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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 23, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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the men were known to police for crime but were never connected to terrorism. >> police saying khalid had rented the flat where salah abdeslam was arrested last week. >> bombs set off inside a crowded brussels airport. now we'll pass it on to "fox & friends." have a good day. good morning. it's wednesday, march 23rd. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. breaking overnight, we now know the identities of two of the isis terrorists who blew themselves up at an airport and train stations in brussels. they are brothers. and this just in, a third suspect has been arrested. we are live there on the ground with these breaking details. also breaking election news. moments ago, we learned that jeb bush is about to endorse somebody. who would that be? stick around, we'll tell you in a minute. >> i have a hint.
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that person will be on the show today. i haven't told you that. the hint is too hard to figure out. then, while the world burns, president obama takes in a baseball game with a brutal dictator. is the commander in chief doing -- is that him doing the wave in cuba? do you think that's the wrong signal? think about that. discuss with your family and let me remind you that our mornings remain better with friends. ♪ we start this hour with a fox news alert. moments ago belgian media reporting the arrest of the prime suspect in the brussels bombings. this as we learn two of the terrorists who apparently blew themselves up were brothers.est seen here, known as the guy in white, in the white jacket. he was still in the city when they caught him apparently. investigators believe he's the same man who traveled to hungary with a paris bombing suspect last year. he's also believed to be the
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bomb-maker. officials identifying him as -- the men identified as khalid and ibrahim el bakraoui. those are the brothers. one of the men seen in the surveillance picture from the airport. the other presumably the bomber who attacked a nearby subway train. >> the two were known to police for their crime but were never connected to terrorism until now. a massive manhunt is underway for a third bomber. we're told the third person busy been arrested. investigators believe he is the same man who traveled to hungary -- >> these are pictures of the missionaries -- >> that were there and injured in the bombings at the airport. >> let me stop for a second. the guy that was just arrested is najim laachraoui, it is believed he is the guy in white there. looks as we start the show we
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got him today. that is the picture that they've been circulating. looks like a passport photo. they have better photos, too. let's move ahead. an air force officer and his five family members were also hurt. 34 people in total killed yesterday. this is unbelievable. more than 200 -- you had the number up to -- >> 240. >> more than 200 were hit in some way, shape, or form. >> right. also, breaking news this morning. apparently there had been some stories about how these guys all tried to put all their bags into a single taxi. now the reports out of europe are they arrived in three different cars. they arrived in a taxi. they arrived in a renaud their eo -- renaud clio and another. they took down the license plate. as it turns out, that car was linked to a 22-year-old turk living there in brussels. he's been on the watch list
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since 2015 after he traveled to saudi arabia. the theory is that the remaining people in the audi after the airport bombing that went over the subway and blew that up. >> wow. >> interesting. >> and there are reports that some bags didn't fit in the kargs when they were heading to the airport, and they had to leave at least one bag behind that had a bomb in it. >> no doubt about. it the taxi driver is a hero. he came forward and said, i think i got these guys. went back to the apartment. they found an isis flag and bomb making materials and what looked to be the makings of another bomb. as you saw the still photos before, katherine herridge the first to break this, it's confirmed, these guys holding on to the handle on the carts. when they released, they would explode. one of the reasons would be if they were taken out and suspected and blown up, they would still -- bomb would actually explode. >> those are the gloves they're wearing on their left hands. if they lifted their hands up, they would explode. the guy in white was allegedly there to oversee, make sure this
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went through. and the two other guys, to his right, were going to partake in this and be suicide bombers. he was going to walk away. >> let's look at this. you'll notice the two guys on the left are wearing gloves on their left hands only. odd and surprising nobody spotted that. and as brian mentioned, parts of that could have been the so-called dead man's switch. if you're shot, you lose your grip and detonate the bomb. there are other feelings that there could be a detonator inside there. also, a hallmark of isis is the fact that they wear gloves so they don't build up static and discharge the bomb. you notice the guy in white on the right, he's not wearing any gloves. he's the guy who went away. he did not detonate a bomb. the theory is, according to some, he got into the audi and went to the subway. >> now the fact that they're just showing us these pictures, they've got video and video of everything.
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brussels in the airport in a major city. they have video of the guys. i'm sure they're see them upcoming as long as it didn't hinder the investigation about the bombs and so many people hit. so many hit in the legs by the nails and screws and all the debris that were put into these bombs including one basketball -- let me show you this, too. >> incredible. >> a nail that went through a chest and deflated a lung. >> person is still alive. there's a four-inch nail -- two inches or inches? looks like four to me, four inches reported of the nail that penetrated someone's chest because of all the scharf nell involved in the -- shrapnel involved in the bombs. glass, nails, debris, bolts. >> this is the same m.o. as the boston bombers. remember, they put the pressure cookers down at foot level. keep in mind, these bombs are on a carriage. you know, they're about six inches off the ground. that's why the bombers -- they
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were talking about how many people were missing legs. if you read the other materials out this morning, you see that apparently the bombers went in, where is the biggest crowd? by the starbucks? over there. they went over and detonated their bombs. >> right on. the outside, not the inside. aisles 3 and 11. >> they parked them in the middle of the most people they could find for maximum trouble. >> you were touching on the people involved. >> there's a belgium national team player who spent his college years starring at marist. that is him. he was hit in the legs. he's believed to be all right but suffered obviously serious leg injuries. looks about 6'9". he is one of the people that were banged up. another person, dikembe mutombo, former georgetown grad, in another area of the airport. he wasn't the only one of note -- by the way, nine american, they say, were hit in this attack. >> indeed. including three missionaries who -- we put up the slide earlier.
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we can put up the picture once again. that is 19-year-old mason wells, of sandy, utah. he is bookended by two other missionaries who were there. mason, though, was one of four missionaries injured. he was hit with shrapnel and burned. he will make a full recovery. three years ago, he was with his father -- >> unbelievable. >> a block from the boston bombing. they felt the earth shake, and he was lucky he was not injured there. also, he was just hour away from paris during the november attacks. this guy, so lucky to be alive. >> yeah. i wanted to show you this picture, too. this is the front cover of the "the new york post" this morning. can you see this? this woman here and her sibling. a small picture of her siblings, her brother. they were on the phone with relatives in the brussels airport. they were talking to their relatives. the relatives said they heard the explosions in the background. and then the line went dead. these individuals, new yorkers,
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are missing this morning. their names are sasha and alexander pinchosky. missing when they were talking to their relatives. could you imagine? >> i think she was talking to her mom, saying we arrived at the airport safely. then boom. >> wow. >> looks like -- >> you remember the pictures yesterday of the girl, her shirt was blown off? >> yeah. >> the photographer that took that picture was a journalist and was leaving the airport. trying to catch a flight to go on assignment. and she -- the explosions went off. she said everyone around her, no one could walk because they lost legs, they lost limbs. she kept feeling her legs to make sure that they were there. she said it was instinct as a journalist to pick up her camera. she kept screaming for doctors, no one was something to help. she started snapping pictures. and that picture was all over the news yesterday. >> and those are some of the images of the departure hall, shortly thereafter. the airport closed again today. and you know what, the worst may be yet to come.
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the united states is already warning european leaders more widespread attacks on soft targets could be on the way. >> yeah. this comes as investigators are piecing together how the terrorists stayed under the radar. >> benjamin hall has been following all the development from london. hey, benjamin. >> reporter: good morning. today just to say the u.s. has issued a travel advisory to all americans who are thinking of going to europe and warning of possibly potential attacks in the future. you're talking about all these people who were hurt. that brings it to life. at the airports, there are suggestions that the american airlines check-in desk was close to one of the bombs. no guarantee if that was a target specifically. and it is now thought that the attacks were carried out by the brothers. khalid and ibrahim el bakraoui. both had criminal records. so the question being asked is when authorities should have known for about them. today a warning also coming from the u.s. government, but lawmakers, as well, including michael mccall, house homeland security committee chairman. he suggested that there may be more attackers out there.
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>> we know the mastermind of the paris attack, abaaoud, claimed that he brought in 90 potential terrorists to europe as ticking timebombs. greatly concerning to the safety of europe. >> reporter: these attacks seem to be connected ever closer to the paris attacks. and that one suspect, najim laachraoui, seems to be in custody. that news just breaking recently. also questions about how they were able to avoid detection. one big clue is the vast number of mobile cell phones they found in a raid in paris. so questions being asked -- how they were able to get under the radar, especially when some had criminal records. should more have been done? how could this take place? back to you. >> all right. thank you very much for the live report. let's move from terror to the elections in november. and there were big primaries last night. as you see there, donald trump had a good night in arizona. he won the state along with hillary clinton. ted cruz has a great night in utah. he won in the republican side.
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bernie sanders won on the democrat side. and they had some democrat elections in idaho, as well, and bernie was the winner there. >> on the republican side, it's important to point out that ted cruz had a huge night. he had to get over 50%. he's around 70. john kasich was ahead of donald trump over there. that's pretty significant. so ted cruz walks away with all the delegates in utah. and i think a lot had to do, you would speculate on, mitt romney saying go with ted even though i told you go with kasich in ohio. >> it wasn't surprising. the surveys pointed to cruz winning the state of utah before that election, before yesterday. that was one of the states where you could vote on line. >> very handy. although i understand for people in utah, it was a disaster. people couldn't figure out how to vote on line. >> how about arizona? talk about disaster. the people had to wait in line for four hours in scottsdale. >> they reduced the number of places you could vote from 200 to 60. >> trump 4, 4.
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cruz, 468, kasich, 172. good news for ted ted cr-- ted who will be on our show in a while. >> ted cruz will get the endorsement later today. a fox news alert from jeb bush, pictured there. jeb is apparently going to urge the republicans to reject donald trump. of course, jeb bush widely viewed as the official establishment candidate. and now he's going to get behind ted cruz. does that help ted cruz? you got to figure it can't hurt. >> absolutely. >> right. i got a sense that jeb and donald trump weren't getting along. sources -- >> i read the papers. >> please don't question me. coming up ahead, isis warning of more dark days ahead after the brussels attacks. what can the world do to fight this growing threats? our next guest, a former islamic extremist himself, has ideas. and security is being ramped up, as you can imagine, at airports across our country. anna kooiman is live with reaction from travelers ahead. ♪song: "that's life"
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author of "radical: journey out of islamic extremism," joins us live from london. good morning you to. thank you very much. what's your headline about what happened in brussels yesterday? >> well, unfortunately, this is the latest in a long line of attacks whereby the global g jihadist insurgency, guerrilla war played out in europe. we must remember in this month alone, it's the eighth of seven other attacks that have happened across the world. two in pakistan. jihadist attacks i refer. two in pakistan, one in turkey, one in ivory coast, one in malm, and one in nigeria. we're witnessing something unprecede unprecedented. an ideological as well as military struggle. >> when we talk about radical islam, we need to get into the minds of these terrorists and find out why they're doing this.
3:19 am
a mindset. we see pictures of how they're trained and brainwashed at a young age. now, i know you were not a terrorist. you say that you were an islamic ex-treatment room at theist. -- ex-treatmentist. how did you change and what got you out of being an extremist? >> my story is peculiar in that i spent five years as an amnesty international adopted prisoner of conscience in egypt under mubarak as an islamist. i changed over living up close from between the years 2002 to 2006 with senior jihadist and islamists in egypt. something to draw from "animal farm," by living up close to them, i was living the jihadist version of "animal farm." and they are disillusioned with ideology. back then i heard conversations about how they would enslave people when the caliphate was
3:20 am
resurrected and eventually came to the conclusion that i wanted nothing to do with that. and of course with hindsight, i'm delighted that i did. i now spend my life challenging that ideology. >> you're the perfect person. quickli, what do we do? you don't have to be p.c. tell us how do we fix the problem? >> of course, we've got to identify the problem. that's the islamist ideology. we've got to be able to name it and challenge it ideologically and militarily. and i fear that currently with the president's policy that's not happening. >> you're right about that. >> thank you for being with us. insightful information. if you want to get into the mind of what the islamic extremist thinks, we need to read your book, "radical: my journey out of islamic extremists." thank you very much for choosing us, we appreciate that. >> a pleasure. thank you very much. we showed you the results from last night's election. next, where do we go from here? is donald trump any closer to claiming the gop nomination? stay tuned.
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call or go onliand switch to x1. only with xfinity. in the race for the white house, three critical contests out west where results were confirmed several hours ago. dan springer is live in phoenix with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and these western contests went as anticipated with the front-runners winning the biggest prize of the night. and the challengers winning the other states. so the overall dynamics of the races don't change all that much. donald trump is winning big here in arizona. so he will take all of the 58 delegates at stake. it's trump over cruz by over 20% points. john kasich sat this race out, and it's showing he's not a factor at all. trump's tough talk on illegal immigration was a big sell in this border state.
3:25 am
on the democratic side, hillary clinton is trouncing bernie sanders and all of the send superdelegates. we saw heavy turnout in all three states that voted. long lines in utah, idaho. each easily won by bernie sanders. and as expected, ted cruz dominated the mormon vote and will finish above 50%. that's important because he takes all 40 of the delegates. in phoenix, some people wait in line three and four hours to vote. hillary clinton's delegate lead grows despite her two losses last night. and she'll likely lose again saturday in washington where sanders has attracted massive crowds. 17,000, in fact, in seattle on sunday. the delegates are what matter. and clinton's lead continues to grow despite her two losses last night. >> dan springer live in phoenix. thank you. we're going to toss it over to brian. >> what do the election results actually mean going forward?
3:26 am
here to break down the numbers out of arizona, idaho, and ted cruz's big win in utah, the founding president of the organization, what are you looking for there? >> the margin. donald trump won big. ted cruz's organization didn't help him close the gap. the other thing that was not surprising in arizona but marco rubio is not out of this. he still had a lot of phantom votes from the early voting. >> that's interesting. and you said you wanted to see if it was going to be close. it is winner take all? >> winner take all. if it had been a close race, it might have told us something. a good night for donald trump to get the 58 delegates. >> whoever the republican nominee is, it's going to take utah. it's clearly in ted cruz's column? >> right. he won big, almost 70% of the caucus vote. 40 delegates. what this means, when you put the two together, nothing changed last night. it's still a two-man race. donald trump is still in the driver's seat. but he has to keep on winning. if ted cruz wins the majority of the remaining 18 states, ted
3:27 am
cruz will be the nominee. he has to prove he can do that. >> and wisconsin's up next? >> wisconsin's up next in two weeks. >> right. donald trump's got 739. ted cruz got 465. governor kasich's got 143. he is way back in the pack. ted cruz coming up later. as we look at what's happening in the world and how it affects everybody, you saw the terror attacks that happened yesterday. later we'll talk about how the candidates weighed in and the difference between them. is this going to play a role from here on in? >> the attacks as horrible as they were will not impact the elections in november. we've had several events. they've become something people hear about, they process, and then move on. an attack in september or october would be something different entirely. i think this is one of the series of issues in the background as we race toward november. >> hillary clinton expanded her lead but lost two of three states. >> hillary clinton is clearly going to be the democratic
3:28 am
nominee. she's struggling to build enthusiasm. she doesn't have a lot of support from traditional democratic constituencies. and if hillary clinton is the focus in november, that's very good for the republicans. if the republican nominee is the focus, well, then it will be something else. >> she was destroyed in idaho and destroyed in utah. >> right. not exactly strong states for a democrat ever, though. >> true. thank you very much, scott. great to see you. coming up straight ahead as we move ahead, it's a fox news alert. in case you do not know, we have good news. belgian media reporting the arrest of the prime suspect in the brussels bombing. he is the man seen in white. this as airports in the united states remain on high alert. we have more live from jfk next. question, are my teeth yellow? ...have you tried the tissue test? ugh yellow...what do you use? crest whitestrips crest 3d whitestrips whiten... ...25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste i passed the tissue test. oh yeah.
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3:32 am
arrest of the prime suspect in the brussels bombing. he is the man seen in white on the right portion of the screen pushing that trolley. >> steve, we were looking for this guy before the bombing. >> belgian officials identifying the brothers as khalid and ibrahim el bakraoui. >> those are the two on the left. >> exactly. one of them -- yes? >> the other guy's name in the white jacket we believe is najim laachraoui. >> right. i almost hate saying their names. if you're involved in terrorism, does it even matter? one was at the airport while the other was presumably the one who attacked a nearby train station. >> the theory is that the two brothers killed themselves, suicide bombers. the guy in white hopped into an audi along with three or four other people and presumably went to the subway stop. however, he obviously didn't kill himself because he was just
3:33 am
arrested somewhere in belgium. >> yesterday after leaving here, i went downstairs, as i always do on the subway. and there were people staring you down to see if you had bags with you. >> good. >> even if it was a fake thing, they weren't checking you, but they were looking at you like they were going check you. i'm wondering what it's like at the airport at jfk. >> right. anna kooiman is there checking everything out and making sure we're all safe. >> reporter: brian, i noticed that at the metro stations yesterday, as well. certainly an increase in police presence. that's what travelers are telling me they're noticing inside here at jfk, as well. this, of course, is as islamic extremists are continuing to exploit security gaps at airports. really around the world. so the department of homeland security has tasked the tsa with stepping up security here at airports and subway stations, and also other transportation hubs around the country. you'll see extra bomb-sniffing dogs, additional random screenings, and more foot
3:34 am
patrols, as well. now airlines here in the united states have canceled hundreds of flights in and out of brussels in light of the attacks. americans traveling to and from europe need to take note. the state department issued a travel alert saying there are potential threats of near-term attacks throughout the entire continent of europe. now also that picture that you showed of the three guys there at the ticket counter, if you notice, that was before the security checkpoint. so ainsley, brian, steve, one idea being floated now, and it's something that some are for and some are against, is expanding that security perimeter to where the passengers could be just dropped off. now, of course, some say that that's just pushing back the threat to a different place, and you could be, you know, more at risk for suicide, but a car bomb could hurt more people that way. the bottom line is we need to work on intelligence and stop it before it even gets started. >> and i know it's a challenge, especially in that area. my goodness, why don't they just
3:35 am
check you at your house before you go? you go up -- why don't they tell the car, you can't stop, slow down and jump out? it's unbelievable what you have to go through to fly. >> the point of having security at an airport is so that you don't get on a plane and cause terrorism on a plane -- >> initially. >> reporter: i think that the increased police experience a crime deterrent as much as anything. yes, it's this to stop nefarious activity, but a deterrent, but alleviating fears of traveler. i spoke to a family, a father coming to new york with his wife and three kids for the first time. he said this was the time he wanted to travel because security was so tight. he felt more comfortable. >> true. >> thank you very much. >> guys in whistles. >> the world is a great-big soft target. think about the paris attacks. where do they go?
3:36 am
they went to a music hall, they sprayed people, as well. wherever people gathered. there's no way to protect. >> the grocery stores hit. >> no longer looking at symbolic statutes, the statue of liberty, world trade center. they're looking for any targets. let's talk about how the candidates for president were asked to do instant analysis on their view of the attacks and what should be done. here's bill -- >> trump, clinton -- >> hillary clinton, contrasting with donald trump. >> it is a very, very disturbing thing going on in europe. we're going to have it over here, too. >> the last thing we need, my friends, are leaders who incite more fear. >> i would close up our bored force people until we figure out what is -- borders to people until we figure out what's going on. at this point, we cannot allow these people to come in. >> that is not only offensive, that, too, is dangerous because
3:37 am
we want everybody to feel like we are together on our common defense against terrorism. [ applause ] >> the water boarding would be fine. if they could expand the laws, i would do a lot more than water boarding. >> we can't let a demagogue insight violence. >> i hope the election takes place fast. i hope i win, and believe me, they're going back. we're not going keep them here. they're going back. >> you know what donald trump and hillary clinton presented there in that 40-second sound bite is a choice for americans. >> right. >> if you like her approach which is pretty much the way that barack obama has prosecuted the war on terror the last .5 years, vote for -- 7.5 years, vote for her. if you want something different and if terror and your personal security is something that you feel strongly about and you would like to see things changed, the attitude of the country, vote for trump. >> right. if you want to defuse it, if you don't want to make a big deal with it, if you want to go with your life. like our president, after a
3:38 am
citizen was beheaded, 15 minutes later he was playing golf. if you -- that's the attitude you should >> donald trump mentioned water boarding and went on to say water boarding would be fine. if they can expand the laws i would do a lot more water boarding. you have to get information from the people. >> if you're that sixtime basketball player on the ground with nails in their legs or that woman with a nail by your lung, ask yourself, if we could have gotten academy islam to talk and -- gotten abdeslam to talk more about this, maybe we'd be on the same page. >> how about the ladies on "the view"? we were talking about this. they've mocked donald trump. yesterday, they were saying, we agree with his stance versus hillary clinton's stance. they were comparing the two. they said i can't believe basically i'm agreeing with donald trump. >> yeah. >> i can't believe "the view's" still on. >> it is still on. i can't watch it, but apparently it's. on they're making news this morning. we're making news, as well. 22 before the top of the hour. heather joins us on this
3:39 am
wednesday. >> i do. good morning, everyone. really tragic news to bring you out of brussels. relatives are worried sick about a brother and a sister from new york who are now missing in brussels. they were on the phone with their family members at the airport when the bombs exploded, and then the line went dead. they have not been heard from since. relatives, though, praying for their safety, asking for any kind of help that they can get. nine other u.s. citizens in the hospital including three mormon missionaries from utah. the youngest among them, 19-year-old mason wells. he already survived the boston marathon bombing and the paris attacks. we are still waiting on the name of a u.s. air force officer and five family members also among the hundreds hurt. another victim seen here with severe leg injuries has been identified as sebastian bellen. a former basketball player from oakland university. he is expected to recover. the images difficult to see. bellen has played basketball in
3:40 am
europe for the last decade. we'll keep you post on any updates. i mention, he also went to marist college. the fbi may soon be able to crack into a terrorist's phone without apple's help. officials say they will know within two weeks in an unidentified third party can crack the phone of the san bernardino terrorist. they're demanding apple open the phone, but that's on hold for now. investigators believe the phone may hold clues about the dead lead san bernardino terror attacks. and anyone that may is been in communication -- they may have been in communication with. a gut wrenching custody battle plays out in front of a neighborhood and tv cameras. watch this. [ crying ] oh, boy. gives you chills. 6-year-old lexi is taken from her home crying and clutching on to her teddy bear. her foster family is filing an appeal to california's highest
3:41 am
court to try to get her back. here the deal -- l.a. county social services removed the little girl from her home on monday because she's part native american. a very, very small part. tribes have a ton of power over this kind of thing. legally, she has to live with true-blood relatives. and those relatives are states away in utah. in the meantime, the pages say she knows no other life. she's lived with them since she was 2 years old. they hope to adopt her once they get her back. for the first time since his $140 million smackdown, hulk hogan speaking out, telling the "new york post" gawker story. he said he scared the hell out of me, he stood up and stared like he was going to call me out "wrestlemania." he was asked continue to pursue the case but said he to live
3:42 am
with himself. high sued gawker for publishing parts of a sex tape with a friend's wife and got a lot of money out of it. >> he was intimidated by the other guy, please? he picked up sylvester stallone and threw him out of the ring. >> how do you come back from that? >> you don't. >>yon f ga-- i don't know if gawker will appeal. the media loves showing you videos of the protests at donald trump events and the trouble, they say. our next guest, a police officer who patrolled the rallies, says they're not telling you the whole story. he joins us live next. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america.
3:43 am
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this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. as we've been reporting this primary season, things have gotten out of hand at a couple of trump events where supporters and protesters have clashed.
3:46 am
this past weekend, no different. one tucson police officer is speaking out about his experience, saying he was shocked by what he saw. >> this wasn't the people that was involved in trump's rally. it was protesters that at any moment i could get sucker punched by somebody, calling them a racist, calling people involved racist and haters. they're the most hateful, evil people i've ever seen. i could not believe what i saw. >> he's talking about the agitators there. that video has been viewed more than a million times. the man in that video is tucson police officer brandon tatum. he joins us now live from tucson. so brandon, you were at the event. you weren't working it, you just went to see what donald trump had to say. tell me about the demeanor of the actual people who came to listen to donald trump. what was that -- what was their demeanor? >> the majority of the people, they were kind and nice and receptive. i didn't have any problems or
3:47 am
issues with the actual people who were attending and supporting donald trump. >> okay. so the people there you were fine with. it was the agitators, the people who somehow got into the event to cause trouble, and how would you describe their demeanor? >> i think it was -- their demeanor was surprising to me. it was very disappointing to see how aggressive they were, how hateful they were, and that's what summed up for me. they were agitators indeed. >> when you say aggressive and hateful, what are talking about? >> for instance, people who came to the event, we were talking through the front door. i think it's reasonable to articulate that there were peaceful protesters. there as we approached the door, there were individuals yelling, calling us racists and saying a bunch of hurtful things.
3:48 am
and the police officers were literally dividing them from us walking through the door. >> were you thinking to yourself, how am i a racist? >> exactly. it was -- i was offended by someone calling me a racist without knowing me and not knowing that i'm not necessarily a trump follower and was attending as a citizen. it was hurtful and uncalled for in my opinion. >> you're also a police officer. you were off duty at the time. did you feel that was a dangerous situation with the troublemakers? >> i was uncomfortable. i could say that for sure. just the way they were acting. the spontaneous acts of discourse. i mean, they were in there to agitate people. so i feel very uncomfortable. what i have to say is the tucson police department did a wonderful job at being there, exemplifying good tactics, and i felt secured in a way that they were operateding.
3:49 am
i felt safe because of the officers, but at the same time it was very uncomfortable. >> you did your facebook part is iphone video that's been seen over a million times. you just wanted people to know that the people who were going to support donald trump at his events, they're fine. but these troublemakers from outside are trouble. >> yes. that's correct. i wanted to give an impartial idea about what happens in leaving the event. it left me with the conclusion that the donald trump supporters weren't violent as they were portrayed in the past. the protesters -- i don't necessarily know if i should call them protesters or agitators, they were violent. they were the ones causing the problems and the ones that made me feel uncomfortable. it was unreasonable. >> i think you're right in calling them agitators if that's what they were there to do. before you go, i know you went to the event. you hadn't decided whether or not you were going to vote on donald trump. did you make up your mind?
3:50 am
>> yeah. i would say i made up my mind. i think donald trump is a good attend and has the tangibles and ability to make this country great again. i definitely endorse donald trump. >> all right. brandon tatum, a tucson police officer, joining us from tucson. sir, thank you very much. a fox news alert. belgian media reporting the prime suspect in the brussels bombings, the man in white on the right portion of the screen, has just been arrested. what do we know about him? the former american ambassador to belgium, next. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
a fox news alert. a desperate manhunt reportedly over this morning. the man who is there on the right, the guy in white on the right, he fled the scene of yesterday's horrific bombings. he has been caught. isis claiming responsibility but what do we know about the terrorists at the center of this atrocity? joining us is howard gutman the former u.s. ambassador to belgium and the former assistant to the fbi director. they for being with us again this morning. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> thank you for yesterday for all of your insight too. you have been a wonderful person to talk and give us some insight into what's happening on the ground. what does it look like? we talked to you yesterday, day one.
3:55 am
and you talked about the panic and trying to get even your cell phones to work. what is it like on day two now? >> so brussels is getting back to normal but with a sadness. as i walked down here, you pass the maalbeek station, it is all roped off. there's a lone flower that someone could get close enough to place and tourists are going by to see it. but my friends of the day -- the daily belgians they have a sense that they have been violate and a little bit of shame in their state that somehow that belgium let it happen. >> let's talk about the refugee crisis that's going on around the world in syria and our borders here in the united states. as a former ambassador, how do we protect america when it comes to these issues? >> so this is only going to work with intelligence. it's global intelligence. this was not a migration problem today. the three people caught, they were all belgians. the one who was caught, the
3:56 am
mastermind, he gave himself the role of not blowing himself. the two blew themselves up they were hoods, thugs, the police had knew of them. they had done an armed robbery of a check cashing place. they got convinced to go blow yourself up, and i'll build the bomb. who build the bomb he had been in syria in 20013. that was the intelligence failure. how ever they got there, usually to fight assad, you have to watch. 500 returnees in belgium, you have to watch them. >> so how do you watch them? >> we have to just do the resources. and the other option is to go to the israeli option. you might have to be wanded to go into the metro to take -- or the subway. i'm not sure americans or europeans would take another hour to go to work because they got wanded at the subway. >> right. >> and you may hear some noise
3:57 am
above, there's a lot of commotion right here at the e.u., the european union. either a big wig is arriving, but a lot of police and others have arrived. >> ambassador gutman, i'm going to have to leave it there. more "fox & friends," stay with us. are you ready? i mean, really ready? are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? do you look buttoned up, prepared, professional? you've got to be ready. the floors, mats, spotless. the uniforms clean and crisp, ready to produce. ready for the unexpected. are you ready to prosper, to grow? do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? to be ready is to anticipate. prepare. emergency lights, alarm panel. ready. ready? ready. ready is safe. you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. you, have anticipated, prepared, figured out, focused. you're ready. i'm ready!
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sfx: leaf blowers the yardley's. dad! sorry. spring is on. start your trugreen lawn plan today. trugreen. live life outside. good morning. it's wednesday, march 23rd, i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. huge developments out of brussels. the two men who blew themselves up at the airport and at the train stations, they are brothers and the man in white on the right who might have built the bombs now in handcuffs, thank goodness. we are live on the ground. we'll bring you that report in just moments. plus, the united states is now on high alert. security being stepped up at train stations and airports and other soft targets. but is that enough? can that stop terror? all right. and donald trump knows what could have been prevented, what happened in brussels.
4:01 am
>> if they would have put him through the grill ten minutes after they captured him, he probably would have ratted them out and maybe stopped this horrible terror attack. >> and this morning one of trump's biggest critics pierce morgan says the donald might be on to something. wow. let me remind you this morning, like every morning, is better with "friends." >> a fox news alert. terrorists takedown. the prime suspect in the brussels bombing reportedly arrested right there. the man in white, the bomb maker. >> this news comes as we find out that two of the other bombers involved in attacks were brothers. >> yep. john huddy live in brussels now with the latest information. john? >> yeah, well, steve, brian and ainsley, you guys missed a moment of silence, a minute and a half ago, the crowd here was
4:02 am
silent. i mean, you could hear a pin dropping. you could see it's a massive crowd. we are in downtown brussels, basically in the main center plaza and in the middle of the crowd there's a memorial. candles, flowers, right here actually where i'm standing. you can see a smaller example of it. and despite yesterday's horrific attack, it has certainly not deterred people from being here. as you can see it's massive crowd and it is quite emotional, that moment of silence. again, everyone, you could hear a pin drop. it was really something to take in. now getting to the headline as you mentioned, the third suspect in the airport bombing that you saw in the video has reportedly been arrested. we're waiting for official confirmation, but his name from what we're getting right now is najim laachraoui. he is said to be wearing that white coat, the cctc video that
4:03 am
was put out by police from the airport. police believe he was supposed to carry out a third bombing in that suitcase, but instead, bailed from the operation. and then of course the other two in that video, the two men wearing the black coats on the left side of the screen, carried out according to police the suicide attack. they're being described and being said to be brothers. those two suspected attackers identified as ibrahim and khalil el bakraoui. they had long rap sheets and authorities had already been on the hunt for all three of them in particular laachraoui who is tied to the suspected paris -- or the paris attacker salah abdeslam who was arrested friday here in brussels. so again, getting back to the scene, one more time, steve, ainsley and brian, let me step out of the way. it is quiet. i want to be respectful.
4:04 am
but you see a massive crowd, undeterred from yesterday's attacks. and now the latest toll is -- death toll is 34 people killed, more than 220 others injured. guys, back to you. >> all right, john huddy live in brussels where they just observed a moment of silence, straight up at noon. >> yeah, these el bakraoui brothers, these are the guys who swrb trouble really since -- who have been trouble since 2010. they thought they were local thugs, but didn't think terrorists. ibrahim was sentenced for shooting at police with a kalashnikov and that a computer was found in the montgomery county by street cleaners, and it contained information. and the police let them get away last week. >> khalid is a guy who rented the apartment where the police killed the gunman in the botched raid last week. you know, where they found the
4:05 am
isis flag, the assault rifle. the detonators, all the other stuff. also, so that's what they look like. that's a full on of their face. go ahead and show you the video from closed circuit television at the airport. those are the two guys in black right there. >> right. >> we have a circle around their hands because the single glove may have hidden detonators. could have had a detonator in there. could have been for static electricity, that's something that's isis is big on. you don't want to blow up too early or a dead man's switch, if somebody is shot, they lose their grip, then the bomb blows up. >> then we know more about the man in white, the guy on the right there at the airport. we know that he was -- >> the bomb maker. >> he was an expert bomb maker, he made the suicide vests used in the paris massacres. and the driver who was driving them to the airport, the cab
4:06 am
driver, he tried to fit all the bags in the cab. there was one that wouldn't fit so they had to leave it behind. turns out the cab driver when he found out about the explosions at the airport, he called police, took police to the safe house. there they found an isis flag and they found that suitcase that didn't fit in the cab, and inside a bomb. >> he's also the guy who they believe made the suicide vests used in the paris attacks. >> right. >> 130 people died. >> the same people -- they're moving freely from country to country and how that's going to affect if the european union stays togetheral. that is coming to pass. security was thought to be one of the reasons to vote for it, but now it's being used against it. and lieutenant colonel in the army, ralph peters, said there's a problem and a difficulty when these families protect each other. listen. >> it's about family in that world. so when you produce a jihadist, when when of your relatives, you know, is involved in terrorism,
4:07 am
you lose all government benefits, permanently. the whole family does, including the extended family, including right to subsidized housing. two, they have to get serious about revoking citizenship of those who commit terrorist acts including natural born citizens and third, finally, they have got to find a way, it will be tough, but you've got to break up these colonies where the police -- it's not that they're no go zones but don't want to go there zones, like molenbeek and other slums. if you're unwilling to take that on, the problem will metastasize further. >> by the way, isis continues to target brussels. they say more attacks are coming to that country. right away, they label brussels as a big problem as isis gets attacked in syria and in iraq. >> and in january, trump labeled brussels a hell hole and now "the new york times" -- now he looks correct. >> and it keeps happening to
4:08 am
donald trump. isn't it amazing? no wonder isis wants to attack brussels because they can get away with it. the police are allowing this to happen. like ralph peters was saying the police are scared to go into the communities, these are guys with long rap sheets. that's a problem. >> ralph peters made a great point. to get rid of the terrorists of course who are supported by the families, have something on the line that the family would suffer and then they will put pressure on the troublemakers to straighten up and fly right. meanwhile, pierce morgan who has not been a fan of donald trump in the past, he actually interviewed him yesterday. they were talking about what had happened in brussels. and pierce morgan found himself suddenly nodding in agreement with what donald trump said, and he wrote this in the pages of the daily mail. >> hate donald trump all you like, but at least he seems to recognize the magnitude of the threat and at least he has firm proposals for how to try to defeat it. they may not win, they may not
4:09 am
win him the political correct pontificator of the year award, but how many more scenes like this morning's appalling images from brussels are we going to tolerate before we try a nonpc option to beat the disgusting excuses for human beings? very well said. >> when it comes to the terrorists we have to be above it and we are more educated society, we can't overreact and give them the same horrific treatment that they give us. that's somebody who says that, doesn't have nails in their legs or trying to battle getting a four inch nail away from their lungs. donald trump says i look at this and i realize that if the laws change, i would be for enhancing the interrogation to get the facts from these guys before they attack. listen. >> what happened is you catch the guy last week, and they probably have lawyers all over
4:10 am
the place. he's probably got lawyers, you know, saying, you know, you'll go to trial in about seven years. nothing happens and then you have the big bombings today. if they would have put him through the grill ten minutes after they captured him, he probably would have ratted them out and maybe stopped this horrible terror attack that took place today. >> you have to keep this country safe. we have to do whatever we can. this is why your vote is so important when you go to the poll because we look what happened in boston, we cannot afford or the things like that to happen here in our own country. >> last night at the o 2 arena in london, adele the biggest star in the star, she had the people in attendance hold up their iphones and they lit up the dark room and then she directly spoke to the terrorists and said, you're on -- she used a word that starts with an "f" and the place went wild. all of the world all of europe is behind -- >> where was that concert? >> at the o-2 arena in london
4:11 am
last night. >> people are deciding what they're doing with their summer vacation. are they going to go to europe, going to show up? are they going to vacation there? are they going to heed isis' warnings that more attacks are coming? this is going to have an economic effect. are you not bringing your family to germany, to belgium, to france. >> i thought about that. my 40th birthday this is year. i was thinking about -- we love paris. i love london. i haven't been to brussels. i haven't been to spain. i thought, is this really the time to do that? >>can i make a suggestion? >> yeah. >> colonial williamsburg. it's very romantic. >> that or palm beach. you don't need a passport. you're on the beach in two seconds. >> exactly right. or epcot. because they have all the great cases of all the countries. >> and my in laws live there so it would be free. >> they have the virtual reality glasses that you can go the
4:12 am
country, without going there. >> on a serious note, it's on our mind. >> it's 7:11 in new york city. >> president obama raising some eyebrows by giving a 51 second speech before going to the ballgame. is he doing enough to make america feel safe? we'll talk about this next. to help protect your dog or cat from fleas and ticks. with the performance you expect from a monthly topical in a non-greasy collar... seresto® kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 continuous months. seresto®. from bayer. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,
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4:16 am
all right. the deadly bombings in brussels tooks the live of 34 -- took the lives of 34 people and over 200 injured, however, president obama spent 51 seconds before addressing the tragedy and then racing off to the baseball game to sit with derek jeter and raul castro where this happened. is this another weak showing of leadership or is this showing the terrorists that you cannot interrupt our lives? lieutenant general michael flynn is a former director of the intelligence agency under president obama. great to see you. did you have a problem with the message from cuba? >> yeah, i mean, i think it's a pretty sad day for u.s. leadership. i think while president obama
4:17 am
wants to bury the cold war from havana, cuba, we're in the middle of a very, very hot war and brian, for your audience, there have been 70 -- at least 75 isis inspired or directed attacks outside of iraq or syria in the last six months aloin. 75 that have resulted in deaths or injuries, and some resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries. mine, we're -- i mean, we are watching an islamic state that is unfolding their campaign plan in front of our eyes. and we're -- we see the president doing waves down at a baseball stadium in havana. i mean, come on. let's get real with what we're facing and we need to do far more about it than what we're seeing. >> let's look at some of these attacks that you referenced. they're not going after guys in military uniforms who are wearing camouflage, they have
4:18 am
been inspired attacks really since 2015 outside iraq and syria. the problem is a lot of people say, general, we should learn from our mistake, let's not have 200,000 people invade another country like that horrible president bush did. let's do it differently and smarter. is there a problem with leaving this group intact and trying to contain them like we're doing? >> absolutely. so number one, essentially they have three goals which is to continue to incite and grow their regional network inside of the iraq and syria, the levant area. two, they'll try to expand their global network which they're doing very well at. number three, they are going to continue that attack western targets particularly soft targets like we saw recently. again we saw in san bernardino and even on 9/11, so we have to remind ourselves that we have been attacked in this country. so those three elements, we now have to look at those three and say if that is in fact the case of what we're trying to achieve,
4:19 am
we need to counter what their plan is. number one, we have to go back into the region in a bigger way and we have to take out and these places like mosul where they continue to have a strong hold. raqqah. in the meantime we have to do far more across the board globally and it's more than just sharing -- you know, everybody says we have to share more intelligence. yeah, that's fine. what we actually have to do, brian, is we have to take action. intelligence enables what it is that we have to do. but countries are going to have to get off this dime of this multiculturalism appeasement that we are seeing, particularly in europe and frankly we apologize too often in this country for going after a political ideology that is hiding and masking itself behind a religion. we have to take this on and we have to get serious about this. i mean, this is going to continue to happen. i have been saying this -- i have been warning about this before i came out of uniform. >> right.
4:20 am
does time matter? the president thinks he's winning. he talks of the land we gained and taken back from isis. what do you think? >> if the president feels good about a tactical victory about you know, we capture some guy in iraq or syria or we blow up some target, i mean those make him feel good. they don't make me feel good. it's exasperating a problem that's problem that's continuing to fester and until we take a bigger role. it will require a coalition -- i got all that. it will require the arabs to get involved but we have to look at this. they have declared war on us, brian. >> right. >> this enemy has declared war on us. we have to decide and frankly we have to decide this with our european partners and with those arab nations that we are still friendly with, that still have some sense of respect for us, we have to decide how to fight this thing. but it's a longer term problem.
4:21 am
>> general michael flynn, guys like you say let us fight the war. i look forward to your book. >> thanks for having me. straight ahead, a heart broken mom's message to the presidential candidates, next.
4:22 am
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love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. welcome back. now let's turn to the race for the white house. three critical contests out west where results got confirmed several hours ago. >> peter doocy who is one of my favorite fox news correspondents joined us live. i like peter a lot. he used to be a dependent. peter? >> and now i'm going to talk to you about a divide in the political party. >> why not? >> if you want to see the
4:25 am
divide, the clear divide in the republican party versus the democratic party, just look at the results last night in arizona versus the results in utah. in arizona, winner take all, arizona primary voters waited in long lines to help donald trump easily win 58 delegates over ted cruz, 47% to 24%. but in utah, the opposite, ted cruz won 69% of the vote. the same thing with the democrats, clinton won big in arizona, 57 to 39, but lost big to sanders in utah. 79 to 19. sanders also won idaho last night. 78 to 21. the utah republican caucus for the first time last night offered the opportunity to vote on the internet to make life easy, but it caused confusion for many that couldn't find their 30 digit p.i.n. numbers and others who didn't realize that online registration ended
4:26 am
last week. and tech problems, at one room that we visited, a debate about donald trump's merits was dragging on so long that a woman stood up and said, enough. we have been debating on faith the last four months, let's just vote. as for the democrats here in utah, one bernie sanders supporter that we met on the sidewalk said something that i have not heard from any bernie sanders supporter in any state yet, her reasons for supporting sander over clinton was benghazi. the clinton campaign accuses republicans of using benghazi to make clinton look bad that it's only republicans that make a big deal out of it, but not in utah. democrats care too. >> peter doocy, talking benghazi. thank you very much, peter. ainsley? >> thanks, guys. immigration, a critical issue in this presidential race as you're aware of. our next guest has a personal stake in this debate, mary ann
4:27 am
mendoza's son, brandon mendoza, get a good look at his face, he was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2014. a tragic story. we are hearing way too often lately. she recently teamed up with the advocacy group to write an open letter to gop candidates urging support for victims with similar stories. good morning, thank you for joining us. i know you have been on fox a good bit, but for people who are not familiar with your story, what happened to your son in 2014? >> thank you. he was driving home from work on the morning of may 12, 2014. and just ten minutes gone from work and an illegal criminal who had been driving over 35 miles the wrong way on four different freeways in phoenix high on meth, slammed into my son and killed him. he had been convicted of other criminal, back and forth across the border.
4:28 am
this is a familiar story over and over. >> yeah. it is, we're reporting on its too often. you sent a letter to the gop candidates. tell the audience what that letter said. >> well, basically it's asking for our american -- the next president to acknowledge that the victims of this illegal criminal crime were left really picking up the pieces with funeral costs and grief counseling and time off from work. when something tragic like this hits you we're not -- you're not expecting it. part of the letter says this matter is urgent and must not be ignored. our families are crying out for help and america is looking for a special kind of leader who is unafraid to stand with american families. as the next president of the united states will you be that advocate? >> wow. did you hear back from any of the candidates? >> i don't know if marie espinosa, the founder, has heard back yet. but my son was killed by an
4:29 am
illegal criminal but i feel like he was a victim of the political crime also because our politicians who are continually standing in the way of any and all legislature to secure our borders are guilty for allowing the crimes to continue against innocent families. >> how does it make you feel when you have hillary clinton's daughter on stage saying my mom is going to pay for health care for illegal immigrants? they're paying for their health care and you're stuck with the funeral bill and not to mention the loss of your son. >> exactly. you know, if you think that hillary is going to worry any more about the safety of your loved ones any more than she cared about her friend, ambassador stevens, you're kidding yourself. to you and i, she doesn't care about us. she was invited down to the border by paul ba beau and she didn't go to see it firsthand here. >> what message, if you could speak to these candidates, what's the message? what do you want them to know
4:30 am
about your son? >> i want them to know that my son was an integral part of a community and he was helping underprivileged children and really making a difference in children's lives. and it's time for our politicians to stand up for americans. and quit making illegals and syrian refugees and anybody else who's trying to cross our borders, quit making them more important than us. we have homeless veterans out on our streets and they deserve our care and attention more than an illegal criminal does. >> we can't bring your son back, but we can tell your story and here at fox news we want that message to be spread to the candidates because we do care about you and we're sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >> thanks for being with us. the next commander in chief facing a growing threat of islamic terrorism. is trump the man for the job? his son, eric, will be with us next. nds the life behind it. ♪
4:31 am
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4:33 am
we've got a fox news alert right now. the prime suspect in the
4:34 am
brussels bombing has been captured. this as we learned two of the terrorists who blew themselves up in the wider picture to his right were apparently brothers. >> police arresting the third bomber in the white shirt just about 6:00 a.m. our time. he was still in the city when they caught him. >> belgian officials identifying the brothers as khalid and brahim el bakraoui. >> all right. joining us now right now, we've got live in the studio, eric trump, son of donald trump. >> good to be here. >> we talked to your dad about this time yesterday. he has one of the strongest points of view when it comes to dealing with international terror like this. >> no question. it's been a point of his campaign since day number one. he's been saying, let's secure our country, let's close down the border, let's find out who's coming in.
4:35 am
people have to come in and come in legally. it hit home yesterday. you saw what happened in brussels, so sad, a lot of people died. we have to take care of our country. we have to take care of our country. we have to make it safe. >> what's your response to you have so many of the mainstream media that are now coming out and saying maybe your dad is on to something here. you had the ladies from "the view", they mocked your father in the past, but when you compare his plan to hillary clinton's plan, we're going for your dad's plan and pierce morgan wrote the op-ed about how he was agreeing what your dad's plan was. >> my father was talking about brussels and how it was a hot bed for terror. he said a hot bed for terror. >> a hell hole. >> the intuition of the man is incredible. he nailed it. you saw what happened there yesterday. he's right attention southern border as well. people are coming over, they're not the best people. people have to come through the country legally. we have to stop this. we can't allow the trojan horse
4:36 am
in as he phrased it. the people aren't stopping. this isn't ending, we have to take care of our home front. >> if you own your own building work in a building you feel as though you're a terror target. hillary clinton thinks your dad got the nomination already. because she goes at him almost every opportunity. let's listen. >> it's a disturbing thing going on in europe and we'll have it over here too. >> the last thing we need, my friends, are leaders who incite more fear. >> i would close up our borders to people, till we figure out what going on. we can't allow these people at this point, we cannot allow these people to come. >> that not only offensive but dangerous. we want everybody to feel like we're together on the common defense against terrorism. >> the waterboarding would be
4:37 am
fine. if they could expand the laws i'd do more than water boarding. >> we can't let a demagogue incite violence. >> i hope i win, and believe me they're going back. we're not going to keep them here. >> a clear choice. >> she's talking about inciting violence and obama is sitting at a baseball game in cuba. i don't think she's in the real world when she talks about this. we have bombs going off in cities all around the world. we have machine guns being shot at people. >> can't say that our current approach is all screwed up because she's part of it. >> it's amazing. the people are flying planes into buildings. setting off bombs in airports. at what point do we start talking about this father, that's what's making my father great. he's willing to address the problem head on and no one else is willing to. when i see those quotes of her, i'm truly shocked. i'm truly shocked. >> you talk about problems. how about the other day when we're reporting the news and we're reporting that your family, you and your wife were getting envelopes with white
4:38 am
powder in them. and you know i understand people might not agree with your dad, but to do this that's dangerous. that could -- you know, incite harm on someone. >> look, my father started a movement. there's so much passion. you saw the lines at the polls yesterday in arizona. they were three hours long. it was incredible. so much passion surrounding his message and obviously we're going to take the bruntss of the other side of that. but there's so much love and passion. interesting it only comes one way. only from the left to the right, not from the right to the left. you don't see anybody sending her packages. >> no trump people beating up hillary -- >> with when is the last time you had a trump protester at a hillary event? >> what is the last of the investigation, there was a death threat in there. >> sure. the law enforcement is taking care of it. the fbi is all over it. they're so fantastic. what a job they have done and what a job they always do. you know, we need to do a much better job of thanking law enforcement. >> it was plastered all over national news. you had a lot of cameras out on
4:39 am
the streets? >> honestly, i walk to work every single day. there's not a single day that doesn't go by that somebody doesn't say, tell your father to go all the way. we need your father, tell him to go all the way. you see exponentially more love than you do hate. and i think it's very important to say that. >> but your aunt got a death threat over the weekend too. so what -- did your dad pick up the phone and share his thoughts? he's like you, come out at me with slings and arrows but his family might be a different story. >> i love him to death. when i see people rushing the stage i take that immensely purposely. when somebody says -- >> what does he say? >> it's sad. we live in a sick world, but listen, it only takes one person. but the vast majority are people with tremendous love and, you know, tremendous enthusiasm for his mission. we'll win this. >> when do you draw the line though? i noticed this morn, cruz is going after -- ted cruz is saying things about melania, and your father fired back. >> his super pac published a --
4:40 am
>> it's the same thing. the super pac is him. i think it's disgusting. here's man who praises -- he's always talking about morality, i'm taking the high road. yet he does that. you know, that's the sick part of politics. i mean, that's the sick part of politics. >> what did the super pac do? >> by the way, my step mother is a amazing woman. she's solid as a rock. it's sick he did that. but you know what, he'll have a hard time getting to the number. after last night, he has a very, very hard time getting to 1,237. we're coming home. we're coming back to new york, we'll do incredibly well here. we'll do incredibly well in new jersey and in connecticut and in pennsylvania and california. you know, closed little caucus primary states are over. cruz will have a tough time. i think he's starting to see that writing on the wall. >> if he were to win every delegate going forward, how many would he have to win? >> the math is somewhere around 89%.
4:41 am
somewhere right there. 87, 89%. and he's not winning the state, which means he's not getting that to 1,237 number. >> eric in the big picture though as you look at your dad get closer and closer to this, i notice for example he's m modulating his message so much. do you notice that? is he changing sometimes his approach, bringing a subtlety to it? >> my father is a tough guy. he wants to find the people who are responsible for these bombings. right, he wants to keep our country safe. and he's been pretty clear that he would do what it takes to make that happen. it's despicable what you see when you see what happened yesterday. it's truly, truly despicable. my father won't pander to it. he'll do whatever it takes to keep this country safe. that's why he would make a great commander in chief. >> thank you. >> thanks for waking us this morning. we appreciate it. >> always great. >> now walk to work. >> that's what i'll do. >> i know you will. all right, straight ahead on
4:42 am
a wednesday, two of the belgian terror suspects were known to police earlier and they were brothers. the two on the left in the dark shirts. how did they fly under the radar and carry out the attack and are there hot spots in the united states that should concern us? the soft targets, straight ahead. the lexus command performance sales event is on. with extraordinary offers on the visionary ls, the generously appointed es and the new, eight-passenger lx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. (boy) (mom) because we'resettle settlers and that's what we do. (girl) but with directv and at&t, you can get your tv and wireless service from one provider. (dad) are not we your providers?
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it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. fox news alert, isis taking credit for the bombings that left 34 dead in brussels and injured more than 200. how did the suspects evade the attention of the belgian authorities long enough to commit the deadly crimes? let's talk to ryan morrow, a security analyst at the clarion project. good morning. >> good morning. >> we have seen that shot from the closed circuit television. the two guys who are brothers. they had been on the radar, those two guys wearing the left-hand gloves, khalid and
4:46 am
brahim el bakraoui or something like that. khalid had rented the apartment where police killed the gunman last week and he was sentenced for shooting a the police in 2010 with a kalashnikov. they were on the radar of the cops over there for a long time. >> right. so there is that sensation to say, what are you doing over there? how come you didn't get them before hand, you have to understand the amount of man power to have them under surveillance 24/7. the number of people who went from belgium to join isis and come back has been thrown around. >> yeah. i think one of the guys thou though -- one of the brothers had actually gone into saudi arabia a couple of years ago so they had reason to keep somebody on this guy. >> okay, but most of them will go to saudi arabia. that's the very common trip for them to make. so it becomes very difficult for any security service, especially if you're talking about belgium, if it's talking about the united
4:47 am
states, tough for them to get track of. >> that do you mean of that? as if belgium's heart isn't in it? >> no, i think their heart is in it. but they're dealing with a threat higher than what we face and we're having difficulty. >> it's so gigantic. >> it's so gigantic. our resources are strapped right now here in the united states and at the breaking point so imagine what belgium is dealing with. >> no kidding. let's talk a little bit about could what happened there happen here? i mean, clearly, these guys have figured out the system. the bombings at the airport took place in front of or before the security checks so, you know, people were sitting ducks. >> there's always a juicy target if you want to die which is what these guys want to do. now you're dealing with a network in europe, not just a collection of lone wolves. they travel in and out of the continent and every ingredient exists in the united states but
4:48 am
it hasn't matured yet. if you look at brussels that's the future of the united states. >> let's talk about the enclaves across the country. particularly one down in texas. tell us about what's going on down there. >> yeah, i identified this for the clarion project. for decades, the group has set up the enclaves as the government files refer to them as, dozens of acres large. where there's training, criminal activity and a history of terrorist activity. they say they have 22 of these spots around the country. we don't know if that's true or not. but we do know of a number of them. >> okay. training. training to do what? >> jihad. according to their own videos. i have got a video of the women at their headquarters, islam burg getting that guerrilla warfare training. that shows the intent of what the spots are for. >> so what is your prime worry about these groups scattered across the country, what they're fixing to do? >> just that they're going to be
4:49 am
activated because they're like a cult. so loyal to their leader in pakistan that if he says, go, they're going to go. so there's a fear among law enforcement officials about waco type of scenario. especially because now there are people who are harassing these guys. going to these spots and they have guns. so you could have a clash that happens where they could be triggered not because of something that law enforcement does, but because of something that a random crazy guy does. >> so we know where the camps are. why don't we close them down? >> because it's legal for them to buy the property, to live there, if an individual has enough evidence that they're engaging in in the illegal activity, the law enforcement can get them. and there's an image makeover and there's press outlets and officials that refer to them as moderates now. >> do you buy that? >> not at all. based on their own activity, i watch their videos. they call jews examples of human sat satans.
4:50 am
top numbers are engaged in terrorist plots that have gone to jail on it, it's so solid. >> people want to read more about the enclaves around the country, you have a website? >> sure, you can go to clarion >> thank you. sorry stuff, thank you ryan mauro. well, the president give a 51 second speech on the attacks in belgium and then you can see right there he gives the wave. is he giving the threat the attention it deserves? we report you decide, coming up next. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
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4:54 am
problem and better get rid of isis quick because it will only get worse. >> we need a president who makes clear to the world if you're a radical terrorist, if you're a jihadist, your day of reckoning is coming. >> if i was president i would have come home in -- come home. >> all those responses to president obama being down in cuba at a baseball game instead of back here in the u.s. after the terrorist attack that happened in brussels. you hear all three of the gop candidates talking about what they would have done. what they think the president should be doing. >> meanwhile, the obamas moved on to argentina and there's air force one right there. and here comes the family. rich edson is in buenos aires with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: and good morning, and president obama and the first family landed in buenos aires last evening, shortly after midnight. this as their major european cities and countries that are on high alert and in the united states major transit hubs that
4:55 am
are also on high alert. you heard the republican candidates, all three presidential candidates knocking president obama requesting that he come back to the united states because of the attacks in belgium and in brussels. but also, there are a number of republican congressmen who are calling for the same. >> he really did not show any great concern with paris. didn't go over there at a the time. i think what the president should do is not -- you know, not rush on the next plane back, but cut the trip short. come back and assert leadership. >> reporter: president obama spent yesterday in cuba attending a baseball game between the cuban national team and the tampa bay rays. the president said that he refuses to allow isis to intimidate us. >> they cannot defeat america. they don't have a message that appeals to the vast majority of the muslims or the vast majority of the people. what they can do is scare. and make people afraid.
4:56 am
and disrupt our daily lives and divide us and a as long as we don't allow that to happen we'll be okay. >> reporter: given all the attention that cuba has gotten, some have called argentina the other latin american trip. look at the agenda here, mauricio macri, an actual reformer who wants to bring capitalism to his country and bring his country closer to the united states. back to you. >> all right, rich edson live in buenos aires, argentina. >> you have to figure in the president of the united states rather than working on his legacy was up for re-election yesterday, he would have come home. >> i saw one picture with him on the phone supposedly being briefed about it. so that's it. but i think that president obama has been severely hurt by getting most of his advice from valerie jarrett who has no international experience.
4:57 am
she does what she thinks is best for him. >> what do you think? send your comments to us, >> meanwhile, just ahead, he picked up big wins in utah and idaho, ted cruz joins us live next hour to talk to us about his chances for nomination. you're late for work. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. don't basic policies cover basic accidents?
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ready? ready. ready. you're ready. everybody wants a piece of ready. good morning. it is wednesday, march 23rd. i'm ainsley earhardt. huge developments in brussels, an arrest overnight. was it the man in white who built the bombs that left 34 people up dead and more than 200 injured this morning? >> and we know the two who blew up the airport were brothers. one of them fired a kalashnikov at a cop. got in trouble. wasn't he on the radar? president obama's response to the terror attacks in belgium, well, he went to the baseball game and managed to
5:01 am
squeeze in the wave with raul castro. is he giving this threat the attention it deserves? is he ignoring it, not giving the terrorists what they want? we'll explore that because mornings are better with "friends." this is a fox news alert. and something has changed in our reporting. there are now conflicting reports out of belgium this morning over the arrest of a third suspect in yesterday's attacks. we told you a third person, somebody was arrested in the last couple hours by special forces. this as we learned too of the terrorists who blew themselves up were brothers. >> now, several media reports say the man seen here in white was just arrested after 6:00 a.m. this morning. some reports claim a different man was arrested and the terrorist you see here, still on the run. >> belgian officials identifying the brothers as khalid and
5:02 am
brahim el bakraoui. one of the men seen in the surveillance picture from the airport, the other presumably the bomber who attacked the nearby subway train. >> meanwhile, nine american citizens were injured in the airport blasts including three missionaries from utah. these three right here. air force officer and five of his family members were also hurt. 34 people in total were killed yesterday. more than 200 injured. mostly by shrapnel. >> let's bring in benjamin hall on the growing security concerns throughout europe. we begin though with john huddy who's in brussels. john? >> reporter: well, brian, ainsley and steve, you mentioned conflicting reports. you know, in a situation that's so fluid and continues to develop as we see here with these attacks, there are always going to be conflicts reports and speculation. you basically, you know, you talked about that, as far as the third suspect in that cctv video at the airport.
5:03 am
the reports that he was arrested. we are on our end trying to get official confirmation and independent confirmation of that but going back to what we talked about last hour, there are vorts that that that -- there have been reports that that third suspect was arrested by police. we're awaiting for confirmation and that his name is najim laachraoui. you can see in the cctv video he's standing on the right, he's got the white coat. if it's indeed the same person, now, police believe that nonetheless, that guy bailed on the operation, he was supposed to set off a suitcase bomb but instead left the airport. and the other two attacker, sue suicide bombers did carry out the operation and they're identified as two brothers, as ainsley just mentioned. ibrahim and khalid el bakraoui. they're from brussels and
5:04 am
they're on police radar here. they have a long rap sheet, so police were looking for them and the third suspect. again, conflicting reports not sure if he was arrested. that person, we're working on that. if he was arrested it's a significant development in attacks. 34 people killed, more than 220 others injured. quickly, the airport near brussels remains shut down. that will be the case throughout the rest of the day, possibly into tomorrow. also, transportation is limited. back here in downtown brussels, again, we're in the main plaza here, the main central square. you can see thousands of people. the memorial here, the candles. the flowers. people in solidarity after these horrific attacks. quickly, steve, ainsley and brian, i spoke with one woman earlier who said that belgians are resilient, they'll come together in solidarity and agreed and said that something needs to be done in terms of the
5:05 am
security she believes there was elapsed and that things need to be reorganized. that's one woman's opinion, but that seems to be the prevailing sentiment as i talk fores around here. many are mourning the loss of the individuals. >> of course. john huddy live where it is 1:00 in the afternoon over in brussels. we are awaiting a press conference by the brussels authorities and it has been delayed a little bit. we've got to figure that it probably has to do with the identity of this person who was just arrested. as soon as they take the table and they start speaking, we will bring you the simultaneous translation. >> so special thanks to that taxi driver who tipped off authorities that said, hey, listen, i picked up the suspected terrorists. i think these were the guys and i think this is where they live. they found the place, found the isis flag and found some of the bomb making materials. >> and some fingerprints. >> and some fingerprints. and there's a direct link
5:06 am
between what happened in brussels and paris. you think of the arrest on friday, the guy we picked up, abdeslam, there was about to be another hit and they did the hit anyway even though experts say it seemed to be an accelerated rush job. >> you're right. these guys had criminal histories and criminal pasts, rap sheets. we were told this would happen again by the paris guys. these are the two brothers. so the question is this morning, many of the guests that we have had on the show have been asking how did this happen? police were tipped off, it seems that, you know, this is something they knew about and it still happened anyway. >> yeah. khalid, one of the brothers in the picture, he's actually the guy who rented the apartment. he used a fake name. where they had the raid, the police raid last week where that one guy was killed, where they found all that stuff. khalid, i believe he is pictured on the left-hand of the screen, he was sentenced for shooting at police in 2010 with a kalashnikov. now, you know, you would figure if somebody has a kalashnikov in
5:07 am
downtown brussels you're going to keep an eye on somebody like that. >> you would think. >> you would think so. you can see the image where we have a spot shadow around their left hands. drop the banner, we'll show you that. they have gloves on the left hands and not on the right hands, and the theory is in the left hand there may have been a detonator or used a glove to keep static electricity from detonating the bomb. you hate to kill yourself -- >> you have to squeeze them to go forward. >> so that could have been the dead man's switch that catherine herridge was telling us. if somebody shoots you, the next thing you know you still accomplish your mission. >> when i heard that yesterday i thought okay these guys, they have been planning this for a long time. that's something they didn't do alone. this is sophisticated. >> sure. >> and lieutenant colonel ralph peters was saying earlier that the police, they need to get
5:08 am
into these areas and find these guys before something happens like what we saw yesterday. take a listen. >> got to find a way, it's going to be tough. but you've got to break up these colonies where the police -- it's not that they're no go zones but don't want to go zones like molenbeek, like other slums. if you are unwilling to take that on, the problem will metastasize further. >> that's what happened. they now -- isis is directing the attacks. they're training the people and telling the people how to execute their plans. they have communications. you have to see the sophisticated communique that came out afterwards warning brussels that the worst is yet to come. so when lieutenant general michael flynn was asked how we're doing because the president believes we're winning, he believes we're not. >> we have to take action. intelligence enables what it is that we have to do. but countries have to get off this dime of -- this multiculturism appeasement that we are seeing, particularly in
5:09 am
europe and frankly we apologize too often in this country for going after a political ideology that is hiding and masking itself behind a religion. we are not winning right now. i mean, if the president feels captured some guy in victory iraq or syria or we blow up some target, i mean, those make him feel good. it doesn't make me feel good, because it's exasperating the problem. >> he used to run the dia, and he was frustrated and people thought he was tossed out of the administration because he couldn't go along with that song. >> where they hit yesterday, they were all soft targets, you know, the area before security at the airport. also in a subway, which has very light if any security. we had ryan mauro on the program within the last half hour and he was talking about how in his estimation, a terror group is scattered all across this country right now.
5:10 am
they have got enclaves where they have set up camps but because they are not officially designated terror outfits, the feds can't move in on them. here's ryan. >> every ingredient that leads to that powerful network coming about in europe exists in the united states. it hasn't matured yet. so when you look at belgium, that's the future of the u.s., if these trends continue. they're going to be activated because they're like a cult. so loyal to their leader in pakistan. if he says go, they're going to go. so there's a fear among law enforcement officials about a waco type scenario, especially because there are people who are harassing these guys going to these spots. and they have guns so you can have a clash that happens that they're triggered -- >> okay. we told it would happen. here's the press conference in belgium. >> -- identified the -- because of his fingerprints, ibrahim el
5:11 am
bakraoui was identified. the second one has not identified yet. the third suspect wearing a hat and a jacket is -- he left a bag and his bag contained the most important explosive charge. this bag exploded right after the arrival of the federal police and fortunately, no one was hurt. this third nonidentified person has been on the run for a while now after the inquiry. there is no item that belonged to the others of the bombing that was found. a cab driver gave some information to the police and gave an address.
5:12 am
there was 15 kilograms of atp, 115 grams of acetone, and 30 liters of other material. it was to make bombs. others searches have been done in the avenue and nothing was found. and ibrahim el bakraoui, there were elements -- there was a paper where he described that he is not insecurity, that he is lost and that he doesn't know what to do. and he may end up being in jail.
5:13 am
the second search was done in schaerbeek yesterday night and is being listened to by the investigators. a fifth person was arrested and liberated after having listened to him. and with regard to the bombing in the maalbeek in brussels, the explosion took place inside the second round. while this was still in the station. the bomber was identified by his fingerprints. khalid el bakraoui, brother of ibrahim. the two terrorists had heavy, heavy rap sheet, that is not linked to terrorism. the experts are still carrying out an investigation and the
5:14 am
investigation will continue for hours and maybe for even a number of days. in the interest of the inquiry, we will not give more information right now. the federal police cabinet understands the need of information, but we will not give out information that is not confirmed or that will hurt the inquiry. we regret that at this point we have 270 injured and 31 confirmed dead. all of our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.
5:15 am
in 2015 on the news -- active shooting in the landscape -- [ speaking a foreign language ] >> so you're listening to a press conference, obviously they're not speaking english so they're giving us information on what they know about the suspects, two protesters. >> they did talk a bit about khalid and brahim el bakraoui. and then the -- they made it very clear and this was a point where the reporting this morning has been a little confusing.
5:16 am
we apologize for that. but we're just relying on our partners in brussels. the third suspect apparently is still on the run. and i -- it is unclear whether or not they're referring to the man in white pictured on the right right there. earlier he had been identified as perhaps the actual bomb maker. it's a little confusing, and then at the end of the press conference when the prosecutor was talking, he said they wouldn't give out too many more details because they want to keep things close to the vest. >> when we came to work, we heard another man had been arrested and we were told it was the man in white and as the show progressed we were learning another person was arrested, but it may not be the man in white. i'm not sure if they're referring to the man in white, they referred to the man in the jacket and the hat. he left his bag with an explosive charge in it. that thankfully nobody was hurt
5:17 am
when the federal police arrived at the apartment, that i found that explosive bag. they did say that the man in the jacket and the hat was still on the run, so i assume it's the guy in the white. >> the reason we don't have simultaneous translation, the speaker went to another language. >> he said the fifth person was arrested and liberated, does that mean he was let go. >> well probably. one was organized crime. they didn't know how they were related to isis. >> how about brian, the cab driver led police to the address and they found the bomb making materials. they were going through the items. >> one of the things that the speaker did say a moment ago, referring to the brothers, khalid and brahim el bakraoui, he said they had long rap
5:18 am
sheets, but not really related to terror. although if you take some shots at a cop with a ka litslashniko call that terror. >> me too. the one challenge they have to address and they did an expansive story in "the new york times" the reason that the european union is not effective at fighting terror, they have no cooperation with the intelligence agencies. they sign into each other's countries, often times in different names. when they try to track somebody down they can't find the guy because he's going under different names. it makes it impossible up. >> that's why i think our federal government needs to spend an exorbitant amount of money fighting this. for me as a voter this is extremely important. >> that's states as opposed to countries. >> what i'm saying though is here in america, we need to hire the best of the best. if we're going to spend money, wasteful -- we talk about wasteful spending on shrimp on a
5:19 am
treadmill, this and this, i want this money to go here. i want it to fight terrorism. i'm in favor of paying the brightest people here in our country, that know computers and backwards and know how to hack into the e-mails accounts i'm all for hiring the guys. we don't want what happened there to happen here. >> absolutely. i believe the death toll has been revised upward a bit. >> it's at 31 now. >> so one of the things -- the highest concentration of people who were killed yesterday were on that subway. and it has been revealed that apparently three employees who worked at the european union were among the victims there. also there's a story that apparently one of the major e.u. buildings which is right adjacent to -- looks as ifur speaker is done for the day, here comes another speaker, one of the major buildings is the -- the worry is it could collapse because the foundation
5:20 am
subterranean has been compromised. >> by the way, when they start speaking english we'll of course let you hear. we have producers in the back that are listening for this so you get the latest information. >> all right. let's listen. >> as we know, yesterday, tuesday after the first bombing it went up to the level four of threat which is the highest level of threat because there was a threat to -- to other bombings. as you know, it was confirmed by okam, during the national security meeting. this morning okam has met with the partner services, the police services and the information services, intelligence services to evaluate the latest information. as he gave you and we have concluded, okam has concluded during this meeting that we need to maintain the level four. so until now we maintain level
5:21 am
four of this threat. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> all right. so obviously not speaking english. so we wanted to tell you the latest information is as he was saying, their recommendations according to intelligence and the police there is they maintain the threat level of four. >> that's the director of the belgian unit for threat analysis. but right now, we have lieutenant ollie north. no stranger to terrorism.
5:22 am
colonel north, welcome back. your reaction to the european union's reaction to track down the cells. >> well, he have -- he was kind enough not to mention that isis wouldn't exist if not for the obama's bugout and drawing pink lines in the sand with the syrian revolution going on since the same time. if you consider this whole thing, the m.o. for radical islamic terrorists no matter what their trade name, isis or boko haram, is to attack soft targets and commit mass murder of unarmed civilians, women and children. it's not a sophisticated effort like 9/11. second, they rely increasingly on local cells for reconnaissance, target planning and the execution. hitting schools and malls and mass transit. metros, trains, airports.
5:23 am
entertainment centers, sports venues. it's places we would call soft targets that are not protected. that's what we ought to be -- i know we're very alert to that right here in the united states now. but if you consider what it's like to get -- you go to what guard ya or i go to laguardia, you've got a crowd of people at ticket counters and those places. the only one that's actually safe at the ticket counter is el al airlines. you go out there, you can't near the ticket line. they have already profiled you and asked you questions before you get in and queue up. >> so we need more massive inconvenience, correct? >> it is. but last friday i was flying down to tampa, florida, to wrap up for a special that's on this friday and saturday and sunday and i was there when they set off an alarm because somebody tried to bring inadvertently a
5:24 am
handgun through. within minutes there was a second guy that did that. unfortunately, both people -- no real situational awareness there, but both people left firearms in their bags. the assumption was if you have two guys within that short of a period of time at the precheck line, its might be a big line and the next thing you knew you were surrendered by police officers. they were told to stop taking pictures or we'll take away your phones. i was impressed with what dulles did in that event and i told the tsa supervisor that. we've got to do better and yes, it's inconvenient in protecting large crowds of people in unprotected places. that's the bottom line. >> ollie, our producers are monitoring the statement being made in brussels, and one of the nuggets they just gleaned revealed was apparently one of the suicide bombers left a will in one of the garbage cans. >> yeah. well, knowing that the police would eventually be there. look, these folks know,
5:25 am
particularly those who are going out to commit suicide while they commit mass murder at the same time, they know that the police are going to be there after the fact. i mean, the stunning part of all this is they have been at level four in brussels now for weeks. and the fact is our human intelligence capabilities, theirs and ours, really stink. >> we're learning that the bombers -- the police are saying that the bombers felt the pressure by the police and that belgian interior minister has said that he wants to wipe molenbeek clean and that the french media has suggested that the government should bomb molenbeek, instead of syria or iraq. is that a good strategy? >> well, no, it's not going to happen. this is people talking in the midst of fatigue and confusion and -- >> how do you fight this? how do you go into the neighborhoods when these folks are being holed up? >> here's exactly what needs to happen. number one, realize signals
5:26 am
intelligence no longer works because of the encryption we know about from the apple/fbi controversy and the throw away phones they're using. i wrote about that in "counterfit lies". second of all, the best intelligence you can get is human intelligence. you guys are sitting in the city where ray kelly installed that system with the nypd and the current regime with de blasio who it away -- who blew it away that needs to be nationwide. number three, stop bragging about successes. abdeslam was talking about days, no wonder the attacks happened because they expedited what was in the mill happened. number four, harden the airport lobbies, train stations. get k-9 dogs out there. do video profiling. the video profiling you saw with
5:27 am
those three guys the ones -- the two guys in the gloves and the other guy that they finally caught last night. the bottom line of it is, video profiling works if somebody is watching and listening, and say, hey, look at these two guys and send a k-9 dog out to sniff them out. >> they have only one glove. >> right. that's a give away bark to 2005 wh over the place like in ramadi. >> we get more and more inconvenienced. i know everybody wants to be safe, but now we like five hours to get through the airport. and they're going to be successful in stopping our -- >> i like the idea of the dogs. >> look it, i'm not -- i'm not trying to push back too hard on this, brian, because i know, i travel an awful lot. i don't like the inconvenience. but if you have ever flown el al you know what it's like. it doesn't take a long time to get through the idea.
5:28 am
>> i like the idea of the dogs. because they can smell. >> number five, only allow vetted refugees and immigrants into the united states. we have got to do that no matter what you call it. i know it's very controversial. lastly, destroy the isis and all of what you see going on, destroy isis' headquarters and get a regional sunni military force on the ground in syria and in northern iraq. i mean, the kurds will help them. if you watch this special, you'll see the only organization that continuously beats isis at every turns. >> they're muslims, by the way. we'll watch this on the 25th at 10:00. war stories special edition, fighting isis. colonel oliver north. thanks so much. >> thank you. all right. next up on the run down, presidential candidate ted cruz is here to react to the breaking news out of brussels. he will be with us in two minutes. put down the remote. we'll be right back. i've been on my feel all day. i'm bushed! yea me too.
5:29 am
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this is a fox news alert. big alerts and big updates coming out of belgium following the press conference with prosecutors just moments ago. the federal prosecutor there said the third bombing suspect seen here in white, he was the guy in that three shot, the guy on right in the white, is still on the run. we know the earlier reports are false. the prosecutor said materials to make bombs were found in the raid of one of the suspect's homes. the suicide bombers were identified by finger prints. the latest numbers of people killed stands at 31 and 270 were injured. the airport to remain closed
5:33 am
until thursday. apparently the feeling is that the guy in that three shot, the guy on the right in the white was that bomb maker who did make the terror vests for paris. he had the third bomb, said to be the most powerful. it did not explode. he is still on the run. >> now, the threat is still very real investigators are saying. they're maintaining that threat level of four which is the highest threat level they can possibly allow. the airport as we were reporting staying closed through tomorrow. all the other means of transportation though in brussels being reopened today. >> almost as soon as this happens, you say what would the candidates do in this moment if they were president? joining us on the couch, we asked him that question yesterday and we'll ask him that question today, senator ted cruz. >> good morning. >> your thought, i mean, these are allies, nato allies. you see the city in the major thoroughfares. >> all of our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those murdered and wounded and
5:34 am
especially the three mormon missionaries who were wounded in the terror attack in brussels. what this attack really reminded everyone is this was not a lone wolf. this was not an isolated incident. it is part of a global jihad that is being waged by radical islamic terrorism and being waged by isis. and this is a time that really underscores we need a commander in chief who will identify the enemy, identify it by name and do everything necessary to defeat radical islamic terrorism and to destroy isis. >> let me ask you this, senator, how different would hillary clinton's approach be to prosecuting this war against isis as opposed the our current commander in chief? >> you know, there's no reason to think hillary would be any different from barack obama. if you look at foreign policy, i mean, hillary was the architect of the obama foreign policy that has been a disaster across the world. i mean, it has been the obama/clinton/kerry foreign policy. every region of the world has gotten worse under their leadership. we have abandoned our friends and allies.
5:35 am
barack obama and hillary clinton have been the most hostile administration in history to the nation of israel and the weakness and appeasement from this administration has led to the rise of radical islamic terrorism. what's bizarre is the political correctness that they will not even say the words radical islamic terrorism. instead after every attack, san bernardino and brussels, the president goes on the tv and talks about radical -- >> it's because they're so peaceful. >> they will not identify the enemy. they don't do what's needed to stop it. >> what's your plan for immigration here for our country and for the borders? people are worried about this with the refugees in syria. are we going to allow them into our country because many can be terrorists? >> that's right. and the plan to bring tens of thousands of syrian refugees to to this country it's lunacy. it's the product of that political correctness because they don't acknowledge the threat.
5:36 am
isis has said they tend to infiltrate those refugees that's part of where the paris attackers came from. and the head of the fbi james comey who was appointed by barack obama, he told congress the fbi cannot vet these refugees to make sure they're not isis terrorists. it makes no sense and we need at president -- a commander in chief whose first responsibility is to keep america safe. that's what i'll do as president. >> we just talked to lieutenant general michael flynn, he left the dia, very disgruntled. he'll write a book about it. did the congress and the president drop the ball to allow isis to take root? you were against going into syria. >> well, look, what the president proposed there was a unilateral attack that would have been ineffective. he was targeting assad. we need to be targeting isis.
5:37 am
as president, we will use overwhelming air power, carpet bomb them into oblivion. >> that would be killing a lot of civilians. >> we wouldn't be targeting the civilians. >> but they're in among the civilians. >> we'd take out their transportation and the infrastructure and take out the oil fields, take out the troops. we use overwhelming air power. and then we arm the kurds, our boots on the ground, who are fighting them now. we arm them and then we embed special forces. the difference we wouldn't do what we're doing now which is have rules of engagement by tying the troops' arms behind their back. >> would you engage in torture, as donald trump would say -- >> enhanced interrogation. >> waterboarding. >> look, america has never engaged in torture and we're not about to. but what we need is a commander in chief that is focused on completely destroying isis and i will say, listen, every jihadist
5:38 am
across the face of the globe should understand that their day of reckoning is coming on january 2017, this era of appeasement will end. and we are coming after the jihadists. we're not coming to negotiate with them. we're not coming to capture them. we're coming to kill them. >> yeah. senator, we're learning more -- you know, a lot of people haven't heard about the threat, the terror threat coming out of one particular neighborhood in brussels and, you know, apparently there's not good community relations between the police and the people who live there. you said yesterday that if you were president of the united states you would patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods. you took some flack for that. what did you mean? >> well, listen, we need a focused approach to stopping radical islamic terrorism. here in new york city under mayor bloomberg there was a program of proactive policing that engaged cooperatively with muslim communities to stop radicalization and to apprehend, to anticipate and stop radical
5:39 am
islamic terrorist attacks before they occur. mayor bill de blasio in a fit of political correctness cancelled that program. and it makes no sense for us to be less than vigilant and you're right. >> are we less safe in new york because he cancelled that program? >> of course we are. it's denying the threat we face and it's been amazing watching democrats, mayor de blasio had a press conference yesterday, just attacking me and getting all upset. he seems more upset that i'm calling for stopping the terrorists than he sat the terrorism. like president obama. i will apologize to no one for how vigorous i will be as commander in chief, destroying isis and keeping this country safe. >> and sooner or later you'll be back here going at donald trump directly with bill o'reilly as a moderator. i want to give you a chance to finish and congratulate you on the huge win in utah. you got around 70%. it is now 744 for donald trump
5:40 am
and 468 for you and for governor kasich, 172. how do you close the gap? >> well, last night was a terrific victory. >> arizona went to -- >> we were hoping to break 50% in utah. we ended up with a landslide of 69%, nearly 70%. what we're seeing is we're seeing republicans uniting behind our campaign. this morning jeb bush endorsed our campaign. >> what's your reaction to that? >> i'm very grateful to have jeb's support and in the last ten days our campaign has been supported by jeb bush, mitt romney, mike lee and mark levin. you want to talk about the broad spectrum of the republican party that is the full ideological range. >> right. >> what we're seeing is republicans coming together. because if donald trump is the nominee, hillary wins. i beat hillary clinton. you know, there was an amazing poll in utah if donald trump were the nominee hillary beats trump in utah.
5:41 am
bright red, conservative utah. >> john kasich saying that's why he thinks he can win in the fall because he's the only one he says according to the polls that can win and beat hillary. >> like kasich is mathematically eliminated. >> unless we go to the contested convention. >> it's impossible, because the rnc says you have to win eight states. >> but they override that. >> but you don't change the rules after the pact. >> anything is possible in politics though. >> kasich went 0 for 27. then he won his home state, last night he got walloped in both utah and in arizona and two weeks he's going to lose in wisconsin. kasich's role right now is simply as a spoiler. the only thing he can do is help donald trump. you know what mitt romney said this week. he said a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump because he's just bleeding votes away that helps trump. >> but you're a realist and you know that in new york, new york values is not going to work to your advantage. pennsylvania, new jersey,
5:42 am
connecticut, these states on the surface in the polling doesn't look strong for ted cruz. >> brian, that's simply not accurate. head to head, we beat donald and beat him by double digits. 13 points. >> here in new york? >> here in new york, the support we have on the ground -- listen, new yorkers understand the liberal democratic values that their politicians have foisted on them, you want me to give you an example? when the nypd stood up and turned their back on mayor bill de blasio, that was a powerful statement rejecting this political correctness, this siding with criminals and looters over the cops. and that went across the country. we are seeing tremendous support from police officers, from firefighters, first responders, from working men and women who spring break suffering under the failed left wing policies of democrats in new york for a long time. let me point out those democrats have been supported by donald trump whether it was hillary
5:43 am
clinton, whether it was andrew cuomo or anthony weiner, charlie rangel -- >> giuliani. >> all of those left-wing democrats, donald trump has been supporting for 40 years. and new yorkers have been paying the price for their failed policies. >> unfortunately on live tv we can't have you here for the whole hour, for two hours or whatever. >> he has to go shake hands and kiss babies. >> i know. promise to come back. we have so many more questions for you. we love you coming in in the morning. >> thank you. >> look at all the notes you took. >> i know. i was like five here questions to ask you, but thank you for being here. well, america on alert after the brussels attack. is there a new way to keep you safe at the airports? it's pretty controversial and we have that plan, next.
5:44 am
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5:47 am
of a soft target in brussels. "fox & friends" weekend co-host anna kooiman is live at new york's jfk airport with what's being done to keep people safe and not a repeat of what happened yesterday in brussels. >> exactly. that picture we continue to show you of the three terrorists in brussels just before the bombing, if you notice ahead of where the check point area is. so the idea is being floated to extend that security perimeter all the way to the curb where the passengers are dropped off. as you can imagine, not everyone is son board, critics say it adds to the hassle of at the rigmarole as a traveler and it moves the targets from being inside where we have seen the suicide vests and the bombs being carried in, instead to using bombs inside cars that can cause even more carnage. >> the control is weak or nonexistent. if you take the access control
5:48 am
further outside, you have a point of attack. it's just -- you just relocated it. >> and global security analysts many say that airports need to be revamped entirely in this post 9/11 world we live in. they should be constructed out of glass proof or install bomb proof glass that would not shatter so you don't have the glass shards being thrown all over the place and causing more havoc on the people who are there. this costs a lot of money and analysts are reportedly saying many of the airports don't have the money to increase the police presence along the taxiing strips and the runways. meanwhile, the travelers that we caught one here this morning, they say they are on high alert themselves and they're making sure to be vigilant and if they see something, they say they will say something.
5:49 am
>> nervous a little bit. >> i saw a lot of nypd police officers circulating around the terminals. that's great. that's always a reassurance. back of the mind, you know, it's the what if. >> i think this will be the safest time to fly because everybody will be on high alert and watching out for little things instead of letting them go by. >> and screenings of course are done differently in different countries. in israel, they do preventive profiling. their travel culture is very different. they're used to it. in fact, every single traveler before they get on board actually does a face to face interview. just ingrained in their travel routines. steve, back to you. >> all right, anna, thank you very much. hard to eliminate all the soft targets, they're everywhere. >> it's very ominous and intimidating. 11 before the top of the hour. president obama's response to the tore report attacks in belgium, well, he was in cuba doing the wave with raul castro.
5:50 am
is he giving this threat the attention it deserves? peter johnson jr. has some thoughts. but first, let's check in with hemmer time to find out what's at the top of the hour. >> you got off the air ten minutes ago. what's going on? >>trying to get a back at it. another mass moving day. a lot to get to today. a few more elections are in the books now with the road ahead, what it looks like for both parties. we have a terrific lineup, james woolsey, john barrasso, we'll talk to the trump campaign about what you talked to cruz about. everything you need to know over the next two hours.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
as terror was unwinding in brussels, president obama went to a baseball game with raul castro.
5:54 am
bonding with the cuban dictator during the ceremonial wave. should the president have skipped the game amid the terror? fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. is thinking about it. >> this is the latest in the sero series in the frequent flyer in chief, so let's look at this. remember benghazi the president decided to go to las vegas the next day. >> he was fund raising. >> remember when james foley was killed? the president decided to go golfing in martha's vineyard. >> he was on vacation. >> remember after the "charlie hebdo" massacre, the president skipped the paris unity rally after those attacks? >> the president was busy. >> remember san bernardino, well, they tried to tell us that wasn't terror. he went to hawaii and then visited san bernardino 17 days later. so what we had yesterday,
5:55 am
brussels, the killing fields. the president decided that he wanted to pursue the field of dreams. the president wanted to say, well, i'm so cool, i'm so detached from the affairs of the world, i'm noting to be -- i'm not going to be bothered by terror, you're not going to affect my schedule. but this is part and parcel of his m.o. over the last 7 1/2 years and it's hurt us in america. you know the national terror advisory system we're getting all the warnings, fbi, homeland security, be careful in the subways and bus stations. we're on high alert. but they don't raise the terror level in any way. they don't give us any specific information. so unfortunately, this is a president who's checked out. for a long, long time. so his lack of a plan is him trying to show, well, i'm really a cool guy, i'm not disturbed by this. we're doing what we need do which unfortunately is not very much. >> i was thinking maybe if he was running for re-election, he
5:56 am
would have turned around. but he was running for re-election and benghazi happened and he went to vegas. maybe the president's legacy, he's in his legacy stage right now. maybe his legacy is when it comes to stuff like this he's been tone deaf. >> he has been. and ted cruz talked about the era of appeasement and that's what we're seeing. >> sad. all right, we'll step aside. more "fox & friends" coming your way in two minutes. it owns anything outdoors that ends in "ing"... hauling, exploring, off-roading... and of course, braking. thirty-two horsepower, a twelve hundred-pound payload and over a thousand different ways to configure yours. go gator. visit your john deere dealer to experience the new gator xuv590i, starting at just $9,799. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car.
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here's something you want to see, the world trade center as a form of -- freedom tower, the world, paying tribute to belgium as it begins the healing process after the deadly attacks that left 31 dead in belgium. here's one world trade center in new york city last night. changing to belgium's national colors. >> and a similar sight in paris where all they know too well the horror of senseless terror and
6:00 am
violence. the eiffel tower also lighting up to a tribute to brussels. >> even the brandenburg gate in germany turning black, yellow and red. >> and now find a way to stop the next attack. >> this has been another special edition of "fox & friends." thanks for joining us here today. see you here tomorrow. bill: 9:00 here in new york city. a fluid situation underway at this hour. police in brussels conducting a massive manhunt for this man. the man in the white shirt shown next to two suspected bombers in the brussels airport. patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. conflicting reports. belgium state media reporting the suspect had been captured, but later withdrew that report.


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