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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 22, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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refugees. stay with us for continuing coverage. bret baier are standing by, america's election headquarters starts right here, right now, we'll see you tomorrow night. this is a 11:00 on the east coast, 8:00 p.m. in phoenix, where polls are suppose to be lossed but long lines are keeping them open, late. people waiting reportedly three hours to cast their votes. good evening, i'm bret baier. >> and i'm martha mccallum. the turn out, once again, tonight seems to be very strong. there are the lines in phoenix, arizona, and there are hundreds in line by afternoon and they're very determined people, sticking
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around to vote so we have alicia acuna standing by live in phoenix. >> hi, martha. two headlines will be coming tomorrow, what went wrong in maricopa county? in order for these folks to get to that point, they've been in line two hours and 0 minutes and still have an hour plus to go. now, the problem here has been that they decided to cut the number of polling places from 200 down to 60 and turned them into these regional centers. they did not anticipate, despite early voting that happened here, so many people would be moved to show up. and martha, they're having a good time, some of them, they're saying they're going to stay as long as they need to in order to place their votes. however, there are people who are confused and very angry.
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i can't tell you how many people came to tell us somebody needs to be fired. a lot of questions tonight. the democratic party is asking people to send them their story to go to the secretary of state and file complaints. >> wow, in terms of the closed primary, there are reports that independent voters were showing up as well. >> right. one, there are more independent voters registered rather than democrats or republicans. so, you have so many people showing up. in the past, for statewide primaries they're allowed to participate regardless of the part rebut it's different for a presidential election. there are folks showing up, thinking they can vote, standing in line for hours before being turned away and told they cannot participate in the nominating contest. >> thank you. >> let's bring in our panel.
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we have dana perino and co-host of "the five". juan williams and steve hayes. steve, you know, you see those lines, and you see around the country, republicans, the turnout is crazy. it is really high. >> it has been. we keep seeing reports state after state and donald trump take smz credit for this. i think, deserves credit for this. there is no question he is excited and energized. a different part of the electorate, not necessarily all come out and want to support him. in many cases haven't voted in the past or in general elections but are excited to come out for trump now. at the same time, it's clear he's excited other people to come out and vote against donald trump and for the other candidates.
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and the combination is one of the reasons that you're seeing these numbers. >> i mean, the early vote, and arizona is a big early vote state. people vote early. maricopa county had already 90% of the vote total last cycle before today. so, is the question whether trump has early lead because it lines up for him and cruz is battling back that he spliet a shot ot this state? >> that is one of the main questions tonight in arizona. and you look at the late deciders. donald trump has not done as well with late deciders as early deciders if you look across the states with the loan exception, you expect ted cruz because he's done better with late deciders.
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that is a big question. >> people look at arizona, it's a state that donald trump had a lot of very enthusiastic support from early on. it's all about the border there but it's a winner take all state there. >> yes. i think that the polling would say donald trump is in a comfortable position. the question, can he get to 50%? he might. ted cruz can do the same for himself in utah he'll have more of a race than what was the thought of this morning. i think donald trump is hoping a win tonight in arizona will help him sort of put more distance between him and he can try to make it to the convention. on the lines i do think there is something important here. this is a primary. disenfranchised voters this, is people who have to take the day
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off, moms, dads, grandparents who have to either maybe skip work, this is going to happen in november and even larger numbers so america has got to do better. i don't know whether it's technology or early voting is somewhat of a solution but there are problems so i don't know what the solution is. a disruption has to take place so that these voters are not standing in line for hours, and getting angry at the process. >> election day, federal holiday? >> i agree with dana. this is not only embarrassing, it's a threat. people have to implicitly believe in the integrity of voting. in most countries they don't. people don't take election results as valid. they think this has been strong and they have been right. and seems like this suggests the people in charge of administering elections are so
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inefficie inefficient, maybe they're corrupt and that is not something you want. >> or perhaps under funded and i don't know. >> i am just saying it gives the impression out of control and believing in the system is the link for democracy. >> the fact people are turned away from a restaurant and movie if the line is too long. they're waiting in line for hours. what does that tell us about the emotional strength that is so compelling this time around, juan? >> i think that when it comes to arizona, they have a huge share of early voters, huge. and the question was whether or not trump can turn some of that energy to his advantage in terms of a late deciders who were going elsewhere. today's event in brussels played
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to trump in terms of an anti-immigrant message. that message is very strong in the state of arizona. so you can have people who thought, do you know what? i'm compelled to go out. pro trump, i think in this situation, and it could have a tremendous impact on whether he gets 50% dana is talking about. i think we have a lot of things mix inned. i just wanted to add my voice as a bit of a cynic here, hearing my fellow republicans oh, gee, think about the voter controversy we see, democrats say you're trying to limit people from getting after the vote. i understand. most democrats think that we should have voter id in this country. i think it's a constitutional right and needs to be protected and i think you have to make sure that people don't have to spend two and a half hours to cast a vote or travel from an
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inordinate amount of miles and time. >> i think have you to have id. you're always after me. when you register, but when you vote, you shouldn't have people wait in line two and a half hours. >> so cut the time and make people show id. you have to prove you are who you say you are. so let me add one more factor. seven years of barack obama. and on the republican side. people are eager to get out. and they think finally. we've had three years of executive action on immigration and number of things. republicans are eager to get in and register their displeasure. . >> i thought we're searching for a suspect here, if these are lines, from the helicopter, and they're continuing in phoenix.
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maricopa county, the lines, a number of different sites being told two hours, three hours, that is intense. we have data coming in. and will be coming in throughout the night. as you can see on the bottom of the screen there. these are raw tote totals. there, you can see from arizona 38% of the precincts in. donald trump with 45.4% to ted cruz, 20.2%. that will change getting more raw vote totals in. tonight, in arizona, and utah, and idaho, we don't have exit polls so there is no advance warning that tells us where the electorate went. we're going by raw vote totals so it's pure. >> lites -- let's go over to bill. >> good evening, you know that early voting, too, the indication marco rubio got 18%
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of the vote so far, think about that. he dropped out seven days ago. so he could be -- we've been talking about trump, it came close in massachusetts. does marco rubio help him? on the map here, there is no color. and there is nothing coming insofar. a great number of votes will come from maricopa county from tucson south as well, but at the moment there is nothing on the slate. i was just on the secretary of state's website there. you can see a certain percentage of votes coming in but not enough to make a call here in arizona. 58 delegates at stake. winner take all. simple win there in arizona, and that is a big pile, here in utah we'll watch this. about 1:00 a.m. east coast time, a lot of votes from the middle
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of the state. this is salt lake city. salt lake county. nothing yet. down here in provo as well, well see some of the results coming in. we do have a sense, a little bit about how things have gone in the american west so far. remember back on the 23 of february, in nevada, hillary clinton beat bernie sanders by five points. in that same night in the republican field, donald trump defeated ted cruz 46% to 21%. several weeks later, donald trump here in idaho, cruz had a good night in idaho, cruz beating donald trump. so we see this race movering to the american west tonight. and we'll see this map and get more texture as it fills in. and then, after tonight, we'll quickly pivot to other pivotal
8:13 pm
contents. bret and martha, in two weeks you have wisconsin, two weeks after that, new york. we're going to watch this here. we're crunching numbers today. if you want to get to the magic number, it's easier for donald trump than donald trump and john kasich. kasich cannot get to that number unless he fights at the cop vengs in mid july. donald trump needs 55% to 57% of the remaining delegates on the board and i will get that number around 81% tonight as it stands tonight. martha is cheating on me tonight. she's my lady. take good care of her. >> you got me on the wrong side of the bed here, you're used to sleeping on one side, and you're on the other side, there is something wrong here. >> i promise. all right? we'll continue monitoring big races tonight.
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again, throughout the night you'll see it on the bottom of the screen. >> it's a serious day. we'll continue our big story of the day. a desperate manhunt continues for the one surviving terrorist from the belgium attack after multiple bombings killed dozens of people in the heart of europe. we're live on the ground, coming up next. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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this just in. donald trump will win all delegates in arizona. you can see the raw vote total coming in. he has a big lead over ted cruz. we can make the call donald trump will win that state. it's an all-important state for him tonight, continuing the momentum as he tries to get to the magic number of 1237 to clench the g.o.p. nomination. it's a huge win. tucker? >> it's significant. the significant part is that it makes the math tougher for ted cruz and more likely, i'm not
8:19 pm
sure he's likely, but it increases odds that donald trump can get to a majority of delegates, which would shut down the conversation you're hearing about the convention. you're going to see him make the case. you haven't seen him say that much in public. he says i can get the plurality, but i think you'll see him make the point he'll get the majority. >> 58 votes go to trump's vote total. he had to get 52%, 22 contests including two tonight and now, he's on the way. >> great night for him and in line with the polls from arizona. and it doesn't seem ted cruz is able to close the gap there. john kasich taking about 10%. if you're cruz, you're maybe a
8:20 pm
little bit frustrated about that. i do think the interesting race will be in utah. if ted cruz is able to win and make the map just a little bit harder. if he can't, we have more clarity but if he is able to do that, it's kind of status quo. >> looking at long lines and the attacks that we saw this morning in brussels would be very much on everyone's minds. the discussion you heard in europe was, you know, open borders right? so the combination of borders and national you're right. i think p you're looking at sort of broadly, where this takes us, 58 delegates is significant if ted cruz can win 50% plus one in
8:21 pm
utah it would be a net still to donald trump of 18 delegates. that is a good night for donald trump and heightens importance of wisconsin on april 5th. those 42 there and i think it makes certain, especially because wisconsin is on its own that night that there will be a lot of campaigning in wisconsin, fierce battles and advertising focused on the state and really tell us a lot about the direction of the competition going to june 7th. >> will the governor weigh in? >> i don't know. that is a big question. will scott walker weigh in? he said he got out of the race because he wanted to stop donald trump and encouraged other candidates to think about getting out of the race at the same time. we have not heard from scott walker. and i would expect them to hear something from them before april 5th. >> you can make the projection
8:22 pm
now that hillary clinton will win the state of arizona on the democratic side with a big lead over bernie sanders. she takes the winner take all state of arizona with 75 delegates on the democratic side. a big state, there are one of three tonight, utah and idaho for the democrats. juan, your thoughts on hillary clinton? continuing to roll in her delegate count? >> she won in arizona against obama. she was set up to win because look at the population. older white voters who, typically support hillary clinton. less of the younger people. the second issue in arizona is latino voters. remember, in nevada sanders people said we think we won the latino vote. the question is how would they react in arizona? given the immigration issues, martha, that you've been talking about?
8:23 pm
and apparently they stuck with hillary clinton here in that environment. that is a critical thing going forward as we look at the western part of the united states, as we get farther into this election cycle. on the republican side, i think that donald trump has got the highest percentage i have seen yet in any state. people talk about whether or not he can break 50% in anything. he has not to this point, for all of the wins never over 50%. he's close. if you throw in votes that would have gone to marco rubio, it seems to me he's in reach of the 50% ceiling. >> if you gets there, there will be a lot of discussion about that. and if he gets late deciders and there is more impact on what happened in brussels, donald trump has a very strong argument going forward. >> yes. arizona is a state in which
8:24 pm
immigration matters. and both endorse because of the views on immigration. i would say she won decisively in arizona considering what she did to do that. she came out in favor of giving obamacare to illegal immigrants. this is something she's for years said she's opposed to. that is a big call. she's going to have to defend that, it's very expensive. i think it puts her on a limb a little bit. >> you add up missouri. looks like donald trump is going to hold that win in missouri bringing him to 483, he needs, to get the nomination. it seems more realistic he's going to get that. >> yes. it does. particularly depending on the outcomes in utah and wisconsin.
8:25 pm
if it was the case a week ago donald trump was more likely than not to get to 1237 this makes it more likely he'll reach that goal. i think you'll hear more talk now about this potential third party that has been so much in the discussion lately. if it looks like nobody is going to be able to stop donald trump, it's clear as a potential republican nominee. >> for people that say if that happens it hands the election over to hillary clinton you say what? >> i just think it's unwise to make straight line projections in an election cycle. if you had donald trump versus hillary clinton you're talking about two candidates with near historic unfavorable ratings. it's hard to say it's far more probable that donald trump would return around those and some of
8:26 pm
the other negative numbers he has, and would be to say that a third party candidate couldn't be competitive. clearly volatile now. it's hard to say we're at point a. >> we've been at h, l, c. >> hanks. the world is still reacting and rocked by a devastating terrorist attack. we'll be right back. allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
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donald trump with a win in arizona. first, today's other main story. terror unfolding in the heart of europe. this morning bombs going off in departure terminals of the brussels airport. moments later in a train station during the busy morning commute. 34 people were killed and 200 wounded. police released a photo of two suspects. they're believed to be suicide bombers. the third, an accomplice, or a terror cell leader. now, a massive manhunt is
8:31 pm
underway across belgium. shepard smith is in london with the latest. what is the latest on the hunt for this third suspect? >> the hunt is on now. we're two hours from first light in brussels and now, according to authorities there are raids or operations as they put them taking place at locations across the country. they won't be specific about where. they lacked specificity here in yefr night hours but that photo on the screen now, that is the center of attention. the man on the right is the most-wanted man in europe at the moment. two on the left are said to have gone to two different lines for what we'd call the ticketing line. they went to the lines that were the longest to cause maximum trouble. they killed a number of people there. the man on the righthand side
8:32 pm
had a luggage cart. they blew up bombs on the luggage on the cart. the man n the left went into different direction and disappeared. importantly they did find a bomb left behind. was it a suitcase on the cart of the man wearing the hat? that is possible. they know he got away, they do not know how. if they know where he is, approximately, they haven't given that information, either. a short time after those explosions there, in the center part of brussels, that is when the bomb went off in the subway station you can see here. it is the closest station to the heart of the european union. to the european union headquarters there. there had been warnings that attacks might be coming. people said we're not surprised, it's a horrible thing to see but we're not surprised.
8:33 pm
they had been at their highest terror alert level and now, three days of mourning. they need to more more than just who that third suspect s they've released no information or thoughts about people who may have carried out the suicide attack there at the subway station. if they know specifics they haven't given those. we have to keep in mind it's the last remaining suspect in the paris bombings we first reporting might have chickened out. now, they say he was likely running future operations. he's now in custody. they're getting information from him. the question is did he know about this? was this aaccelerated because of the fact that he was in custody? those are questions for later news conference. and what we've heard, first of light information this morning. >> shep, quickly. there are reports that authorities found an unexploded bomb in one of the raids that
8:34 pm
was very sophisticated, packed with nails and an isis flag. so these raids are coming up with something. >> right. and that one was a see something, say something. if you believe the reporting of a belgian newspaper, there are reports a taxi cab driver called the police and said i think i picked these guys up and they wouldn't let me touch their luggage. the story goes he took police to the place and that is where they found the flag, the bomb with nails in it, some chemicals as well. and no sign of the third suspect who had been there. that is one of the locations they're working now. lots of problems in that neighborhood and beyond for authorities in brussels who admitted late on tuesday night they're overwhelmed by the investigation. >> shep, thank you. >> now, back to our other breaking story, donald trump pulling off a victory in the winner take all race in arizona. that gives him 58 more delegates
8:35 pm
to add to his total. let's bring in chris wallace, karl rove and jo trippi. >> donald trump is at 46.5%, your thoughts about the margin and what it does to speed him onto the majority of 1237. >> remember, all we're looking at at this point is early votes. and not from around the city. so the question, and take a look at the total. 22% are voting for somebody not in the contest any longer, marco rubio, you name it. what is interesting to see is when you start getting in particular maricopa county, which is a huge stake, phoenix
8:36 pm
and suburbs, what happened to people that voted for someone else? what about people who showed up today and how did they vote? it might push dutch over 50% for the first time. we've never gone this long in a presidential primary contest without the front runner getting at least 50%. is he going to do it tonight? we don't know. a lot of the vote was cast and there are more candidates in the race. one out of every five is voting for somebody no longer in the race. >> how about the fact winner take all gets 58 delegates? how much does that help him? >> it -- it helps him a lot. it will help a lot particularly if ted cruz falls short of getting 50% in idaho. if ted cruz gets 50%, tonight we'll have 40 delegates for cruz. 58 for trump and trump needs
8:37 pm
about 57% of the delegates going forward. we'll have the best of that 57% number. we have a lot of contests to go here and he does, he has the chance to get there. but, if he wins tonight, let's say it ends up 58 for trump, 40 for cruz, that means cruz will end, trump will end at 738 and not trump forces end with 482. we've got until 1:00 in the morning to find out what happens in utah but it is off to a good start for trump in arizona and we'll see within the next hour where he's going to be able to get to that 50% mark when we see boxes coming into these counties from people who turned out and voted today as opposed to casting ballots early. >> joe, let's talk about the democratic side. hillary clinton, huge victory in
8:38 pm
arizona. >> this isn't about states anymore. there are no winner take all. it's about the delegates. and with this win, this is a big prize tonight. 75 delegates going to be pro portional. she's going to come out with a huge delegate lead over sanders in arizona which means, frankly, in the smaller states up tonight, idaho and utah if he does win them bonl and he's expected to, they're both states that are, have fewer, less diverse than arizona, if he does win two states this evening, he is likely to lose ground and another nail in his campaign, frankly at this point. arizona is a huge win. >> which raises a question, though, why do you think he's continuing on in this race? he's hundreds of votes behind. she's got about twice as many
8:39 pm
delegates as he already. why is he staying in? >> well, it's not unusual for that to happen. i mean, you want to make a case and get to -- continue on message on platform issues and other things to get to the convention. so he's going to do that. hillary clinton did that to barack obama and took it to the convention. the question is, does he unify behind her as she did around obama? in 2008? if he does, this is a win-win for democrats. he's engaged young people, brought them in. and at the same time, look, if he wasn't in this race, all of the attention would be on donald trump and cruz and kasich. no one would be talking about the democrats, their positions now. they would be left off to the side. that is starting to happen. but again, he -- the longer this race progresses as long as it's in the unified convention it's not a problem for hillary
8:40 pm
clinton or democrats. >> final question for you, carl. there has been a lot of talk in the last week. and we say that almost every week. but more talk in the last week among republicans who were having trouble stomaching the idea of donald trump as the nominee. there are two possibilities. one stop donald trump at the convention or a third party, if he does get the nomination. how seriously do you take those? >> i don't take the third party very seriously. i think that would sort of give the election to hillary clinton. and it would also undermine the credibility of opponents of donald trump to rebuild the party after its all over. i do think tonight's victory, everything in politics has a reaction. and tonight, the reaction to arizona might be that we might see tomorrow and in days still to come, significant figures beginning to endorse cruz, and
8:41 pm
sort of other figures, my suspicion is significant. if it becomes a 50% win, it's likely to cause a reaction in terms of bringing other people on to the field saying we must unite behind the non-trump candidate, ted cruz. >> the next big contest, two weeks from tonight is in wisconsin raising an endorsement of governor scott walker. and it will be interesting to see whether he weighs in against donald trump. back to you. >> chris, thank you very much. >> let's head out to san diego. senator bernie sanders a lot of big in arizona. a plan to continue to fight, let's listen in as we head to
8:42 pm
break. >> this campaign, this campaign is doing as well as againeriting energy and excitement. in san diego and around the country. because we're doing something very unusual in modern american politics. we're telling the truth. now, the truth is not always pleasant. not in our personal lives, not in our political lives. but we cannot go forward as a nation unless we are prepared to
8:43 pm
confront the real issues facing our country.
8:44 pm
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welcome back. donald trump the big winner so
8:47 pm
far. you can see there are still long lines, voting still going on though the race has been called for donald trump and hillary clinton on the democratic side. in arizona there is a huge early voting number that comes in right away. but again, some polling places still open. so, they're still waiting in line to cast ballots. let's bring in our panel, oh. let's not bring in our panel. >> let's not bring in our panel. let's talk about john kasich who did not campaign in arizona. because it's a winner take all state. he continues to make an argument going forward. he has been banking on the fact he believes he can drive this to the convention. so he's got a big decision to make. >> he does.
8:48 pm
in a place like utah where he is polling at least heading in, with 10, 11%, 12% that could be the number that prevents ted cruz from getting 50% in utah there that would enable him to get the utah delegates. cruz is well positioned but might not get the winner take all plus in the 50% line. >> utah is keeping us waiting. >> they are. >> not telling us a thing. it's going to be a surprise tonight. chris stirewalt is standing by and howard kurtz, welcome, great to see you both. chris, your thoughts on the races we have called in arizona? >> my thought is rarely do i get to see you in the daylight. >> good to see you, too.
8:49 pm
>> we had to get bret out of washington in order to effect the take over. how far, you have two states and two messages. utah is a socially conservative, obviously jesus christ of the latter day saints, moerman state. very church going. not a place where donald trump has done well. arizona is the kind oflace where donald trump has done fantastically welch the republican party is split in these states. >> howie kurtz, your thoughts? and if ted cruz does well there, he gets back on the board. arizona is important for trump psychologically in terms of
8:50 pm
momentum but it's been limited utility so harder to say the attacks in belgium today had a major impact but there is no question that trump benefits when terrorism is in the news. it's going to be saturated coverage here. reason i know this is after the mass killings in paris and san bernardino his polls went up. it is his message of keeping muslims out temporarily. for trump, it just seems like people identify him with that. it does seem to help him. >> when we come back, we'll continue the conversation as you look at the wilines in arizona continuing as we count down to the utah caucuses. i can get over 60 sheets of drywall into my
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it's that time of the night and we're waiting for a speech from hillary clinton in seattle. ed henry is live. how are they ed?
8:55 pm
>> martha, they feel great. arizona is a big win for hillary clinton tonight. they're waiting for results and they feel like they're putting this nomination battle out of reach for bernie sanders. hillary clinton is about to speak about a minute or two now behind me but tomorrow, she's giving a major address at stanford university about counter terror policy. that is important coming out of brussels because what she's trying to do is look ahead to the general election. get past bernie sanders an contrast her record with donald trump saying he's unstable and saying outrageous things and she would be a stable commander in chief. she was pressed on the fact as secretary of state, remember, president obama said isis was the jv squad. she said yes, we've made
8:56 pm
progress but it is not a success yet. she is going to be playing defense in the days ahead. >> she sure is, ted, people are going to ask whether or not they want someone who has been in the administration, part of that plan. >> and she wants to make the case that she's been tested and would be cool and steady under fire but she has a record people are going to scrutinize. >> we'll head back to hillary clinton who will speak in just a moment. stay here on fox news, we've got you covered on election night. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too.
8:57 pm
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flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. this night on the east coast, hillary clinton is talking right now about a big win in arizona. let's listen in. >> i want to thank my husband. i want to thank attorney general bob ferguson, state senator kevin ranker. i want to thank pam cipriona, the president of the american nurses' association.


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