the tone of it. but before i get to that, trump spoke to a pac earlier this evening. the conservative group down there. and now he seems to be trying to reach out as they say and embrace more people. would that be wrong? that's what it looks like is he doing. >> no, look. i think trump is now proven that he is a very, very serious candidate. that he is clearly the frontrunner. i think he is beginning to realize that that means you have got to reach out and you have got to broaden your basea of activity and that's part of why he was here today. i think the speech at the aipac was a significant step by him. is he also, i think, going to be taking some other steps that are designed to say particularly the conservatives, look, you know, you can rely on me. here is some indications how serious i am. and he is assembling a team. he talked to the "the washington post" today about foreign policy advisors, released six names of pretty
8:42 pm
substantive people who would be widely recognized as the having real experience. and i think the tone and the meeting i was in, the calista and i went to as old friends and there were a number of people there who have endorsed him. other people interested in learning what's going on. but the tone was practical, workmanlike. this is the donald trump who knows how to sit down with bankers and knows how to sit down with people who are interested in. >> he believe that he has the right stuff to be president. that's what they all do. >> yeah. i was going to say it's not the isn't that the job of a presidential candidate. >> what? >> isn't that the job of a presidential candidate? >> i don't know. i'm not in your world. my world is, you know, i tell the truth as a see it and try to solve problems. trump has run a generalist campaign. not a specific campaign. >> right. >> and the general themes have put him in a position to win the nomination. and i think that was very smart thing to do. he caught the wave of anger. he saw what was happening.
8:43 pm
he did it better than anybody else by far. in the meeting that you attended today, was he still a generalist or did he come in like i did with the talking points memo tonight with solutions to three very complex problems? >> i think it would be more accurate to say he came in and said here is where we are and this is what we are doing and listened very intently. had you some 20 people in that room quite substantive people who were talking to him about specific ideas. specific suggestions. and he clearly was paying attention. he is a much better listener in that kind of a setting than people who just see him on the stage would think. and i think he was trying8? tryo absorb. the number one message is really simple. you cannot be an effective president unless you find some way to get things to work in washington. jimmy carter tried it. it doesn't work. you can't be a pure outsider. and i think that trump came in having learned from obama's failures and i would not be at all surprise to do
8:44 pm
see him come back a number of times this spring to meet with the wide range of people to begin to find a way to accommodate each other and to work together. he has very dig bold ideas. but getting them done is going to take very practical work with members of the congress. >> did you give him any advice? >> none that i'm going to share with you, bill. come on. >> i didn't ask you to share it with me. i know you are not a sharing kind of guy. did you give him any advice? >> look, trump is an old friend for bothm6 calista and me. we talked to him a long time. i always remind people, i'm very close to john kasich. i talk regular whether i cruz. i was there today as somebody who really cares about the country and the republican party. and i want to find a way that the nominee is able to bridge and really build a team. i think trump has that potential. >> all right. i'm rudy giuliani, occasionally you have a conversation with trump and you offer him some advice. >> sure. >> i have asked you for advice. >> sure. >> politically.
8:45 pm
you know. i have talked to you on the phone and i said, look here is the complexity, how do you cut through it? that would make sense that you would do that. >> well, sure. >> so i assume did you it? >> yeah. look, i think anybody who has the guts to run for president ought to have the right to call on virtually any citizen and say what do you think? how would you do it differently? i will tell you something that may surprise you. i would never presume to give donald trump strategic advice because his instincts are so much different than mine. this guy has been unbelievably successful since june 16th when he announced. he does it in a way i can't understand. he does it out of a pure intuition. is he fu surrounded by pollsters and consultants and all this stuff it's his read. >> he goes by gut. thanks m speaker, thanks for sharing. on deck, younger americans, will they vote? who do they support? we will find out. as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all
8:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world over the weekend there was a music festival in austin, texas. thousands of young americans went there to have fun. but much of that was ruined when watters showed up. ♪ >> so what's this festival all about? >> it's about music. people coming together. >> we all need to come together as a unity strength inq÷ numbers my man. strength in numbers. >> brother from another mother. >> deep down, i'm feeling a little cob fused. >> it smells great. >> smells like weed. >> oh god. >> i was just --
8:50 pm
>> smelling, smiling. >> can i stuff your sword. >> go ahead. >> can i hold your staph. >> do you trust me? >> no. >> can you pet your you, what's most important issue facing the nation? >> facing the nation? people too serious, man! >> good answer. good answer. >> i don't have enough shoes. >> global warming. >> you know what happens when it gets warmer? i just take off a layer. >> i can't fepull my arms out. >> racial equality. >> last time i checked we had a black president. >> yeah, still doesn't mean we're equal. you have white privilege. >> i do? >> yeah, you do. >> wow. >> right now i think it's education. >> what do you think the most important issue is? >> lgbt, transgendered people. >> what does lgbt stand for? >> uh -- >> look, i don't --
8:51 pm
>> transphobia, things like that. >> why is trans phobia the biggest issue in america? [ crickets ] >> isis is a huge issue facing the country, jobs is a huge issue, immigration is a huge issue, thank you so obama for that. >> health care is a big issue right now. >> i thought obamacare was supposed to fix that miss. >> uh. >> what do you guys think about trump? >> trump -- >> get him out of here. >> trump is president, are you guys going to leave the country it. >> i'm going back to kenya. >> fine, less traffic. >> i think he's a great candidate. i think he speaks his mind and he's not backed by any, you know, political bs. >> i'm a trump supporter, so i think he's great. >> i should be v.p.! >> he's too ridiculous. the stuff that comes out of his mouth is too crazy. >> hillary barks like a dog but you think trump is crazy? >> i'm not a fan of hillary,
8:52 pm
either. [ barking ] >> you know? >> what do you think about donald trump? >> i don't. >> do you think we should build a wall on the southern border? >> people come in illegally either way. >> you let people break into your house at night and eat out of your fridge? >> that i do not. >> what do you think about donald trump? >> i like a lot of what he says, you know, especially when it comes to how to deal with terrorists. >> donald trump is a clown. >> you're dressed like that, but trump is a clown? >> yeah. >> come on, man, you're better than that. >> where do you get your news from? >> i don't watch the news. >> tumbler, instagram. >> i -- mostly cnn. >> i can tell. where do you get your news from? >> fox news. >> no commercials, no mercy! >> i'll take it. >> do you believe in bad luck? >> i'm watters, and this is my world. >> needs a little work. >> boy, is he strict. >> nice watters.
8:53 pm
did you bribe that girl to do that? you must have. >> i don't need to give anybody money. >> she knew? >> she was a fan. >> she knew? about the whole little thing? >> it's watters, i'm shaking. >> wow. i was surprised. it was diversity of opinion down in. >> very diverse down there. it's a music festival. >> austin, texas. >> lot of people are there for tech technology. everyone in the younger scene care about isms. racism, sexism, transphobiaism, whatever that's about. i think the top issues in america are national securities and jobs. >> you know, most of these people haven't entered the responsibility stage where they have children and have to get a mortgage so there can be an ism. >> right. >> i thought i'd hear more global warming. only had one global warming. >> only one. i was surprised. it's because they live in texas. it's already warm. >> already hot. they don't want to get any hotter down in. >> that's true. they can fry. see you on thursday. "factor" tip of the day.
8:54 pm
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shows on bill o' now to mail. "over the weekend both the national and local media ramped up their attacks on donald trump reporting a slant saying it's trump supporters causing the violence." some trump folks are doing their thing, some of them aren't. the far left as we just mentioned is driving the danger. and you right, doctor, the media largely ignoring that fact. pathetic and predictable. as the press is mostly driven now by ideology in america. les, everett, washington, "i am a democrat who watches the "factor" mostly for entertainment value. you refer to your show as a news program, mr. o'reilly. that's intellectually bankrupt. if you do it again, i'll never watch again." this news program is sad to see you go, les. bye. but truth defines us. abby hunt, denver "mr. o'reilly, you are getting old and don't realize what you're saying." that was the case when i was young. "you are definitely promoting trump. having him on every evening and never having ted cruz on is
8:58 pm
unfair." senator will be here tomorrow. he's received the same amount of invitations as mr. trump has. tom grant, michigan, "o'reilly, appreciated your tip about not getting drunk on st. patrick's day. i run a thaxsy company that makes money driving drinking people home. but would like to see less of that. drinking really messes up lives." doug, baltimore, "just became a billo' premium member. love it. i get the podcast, the no-spin news and chose the "killing reagan" audio as my gift." glad you're happy, doug. want all pms to be happy. welcome to the "factor" vanguard and a very happy birthday to helen modine living in tucson, arizona, 100 years old today. way to go, helen. finally tonight the "tafactor" p of the day. had a nice time in florida last week. as some of you know, i once
8:59 pm
taught high school in a tough section of miami called oppa locka. hasn't improved any. i've been visiting florida since my father put us on a greyhound bus. by the way, think long and hard before you bus it. long and hard. anyway, i've been all over florida, but never to delray beach where we were based last week. good town. small but has everything including very nice folks. the marriott on the ocean was an excellent hotel. "factor" tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. check out the fox news "factor" website dichbt different pr billo' name and town. word of the day don't be feculent when writing to "the factor." thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn is next.
9:00 pm
tomorrow, the preshow before the arizona and utah votes roll in. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here. definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, we're exactly 12 hours away from the next polls opening in campaign 2016 as the candidates fight it out for their share of nearly 100 delegates. welcome to "the kelly file" virn everyone, aisle megyn kelly. remaining republican candidates have a hectic day tomorrow, today they were busy courting the same voters in the same place. the aipac conference. the preeminent annual gathering for supporters of israel. we'll have more in a moment including an interview with texas senator ted cruz a little later in the hour. but first, to two big contests about to begin. the largest prize, the winner take all state of arizona. 58 delegates at stake there. the latest


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