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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 23, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the rival works by wosending a beam that jams the system of the drone and disables it. >> that's cool stuff. it has been great to be here. >> great to have you here. this woman has been up for 12 hours doing this. >> i have. they work us hard. i love being here. be here tomorrow, john. >> heather is in for gretchen on the real story which starts now. >> thanks we start now with a news alert. i'm heather in for gretchen and this is the real story. police identifying the man at the center of your screen as one of the homicide bombers who attacked the airport. his brother not in the picture is believed to have blown himself uptaking others with him at a metro station in brussels. the man on the left still unidentified but police searching for the guy on the right. he is still believed to be alive.
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authorities identified him based on an apparent resemblance to this photo released by authorities last night. he was wanted by police after his dna was found in houses used by the paris attackers last year. let's go to the region live in brussels from the metro station. that's the one the terrorist hit yesterday. can you tell us about the man hunt for the guy in the white shirt? >> exactly, heather. that's the center of attention for authorities. quickly about our location, we're about 200 yards in front of that subway station where 20 people died over 100 injured. this is basically the constitution avenue of europe, eu headquarterers buildings all around the u.s. embassy four blocks away. a sta teej rancic hit. now to the man hunt. there's one they're really looking for. turns out it's the fellow in the white jacket from the airport scene yesterday.
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police aren't saying it, but we believe it's rajime. he built the bombs for the terrible paris attacks and this one. he's the one that got away and he's being hunted. other people armed being hunted are dead two brothers. bad guys, long criminal record. very skilled at the rifle handling. finally, we were at the scene of where the bomb making was done at the bomb making factory and one neighborhood of brussels. from the outside, the apartment and apartment building didn't look too special. inside, police today say they found 35 pounds of very explosive material. gallons and gallons of chemicals. a suitcase full of nails that goes into that bomb and that isis flag. that stuff, bad people, heather.
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>> all right. greg, thanks so much from brussels. back here at home lawmakers meeting on the attacks there in belgium as we get new and disturbing details from the house intelligence committee chairman indicating that the brussels terrorist may have been targeting intelligence. catherine got this information for us. >> thanks, heather. based on the totality of the of the evidence, the committee chairman said there's direct connections between the strike in november and in brussels. the preliminary evidence suggests the target was americans because one bomber detonated near the u.s. embassy and then the two explosions at the airport were near three american carriers. when you marry up that information with the subway
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explosion, he believes the c connection is significant for investigators. >> if, in fact, it becomes true that american airlines and united delta that the explosive device went off there, when you couple that with the metro stop near the embassy was also targeted, those would be two locations where a lot of americans could be killed. >> in the meantime, firsthand knowledge of the investigation at the airport told fox yesterday there were two explosions. one in aisle three and the other in aisle 11 and the bombers appeared to target the highest concentration of passengers. as you can see, the evidence is really pretty fluid, heather. >> i just want to highlight that. some staff are missing and we have a report here that there's a brother and sister still missing. we are praying they will be okay. catherine, tell us what you're hearing about the administration strategy on this. is there one? >> this morning president obama said the number one priority is
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defeating isis. >> and my charge to my team is to find every strategy possible to successfully reduce the risk of such terrorist attacks even as we go after their beating heart in places like iraq and syria. >> but congressman told reporters this morning that you just have to look at the attack in brussels to see that isis is not contained in iraq and syria and proceeding through the refugee streams and attempting to do the same inside the united states. >> it's all over north africa. they said al qaeda is on the run when in fact they had more people than ever more and more affiliates. >> when you look at the data, it says the limited bombing campaign began in syria and the actions in iraq.
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>>. it's well over 36,000 now. congressman says they're hearing privately from leaders in western europe they warned american leadership and idea this strategy is the leading strategy and quote are out rash. >> wow. catherine. thanks so much. great reporting there. >> new clues now after a raid on a brussels home where a taxi driver picked up suspects and took them to the airport. officers found 40 pounds of explosives, 40 gallons of acetone and detonators, a suitcase filled with nails and screws and materials needed to pack up explosives. let's focus in and drill down on
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this. let's start with you. you're here in the studio. if it's true americans were targeted, this is a game changer. >> look, we know isis has us in their targets. we know we're the number one target for them. they're going to try to get as close as they can to the u.s. embassy. we have the top security around the embassy in belgium. especially in that region. >> greg just reporting four minutes away. >> that's right. >> the house person said isis is not just in iraq and syria as well. we have a whole coalition.
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63 nations supposedly helping out and 13 involved in doing bombing runs and all that in iraq and syria. what's the coalition to do to try to fight this in europe? >> heather, it's something we've heard president obama talk about all the time. 65 nations, 65 nations. they're high fiveing about it and these guys are making a bomb in a bathtub. the reality is a lot of that money went to buying passports and fake passports and because of the agreement, they can go through these boarders, through the european countries. the flow is unmitigated. maybe there's some sort of security particle that exists within the brussels airport but not the same that exist in the paris train station. so right now, i think there's huge gaps in the net that the security organizations just are having a hard time to plug. we're certainly not seeing any leadership from the president and as you say 65 countries and
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five are doing it. >> they want to see more leadership and our president is in cuba. i want you to react to what mike said here. take a listen. >> we are watching an islamic state that is unfolding their campaign plan in front of our eyes and we see the president doing waves down at a baseball stadium in havanna. let's get real with what we're facing and we need to do far more about it. >> you know we're doing the same thing when it comes to enforcement operations. same thing with gathering intelligence. same thing with the security. every time we have an incident like this, we beef it up and turn the volume up. the general is talking about the same thing. not only try to get these guys where they're conducting these terrorist attacks but get them at their head and where they're established and the money goes and the training.
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>> there was a report out yesterday. there could be upwards of 6,000 of them in europe alone. you can't just address this thing in iraq and syria. >> no, you can't. they have the ability to democratize expertise. we have no plan. there is no strategy. there's a strategy that has the effectively take into account the conventional army in the field. we have to kill their solder why
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is. >> we have to turn up the volume. we have to get more manpower and more money. >> it's not just us. it's our coalition partners and european allies. >> they're getting closer to us. i agree with ben. we have to move quickly. >> thank you so much. former co-chair. ben collins and army special forces veteran. well, the brussels bombing putting security on high alert here at home. could measures met makes a bigger target? hillary clinton despite bernie sanders winning two states. is there time for him to make a come back? >> i'm still waivering between what romney said about voting for cruz or kasich. i've got to decide tonight. you're late for work.
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. welcome back. hillary clinton sweeping arizona on tuesday night while bernie sanders staged a bit of a come back with big wins in utah and idaho. both candidates setting their sites on california with a wopping 548 delegates. hillary clinton going to give a speech about her counter terrorism strategy. hi there, ed. >> good to see you. what she is going to be trying to do is sort of lay out her vision post legends.
11:16 am
her aid wanting to show she would have steady leadership and be a calm, cool and commander in chief. that's some of the policy proposals. what is interesting is this is her chance to say she would be steady as a former secretary of state. remember, during her time as secretary, isis was growing and what we saw yesterday play out and the tragedy in brussels suggest, the enemy president obama called the jv squad is now still years later launching terror attacks around the world. this promoting her time as secretary can cut both ways. >> and running for the 2008 campaign she said call me for the 2008 call.
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some of what they're saying is she'll go after the idea of slinking the u.s. roll in nato, for example. that's more of a political attack. that's because of the comment trump made earlier in week. and also throughout europe and the mideast as well. we're not expecting anything new. we're expecting more of a political speech so she can look past bernie sanders. >> and, of course, she won in arizona but he walloped her in ut utd and idaho like 70% or something. it was certainly a lot. >> sure. right. but she had such a big margin in arizona she collected a lot of delegates. sanders continues to out raise her.
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she still has a big lead. >> turning to the republican race donald trump widening his lead giving him 68 more delegates and bringing him closer to the number he needs. senator ted cruz won the majority. . rubio dropped out of the race. new details coming to light about the brussels terror suspects as belgian police take a look at evidence found in an apartment there. what it reveals. shepard smith reporting live from belgium. plus the bombings raising airport security concerns here in the united states. why officials are working to keep us safe and why safety measures could backfire. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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the brussels terror attack raising alarms and new concerns here at home about the as a rule nur blt and commuter hubs. some of those don't have a lot of screening. the rails systems, of course. one expert just said quote there would have to be massive changes in facilities throughout the united states and ultimately, we would end up creating more crowds for bombers to attack. joining us now, former house intelligence committee. good afternoon, sir. every time we have an attack like this, we rush to see -- do we have the will to do more? >> i think it's clear we don't have to will to do more. the signals to the american
11:23 am
people and longer lines at tsa and those types of things sends a clear signal to the american people that we are at greater risk that the threat is coming closer to america and that we should be concerned. so clearly, our political leaders have not had the will to confront this threat from isis. >> hillary clinton was talking about her policy for dealing with isis. she says we are making progress in the fight against isis. i want to show our viewers these figures. at least 1,133 people have been killed in 26 cities. we're talking outside of syria and iraq in just the last year alone. progress? >> no, absolutely not.
11:24 am
we are not making progress. the threat is coming to our homeland and hitting europe and the people are getting very frustrated. our leaders are spineless to make the necessary changes and decisions to confront isis. >> we have a hard enough time changing things here at home and changing the american public's mind set. how do you do that when you're trying to coordinate with other countries? >> i think the american people would be thrilled if we eliminated isis in iraq and syria, to empower the kurds and soonnies to confront isis. all they see is us going in and overthrowing gadaffi now we have
11:25 am
some folks, ted cruz calling him earlier today a spoiler. i want to take a listen to this and get your reaction. >> kasich's roll is a spoiler. the only thing he can do is help donald trump. mitt romney said this week, a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. he's just bleeding votes away. >> how long do you think governor kasich will stand? >> he's going to stay in and prove he's a viable candidate. he's the only one who consistently beats hillary in polls nationwide.
11:26 am
>> when people see his credentials and how he's polling and the momentum he has polling in the convention that the delegates rally around his candidacy. >> former congressman, thank you so much. appreciate your expertise. >> thank you. >> police in belgium on high alert as the man hunt continues for the suspect in the brussels terror attack. shepard smith reporting live with the latest on the investigation and how the city is remembering the innocent victims there. that is live. hey!
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a laptop found containing a note from the suicide bomber from the airport. some of what the note said included this. all is on the run not knowing what to do anymore. being looked for everywhere. not being safe any longer and if he waits around any longer he risks ending up next to a person in a cell. also found in the apartment some bomb making material. shepard smith live for us to brussels. what else can you tell us about what was left at the apartment? >> lots of bomb making materials. they're thinking during a raid they found the bomb factory. 33 pounds of explosives. for context, remember the paris suicide belts. each of those belts contained about 1 pound of explosives.
11:31 am
in this apartment they found 33 pounds. plus 40 gallons of acetone and eight gallons of oxygen eighted water. all along authorities suspected the bomb maker. he ran a bar with his brother. he blew himself up at the subway station and he blew himself up at the station. the man in the hat, they don't know who he is or where he is or how he might be involved. the authorities identified him
11:32 am
as the man who made the bomb. the bombers are identified and this. the man who blew himself up at the subway station is now identified and dead. the only other person outstanding is the man with a hat from the picture who pushed his trolley cart away and went running out of the building about the time of the explosives. authorities tell us they don't know who he is or what his involvement is. big picture. it appears this cell, this terrorist cell is now locked up and all of the members are dead. that's not to say the investigation doesn't continue. it does. they want to know who helped these people, where those people are and what way they cooperated. the terrorist are all identified and now authorities tell us one of those was the bomb maker. why is that important?
11:33 am
it's important because last night a carried out a raid in that house. i mentioned they found all the explosives. the man who wanted a ride said we want to put five bags in a taxi. we need a big taxi. they didn't bring a big enough taxi. the older brother was livid and openly mad to the taxi cab driver. he had to leave two bags whiend. one the authorities found filled with nails and screws they believe would have been explode at the airport as well. there's a fifth bag no one is talking about. unless there's some communication error, that's an outstanding matter as well. all the bombers are dead and now identified and this investigation will now take an easier and slow turn, i believe, heather. >> that is terrifying. there could be a fifth bag that is still missing. we have no idea what was in that bag or what could be in that bag and the apartment they raided, you described it as a bomb factory. >> well, they've actually
11:34 am
decided that that's what it was because there had to be some place they could put these materials together. you need acetone and hydrogen water and explosive ingredients. as i mentioned, one pound in each explosive in the paris bombing, there were larger quantities this time and 33 pounds left behind. had anyone had access, they would been able to take those materials and use them somewhere else to blow something else up. that's not possible because a cab driver called the police and said hey, those guys that i see this that picture, i think i picked those guys up and they were really weird. they wouldn't let me touch their bags and wants me to take along two bags they couldn't carry. you should go look at the apartment and they did. that was the bomb factory. it was an enormous break in that case. anyone else had access to those and police wouldn't gotten to those it could been an entirely
11:35 am
other store roy. >> thank goodness the cab driver came out and said something. just to underscore the fact that this thing may not be over. that guy is presumably dangerous and thinking about all that went on with the paris attacks and how the guyings are held up and big explosion and gun fire. people's lives could be at risk there in brussels. >> certainly no doubt about that. this is certainly more widespread. think of the hundreds and hupds of people. they know these people have been protected. we know he had been hiding in that same house or in a nearby house for four months and people were helping him there. there are people who know more. it's important to know the framework in which they're living. the police agencies are disjointed. the locals are saying what am i suppose to do? turn in who and for what reason? it puts me and my family in j
11:36 am
jeopardy. it's difficult to understand. hard for us to understand. police have a hard time working in it and now they're working to infiltrate that so they can find out what else is going on. a lot of work to be done. >> just in talking to folks, do you get a sense that might be changing? do you get the sense, that idea of not sharing information and not turning people in, that whole thing might be changing and they might be more willing to cooperate with authorities after this. >> there really are two different brussels here.
11:37 am
there was an area police were not able to penetrate. the belgian authorities admit they're overwhelmed trying to find out what the working parts are and how they fit together. it's something at which they've failed. they're working now to fix that. whether attitude in the neighborhood changed i think remains to be scene. presidential candidate ted cruz under fire for his response to the system. listen. >> before he starts dell grating any population group, i take
11:38 am
great offense at his characterization of the whole population.
11:39 am
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11:41 am
controversy over comments made by senator ted cruz after the brussels terror attack. he called for controlling and securing muslim neighborhoods in the united states. it's a practice that hillary clinton calls dangerous. today senator cruz defended the plan. listen. >> new york city under mayor bloomberg had a program that fro cussed on work proactively with the muslim community to stop radicalization to prevent attacks before they occur. now, what happened? mayor came in and decided political correctness mattered more than keeping people safe. he dispanded the program. >> new york city's police commissioner bill braton takes issue with cruz's idea. >> he's not going to become president with this country. we don't need a president that
11:42 am
doesn't respect the values that form the foundation of this country. i have over 900 very dedicated officers in this spot many of whom do double duty. they serve as active duty members in combat. >> joining us now indicated talk show host lesley marshall, fox news contributor and indicated radio talk show host, the lesley marshall show. what is your reaction to ted cruz's idea empowering law enforcement to control muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized? >> i got to admit phrasing the more peculiar. what he's talking about so they would find it to be -- is community policing. that's what we're talking about in new york as ted cuz pointed out the bloomberg administration and administrations prior to that work with the bush and
11:43 am
obama administrations on programs that were designed to infiltrate possible trouble spots in new york city. they worked with the fbi and with the cia that was exposed by the associated press in 2011 on infiltrating muslim communities and mosques. >> he's a smart man. whether or not you agree with his policy why be so precise with his words unless that's what he meant? >> i've always said that. i don't think donald trump believes 100% of what he says. i believe ted cruz 100% but pretends not to . i think we're seeing the real ted cruz stand up and he feels
11:44 am
it can help him. i think this is how he feels. i think also politically it was very intentional if hoping to get a boost for himself. >> okay. he's trying to get more attention out of that. let me ask you about a different topic and that is the battle of the wise. donald trump targets ted cruz's wife. this after a super pack add features a picture of his wife who thought the cruz campaign put that out. he tweeted this. it's a big controversy. donald trump wrote lying ted cruz just used a picture from a gq shoot in his add. be careful or i'll spill the beans on your wife. then they got in a twitter war. pick on your wife not of us. if you try to attack heidi,
11:45 am
you're more of a kourd than i thought. today heidi cruz in wisconsin held a press conference. listen to this. >> you probably know by now most of the things donald trump says have no basis in reality. we are not worried in the least. we're focussing on our campaign and we're going to continue to do that. >> why pull the wives into this? >> that's a really good question. that's certainly not common practice. it was a super pack that is representing ted cruz but does not work for ted cruz. >> he says we have nothing to do with that. nevertheless, it represents his image. why allow that to go out? >> he showed up use to the add. i don't think it's going to lose donald trump any votes. let's start with that maybe in utah. >> it did run in the state of utah where mormons are modest about things like that.
11:46 am
>> there's certain rules. i guess there aren't this year. when you throw a lorock at dona trump he comes back with a bulldozer. that's what we saw. shouldn't we really be talking about terrorism and i'm not talking about us but the candidates and a lot of other important things rather than pictures of donald trump's wife. >> just keep the wives out of it. let me give you the last word. >> i agree with you heather and chris. i think we agree on one thing here which is let's stick to the issues. as an american, i'm embarrassed this is what any political candidate is talking about whether male or female, democrat or republican. wives, kids, they're not running. keep them out of it. this is going so low. the call is going blue in comedy. it's unacceptable and i don't
11:47 am
understand why people continue to support these individuals with this type of behavior. >> coming up, hillary clinton giving a speech about her plan to deal with isis. thank you. hill kri clinton giving a speech at stanford university. let's listen in. >> a still sizable territory in iraq and syria. it leaves a network to affiliates across the middle east and north africa and so in europe, asia and even here in north america. it's also part of a broader idea logical movement that includes other terrorist groups. we need to do battle on all these fronts. last year, in speeches in new york and minneapolis i laid out a three part plan to defeat isis in the middle east, around the world and here at home. resent events have only
11:48 am
reinforced urjgency of this mission. first, we have to take out isis' strong hold in iraq and syria. we should intensify the coalition air campaign against its fighter, leaders and infrastructure. step up support for local arab and curdish forces on the ground and coalition efforts to support civilians and pursue a diplomatic strategy aimed at achieving solutions. second we must dismantle the global network of terror that supplies money, arms, propaganda and fighters. this means targeted efforts to deal with isis affiliates from libya to afghanistan. it means going after the key enablers to facilitate a final tran
11:49 am
trance action and help jihadist arrange travel and evade protection. it means waging online battles with extremist. to discredit their ideology, expose their lies and counter their appeals, the potential recruits in the west and around the world. third, we must harden our defenses and build our recivil yens here at home. we need to counter each step in the process that can lead to an attack. detouring would be terrorist and discovering and disrupting plots before their carried out. our enemies are constantly ad t adapting. we have to do the same. for example, brussels demonstrated we need to take a harder look at security protocols at airports and other sensitive so-called soft sites, especially areas outside guarded perimeters. to do all this, we need an intelligence surge and so do our
11:50 am
allies. we also have to stay ahead of the kurds technologically. that means woornging with the brightest minds here in silicon valley to more effectively track and analyze isis' social media post and networks onlines. when other candidates talk about building walls around america, i want to ask them how high does the wall have to be to keep the internet out. impenetrable encryption provides significant cyber security advantages but may also make it harder for law enforcement and counter terrorism professionals
11:51 am
to investigate bad actors, including terrorists, can exemployed. there may be no quick or magic fix. in the apple case, the fbi may have found a work around, but there will be future cases with different facts and different challenges. to the tech community and the government, they have to stop seeing each other as adversaries and start working together to protect our safety and our privacy. a national commission on encryption like senator mark warner and congressman mike mccall are proposing could help. and our security professionals could use the advice and talents of technology professionals to help us figure out how we do stay ahead of the terrorists.
11:52 am
our fight against radical jihadist terrorists will be long and there is very real risks of future attacks here at home, but pursuing this comprehensive strategy will put us in the best position to defeat isis and keep our families and communities safe. you know, this is a very personal issue for me having served as a senator from new york on 9/11. having seen the reports that were produced after a well planned and executed attack on our country, knowing how important it is that we do stay ahead of those who wish to do us great harm, without panic, without pair annoyranoia but noe in to the very behaviors the terrorists are hoping to
11:53 am
engender. we can't let fear stop us from doing what's necessary to keep us safe nor can we let it push us into reckless actions that end up making us less safe. for example, it would be a serious mistake to stumble into another costly ground war in the middle east. if we've learned anything from iraq and afghanistan, it's that people and nations have to secure their own communities. we can and i argue must support them but we can't substitute for them. it would also be a serious mistake to begin carpet bombing populated areas into oblivion. proposing that doesn't make you sound tough, it makes you sound like you're in over your head. slogans aren't a strategy. loose cannons tend to misfire. what america needs is strong, smart, steady leadership to wage and win this struggle.
11:54 am
to do that we need to strengthen america's alliances in europe, asia, and around the world, and that is the second point i want to emphasize. on 9/11 nato treated an attack against one as an attack against all. on september 12th headlines across europe, most notably in ramon, proclaimed we are all-americans. there were very few planes in the air that day, but one was a british jet carrying the u.k.'s top national security leaders to washington to offer any help they could. now it's our turn to stand with europe. we cherish the same values and face the same adversaries, so we must share the same determination. this is especially true at a time when europe faces multiple overlapping crises, from president putin's aggression in
11:55 am
ukraine to the massive influx of refugees to continuing economic challenges to the rise of right wing nationalist parties. we have made so much progress together towards the goal of a europe that is free, whole, and at peace and we can't risk letting it fall apart now. for decades, republican and democratic administrations have understood that america's alliances make us stronger. secretary schultz compares a slow, steady building diplomatic relationships to gardening. he knew that when you cultivate effective partners you can harvest real rewards. >> hillary clinton speaking at stanford university outlining her policy and plan to go take on isis. she also took a swipe at ted cruz and also donald trump talking not by name but talking about some of the policies that they have discussed recently. donald trump talking about building that wall along our
11:56 am
southern border and then ted cruz talking about carpet bombing into oblivion isis. let's go to monica crowley. she's the online opinion editor with "the washington times." a couple of notable things i noticed she said is stepping up support of the kurds. a lot of people out there will be pleased to hear that. >> there's been a lot of conversation for a very long time, certainly since isis came on the scene, about supporting the kurds. they have been begging for u.s. and western support. they're willing to do the fighting on the ground and yet this administration has been unwilling to do this. >> we send the weapons, they go to the iraqi government. >> the kurds have been begging for this. that was a really critical point. >> there was noticeable things that were not in this. she never talked about the visa waiver program. she never talked about immigration concerns. >> that's right. she took a swipe at donald trump who's been talking about a wall on the southern border primarily
11:57 am
immigrants coming from mexico and south america but also potential terrorists coming over that border. >> isis has said that they plan to use people as immigrants to come over here. >> that's right. that's right. but, look, the bigger point is she's making some very clear points about taking on isis and talking about attacking the sources of their revenue and hardening targets that are soft here in the united states and in the western world like airports and so on. a lot of this is basic common sense, but what's missing from this speech is sort of setting it in context, heather, talking about the broader islamist threat. it's not just the violent jihad but there is a civil jihad sweeping through western europe. the threat faces all of us. she will deal with those particular issues because frankly that's a lot harder to deal with than the violent jihad. >> there's only so much you can do here at home. politically correct, she doesn't want to tick off anybody. >> well, of course, she's running for president. what's interesting in listening to her speech, heather,
11:58 am
listening to her you wouldn't know that she was president obama's steward for foreign policy as secretary of state. >> that's the noticeable part. she seems to be pushing him off into the distance as though she hadn't worked for him. >> she's doing a tight rope act because on the one hand she needs to embrace the president because he is still relatively popular, certainly among democrats. so in order to try to lock down her base which is by and large with bernie sanders now, she still has to embrace him and yet she knows that his foreign policies, his national security policies has, i think, raised the danger levels for the united states and the west. those policies are unpopular. so she's going to put some distance between herself and the president in that regard. what she's doing, this will carry through assuming she's the nominee, that will carry through this election. she's doing an okay job of walking that tight rope now but at some point chickens may come home to roost. >> did you notice that calm and collected tone of voice right
11:59 am
there? she said we need strong, steady leadership. >> yes. >> and the republican candidates could not produce that. >> she's a little too calm. part of the criticism of president obama as the attack was being carried out is that he's too passionless, that he's too dispassionate when he's talking about life and death issues like the islamic threat. >> she's come out stronger as a candidate than our own president has. >> you see more passion from the democrats when they're attacking republicans than when they're attacking the actual enemies of the united states. >> ted cruz sticking with the carpet bombing. how's that going over? >> i saw him on o'reilly. >> he talked about it on "fox & friends" this morning. >> he was very clear about what he actually means by this. he's not talking about total war, the kind we saw in world war ii, but he is saying, look, if we're going to have any hope of defeating this own my, you have to go in with the mentality and the forces. >> i've talked to some folks in
12:00 pm
the military who cringe when they hear that. monica crowley, we have to leave it there. thanks for being a part of "the real story." here's shep. he is live for us tonight from brussels. now shepard smith reporting live in brussels. >> and good evening from belgium's capitol city where breaking right now, fox news has word that the man who made the bombs for both the attacks here in brussels and the massacre in paris last year is dead. that is an enormous turn of news. his name is najim laachraoui. he built the bombs for yesterday's attack. the same man whose dna turned up in the paris massacre back in november. fox news has just learned from multiple sources that the bomb maker, najim laachraoui is the man in this photograph at the brussels


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