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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  March 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> love the pomegranate. >> you have to know how to drive the whole thing as well. happy easter. >> happy easter. >> happy easter everyone. thanks for joining us. they're the doctors. tension in brussels as far right demonstrators clash with police at the sight of a makeshift memorial for the victims of tuesday's terrorist attacks. this as police launch 13 new raids in three cities. we'll take a closer look at the lives of this young american couple killed at the brussels airport. three states feeling the bern for sanders in democratic caucuses proving he's still a force and putting hillary
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clinton on the defensive. we'll go around the world with the sights and sounds of easter celebrations and talk about the special message of this day with father paul scalia, son of the late supreme court justice. happy easter to you and yours. thanks for joining us. i'm leland vittert and i'm elizabeth prann. welcome to election headquarters from washington. we now know their names. these are the faces of two more americans killed in the brussels attacks. justin shults and his 29-year-old wife stephanie had just taken her mother to the airport. her mother is not physically harmed. she had made it through security. meanwhile, on the streets of brussels, a peace march to honor
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the -- it did happen. hard right protesters showed up but the gathering was mostly peaceful. police did break out water cannons at one points. meanwhile, more raids in belgium today. more people in custody. mike tobin is on the ground with the latest. hi, mike. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. belgian police hardened the entrance and exits from the stock exchange plaza where the memorial for the victims has been growing. the barriers and the trucks are intended to prevent bombers or other attackers on the plaza. it wouldn't have prevented what happened here today. about 450 self-proclaimed right-wing soccer hooligans came on to the plaza. they did the nazi salute, had anti-immigrant slogans and chanted slogans much their favorite soccer team. that caused them to clash with the people who came to quietly mourn. ultimately the riot gear came out.
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there was vandalism. in the end, you had about ten people who were arrested now, back to the investigation itself. the manhunt continues as well. the man shot friday at the tram station has been i.d.'d. but the prosecutor's office i.d. them rahman a. and participating in the aid of a terrorist organization. 13 more raids have been conductsed. five have been released. there are eight people who are still at larng. they're described as islamist from france and belgium with connections to the paris attackers. but as we see more and more, the paris attacks are linked to the belgium bombing. elizabeth, back to you. >> mike tobin reporting live, thank you so much. for insider analysis, meet assistant director and counterterrorism chief joins us now. you participated in these types of investigations. five days in, where are we?
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what do police know? what don't they know? >> one of the sad realities of these events is that after a successful attack, you are inundated with information as opposed to before when you're searching for bits and pieces of intelligence to prevent it. after an attack, you're inundated. the pace of the investigation picks up dramatically. that's what you're seeing now. o forensic evidence, eyewitness evidence. people coming forward with information. the pace picks up dramatically and you're able do do a lot more, more quickly. >> if you have the resources to do it. there's been so many ak indications abdomen for that matter proof. we look the at the raids they're carrying out. the "wall street journal" had a great article outlining a string of missteps. this is a searing article. they couldn't find abdeslam for a long time. didn't arrest one of the bombers after the turkish cops tipped them off.
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this guy was a bad dude involved in terrorist activities. two other bombers were known for police with links to the terrorist bombings. belgian police did nothing. they were tipped off about one bomber three years ago. that's what we just know in five days. are they incompetent. ? overwhelmed? too much political correctness? what's the problem? >> willing to go with the conclusions. without being overly defensive in terms of law enforcement and investigations, it's 20/20 hindsight is perfect. i listened to that string of ak indications th -- accusations. let's take the turkish tipoff. they tipped them off with a person with some relationship to terrorism was on the way to belgium. it was no allegation that this person was wanted or committed a criminal act. belgium is a democracy. there's only so much you can do with a tip that a person of interest as opposed someone with
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an arrest warrant for them. each of these things needs to be looked at separately and evaluated separately before you can say how severe the deficiencies are. >> fair enough. but as you're looking now as an american thinking of going to belgium, you have to say to yourself, gee, these guys don't seem to be on top of things if 3 1/2 months after paris if a group linked to the same cell carrying out another attack. >> that's a fair evaluation. i think that there are certainly still weaknesses in europe and you put your finger on something in particular, which is the lack of information flow from one country to another. it's uneven. it's also very difficult. again, we see in our own country, we faced this after 9/11, the difficulty of information flow -- >> connecting the dots. >> connecting the dots between agencies, even when there's a will to do it, it's often difficult. europe has some --
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unfortunately, some of the same problems. each of the european countries have different skills and abilities. >> different laws too. >> last 30 seconds, are we safer here in the united states as we sit here today than folks in paris and brussels, in prague and those cities from this threat of, shall we say, not a lone wolf but an organized terror cell? >> whatever i say could change tomorrow. but i would conclude right now today, yes, we are somewhat safer than -- >> better at this -- >> there's a whole range of reasons. we are good at what we do now. we're not invulnerable. i say right now today we're better off. >> intelligence officials warn us,s the terrorists only have to be right once, we have to be right 100% of the time. thank you, sir. appreciate your insight. moving on to politics now. three for three. bernie sanders sweeps the
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democratic caucuses, winning washington state, hawaii and alaska by what were very wide margins. sanders now saying he has "a task toward victory" despite hillary clinton retaining a significant delegate lead. sanders' trifecta highlights her vulnerabdevelo vulnerabilities with certain types of voters. >> that includes hillary clinton -- in my opinion, the only guy that's really standing up for us, the person or even everybody is bernie sanders. so i'm going with sanders. >> i feel i'm very involved with -- it's great to see his wife come up and have -- nobody comes to alaska. pretty great. >> you heard that woman talk about his wife. she was referring to jane sanders who went hundreds of miles in alaska this past week while her husband was between concentrating on delegate-rich wisconsin. as he celebrates his win,
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sanders says his campaign is reaching out to superdelegates who overwhelmingly support clinton. they can change their mind. kristen fisher joins us with a wrap of the events and what we have going forward. hi, kristen. >> hay, leland. two things stand out from yesterday. the huge margin that bernie sanders won by. in washington state, 46 points. in alaska, beat her by a ridiculous 64 points. here in seattle, near record turnout. the state's democratic party says there's a good chance that more democratic voters came out to caucus yesterday than in 2008 when obama won. that shows you how much bernie sanders has energized the base in this state. it was a progressive state. lots of liberal, white voters. sanders' core constituentcy.
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sanders won every single county. that is huge. hawaii was the one state that could have gone for clinton and indeed, sanders won that state by the smallest margin. he still won 70-30. neither of them campaigned in hawaii. same with alaska. not a lot of delegates. 16 in alaska. sanders scooped up most of them by winning 82-18. sanders has narrowed the delegate gap. clinton has a very big lead in terms of delegates. still, this morning on the sunday shows, sanders said after these three wins yesterday, he still believes that he has a very clear path to the democratic nomination. >> when we have the momentum, we have won five out of the six last contests in landslide fashion. in all of the national polling that i have seen, we are beating donald trump by much greater margins than is secretary clinton. a lot of the superdelegates are now beginning to look at which democratic candidate is in the
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best place to defeat donald trump. i think some of them are beginning to understand that it's bernie sanders. >> so far clinton hasn't talked or tweeted about any of her losses yesterday. instead, like most presidential candidates, she took the easter weekend off. she'll be back on the campaign trail in wisconsin. that's the next state to vote. 96 delegates are on the line. it's another must-win for bernie sanders if he has any hopes of catching up to clinton in terms of delegates even after the three big wins yesterday. leland. >> the rnc using the same talking points saying that hillary only won one for six in the past few contests. kristin fisher live in seattle. thanks, kristin. liz has more. >> all right. let's break down sanders' big win out west. he has momentum, obviously and money. does he have the numbers? daniel helper is the online editor for the weekly standard. he joins me now. >> thank you. >> we watched kristin's report. the headline isn't that he won.
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it's by how much he won by. we're talking about 82% in alaska, 70% in hawaii, 73% in washington state. what's the take away. >> those are impressive. >> really big numbers. >> you don't just win like that if you're not representing a huge portion of the party. look, the mass suggests and i think rightly, that bernie sanders won't be the democratic nominee. but we do learn that his voice is very important to the democratic nominee and to the democratic party. hillary clinton has to incorporate it. she can't -- >> how does she do that? >> we've seen her about go to the left and rail against money and politics and things that bothered her in the past and are -- her vp pick has to incorporate bernie sanders. not that it has to be him. though i think winning 15 states which he's done, including the last five, hillary clinton has only won 20 contests, so it's not -- she's not huge. he might have a case to make for
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him being the vp pick. but more importantly, i think if she's the nominee, she has to say who can i have on my ticket to speak to these -- >> more progressive. >> more liberal and socialist. that's what he calls himself. side of the party. because we need that to beat donald trump. otherwise, we have no choice. or no chance. >> the numbers like you said, from a mass perspective, it's going to be nearly impossible for him to get the nomination like you just said. going forward, how does she spin this thing, listen, it's proportional. so i did get some delegates on my side after this weekend. how does she spin this weekend? she is are pretty appalling numbers. how does she say it's all right. it's easter weekend, so she's not on the trail. she'll be out on the trail tomorrow. >> she needs to motivate people and spin this and say, look, my people need to continue to vote for me, continue to give me money and canvass and call voters and get people to come
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out to the polls. otherwise, i'll lose more contests and it will look worse. that's her take away. she's going to be the nominee as we both probably established and as the convention suggests. it's not going to be easy. bernie sanders, because he's raised historic amount of money from a huge number of people, there's no reason for him to leave the race. he owes it to the people to stay in and he said he's going to stay in until the end. i think he means it. it ensures that she can't pivot to be more moderate and more appeal to more conservatives because he doesn't want her to. a lot of the party doesn't want her to pivot because they want her to speak to them and to their concerns and to the progressive party. i think that's sort of what's at play going forward. >> are you getting the sense that there are critics that say she perhaps focused too much on the general election too early, that she's been pitting donald trump, talking about donald trump as opposed to talking about bernie sanders before she's even gotten a nomination?
10:15 am
has there been any missteps there? >> i'm not sure that's her problem. her problem is that she's not a very good campaigner. the other week, what are you going to do for poor wife. she said put coal miners out of business and close down coal herders. that's not a side of a desk politician when you're talking about how you're putting people to work and whole entire industries out of business. i think those sorts of mistakes, i think she's brought a lot of this upon herself. historically, she's unprecedented front-runner, incredible strengths going into the contest. the weaknesses, bernie has done amazing things. i think that's a problem for her going forward. except, of course, there are tons of problems on the republican side as well. it won't be a smooth battle. >> if we had more time. >> right. >> daniel, thank you for joining us. i think we'll have many more conversations like this.
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leland? the terror attacks in brussels and the ongoing isis threat dominated discussions for republican presidential hopefuls on the sunday talk show circuits today. all three remaining candidates doubled down on tharp foreign policy proposals. this seemed to play well with nair core supporters. >> in order for us to have great human intelligence, i want the public to hear this. we are going to have to have intimate communication and coordination with our friends in the muslim community. >> if i'm president, we will utterly and completely destroy isis. we will carpet bomb them into oblivion using overwhelming air power, arm the kurds on the ground, we will use our forces to defeat them. >> lots of the free world has become weak. when you look at brussels and the way they've handled things from law enforcement stand points, when you look at paris, when you look at so many other places, no. it's not. neither is the united states a safe place. >> after largely taking the
10:17 am
weekend off, republican presidential candidates head to america's dairyland, wisconsin, ahead of the april 5th primary. 42 delegates are at stake there. as a refresher, here's where the delegate count stands. 1237 delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination before the convention. donald trump leads with more than half of that number. ted cruz at 465, governor john kasich is a distant third. >> now to the family who currently resides in the white house. brand new video of the obama family heading to easter services. the president, mrs. obama, their daughters, sasha and malia, left the white house this morning to go to the church in alexandria, virginia, where they joined hundreds of others who came to hear the easter sermon. >> coming up after the break, after days of confusing and conflicting information, two families' worst fear rs
10:18 am
confirmed. an american couple missing since tuesday are confirmed victims of the brussels terror attack. a look at the lives of justin and stephanie shults coming up. crews here in kansas are battling the biggest wildfire in that state's history. now they're getting help from a source more accustomed to combat than fire control. we're going to explain. pedestrians have the right-of-way. this video is hard to stomach. this driver, is he going to yield? the end of this heart stopping story is ahead. stopping story is ahead. -stopping story is ahead. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound)
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kansas national guard is now in a fight against a massive wildfire. four blackhawk helicopters are flying over a 620 square mile blaze. two of them are equipped with 660-gallon buckets of water to try and douse the blaze from above. that wildfire started tuesday somewhere near the oklahoma border. barber county, kansas. it's burned through at least six homes and killed a lot of cattle. big cattle farms out there. officials estimate that the fire is now 36% contained.
10:23 am
back to our lead story. condolences pouring in for justin and stephanie shults. they were confirmed this weekend as being killed in the airport. will has the details. hi, will. >> hello. justin and stephanie shults were dropping off her mom at the airport when the bomb went off. since then, their family members were holding on to hope that they had survived and in a local hospital because they were told by authorities that might be the case. turns out, that was not accurate. they were both killed at the airport. justin had just turned 30 a couple of weeks ago. he was originally from tennessee. stephanie, his wife, was 29. she was from kentucky. both went to vanderbilt university where they met in graduate school. they went on to become accountants, got married, were living in brussels after stephanie took a job there in 2014. they lived in the heart of the city. according to family members,
10:24 am
they weren't worried about terrorists or increasing threats from jihadists there. justin's brother taking to twitter this morning saying needed to hear this today even though we've been in agony all week. justin and steph have been together and at that time peace in the apples of our lo-- arms lord. secretary john kerry weighed in on their loss. >> the united states, i want you to know, is praying and grieving with you. for the loved ones of those cruelly taken from us, including americans and for many who were injured in these despicable attacks. >> family members say that justin and stephanie loved to travel. they ran with the bulls in spain. they also went to london, paris and germany. beyond their tragic loss. we know that two other americans were confirmed to have been killed in the attacks. their names have not been released to the public yet.
10:25 am
we also know that around a dozen americans were injured. elizabeth? >> will carr reporting live. thank you. what spring break? while some are enjoying sun and fun, others are breaking out the snow shovels again. it has been a wild easter weather weekend. we'll show you coming up. plus, you know you've missed -- the hiatus of of the presidential contenders are heading back to the campaign trail. the presidential contenders are heading back to the campaign trail. the presidential contenders are heading back to the campaign trail. the presidential contenders are heading back to the campaign trail. was that the sound of momentum shifting in his direction? it was game, set, match for bernie sanders in the latest democratic contest. but can he keep going? we're going to ask our political panel coming up. [engines revvin]
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the calendar may say spring, but you'd never know in parts of colorado. blast of winter weather drops about a foot of wet heavy snow. icing roads, snapping branches and cutting power lines. a couple thousand homes and businesses are without power. temperatures may hit the 50s today but more snow is expected by midweek. they're cleaning up today in central florida after storms ripped through the area. residents describe hail falling
10:31 am
that started out the size of a pea and got bigger in some yards and were covered as if it were snow. the hail and strong winds damaged trees and made people take cover. >> started hearing loud noise against the garage door and the windows and is that hail? and then you looked outside, it was coming down. we noticed that the roof came down on the porch. i thought it was going to be a tornado or something. >> then the door starts shaking and the window, we were like, this is crazy. and then it went down and everything went crazy. so we went inside. >> take a look at this. the pennsylvania car dealership had quite the scare when a block of ice fell through the sky crashing into one of the windshields of a car. a salesman at the car lot says he was with two customers when
10:32 am
they heard a whistling noise and then saw the ice crash through the windshield. police believe the block of ice likely fell from an airplane flying over the car dealership. so watch out. fresh off his sweep of alaska, washington state and hawaii, the bern-men tum part of his campaign is back. but he's still far behind hillary clinton in the delegate count. both the superdelegates and the normal kind. >> i think the momentum is with us. a lot of these superdelegates may rethink their position with secretary clinton. a lot have not yet declared. then you've got superdelegates, we win by 40 or 50 points, at this think their constituents will say, hey, why don't you support the people of our state, vote for sanders. >> all right. superdelegates, again, we talked a lot about them in 2008 when clinton had an early edge among
10:33 am
democratic party but then lost it to the tidal wave for what was then democratic senator obama. david payne is here to decode if bernie mentum is real. interesting on easter sunday no less, that the rnc and bernie sanders had the same talking points. craig, to you first. they said look, clinton is 1 for 6 in the contest. it shows how weak she is. are they right? >> bernie had a great night last night and he's going to have some more big nights. he's like the energizer bunny. he's going to raise a lot of money today and tomorrow. secretary clinton wins in the normal kind of delegates like you said. it's going to be close to impossible for him to him. he's going all the way to the end. he's not going anywhere. >> does this help republicans in sense that you see the rnc getting behind bernie a little bit. at least in their talking points. as to how this plays out. >> i don't know that it helps
10:34 am
the republican candidates in any way. because when bernie sanders is matched up against the republicans in hypothetical polls, he often wins. he often beats donald trump and he's beating ted cruz and john kasich in some cases. since we're talking about it, math has never been a strength for socialists and the math is against bernie sanders here. the delegates aren't adding up for him. he's not winning black voters or hispanic voters. without that, it's not sustainable and he won't have the delegate count to win. >> a lot of people are pointing out, april 19th, new york. a lot of delegates up for grabs. hillary clinton's adopted home state. she was a senator from there. sanders seems to be making a big push in new york. if he makes new york competitive, does that push this farther along? >> the kind of night he had last night is not the type of morning that anybody wants to wake up to when you're the front-runner. new york is very important to her. it's where her campaign is and where senator sanders was
10:35 am
raised. he will make it a campaign. but i think she has a strong advantage there. certainly all the polls she does. he needs to win in wisconsin more so than she needs to win at this point in new york. >> all right. we'll move on now to the republicans. interesting, all three candidates basically took the easter weekend off. they appeared on the sunday shows. big topic was terror. listen to senator ted cruz and shannon breen. >> that was part of a global jihad. it's being waged on europe and israel and being waged on the united states of america. and for seven ars, president obama and hillary clinton and this administration have been so bound up by political correctness, they've refused to acknowledge what it is we're fighting. >> all right. so craig, to you. as we've seen sort of the up tick in the number of isis attacks, from san bernardino, paris and brussels now, in a grim way, does this sort of hurt the democrats, help the republicans broadly in that the
10:36 am
conversation is so focused on terror and american fears. >> i think short term it helps trump on the republican side. long-term, because he's so erratic and so unpredictable and so out of control, i believe that he can easily be portrayed and correctly as somebody who doesn't have the temperament to be commander in chief or to fight terrorism. we saw david in the past couple of days, a number of police chiefs, mayor bill de blasio, police commissioner in new york come out very tough against what ted cruz has been saying. >> i think there's two things at work here. one, ever since the paris attacks, going back a little ways now, this has become in a way a national security election. america's policy on isis was created by barack obama and by hillary clinton. i think in some ways she has to own that. the republicans, all of them, donald trump included and certainly ted cruz, is going to be running against her record and obama's record our policy on isis. which is a lack of policy.
10:37 am
>> is that a problem for the democratic nominee, especially hillary clinton. >> i think secretary clinton has more experience and better term permt than any of them running. >> that's one thing. but how do you say i have experience even though i didn't do well? >> clearly, this is and it should be a topic of national concern and it should be part of the presidential campaign. so far, we have not seen a single republican candidate who can talk about it in a credible way. donald trump certainly can't and he in all likelihood is going to be the nominee. >> interesting. david, last word. >> i think if we had as paul ryan has said into an open or contested convention, i think that's a big question we have to ask. >> for people like us. we love to talk about it, don't we? craig, david, appreciate it. happy easter to you and yours, guys. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, five lanes of traffic, two speeding cars. stop it right there president and a pedestrian in china
10:38 am
running to beat the light. the stomach turning outcome and we mean stomach turning coming up. plus, finding strength and comfort in what were perilous times. how the eastern message is resonating around the world and here in washington.
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most of the orcas at seaworld were born here. sending them into the wild wouldn't be noble. it could be fatal. when they freed keiko, the killer whale of movie fame, the effort was a failure and he perished. but we also understand that times have changed. today, people are concerned about the world's largest animals like never before. so we too must change. that's why the orcas in our care will be the last generation at seaworld. there will be no more breeding. we're also phasing out orca theatrical shows. they'll continue to receive the highest standard of care available anywhere. and guests can come to see them simply being their majestic selves. inspiring the next generation of people to love them as you do. fair warning if you have a
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weak stomach. no way to unsee this cringe-worthy video. a young woman in china is racing. there you see across five lanes of traffic. yeah. she ran out of luck. she was hit once by a speeding car and dragged by another car. police say she sustained a number of injuries, but none are believed to be life-threatening. as we watch that video, the one thing you can't tell is if she was texting while she was walking across the street. >> my goodness. i'm pretty sure she was not texting. i have to actually turn away after i saw it the first time. >> they're going to make texting while walking illegal. >> i did see that. >> there you go. now that she's okay, we can move on. happy easter. the mass looks to jesus yesterday. it reaches into the past, reaches to the last supper, to the crucifixion, to the
10:44 am
resurrection and it makes those mysteries and their power present here on this altar. jesus himself becomes present here today under the form of bread and wine so that we can unite all our prayers of thanksgiving, sorrow and petition with christ himself as an offering to the father. >> father paul scalia last month in washington leading the mass after his father, supreme court justice antonin scalia. it brings a message of spiritual renewal and hope for eternal life. the brussels terror attacks reminded us that this message is needed now more than ever, especially for the victims and their families. i had a chance to sit down with father scalia to talk with him about the power of faith in times of suffering and how his family is celebrating their first easter without their father. >> i'll be with my mother and
10:45 am
some siblings. we will observe it going to mass and so our lord's resurrection gives us hope in eternal life and hope to see our dad again. >> it is such a hopeful time this weekend. but i also want to ask you, how do you celebrate this holiday at a time when people are feeling so much fear across the globe. in light of brussels, in light of the headlines that are sprayed cross the news that people are reading. how do you celebrate easter and how do you tell the folks in your congregation that? >> in a sense, easter is precisely sort of designed and ordered to address that. our lord's resurrection from the dead shows the triumph over all of those humana tempts to control things on our own,
10:46 am
design the world the way that we want it. his resurrection shows that his teaching on forgiveness, on love, not only for one's brother with you one's enemy, all of those things triumph over violence and death and over all things. >> folks come to you because they're losing faith when they see this. what is your response to that? >> first, that on good friday we see jesus in the midst of all of our suffering. uniting himself, uniting god himself in our suffering. and second, on easter sunday, we see jesus triumphant over all of that. that he has come and united himself with us in all of these things and today he triumphs over them and gives us hope and assures us that he has the last word. >> there are -- alongside the fact that we are seeing these terror attacks, they go hand in hand with the fact that there
10:47 am
are millions being persecuted across the middle east and all parts of the globe. how do you lead by example? how do you keep faith alive in times like this to persevere through this persecution? >> first i think being conscious that christians are united with one another in the body of christ throughout the world and so our prayers for those who are being persecuted, precisely because of their faith in christ, we unite our prayers with them and pray for them during the liturgies leading up to easter and on easter sunday itself. and then praying for ourselves that we can bear witness to that same faith and we can bear witness when it's difficult, as they're called to do now. >> i wish we had more time. we thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we're thinking of your family this easter and happy easter. >> happy easter to you, thank you. incredibly impressive. >> we talked so much about
10:48 am
what's going on around the world. we talked about the millions of christians being persecuted. he has a really strong message this easter, especially in light of his own personal story. >> he living that same life and the same teachings in his own life and we saw that powerfully at the funeral for his father. incredible. >> as we move on, millions of christians are celebrating, of course, their holiest day, including pope francis who had extra security at the vatican for mass. of course, his message after the break. soo. plus, a group of kids gets an eggstra special delivery. it sure didn't come by bunny. we'll tell you who got the drop on the rabbit coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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three, two, one! >> and they're off. a mad scramble of kids in tampa,
10:53 am
florida, get extra excited for a special easter event. they dropped 50,000 eggs filled with chocolates from a helicopter onto the football field while a group of very eager kids awaited. i can't imagine the sugar high after that. the event was hosted by a local church celebrating easter. >> easter eggs among the celebrations as christians around the world mark the resurrection of jesus christ this easter sunday. the holiest day, of course, on the christian calendar. from the vatican to preparations under way at the white house for tomorrow's big easter egg roll, following all the celebrations around the globe from our newsroom in new york, hi, brian. >> reporter: hope, renewed faith, family, bunnies, colorful eggs, flowers, and, yes, even peace springay. first and foremost christians believe jesus was resurrected and from the vatican balcony, the pope sending a hopeful message calling on the world not
10:54 am
to forget its my granigrants an refugees while announcing terrorist attacks. >> translator: may he draw us closer on this easter feast. to the victims of terrorism that blind and brutal form of violence which continues to shed blood in different parts of the world. >> reporter: meantime, u.s. and nato troops serving in afghanistan away from their families attending gospel and group prayer services in kabul and iraq's beleaguered christian community, believers celebrated easter at a church in the middle of baghdad. the christian population dwindled from 1.5 million to 275,000. what many call a genocide at the hands of isis terrorists. in ireland a rainbow brightened the skies above dublin marking 100 years since british rule
10:55 am
leading to ireland's war of independence. and in mexico city, mexicans burned and imploded a ten-foot-tall paper effigy of donald trump. president obama also smoking a cuban cigar and a paper effigy of an isis fighter, burning, mexicans set fire to theirs, a symbolic way of destroying evil before easter and typically includes politicians. eight districts compete for the most elaborate effigy created. no shortage of commemorating this holiest of weeks. from all of us, i extend a happy easter to all of you back home. >> to you and yours, bryan, all the best. >> thank you, bryan. >> reporter: take care. all right, coming up, the final four countdown is on. march madness sidelines two number one teams and gives rival fans something to celebrate. two more contests tonight. a preview is coming up.
10:56 am
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11:00 am
the villanova wildcats beat top-ranked kansas to make it to the final four for the first time since 2009. >> living proof that nobody ever invites me. >> there you go. there you go. an american couple confirmed dead and more arrests in the brussels terror attacks. what are we doing to keep the homeland safe? today the top law maker in the house intelligence committee reacts. >> i'm worried that this was, indeed, some type of attack on americans. >> congressman devin nunes on why he thinks americans were the target. only on "fox news sunday." and is the criticism president obama faced for doing the wave and dancing the tango amid the terror threats fair? >> i have a lot of things on my plate. but my top priority is to defeat isis. >> we'll ask our sda


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