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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 24, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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talk about a party of a truck hauling beer crashed into a truck hauling treat 0 lay clips. we'll let you decide. that wraps up for today. thank you for joining us, "fox & friends first." "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning, it is thursday, it's march 24th, i'm ainsley earhardt and this is a fox news alert. the manhunt intensifies as officials reveal a fourth brussels suspect. and now reports that there could be a second attack eye alive and on the run. the breaking details just straight ahead. and a clue left behind. the key piece of evidence found inside that building right there. that includes the latest correspondence, the last correspondence, between one of the brussels bombers in his isis cell. >> hi, fired up about isis, you can only imagine, calling out
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past and present u.s. officials. >> she helped create isis. hillary clinton could be considered a founding member of isis. >> the other fine words he used to describe hillary clinton's handling of our foreign policy on the heels of her big foreign policy speech yesterday. i'll have to discuss because your mornings are better with friends. well, folks, welcome aboard for this thursday. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> we saw this about the electi election. a bit of a pause here starting on tuesday this is really about the bombing. >> it really is. and it continues today. >> and we start this hour with a fox news alert. breaking overnight -- in the brussels terror attack, a second attacker is believed to be on the run at this hour, in connection with the subway attack. we didn't know there were two guys an apparently there was. >> we haven't seen the picture yet. this as the international
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manhunt for one of the sbarpt bombers intensifies. that is him, the guy in the white. >> john huddy is in washington with the very latest. good morning, john. >> reporter: well, annesley, steve, brian, good morning to you. yeah, reports about that second bomber have been put outly lemond, the french newspaper. and we're reaching out to the federal prosecutor's office to get comment. but still, that's a huge development. it was initially believed there was only one attacker in the metro station, khalid el bakraoui. but now a second attacker that changes the game entirely. as you mentioned the guy in the white coat in that surveillance video from the airport. you know, guys, there were conflicting reports yesterday about all of the suspects
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involved and their identities. as i mentioned the guy in the white coat remains at large. the guy in the middle is the second bomber ibrahim el bakraoui. and then on the far left is najim laachraoui. he was believed nobody the white coat. but now officials have confirmed he was one of the two suicide bombers at the airport. now, ibrahim el bakraoui. let me get to him because there's a new development that turkish officials say he was initially flagged and actually detained in turkey. he was stopped there back in june and detained for a month and then was deported to holland, where el bakraoui asked to be deported to. and ultimately came back to belgium. and turkish officials alerted belgium officials that he was released but turkish authorities say it appears those warnings were ignored.
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we have not heard any comment from belgium officials about that. but clearly, he was here. as i said he carried out one of the two suicide attacks at the airport. and officials have confirmed that he and his brother khalid, again, the other bomber in the metro suicide attack, were already on their radar. they had criminal backgrounds and histories here. >> john, we know there's a sense that they sped everything up because of the arrest last week. we also know they found a laptop outside the apartment. >> reporter: yes. >> do you know what was on that? >> reporter: yeah, and that was ibrahim el bakraoui's laptop that was found in the schaerbeek neighborhood that these guys were from. it was a rambling kind of a will, a last will and testament, brian and steve, if you will, to his mother. a kind of poor me, poor me recording. poor me, i had no opportunities, poor me, i have no friends. and poor me, the police are
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closing in on me, and he said he didn't want to end up in jail like salah abdeslam, the paris bombed arrested on friday and that will be arraigned on terror charges at some point today. so that was a significant point of evidence. and guys, all of these guys were operating together. and they're already known by authorities here. >> john, what about the warnings? any warnings? >> reporter: well, again, those were the warnings from turkish officials about ibrahim el bakraoui being detained. as i said, ultimately he was deported to holland. and then he came back here. and, remember, as i said, he had a rap sheet already so there's a lot of concern and anger about why these guys weren't rounded up. why they weren't taken in to why they were still out there. and also one last point, salah
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abdeslam, the bomber being arraigned in court today, he was from the schaerbeek neighborhood where he was from, hiding in plain sight from authorities here. it's real quick, yes, i was at the memorial plaza, i saw that, people there remembering the victims. and i spoke with one lady at length from the area here. and she said it's clear that obviously there was a huge lapse in security. that the overall system needs to be completely reorganized and overhauled because they just have not, you know, done what they need to do to round those people up. >> john hud de, thank you very much. the way the problem is, the belgian security forces are simply overwhelmed. because he did such a good job explaining who the people were, we put together a graphic. these are the attackers. and keep in mind, they not only were involved in both paris and belgium, but they also, in many
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cases grew up together. for instance, remember from the closed circuit television, you have these three people from the airport. this guy, and this guy were brothers. this guy wound up going to the subway. and then this guy right here who had been on the far left, he was actually the famous bombmaker. so the three of those guys are dead. as john just said, the guy in white on the right is at large. what's interesting, though, the subway bomber, one of the brothers, he actually rented an apartment to the guy who was arrested a couple days ago, salah abdeslam. he was the logistics man in paris. and at the last minute, he decideded not to detonate his belt bomb and he went on his way. and this guy right here -- well, that guy was caught. this guy was killed in the big raid. this guy, the bombmaker is believed to have made the suits, or the vest, that is to say, used both in paris and in
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belgium as well. >> and steve, we've got to include another, somebody we don't know, somebody in the subway with the backpack. we don't know his name yet. another at-large subway bomber. it's so good that you're able to spell that out, ainsley, the bottom line, our reporters probably know as much as our intelligence agency. evidently, brussels is not cooperating with our guys who most people understand are the best in the business. >> well, and it makes sense that there's another guy on the loose, because if you think about it there were two different attacks at the metro. there were two different stations there in brussels. you have one of the brothers who was killed at one of the metro stops. and that means someone else at large, responsible for the other metro bomb blast there. it's amazing when you look at the map, how they're all connected. if you read the articles this morning, intelligence is saying they all lived on the same street basically. >> same block. >> grew up together, childhood
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friends. we remember going out to play when we were little you become best friends with everybody in your neighborhood. you go out at 8:00 in the morning and come back at 5:00 at night. that's what these little boys did. and they grew up to become radicalized. >> and the fingerprints and dna tracked back to the bombers and the guy arrested on monday. and we thought was involved in the bombing on tuesday, now we know on thursday he is dead. >> when you think about the neighborhood, the street you grew up, that one street they found in brussels, the molenbeek neighborhood is responsible for what happened in brussels, but also the train explosion, from amsterdam to paris, also that guy was raised in this neighborhood, too. the police need to concentrate on that area. >> absolutely. there's a lot of breaking news in that. meanwhile, while we're talking about international terror, there's some people run for president of the united states. and they have taken up the talk
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about terror as well. rudy giuliani, so-called america's mayor, says that the way that isis has metastasized can be traced back to some things done by certain people, running for president. and watch at this. hearings the former mayor with bill o'reilly last night. >> she helped create isis. i mean, hillary clinton could be considered a founding member of the isis by being part of an administration that withdraw from iraq. by being part of an administration that let al maliki run iraq into the ground. >> into the ground. so you forced the shiites to make a choice by not intervening in syria at the proper time. by being part of an administration that drew 12 lines in the sand and made -- >> i think the key to that sentence was "part of an administration." you're going to see perhaps, yeah, i woo have done more in syria. i would have acted better.
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you saw her husband say it maybe by mistake on monday. now, you saw a little bit of it last night. she's going to have to make a decision very soon because president obama is presiding over foreign policy that has the middle east blowing up in everybody's face. >> and rudy giuliani is going to be joining us in the next hour on "fox & friends." stick around. meantime, 6:11 here in new york city. it's 11:11 in belgium. heather has the news. good morning. we have additional news we've been following. at least four americans are still missing in the wake of that terror attack you were talking about including this couple from kentucky, stephanie and justin shultz. the state department today their family that they had been found at a hospital. that say mistake. and the sister and brother who are from new york were on the ticket line at the airport in brussels when the bombs went
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off. they were actually on the phone with their mom and then the line went dead. for the second night in a row, donald trump going after ted cruz's wife on twitter. he retweeted a side-by-side picture of heidi cruz and trump's wife melania, with the words "no need to spill the beans the images are worth a thousand words." cruz responded heidi is the love of my life. the department of justice will announce charges against as many as five iranian suspects tide to the 2005 hacking. homeland security and fbi have been investigating an incident at the dam in new york. officials believe the hackers infiltrated the dam through a solar modem. and the man who predicted
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the space shuttle disaster has died. edling feared that the temperatures were too cold to operate correctly. six astronauts died in that explosion. he died at the long age of 89. coming up on this thursday, first, it was the way with raul castro, and now the president has discovered it takes two to tango. here he is tangoing. and you're asking is this the right thing for leader of the free world to be doing at the time of terror? and college students being supported for supporting donald trump? ♪
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the author of the book "the complete infidel's guide to isis." there's a picture of the book right there. good morning, robert. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> so what makes you believe that this administration is doing nothing to prevent an attack here in the united states? >> well, for example, on february 2015, the ice lammic state or isis actually warn they had were going to send 500,000 refugees into europe. they weren't just trying to provoke a humanitarian crisis, although that's certainly part of their agenda, they are intending to send active gee hat terrorists among those refugees. the lebanese education minister in september said there were 25,000 active jihadis in refugee camps on their way to his country. many of them are there now. obama wants to bring tens of thousands of those refugees here. there's absolutely no way to vet
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them to determine who are jihadis and who are not. >> robert, we were talking this morning about the neighborhood in molenbeek with the terrorist attacks what happened in brussels and also the train incident from amsterdam to paris. it was all generated by terrorists who lived in that one neighborhood. do we see anything like that happening here in the u.s.? >> so far, we don't see those kind of no-go zones, sharia enclaves in the united states. and it's unlikely, given the nature of the united states at this point that they're going to develop. the problem, however, is that there's no challenge being made to the underlying ideology. and it is being taught in american mosques. surveys have shown four separate independent surveys since 1988, have shown that 80% of mosques in the united states teach hatred of jews and christians and in place of the constitution of islamic law. so nothing is being done to challenge those muslims in those
3:20 am
mosques to institute programs to reject the teachings that isis represents or teaches. if that doesn't change, we're heading for disaster. >> so, are you saying it's a matter of time. >> yes, it's not a matter of if, but when. >> let's put up a map. james tomey, the director of the fbi, has said that isis investigation, going son in all 50 states. look at this map. the numbers are staggering. when you look at that map, it hits home for us. what do you make of this? what do we do? >> well, we have to stop bringing in these migrants. we have to challenge the mosques and the united states to do something to back up their pallet and pro forma condemnation of isis with real action. and to show in an honest way that they're trying to combat this ideology. it wouldn't be spreading so much if it weren't mainstream. >> so you do say challenge the mosques. robert, thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you.
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coming up -- the video is unbelievable. the story even more incredible. a 5-year-old girl pulls her mother out of a pool and saved her life. yen, she was only 5 years old. and a brand new fox poll says donald trump cannot beat hillary clinton in the general election. is that right? we'll analyze it -- next. an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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a lot of breaking news overseas, so let's get right to it. right now, the iraqi military is trying to get this back. the second largest city from isis. forces moved on mosul. now to israel where two palestinians were shot dead by israeli troops after they established an israeli soldier. this is just the latest in the wave of violence. 28 israelis and two americans dead in the past six months. and now north korea
3:25 am
threatening the u.s. and south korea by testing a new type of rocket. the company claims that it successfully launched a solid fuel rocket which tests the power of nuclear missiles. donald trump has gained endorsements from the likes of sarah palin and "duck dynasty" willie robinson to name a couple. now it appears team trump has another big player. british tv most piers morgan. he penned a post, hate donald trump all you like but at least he seems to recognize the magazine nude of the threat and how to defeat it. talking about isis. they may not win him the politically correct pontificator of the year water, but how many more scene like brufls are we going to tolerate before we try a non-pc opt to beat these
3:26 am
excuses. >> wayne, good morning to you. >> how are you? >> i'm fine, but i think hell is freezing over, a well-known liberal like piers morgan is supporting donald trump, right? >> i wrote that, it's here now if you want to see, i debated him on cnn. he's very anti-gun, very liberal. the fact that he agreed with not necessarily donald trump. i'm sure he's not going to run out and vote for donald even if he were an american citizen, but he certainly agrees with donald. you got to fight hard. maybe you got to ban some people from this country, tighten border security, build a wall. you got to do something, steve. i would make this point -- why are the jihadi fighters now going to attack europe?
3:27 am
why they are there? why do they have the ability to attack? because they let in a million migrants. a million refugees. we didn't yet. but with barack obama at the helm, we're letting in a lot of them. and that's a zwrient mistake. every time there's a new terror attack, it's very positive for donald trump. terrible for the world. horrible things but i think people's eyes open up and they realize my kids are at risk. and i don't want my kid's life at risk. donald trump, the harsh one. he's the politically correct one, he's the tough one, maybe it's time to start looking at what he has to say. >> okay. what you just said right there encapsulates a lot of what donald trump stands for. there's a brand new fox news poll out that looks like this, if the race was against hillary clinton, john kasich would beat her, ted druz would beat her, but donald trump does not beat her. what do you make of that? >> well, first of all, i think, of course, all the trump haters in the world make it like that
3:28 am
bad news for trump. i think it's actually bad news for hillary. let's start with that. hillary gets crushed by a guy no one even knows, john kasich. she gets crushed by tom cruz who can't even come close to beating donald trump in a gop primary. hillary is the one that has big problems. unfortunately, the negatives for trump are high as well as hillary. but that's okay. he's got months to work on it day and night. don't forget, it's like reality television. who is left on "survive" island. donald trump methodically eliminated 16 of them. the only guy left standing, really, for all intents and purposes, is him. when he starts working on hillary, her negatives are going to go even higher. it's not like the 16 people against donald. it's going to be mano y mano, hillary against donald. i think donald is going to have
3:29 am
her for breakfast. >> you know, i'm getting the feeling you're completely on board the trump thing. would that be accurate? >> yeah, i do like donald trump. my kid's life isn't worth worrying about offending a few muslims somewhere in the world. i want to worry about action. my kids' lives are the most important thing to me. that's why i support trump. don't worry about polls now. ronald reagan was falling down in september of 1980. >> you ran for president of the united states as a libertarian, and now you're supporting the republican guy? >> yeah, listen i was republican my whole life. i left the party, steve, for just the short period and joined the l.t. and joined the presidential nomination just because i didn't like bush's spending. i'm a debt spending guy. trump will cut the debt, build a wall. he's my guy.
3:30 am
>> wayne assessment llyn root joining from us vegas. thanks. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us. meanwhile, a big controversy coming up, college students being targeted for supporting, as you can see right there, donald trump. where's this happening you're going to be shocked. first, it was the wave in cuba, now the president is doing the tango in argentina. people are asking is this the right move on the dance floor for the commander in chief at the time of terror. judge napolitano, he's going to talk about that next. when heartburn hits
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shot of the morning, here it is we watched president obama do the wave with raul castro. fidel wasn't feeling well in
3:34 am
cuba. rays did win that game. and now president obama is discovering it takes two to tango. the president was in argentina, maybe he was sending a message to giraldo when pulled on the dance floor. the president was trying to back out but she got the best of him. the woman is never supposed to lead the tango. he had the suit, he was unprepared. the question is, should he be dancing, judge napolitano. >> you know, i have not seen that until just now, and the modern presidency is visual. i don't know what ronald reagan didn't have cable television, at the time when we have a crisis, is that the impression that he wants to convey. he's a great dancer, and maybe he didn't want to change his plans but i'm not so sure he should be doing that, when everybody else is worried where isis is and who are they going to kill next and are they coming
3:35 am
over here. perhaps he should give a different depression of preservation and strength and safety. >> we want to pull up this picture of him and raul castro where it look like raul is lifting his hand up. there are reports this morning when the lady was trying dance with him, he kept saying no, no, no, without being rude, he finally stood up and danced with her. >> you know, i don't know what's going through his head. i hope it's the best of intentions, but the impression given by that, juxtaposed with what's happening in belgium is not a good impression. >> so, as a world leader, you would suggest, during a time of trouble that the president of the united states, to come on the tv show "dancing of the czars" -- >> very clever, where's giraldo when we need him? >> you mentioned giraldo, the president say better dancer than giraldo. >> everybody is going, what's
3:36 am
going on, what's going jon we're voting for giraldo. >> back to the president, do you think he should be on american soil, or maybe just don't do the wave, don't go to baseball games. >> not going to take advice from me but i would have cut the trip short and come home to give people a comfortable impression. >> final lincoln, the president says number one priority is fighting isis. he made those remarks earlier when he was meeting with the press but then he danced later. 24 minutes to the top of the hour. something else you know very well, when you want to surveil somebody, a would-be, you go to protocol. and it's seeing to correctly and adequately surveil somebody, you need 20 to 25 agents to do it per suspect. >> i don't know that you need that many, but you need a lot of my criticism of the belgian police is two fold, one, you don't reveal what you're
3:37 am
learning about a suspect in realtime to the press. that stuff is meaningless. it could very well have been a dog whistle, to these creeps, it's time to attack. >> and as we look at the laptop of the bombmaker, that seems that was the case. that was the go sign. >> correct. secondly, the famous pictures that we have all seen of that gloved hand, i know what that glove is this is the stuff i monitor for fox. certainly, the belgian police know what the gloves mean. and he's got a mask and fake nose on. the purpose of surveillance cams to help the police to solve a problem after it's been committed? or is the purpose of surveillance cameras to alert police so he can stop it before it happens? >> good point. >> that is a still photo taken from a five-minute video.
3:38 am
was anybody watching that screen for that five minutes? or was it just recorded on a computer chip in a box somewhere? >> well, they're supposed to have computer software that does facial recognition and stuff like that, but, judge, is this another instance -- the president of turkey came out and yelled at belgium, and said, hey, we told you when this guy was deported, we told you he was a troublemaker. and belgium is saying you sent him. >> i don't know if it's the culture of northern europe which trusts too many people and has a social welfare program that makes our look libertarian by comparison? i don't know if the police take this seriously. they will now. but unfortunately it was a catastrophe that woke them up. >> our counterterrorism forces say working with the belgian security forces is like working with children. >> i'm sorry to hear that but it's consistent. >> a lot of people don't trust us because we're dealing with
3:39 am
things monitoring our allies because a lot of people don't want to share stuff with us. >> wow. >> part of the problem in belgium, their open borders. >> i didn't believe they're going to stay open borders after this. this is really going to have a profound effect on the eu. clearly, great britain is going to leave, they do not want the eu courts which are right there in brussels, imposing on them regulations which would impair their ability to protect themselves and people. >> judge, thank you so much. a wide ranging discussion about tango -- >> and we'll go to commercial. >> not the optics we want in the morning. heather has headlines for us. good morning. some other stories that we are following for you, a stunning admission about releasing detainees from gitmo. we've heard about this before, we've been warned and during a house committee hearing special enjoy for gitmo was asked how
3:40 am
many people were killed because prisoners were freed. >> what i can tell you, unfortunately, there have been americans that have died because of gitmo. >> well, the admission adding more fuel for republicans opposed to president obama's promise to shut down the prison. >> a total of 118 former detainees have re-engaged. 113 in terrorist acts since 2009. a 5-year-old girl being hailed a hero after saving they are mom's life. surveillance cameras captured the moment her mom had a seizure falling face down in a pool. this happensed in corpus christi, texas. her daughter pulling her to the shallow end. >> it's a miracle, it's a miracle that she's alive. >> a little hero there, she was under water, her mom, for more than five minutes.
3:41 am
doctors say she would have died if she was under water for one more minute. and take a look at this, emory university students say they were so traumatized by the sight of trump drawings on campus, they complained and protested. some students even calling it a violent act. the school now vowing to write down whoever wrote trump 2016 on the sidewalk in chalk. and the school is offering emergency counseling. >> i was expecting president james wagner to come out to stand for human rights, to support one of our two major parties, political candidates, and he did it, he basically legitimized them. >> in the past students have written "black lives matter" on campus in chalk and receive nod punishment at all. those are the headlines this morning. we'll continue to follow things for you. >> thank you very much.
3:42 am
>> you know, the kids on that college kids on that campus go out in the real world, they might have a problem. just saying. meanwhile, the great state of colorado is digging out from a powerful spring storm. making conditions almost impossible. some drivers ditching their cars walking. maria molina this. good morning, the storm system is on the move bringing in heavy snow right now across places like minnesota, iowa, and also extending into wisconsin and parts of the great lakes. and out there, we have the concern for not only heavy snowfall accumulations with some areas expecting to see well over say foot snow, but also combination of that with strong withds that's why we have storm warnings in effect and blizzard warnings across green bay, expecting another 6 to 12 inches out there. in addition to what's been picked. . from the south, great lakes to parts of the gulf coast.
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3:47 am
george says, i'm getting married in july 2017, i don't have any debt, but my fiancee has $26,000 worth of school loans. i would prefer to go into a marriage without debt. does it make sense for me to off her school loans before we get married. my advice, george -- go for it. >> i think it's amazing they're talking about functions before they're married because very few people do that. >> really? >> yeah, very few actually have that conversation. i want to make sure they do not combine finances until they actually say i do. >> that's the number one thing people argue about is money. >> yeah. you don't want them to have this confrontation before they gate married and what if they don't get married and he's paid off $26,000. >> she did definitely say yes and she'll do anything you want if you pay off $26,000. she'll say yes. >> okay.
3:48 am
>> i think that's a very nice guy. that's all i'm saying. >> all right. so, chris writes this, i've been out of work for a couple of years but recently got a job. my wife and i are trying to get our finances in order. but it seems like we've already picked up our old habits. how do we break this cycle? >> well, first of all -- >> i'll give this one to you. >> thank you. congratulations on the new job, i think that's really cool. i want to make sure that you're budgeting. that's the big key here. for anyone, not just chris. for anyone. you want to make sure you have a budget, so you consistently don't go into bad habits. the key here, make sure in writing you've got that the accountability that's staring you in the face. make sure you agree. then you want to give it 90 days. a good tool for this that i use for this personally, easy to use. >> here's what akevin says, my
3:49 am
wife and i are working hard to pay off our debt. we have continued to give during this, do you think we should stop and continue to give. >> what a nice guy, he wear ca more about himself. >> i applaud the big time to pay off the debt but this is not where you want to cut. research shows when you're a joyous person is it's because you're generous. some of the most miserable people we know are people who are not giving. it makes you more attractive, more magnetic. >> i try to follow that because everybody on your team says that on fox news. i love that. >> we follow that. >> you guys are amazing. you give great advice. we appreciate it. >> thank you.
3:50 am
hey, coming up straight ahead -- is it okay if i do this -- our next guest, the rise of isis on the ground like nobody else. he said it's happening until we some say "free the whales." for them, nothing else is acceptable. but nothing could be worse for the whales. most of the orcas at seaworld were born here. sending them into the wild wouldn't be noble. it could be fatal. when they freed keiko, the killer whale of movie fame, the effort was a failure and he perished. but we also understand that times have changed. today, people are concerned about the world's largest animals like never before. so we too must change. that's why the orcas in our care will be the
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3:53 am
the western world is on high alert after isis attacks in brussels. what can be next? a former war correspondent who witnessed their rise during the iraq war and even in afghanistan said that the battle is far from over. he's the director of the brand-new documentary "only the
3:54 am
dead see the end of the war", michael ware is here. do you feel iraq when you see brussels? >> yeah, i do. look, it's been 13 years now we have been living with isis. as it stand at this moment, there's simply no end in sight. so it's like a bad nightmare for someone like me who witnessed the birth of isis in iraq. it's like a bad nightmare that won't end. >> as you got stationed over in afghanistan and then iraq, you were with the guys fighting this war and by their side. >> yeah. >> you provide that footage in the brand-new documentary. here's an example of michael's point of view as he got to meet with the enemy, the terrorists, al qaeda in iraq. >> i wasn't just watching at times. they began to take me to secret meetings in the dead of night. that's my breathing. as i'm doing the filming.
3:55 am
it was frightening. i surrendered myself to them, many of the americans were hunting and i had found. not knowing if they were friends or were going to kill me. i guess i knew i was in trouble but couldn't help myself. >> so you're meeting with the zarqawi guys. >> i did in time, but the guys you see there are iraqi insurgents. ex-military who were fighting america. fast forward three years and the guys in the tape became our allies and started assassinating the islamic state. but it was the iraqi insurgents who first warned me that the islamic state was out there lurking in the shadows. >> we will see you side by side with american marines. >> yeah. yeah. look, let's not forget the first
3:56 am
ever capital of the islamic state was not in syria, it was in iraq. it was the the city of ramadi. there was the bravest american marines and soldiers who were sent into the city and were told to hold the line at whatever cost. and their own commanders called it the meat grinder. >> what you witnessed, were they right in that description? >> yeah. yeah. look, the islamic state began in the summer of 2003, so by the time they took ramadi they owned the city. and at that point we only had maybe a third of the troops we needed to try and take the city back. so these kids were just told, stay alive. >> if you want to see a perspective on the war and see what michael ware put together, "only the dead see the end of war", it's on hbo. you stay out of the fray for a long time. >> let's hope. good to see you. >> fantastic. meanwhile, straight ahead, fast tracking u.s. citizenship by mexico to create a voting bloc, is that legal, will that work?
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning. thursday, march 24th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we knew about the three terrorists. this morning a fourth bomber also revealed. so who is he? and where is he now? and he was a known rrorist, brothers. how did he is slip through the cracks and bomb the airport in brussels? could it all -- could all of this terror have been prevented? that's the big question that people are asking today. yep. did hillary clinton create isis? let's ask rudy giuliani. >> she helped to create isis.
4:01 am
hillary clinton could be considered a founding member of isis. >> wow. american's mayor, here live to expand on that remark because he knows like you know, mornings are better with "friends." welcome aboard, folks. there's a big manhunt going on in brussels and belgium and europe in general. we have been showing you some of the images. and now we can tell you more. >> yep. and one of the guys that you do not know about, we have not seen his picture, but we believe that intelligence sources have shown this picture to the people who got to hunt him down. john huddy is live in brussels with the latest. hey, john. >> reporter: yeah, brian, ainsley, steve, there are reports and we have been talking about this, about a possible second bomber in that metro bombing as part of tuesday's attack. if true, that's a huge development. it's being reported by the
4:02 am
lemond newspaper and by one of the radio broadcasters. we are waiting for a comment or confirmation from the federal prosecutors office here. but if true, that person would have worked alongside khalid el bakraoui, the suicide attackers who did launch in the metro station here in downtown brus sills on tuesday. now, ibrahim el bakraoui was one of the two suicide bombers that attacked the airport. he was in the cctv video, that still picture from the video. he was in the middle. the guy on the left, najim laachraoui was initially thought to be the guy in the white coat. the guy in the white coat remains at large and the hunt for him continues and as mentioned, possibly for a second suspect that also carried out
4:03 am
the bombing in the metro station in brussels. having said that, salah abdeslam, the paris bomber that was arrested here in brussels on friday will be arraigned in court today. we're hearing the morning according to our sources that he's no longer cooperating with authorities. they have been trying to get more information out of him. he was part of the overall isis terror cell operating out of the region here and the other bombers in tuesday's attacks were all connected. laachraoui and possibly the second attacker. we are hearing that the secretary of state john kerry is on his way here to belgium in the wake of these attacks and we're waiting for more information about who he will be speaking with while he is on the ground here. guys? >> john, we see the police officers behind you in camo with the guns protecting what looks
4:04 am
like the metro behind you. we talked to the ambassador -- former ambassador yesterday. he said on day one on tuesday, everyone was in shock. yesterday, he said the feeling was just depression. what's it like today, what are people feeling today? >> reporter: frustrated. i mean, i can tell you that here on the ground outside of the midi train station. this is like the penn station in new york. you have the euro star, that operates out of here. you have all of the countries' metro lines. there's a very long line. it stretches all the way around the building as people are screened as they come in. you can follow me here, you see the lines and see the soldiers that have been talking to people inside. they have been searching some of the bags. we want to be careful coming through the crowd here. it's a little difficult because of all -- obviously, how thick the crowd is. but to the left of the camera, and again we'll do our best, excuse us, folks, you can see some as we try to get in here
4:05 am
soldiers that are searching the bags. this gives you a good example of this high security presence in the wake of tuesday's attacks. you can see some of the soldiers here -- hello, that are looking through people's bags. there's also a lot of police to the right of the camera. you can see a gentleman talking to people as they go in. the airport here in brussels remains closed. that will be the case. we're hearing, brian, ainsley and steve, through at least saturday. most of the metro lines here in brussels have been shut down or are on limited service at this point. guys? >> yeah. so as you try to get back to normal, it's impossible. you can't fly unless you have a car and -- >> reporter: we're being asked to go out. >> if you walk in penn station, pick your track and your line and you go. now you can't do that. think of the frustration this. >> think if they have a security build-up do they know something else going to happen? that's a lot.
4:06 am
>> but one -- at least one guy is still loose and we can't find the guy in the while coat. >> you know what, so many of the people we're now starting to put together the pictures and we have a graphic over here. so many of the guys know each other. in fact, they drew up -- a bunch of them on the same block in the molenbeek neighborhood of belgium. meanwhile, let's -- brussels, that is to say. let's talk about how this works together. all right. these are the two brothers. they're both dead. this is the airport bomber, this is the metro bomber. all right. now, watch how they're all connected. the metro bomber actually rented an apartment to that abdeslam guy, grabbed on friday, shot in the leg. he was the brother of one of the initial paris suicide bombers. he blew -- he was killed in that raid. this guy chickened out at the last minute, put down his vest and ran. then you have the picture of the bomb maker and this is another
4:07 am
one of the airport bombers. as john huddy depicted from -- live a moment ago, we thought it was this guy. turns out, he was another guy in the picture yesterday. the guy in white on the right we don't know who that guy is. and there's a second metro bomber as john said, he was seen going in with this brother. he had a great big bag. the bomb maker himself has a connection to one of the other guys killed in the paris attacks. and it is believed that this guy made the suicide vests for paris and was also involved in creating the bombs for brussels as well. >> see, it make sense they're looking for another guy. there's another guy at large because we have been reporting that there were two train stations. remember on tuesday morning we found out there were two metro stops -- >> two bombs. >> two bombs. one was affiliated with one of the brothers that was killed.
4:08 am
we didn't know who did the other bombing so it makes sense that's another guy at large. >> they don't know who that guy is. >> or they haven't told us. >> from what i was reading this morn, the two guys responsible for the metro they were seen together carrying a large bag. >> a couple of things. number one, the bomb maker who's dead shows how desperate these guys are because it's very rare to have somebody who can put up -- who has the expertise and the mind set -- they say it's tedious. >> very complicated. >> and for the bomb major whose dna was found in the paris bomb to kill himself in this operation, he was making a choice. do i spend the rest of my life in prison or do i die? he chose to die. and with him for isis they look at that as a loss they can't afford. >> some bomb maker though. one of the bombs at the airport did not go off because they're able to make it with acetone and stuff you can buy at a drugstore or walmart. >> 250 -- he wounded 300 people. >> absolutely. but it could have been worse had that bomb gone off.
4:09 am
it could have been even worse than that had there not been a mix-up with the ride to the airport. because apparently, one of the bombers called a taxi company and said, we need a minivan. they said okay, we're sending one right over. they drive over in a smaller car, they can only put three of the bags in. one of the great big bags, the biggest bag of all of them, they wound up having to leave back there. turns out it was a nail bomb. as soon as the now famous three shot of the guys on closed circuit television came up, one of the taxi drivers goes, i took those guys to the airport from this house. they go inside and find the stuff. >> some are calling him a hero for preventing more deaths. they go back to the safe house and they find the bomb and the isis flag. >> we know there are americans caught in the cross fire, and many are not in a condition to contact anyone. so the families are being scrambled over without an
4:10 am
airport. getting there as quick as possible. we hope to have some answers for them. a lot of stories of people who can be facing tragedy. now we hand it over to heather childers before we talk to rudy giuliani on with us this morning. good morning. >> speaking of the families, at least four of the americans -- they're still missing in the wake of the terror attacks including the couple from kentucky. stephanie and justin shults, the state department originally told their families they had been found, but they said that was a mistake. and the search is on for the pinczowskis, the sister and brother, who were in the ticket line, they were on the phone with their mom and then the line went dead. and donald trump and ted cruz battling it out over their wives. trump retreated a picture of heidi cruz and melania, no word to spill the beans.
4:11 am
that was his quote. well, cruz responded, donald real men don't attack women. your wife is lovely and heidi is the love of my life. this started when a cruz super pac posted a nude modeling picture of melania in a "gq" shoot. that was taken 16 years ago. an incredible image of patriotism emerging from devastation. this picture take a look is going viral. it's a firefighter who rescued an american flag from a fire at a recycling plant in phoenix. another firefighter posted the photo on her facebook page. she said as soon as he saw it that the flag was about to burn, he decided to go in and save it. no one was injured. that's a look at your headlines. >> thank you. well, it's one of the most dramatic police chases we have seen. a truck smashes into the ka, but that's not the end of this. and is hillary rodham clinton helping isis? >> she helped create isis. i mean, hillary clinton could be
4:12 am
considered a founding member of isis. >> why does he feel that way? let's ask him next, live on "fox & friends." what's up, mr. mayor? every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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4:16 am
in the wake of the brussels attack, ted cruz and donald trump both agree that maybe in should be some -- there should be some patrolling of muslim areas in the united states. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani used to serve -- and surveil the mosques here. does it work? good morning to you. >> well, sure, i started that policy in 1994. because the bombing of -- in 1993 of the world trade center was planned in a mosque in new jersey. >> in a public way. >> yeah. i'm sure. i mean -- >> the sheik was preaching. >> the sheik was preaching. if you worked your way in and got into a couple of the private meetings you pick up plenty of information. that's for example for how the blind sheik was prosecuted and put in jail for a hundred years. that's how they thwarted the plan in the 1990s to blow up the brooklyn bridge. >> wow. >> the holland tunnel. >> what do you say to -- >> why do you think my police commissioner at the time first thing he did on september 11th was close down the bridges and
4:17 am
tunnels to new jersey. you know why he did that? >> why? >> because of the information we were getting from the mosques in new jersey. he was afraid that that was going to unleash a group of cells in new jersey, coming into new york and do a bunch of small bombings. >> so we need a clarification. your former police commissioner bill bratton came out yesterday and said that the surveilling of mossi mosques with bill de blasio said it didn't produce any tangible evidence -- >> the whole evidence case against the sheik -- the blind sheik had a lot to do with the surveilling of the mosques. tried in federal court. i forget how much was prosecuted in the case, but four or knifiv. i can think of three more incidents when i was mayor. >> so it's effective. >> i talked to ray kelly yesterday. two incidents during the time he was police commissioner. of course, after september 11th, mayor bloomberg and ray kelly
4:18 am
increased the -- you would increase it after september 11. >> what about ted cruz saying we should be patrolling certain muslim neighborhoods in the united states? that's what he's gotten push back on. >> you shouldn't patrol every muslim neighborhood, like in new york city most of the muslim neighborhoods are extremely safe. decent neighborhoods. we do not have a radicalized muslim population particularly in new york city. certain parts of new jersey there's a radicalized muslim population. >> yeah. >> every once in a while in new york. so you have to keep the option open of surveilling mosques. what catholic priest, what jewish rabbi, what protestant minister would care if i had a police officer -- they'd like it. not only would they like the safety, they wouldn't mind the idea of the guy hearing a bit about the word ofgod. >> sure. >> charles krauthammer, he doesn't agree with this and he was talking about it last night. i want to hear his sound bite and then get your reaction. >> the reason of this idea of
4:19 am
heightened patrols in muslim areas is a terrible mistake, the united states has the most successful assimilation integration of the muslim population of any country in the west. it's not even close. the reason europe is in trouble it has these enclaves where the police either can't go or won't go. that doesn't exist here. and the last thing we should do is to alienate the muslims by having heightened patrols in their streets. >> well, first of all, i'm not talking about heightened patrols in the streets. we have heightened patrols in the streets if you have crime in the streets. they'll get patrolled like any other neighborhood. it isn't that there's special patrols of muslim neighborhoods. but it is true certain mosques, not all, are used as centers for radicalizing the community. it is worth knowing that. and any muslim imam who has trouble with a police officer in the mosque hearing the world of allah is not preaching the word
4:20 am
of allah in a way -- >> can't you do both? can't you have a good relationship with the mosques and imams and still do the surveillance? >> of course. go to the st. patrick's division you will see three or four police officers. >> let's talk about something else, a major speech for hillary clinton about her foreign policy. >> oh, great -- >> this is what she'll do. your reaction to her saying she's going to be taking on isis. >> well my reaction is she's one of the reasons we have isis. obama pulled out on a timetable which is absurd, having a timitable on the war, he left it to maliki who became iran's puppet. >> yeah. >> they started slaughtering the sunnis. now isis had been developing as a small group, but that's the thing that really ignited isis. so they owe -- they owe their existence to her and to obama and have we kept our troops -- had we kept our troops there in fairly significant numbers, we
4:21 am
would have picked up size growing quickly. >> we should have done it right then when we could have. rudy, thank you. >> happy easter. >> thank you very much. all right, straight ahead a brand-new poll shows donald trump cannot beat hillary clinton in the general election. is that right? analysis, next. sales event is on. with extraordinary offers on the stylish, all-new rx... and the dynamic nx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. the market.redict... but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions...
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4:24 am
show show me more like this.ns. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go onliand switch to x1. only with xfinity. some quick headlines to tell you about. a massive drug bust involving 400 yards super tunnel under the u.s.-mexico border, federal authorities are seizing more than 3,000 pounds of marijuana. being trafficked -- how do you say that? >> trafficked. >> trafficked through a home in california. from a tunnel that starts in a restaurant in mexico. four people were arrested. look at that. a flight attendant who tried to smuggle 70 pounds of cocaine
4:25 am
on to a flight not a good idea, lady. she's facing a judge in new york today. marsha reynold, she sprinted out of the l.a.x. airport just before getting caught with the drugs last week. she turned herself in yesterday. a race for the white house getting tighter on the republican side. >> we have brand-new polls out, fox put it together. that showed donald trump -- donald trump train may be losing some steam in some cases. >> anna kooiman is joining us on the couch to take us inside the minds of the voters according the new poll. >> yep. we have the brand-new polls out, national polls. donald trump may not be the best candidate going head to head against hillary clinton come november. in hypothetical presidential match-ups, john kasich beats clinton 51-40%. and cruz 47 to 44%. what you're seeing there john kasich is beating clinton by
4:26 am
double digits. on the other hand, clinton is beating trump by double digits. >> yeah. speaking of cruz, cruz, you know, he said i can win. i'm going to go ahead and corner the evangelical vote. yet donald trump has been dominant with the evangelicals. >> yeah. we have donald trump leading with evangelicals by 43%. cruz at 39% that is though within the gap there for the margin of error because it's at 7%. this is something we're seeing -- >> it's closing, the gap is closing. >> it is. but evangelicals are voting across the board just like everybody else in a lot way, not upon social issues. yes, they may think that senator cruz is a fighter for the constitution and religious liberty being pro life and, you know, having traditional marriage. donald trump has wavered on that in the past. but they're thinking that donald trump may be the best on immigration and on the economy, fighting terror. >> security. >> my evangelical friends are
4:27 am
saying it's because they feel like he's honest. >> he's fighting political correctness. putting the finger in the eye of political corrects. >> they're saying what he thinks. >> the polls are low for he and hillary clinton. >> yep. and john kasich is actually doing very well in our latest polls on being honest and trustworthy. >> when you were talking about john kasich that's why he's staying in until the convention. he thinks that he's the only one that can beat hillary and the polls are showing that. >> they are. and ainsley, when you say that, he says, look, when people are saying i'm taking votes from senator cruz, acting as a spoiler, look, i don't think anybody is going tote be enough delegates. that's what he's saying. he says that donald trump would have been the nominee already had he not been in the race because donald trump could have taken ohio. >> if the past is prologue, here is something from the brain room. in september of 1980, so just a couple of months before the election, ronald reagan was losing to carter by double digits. in august 1988 george herbert
4:28 am
walker bush was losing by almost 20 points to dukakis. we are a long way out. >> what donald trump is saying about hillary clinton, yes, she may be ahead by double digit, but i haven't even started on hillary clinton. he says he's been busy picking off more than a dozen other gop contenders fighting him for the nomination. >> we had wayne allyn root who once upon a time was on the libertarian ticket to run for president. he's on the trump train. he says i don't get that john kasich can beat hillary clinton. you ask a hundred people, only five people have heard of john kasich. how could he do so well? >> he's still in the race, he's able to overcome that. people thought he was the governor of ohio and he's made it down to the final three. he's the only governor left. >> one of the keys, the national poll, the gap is closing on
4:29 am
donald trump and cruz and something has to change, as donald trump says. give me hillary one-on-one, it will be a brand-new story. so far we have to see. >> let's go on to one more. as far as the convention goes and if you're thinking about who should get the nomination, should it be who gets the most delegates, who has won the most delegates or if there's no majority, should be a flexibility. if nobody reaches that 1,237 number. if there's a contested convention which governor kasich is banking on things can change. >> what they're saying, anna, whoever is leading, 59% should get the nomination. it shouldn't go to a revote. >> what's interesting about that, there are ten contested conventions and the front-runner has only won three times. the bottom line is it's politics. >> you have to see who has the best chance of winning in
4:30 am
november. we have a long time to go until the convention. we'll see how things move around. it continues. >> thanks for breaking down the numbers. all right. thanks, anna. coming up straight ahead, mexico has a plan to keep trump out of the white house. yeah, mexico by fast tracking citizenship on the illegals. can they do that? now the president as you see, is doing the tango in argentina. the right move for our commander in chief to be doing a dance in a time of terror? if you need advice for your business, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
4:33 am
a fox news alert. an intense manhunt is under way in brussels as we learn another terrorist could be on the run.
4:34 am
>> yep. you know what, we haven't seen this guy yet. the possible fifth bomber was seen inside the metro station with one of the other bombers shortly before the attack. the suspect was seen carrying a large bag right before the blast. this international hunt is still on for this guy, seen there in the white. this is a separate guy, he was in the airport with two homicide bombers before the blast. somehow, he is still alive. >> 34 people were killed in the attack. 270 were wounded. secretary of state john kerry is now heading to brussels to express the united states' condolences. >> meanwhile, president obama taking on the terror attack from argentina, meeting with the president there to go over strategy. >> all right. now rich edson is live in buenos aires in argentina with the latest. i mean, it's a trip that matters but not necessarily something that's going to be newsworthy. the news is really in europe, rich. >> reporter: and the president
4:35 am
was repeatedly asked about isis strategy while on this latin america trip. he defended it. he says that the strategy of targeted air strikes of special operations and financial sanctions is working. though he did acknowledge challenges. >> it's challenging to find, identify very small groups of people who are willing to die themselves and can walk into a crowd and detonate a bomb. my charge to my team is to find every strategy possible to successfully reduce the risk of such terrorist attacks. >> reporter: the president also country sized senator ted cruz also a presidential candidate for his plan to carpet bomb isis held areas. the president called that inhumane. he also knocked cruz on his plan to increase surveillance on muslims in the united states. >> i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance.
4:36 am
the father of senator cruz escaped for america, the land of the free. the notion that we would start down that slippery slope makes absolutely no sense. >> reporter: in just a few hours the president will commemorate the victims of the 1976 military coup. he heads to the mountainous patagonia region to conduct a day trip with the first family before heading back to the u.s. this evening. back to you. >> of course, rich, when the president comes back to washington later tonight he'll be able to see all the domestic press and how they covered what he did last night. he took to the dance floor. was this something that was planned? did some genius advance person say he ought to do this or is he ad-libbing there? >> reporter: this is argentina's state dinner for the united states.
4:37 am
they did have a tango performance. it is argentina. the dancers went over to the president originally he didn't want to dance. then he said, fine. even with camera in view, the president did the tango and i can't really say whether it was any good or not. i'll leave that up to you. >> it's one of the most difficult dance, but should he be doing it? how do you turn down that woman? >> how are the press there in argentina reacting to our president doing the tango? >> reporter: you know, it's a split press here in argentina. you saw that yesterday in the press conference. it's a divided country here. the president who just took over here barely won. so there's the pro obama element and the anti-obama element with protests here. they're split almost as we are in the u.s. >> all right. >> rich edson, live in argentina, thank you. now we hand it over to heather childers. >> other headlines from overseas. breaking news out of iraq where
4:38 am
troops are closing in on isis. they launched an offensive to retake mosul. that is the second largest city raising flags over extremist run territory. and they entered the town of palmyra. you may remember that terrorists destroyed the 2,000-year-old ruins there, sparking international outrage. some dramatic dash cam video captures the moment that police officers pulled a woman from a burning car. look. >> ma'am, stay with me. hey, stay with me. stay with me. >> well, the woman's car exploding into flames after crashing into a tanker truck. the officers rushed over to rescue the woman who was stuck in her seat belt and the air bag. the other used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. she was pulled to safety and is
4:39 am
expected to be okay. incredible police chase ending in the violent crash. take a look at this one. yeah. you can see what happened right there. two armed suspects in houston speeding off in a stolen truck when they slammed into another car. sending both of them flying. well, we blurred the video because one of the suspects was actually thrown from the truck. the other took off on foot. both eventually were arrested. the driver of the car was injured, but is expected to be okay. amazing. and some people, you know, they get arrested for the craziest things. we told you about this. but this guy may take the cake. >> sir, there was an arrest for from you from 2002. you rented a video, freddie got fingered and you never returned it. >> you heard right, arrested for not returning a vhs movie store
4:40 am
and the video store not even open more. but the star of the movie tom green offering to pay the $200 fine. i don't know. that seems like a tom green joke to me. we'll see. >> wasn't that a "seinfeld" joke, george forgot to rewind it and he had to pay $99. >> and also the library fines that piled up. >> life was so simple back then. >> there was a "seinfeld" about everything. now to extreme weather. colorado digging out from powerful spring blizzard. whiteout conditions are making driving impossible. some drivers ditched their cars. >> and maria molina is tracking where that storm is headed next. good morning. >> good morning, some extreme weather out there. the storm system is now bringing in some blizzard like conditions in wisconsin, minnesota and also across michigan and iowa. that's why we have winter storm warnings and a blizzard warning for green bay and surrounding areas out there. so the combination of heavy snow
4:41 am
and also strong winds including bringing in the whiteout conditions across the region. you can see that we're still expecting an additional 6 to 12 inches of snow out there, so we're still expecting the storm to continue to hammer that area throughout the day today. meanwhile, in the warm sector, severe weather will be possible from the midwest down into the gulf coast. and this is the area that can be looking at tornados from the storms. stay safe out there across alabama, mississippi and also parts of tennessee. let's head back inside. >> no wonder peyton manning retired. he doesn't have to stay in colorado and deal with this. >> did that have something to do with it? >> that and he's old. >> 39 is not old. >> oh, that's right, you're old. >> old for a quarterback. very young for a host. >> there you go. did i get out, am i okay? all right, you know what? as a gesture of peace, please read my copy.
4:42 am
>> the words that i'll mispronounce. mexico has a plan to keep trump out of the white house by fast tracking illegals for citizenship. can they do that? we'll go back to the future with the new york auto show. >> all right. distract you. so when your symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with claritin you get powerful, non-drowsy relief 24 hours a day, day after day. and with fewer symptoms to distract you... you can focus on the extraordinary things you do every single day. live claritin clear. every day.
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some say "free the whales." for them, nothing else is acceptable. but nothing could be worse for the whales. most of the orcas at seaworld were born here. sending them into the wild wouldn't be noble. it could be fatal. when they freed keiko, the killer whale of movie fame, the effort was a failure and he perished. but we also understand that times have changed. today, people are concerned about the
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world's largest animals like never before. so we too must change. that's why the orcas in our care will be the last generation at seaworld. there will be no more breeding. we're also phasing out orca theatrical shows. they'll continue to receive the highest standard of care available anywhere. and guests can come to see them simply being their majestic selves. inspiring the next generation of people to love them as you do. this week here in new york, people have been told all sorts of stories and we have seen all sorts of pictures of some of the new cars -- >> remember in our plaza in week, we saw four new cars. you missed monday's show. >> i did. >> four incredible cars.
4:46 am
all of which cost -- semi-affordable except for the jaguar i was in. >> meanwhile, our car expert, mike caudill has another look at the jacob javits center at the new york auto show. mike, let's start with the hyundai. >> yeah. so -- by the way, guy, i have three cars picked for you, just like we discussed earlier in the week. so we'll pick some cars for you. this is the all-new hyundai ionic. it's actually a dedicated three vehicle flat form. you get a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and all electric model. the hybrid gets 600 miles of total range, making it truly a unique and long distance vehicle. mitsubishi making news with the first plug-in crossover vehicle with four wheel drive. a full five passenger, newly redesigned, new exterior. look at the rear deck lid on it. a beautiful vehicle on it.
4:47 am
pricing not yet available. using the j-1772 plug-in on that we have to talk about the domestics. we are talking about the jeep grand cherokee. they launched two models here at the new york auto show. it's all about that off road performance. putting in the luxury, making off road capable. kind of as an aside, my parents have owned three grand cherokees and i know this week it's my mom's birthday, so hopefully she'll have a vehicle like this in her driveway soon. >> what a son! >> i know. i know. it will be a showstopper for you guys. it talking to mark fields the ceo yesterday of ford motor company. chose are call -- those are called constan tina steps. beautiful luxurious interior with the new navigator. i asked is this available, and mark said yes, it will be
4:48 am
available in the future. of course it will be contented more for the consumer of the marketplace. >> nice. >> all right. we have a couple more for you guys. all right, here we go. we'll talk about the genesis. this is a new york concept. actually called the new york and this is a classic sports sedan. four doors. it's a concept and a glimpse at what the future of what genesis will look like, a long hood on it. beautiful 21 inch interior with the lcd screen in there. just stunning from the team at hyundai. we'll close it out with the mazda mx 5 rf. mazda is known for sporty cars, this is the best selling mazda miata of all time. retractable hard top on it. here's what's unique. that hard top will slide behind the two front seats. is over the weekend, when you want to play golf, you can put your golf clubs easily into the rear of that mazda miata.
4:49 am
so lots of news. 29 cars making debuts here in new york. >> you know what? the mazda is perfect. i'm looking for a new midlife crisis car. >> there you go. >> i need another convertible. does it come in red? >> yeah. >> i bet it does. >> they all come in red. >> thank you. good to see you this morning. >> look what he's doing for his mom, how do we match that? >> we'll be back tomorrow. >> more cars to see. >> i wonder what his mom will get that from batch. next on the rundown, mexico has a plan to keep trump out of the white house by fast tracking u.s. citizenship for illegals. can they do that? but first on this very day in 1883, the first telephone call between new york and chicago took place. >> forget about it. in 1975, north vietnamese launched the ho chi minh campaign. >> in 1996 celine dion's
4:50 am
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illegal immigration is going to stop. it's dangerous. it's terrible. we either have a border or we don't. if we don't have a border, we don't have a country. >> donald trump's tough stance on immigration caught the attention of mexico and check out what it is reportedly doing to stop him. >> yeah. the country of mexico, "the washington post" reports this morning that mexico is now helping mexicans in america quickly become legal citizens so that they can vote against donald trump. >> here to react to this is the
4:54 am
cofounder of xl alliance and fox contributor, lili gil valletta. they're fast tracking people who want to become citizens so that i -- so they can vote against donald trump. >> well, there's a fine line wanting to have civic participation and interfering in another country's election. i think that's where we get to the delicate point with this conversation today. there has been citizens -- citizenship drives for many years. there's about 8 million people that qualify to become naturalized as i did not long ago. but the problem is when you have mexican officials or people with a governmental, you know, title and responsibility actually driving this effort and specifically to rally people up against a candidate. whether you agree with him or
4:55 am
not, it's just the intention and the drive and the motivation to get people signed up, it's just not appropriate because we're overstepping on the process. >> you know, we have to get proof that this happened because mexico denies it's happening, but the clinics are happen. in chicago in march, 300 immigrants attended these how to become citizenship clinics. in las vegas, 500 attended there. dallas, 250. it's happening in other cities where the people are there legally, but they're not citizens yet. do you think there's a concern south of the border? >> you know, i think -- what you just described, big numbers in participation and by the way, if all of these people that qualify naturalized, there's a big pool of new voters and we cannot ignore that. in florida alone, there's over 600,000 latinos who are eligible
4:56 am
and they haven't naturalized and if they'll all get signed up that could be a meaningful statistical difference when it comes to key states. here's the thing i want everyone to understand that's watching. this is not as easy go sign up a form and you're able to vote the day after. i went through the process, it can go anywhere between six months to two years. so yes, it sounds big and noble and it's a great thing for people to have involvement in the process, but from now until november it's going to be a big stretch to get people fingerprint, interviewed, english test and oath to get to vote. so we'll see. but it's a fine line that gets us into the slippery slope. it's dangerous. >> right. it took you six months, but it can take up to two years. but according to these reports, they can fast track this so people get in before november so they can go and vote. >> right. it costs $680 too. >> wow. lili gil, thank you for joining us again. huge developments out of
4:57 am
brussels this morning. we are learning of another bomber. the breaking detailing live at the top of the hour. i've been on my feel all day.
4:58 am
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which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. good morning to you and your family. it is thursday, it's march 24th. i'm ainsley earhardt. you knew about these terrorists. this morning we are learning about another one. so who is he and where he is? the breaking details straight ahead. a clue left in a garbage can. a computer belonging to one of the bombers found in that garbage can. wait until you hear what they found on the laptop. yep. and straight ahead, donald trump has said it time and time again. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.
5:01 am
>> so do americans think this is a good idea? we have the answer with a brand-new poll because let me remind you, mornings are better with "friends." >> hello, everybody. thank you for joining us. we have a fox news alert in 8:00 hour here in new york city. breaking news overnight. in brussels, terror attack. a second attacker, a second terrorist is believed to be on the run right now in connection with the subway attack. >> yep. this as the international manhunt for one of the airport bombers intensifies. >> fox news correspondent john huddy is live in brussels with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ainsley, brian, steve. there are reports about a second attacker in that subway, in the metro attack on tuesday. at this point, we're waiting for confirmation. official confirmation from the federal prosecutors office, but if so he would be among the two
5:02 am
bombers that are currently on the run that are being hunted for. you know, steve, ainsley and brian, there are a number of raids since tuesday's attack as they're looking for in particular the one bomber, again from the airport. and now potentially the second bomber. and having to do with the airport attacks we have seen the image, the cctv, the surveillance image from the airport of the three people. well, the guy that's in the white coat as we have been reporting extensively he's the one that is on the run. the man in the middle, his name is ibrahim el bakraoui. he carried out one of the suicide bombings and then on his left, the guy in the black coat, was the second suicide attacker at the airport. now, ibrahim el bakraoui there was news that broke overnight in which turkish official say that they had detained him in turkey back in june, june of last year, and that he was detained for a month and then ultimately
5:03 am
released and was then deported to poland which is where el bakraoui requested to go. when he was detained, and then ultimately deported, turkish officials say that they warned belgian officials that they had not only detained him, but red flagged him as a militant. as possibly a terror suspect. those warnings according to turkish officials were apparently ignored by belgian officials an belgian officials have not commented one way or another about it. they have down played it so we're waiting for some kind of a visual comment. whether that was indeed the case. but as i talked about earlier, guys, these guys all of the suspects in and these bombings were already on the radar of authorities here. ibrahim el bakraoui, his brother, khalid el bakraoui and
5:04 am
then the third, najim laachraoui, the second airport attacker. they were well known by authorities. hay had rap sheets and criminal histories and there's frustration and anger about why they weren't in custody to begin with. >> we know the brothers are dead, and the bomb maker is dead and we're looking for a guy in white and looking for another guy we have not seen his picture. i can't get my thoughts out of what's behind you, over your left shoulder thashdz is -- and that is a man with an assault weapon. that is the brussels military behind you. can you give us an idea of how long the lines are still and what the people are going through in terms of security? >> reporter: well, the security is intense. there still is the highest terror threat here in the country or at least in brussels. you know, earlier, you know, we went deep, we went right into the tunnel. by the way, this is the midi
5:05 am
train station, like penn station, this is where the euro star operates out of. it's kind of an ebb and flow as far as the crowd goes. it was not as thick as we showed you before. but yes, these are soldiers, they are screening people as they go into the terminal. and there's also soldiers as people come out of the terminal. you have my photographer and engineer who will go slowly into the terminal. we want to be careful, not to get in the way of the crowd. but it gives you an idea -- can we go in? we're just talking. is that okay? okay. we're being asked to go, no problem, no problem, no worries. okay. okay. no problem. and you can hear that. that is how intense it is we're trying to go in, they're being very careful and they're asking us to leave and we're more than happy to comply with that.
5:06 am
but to go back to the overall feeling, brian, ainsley and steve, i was talking to a guy before the live shot. he said there's not been adequate communication among the various security factions. the various agencies here in belgium because you have the flemish that have their security agencies and the belgians and there's problems with the system of communication. and that's something that's a frustration among people here on the ground. of course the concerns about the terror threat and then the sadness about all of those people who lost their lives. you know, we were in that kind of main plaza in the center of -- in downtown brussels yesterday. the memorial and the remembrance of all those people. but there's definitely a frustration on the ground right now in brussels. >> truly, indeed. john huddy in the heart of belgium -- brussels, that is to say, where the folks are having a slow go getting into the
5:07 am
subway because there's extra security. >> and the airport is close and will be closed through saturday, at least they say. so the only transportation is by car. i hear the taxis, it's really hard to get a taxi there as well. >> you know when paris got hit, now we have brussels getting hit, one consistency. they always leaned on the fbi for intelligence. not only are we great at knowing what's going on before it happens better than anybody else, but also engaged in the middle east and syria. but in brussels they have no interest in conveying intelligence or working with our fbi which is unbelievable. >> you know, we have been talking about for a while that one neighborhood molenbeek, the neighborhood in brussels. well as it turns out, a bunch of the guys are from the same block. i'm going to walk you through this to see how it's all connected. start in the upper left-hand corner. there you have the airport bomber, right next to the subway bomber. those guys are brothers. they are both dead. now, the metro bomber, the
5:08 am
second guy from the left, as you can follow the little yellow line, he actually rented a house under another name to salah abdeslam. that guy on the lower, he was just apprehended a couple of days ago. as we continue on the top row, you've got the bomb maker. see, the guy in the middle, right, that's the line that goes down to the fella far right on the bottom. well, he's the ringleader from the paris attack who died in the police raid on the 18th. then as we continue on the top row, you can see there's the guy in white on the right famously from the airport. he's on the run as is the second metro bomber. the reason they know there was a second metro bomber, they were able to look at the closed circuit television and they saw another guy carrying something big in there. the guy on the white in the right famously, they now think he could have been involved in paris. and there was a story out this morning in the european media
5:09 am
that seven of the paris attackers -- not the belgium, but seven of them are still on the run. and now there's some suggestion they could all be part of this. >> when you look at the reports and you look at their neighborhood that they grew up in, these guys all lived within just doors of each other and they said they grew up with each other as little boys and they became radicalized together. that one little neighborhood is responsible for what happened according to reports in paris what happened in brussels and also that amsterdam to paris train attack that happened last year as well. >> it's impossible to get away from politics even when terror is front and center. see how the candidates reaction is. so we did a fox poll and we asked the question, are you for or opposed to the temporary banning of non-u.s. muslims coming into the country. believe it or not, trump is with the majority. 54% of you are in favor of temporarily banning.
5:10 am
that's only down 1% when donald trump originally presented it. for those opposing it it's 41%. >> i bet the numbers would change. i bet they would increase, at least the favoritism would increase now, because these numbers were taken between march 20th and 22nd. the 22nd was on tuesday the day that the bombings happened. the numbers have probably gone up. >> meanwhile, who supports the temporary ban of the muslims, about 70% of republicans do. a majority of independents and a little north of a third of democrats say that should be the situation. meanwhile, ted cruz of course couple of days ago he said in response to the terror attacks in brussels he said, you know, there should be some patrols here in the united states of muslim neighborhoods. we had rudy giuliani on on a little while ago. he disagrees with ted cruz about
5:11 am
that in so much as not all muslim neighborhoods, but some areas. watch. >> he put the word some in, you're right. most of them like in new york city, most of the muslim neighborhoods are extremely safe. decent neighborhoods. we do not have a radicalized muslim population, particularly in new york city. certain parts of new jersey there's a radicalized muslim population so you have to keep the option open of surveilling mosques. you have heightened patrols in the street, if there's crime in the street, if there is crime in the muslim neighborhoods they will get patrolled. some not all mosques are used for radicalization. >> i was surprised at the blow back that ted cruz got. hey, relax, step back. why are they inserting themselves into the political campaign question you have the
5:12 am
6'9" mayor condemning ted cruz and donald trump. no reason to insert yourself. >> well, rudy giuliani said they put undercover people in the mosques. and his point, if you're not hiding anything, why would you care if we were in your mosques? >> right. back when the new york police department had infiltrated a number of mosques that they regarded as trouble. and the current mayor said, you know, can't do that. >> rudy said they did stop a lot of plots. terrorist plots. >> all right. 8:12 here in new york city. heather childers has some more headlines. we'll begin with the terror attacks. at least four americans are still missing in the wake of the attacks including a couple from kentucky. stephanie and justin shults. the state department originally told their family they had been found but that was a mistake. and the search is on for sasha and alexander pinczowski, they were in the ticket line at the time at the airport when the
5:13 am
bombs went off. they were on the phone with their mom and then the phone -- the line went dead. well, was it a dry run for a terror attack? we are about to find out, just because -- in a few hours the department of justice will announce charges against as many as six iranian suspects for hacking into a dam right here in new york. officials say that the hackers infiltrated the dam in rye brook back in 2013. they gained access to the box office systems but failed to predicted operational system. the challenger disaster has died. bob ebbling on the left here was one of four engineers who worked on the shuttle and he tried to warn nasa to scrap the launch. he said temperatures the night before were too cold for the o-ring seal. he spent hours calculating the risk and he even warned his boss the morning of the launch. he said that the only way that he could have stopped the launch was to force his bosses to do so using a gun.
5:14 am
six astronauts and schoolteacher died that day. bob ebbling died after a long illness. he was 89 years old. those are a look at your headlines. >> all right. coming up -- >> yeah, hillary clinton is going after donald trump. >> but does that make trump look more presidential? frank luntz, we saw a glimpse of him. want to see another glimpse of him? join us next. ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear. [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪ you owned your car you named it brad.s, you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad.
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5:18 am
we need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday. >> wow. that's hillary clinton still on the attack all this week as our next guest says only makes donald trump look more presidential? here to explain the polls and more, fox news contributor, frank luntz. we're talking about terror this week and we see the candidates stepping up. aipac, major foreign policy speech yesterday for hillary clinton, hoover institute. going after donald trump and cruise. what is donald trump to do through all of this? >> let's put this in con text. she has to go after trump because she's responsible for first four years of the obama administration. all the things you do in the first four years come to roost
5:19 am
in the second. if people hold for responsible for all the damage that she's happened and she's tied herself so tight to barack obama that in this case she's trying to run away from it. that's not surprising. in trump's case, thank god he used a teleprompter and delivered a solid speech to aipac. on national policy he can't wing it. he's got to be professional and offer details because the public is concerned about what's happening right know. >> here is some of the scripted speech. let's listen. >> i didn't come here tonight to pander to you about israel. that's what politicians do. all talk, no action. you see, what president obama gets wrong about deal making is that he constantly applies pressure to our friends and rewards our enemies. >> so that was -- you liked that message, but overall there's got some more truth telling in the trump camp.
5:20 am
in what respect? >> well, look this is the one case you have to have more than just generalities. that's very powerful language. the american people believe a majority -- a majority believe in most of what donald trump wants to do in foreign policy and national security and they don't believe that barack obama or hillary clinton were successful. so this is an area that he needs to focus on. my fear, my concern is that his people tell him, hey, everything you're doing right now is great. you don't need to change anything. no, on this, you have to talk about what you're going to do with isis. you have to talk more than just about a fence at the border. you have to address most importantly how this needs to be an effort with allies. barack obama sitting on his butt at that baseball game was a disgrace. and trump should be talking about it. if you go back to 9/11, tony blair got on a plane, he was the first world leader to come to the states and he got here to express his support. barack obama should have left
5:21 am
the game in the second inning, got on air force one and gone right to belgium, then stopped in paris and stopped in london to communicate that he has support. these -- i mean, brian, this is a big deal. >> got to hold you there. >> trump has an opportunity there. >> it was, and would have hoped he would have learned from it, but he didn't. frank luntz, thank you. up next, bob massi. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk. for a limited time, great deal on this passat. wow, it looks really good... volkswagen believes safety is very important... so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. stability-enhancing systems... hmmm... ...and equipment for two child seats.
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hmmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... is happening now! get a $1,250 volkswagen reward card and 0% apr on new 2016 passat models.
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our partnership with habitat for humanity at pg&e, we believe solar should be accessible to everyone. allows us to provide the benefits of solar power
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to the types of customers who need it most. pg&e provided all of the homes here with solar panels. the solar savings can mean a lot, especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. welcome back. there's lot of breaking news overseas. two big moves against isis, the iraqi military trying to take back mosul from isis. forces raising flags over the extremist run territory now and syria is trying to take back the ancient up to of palmyra. they just entered the town in the 2,000-year-old ruins.
5:25 am
two palestinians were shot dead after they stab an israe israeli -- stabbed an israeli soldier. two americans were left dead in just the past six months. to north korea who's threatening the u.s. and south korea. they successfully launched a fuel engine. steve? thank you, ainsley. home is where the heart is and buying a forever home is one of the biggest decisions you can make. this week's episode of "the property man" with bob massi will show you how you can do it. >> this is the new den. >> okay. >> a per go what covered porch off the back that will lead to the pool. >> joining us is the property man himself, fox news legal analyst and real estate guru, bob massi. in this episode we meet a couple. they're going from the starter home to the forever home.
5:26 am
who are these people? >> i have to tell you, steve, they're the most diligent, they're the definition -- we covered the last week ago due diligence. they really, really studied that they wanted, waited for the location. understood the neighborhood. understood the financing. it was not going to -- they were not going to compromise for anything less and the reason we did this story, the fact that when you buy something like a home it's the biggest commitment usually we make financially and don't necessarily rush into it. they didn't. they're a great example of doing it the right way. >> that's right. and bob, i know that one of your tips is when you're looking for your forever home is figure out the neighborhood you want to live in. you just said that the couple that was looking for their forever home, they figured out the location, you know? all the stuff they wanted. and they waited until that house came up. that's the way mrs. doocy and i have done it in the past. that seems to work, right? >> it does work. that's the way that we did it, but you know, a lot of to
5:27 am
younger couples -- a lot of the young kids they want it, they get excited. that's the emotional part. that's when mistakes are made because you get so excited about wanting to buy a home that you don't study the area. and really, steve, you have to have a vision. particularly if you're a younger couple. you'll have a family, you'll want to understand you're going to live there for a certain amount of years. as a result of that, make sure that you really try to think it through and of course as parents we don't know anything. we're the dumbest people on the planet so they don't -- the younger couples don't necessarily listen to us. but i have to tell you, it really makes a difference if you take the time and don't just rush into the purchase. >> just wait, eventually somebody is going to sell their house. you'll be able to make an offer on it. one of the keys is, you have talked about this in the past. >> yes. >> if you want to buy a house, line up the financing ahead of time so that suddenly it's not between you with no financing and somebody else who does have
5:28 am
it. because they're going to wind up with a house. >> i do a lot of seminars, steve, i bring in a mortgage broker, somebody that understands lending. they go over with the people what the difficult financing available, how you qualify, how fha work, how conventional works. to understand that don't go look for something that you can't afford. >> sure. >> because then you're letting yourself down and sometimes what people do, steve, is they leverage themselves too much. the biggest thing that happened over the years that we have covered this, is we learned how few people had rainy day money. nobody had rainy day money. so when things went bad, everything went sideways because they wanted to get that loan and they sacrificed everything with no backup money. that's a major mistake that people made. >> great point. listen to this. tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. on the fox business network we'll run the entire season of "the property man" one episode after another.
5:29 am
a bob massi marathon. happy easter. >> thank you. this story is more incredible, a 5-year-old girl pulls her mother out of the pool and saves her life. that's right. and isis claims it has sent hundreds to attack europe. our intel terror group on deck has ideas on how to prevent these kind of attacks. they're coming up next. i take pictures of sunrises.
5:30 am
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it's my job and it's also my passion. but with my back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12-hour strength of aleve... for pain relief that can last into the morning. and now... i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. we have a fox news alert at this hour. brand new photo of one of the airport bombers, ibrahim el bakraoui emerging this morning from turkey. there he is smiling. that was last july before he was deported for being a suspected foreign fighter. turkey even warned belgium, but belgium responded, hey, you
5:33 am
didn't send him here, you send him to the netherlands. >> an intense manhunt is still under way in brussels as we learn another terrorist could be on the run. the possible fifth bomber was seen inside the metro station with one of the other bombers shortly before the attack. the suspect was seen carrying a large bag before the blast. and an international hunt is still on for this man, the guy in white. he was in the airport with the two homicide bombers before the blast. >> all right. brian, over to you. all right, steve, as you know, isis is claiming it's sending 400 foreign fighters to attack europe. as we learned the attackers -- the terrifying ties to the bombings. here to react to this is the terror panel from the war on terror. bo deedal, navid jamali, and welcome to all of you. when you first hear of europe, the countries are tied together. there's at least 400 fighters
5:34 am
who have embedded in there, what's your reaction? >> first of all, these are the same attackers that attacked six months ago in paris. they're in the same -- within the same block radius. this is an intelligence breakdown. all they had to do was put surveillance on the people and they would have found out what's going on. a lot of these have criminal records these little punks. they have criminal records and they could have flipped some other ones. we did it in new york city remember in the 1990s with the mosque over in new jersey where we were able to find the blind cleric. and all that. we're at a point we need intelligence. when they step up in new york and they said, we don't need to infiltrate certain areas of the muslim -- that's ridiculous. two cases were broken by undercovers in there. we have to prepare ourselves and the only way to stop this, not by machine gun toting cops out there. we have to get intelligence to stop the bomb before it goes off
5:35 am
and the only way is getting inside there. >> you know what happened, you saw the president said that's not what we do, i just left a country that did that, and bratton said ted cruz not going to win the election because he said stupid things like that. >> not just 400 fighters that isis has trained, but potentially 5,000 europeans who have gone to europe to fight. and europe has virtually borders. there's a big distinction between the u.s. and europe. it's a proactive intelligence service that goes out and tries to find the guy, identify before they step foot on the plane to come here. >> you lived low this. >> yeah. >> like watching them fight in the middle east, michael. >> i mean, it's easier said than done some of the things. i mean, our great weakness throughout the wars on terror has been human intelligence. it's a lot harder than you think to get someone inside the
5:36 am
organizations. not like flipping and turn someone from the mafia. >> look, investigation is my business. all i can say, they come from the same block, same area, it was proven back when they attacked in paris wouldn't you think they have an intelligence group this there? they knew exactly what -- this is not like stevie wonder time. they know what block they come from. this is the same attackers. >> well, don't forget also, in these particular pockets of europe, these are very -- virtually unpatrolled or no go zones. they're muslim and immigrant communities that have been left to their devices. so they're like -- they're like ministates within minicities. >> you lock someone up, flip them, send him in there like he'll be a terrorist -- >> and the guy was talking, we do understand. >> exactly. >> pushed this operation forward. >> and the thing with belgians i think they messed up. >> they dropped the ball. >> they followed the guys around they wait today long. >> a guy that never waited too long to get involved is michael
5:37 am
ware. the war on afghanistan story that he was involved when -- when iraq started he was there. when you talk about terrorists and the mindset, al qaeda and isis, you know about it. here's a scene from the documentary coming up this weekend. >> i wasn't just watching their tanks. they began take -- i began to tape secret meetings in the dead of night. that's my breathing. as i'm doing the filming. it was frightening. i surrendered myself to them. many of the americans were hunting them and i had found them. not knowing if they were friends or if they'd kill me. i guess i knew i was inside but i couldn't help myself. >> wow. >> yeah. yeah. well -- >> no protection. you're behind enemy lines. now they're in europe. >> they're around the world now. those guys we saw in the clip, they were actually nationalist
5:38 am
insurge insurgent, they were ex-iraqi, and fast forward three years they became our allies. they became our allies, those guys. they started to assassinate isis for us. they knew where isis left that night. we did not. and we don't have those allies on the ground. >> we left them alone and they got assassinated themselves. >> that's right. >> horrible. they're sending messages bang and forth and we're not bombing the hell out of them right now. >> we are bombing them. but you have to get a target to bomb. you just can't obliterate -- >> troops got to be on the ground? >> it may come to that. eventually someone has to go in there to fight and die to kill these people and take these cities back. but is it going to be our troops? >> that's the question. >> hold on. >> because aren't we -- >> look, there's a distinction between europe and the united states. i want to put myself on pedestal for a second here. i'm first generation american.
5:39 am
my father is pakistani. two very proud moments of my life -- the birth of my children and receiving commission to the united states navy. there's a difference between people here and people in europe. the problem with europe is you have people that are not integrated. they're -- there's poverty. you know, it's ripe for exploitation by places like isis. we do not have it. that doesn't mean we don't do surveillance or don't be proactive, but there's a distinction we have done the right thing, europe has not. >> go right to brussels, you had surveillance cameras on it, bringing the bags to into the car. the car service taxi. right then and there you could have reacted to it. >> right. >> first you need to know they're the guys that you're looking for. some of the guys we don't know they're terrorists until they commit the first terrorist act. >> and it's changed so much. the war used to be there. >> it's coming here. >> the turks turned them on. >> on to one of them. that doesn't give you all of them. >> i have to go to bill hemmer.
5:40 am
>> but it's coming to america and we've got to -- >> you're right. >> intelligence is the only way, and we have to -- so don't worry about political correctness. >> right. bo, i'm concerned. we have to get -- i have to go to break. we look forward to seeing you on hbo. >> thank you very much. >> your documentary "only the dead see the end of war." heather, tell me what else is happening in this world? >> yes, some stories that we are following. this is pretty terrifying. an admission about free gitmo prisoners. special envoy for gitmo paul lewis was asked how many people were killed because prisoners were set free. >> what i can tell you is unfortunately there have been americans that have died because of gitmo detainees. >> a total of 118 freed detainees have re-engaged in terrorist acts since 2009.
5:41 am
a 5-year-old girl is being hailed a hero after saving her mom's life. her mom had a seizure falling face-down into the pool. this happened in corpus crispy, texas. her daughter, 5 years old, sprang into action, pulling her mom to the shall doe end. >> i immediately went in and rescued the mom. it's a miracle she's alive. >> her mom was under water for more than five minutes and doctors say if she had been under for another minute she would have died. and take a look at this. hard to believe, some emory university students they say they were so traumatized by the sight of these trump drawings on campus they complained and protested, some students calling it a violent act. the school's president vowing to hunt down whomever wrote donald trump 2016 on a sidewalk in chalk. now, the student government is now releasing some funds to offer emergency counseling. >> emergency funds? >> emergency counseling to all of the offended students. >> i was pretty disappointed.
5:42 am
i expected the president james wagner to come out fiercely against this. to stand for first amendment right, to stand for the students' right to support one of the major -- one of our two major party's political candidate, the front-runner and he didn't. he legitimized them. >> in the past, students have written black lives matter on campus. they did that in chalk and they received no punishment. finally, we watched president obama do a wave with raul castro at a baseball game in cuba this week and now he's discovering that it takes two to tango. yes, that's the president. he was in argentina when he was pulled on to the dance floor. the president reportedly tried to back out, but finally got on to the dance floor. our viewers -- yeah, our viewers weighing in on this one. >> absolutely. thank you very much, heather. look at the e-mail. >> anne marie said president obama is being shown on tv doing the tango, and brussels is crying. what insensitivity.
5:43 am
>> nancy said i had to turn my way as you showed potus dancing in argentina. the people are dying and he dances, i'm embarrassed for our nation. >> however, chris says leave him alone. it's spring break. >> all right. >> yeah. you know, he would say, i've got everything with me. air force one, i have all the trappings of the presidency no matter where i am. >> but it's the optics of the presidency. >> and sending kerry to brussels. >> what's next? >> i think you have this read. >> a brand-new poll shows donald trump cannot beat hillary clinton in the general election, is that right? we'll analyze. and we have a whole wedding party working out. want to know why? stick around. >> brides and grooms. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
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donald trump and hillary clinton won the big one in arizona. ted cruz won utah. bernie sanders won idaho and utah. like t-ball. everybody won something. except john kasich. he didn't win anything. >> again, so where does the race for the republican nomination stand? let's look at some brand-new fox news polls. >> to do that let's bring in anna kooiman, on the couch now. it's going to impact this race, because we're going through a down period for the next ten days. >> this poll was taken before and after the attack in brussels, so that could be impacting things one way or another. a brand-new fox news poll shows that donald trump may not be the best candidate in going head to head with hillary clinton. in hypothetical match-ups, kasich beats clinton by double digits by 11%. cruz beats clinton by 3%.
5:48 am
and clinton beats donald trump by double digits, 49 to 38%. some experts say the poll says more about clinton than anybody else. >> hillary gets crushed by a guy no one even know, john kasich. she gets crushed by ted cruz who can't beat donald trump in a primary so hillary has big problems. unfortunately the negatives for donald are high as well as the negatives for hillary. but that's okay. he's got about seven months now to work on it. day and night. >> governor kasich saying, hey, i can get the independent voters and court the crossover voters. he thinks he can win in november. >> he thinks he can deliver ohio because he beat the republican field where he's a popular governor. >> but donald trump said i haven't started on hillary clinton. i have trying to pick off the republican field. >> who geesing to get to 1,237? a contested convention? >> it looks like nobody is going to get that number and so we have asked our registered voters
5:49 am
here. 59% of them think that whoever wins the most delegates should be the one who gets the nomination. and 35% say that they would have some flexibility if nobody reaches that majority, that 1,237. >> so yes, most people say if you objedon't get to the thresh should get the victory. >> you have to figure out what the first ballot, second and third and fourth ballot can be. but voters who are supporting donald trump and are thinking that maybe he's not going to get the nomination are going why does my vote not count as much as somebody else's? >> reince says that's penalty going to happen. could be moot, but stay tuned because everything is changing. all right, anna, thank you. meanwhile, let's go from inside the cozy studio to outside where we have a whole wedding party working out including ainsley. want to know why? stick around. those are brides and grooms. but first a guy who can handle himself in the ring, bill
5:50 am
hemmer, tell us what's coming up on the show. >> like the three amigos. >> just the three of us. >> right on. more on the bombings and what could be next. a wave of killers now launched from isis. that's the claim today. we'll look at it. terrorism is back in the forefront of the campaign. and new fox polls on the remaining republican field and how they rate against hillary clinton. we'll have it for you ten minutes away on "america's newsroom." nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling
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♪ ♪ marry you, hey baby, i think i
5:54 am
want to marry you ♪ >>. that is the perfect song to talk about the next segment. we are kicking off wedding season with a white dress workout. we have fitness over fighting and good morning. tell us about your program. >> we're the number one fast growing franchise, so a massive, powerful workout is sweeping the nation. the oldest sport is becoming new again. you have can take your workout to the heavy bag. it's an hour long workout. >> tell us about the bride and groom consent. >> so our bride and groom, they're getting married in july. they have been working out every day and they're committed. >> you have a lot of wedding parties coming to the gym together? >> its a fun thing to do. it's a healthy happy hour. instead of the traditional bachelorette type of party, they can have a group class like this. >> i think that's a great idea.
5:55 am
let me interview the bride here. when are you getting married? >> this june. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> how did you come up with the idea do get the whole wedding party? >> it's really fun and we got the whole group today. >> all right. where are you from? >> from new york. >> well, congratulations on the wedding. did you know what you were signing up for? is she making you do this? >> i did. she's an intense girl but hopefully she takes the gloves off. >> don't take the gloves to the altar. >> no. >> that's great. how are the wedding plans coming along? are you stressed? >> no, this helps get the stress out. >> i'm sorry my veil is knocking you in the face. is this fun and is it hard? >> it is hard. as hard as you want it to be. and so much fun for us to go together. for us to bring our friends. >> who is everyone behind you? >> well, this --
5:56 am
>> the whole crew. >> all the bridesmaids and grandkids? >> yeah. look at them go. >> will you teach me the moves? brooke, do we have extra gloves? awesome. >> put them on. >> okay. >> you want to put your right hand down in there. make a fist all the way. wrap it around here. >> okay. is there a technique? you want to give her a technique here. jo is one of the national trainers. >> turn year hand over. >> turn it over. >> fantastic. so when you strike the bag -- >> it helps. >> that is a good workout. >> you have your other hand up which is natural thing to do a natural move. you turn your wrist like that. >> i like this. >> and we can find these in every city across the country? right? >> every country. >> go to our website and we have the dresses from the magazine as well. >> thank you for providing the
5:57 am
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[ laughter ] in the "after the show show" i'll be doing some more boxing. i'll do 12 rounds with this young lady. bill: we are going to start with a fox news alert. the brussels investigation widening by the day. the hunt is on for more accomplices. that would bring the number to 5 in the attack that killed 31 and injured 200 in brussels train station. patti ann: investigators identified three suicide bombers on the left side of the screen and are


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