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  Hannity  FOX News  March 22, 2016 7:13pm-7:27pm PDT

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there's something going on, maria. go to brussels, paris, different places. there's something going on and it's not good where they want sharia law. where they this and things that, you know, there has to be some assimilation. there is no assimilation. there's something bad going on and until we find out what it is to we can correct it, you go to brussels. i was in brussels a long time ago. 20 years ago. so beautiful. everything is so -- it's like living in a hell hole right now. >> wow. that was an eerie prediction by 2016 republican presidential candidate and front-runner donald trump in january. he joins us now on the phone. i'm sure you wish you were wrong but you were right. what did you see that others maybe didn't see what was happening in bruce sels and belgium? >> it's what i'm hearing and you have radical islamic terrorists all over the place.
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not the end. seems to be a breeding ground. you know, you have other places over in europe that is the same thing and we will have it over here, too. we are allowing thousands of people to come here, sean. and we have no paper work. we have no idea who they are, where they come from. they're coming in through the migration, the so-called migration which could be the great trojan horse of all time and we have absolutely no idea what we are doing in this country. we are sending them all over the country and it's a serious problem. >> well, i can give you the exact numbers. last five years, the united states issued 680,000 green cards to migrants from muslim nations over the last 5 years. now, i know you came under fire for saying we tugt have a temporary ban. okay. but here's the national director of intelligence james clapper, the fbi director comb my, obama's special envoy to defeat isis, general john allen all said, like in paris, isis and
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other terrorist groups will infiltrate the refugee population. to me, it seems the president, hillary clinton and bernie sanders gamble with the lives of americans. what do you want to tell the american people tonight about why that is so important? >> well, i think i really have to tell them, and you know, you could say i'm under fire and praised by many people. >> that's true. >> many, many people. many, many people agree with me. >> i agree with you. i'm just saying that, you know, you come under fire for it. but yet, you were right in january. and we see the terrorists happening here and warned by the intelligence community and the president won't listen. >> yeah. well, we better get tough and get smart and we getter get vigilant because if we're not vigilant to start off with, we're going to be in big trouble in this country. i'll tell you what. you look at parts of sweden, i don't know if you heard what's going on with a little section where it's all been radicalized. it's just crazy. and they're having tremendous problems. you look at germany. and look at the areas where
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these people are settling in. i'm tell you what. it is a very, very disturbing thing that's going on in europe. and we're going to have it over here, too. and they just can't do what they're doing. i hope this election takes place fast. i hope i win and believe me they're going back. we won't keep them here. they're going back. >> let me ask you this. today's attack seems to be retaliation for the arrest of the paris mastermind where over 130 people were killed which happened on friday. which means there were -- >> i wouldn't call him a mastermind. >> you know. an evil thug, murdering, killing. any term you want. i agree. now, you said that if he was here in the united states, now i would suspect he knows where other terrorist cells are throughout europe and brussels and europe and you said and i agree with you that we should use advanced terror enhancement interrogation techniques on him. >> beyond waterboarding.
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beyond waterboarding. >> explain. >> so you catch the guy last week and it looks like retaliation for the capture that these bombings took place today. would have been three except i guess the one bomb either he didn't do it or something happened. the bomb didn't work and would have been three and more people would have been killed. these are people so badly hurt, these are the people for the rest of their lives destroyed if they live. what happened is you catch the guy last week and they probably have lawyers all over the place. probably lawyers saying, you know, you're going to go to trial in seven years and nothing happens and then the big bombings today. if they would have put him through the grill, ten minutes after they capture him, he probably would have ratted them out and maybe stopped this horrible terror attack that took place today. he knew about it. it was about him most likely. he knew about this happening. they say he was going to do something himself. probably he was involved with this one. >> i would agree. he probably knows where other terrorist cells are. >> he knows the people behind
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it. >> of course he does. >> he's never going to talk and we are not fighting on the same plane. we don't fight on the same level. we have law that is protect everybody. you can't do this, you can't do that. don't touch him. don't hurt him. meantime, they go around killing people. they have no laws. we have the laws to protect them. it's absolutely crazy. >> it's insane. let me give you hillary clinton's response. she responding to you and your call for enhanced interrogation techniques and the fact that we would have a temporary ban and she said that the following. we can be strong and smart without advocating torture or bigotry. and will not let fear dictate our foreign policy and then this about enhanced interrogation on the "today" show in response to you. >> our country experienced and bravest military leaders will tell you that torture is not effective. it does put our own soldiers and
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increasing civilians at risk. but we do have to get law enforcement and intelligence professionals all the tools they need to do the job to keep america safe. and they don't need to resort to torture. but they are going to need more help. >> and then, mr. trump, she said the borders must be kept open in the wake of what happened in brussels. this is a very -- a choice election. two very distinct visions on how to deal with terror. your reaction to her opposition to what you're advocating? >> incompetent, hillary doesn't know what he's talking about. she doesn't have a clue. she's made such bad decisions. you look at syria. you look at -- you look at anything that she's been involved with is horrible in the middle east. and elsewhere. i mean, she did one thing and that was travel a lot. the woman has been a disaster in every decision she's had to make, especially in the middle east.
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and a lot of the migration, the problems, this going on right now had to do with her and our president. so she's so wrong on that. and if you would have taken this guy that was captured last week and put him through the wringer, you probably could have stopped or at least possibly could have stopped a horrible tragedy that took place today. >> they won't put him through the wringer now. there's a mysterious reluctance by the president, hillary clinton, bernie sanders to even use the term radical islam. secondly they are pushing even still bernie sanders and hillary clinton to bring more refugees into the country in spite of what general john allen, the fbi director james comb my and the director of national intelligence james clapper said. let me play their remarks about those issues to you and get your response that. >> i don't think we're at war with islam.
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i think we are at war with -- >> he didn't say all muslims. he said radical -- >> i think you can talk about islamists. >> it's important to understand is we have organizations, whether it's isis or al qaeda, who do believe we should go back several thousand years. what the magic number is, i don't know. because we don't know the extent of the problem. but i certainly think that the united states should take its full responsibility and helping those. >> i also said that we should take increased numbers of refugees, the administration originally said ten. i said we should go to 65 but only if we have a carefully screening and vetting process as we can imagine. >> we can't ascertain is as our intelligence community is wa
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warning whether or not they have sympathies for isis. why this reluctance and resistance to say radical islamic terrorism? >> in the case of incomp hent hillary, you have one reason. she's pretri if ied of the president because he's got her life in his hands. she can't believe this. just can't believe it. he doesn't say it. maybe he has his own reasons for that. you have to ask him. why we wouldn't say it. how they don't -- how they're unwilling to even mention a term when all over the world this is happening and going to start happening more and more here because we're allowing so many in is just incredible. and, frankly, she just wants to go along with anything he does, anything he says. they won't mention the term. they won't mention the words. now, he's got his own reasons for it. i guess some people feel they
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know they know what the reason is. who knows? she doesn't want to do anything that's going to violate his confidence in her because she's afraid of something that you understand, sean? >> yep. >> and i understand. i can't believe she believes that herself. she doesn't want to do anything to disturb him. >> let me ask you about the president's response. the president yesterday was lectured by a murdering communist dictator in cuba raul castro on how america needs to improve. he started out as presidency with an apology tour and i guess finishing with one. and then beyond the lecture, spent 51 seconds total today dealing with the issue of what happened in this terror attack in belgium. and then he went to a baseball game in cuba. we'll put it up on the screen. and there's the president of the united states doing the wave with communist dictators. what is your reaction to that?
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i know what mine is. >> certainly looks terrible. i actually said before a little bit before this, i said, he should be back in the white house, he should be back in washington. we are at a very serious time. it's a horrible thing, another horrible tragedy happened. we're not tough. we are not smart. we're weak, actually. we look weak and then we're not allowed to get the information and what i'm safing is i really mean that. if we were strong and tough and really tough you would have had this information possibly before the second attack took place. or before this attack today took place. but when i see him sitting in a baseball game watching a baseball game, when i see him landing in air force one and there's essentially nobody there to greet him, that's probably the first time in the history of air force one, that long history, that when it lands at a country nobody is there in terms of the leaders to meet him. to meet the president. so pretty sad situation. >> pretty sad.
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>> putting it mildly. >> a president is friends with all the wrong people. $150 billion to iran burning our flag and chanting death to america. burning israel's flag. then morsi in power in egypt, referred to the israelis as descendants of apes and pigs. got money and tanks and f-16s from obama and now castro brothers receiving the same treatment. it is -- it is inexplicable to me, sir, friends with all the wrong people. final comment? >> well, the president now makes a further tour and i think he should head back to washington and should solve a problem and you better get rid of isis quick. it only gets worse. and, you know, a lot of people gave me credit for the prediction on -- >> i wish you were wrong. >> well, i wish i was wrong, too. i could see it happening and i could see it and friends of mine over there and come back and
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tell me when's going on and so obvious. so it was sort of easy. but you are right. i wish i was wrong. >> you know, benjamin netanyahu said to me in the last interview in israel with him what was going on in his country in the war in that august he said this is a preview of coming attractions. coming to a theater near you. i wish he was wrong, too. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, we have more reaction to the deadly terrorist attack in brussels and former new york city mayor giuliani is next and waiting for results out of arizona and utah. as we continue on this busy news night on "hannity." are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy. don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance.
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