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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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four days after the carnage in brussels, police say they've charged a man they believe played a role in the airport attacks. meanwhile, live in brussels with be a city of mourning. belgian officials postpone a major vigil for the victims because they say they want to give police more time to search for suspects. so how many suspects are there out there? good saturday to you. brand-new hour coming up for you. i'm leland vittert. we begin with the terror investigation in brussels and massive resources pouring in from the u.s. and around the
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world to find those responsible for tuesday's terror attacks. those efforts are paying off and our mike tobin joins us now with all the details. hi, mike. >> reporter: hi there, elizabeth. one of the men arrested thursday night has been identified by the prosecutor's office as faycalc. he worked for a time as what they called a self-declared or webbed journalist. charges against him are terrorist murder, attempted terrorist murder, and participating in a terrorist attack. what is not confirmed but widely reported by the local media here in belgium is that he is the third bomber from the airport, the man in the cap and light coat. that third bomb, the largest of the bombs, did not go up. he was picked up thursday night in a car in front of the prosecutor's office pcht grim. f of the three people killed three were bombers. of the 28 remaining 24 have now been positively i.d.'d.
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a march against fear, as it was called, was scald for tomorrow. that has now been called off at the request of the interior ministry. he called it off, in part, because the terror threat level is at three, second-highest level here in belgium and also, if would put an additional strain on police resources. >> mike tobin live, thank you so much much. isis is claiming credit for a suicide bombing in iraq that left at least 41 people dead at a soccer match 30 miles south of dag baghdad. spectators ran for safety. more than 100 were wounded in the attack. the extremist group has been fighting the government and its allies in the north and west of the country. while the world's attention focused on the attack and missed opportunities in belgium, u.s. special forces scored a major victory against the isis command structure in syria. the pentagon says u.s. special operations forces killed the
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group's second in command and his posse. as fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports, they did it in dramatic fashion. >> reporter: less than 48 hours after the brussels attack, elites special operators carried out a clandestine raid thursday morning on an isolated road in syria near the badr with iraq. the islamic state's second in command was surrounded in his vehicle and given the option to surrender. instead, he began firing and the u.s. special operators killed him. >> we are systematically elimb mating isil's cabinet. indeed, the u.s. military killed several key isil terrorists this week. including, we believe an isil senior leader serving as a finance minister. >> he was the number two leader in isis, an iraqi who joined al qaeda in 2004. a former physics professor, he was al qaeda's leader in mosul
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during the u.s. ground war in iraq and had a $7 million bounty on his head. the u.s. treasury department designated him a terrorist in may of 2014. he was released from an iraqi prison in 2012 shortly after all u.s. forces pulled out of iraq. >> a number of the leaders of isil were in detention in iraq back in former years, including the head of isil himself in iraqi detention. that's why it is so important that we eliminate. >> secretary and i both believe that there will be an increase to the u.s. forces in iraq in the coming weeks. but that decision hasn't been made. >> reporter: defense secretary ash carter around the chairman of the joint chiefs provided few other details about the operation. >> leaders can be replaced. however, these leaders have been around for a long time. they are senior. they are experienced. and so eliminating them is an
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important objective. >> reporter: carter also confirmed publicly for the first time that a u.s. air strike on march 4th inside syria killed his counterpart, omar, the chechen, the isis minister of war. >> the momentum is in our favor. i think there is a lot of reasons for us to be optimistic about the next several months. but by no means would i say that we're about to break the back of isil or that the fight is over. >> reporter: the u.s. forces, i'm told, had hoped to take haji imam alive but they gave him a choice after surrounding his vehicle. he chose to open fire leaving the assault force no option but to kill him and those he cawas traveling with. u.s. officials say the mission went as planned and looked like something straight out of hollywood. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. the syrian government forces have reportedly captured three neighborhoods in the central syrian city of palmyra. state run tv has shown planes and tanks helping take control of a road between the historic
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city and a nearby town that had been held by islamic state extremists since last may. russian air strikes had supported the government offensive in a city known for its very ancient roman ruins. here in washington lawmakers are demanding an even more muscular white house strategy to defeat and destroy isis. president obama insists it is his number one priority but also says it is a huge challenge. >> it's challenging to find, identify very small groups of people who are willing to die themselves and can walk into a crowd and detonate a bomb. >> one lawmaker says it could take u.s. ground forces in direct combat with isis fighters to stop the attack both in the middle east and around the globe. the former navy seal serves on the house armed services committee and joins us now. congressman, we have these two headlines that have come out this week. the horrible attacks in belgium, and then also word that some of
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our special forces guys have gotten the isis number two. does this mean we're winning against isis or they're just continuing to beat us? >> well, there's positive steps. obviously when you eliminate leadership, that's a good thing. but i'll look at dunford's comment that we're not even close to winning. there are concerns. there are concerns that you have refugees that we don't know who they are, are unvetted. look, a forecast attack and the threat against the united states is not just not those that pull the trigger or wrap themselves with explosives. it is those that would turn a blind eye, those that would help give logistic support. that's what you're seeing in belgium. somebody knew they were there. somebody gave refuge in a house. and in san bernardino, california, someone gave individuals arms and ammunition. this is a concern. >> what's your plan? what's the zinke way? >> i think you have to vet people to come here. our borders are porous.
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our southern border. yes, it will take a fence. we're a great country. we built a panama canal in the 19th century. we're up for a fence in the 21st. yes, build a fence, secure our borders and vet refugees and those people that are coming into this country. until we have a vetting process that is prudent until the fbi director, the head of the department of homeland defense and the state department come up with a vetting system that's reasonable that gives us some assurance, i think we should suspend the program. that would be helpful. and then overseas with isis, it's going to take american boots on ground, but we can't do it alone. it has to be viewed as a muslim effort with our allies. right now our allies don't trust us and our enemies don't fear us. >> as you think about that in terms of how our allies look at us, then also how our enemies look at us, the president got a lot of flack this week for, one, not coming home from cuba during the attacks, then for the optics
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after. specifically him the pictures of him at the baseball game in cuba wearing his sunglasses doing his espn interview. then secondly, doing the tango down in his second state visit in south america. the question would be, does these optics really matter to our enemies? you fought against these types of groups. do they really care what our president is doing? >> well, it is unhelpful when the president dances with stars when we have a terrorist attack of this magnitude. and our foreign policy has been clear. we put red lines across and they mean nothing. we watch iran launch icbms with, in hebrew, destruction of israel painted on the side, and we do nothing. and so our allies look at the united states as not a firm friend in a lot of cases. in the case of israel, i would say that probably egypt is a stronger friend than the united
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states with israel. and that's shocking that during ronald reagan, that would never even be possible. so i think our allies in the region look at united states as not being there when we're needed. and, look. defeat of isis militarily can happen with the u.s. we certainly have the power. but it has to be viewed as a battle within islam as much as east and west, and that will take an alliance, american-led, but an alliance of our muslim allies to help us with this. this is a worldwide epidemic. and in order to face it, we're going to have to work together. look, the statistics are clear. isis is killing more muslims thanthy a they are christians. >> way, way more, as we've seen these attacks not only in the united states, but in other places around the world. congressman, leave it there. thank you, sir. >> thank you and have a happy easter. >> to you, yours and your mother-in-law who you're
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visiting, sir. >> thank you. back to politics. another big weekend for democratic candidates on the campaign trail. we're going to show you live pictures, voters who are caucusing at mlk middle school in seattle. others are caucusing in washington, hawaii and seattle. kristin fisher is there in seattle. caucus sites are open. kristin, are you still seeing some really long lines? >> reporter: well, most people are actually inside now, caucusing. the caucuses have been under way for about an hour now. i just spoke with the precinct captain and she says this is expecting to be a very good day for bernie sanders. she says so far, at least at this precinct, it is shaping up to be that way. right now votes are going for sanders 2-1 for sanders. of course, the turnout very, very high. that typically bodes very well for bernie sanders. i believe we actually have a live shot inside another precinct in seattle so you can get a feel of exactly what i'm talk. i was just inside and it is so
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packed, it feels like a steam room. i mean they are expecting record turnout. higher than in 2008 when obama won here. so it is absolutely packed. when i first got here, there was a line that stretched for several city blocks. i had a chance to speak with a few of the seattle democratic voters here. the thing that clinton voters said that they liked was her experience while sanders supporters said that they really liked his credibility and his consistency.. >> because he represents the people and because he said the same thing for 30 years, over and over. and hasn't swayed back and forth depending on the political climate. that's why. >> well, i think that she is the only person on both sides who can actually get anything done with the house-held congress that we have right now. i think she has the most experience of anybody. i think we are in incredibly dangerous times right now and she's the only one with the proven experience to do so.
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>> reporter: now seattle is certainly bernie sanders' country. it is a very progressive city. it elected a socialist to the city council here last year. indeed, sanders chose this city as the place to hold his big final rally before the caucuses today. it was a rock star rally last night. it was where with the seattle mariners play baseball. about 15,000 people showed up there. that's just one more sign sanders is supposed to win this state and win it big. now the clinton campaign has been really down playing expectations. they do not think she's going to do well in seattle. they hope she might do better in the eastern rural parts of the state. she hasn't spent that much time here, bill and chelsea clp wein were dispatched here to do some campaigning on her behalf. she held two events in washington state on tuesday, but again, she was never expected to do all that well here. as we've seen from the lines
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today be with bernie sanders favored to do very well, both here and in alaska and in hawaii which are also caucusing today. >> kristin fisher, thank you so much. tomorrow, a fox news sunday you don't want to miss. shannon bream will sit down with texas senator ted cruz after a tumultuous week on the campaign trail with the next big primary, wisconsin, just two weeks away. . still ahead, with bernie sanders' anti-establishment credentials finally help win him some victories? >> -- too late right now for establishment politics or establishment economics. we need to rethink some fundamentals about the way this country is run. >> i guess in a certain way i was part of the establishment. but i don't even know if there is an establishment. what they have to do is embrace this phenomenon.
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the gop hopefuls are also fighting to position themselves as the one with the least washington connections. our political panel is here for a fair and balanced debate on why american voters on both sides seem to hungry for an outsider, and what that means for the candidates. plus, pleased to meet you. the rolling stones and their tour with a historic stop in a nation where rock 'n' roll was -- well, less than welcome. ] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪ cook healthy meals... yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need.
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♪ for two hours, music lovers in havana, cuba rocked with the rolling stones last night. they played a two-hour -- get this -- free show for hundreds of thousands of cubans. some foreigners showed up as well. locals danced in the open air to music that was once forbidden. stones are the biggest mainstream rock act to perform in cuba since the 1959 revolution brought the communist castro regime to power.
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safe to say this presidential race has been unpredictable. it's taken many twists and turns, including arguing over who is the establishment candidate versus who is the outsider. many americans say they are searching for a candidate who is not the typical politician. what does it mean to be considered an outsider or an establishment figure? let's have a fair and balanced debate. communications director for american crossroads, ian pryor. campaign director for center for american progress action fund, emily tish susman. i want to take a look at some of these polls. we can see these are new fox news polls. trump still getting 41% over cruz's 38%. kasich at 17%. we're still seeing the outsider candidates. if we remember when the field was once 17, and now it is narrowed. but we are still seeing the yourt sir outsider candidate being the one that voters want. how does the outsider candidate
11:21 am
prevail here, and then what? >> i think for someone like trump he needs to keep doing what he's doing. he's not going out there giving presanitized talking points that people have been hearing for years. he's going out and speaking his mind. take a look at his post-election press conferences. it is like stream of consciousness. >> but people tune in. >> when you tune in and hear trump, you're hearing something that you've never heard before. he's not going to have a filter. he's going to say what's on his mind. i think that's very appealing to the american people who for years have heard same thing and gotten no results. >> appealing, emily. but is that going to translate into votes? >> i think there is a very big difference there. people are tuning in. we don't know necessarily why they're tuning in. i know that a lot of people are tuning in just for the spectacle of it because you don't know what he is going to say and find it very unappealing actually once he starts. it really is not turning into
11:22 am
votes for a lot of people. he really is hitting a ceiling. >> we are seeing thousands turn out. like we haven't seen before. so there is a larger number of republicans coming out and they are voting in the primaries. is that going to be the same result in the general? >> i don't know that we can necessarily say that it will translate to the general. they are turning out in large numbers for the republican primaries more than the last two cycles, but for every candidate. he's turning out as many people for him as against him. i do think we'll continue to see that trend in the general election. he preobably hits around 35% support as a ceiling. we don't know how heavily that influences people maybe to vote for a third party, maybe another candidate or do they just move to a democratic candidate traditional republican voters, just because trump is so unpredictable. >> do you think he has a ceiling, ian? >> if you think about it, he has 37% of the popular vote. he's been able to amass 50% of
11:23 am
the delegates as a result of that plurality, but that's 67% of the vote. hillary clinton is at 60%. the interesting thing on the democratic side the front-runner performs worse in the general election than bernie sanders who is really at about 42%. so the have the establishment lining up behind hillary clinton who -- which you would expect, but bernie sanders against trump, against cruz and against kasich does better than hillary clinton in a general election match-up. >> i want to talk about bernie sanders but i have one more republican question. we talk so much about anti-establishment, anti-establishment. the fact of the matter is these people have these establishment figures have been elected. they are working. there are three branches of government. so regardless of the candidate who is elected, they have to work with the establishment. so how does that work? how does the future look? >> well, i think whoever is elected president is going to have to work with congress is going to have to work with
11:24 am
elected officials to get things done. you can run as an outsider in a campaign but you can't be a president as an outsider, or else you'll get nothing done. we've seen trump talk about working with speaker ryan, working with leader mcconnell. they're going to have to do it. even if ted cruz happens to be president -- he hasn't worked well with some of the senators in his term there, but he's going to have to work with the senate, whether it is republican or democrat, in order to get his priorities passed. >> the outsider is going to have to become an insider. >> they have to. but do they actually do it is the real question. i think we are already seeing problems with the republican leadership governing considering they've embraced this outsider for the last couple of cycles every since really the rise of the tea party in about the 2010 elections. now republicans said once we start to hold the congress, then we will actually govern. that is not the case. that's not what's happening. republicans control the house. already ousted the leader.
11:25 am
can't get things through and can't even now hold hearing for a supreme court nominee. you do have to figure out what is working together and what is keeping the government functioning. >> i want to talk about the democratic side before we end this conversation. you can see with this poll that hillary clinton is still leading with support as she was in august. she is now. but you can see sanders, he jumped a little bit. i think that's actually supposed to say now 41% to 23%. regardless, that's not correct. but he has jumped in support. he is the outsider and there is an increase. so is it the outsider candidate we're seeing voters want it on both sides of the aisle. what are the democratic voters looking for right now ahead of the general election? >> i think there is a piece of the electorate is all we hear is that washington is broken. so everyone that comes out of washington must be broken. then a message like sanders becomes appealing because it is very broad and has huge pla
11:26 am
platitudes. he says we'll deliver everything i can possibly deliver you should the sun. people are drawn to that. it does come down to the fact when candidates see what is going to happen to the economy, what is going to bring jobs back, what is going to grow the economy, what is realistic. i think that does become more and more important as we get towards general election. >> there is the correct polling there. ian, i want to give you the last word. even though he is not necessarily 50%-50% were her, we have seen a huge jump in his support. >> i think part of that positioning himself as the insider and hillary clinton is the ultimate insider. she was secretary of state for president obama. her husband was two-term president. she's been the ploi inplotting presidency since her wisdom teeth came in. bernie sanders is appealing to millions of voters out there who don't want hillary clinton. >> thank you both for joining us. i really appreciate it, ian and emily, i'm sure we'll have you back for more discussions. coming up, turf battles in the gop presidential race.
11:27 am
will location, location, location help donald trump lock in the gop nomination. and in southwest kansas, high winds add urgency to the fight against that state's biggest fire. janice dean is watching the weather in the heartland and across the country. hi. yes, we are dealing with high fire danger across the southwest with red flag warnings in effect. what will your easter sunday look like? we'll cover it when america's news headquarters continues after the break. testing, test. 1, 2, 3, 4... ♪ ♪look out honey... ♪because i'm using technology...♪ ♪
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parts of kansas have been
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put under a state of emergency from a wildfire. officials are calling one of the largest ever in the u.s. it has charred at least 620 square acres and destroyed at least two homes. winds are up to 40 miles per hour. they've made it very difficult for firefighters to contain the flames. all part of a bad weather trifecta in the sunflower state. >> blizzard conditions for our western part of the state, tornado warnings for the northeastern part of the state. there's just a lot of weather going. it is good reminder this time of year in kansas we get a lot of different weather conditions, and just be prepared. >> meanwhile, in florida, our producer, ashley alderman's sister captured this amazing group of storm clouds. unpredictability seems to be just a part of string conditions. hi, janice dean. >> yes, we could get it all tomorrow. we could see the potential for
11:33 am
heavy rain, the threat for severe weather, and snow. that's what happens in the springtime when we have the clash of the two air masses in a lot of cases. the last 24 hours, you see kansas had severe weather and snow and wildfire conditions this week. the severe threat for much of florida we're talking about a marginal threat so we could see some strong to severe storms but nothing too major. tomorrow though, this should actually say sunday. my eye poapologies. tomorrow we'll see chance for tornadoes and large hail. there is the future radar through overnight tonight. could see flooding rainfall along the gulf coast and northern portions of florida. there is the severe risk as that cold front moves through. we'll be watching that certainly tomorrow afternoon so keep that in mind if you have easter egg hunts. then across the northwest and the rockies, it is still feeling
11:34 am
like winter with 10 to 20 degrees below average temperatures over the next couple of days, and feet of snow! spring skiing across the rockies. a quick look ahead to your sunday forecast, again watching the northwest. looking good across much of the central u.s. but severe storms firing across the tennessee and ohio valley. happy easter to you. >> thank you, janice. happy easter. we appreciate it. back now to the world of presidential politics. "the washington post" made hypothetical projections on the possible path to 270 electoral votes and presidential victory. they look very different for the two republicans. ted cruz as "the washington post" looks at it, could dominate throughout the south and upper midwest turning out large groups of dedicated republicans. donald trump, though, could look very different. he could pick up some key rust belt states and the thousands of junior workers in the region.
11:35 am
richard berman is with the senator for union facts, former labor lawyer and president of berman and company. how unusual is it that we have so many union votes now conce e conceivably up for grabs by a republican. >> i don't know that it's all that strange, just that cruz and trump have highlighted it. 40% of union households vote republican into es are exit interviews with people leaving polling places. now cruz and trump have given people an opportunity to say i'm going against my union leadership, i'm going to vote for these people because these are the people who obviously are expressing more republican views than they normally -- the hard-core republican views than people have normally thought, and the union leadership of course is in bed with hillary clinton, in bed with sanders, to some lesser degree, because those are the people who are going to protect the union hierarchy and see to it that the money keeps flowing.
11:36 am
that's what union leadership is most interested in. >> you say "in bed with." hillary clinton describes her relationship with unions this way. >> i have fought for the rights of working people. i have fought for the right to organize and bargain. and we've got to get back to supporting and growing the middle class. and we cannot do that unless we support unions and the work that unions do. to increase the pay, the benefits of people, and make no mistake about it, we are in a very tough political fight. because a lot of employers and a lot of their ideological supporters like the cokoch brothers, they want to destroy the labor movement. >> well, she supports unions and at least the union leadership supports her. we had our brain room put together a graphic to show just how many unions have endorsed hillary clinton. if we were going to read all the names, we'd be here for a while.
11:37 am
also not only have che they endorsed her, huge amounts of money. $8.65 million to her campaign in outside groups. that's a lot of money. what are the unions hoping to buy zp. >> first of all what they're buying is locking in the current system where there's no secret ballot elections if the unions don't want them, where you can't get out of a union once you're in it, where they take your money and use it for left wing groups. we tracked $420 million last year out of union dues that went to left wing groups that are concerned about abortions, that are concerned about environmental issues, that are concerned about the war. while you may as a union member support some of those groups, as i said, 40% of union members are republican. >> that's the answer for these 40% who vote republican, may not agree with all these left wing groups, yet clearly their union dues are going to it. >> one answer which hillary clinton is opposed to and sanders is opposed to is a bill in congress called the employee rights act which has eight major reforms to a 1940 law that gives
11:38 am
people an opportunity to actually have more democracy in the workplace. and hillary clinton is opposed to it because the union leadership is a he poopposed to because they've got a sweet deal and don't want to give people who are union members to control their own dues money and several other issues all of which poll 80% among union members, union households, democrats, republicans, it just doesn't poll 80% with union leaders. that's who hillary is tied in with. >> as we look towards the general election and how this could play out, if all of a sudden union leadership continues to support hillary clinton or whoever ot democratic nominee is, and say more than 40% of union voters decide to shift over to the republican candidate, especially donald trump has a lot of appeal for blue collar democrats. what does that mean for the union movement going forward? >> most people don't realize that the union movement is
11:39 am
dying. it is dying because people don't feel that they need to represent themselves on the job with a third party. they can represent themselves. the second thing that people need to understand is if the democrats stay in power at the presidential level, you'll still continue to have this national labor relations board which has been changing the rules on junior organizing to force people into unions. and actually artificially increase the amount of union m members than what normally happens in a free and fair election. >> president appoints a national labor relations board member. right? >> right. and they set the rules of the game. so they basically supported the umpires who are not playing fair ball. >> we'll see hot new president appoints. obviously probably pretty clear who hillary clinton would appoint if elected. mr. berman, appreciate you coming in. thanks, good to see you on a saturday. all the best, sir. still to come, as belgium mourns all the lives of those lost in this week's attacks, so
11:40 am
many questions remain about who are the men responsible. what experts say they studied. we'll explain coming up. and why no political big-wig from either party can compete with the most popular attraction in d.c. these days. >> they're really beautiful. i wasn't expecting the pink and the white. to be able to look out and see all around the tidal basin is really pretty.
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in the aftermath of the terror attacks, we're learning that researchers have been studying evidence that there is a surprising connection between radicalized terrorists and their educational backgrounds. key may surprise you. it is actually engineering. in this week's attack, one bomber appears to have studied electro mechanical engineering. the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, khalid shaikh mohammed, also held a degree in mechanical
11:45 am
engineering. let's bring in the author of the new book "engineers of jihad, the curious connection between violent extremism and education." he says 8 of the 25 individuals directly involved in the september 11th attacks were engineers. stefan hertog joins us now from london. thanks so much for joining us, stefb. >> thank you. >> you did list some consistencies in your research. but i want to ask you, how did you come about this conclusion and what can you tell us about evidence that proves a big percentage of these alleged terrorists have a background in engineering? >> so the story that many engineers and -- as it was said at the time, scientists among islamic radicals have been around as an anecdote of specialists of islamic violence, for a long time.
11:46 am
my o you co-author gathered a l data set of biographies of radical muslim activists and islamic world and in the west over the last four decades. we did find that indeed engineers, among those with degrees, are quite drastically overrepresented some six times larger than you would expect. >> okay. what else did you learn, and is there a mindset that's susceptible to becoming radicalized? >> so what we also found and that leads to the mindset story is that engineers are also overrepresented among right wing radicals throughout 20th century and throughout the world, they're pretty much absent among left wing radicals. we got into political psychology literature that shows that there is is a number of personality traits that are affiliated with right wing and conservative attitudes. those three traits are finally being easily discussed and as a result seeking some kind of
11:47 am
purification of your environment or society, what psychologists call a high need foreclosure, that's need for an ordered environment, for predictability. intolerance of ambiguity. the last one is very strong affiliation with your in group. so be it an ethic in group or religious in group, fellow muslims or fellow christians, and strong rejection of the out group. we argue extremism caters to those traits. if you strip the religious components of islamic radicalism, you have something that's similar to right wing ideology. next we looked at international survey data and found on average among people with engineering degrees, actually those personality traits tend to be more pronounced. all three of them. >> we only have about 15 seconds left. steffan, you said it is still
11:48 am
too early to find a concrete solution or prescription but what is the take-away you learned? >> i think the take-away is personality does matter. social contacts, marginalizat n marginalization, we hope to learn more about your personality and profile and use that also in counterterrorism strategy in the coming years. >> thank so much for joining us. really very interesting. thank you so much. still ahead, it is normally a tool used to protect presidents and other high-value targets. now it could be coming to a street near you. plus -- a bubble bath for one very special d.c. celebrity. we'll tell you why he's so interested in doing a little spring cleaning. ♪ (cell phone rings) well the squirrels are back in the attic.
11:49 am
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the weather could not be more perfect for debut of one of washington's most prized tourist attractions. japanese cherry blossom trees are at their peak, just in time for the thousands of visitors in town for spring break. the trees were a gift from japan back in 1912 and they're gorgeous. >> they are indeed. the crowds are not so gorgeous. ordinarily, it is the president driving around in a bulletproof car. his limo is nicknamed the beast. now police departments around the country could be getting the
11:53 am
same technology to protect all of us. our own senior correspondent rick leventhal shows us how. >> reporter: a shocking demonstration of the kind of threats law enforcement faces every day and the kind of protection that could help save lives. armoring vehicles isn't a new concept, but technology has advanced to the point where materials are much more light weight and affordable. >> it's a tough job and we have to protect the police officers as much as possible. >> freeze it! >> reporter: three new york city cops have been killed by gunfire through the windows of their patrol cars in the last two years. the nypd has launched a pilot program to test ballistic protection on 60 vehicles putting bull es resistant pams on the doors and ballistic inserts in the windows at a fraction of the weight and cost of older systems. >> obviously, bullets aren't flying on the streets every day all day, but i would imagine there's some extra degree of confidence when you're in a vehicle and you know you are
11:54 am
protected. >> yes. the whole purpose is to give the cops more protection and make them feel more protected. >> reporter: a maryland armor company called hardwire created the panels the nypd will deploy. >> as these new technologies, new fibers become available that, you know, for the first time man has surpassed spider silk in strength per density, we can create armored materials that are so light weight and so thin that they can be applied just to the average car. >> reporter: now ford is offering factory installed ballistic protection as an option on pursuit-rated police vehicles. the doors are beefed up with ceramic tile and a layer of kevlar-like material and it held up against small arms, long guns and high-peers ammo. >> several handgun rounds ranging from .38 caliber up to a .45 and a 12-gauge shotgun all in one door with zero penetration. >> reporter: the ballistic doors can also provide cover to
11:55 am
officers under fire, a feature they hope they won't need but are grateful to have. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. coming up, i know you didn't need it, but there's more proof that pandas are adorable. this giant male panda seen enjoying the spring, giving himself a bath. turns out he's claiming up for the same reason a lot of guys do. that story coming up. ♪ splish slash i was taking a bath ♪ to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria. trubiotics. be true to your health. [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪
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for those of you who haven't lost interest in the ncaa march madness because your bracket totally busted, it is elite eight weekend. first, oklahoma sooners versus oregon ducks. tomorrow, north carolina tar heels battle the fighting irish of notre dame. and the virginia cavaliers try to put the squeeze on the syracuse orange. we shall see how it comes out. >> good luck. and at the national zoo in d.c., chin chin is giving new meaning to the term spring cleaning. the giant panda was caught having something of a spa day, showing signs that love is in the air. the zoo says pandas don't normally bathe themselves in the wild but chin chin is in what is known as a rut, in other words, showing behavior associated with breeding, and that includes a love for water. we'll take advantage of it because we love to see cute panda video in a little tub of water. >> there you go. we'll leave it there. before we get ourselves into
12:00 pm
trouble. that's all for us in washington, america's election headquarters. thanks for joining us. and we begin with a "fox news alert." major developments in the wake of the brussels terror attacks. i'm uma pemmaraju. belgian prosecutors confirm to fox news that a new suspect is now in custody. belgian media is reporting that he is the third bomber from the airport attack. however, we are still working to confirm this. here's a look at the suspect right now i fied as faycal cheffou, who claims to be a filmmaker and freelance journalist. this video shows him reporting outside a center in belgium for asylum seekers. let's get the latest from mike tobin joining us live in central brussels


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