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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 24, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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stories on fighting isis. sean will be back on monday. thanks a lot for joining us tonight. watching "special report." i'm shannon bremen. good night from washington. "on the record" is next. this is a fox news alert. terror raids underway in brussels resulting in arrests. fox news shepard smith is standing by with this brand new information. we go live to shepard in brussels in just moments. also, france, just stopping a terror plot. france arresting a man in advanced planning stages. that plot now luckily foiled. also breaking a new manhunt for a second suspect who may have slipped away in the brussels bombing. police believe the metro bomber may not have acted alone and hisáaccomplice could be on the run. that metro bombs is where 20 innocent people were murdered. president obama takes heat for dancing the tango in argentina in the aftermath of this attack. the terror brothers who
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carried out this barbaric attack, they were on u.s. watch lists. also today, victims of the carnage are now describing that horrific attack. >> i found myself on the ground and there was ash everywhere. it was all gray. i was covered in some brown stuff. it stank of burnt pig. so i got up and i got out as fast as possible. then people told me i was burned. so i figured that out. i was past a mirror i half saw myself burned i didn't want to look it was burning. it was burning. i didn't feel that so much. it was the brng that felt worse. >> fox news shepard smith has brand new information on those ongoing raids. shep? >> greta, coming in now and over the last 10 minutes there have been two separate raids happening here. one in the neighborhood in brussels near where the spot where they found the bombs in a home and two other locations as well. the federal prosecutor has announced in just the last
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couple of minutes that there have been six arrests that that are connected with the investigation of the bombings that happened here three days ago. we knew these raids were underway there were pictures on social media throughout the night. we saw groups of police officers in what looked like heavily armed, maybe military gear, unclear. but clearly they had surrounded a house. we now know threeíi people were arrested in front of the federal prosecutor's office. and three others in two separate locations. prosecutors will say at this moment only that they are connected to the investigation. some live pictures coming now from one of those locations. prosecutors will say only that they are arrested in connection with, in connection with a bombings that took place here in brussels. beyond that they say further information will wait until tomorrow. there was no question that the raids had been ongoing throughout the day. they have lowered the terror alert level this afternoon. and then all of these raids happened. we didn't understand how the two mixed. but progress tonight on all fronts. >> shep, is anyone saying
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anything from the authorities about the fact that turkey, at least, sent one of theseek people home and warned belgium about one of these terrorists? >> well, they have mentioned that on the side. nothing in a news conference, greta. the discussion guar been going on quite vibrantly over the past few hours. the turkish admission that they did this and then questions about why they couldn't tie them to terrorism. why there was no way to bring them into custody. the brussels authorities say they knew of their criminal record. they knew that one, for instance, had been sentence to do nine years in prison in connection with the jacking of a currency exchange place while a cop was shot during that. the sentence of nine years, town to two thirds because in belgium for time served and good behavior you don't serve but two thirds of your sentence. he was out. those two brothers, both with criminal records but no terrorism connections were the ones who carried out the bombing here. how that got lost in the ether still remains to be
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seen, greta. >> the thing that still worries me, shep, if the turkey warned belgium about this guy and belgium did nothing and this happened, has turk request warned also being ignoreds thatare tonight? i mean, i know that the terror raids are going on and that's great. i hope they catch everybody. but is belgium basically up to this task? >> we have asked those questions. and turkey says we make warnings about people who are on the syrian border all the we don't really have the capacity to follow up on what it is that the people that are warning do with that information. they are like we want to give them all that we have and help in any way that we can beyond that there is not much we can do. of course, we learned through this process that there are a number of people that they wanted to watch but couldn't. you asked if they are overwhelmed. i think the belgium authorities are clear about that. that this caught them to some degree offguard and they ever overwhelmed. >> have the names of those
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killed been announced? are americans making up some of those dead? >> we have no information about any americans killed. we know the number of americans who were involved in one way or anotherjn has gone up. there were three mormon missionaries about whom we spoke. a member of the military and four of his family members, two other people from new york city who were here on vacation. two other bankers from the united states who were working here but are united states citizens and now today from the state department we learned that there are others who are involved in one way or another but because of privacy issues, the state department couldn't give us details. somewhere around a dozen americans, whether any of them are dead we don't know. four at least are unaccounted for at best, greta. >> shep, thank you. i know you are exhausted. you haven't had much sleep there is a lot going on. if something does happen of course we will go back to you. @3gtiu)u now, there is breaking news out of france. their interior minister says a frenchman in the advanced
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stages of a terror plot has been stopped. is he now under arrest. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. catherine? >> thank you, greta. this has really been breaking within the last 60 to 90 minutes. we had confirmation from france's interior minister that they have arrested what was described as a high risk, high value suspect that has known connections to a terrorist organization. what we don't know at this point is whether it does have a connection to belgium. can i tell from you my experience two things are going on here. the threshold to pick people up is much lower. for the thench authorities to mo, this is a guy they have been watching for a while. they are more likely to pick people up now than they would have, let's say, a month ago. every time you have a major arrest like did you last friday with abdeslam, you take the stick and poke it in the hornets nest and you cause people to move and you cause people to talk. that is the kind of event that causes people to act
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and accelerate plots which is what happened on tuesday. >> abdeslam is he=ñ talking? is owe in the position to know things. >> i don't want to give the viewers bad information. the reports are he is talking. anything he is saying would have to be corroborated by a second or third level source because what he says cannot necessarily be taken at face value. >> all right there is a video that's come out. >> it's nine minutes in length. i have watched it in its totality. it has the feeling of being prepackaged. preproduced and sitting on the shelf waiting for an attack to unfold. there is new video of it on the brussels attacks. it bookends the video so the beginning and the end. and in the middle they showcase belgian foreign fighters. there is no interviews with any of the known suspects. it's kind of like a propaganda pile on. they want to amplify what happened tuesday and then they warn that more are coming ahead. >> quickly, there is a reference to donald trump in the tape there. >> is a reference to donald trump that's in the first half of the video it's about
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a five or six second reference pulled from american news report. part of montage with overseas reports and then reports from this country. >> catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> well, what do you think about this? very bad objects? your president videotaped dancing the tango in argentina just days after hundreds -- are injured and dozens slaughtered in the brussels terror attack ♪ ♪m/rw÷ >> and the outrage from critics coming very quickly. ♪ >> where is president obama baseball camp while brussels burns and now is he on the dance floor doing the tango
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in argentina. >> i'm not so sure he should be doing that where everybody is worried about where isis is where are they going to kill next and are they going to come over here. >> mr. president come home cut your trip short and come back to the white house. >> i would have cut the trip short. >> leader of the free world appears to be73nh uninterested. >> the advanced person who let him do the tango that person ought to be looking for work on somebody's campaign very, very far away. that wasjz a tremendous mistake. >> pennsylvania congressman scott perry goes "on the record." good evening, sir. and the president, if he were here would say we don't want to send a message to the terrorists that they can disrupt us. and that we should go about our lives. what do you think about the president staying in argentina, staying overseas, rather, on his trip, going to the baseball game in havana and getting caught on tape doing this tango last night at the dinner? >> good evening, greta. i would say this instance,
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if it were the only instance, conduct state business, you never know when something is going to happen around the big globe. to stop everything every single time i think is unrealistic. unfortunately there has been a pattern when these attacks happen, when somebody has been killed on tape or something like that and americans in peril or our allies in peril the president often --mb something else whether it's releasing a 30 second statement and going and playing golf or what have you. the bigger issue here for many americans and many people in the free world is that the leader of the free world while he says that this is, you know, this is a priority, defeating isis and this radicalism and terrorism is a priority, it seems that too often saying it's the priority, why do you think that he did this? i mean, he had to know the cameras were running. >> yeah. i have got to tell you -- agenda than most of us as americans and certainly
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former presidents do regarding the international situation that the united states finds itself. in my opinion, i think the opinion of many, he has spent the last seven5ñ dismantling, 60 to 100 years of work and relationships around the globe. and that's not by happenstance. i just think he finds it relatively unimportant, quite honestly. >> do you think that maybe he is just, you know, he is a continent away and just doesn't have a thought of how it's playing back here in the united states and how a lot of people are reeling from the fact of what went on in belgium because we are watching the video of people injured in belgium3k explosions? >> i don't know. i think he probably gets how people feel in the united states. certainly, he is aware during san bernardino, traveled there after the fact and has heard the criticisms but here again, he called isis the jay vee team and -- time again. [broken audio] >> we have calls greta not
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only in the united states and around the world. the president, if you ask -- if you ask any american -- is to defeat this scourge to make sure it doesn't come to our shores and embed itsselves in our communities and around the world, i think we would be hard press to do find one single american that can do it. there is a reason for that because the president hasn't articulated it because there isn't one. >> i should note because viewers, i'm sure, we have a little audio problem with you, sir, and it's not on your end. it's our audio issue with your mike. alle right. what should the president be doing about belgium, if anything? >> well, certainly, look, saying that -- about that you can't bring people to justice that blow themselves up. it's not really appropriate, right in the condemnation, it's meaningful but only if you do something. so certainly supporting our allies and law enforcement and in military action when necessary is key. but -- in the homeland, and around around the world
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belie when he says it's a priority, bringing in unvetted syrian refugees, unvetted syrian refugees, most people see that as incongruent with saying thatv -- extremism as your top priority. not even naming islamic extremism. there are many free, peace-loving americans in america and around the world but there are also those who want to kill americans and westerners and they keep doing it not addressing it is the problem. >> congressman, thank you, sir. sorry about that audio problem. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> the "on the record" panel is here from the daily beast betsy woodruff and matt visor. we are going to see a lot of that tango video. >> yeah. >> many people who have emailed me are horrified by it. >> i think the image in contrast both with the baseball game the other day and tango last night sort of juxtaposes what is going on. it is not a good contrast. i think there are two things going on with5p the white
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house and their thinking the way they have approached things like paris, he was criticized similar for immediate response. >> he didn't -- wait a second, paris, he didn't show up. every other major nation showed up. he didn't show up. >> right. >> he was criticized for it. >> when people are marching in solidarity, he wasn't there and he was supposed to represent us. he is our president. >> and whereas san bernardino when it was on u.s. soil, he traveled there. he was much more engaged. he gave an oval office address. so i think the contrast is when things happen overseas and it's not directly on u.s. soil his response is different. >> we are probably going to find out americans were killed in belgium. so i don't know, you know, i don't know how they are going to do that hair splitting if it turns out that in that dead list there are some americans. >> it recalls herbert hoover eating seven course meals at the white house when the great depression was unfolding. keep spirits up and act like everything is normal and try not to stoke fear and
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anxiety often that totally backfires. >> he wasn't trying to keep the nation's spirits up but his own spirits up while he is there dancing. he wasn't spending -- sending a message back to the united states. >> i can't speak to what was going on in the president's head. the most charityiblable is that the president was trying to indicate some sense of normalcy. that's a charitable explanation. in terms of a reaction that could have been well-intended but probably had the opposite of the desired effect. >> i watching that he doesn't care about his job. because his job really is to represent us. american people we want to send a message to the belgians that we stand with them. he does hold the job. it's like him dancing, you know, and at leastjf we could have video of him in a meeting with the president of argentina. >> it gets back to a comment that he made also about not watching enough news feelings. >> do you have to watch the news? i mean, what kind of
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education do you have to -- i mean, there are all these people murdered by a terrorists. i mean, do you have to watch the news to know it's really bad and bothers people. >> no. you shouldn't have to. for him he is in argentina. he is doing his thing. he is in this bubble. >> he gets a daily briefing every day oneu that plane. there is a cia is down there briefing him. or they better be. >> you think if he isn't watching cable tv one of his aids or advisors would keep an eye on it hey this is kind of a big deal. people are stressed. a couple dozen innocent folks just got killed in a western nation. >> his next stop is a result in the andes. stick around. are drawing on every other topic in the campaign trail. >> you have radical islamic terrorists all over the place. it's not going to be the end. we will have it over here, too. >> my focus is on stopping islamism.
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>> it's not about patrolling neighborhoods. it's not about shutting our borders down. >> what america needs is strong, smart, steady leadership to wage and win this struggle. >> we have no paperwork. we have no idea who they are, where they are, where they come from. >> we need a president who knows his first job is to be commander and chief and keep america safe. >> alabama senator and donald trump's national security chair senator jeff session goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. senator, with all the terrorism that's just happened in belgium, the president has not come home and he has not used the termczj@ radical islam, which general flynn last night on our show said was very important to identify the enemy and use a term like that. tell me your thoughts on him, number one, not cutting his trip short and coming home and, two, not using that term? >> well, it is a worldwide crisis. it's not as big as 9/11, of course, but it's very, very big to our friends and our neighbors, really in
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belgium. so, i think it is a legitimate concern that the president is not seemingly taking this seriously enough. this whole idea, refusal to address the reality of the threat we face does contact our ability to defend america and to help?1 the whole world see the nature of the threat we face which is very real. i guess it arises out of political correctness where you just don't want to say anything bad about anybody or raise any questions. but that kind of intimidation of free speech is dangerous it makes it harder to fix. >> he did say in havana on the 22nd of march we stand in solidarity and condemn these attacks. he doesn't use the term "radical islam." >> it should be used. it just is there has always
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been a strain of this many times it's very quiet and not arising. we are now seeing a long-term trend of rising radicalism and islam. it needs to be confronted first by our islamic friends they need to condemn it vigorously and the united states has to be on alert constantly. we have no obligation to placej risk than we ought to. as a result of some massive refugee program. so i think the united states needs to help the world see with clarity the threat that we face and move away from denial. >> all right. donald trump has list of his foreign policy advisors and you head the list. have you been meeting with donald trump, number one, they are talking to him and, number two, does he take your advice? do you get the sense he is listening to you? >> well, i haveoç given advice, and he has taken that advice. and i have met with him and
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talked with him. and we are going to have within, you know, fairly short period of time another important meeting with the entire group with mr. trump, that the dates and time are being firmed up right now. so, it's an important thing. i think donald trump instinctively grasps, international reels and power. and many of his insights, i think, are striking a chord with the american people, that when we have a direct enemy like isis, they need to be don't need to be immeshed drag ourselves in long prolonged wars in a part of the world that's not close to our home where our interests aren't directly threatened. >> senator, thank you very much for joining us, sir. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> and donald trump and secretary hillary clinton have at least one thing in common. but i know one thing, neither is going to be happy about it. that's next.
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11:25 pm
voters say trump is not honest and trustworthy and secretary clinton one point behind 64% saying she is not honest and trustworthy. the other candidates fairing better for senator sanders 67% say is he honest and trustworthy. 61% for kasich. and for cruz 47% say is he honest. the "on the record" political panel is back from the daily beasts about beast bey woodruff and "bostonq globe" matt visor. the one that are not honest and trustworthy. clinton 65% and donald trump 64%. those are the top frontrunners. makes me scratch my head. voters don't expect politicians to be honest and trustworthy anymore. there is so much disillusionment with washington. obviously there are carveouts for kasich and overall so much lack of trust not informs how people vote. i talk to ton of voters on the trail and i'm sure you
11:26 pm
have too. i don't hear people say i'm against hillary because she is not trothe or bernie sanders because is he trust one way or the other. we want things to be different. hillary clinton seems to be strong leader and competent. i don't hear it seems like she has a nice personality. >> not even nice personality it's whether you trust them they're the frontrunners, both of them. >> see the eroding of americans and value of politicians. the numbers just keep going down and down. it's interesting, too how hillary clinton and donald trump have arrived at this in two different ways. hillary clinton is sort of legalistic in a lot of her explanations. donald trump will sort of say one thing and something diametrically opposed to what he just said the next day and it doesn't hurt him or i guess it does in the numbers that people find him untrustworthy but doesn't change their opinions about whether or not they are supporting him. like you, talking to people at his rallies people who support him, they don't care, you know. >> that's like the evangelicals who didn't like their language yet voted for him. >> i think that's a really
11:27 pm
good point that hillary clinton and donald trump show two opposite ways of sort of being dishonest. hillary clinton splitting hairs over her emails and whether things are classified and when they got classified and donald trump one day saying that he thinks the government should pay for healthcare and the next #8 says is he going to replace it and make it terrific. just the rhetoric and positions are so different. >> what do you think about sanders who has the]d honest and trustworthy at 67% and kasich at 51% and cruz at 47%. what do you think of their numbers. they are considered trustworthy. >> maybe start lying. >> nice guys finish last, right? the good candidates die young. >> bernie sanders 67%. kasich 61%. >> yeah. and i think that they're not -- although bernie is tapping into a lot of the anger in the democratic party. a lot of the pop fervour. he is not doing it in the same way hillary clinton is. it's not working quite as well. >> berne is doing a lot better than anybody expected
11:28 pm
six months ago. helping him maybe not getting him across the finish line. maybe part of the reason he has won some states. >> stunning the ones least trustworthy are the ones that are the frontrunners. we are going to move on. thank you both. stay with us though. >> brand new terror arrests just made in belgium. raids are underway right now. that's next.
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this is a fox news alert. terror raids underway right now in brussels. six people arrested in those raids relate to do tuesday's deadly isisxu,q attack. fox news correspondent mike to be intestine live in brussels. mike? >> and, greta, what we're learning now5- is this is one of three locations that were raided this evening. there was one in central brussels. there was one in a neighborhood called jet and the scabek neighborhood. what we have seen in the last hour or so, we have seen investigators leaving this apartment building. you can look inside, pretty standard apartment building, an old stone building. what we have seen the investigators doing carrying bags of evidence. one of them was dressed in a white, for lack of a better term,i' hazmat suit as he came outside. it looked like they had some investigative tools they were storing in cars. some evidence that they were taking out and storing in the cars before it looks like most of the investigators left in the closing down the scene. six arrested in connection with the terror attacks here.
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that much we have from thelh6f authorities. the location here is very significant. this is a scabeek neighborhood. where just a matter of blocks from what was called the bomb factory where the brothers and nasary were 33 pounds of explosive called tapt. very common in the homemade bombs. the problems settlement is very relevant to the metro station. very close to the metro station that was attacked. this is one of the neighborhoods that you have heard people talked about that have become packed with the immigrants. speaking arabic, conducting theirót neighborhoods the local police have had a very difficult time penetrating. neighborhood in which saleh abdeslam existed undetected for a matter of months after the paris attacks until he was caught last friday.
11:34 pm
greta? >> mike, what kind4ç of reception do you get walking through that neighborhood? as a member of the media there an american? >> people look at you they are very interested in you as you come through the neighborhoods. they don't engage much. i did try to ask people what they had seen at this location. they were not interested in talking at all. closed the door just about as fast as they could. short answer to your question. more one of curiosity. not a lot of friendliness. not a warm welcome from the locals. >> mike, thank you. >> and here in the united states, out on the campaign trail, senator ted cruz speaking directly to the terrorists. >> let me say to every jihadist on the face of the earth. your day of reckoning is coming. in january 2017, we are coming after you. we are not coming after you to negotiate. we're not coming after to you arrest you and read you yourqz rights if have you
11:35 pm
declared jihadi on america. if you are trying to kill americans, we will find you and we will kill you. >> catherine, the also senator cruz's national security advisor is here and goes "on the record." >> just to be clear i'm not his only national security advisor. i'm part of his team. >> okay. well, noted. thank you what should the united states do to stop these terrorists? do you have any thought different from what we are doing right now? >> oh, absolutely. i mean doing the right things at all. we need to take their threats much more seriously. they are telling us we are a target. we need to respond, you know, take them at their word. one of the things that's very concerning, just in the last six months, the administration has cut training, counter terrorism training to federal, state, and local law enforcement. i mean, what kind of signal does that send to our law enforcement? we're leaving them unprepared. >> how do we stop people from wanting to be foreign
11:36 pm
fighters going over to these trainingóa camps and how do would stop the them from coming back and wanting to commit terror? >> well, the god news is that most of the people who are supporters of isis are not making streets about it. 30% of those who have been interdicted by law enforcement in the last two years have broadcast it on social media. so they are leaving us plenty of crumbs if we're interested in following them. and to be fair, the fbi has actually done a terrific job so far of stopping a number of people who have wanted to travel. as i said, we have had about 98 people, supporters of isis interdicted by law enforcement in the last two years. that's people who want to travel, as well as people who are plotting domestically. go ahead. >> i was going to say. i mean, some of this seems so out of ourc÷ control. if you accept this as fact. and i realize it's an ongoing investigation that turkey warned belgium about at least one of these killers ahead of time.
11:37 pm
it's probably going to turn out at least one american, i don't know. i'm making an assumption. we don't have the names of those killed. americans in belgium at this airport and this train station were killed. how do we actually, i mean, are there any steps we should be taking? that's turkey to belgium and some poor american just going to the train station or the airport. >> there are absolutely steps that we can be taking. again, because isis is so active on social media, we actually have the faces, a lot of their foreign fighters. we contract them if they try to come back to this country. and, frankly, because it is a difficult problem, this is one of the reasons i really support senator cruz's policy of getting into our communities it's what we absolutely have to be doing. this is a local problem. it's got to be dealt with by local law enforcement. they have to be trained. they have to be prepared. they are the front line, really, in this fight doe domestically. >> of course, we should always point out, you know, a lot of times citizens can be very helpful if they see
11:38 pm
something suspicious to report it the citizens out there are also potentially very helpful. catherine, thank you for joining us. and, well, here it is. the "family feud." donald trump just took a new swipe at senator ted cruz's wife. that's coming up. plus, spring, you better believe it. it could be headed your [woodworker] i live in the fine details. that's why i run on quickbooks. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it.
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donald trump taking a swing at ted cruz. hitting cruz over endorsements over people who have slammed cruz in the past. to ted cruz? >> have a little bit of self-restraint. >> ted cruz is like any other politician. he says whatever he needs to say to get elected. >> ted cruz is not my favorite by any means. >> the "on the record" political panel is you know, matt, that's sort of a point to this. they did trash him and say that he has not guy good and
11:43 pm
now they like him and they say vote for him. >> it's really effective. it's funny. you know, points out the hypocrisy. >> funny or funny out of humor? >> you have that clip with carly fiorina talking about how he will; say anything to be elected and she is doing it. >> saying anything to be part of it. >> it really illustrates the irony of the establishment right now having to embrace ted cruz, who they have all hated for so long and he is the last person for them to really kind of deal with to block trump. >> didn't senator lindsey graham at one point say picking between trump and ted cruz is like picking between cancer and heart attack. he just came out in support of ted cruz. the worst possible endorsement you could get. on the daily show last night he supports cruz because is he not completely crazy and because he was his 15th choice. yank of another time we have seen people say i support this because even though is he terrible the other guy is slightly more terrible.
11:44 pm
who wants your supporters saying that? that's not good. >> here we have a clip of christie and carson criticizing trump. let's play that. >> donald is a great guy and a good person, but i just don't think he is suited to be president of the united states. >> why? >> i don't think his temperament is suited for that and i don't believe his experience is. >> i realize where thigh success has come from and i don't in any way deny my faith in god. that's a very big part of who i am. hue mill title and the humility and fear of the lord. i don't get that impression with him. >> you know, betsy, well, everyone says that's politics. i don't accept that for one second. i just --do for some reason i have a real hard time for this if politicians trash talk another politician and say the person is bad for the country and then turn around and say the person is good for the country, you know, i don't think that's, quote, just politics. i think that's pretty twisted. >> i think also, assuming it is just politics, it's bad politics because, of course, have you trump making videos
11:45 pm
lake this mocking ted cruz's supporters. remember, it's not just ben carson saying going from ted cruz bad christian. also donald trump say saying ben carson pedophile i can't. he says never mind i take it back. people are not stupid. >> honest and trustworthy numbers are so bad because they see this stuff. if you will both stand by. >> get ready to speed read the news. seven iranians linked hackers charged in cyber attack. the fbi saying the attackers knocked financial servers offline like bank of america, nasdaq and the new york stock exchange. those hackers also took control of a new york dam. if they had remotely released the water of city of -- new york would have floodedá. >> new debris that washed up on the cota -- beach is most
11:46 pm
certainly the plane. and it's spring, that doesn't stop the snow. midwest is digging out from severe weather that brought snow and hail hundreds of miles in colorado. don't worry, you are not forgotten. the snow may be headed east and that's tonight's speed read. okay. and who took the first swipe in the+k war of the political wives? was it donald trump or was it senator tedli that's next.
11:47 pm
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well, another round today in the political campaign war over wives and today hitting a new level, the gutter. donald trump and senator ted cruz started trading blows inmranti-trump super pac posting a racey modeling photo of melania#údt trump. trump took to twitter threatening to spill the beans on wife hidy. senator cruz defense. last night trump started another round retweeting this photo with a caption no need to spill the beans images are worth a thousand words. today senator cruz had enough and came out swinging against trump. i don't get angry often. you mess with my wife and mess my kids that will do it all the time. donald you are:g a sniveling coward leave my the hellzl(p&c@ alone. >> i didn't start the over melania, he did. he knew the pac was putting out hence lying ted.
11:52 pm
this is put out by super pac that is anti-trump. it was in the ted cruz but go ahead. >> it's not affiliated with ted cruz. this is a tiny super pac. they have as of the start of this month $14,800 in campaign account. not like they have been a big player. trump though saw this ad which was targeted in utah and blew it up 7 million twitter followers and insinuated it was ted cruz doing it. >> can i tell you i think this super pac is absolutely rotten. it's put out by make american awesome liz, she did it deliberately to stir up trouble. had nothing to do with the political debate. the wives shouldn't have been drawn into this and been nothing but nasty. and now she is getting all this attention forj it and started this war. >> it's not likely to hurt trump the way she was hoping it was. >> >> he she was trying to be dirty. she wasn't trying to have a
11:53 pm
good political debate and raise interesting issues. wasn't trying to do anything but be mean-spirited. >> if you are going to do dirty politics they better work. the dirty politics are not paying up. operatives and candidates alike have to be really careful when they stoop to a lower level. we saw this happen to rubio when he criticized the size of trump's hands the idea that rubio was becoming less mature and statesman like. you know how that worked out for him. >> i would ashimmed if i were this woman who did. this spent my day gratuitously putting fire. >> trump did blow it up. >> dew. what do you expect? is that a surprise to you? of course he did. she started this. she started for bad motives to be nasa -- nasty. >> and to get a rise out of trump. >> which she did. >> they are running on facebook in utah. trump was never polling well in utah. in the bag for cruz.
11:54 pm
cruz didn't need extra help there betsy and matt thank you both. >> thanks. >> coming up, we can only hope that president obama is not making these decisions himself. at least can he fire advisors who give him bum advice. advice. my off-the-record next.[engines] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪ don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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this is a fox news alert. terror raids underway in brussels. six people arrested in brussels. deadly attacks. witnesses in the area hearing explosions as raids carried out. tonight learning a second metro bombing suspect is believed to have escaped the chaos and may be on the run. >> no let's all go off-the-record. don't get me wrong. i like to have a good time and i like to have our president have a good time. president obama is tone deaf. don't blame it on the staff he should have known better. president obama doing a tango at a state dinner in argentina. let me repeat i'm not
11:59 pm
opposed to him having fun it's the timing and lousy judgment of it while belgium is yofing and the world is worried about terror is hesv @&@ doing the tango knowing his picture will be taken. knowing this video will go viral. the optics are horrible. and during my off-the-record last night i urged the president to cut his trip short and come home because cutting his trip short would have sent a strong message to our allies that we bleed with them and stand with them. last night i played this incredible moment of symbolism that meant so much to americans when queen elizabeth just days after 9/11 played our national anthem at buckingham palace. so the president is not coming home early to send that message but did he have to send this one tone deaf? and regrettably it's not his first time. his grin on the golf course immediately after speaking about the beheading of our american journalist james foley is cedar in all our memories, at the very least who is advising the president? and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at
12:00 am
7:00 p.m. eastern. good night from washington, d.c. we will see you tomorrow night right here. go to facebook. like the page and join in the conversation.1h@&c @&c@ also gretawire. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." hi, everyone. tom shillue. let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show, starbuck takes out full page ads reminding americans to keep political discourse civil. i'm sure their insomnia enducing product will help with that. and microsoft's new artificial intelligence send out racist and hitler-loving tweets. it is fitting in nicely with the rest of twitter. and madonna finds herself in trouble after putting fake no parking signs in front of her $40 million manhattan townhouse. i was going to write a hackie punch line,


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