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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> back in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. andrea: fox news alert. top isis leader is dead. u.s. special-ops killed the current section in command during a raid. defense secretary ash carter announcing it a short time ago. let's go to jennifer griffin at pentagon. reporter: defense secretary ash carter and chairman of the joint chiefs just made the announcement. they wouldn't provide details of the operation, but sources tell us u.s. special forces killed the number two to al-baghdadi in
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clandestine raid early thursday morning. the operation was planned and executed in the wake of the brussels attack. >> we're systematically eliminating isil's cabinet. indeed the u.s. military killed several key isil terrorist this is week, including, we believe, haji imam, a isil senior leader serving as a finance minister. reporter: the target, was known as al-qaduli, iraqi that joined al qaeda in 2004 and released from an iraqi prison in 2012 shortly after all u.s. forces pulled out of iraq. he is former physics professor, was al qaeda's leader in of mosul during the u.s. ground war and had a $7 million bounty on his head. the u.s. treasury department designated him a terrorist in 2014. secretary carter reported first time the reported secretary of
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defense of isis, omar the chechen was killed in a u.s. air strike on march 4th, also in syria. andrea: thank you very much. we'll bring you any new information throughout the hour. ♪ lots of breaking news as we're getting word that isis's number two has been taken out of commission. big developments over in brussels. as we speak, this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros, here with us fox business network's dagen mcdowell, democratic strategist julie roginsky is back. syndicated radio talk show host meghan mccain is here. we welcome back the co-host of "fox & friends weekend," the one, the only, tucker carlson on this very big news day. great news capturing that isis leader. >> it is great news. it is another example of potency, amazing effectiveness of the u.s. military. andrea: that's right. god bless those special forces. let's begin. explosions and gunfire heard amidst a police operation in brussels in a neighborhood that
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once housed hideout for suicide bombers that struck the city's airport and subway system this week. as belgian investigators they believe a man rounded up yesterday is the accomplice of the subway bomber. the belgian government is admitting to serious missteps especially when comes to the two brothers who blew themselves up. one had been flagged by turkish officials as foreign terrorist fighter. both reportedly on u.s. terror watch lists. in meantime a u.s. official confirming the deaths of at least two americans in tuesday's attacks. their names have not yet been released. here is secretary john kerry earlier today in brussels. >> on behalf of president obama and all of the american people, i offer our deepest condolences to the people of belgium and to all of the families, all those individuals who have suffered an inconceivable loss in the last few days.
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the united states, i want you to know, is praying and grieving with you for the loved ones of those who have been very cruelly taken from us, including americans, and for the many who are injured in these despicable acts. andrea: our own mike tobin joins us live from a brussels metro stop where police shot a suspect in the past hour or so before taking him into custody. mike? reporter: and, andrew yeah, show -- andrea, show you the aftermath of the latest police activity. this is the broken glass was left over after the police shooting of this particular suspect here. as it goes with these fast and furious activities, things happening fast, eyewitnesses accounts differ. one eyewitness account said the individual came up the stairs from the metro stop 200 yards in that direction. he cast carrying a rifle. the other version that police
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did a raid aross the street, somewhere along this hair salon. came running out of the residence. came to this location, took a hostage, possibly a mother and a child. police shot him in the leg. what we can confirm we have seen through cell phone video there was a child present here a little girl who had to be coaxed with their weapons drawn before we could move in with the bomb robots. ultimately she was taken away from the scene. the bomb robots came in. the person who was shot had to lift up his shirt he wasn't carrying a bomb. his backpack was searched. something in the backpack alerted authorities for a time. ultimately dragged away, taken by am plans, not dead, shot in the leg. we have through flemish television that was involved in the raids in a neighborhood called argentine. a person that ad anyone station
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says was high level operative in advanced planning stages of an attack there was a intact, ready to explode bomb taken from the apartment. when what is interesting from the bomb, if you look at components of it, reads like a grocery list of components of the explosives they found here in this neighborhood what is being called the bomb factory where ibrahim and khalid el-bakraoui were operating and najim laachraoui. they are confirmed in attacks left dead about their own bombs. this is a hotbed of terrorist at it being it. back to you in new york. andrea: mike quick i also, any intelligence you're hearing on the ground where any other possible suspects could be? i know they apprehend ad number of suspects, seems to me with all the intelligence reports coming out there are more attacks planned. that is what we're hearing. this is not going to slow down. it is going to ramp up for europe? reporter: we're hearing that
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through multiple sources. you heard isis claim toddies patch 400 trained fighters across europe and they were ready to strike at anytime. we've seen a real frenzy in police activity out here. last night there were six people arrested. three different raids across browse sells last night. we know that they have randomly stopping and searching cars out here. much more activity than we're used to seeing. you see armed police. you see the soldiers on every street corner, despite the fact they lowered the terror threat level from the highest level of four down to three. andrea? andrea: all right, mike, thank you so much. all right, tucker, a powder keg, that is what europe looks like right now. as i mentioned to mike a number of intelligence reports, threats against london, more threats against paris. >> right. andrea: these community we've been talking about harboring potential terrorists. every attack we learned even one in brussels was supposed to be much worse because they found other bombs in the airport that
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didn't go off. seems that isis's strength is growing and the police are continuing to miss the signs. >> right. it is ominous. there are a couple of obvious lessons. cohesive society can defend itself better. belgium is not. it has been balkanized society, dutch and french speaking. iimmigrants don't buy any precepts of society. you had germany alone, two million, number as of yesterday, two million immigrants flood across the borders last several months. there is no possible way any intelligence service, no law enforcement agency could keep up with that, keep a community safe in the face of that if you are overwhelmed, i'm sorry you can't blame the cops. you have a immigration problem. you don't have a law enforcement problem. andrea: julie, when you look at footage, i mentioned earlier in the week, look how they did the original raid in molenbeek to
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get the paris suspect. all the weapons pointed up and windows when they did the day raid. in brussels they can't do raids after five 9:00 p.m. police in brussels pointing all weaponry in windows in mollenbeek as if they were telegraphing how dangerous it is for them to go into these neighborhoods. >> what is interesting, and tucker touched on it, but you have the agreement which essentially allows free flow of people around the people in european countries exempt the u.k. if you go from brussels to paris or berlin to brussels there are no checkpoints there. is no evidence that you will be stopped at border, yet each of these country has their own security apparatus, some work better than others. there is no cohesion. there is not no cohesion as tucker points out in belgium, as he pointed out very balkanized almost a failed state as cohesive state but you have no cohesion among the european union despite their open border
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policy they need to revisit that. >> they don't do anything about it. that is the issue. political and idealogical problem as much as it is a operational and financial one. you have, they have been trying to put together a database for air travelers among europe and there has been a fight at every level overdoing that. these are neighborhoods, this is a parallel islamic society that has been allowed to develop over years in bristles where the police don't even go into these neighborhoods. they can't or won't go in. >> right. >> they have known about it for years and this is what happens when you let islamic terrorism fester and explode. andrea: they harbor terrorists, megan. the terrorist suspect from paris was hiding out four four months. the buildings in molenbeek is very old. there are a lost hiding places. makes it easier to build bombs and use them in these attacks. >> as they point to america with some kind of race problems where
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they have muslims for decades, decades living throughout europe, who refuse to assimilate who could themselves muslim before european or french or belgian. i don't an how you undo literally community that is so ostracized committing terrorism attacks as rebuke to that. >> government sponsored multicultural i. andrea: julie you brought up the agreement earlier in the week, dying again you talk about the economic impact of country like the u.k. does the u.k. need to bail on the e.u.? there is a lot of chatter maybe they should? >> i can't speak to the u.k.'s financially, i don't think they should from financial standpoint. i would say from the point you're talking about make gin, when you have a society, i can't speak to belgium, but i can speak of france, andrea, you and i both lived there, we know it well, france has not good job
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assimilating its minorities as we have. you don't see the disenfranchised community in this country as you do in france because france done horrific job of. >> can i say about frances. they have a lot more. per capita they have since the manpower shortage since second world war they imported. >> more that this country? >> from the middle east. more islamic immigrants, way more. >> we do a good job enfranchising all our immigrants whether from asia or from europe. they do not. andrea: you can lead a horse to water -- >> go to minneapolis. andrea: there is argument, tucker, the horse doesn't want to drink the water. >> you have to believe something. you have to believe in your own culture. you have to believe your culture is superior to that you're be a soaring. our elites don't. the person average american does. the president obama apologized for spanish-american war to the cubans this week. they just don't believe we're better.
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>> muslims in patterson, new jersey, or dearborn, michigan, are not different than ones in france. we do a better job assimilating them per capita they're probably more. >> i hope you're right. andrea: certain communities here haven't assimilated as well. >> europe is more advanced and further down the road and -- >> i don't know if i agree with that. andrea: should be warning sign especially with refugees. big development in the hillary clinton email scandal. a watchdog groups uncovers more emails she failed to turn over to the state department potentially contradicting her sworn testimony. what will be the fallout? how many more emails are still out there? plus donald trump and ted cruz fighting all week. it is still going, folks. wife wars on social media and it just got worse. >> donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
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♪ andrea: twitter feud between donald trump and ted cruz is escalating. it began earlier this week when an antitrump super-pac circulated this photo of trump's wife melania from a gc photo shoot 15 years ago t was part of a push to urge conservative
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voters in utah to support cruz. texas senator said he has nothing to do with it. but trump shot back, warning that he would spill the beans on heidi cruz if ted wasn't careful. then the next day, trump retweet ad toto of cruz's wife, side siy side next to melania, seemingly digging at heidi's physical appearance. ted cruz had plenty to say about that. >> our spouses and our children are off bounds. it is not acceptable for a big, loud, new york bully to attack my wife. real men don't try to bully women. that is not an action of strength. that is an action weakness. it is an action of fear. it is an action of a small and petty man. who is intimidated by strong women. i don't get angry often, but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're a sniveling
9:19 am
coward and leave heidi the hell alone. andrea: trump responded on twitter. saying i didn't start the fight with lyin' ted cruz of "gq" pick for melania. he knew the pac was putting it out. hence lyin' ted. we worked in politics. super-pacs oftentimes coordinate with campaigns, when something happens. candidate says i have no idea how it happened. who is right? >> whose wife is hotter is that the question? andrea: that is not the question. >> one, get off twitter, everybody. i deleted off my phone. i don't have the self-control of it. i'm a monk compared to donald trump. he should get off immediately. for some reason his soliloquy did not make me more sympathetic. i don't see who is benefiting. i don't see a clearer. andrea: town melania?
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>> i think heidi cruz and melania, i met them both. attack on one woman, i do think trump attacked ted heidi cruz ai shouldn't. if i attack donald trump's hair, i'm not attacking all men. leave that behind. that is dumb. andrea: attack on hair an attack on all hair then? >> donald trump complimented him on his hair. trump is best example of great hair. what donald trump should have said is this. my wife is professional model. i'm very proud of her and very proud of that picture. she is a beautiful woman. why do you turn around and start hitting heidi cruz who has nothing to do with this? it is same, he can't help himself. that is where misogyny thing comes in. he attacks heidi cruz. went after corley fee for her looks a few months ago. this consistent attack on woman's appearance. why? say my wife is beautiful and and what a great picture.
9:21 am
this super-pac didn't do anything that melania trump didn't pose for. she put out a picture she voluntarily posed for? why do you attack heidi cruz who is 20 times more qualified to be president than donald trump. >> i don't know why he is engaging especially everything that happened in brussels. there are a couple of polls, borderline 70% of the women have unfavorable view of him. the chickens will come home to roost in the general election. at certain point he has to open up his mind to realize women are offended by this that is inconceivable to a lot of people. i like heidi cruz. donald trump is one of the few things that seem cool about donald trump. they are accomplished women in their own right, for several reasons. being model is reputable job. she is beautiful women. i have no problem with that photo. she is sexy woman. it does not look presidential. andrea: how do you defend it? if one candidate make as really good point this overshadows the point they're making and distracts from the real debate.
9:22 am
if either candidate has something great to say, we're talking about this instead. people hear what they want to hear. they just come after you. it is turned really ugly, dagen. >> amen, amen, amen. i will say to them what my mother would say to me when i cursed at the supper table. please don't. it disnot help you at all. it doesn't hurt donald, not in the continued primary contest because donald's insulted enough woman i think voters are quite frankly used to it. it was a lose/lose for ted cruz. he had to come out to defend his wife, otherwise he looks like a jerk if he doesn't come out and vigorously defend heidi. the overall problem another poll i read this week, 47% of republican voting women would have trouble voting for donald trump this was in the "wall street journal." but the thing is, he is not getting off twitter. he will not stop it because that is who he is. he is connecting with the voters. >> not to defend this behavior which i disapprove of. two quick points.
9:23 am
i think he complimented for women in public an denny greated accused sexism. who mistreated for women, him or hillary clinton? who say that her husband abused them and -- one thing. real problem? this wrecks the potential unity ticket. only way the republican party don't blow you up if they run together. now they can't. >> i want him to cut it out for months, i'm talking about donald trump. it gives him less ammo, if he goes up against hillary clinton. because she is, he is just adding to what she will be able. >> bully. >> it just weakens what the republicans will end up facing. >> here's the problem as you pointed out both of you pointed out problem for potential unity ticket. ted cruz whose wife been insulted any woman who hears what he said, he said the right things, then he goes out and potentially endorses donald trump after calling him a sniveling coward? >> no way. >> how does he do that. he can't do it anymore.
9:24 am
any women out there -- andrea: plays into hillary clinton's hands look, the republican party has a woman problem. she has been itching to dust off the war on women playbook. this feeds into that. i agree with you dagen. it distracts from issues at hand. again if one of these candidates make as really good point on issue like immigration. both of them are right on ref gees, when you highlight that you're a misogynist for defending a misogynist. makes it almost impossible to analyze the race fairly. >> i agree. i think on top of everything else we have to think broadly. hillary clinton, it is easy, easy targets. she has her own history. bill has his own history we talk on show. does not fly with women, especially millenial women, he is sexual predator with long history. that is ammo. i worry about donald trump getting so far into the weeds with that hillary clinton will have enough ammo to come back at him herself. sandra: a cruz supporter started this stuff about melania. andrea williams on with neil cavuto talking about melania, this will be the first
9:25 am
first lady ever who posed nude. the first first lady who is a third wife and went on with that. it was a cruz supporter who brought this up. >> i have such a problem with this really, i mean, i'm no donald trump fan as we all know but melania's trumka rear and immigrant when see came here is not what we should be talking. >> she looks great by the way. can we say that in. andrea: this hurt donald? ii don't see melania trump as anything but a benefit of her husband. putting out pictures of her only helps donald trump. >> julie had the right response, yeah, that is my wife. she is great. she is hot. liz mayor put together first attack on facebook, look, she is naked. don't vote for her husband. she has no idea what motivates voters. andrea: feminist said women have the right to choose unless
9:26 am
something they don't agree with. apparently don't like when melania takes her clothes off but lena dunham -- >> that is totally wrong. >> i endorse melania trump to pose however she wants. attacking her is nonsense. trump. >> lena dunham you can't be for that? andrea: women are harder than other women. >> nobody likes, i like women. andrea: dagen, lots of folks in america are divorced how will this hurt trump if they're talking about divorce. >> none of this will hurt trump until maybe the general. he already hurt himself in way he insulted people. this doesn't scratch it. andrea: tell both of them to knock it off, shall we? act presidential please? leave women alone. new fallout in the hillary clinton email scandal. watchdog group uncovers more emails that clinton failed to turn over potentially
9:27 am
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♪ andrea: new troubles for hillary clinton as conservative watchdog, judicial watch, uncovers even more emails that she failed to turn over to the state department, potentially contradicting her sworn testimony. this as we're learning that she also skipped out on a cybersecurity briefing while at the state department. that was relevant to her use of personal email and a private server. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with an exclusive report. catherine? reporter: thank thank you, andr. these new emails released after a federal lawsuit appear to contradict mrs. clinton's claim did not use her account for state department business until 2009, two months after she became secretary of state. new he will mails between her
9:32 am
then chief of staff at state department, cheryl mills are from february 2009 a month earlier where they discuss the nsa can get clinton high security blackberry, both women understood content of clinton's emails should be protected. >> clinton, catch me if you can on her email. now we know there were emails that weren't turned over that may still be out there whether in the state department system or in her system. around you have to wonder what else mrs. clinton hasn't turned over to the state department. reporter: congressional investigators now tell fox news that the cyber threat was so real in 2011 two years into her term as secretary of state, that the state department security team put together a special security briefing for clinton that would have been relevant to her use of private email and a private server. but she apparently skipped it. the state department spokesman did not have specifics about the 2011 brief when we asked about it but emphasized all state department employees, regardless of rank must take this training. >> we all have to undergo that
9:33 am
and it is considered mandatory. i don't know the specifics of this case. not so much punishment but access to computers, that kind of thing might be affected. reporter: judicial watch also sued for records documenting security training by clinton, abedine and cheryl mills and they were told by the state department there are no records that exist that show that they took the training and on this issue of being cut off from computer access at the state department, mrs. clinton was not on those computers so it would have made no difference to her if any kind of disciplinary action was taken but there is no record of that either, andrea. andrea: catherine herridge, great reporting. thank you. reporter: you're welcome. andrea: okay, tucker, she missed training class. maybe she had a yoga class instead but specifically on this point she felt she didn't need the class? >> of course. andrea: not only she didn't care, even if she did go to the class she knew the laws. she had been secretary of state.
9:34 am
she knew having an sap, top secret clearance, what is classified and what isn't. >> only two things you need to know from very beginning of story. one, virtually every communication from the sitting secretary of state ought to be protected from foreign military intelligence service, a, and b, virtually every u.s. government agency has been penetrated by those same agencies. putting any of those communications on a private server is insane. bottom line unfortunately to the story comes down to the justice department. will they receive recommendation to indict from fbi. i don't think they will take it up. if they do and huge story and vindication for their critics. i don't think a single person's mind is changed by this. if you're appalled. andrea: i don't think they ever indict this justice department part of an administration, maying begin always operating off the law.
9:35 am
look at all their security procedures are above the law breaking laws right and left. >> i don't know know how much it will take to indict her and how much evidence we need and how she is above the law. what will we find out on hench woman huma's phone? that is it where all evidence be. hillary clinton is off limits but her main staffer is as well because she was in vogue once? it is obnoxious. i don't understand what it will take. every time i come on the show there is another piece of evidence showing she is doing something illegal. andrea: i think huma abedin and cheryl mills have better potential shot being fall girls, dagen. we know from foia emails, mills and abedine were actively colluding how to suppress evidence in the email scandal. hubris blows the mind this is what we know already. how can they not penalize her staffers? >> they won't penalize the staffers if president obama intervenes. the fact he has been stumping for her as best he can in recent
9:36 am
weeks or at least supporting her candidacy seems to suggest that people close to her certainly not hillary clinton will be indicted but you already see this. every "gallup poll," what are the words that come to mind when asked by hillary clinton? liar, dishonest, don't trust her. and it will come home to roost because they have, she has a history, in the public eye of not playing by the rules because they don't apply to her and her husband. >> 63% a huge number. 63% of the american people say they can't trust the woman. i wonder why. andrea: tucker does she get indicted? does loretta lynch move forward if there indictment. >> it is america. if evidence warrants indictment she get one. i never in my life of 46 years doubted basic justice department. i doubt they will indict her because he is running for president. >> i will say this, this drip, drip, we see all the time will not affect matters. either there is recommendation or not recommendation.
9:37 am
nobody's mind will be changed on this. by the way her distrustful ratings are bad, trump is 20 times worse. >> trump is not under investigation by fbi. >> he is under investigation by the new york attorney general. so that is little different. >> julie, that is insane. that is insane comparison democratic front-runner under investigation by the fbi. >> fbi should not have access to any lever of power. >> letterman is looking at trump university. >> not the same thing as national security. not the same thing, my god. come on. >> people died under hillary clinton watch and few of them forget. entirely thing than trump university. i'm not here defending trump but come on. >> not the same thing. >> come on. i love you julie, but come on. >> you're not running in vacuum. you're running against somebody. >> soldiers died unhillary clinton. >> oh, my god. megyn let me finish my thought. she is not running in vacuum. running against someone less
9:38 am
trusted by american people than she is. you say it will redown -- no evidence. >> i have to show it to you. andrea: one poised to go to jail. the other one isn't. i report. you decide. president obama, this week telling argue virginian schoolkids when it comes to capitalism, socialism, choose what works. is this really what an american president should be telling kids? we're going to debate that up next. from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's 50+ complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and calcium to help support bone health. one a day.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at ♪ andrea: new controversy for the white house as president obama departs argentina after his two-day visit. the president raising eyebrows after telling an audience of argentinian schoolchildren, when it comes to socialism versus capitalism, just choose whatever works. watch. >> so often in the past, there has been a sharp division between left and right, between,
9:43 am
capitalists and economists or socialists. you know, you're a capitalist yankee dog, oh, you know, some crazy communist, you know that is going to take away everybody's property. and, i mean those are interesting intellectual arguments but, i think for your generation you should be practical and just choose from what works. andrea: like vary ridable cafe, dagen. if anyone see your face when that was playing, priceless. dagen: what my thought bubble was? is there a mallet around here i can beat myself in the head with. >> this makes me crazy, why is capitalism and capital it a dirty word? this is free well and about self-destiny and about driving your own future and the fact
9:44 am
that he can't even make that distinction and he is dancing around it, what is he running for office again? so absurd. i want to point out asking about socialism to all the bernie sanders supporters who might be watching right now, god forbid, socialism works in europe because there are 20 more% value-added tax which basically puts the screws to every single consumer across the continent. that is why it works or doesn't work. been dying to say that. >> for years -- dagen: how does it work for them? terror tax. they can't afford intelligence and national security. >> dagen, if it didn't work for them, they would changed model. clearly works for them. dagen: my prediction they will. they can't protect the homeland. listen to what he is saying. >> basically saying exactly what you said, free will, choose your own destiny, whatever works for you. it works for some people. our system works for us. >> don't really know what communism leads -- oh, wait we
9:45 am
have 70 years of it. >> talking about socialism. >> take few steps back. so the obama in washington he is this genius, really deep. you listen to what he says. relentlessly trite. it is banality after banality stacked upon cliche after cliche. there is not one interesting thing. everything is like, him hmmm, yes, whatever works. he is very shallow. are you allowed to say that? that is true. >> on "outnumbered" yes. >> and dancing and picture of che guevara in cuba is lost his mind. he is not trying anymore. >> baseball game and doing the wave and being interviewed by espn, right after people had died in terror in brussels is pretty repugnant. >> i think he can watch a baseball game and chew gum at same time we killed second guy in command in isis. not like this guy can't do diplomacy and effectuate things at same time. we saw that yesterday when we killed number two guy from isis. >> we have killed a lot of people. >> what is the point?
9:46 am
>> because it hasn't actually slowed down the threat. in order to win you need to know what you believe, not what you're against but what you are for. that is one thing he is incapable of articulating. why is our society is superior to there? if you're leading in side in war you have to say that. >> really decision the quickly the capitalism and socialism who makes best decisions with your money, you or the government? >> i think government. >> amen, dagen. we'll end on that note. [laughter] hillary clinton taking on sexism in politics with a big assist from late night host jimmy kimmel. is hillary held to double-standard or is she just playing the gender card? ♪ i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound)
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andrea: more "outnumbered" in just one moment. first to jon scott with what is coming up in second hour of "happening now." >> hi, andrea. they are warning hillary clinton that do not count out bernie sanders just yet. more than 100 delegates are up for grabs this weekend. colorado hit hard by early spring blizzard could make
9:51 am
easter egg hunt the quite the challenge on sunday. not only part of the country worried about wild weather on holiday weekend. vatican putting on extra security, following terror attacks in belgium as crowds celebrate the holiest day on christian calendar. andrea. andrea: thanks, jon. >> who knew jimmy kimmel had campaign advice for hillary clinton. turns out he did. with tongue in cheek the late night host has pointers foredemocrattic front-runner who stopped by his show and went through usual campaign speech. >> it is wonderful to be here. >> hold on one second. >> all right? >> you're shouting. you're too loud. you don't have to shout like that. hurts my ears. comes off as a little shrill for men. >> we don't need to be made great. we need to be made -- >> oh, my god with the sourpuss. [laughter] try to have some fun. this is like your dream, pretend your enjoying yourself. >> like nothing i do is right. >> exactly.
9:52 am
you're not doing it right. [laughter] i can't quite put my finger on it, but, something is not, you're not -- >> a man? >> yes. that is it. you're not a man. but that was really cute the way you did it though. >> there you go. shilling for hillary clinton a little bit on late-night tv. dagen: imagine that. >> substance of the campaign basically to this point has been, i'm a woman, my opponent is not, vote for me. is that, is that a message that can bring you to the white house? >> it will not bring voters to her by any stretch. she is used it to quote "the wall street journal," i have used this before, i want to give them credit, uses her gender as both a sword and shield. bernie sanders in the debate in october referred to people shouting about gun control and she within a couple of weeks turned it back on him, and made that comment a sexist remark, what was her quote? she said clearing her throat.
9:53 am
i've been told and i quote, shouting about gun violence. and then she makes it about it is just that when women talk some people think we're shouting. >> unbelievable. one of the richest most powerful famous women in the world who hasn't driven her own car in 30 years yet tell us she is victim, is that plausible. >> polling bears it out. >> she is victim. >> i said from day one i don't think people should support hillary clinton because she is woman. i agree with "the wall street journal" didn't attack her, said people were shouting about gun control she was 100% wrong, he is saying this about me because i'm woman. having said that look at numbers. leading sanders 57-34 among women. she is leading trump 53-34 according to "fox news poll" among women. women are flocking to her. is it because she is woman or policies. i suspect because of policies she put forward. her cause is helped when we talked about earlier which you have a bunch of men both running
9:54 am
against her, also in the pundit class who are saying things about her that she is shrill, she is shouting. >> maybe she is shrill. she is shouting. what does that have to do with gender. >> when was last time you had a man accused being shrill. >> i don't know. i think a lot of men are shrill. >> i don't know hear men shrill. >> no man on television has called hillary clinton shrill. >> oh, please. >> that is felony offense and everybody knows it. >> i'm sure i can find examples. >> nobody uses word shrill. >> really? shrillery. >> late night hosts are tanking everywhere. i never miss jay leno more than i do during the election cycle. between jimmy kimmel and stephen colbert i can't not watch anymore i don't understand why they think do our job as well. make me laugh. i don't understand why you have to get so political any night. i refuse to watch late night shows. i miss jay leno. >> because donald trump -- >> they make fun completely of
9:55 am
donald trump. >> tv -- >> one thing for all appalling thing trump does, bernie sanders do, play too identity politics. vote for me because you look like my. dumbest possible rationale for voting. they are above that, no matter what you think. she is not. andrea: there is cognitive dissonance. is she a victim or really good leader? is she the one i'm not professional politician or experienced leader been in office a long time? which one is it? >> what do you think it is. andrea: i think she is intentionally deceitful an inprofessional politician. >> you have a problem with strong women. why is that? andrea: you know i do. i actually self-loathe. >> we need dr. ablow to lay me down on the couch. >> i'm only feminist on this set. unbelievable. >> you are. >> aren't they giving her a huge assist and taking negative
9:56 am
qualities making them something funny? >> got to go, julie. >> i feel so sorry for her. the horror. >> she is fat and ted cruz -- you know -- the men get -- we got to go. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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10:00 am
that is tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. lots of good stuff especially with the news we have today of the isis terror leader being killed by u.s. special force. we want to thank special tucker carlson. have a great easter. watching you on "fox & friends." >> thank you. >> thank you, dagen, julie and megan. we'll be back here on monday. "happening now" now.


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