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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 24, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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stories on fighting isis. sean will be back on monday. thanks a lot for joining us tonight. "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight. >> they are not existential threat to us. we defeat them in part by saying you are not strong. you are weak. >> president obama apparently believing rhetoric will defeat the isis savages. what's behind mr. obama's thinking? we will have a special report. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary. >> but new polling says donald trump may have a big problem defeating hillary clinton should he get the republican nomination. dana perino and karl rove on that. >> what holiday is coming up sunday? >> father's day. >> father's day. [ buzzer ] >> mother's day? [ buzzer ] >> easter. >> also ahead, jesse watters
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going in search of easter. >> do you want to pet the=ó] bunny? >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. what we have learned from the terror attack in brussels. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. number one thing, president obama will not engage the isis is aadvantages in a meaningánl way. he simply believes that getting involved in a shooting war with islamic terrorists is bad for the u.s.a. no matter what happened short of another 9/11, tt is noo change his opinion. yesterday in argentina he said this. >> groups like isil can destroy -- can't destroy us, they can't defeat us. they don't produce anything. they are not an existential
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threat to us. we defeat them in part by saying you are not strong. you are weak. >> so to recap what you just heard. the president said we can defeat isis, he says isil in part by telling them they are weak. now, if i had just told you that without showing4y you the tape, you would have mocked me. at least the far left would have. so to repeat the president is not going to use american power to defeat isis. he is not going to do it. second thing we have learned, europe is in chaos. as you know, millions of mostly islamic refugees are pouring in to western europe. nobody knows who they are. nobody know what is they are doing. in belgium where the bombers struck this week intelligence agents cannot tap telephones nor can they look into computers. it's against belgian law. police are restrained from raiding private homes from
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9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. no matter what you do. they can't come in and get you. and belgium wonders why it's a terror target? the incredible lax did i on immigration and the ultra liberal policing have made europe the easiest target in the world for isis and every other terror group. believe me if the far left had its way here? we would be just like belgium. third thing we have learned is that there is still no cohesive strategy in the federal level in the u.s.a. to neutralize terror act or to secure the southern border. each liberal broadcasters understand there is no leadership in place to defeat9d isis. >> we have got to put together some kind of a bullet-proof syndicate to deal with all of this as a real urgency about it and he has got to convey that not just to the american people, but to the world caden said earlier that is he the leader of the free world and this is the time to be the leader. >> he being president obama. and i'm not exactly sure what a bullet-proof syndicate means.
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so we called over to tom brokaw's office for clarification. he wouldn't give it to us. tom, tom, i'm your pal. what does thatru mean? what is a bullet proof syndicate? what is that? the point is even some liberal americans like mr. brokaw understand the danger posed by the jihadi. they also understand little is being done about it talking points is, again, going "on the record" this evening. as we told you last night, there is a likelihood of isis attacking with weapons of mass destruction. the longer the u.s.a. dithers, the worse we are going to suffer down the road. and there is no question we are dithering. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction. with us here in new york city dana perino. so president obama is so much dinner than president bush the younger, your former boss, it's like they are in different countries. >> um-huh. >> okay. two precedents, i can't even get more opposite. i happen to know that
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president obama justifies his actions by saying look what president bush did? that was a debacle evading iraq and the way we handled afghanistan. i'm not going to do that i'm going to do the exactly the opposite. do you agree. >> i would say, one, president obama had the luxury of having eight years of president bush reconfiguring and making our laws better so that you didn't have what happened in belgium. >> you are talking the patriot act now? >> not just the patriot act but a wholesale reinvestment into intelligence and allowing of the sharing of information from law enforcement to the fbi and cia which was the patriot act. and in addition there was the world. he rallied the allies. global war on terror for a reason because you needed allies like those in belgium who pretty much have done nothing in order to try to prevent these attacks. but also president obama inherits a victory in iraq that he squanders. >> at a great cost.
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the surge did work and when the united states pulled out of iraq by president obama it was a stable country. >> that was the mistake. >> of course. it was a huge mistake. >> that's what isis comes in. >> the mentality of the left is that, and i have heard it said that the invasion of iraq was the first foreign policy mistake in the history of the country. okay. so we don't want to debate that tonight. we want to figure out why president obama and i believe he is using the iraq invasion as justification simply won't do anything. you know, bombing once in a while from the air, everybody knows isv? not going to get them out of raqqa. is not going to get them out of libya. is not going to stop the attacks in europe. everybody knows that yet, he doesn't seem to care. >> president obama is blaming the envision of iraq, fine, and people can say that that was the worst foreign policy decision. but, leaving and allowing this vacuum where isis can then plot and plan and attack is a mistake. >> okay. let's get on to the polling. the recent polling. >> okay. >> lots of polls this woke. it looks like trump's lead is shrinking a little bit
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according to fox news poll. cruz is 3 points behind trump in the republican -- likely republican voters. >> um-huh. >> on the national level, trump loses pretty badly to hillary. how do you see it? >> opinions are are starting to settle. in one of the things ted cruz benefited from is all the other candidates that dropped out. if trump wasn't their second choice maybe cruz was second or third choice and they decide to do go with him. kasich there 17%. that's tightened but the poll ofpg head-to-head trump vs. hillary clinton has been pretty consistent all along except the gap is growing for trump. support offers are saying there is plenty of time. >> that's true. >> between now and november to turn that around. >> that is true. look, reagan at 80 is behind carter. i heard the discussions today on the fox news channel about that and you have got to read "killing reagan." we have exactly why reagan overcame cartner that race. so, i'm sympathetic to donald trump here just because is he behind doesn't mean that he can't win it if he gets the nomination.
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and the california poll today said that trump is leading by about 10 points over cruz. if trump takes california and all those delegates, it's over. >> and i think that we're actually going to be having this conversation until june 7th when california votes. it's 199 delegates. it's probably going to take until then. in wisconsin, i think that that -- i think that governor walker is signaling that he may do an endorsement. i don't know that that would help. >> who do you think he will endorse. >> i think he would probably end up endorsing cruz i don't know that that would help, necessarily. nikki nikki haleyr49uái carolina. >> trumpt9ió5 supporters have fervent doesn't matter who says. what whether in wisconsin divided between cruz and kasich is there enough to overcome trump? it's close now in wisconsin and it's also close between sanders and clinton. >> isn't that amazing? >>. no have you ever been it madison wisconsin? >> that's true. i think trump supporters as fervento& as they are shunting
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blind to the reality these polls -- election cyclej,o(ñ upended whether you have trump putting massachusetts in play and hillary clinton putting utah and arizona in play. that's a totally different map. >> with all due respect to donald trump massachusetts will never vote for a republican. it's 3 to 1. >> they voted for mitt romney as governor. they like their governors. >> they surrounded him with every liberal nut in the world. romney did a good job in massachusetts. they like their governors because they are spending. but as far as ideology is concerned, if trump takes massachusetts, he is president. he will -- if he can win that state. >> massachusetts. he will win it. >> i see what you mean. not if he loses arizona and utah. >> it's the psychology i'm talking about. if he has enough juice to win that state. >> he can win the rust belt, i agree. >> don't worry about the far west. dana perino, everyone. next on the rundown, new polling, as we mentioned. the republican party, i think i can say that is in deep, deep trouble.
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? and in the impact segment tonight, a bunch of new polling i'm just going to summarize it for you, john kasich beats hillary clinton handily, ted cruz close. among republican,s mr. trump continues to lead but only by 3 points in a new fox news poll, 41-38 over ted cruz. here to explain it all from austin, texas, karl rove. so in the "wall street journal" today i'm reading your column. and you are talking about going to the republican convention with no candidate having the 1275 needed, delegates need to do win. just explain to the folks what could happen then. >> well, it's 1237
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represents a majority of the republican convention for 106 years the rule in the republican party has been in order to be the nominee you have to get a majority. if we have a convention, which nobody has 1237 delegates needed, then what will happen is they will keep voting until somebody does. after thgg first ballot 57% of the dels will no longer be bound to support the person who won their state. they will be able to pick somebody else. after the second ballot 80% of the delegates will be free to choose somebody else. at the end of the sixth ballot, 100 percent will be able to choose somebody else. >> okay. so there is all kinds of politicking going on and people trying to persuade and that's why kasich and cruz hang on, right? they think that if they can get in there they have a shot at it, right? >> right. today donald trump has 738 delegates. the people who are not donald trump have 832. and the hope is among cruz and kasich supporters and others is that if at the end of this process they are
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similarly 100 or 200 vote gap between the people who are not for trump and trump with the not for trump having the larger"w number. >> in california as i said to dana, if trump wins big then is he going to win it in june and then he has got his home state of new york which the polls say he is going to win easily. that's a lot of delegates. i don't know how you stop him at this point. >> well, first of all, new york and california are not winner take all. >> no, it's proportional. the numbers say he is going to get, is he up there in the 50's and 60's. >> well, but you know what? take california, if he wins by the margin that he is talking about now, first of all, he will not get a majority of the delegates. he will get a plurality of the delegates and he will get roughly 18 or 19 more delegates than the guy who follows him. if the polls carry out. so, this is -- look. we used to get this thing settled by having a lot more winner-take-all contests like arizona, where he got 47% of the vote and got all
8:16 pm
58 delegates. >> right. >> and the fact that we have more of these proportional contestsw8and proportional at the congressional district level that this contest in all likelihood. even the best estimate suggests that he might be, if he winning everything by big margins. he will be barely over the 123 12k3w4r-7 you are predicting there is a good chance that he doesn't come in with the requisite number. okay. you know what i -- caught my eye? bernie sanders in a head-to-head. i know these polls and we want to reelm that f.a.a. size it national polls this early. all they are are s. a snapshot. that's it. but sanders beats all three republican3fqñ possibilities and i'm going who are these people who think that bernie sanders could run this country? number one, he doesn't want so isis has a free fire zone to do whatever they want. okay? >> yeah. >> number two, congress wouldn't pass any of this 90% tax business.
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destroy the economy like that. so who are these people that think he is going to be a good president? do you know who they are? >> well, part of themtare the true believers who understand what he stands for and believe in him. but, let's step back for just a minute. the picture of our election to the ordinary voter is enormously distorted. you saw the study last week suggesting that 60% of all of the coverage of all 17 republicans and four democrats that 60% of the coverage has gone to one man, donald trump. so bernie sanders is not well known. there are a lot of people who just have a vegas -- vague impression of who he is. >> doesn't the label socialist say anything to these people. >> they may not have even heard that. people may not have even heard that. the only two people who are -- whose image is widelyk known and soñ known. >> trump and hillary. >> hillary and trump. those are the only two people that everybody is sort of solid and locked in
8:18 pm
on. everybody else there is a little bit of buzz in this. >> you are an old guy like me. do you think, as i do. >> not as old and as full of wisdom as you. >> you are not as good looking either. but do you think, as i do. >> or tall. as long as we are going in there. go all the way i'm not as tall. >> we could go ties and wardrobe and everything. just listen to me. i believe that in the last 30 years the amount of information that americans hold in their minds has deteriorated to the point of being frightening. that we just have people, millions and millions who are uninformed. do you believe that? >> yeah. in 1963, daniel, who later became the librarian of congress wrote a very interesting book he called image in which he suggested the changing nature of the media was going to mean we were more likely to see candidates in the future people less experience in government or records as leading the country in a time of war. and more celebrities.
8:19 pm
and he suggested that this was going to be a result of us having less information, being less engaged. being less concernednp with what it takes to do the job. and more concerned with how well we knew somebody and how much they dominated the landscape and the new media. >> i have to run and he never even contemplated the internet which is really sapping people's initiative to learn. mr. rove, thank you. directly ahead, hillary clinton meeting with muslim leaders today in l.a. ed henry will fill us in. a scandal may be brewing in the southern border. border patrol people say the obama administration illegally cross into the
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campaign 2016 segment tent, the vote in wisconsin will be held on april 5th. right now trump leads cruz in the polling average and h
8:23 pm
ng slightly ahead of sanders. meeting with muslim leaders in los angeles. joining us now from the city of the angels, ed henry. what was the muslim meeting about? >> well, she was traying to talk about homeland security, broadly. but specifically about how muslim americans are treated and it's clear this was about politics, in large part, because she was trying to set up a contrast with donald trump and ted cruz, some of the comments that they have made about the muslim-american communities across america and policing sealing off borders and all of that i think this follows a whole series of speeches this week where hillary clinton is trying to say it's about policy. it's about countering terrorism here in america and around the world. it's really about countering the republicans. she is looking past bernie sanders trying to say i will be a better commander and chief than trump or cruz or anybody on the republican side because of some of the things they have said. she is trying to pounce on all of that. but i have got news for heir, which is that, you know, the more she talks about her experience the
8:24 pm
more in the jeb election there is -- general election there is going to be time about her time as secretary of state and some of the things that didn't go well. >> that's what rudy giuliani honed in last night. i think here in america muslims are treated well. we don't@o have any big muslim problems here. i think that the authorities have to be vigilant when they find out there is a mosque with a radical imam. absolutely you have got to put undercovers in there. i think that's what cruz was talking about. again, he might not have been artful. you know, i don't think that cops should be swarming into muslim neighborhoods in deer born, michigan. i don't think that accomplishes anything. but certainly -- >> -- and your last point that is something that cruz suggested and the nypd as you know pushed back pretty hard. >> that's all politics, too. because de blasio, the mayor of new york very foolishly and, remember, bratton, theyp commissioner, who is a good police commissioner works for de blasio. he can't go against him. >> right. >> but de blasio very foolishly, all right,
8:25 pm
disbanded what they call the demographic squad, which was very effective in picking up radical islamists who are living in new york. for politically correct reasons, de blasio came in and disbanded that police unit. i mean, he can ram that down his throat all day long, de blasio. something happens here. >> sure. but hillary clinton is certainly welcome to jump in to this debate. you may be right about all of that i get what you are saying. but then when ted cruz, as a major presidential contender is out suggesting as you said a moment ago about police swarming into muslim communities, hillary clinton on the other side is going to -- >> i get it. and i would, too, if i were hillary clinton. so, you basically say this whole meeting was just a political thing. there wasn't any real issue out in los angeles. muslims out there aren't being persecuted. >> no. >> to any great extent that we know. so it was just to show the flag that i'm the sympathetic presidential contender to the muslim community. >> yes. because it followed on the speech at stanford where she
8:26 pm
had absolutely nothing new. that was politics as well. >> i was disappointed in that speech because, you know, i gave it a lot of time last night. i think give me&yáp something. give me something. and i got nothing. you know what we have to have a line how much longer are we going to hear this kind of nonsense. >> and more intelligence gathering and all that. >> bernie sanders is not going to win the nomination. bernie sanders knows it. although he is giving her agita. he might win wisconsin. sanders might beat her in wisconsin and beat her in other places. what's in it for bernie sanders though? what's in it he knows he is not going to get the nomination. what's in it for him. >> what's in it is he has become a movement. is he no longer just an obscure senator from vermont. is he somebody who last month -- you are right, hillary clinton is likely to be the nominee and going to have a good shot at winning the presidency. yet, he outraised that very same person by $14 million last month. >> what does he want? what does he want? he can't win. he wants -- >> -- right.
8:27 pm
he wants to get his message out more. he wants some platform to keep doing that. i don't think he wants to be the vice president or some cabinet secretary. that's very establishment. he wants to have a voice outside, whether it's dismrks how about ambassador to cuba? wouldn't that be good? i think bernie would be great. he could be the ambassador to cuba. >> he might like that. here is the good news you are not going to be the ambassador to ireland. >> i don't have to move. but i'm going to ireland -- henry, i'm going to ireland anyway this summer to check out some properties just in case lightning strikes and handcuffs appear, if you know what i'm talking about. >> if there are any pocket hankies there please bring me a few back. >> they're against the law in the republic. northernvr)eland there may be some. >> ed henry, everybody. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. could be a scandal brewing on the southern border as federal agents down there tell us they have been ordered not to detain illegal aliens any longer. we will tell you what we ó @&c @&c@
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. truth serum segment tonight very distressing situation on the border with mexico. according to the president of the national border patrol association agents have been told not to issue notice to appear summonses to illegal aliens they detain. >> we have decided not even
8:32 pm
to issue mtas anymore. the commissioner, the administration has said you know what? let's not even issue mta's minimum. walk them out our front door. fingerprint them and find out if they have criminal records. if the criminal records aren't bad enough, boy the way, we will release them also. >> joining us now, fox news correspondent shannon bream in washington and eric shawn in new york city. this is hard to believe because this isn't being widely reported that if it's true. and we have no reason to doubt that man, correct? >> yes. >>u7 okay. so, right now, if you are a foreign national, you walk across the border, you get across it, and that's not hard. and get detained, they just let you go wherever you want to go. is that right? >> supposed to get, this bill that notice to appear. >> appear before a judge. >> before a judge. he says, in judge says they are not giving them out. that basically he had a meeting in august with the deputy secretary of wherein
8:33 pm
homeland security. why would we give mata who have no intention to. shouldn't place them in deportation proceedings because there is a lack log of six years. most don't show up for hearing anyway. >> 40%. >> here is what the american people should know, the policy now of the obama administration is if can you get across the border, on american soil, you are free to go anywhere you want unless you have committed a felony somewhere. >> well, the department of homeland security gave us a statement saying mr. judd is wrong. he doesn't have the facts on his side. >> so they are disputing this. >> they are disputing it. they haven't though, released to us the gal figures of the number of mta's that they don't have that on their website. >> but correct me if i am wrong, if they are not issuing your piece of paper that you have. hold it up again. if they're not giving these to the illegal aliens and, again, most of them don't show up for the hearing anyway, then they don't know what numbers are coming and going. they are just letting them go. >> the union says at least a thousand have gone in the office and they don't get this thing and they walk out the front door. >> and that's it.
8:34 pm
they disappear. they are here. >> yeah. >> for whatever -- you know, and then they are entitled to drivers license in california. tuition, college tuition,uk @&@ food stamps if they have children. i mean this is an open border. >> now the administration says arrests are up month to month from last fiscal year to now but it's at a record low of the last 40-some odd years. >> he they're not calibrating people coming, in no record of them of course it would be record who he. >> of course -- we will send sean down to the border. let's find out what's going on. let's go over to ms. bream there is a controversy because colorado in particular has legalized marijuana. dope dealers go there. get all this legal pot and bring it in to oklahoma, nebraska, and other states. roll the tape. >> what is going on, many times, according to the undersheriff is the illegal trafficking of pot purchased legally in colorado. >> we have a lot of what we call high grade marijuana come in. >> so much coming in, that oklahoma and nebraska filed
8:35 pm
suit against colorado in december of 2014. the high court just dismissed the case with colorado claiming its sovereignty was at stake. meanwhile, deputies in canadian county think the decision by the high court hurts but the hunt for drivers and drug deliveries never ends. >> it's going to be job security for us. we will keep stopping them out there and taking them to jail. >> all right. now why did the supreme court not hear the case that oklahoma and nebraska filed? >> well, bill, here is the thing that we can't hear from those people who decided not to hear the case but we have heard from the two dissenters justice thomas and justice alito actually wrote an explanation about what they disagreed with this. you know, article 3 of the constitution says the supreme court has original and exclusive jurisdiction of fights betweenv states. this was colorado versus nebraska and oklahoma. those two states have been petitioning the supreme court since december of 2014. to say, hey, all the stuff that's going on in colorado may be legal there, but it's
8:36 pm
causing all kinds of problems for us. so, you didn't get the requisite number of justices voting to hear the case. but we hear from these dissenters. >> 6 to 2. >> we assume. we know there were two dissenters so the math would seem to be 6 to 2. we didn't hear from the six. you have to get a certain percentage. >> they didn't say why. they just said we are not going to hear it? >> yeah. the dissenters say listen, those states have made a good case. a lot of people think they are eventually going to have to wade into this but this time around they won't. >> all right, thank you. when we come right back, bernie goldberg on president obama attending a baseball game in cuba shortly after the terror attack in belgium. bernie is next. you know we said we'd take a look at our retirement plan today. not now! i'm cleaning the oven! yeah, i'm cleaning the gutters! washing the dog! washing the cat! well i'm learning snapchamp! chat. chat! changing the oil... (vo) it's surprising what people would rather do than deal with retirement. pressure-washing the... roses.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight, we did not make very much of president obama going to a baseball game in cuba directly after the terror attacks in belgium. as stated, i believe mr. obama simply acceptance the fact that there will be terror deaths arnsd the world thus his reaction to them is muted. but what about the national media? how did they cover it? how did they process the president's game day decision? joining us now fromnw miami, the purveyor of bernard
8:41 pm mr. goldberg. so what did you find out for us? >> the hard news media, bill, generally was fair and reasonable. they reported that he was at the game despite brussels and they reported his reason for staying there. which was basically that he wasn't goingk7 to let terrorists disrupt his life or our lives. you could either accept that or not accept it. reasonable people may disagree. i'm not getting involved in that. as far as the media is concerned. what was interesting is that more than a few liberals on television, who normally support barack obama said this didn't look good. this was not a good idea. this and the dancing in buenas aries were not serious. i thought chris matthews, reliably liberal chris matthews was very good on this. he was talking to a liberal opinion writer for the "the washington post," a fellow named jonathan capehart. and capehart said
8:42 pm
republicans constantly kick the president for not doing something they think he should do. and matthews responded by saying there might be another sin involved. to defend the president on every front. good for chris. because what he was saying is too often liberals in the media defend barack obama no matter what and i will add from the other side that too often conservatives on radio and television wouldn't give barack obama credit if he found a cure for cancer. look, we need honest analysis. and too often what we're getting is not honest opinion journalism. >> it's policy-driven. >> hyper partisan. hyperpartisan ideology. that's not good. >> okay. on this program, we had rudy giuliani who was outraged that president obama went to thet3 game. and then we had me, who wasn't so outraged because i
8:43 pm
understand -- i understand barack obama. and i keep telling everybody, look, the man, he has accepted isis. he has accepted it. all right. he is not outraged by it. and iúh knew that back when folly was beheaded on the internet and the president went golfing. >> he went to golf. >> he went to golfing. that i thought, was a thousand times worse than the cuba situation. >> so did i. >> that was -- you can't justify that. and the liberal media tried to justify it. they did. >> right. well, two things. first, whatever one thinks about barack obama, he is a smart guy. he really is and he understands optics and the power of symbols. so he made a conscious decision that that symbol that we're looking at right now, that picture the symbol was much more important that he be seen casually watching a ballgame and talking to a
8:44 pm
reporter than the symbol of him leaving the ball park and getting on air force one. >> so these isis punches aren't going to effect the way the president does business. that was the message. >> that was a conscious decision. on your other point -- you see, here's the part that bothers me the most. you talk about how liberals would defend certain things that frankly were indefensible. i did a little checking into history here. in 1983, the russians shot down a 747 commercial airline, korean airlines flight 007. it left new york city. it made a stop in anchorage, alaska it had a lot of measures on board. and then the russians shot it down. it was an accident supposedly but they shot it[ down. president ronald reagan was on vacation in california riding horses and all that he wasn't on a state trip to cuba or any place else. it took him four days and only after prodding by his
8:45 pm
advisors to go back to washington and make a speech about what happened. and my point here, bill, is that the very same conservatives who are bashing barack obama for not leaving a baseball game are the ones who would be defending ronald reagan the sangted ronald reagan. >> i don't know if that's true but it it about happen. >> it is true. >> thank you, bernie. watters on deck. the easter edition. and then the factor tip of the day and interesting spring break story for you. coming right back. with hydrogenated oil...
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bae systems. back of the peculiar segment tonight, watters world total holy week for
8:49 pm
christians. how much do nonreligious folks know about easter? we sent watters out to find out. ♪ ♪ >> you know what holliday it is this sunday? >> memorial day? [ buzzer ] >> passover? [ buzzer ] >> i'm terrible at this. >> father's day. >> that makes three times. >> easter. >> very good. >> what do you like to eat on easter? >> candy. >> i order something from boston market, maybe. >> spiraled ham. >> ham. >> boiled beef, broiled beef. >> who is this? >> moses. [ buzzer ] >> i will do the thinking. >> jesus. >> watch your mouth. >> it's a representation of christ, i guess. ♪ >> what do you think about him? >> the beard is back, man. [ laughter ] >> this is jesus. >> really? >> yeah. what is wrong with. >> you what do you mean what's wrong with me?
8:50 pm
what's wrong with you. >> who this. >> easter bunny. >> do you like the bunny? >> yeah. >> easter bunny. >> yea. >> what are your feelings on the bunny. >> i have no feelings on the bunny. >> honestly the easter bunny is kind of scary. if we could replace him with we maybe like a puppy. >> why do you celebrate easter? >> because that's when christ was born. >> what are you going to do this sunday? >> i'm not a part of that scene. >> that's just like your opinion, man. >> are you going to celebrate easter on sunday? >> probably not. >> so no easter bunny, no egg hunts for you? >> stop it. >> what are you going to be doing this sunday? >> this sunday, probably just some laundry. >> finally, it took like two hours. >> i've heard of it. i'm jewish. i've heard of this easter. >> who does easter involve? >> oh, god.
8:51 pm
>> what happened on easter? >> i'm honestly not sure. >> he either rose or he died. >> jesus rose from the grave after three days. >> someone rose on easter. >> who was that? >> i'm sorry? >> the rising of jesus christ. >> very, very good. what does easter signify? >> the beginning of a new mom opening the womb. >> what does easter signify? >> jesus dying for our sins. >> and you have a lot of those? >> yeah. ♪ >> where did jesus die? >> 9:00 in the morning. >> jerusalem. >> you are running the table. >> i think rome. final answer. our bible teacher is watching us right now. >> you guys are in trouble. where did jesus die? >> they crucified him on cavalry in jerusalem.
8:52 pm
>> excellent. >> he was crucified, as the story goes. >> you're not buying that? >> no. >> what does the easter bunny have to do with jesus? >> he brings all the eggs. jesus laid them. >> is the easter bunny in the old testament or the new? >> i would have to say the old testament. >> all righty then. >> i'm watters and this is my world. happy easter. >> come on, make that coffee to go. let's go. ♪ >> piece was edited by rob monaco. very funny but sad in a way. these people, i don't know, they don't live on the same planet. is easter hard? is it hard to know what that is? >> i didn't pay attention in sunday school and even i know what the meaning of easter is. >> you read "killing jesus," right? >> the whole thing.
8:53 pm
>> that's the hill where the cross was and the romans nailed him to it. but at least 50% of the people you talked to had no blanking clue. >> they thought it was mother's day. >> even when you explained it was easter, they have no idea. >> it's hard to know the difference between when he was killed and when he rose. the good friday is confused with easter. >> what we're going to do now, that was funny but sad. on every holiday, we're going to have you go out and ask them what this holiday means. >> what holiday is that >> jessie watters, everybody. "factor tip of the day." spring break madness. the tip moments away.
8:54 pm
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"factor tip of the day," spring break madness in a moment. but first, it's tough to get
8:56 pm
adults easter gifts. chocolate bunnies really don't cut it. so if you know some fans, get them tickets to see me and miller live and put those tickets in an easter basket. we have upcoming shows in fairfax, virginia, connecticut, london, england, reno, nevada, denver, colorado, atlanta, georgia, biloxi, mississippi.or now the mail -- >> you know, it's fine for you to support mr. trump, walter. but don't be a kool-aid drinker. the fox poll is excellent and lines up with most of the other polling.
8:57 pm
>> the general polls now give americans a trend line. >> so why, then, did i say governor kasich is the best qualified of all the presidential candidates based on accomplishment, denise? why would i say that? come on! we have a question about john kasich in our poll. should he drop out of the race? should he drop out of the presidential race? we hope you vote. >> because they are ignorant, claire. the world is full of pinheads. don't let them bother you.
8:58 pm
>> well, i thank you for that, frank. tonight on the national geographic channel the movie "killing jesus" is being shown. >> they're 25% off right now on the website, plus you get a free copy of the constitution. welcome to the factor vanguard and to persuade others to become premium members, everyone can hear the no spin news this coming weekend. that's the daily news cast for p.m. starting at 9:00 tonight. you can all hear it and i hope you check it out. >> spring is here, mary. i can wear those colors. i do the ties.
8:59 pm
happy birthday to walter schroeder in ohio. 105 on easter sunday. and finally tonight, "factor tip of the day," money versus peace of mind. you may remember these scenes last year on the beaches of the florida panhandle. college kids getting drunk, causing trouble, raising hell. >> go! go, go, go! >> now panama city and other places have outlawed alcohol on the beach. the result, college kids not showing up. very few of them in the pan handle this spring. now, merchants have lost a lot of money, no doubt. but the chaos disappeared. so money versus peace of mind. "factor tip of the day," take the peace. that is it for us tonight. please spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world.
9:00 pm
name a town if you wish to opine. world of the day, no ruction when writing to "the factor." please remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. fear spreading across europe as authorities continue to launch new raids. arrests are made and another terror attack appears to have been thwarted in france. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm sandra smith in for kelly tonight. first to france where authorities have arrested a man believed to have been in the advanced stages of plotting a terrorist attack. at this moment, security forces do not believe this plot is linked to events in belgium. meanwhile, we're getting late breaking reports out of brussels that six people have been taken into custody in


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