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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 28, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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dancing on top of it. three people injured. the ugly, police in a normally quiet washington state community were able to get 45 pounds of unlicensed pot off the streets thanks to a guy screaming at an easter egg hunt. that wraps up "fox & friends first." have a great day. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good monday morning. it is march 28th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. dozens of christians murdered on easter sunday. all of them targeted for their faith. the latest on the terrorists taking credit and the white house's response. plus, donald trump says enough's enough, and it's time to put america first. the administration's response -- >> every leader i meet, they ask about what is happening in america. they cannot believe it. it's clear to me that what's happening is an embarrassment to our country. >> our r -- are republicans really the embarrassment? okay, great arm?
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bad idea. [ bleep ] >> oh, my god. oh! [ cheers ] >> good luck throwing with your arm in handcuffs. that's a cop car that he hits. >> not a good idea. >> little things you miss over the weekend because mornings are better with friends. ♪ good morning. if you're just waking up, unc won last night. i went to bed when the game was just beginning. >> the game here -- >> look at. that carolina blue today. >> that was the latest game. i know, got to support my carolina fans. >> you could say notre dame lost. you could say syracuse came back -- >> i didn't know who to pull for because i like both teams. >> it sounds like you do know how to pull for. how you're dressed -- >> i didn't mean to do this, i promise. >> brian was -- and ivanka had her baby, a
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little baby yesterday. >> yeah. a lot of information. all that you need to know. not all of it good. >> we'll start with this -- a fox news alert. as we mentioned moments ago, christians targeted in a bloody easter weekend attack in pakistan. at least 70 confirmed dead, and more than 300 hurt. >> the taliban claiming responsibility. abby huntsman has the latest. you've been covering this all morning. >> reporter: yeah, a horrible day for a lot of people. it came without warning. terrorists detonating bombs just feet away from kids playing on swings, and christians celebrating the easter weekend. a steady stream of wounded worshippers rushed to the hospital, all targeted because they were christians. doctors and nurses frantically working to help the more than 300 people that were hurt. the death total now at least 70 people. the joy of the day marred by violence, leaving so many in sorrow. a taliban group in pakistan claiming responsibility. the chief minister declaring three days of mourning. and he vows to find the bombers and bring them to justice.
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the u.s. state department condemning the attacks of innocent victims. meanwhile, millions of people confused by facebook's new safety check tool. we talked about this last week. the company sent out a worldwide notification asking users if they were okay following the bombing. they apologized after the urgent notification was mistakenly sent to countries thousands of miles away, sparking fear and confusion on line. guys, it's obviously a good tool to find people that are in harm's way. you definitely don't want to scare people all over the world unnecessarily. >> kind of odd to see the remarks from the u.s., not to mention the fact that christians were attacked on easter sunday. >> especially as we just designated that there's being genocide committed against them in middle east. what a clear example that they're being targeted. let's talk about brussels. the investigation is encompassing many nations now. yesterday, i was stunned to see at a vigil for those who lost their lives and were struggling to keep them -- escorted by
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police. the group of what they're calling right wing nationalist into the vigil to harass those there to mourn the death of those people who were innocently killed a few days ago. >> they were throwing water bottles. they're mad about the politics put into place in the country. they're just saying the country's allowing -- they're too lax and lenient about who crosses the border. they're upset with the immigration policy. >> that's right. it was a unity event going often these folks said, you know, brussels and -- it hasn't been united for a long time. there have been two separate countries based on broken migration policies and separate rules for migrants and immigrants than those who have been here and a government utterly unprepared to deal with. they've descended into racism, unfortunately, as it should never be. there are problems with the discussion -- >> they were chanting "break up belgium.
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"they're looking to break up the country. their intelligence forces have not been communicating. the same people who blew up these people in paris were behind the belgium blasts. they're saying the country cannot keep us safe. they're letting way too many people in, letting enclaves flourish. and they grow up to kill people. that's what we're witness, and they've had it. they're taking it out at the wrong place. if you're at a vigil, you should not be victimized. >> the open border policies of the elites they're protesting against. one of our open borders elites has h something to say. president obama in response to the attacks. he also touched on refugees. >> as we move forward in this fight, we have to wield another weapon alongside our air strikes, our military, and our counterterrorism work and diplomacy. that's the power of our example. our openness to refugees fleeing
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u-- isil's violence, our determination to win against isil's hateful and violent propaganda, a distorted view of islam that aims to radicalize young muslims to their cause. >> that was the president's address over the weekend. this last week when people were dying and struggling for their lives and americans lost theirs, the president chose to stay, as you know, in a controversial way in my mind, to stay and watch the baseball game and then go to argentina and do the tango. the word is, life must go on despite the terror attacks. people in america upset that the president seems to be taking it so casually. >> yes. >> for donald trump, it was an opening. an opening to sit down with "the new york times" and talk about what he would do different, where our focus should be on foreign policy. >> let me read a little of what was written in the new york time this morning. "we've been disrespected, mocked, and ripped off for many, many years by people that were smarter, shrewder, tougher. we are going to be friendly with everybody, but we are not going to be taken advantage of by anybody." >> yeah. i mean, it's ignited a back and
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forth it how we should be responding to the policies. obviously both ted cruz and donald trump is talked about naming the enemy, radical islam, which his administration won't do. ted cruz has been critical of donald trump on the response, calling it weakness and isolationism which, of course, trump doesn't accept, very active back and forth. >> he spoke for 90 minutes. there's a lot in it. some of which is let's disband nato or it's antiquated. nato plays an extremely valuable role along with coordination to act when they need to be acting. if nato didn't exist, eastern europe would be steamrolled, might as well reconstitute the soviet union. >> he said he might stop buying oil from saudi arabia and other arab allies unless they commit to fighting isis on the ground or substantially reimburse the united states for all the money we've put in to fighting isis. >> i love that idea. i love that idea of calling him out publicly. i don't love the idea of divorcing ourselves from the alliance which, if you read the president's foreign policy view in "the atlantic" which goes on
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for about 25 pages, he essentially says saudi arabia and iran puts them on the same plain. their rivalry cannot overwhelm us in the u.s. he seems to want to detach us entirely from the middle east. but i can't believe how many people went out of their way to mock donald trump's foreign policy. as if it was too simplistic. what do you want to do? drill down in it? he was asked 90 minutes' worth of questions. these are the highlights. >> including -- ted cruz did, but including john kerry who went over the top in his characterization of all republicans in their response to what was a terrorist attack that lays out the response. here's what he said about the terrorist attack. >> every leader asks about what is happening in america. they cannot believe it. i think it is fair to say that they're shocked. they don't know where it's taking the united states of america. it upsets people's sense of
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equilibrium about our steadiness, about our reliability. and to some degree, some of the questions, the way they're posed, it's clear that what's happening is an embarrassment to our country. >> reliability? we don't show up after the paris attacks. the president goes and watch football. reliability as we watch the red line get blurred and 200,000 to 300,000 people get plowed under. reliability as we allow russia to get a new foothold in the middle east and syria. we cut a deal with iran, throwing out in the street iran and israel and saudi arabia? what about reliability, john kerry? >> we did -- we reached out to all of the candidates that are running for president this year because we want to talk about some issues. donald trump accepted our invitation. he'll be on with us this morning. we'll ask him the questions. >> a grandfather again. >> that's right. meantime, heather childers who anchored the 5:00 a.m. is here to help with the headlines. >> good morning. hope you had a great weekend. >> we watched you over the
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weekend. >> i was here. hopefully everyone at home, you had a good weekend. we begin with stories and a tragedy at playtime. a 7-year-old girl killed. two people under arrest after a freak bounce house accident. we've heard it these before. in their happened at a british traveling fair. the inflated building blew away with the girl inside, it slammed to the ground and rolled down a hill nearly 500 feet away. >> it was a freak gust of wind that caught everyone unawares. actually pulled the safety stakes out of the ground. it's so appalling that this little girl came to have a lovely devil ray her family and lost her life. >> a man and woman from the firm that runs the attraction are under arrest on suspicion of manslaughter by gross negligence. an easter egg hunt descends into madness in connecticut when a massive crowd of parents pushes right past the kids trying to scoop up their treasures. the parents were. a 4-year-old boy reportedly left trampled, bloodied, and shoved
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in the mud as the pushy parents went to grab the 9,000 eggs hidden across the street from the pez headquarters. witnesses described the chaos. >> the parents bum-rushed the area. >> parents took everything. >> when my son left, he had a broken basket and was hysterically crying. >> what are you thinking? more than 1,000 showed up for the event. pez says a majority of the parents didn't wait for organize force officially start that hunt. and the final four teams are set. it was a fight to the finish after the second half with a double-digit lead. virginia collapsed. syracuse coming back with a 29-8 run in the final ten minutes of the game to take the victory over the top-seeded cavaliers 68-62. the orange is the first number-10 seed to make the final four in tournament history. and north carolina's final four drought, it is over. it was a competitive first half, but the tar heels were able to storm back in the end of the second half, beating notre dame
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88-74. this is the first time that north carolina is heading to the national semifinals since 2009. here's your match-up -- villanova plays oklahoma. it is north carolina against syracuse. both games will be played on april 2nd. >>, heels. and finally, donald trump is a grandpa again. the gop presidential front-runner welcomed the birth of theodore james on twitter saying the family feels incredibly blessed. a nice easter present for them. that's a look at the headlines. >> aw. theodore. i love that name. it's so cute. i have a friend, and her child's name is theodore. they call him teddy. >> pretty good. we'll get donald trump's reaction to that. we just told you, donald trump's new america first plan to fight terror. tell work? the general who commanded the u.s. forces in afghanistan here to talk to pete next. then, bernie sanders says that george clooney is ruining the country. he's ruining our country.
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telling "the new york times," "i'm not an isolationist, but i am america first. we've been disrespected, mocked, and ripped off for years by people smarter, shrewder, tougher." he says other world leaders are taking advantage of the u.s. adding as president he would consider withdrawing troops from certain nations unless others -- world leaders pulled their weight. so is this a sound policy? let's ask the former deputy commanding general of u.s. forces in afghanistan, brigadier general anthony tata, who is also the author of the upcoming book "three minutes to midnight." thanks for joining us this morning. >> great to be here. thank you. >> absolutely. you've been on the front lines of our foreign policy. america first, the way he's articulated it, do you think that's the right approach for america's foreign policy? >> yeah. i do, pete. i think you have to look at it with a background that obama created in mind. we have a president that is sort -- sort of employs what i call the nfl draft method of foreign
3:18 am
policy where the strongest teams or countries should be diluted in power by having the last pick, and the weakest times or countries should be -- should have enhanced power by having the first pick. and so that's why you see obama do things such as elevate iran in status, where they're not a nuclear power. he treats them as a nuclear power. and he compares them to russia that has thousands of nuclear weapons. and he cuts this bogus, bad deal giving $100 billion to iran, to then have -- support terrorism around the world. then you see him do things like not make a statement yesterday about the attack on the christians by the taliban. i mean, that's unconscionable to me. and the leader of the free world -- and you see things like with belgium, he goes to a baseball game. and with paris, he never goes there. and he has not invoked article 5 of the north atlantic treaty
3:19 am
that says a attack against one is a attack against all nato nations. trump is pivoting off of that. he is saying, we're not going to dilute american power. and the geopolitical world, he is doing what's called the rational actor they'ry where the rational actor goes after supporting and having the nation's self-interest first and foremost. that's what trump is talking about. >> general, donald trump short of declaring article 5 has questioned the need for nato altogether. critics have been ferocious about this america first approach. first of all, its historical connotation is to an antiwar group that tried to keep america out of world war ii. even not just democrats, but his republican opponents have come after him on this. listen top what ted cruz had to say. i want your reaction. >> sure, sure. >> particularly on foreign policy. donald is out of his depth. he doesn't know, doesn't understand these issues. abandoning europe, withdrawing from the most successful military alliance of modern
3:20 am
times makes no sense at all. if donald were president and he did what he said he would do, withdraw from nato, it would hand a massive victory to putin, massive stroik isis. isis would be -- victory to isis. isis would be dancing in the street. >> he says putin would win a victory and isis would be dancing in the streets. strong words. what do you say? >> it's a non sequitur to me. trump is talking about playing hardball to security requirements we've had in place long-standing. worked with nato. it cleerps the u.k. and take on the brunt of the fighting. and the rest of the nato nations are sort of there but not in full partnership. so trump's got a good argument there that nato needs to cowboy up. in my mind, trump is a rational actor where he's acting in our
3:21 am
self-interest, the u.s. self-interest, as opposed to obama who is trying to dilute american power. >> thank you for your opinion, certainly informed. we will continue the discussion. donald trump joining us at 7:30 eastern time this morning. thanks for joining us. right back with more. many sleep-aids have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep.
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that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. quick headlines. more than 900 suspected gang members across the u.s. arrested. the feds say it was parts of a five-week operation. most were charged with criminal offenses, and hundreds were hit with immigration violations. agents seized 150 firearms, more than 20 kilograms of narcotics, and more than 7 $70,000. and el chapo's top money man captured. juan man well alvarez accused of
3:25 am
laundering money over the past decade. he ran countries in four countries and the u.s. please don't give him a shovel to tunnel out. >> thanks. some conservative students at emory university are reportedly planning a free speech event. this after protests on campus over the messages supporting donald trump when they were displayed in chalk, as we've been talking about. is emory just a sign of a bigger problem that our kids and colleges have become too soft? jessica tarlog, senior strategist, also with shone consulting i should say. we also have sterling beard, the editor of campus reform, fox news contributor and national review reporter, as well as katherine temp. thank you very much for being with us. katherine, i'll start with you. what is your reaction to the counselors being called in to the campus to deal with the pro-trump chalkings?
3:26 am
>> these kids didn't just say i don't like this. i'm in pain, i'm afraid to be on campus. i guess if that's your reaction, maybe you do need some serious help. that is not normal. it really bothers me that schools are listening to them and saying, you know, we're really going to be there for these kids. you're hurting them in the long run. you're going to see some worse stuff in the real world than, you know, chalk. >> right. there was one student interviewed saying she doesn't want to feel afraid on her campus. what do you think about that, sterling? would you be afraid of chalkings? >> i wouldn't be afraid of chalkings. my question is donald trump has become he who must not be named. if the name in chalk is causing near panic attacks -- >> not near panic attacks. >> absolutely. they need to recalibrate their outlook. thankfully, you see the students saying we want this shut down. thankfully, there have been several students who recognized this is a free speech issue. especially there have been editorials in the student newspaper there saying, look, this is a two-way street.
3:27 am
freedom of speech isn't just for me and not for thee. students to doo ge-- students d get it. they realize this is bigger than chalk. >> and an op-ed for foxnews says, protests have the right to protest, chalkers have a right to chalk. what's so wrong with trump, 2016, jessica? >> a host of things are wrong with trump, 2016. >> let me rephrase it for me -- >> let me rephrase it. what is wrong -- >> nothing. it's first amendment speech. it is protected. i would add that it wasn't just his name. there were things written like "build a wall." and these -- >> so what? >> it's -- yeah, so what in terms of counselors and having it taken off. not so what in terms of what has policies are causing. the hysteria and divisiveness. i think that's what the students were talking about more. more were liberal sissies. as a liberal, i is a lot of liberal sissy friends, file like a sissy sometimes. you need to look at the broader picture and know that -- >> some people are upset because
3:28 am
they're saying where was the outrage in 2014 when students on that campus were drawing the chalk outlines during the black lives matter protests? >> it's not like people were creeping around the window like trump or die. and that's exactly the reaction. that's the way they're acting. trump's 2016 build a wall, whatever, fine. if you can't handle that, maybe you shouldn't be at college. >> right. sterling -- >> maybe you shournd your bed. >> the fact is that people say and do crazy snuff college. if the chalk -- crazy stuff in college. if the chalking is the worst thing that happens during your time in college, i want to be there. that is a four-year country club at that point. that's no longer where you're going to learn something. we have had an entire generation raised by helicopter parents. they never had that much independence. when they get offended, they take it personally. >> we are part of the generation. >> i know. i'm saying that. >> yes -- >> i get it. i'm saying that -- >> the millennial panel. >> it is a millennial panel.
3:29 am
saying we shouldn't address it when it's related to a specific candidate i think largely misses the point. i think that obviously the name, it shouldn't be an issue. he could be the republican nominee. he could be president. >> appreciate you being here. more developing and scary news out of belgium. two nuclear plant workers ran off to join isis. what secrets did they take with them? we're live in brussels next. one waitress accepted a nice tip from george w. bush, even asked for a picture. wait until you see how she used it on line. first, happy birthday to reba mcentire. we love her. she is 61 years old today. ♪ your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals.
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we have a fox news alert. new fears over isis' growing presence in europe. after news the two workers from a nuclear power plant in belgium may have left to join the terror group. >> we have the new developments this morning. good morning, greg. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of news actually here for you, folks. the terror net as you noted is spreading wider with concern that there could be a european-wide threat to the people in the countries here. sources reportedly saying that eight suspects with direct links to the brussels attacks, as well as last november's horrible paris terror, are being sought in places like germany, sweden, holland. basically across the continent. in italy over the weekend, a man was arrested. it's believed he faked passports for some of the key players in those very attacks. after 14 different anti-terror raids in brussels and across belgium in the last 36 hours, police now say they're charging three people with terror
3:34 am
offenses. meanwhile, yes, terrorists going nuclear has always been a fear. this week in this country, it might have come close to reality. the latest report as you noted is that two former workers at one belgium nuclear plant had some sort of connection with either isis or other terror groups. it has been widely reported that the attackers last week were considering hitting a nuclear facility here. and they were considering even building a dirty nuclear bomb. finally, sad new for the united states along with a kentucky couple, justin and stephanie shultz. the state department confirming two more americans died in the attacks. sources had told fox news a wife of a u.s. military officer and a spouse of a u.s. government employee were killed at the airport. the two now being mentioned by the state department could be these two. we don't have an identity on that. amid more horrible information, just in the past ten minutes, guys, we've heard that the death toll has been raised to 35.
3:35 am
four people in critical condition in the hospital. i guess the last couple of hours, they've succumbed to their injuries. a lot of people have been in critical condition. one more reminder, 12 americans were injured in this attack. at least 12. no identities on these new people killed. back to you guys. >> hey, some are saying this is 2001 for europe. we've got a wake-up call that we have to talk -- our agency vs. to talk to each other. do you get the sense that the european nations have to realize they have to start talking to each other at a high level? >> reporter: a huge wake-up call. you're absolutely right. first of all, the scope of these, it's a small country, obviously much smaller number of casualties than 9/11. but 40 nations were touched by these deaths and injuries. many across europe. dysfunctionality among the various law enforcement authorities in belgium just like back in 2001. we heard about problems between fbi and cia not talking to each
3:36 am
other. more importantly, as secretary of state told me friday, there's european-wide data base for all the terrorist here. it doesn't exist. nay have to get their act together. back to you. >> thank you. so 35 total dead as we know at this point. four of them being confirmed this morning are from america. you have that couple that was married from kentucky. and then you have the brother and sister from new york. >> the -- three mormons traveling together are expected to survive. >> americans killed, clearly an attack on the west. not just something confined to france and belgium. this is against western civilization. heather has the rest of the news breaking. >> politics, of course. and it was a big weekend for bernie sanders who swept hillary clinton in all three caucuses in washington, alaska, and hawaii. now the senator is taking aim at clinton and her rich supporters that attended that swanky clinton fundraiser we told you about hosted by hollywood
3:37 am
a-lister george clooney. >> i have a lot of respect for george clooney. he's a great actor. i like him. this is the point, this is the problem with american politics. big money is dominating our political system. and we are trying to move as far away from that as we can. >> yeah. we're talking about a $353,000 per-couple dinner. despite the shutout, clinton is still to track for the nomination with 700 more delegates stharnds. frightening moments when a pipe bomb explodes in a california neighborhood three miles from disneyland this easter weekend. nearby homes and businesses shook when the metal pipebomb went off in an alley. also putting a hole in a wooden fence. several homes were voluntarily evacuated for about an hour. that's for safety purposes. this is the third recent pipe bomb explosion in that area in just the past five months. and some bold burglars using
3:38 am
a box truck to break into a chicago gun store. look, you see them crash through the first set of doors, and the security gate a couple of times. just enough for them to fit right through. the two ransacked the store, taking off with serious firepower. the suspects are still on the run. finally, talk about poor taste. a waitress took a $40 tip from former president george w. bush and his wife, laura, before taking this photo and posting it on twitter with this message -- "bush did 9/11, but he did me a solid and left me a good tip." now lisa smith is getting another tip from folks. from people saying that she probably was in poor taste. they're also playing off this popular meme that uses the phrase, but not too many people laughing it that. >> he was nice enough to take the photo. why bash? >> i was trying to decipher what
3:39 am
i said there. apparently she was copying a meme out there already. >> that made sense. >> she thought it was a joke. right. >> bush did 9/11. >> right. >> give the tip back. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. out to maria moline apoised outside to tell us what it's going to stop raining. >> reporter: not today. we're expecting the storm system to continue to pudmmel us. we have volcanos in places like alaska. yesterday, a volcano erupted across the aleutian arc. a consistently active one. not sure if we have the video, if you want to roll on it. out of alaska. the aleutian arc. it erupted on sunday. very active. continuing to track the threat. you see on the screen all of that plume of ash and smoke coming out of the volcano. above some of the clouds that were across the region. across the eastern u.s. -- we started to talk about the storm system across the northeast that is actually bringing in some not only rain but also some gusty winds that could potentially
3:40 am
gust up to 50 miles per hour. it's a pretty potent storm system that's going to be bringing in many headaches at the airports and also on the roadways. expect to see some delays out there throughout the day today. give yourself extra time for your morning commute. meanwhile, out west, we have a different storm system that's bringing in the concern for us, as much as one to three feet of snowfall out there across the higher elevations. we have watches that are in effect and winter storm warnings, as well, across places like utah and also into nevada. by midweek, we're expecting to see severe weather ramping up across the plains and gulf coast. that's something else to watch out for. current temperatures out there across the plains, chilly. only in the 30s and 20s early this morning. by this afternoon, it should feel like spring out there with highs forecast to reach the 70s and 60s across many areas. let's head back inside. >> good deal. thank you very much. you can wear your white now if you want to pull out your tight white jeans, you can wear them now. >> and not be mocked. >> in the south, the rule is
3:41 am
easter is the start of wearing white. up north, it's memorial day. >> don't wear white in the rain. >> right. if you also are playing football, don't. you'll get grass stains. even though you could shout it out. >> true. coming up, the brussels airport could be close to reopening for the first time since the terror attacks. the key test that's happening today. a brand new phase in hillary's e-mail probe. putting the front-runner in the hot seat. judge napolitano playing the role -- >> move out of the way. i've got to meet him! hello, john! hey! how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill?
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3:44 am
some fox news alerts to bring you. a french man has been arrested in the netherlands for allegedly plotting another attack on paris. the man was taken into custody
3:45 am
ned. his name hasn't been released. he's expected to be extradited to france soon. no surprise there between the porous borders. overnight, major win, some would say, in the fight against isis. syrian forces backed by russian air strikes have recaptured the ancient city of palmyra. bomb text removing landmains that isis left behind at the site. palmyra is known for its 2,000-year-old ruins, many of which were destroyed when isis took control last may. from isis to iran, russia, and bashar al assad. the brussels airport employees planning to test their capacity to partially rope the doors for the first time since the bombing last week. one of the ticketing counter in the main building is reportedly intact. tomorrow they'll examine their ability to resume some flight service. life goes on. brian? >> thank you very much. 15 minutes before the top of the hour. federal prosecutors handling hillary clinton's e-mail server investigation have started a new phase of the probe. setting up the formal interviews with some of her long-time and
3:46 am
closest aides. and an interview with hillary clinton herself. what happens now? here to weigh in, guy who's been all over this from day one, senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. what do you mean the interviews are just starting? they've been accruing the background information to set them up on who they should be talking to one on one? >> precisely. the interview stage of people who are potential targets meaning they could have committed a crime and might be prosecuted or people with exceptional knowledge of the case who have not yet given anything voluntarily to the fbi is the last phase. there's 147 fbi agents working on this for over a year. they have a mountain of evidence. they are now ready to test that evidence by asking questions of the aides around hillary. there's five, and they are publicly known. they each have their own lawyers and have to decide whether or not to go in. if they go, in they're not under oath. it is very, very dangerous
3:47 am
because if they mislead or lie to the fibroid, that's a felony. the equivalent of perjury. they can be prosecuted. they do not know, and their lawyers do not know what the fbi knows about them. >> you keep going back to brian pagliano, got immunity, the i.t guy hired privately by the clintons, folded into the state department after. >> bill and hillary paid him $5,000 basically to migrate two e-mail streams from the state department into their home in chappaqua. a general state department e-mail where anybody in the state department could e-mail her, and a secret state department e-mail. mr. pagliano, how did you get access to the secret e-mail? how but physically get it to migrant it? mrs. clinton gave it to me. did she give you her password? of course, otherwise how else would i get in? if he gave answers like that,
3:48 am
that's another potential felony. >> when she first came in, she wanted to use a blackberry. they said you can't. they understand, do you have a private server? her response was, i get it. you can't have a private server. she said, "i get it." she continued to do that. >> look, her first day in office, she got a two-hour fbi tutorial which everybody gets who's entrusted with the government secrets. and among other things in the tutorial, she promised as a result at the end of the tutorial under oath that she would recognize secrets when she saw them and she had a duty to safeguard secrets and could be prosecuted for failure to safeguard secrets even if that failure was negligent. the next day is when brian pagliano began the migration of the two streams to her server in chappaqua. did she that will to the fbi? of course not. >> there were 2,093 emails exchanged containing classified. and over 20 that were so classified, they couldn't be listed in the mountain of
3:49 am
evidence. >> so classified that the fbi agents investigating her lacked the security clearances to examine them. >> lastly, the timing. when are we going to find out what's going to go if anything? >> the timing is treacherous. i would think that democrats need to know whether or not they're about to nominate somebody for president who might be a criminal defendant in a felony prosecution before november. they should know that now. >> you would think they might feel pressure from somebody somehow to get this done before. >> prediction, something will happen by may. >> a story in "the washington times" and "washington post" all about this today. thanks for boiling it down for us. >> you're welcome. 11 before the top of the hour. just heard from the judge about hillary clinton's e-mail probe as you know. donald trump reacts in about 30 minutes. up next, great arm, bad decision. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> oh, my god. [ screams] >> not so funny now. that spring breaker in handcuffs after his friend posted the
3:50 am
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3:53 am
[ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> oh, my god. >> whoo! >> wow. >> spring breaker who you saw there showing off his strong arms, and his dim wit while partying on the beach in alabama. and after his friends posted that video online the cops had a message for him. here's their message. >> it said hey cameron, we found you. great arm. bad decision. an arrest warrant has been
3:54 am
issued for you. you can turn yourself in to the gulf shores police department. >> edward delmore is the police chief for gulf springs and joins us right now. chief, right now, do you believe that he was actually aiming for you? is that the reason why you're going after him? >> yeah, that's exactthanks for. cameron is a knucklehead and just let me kind of put this video in context, if i can. gulf shores, alabama, has miles and miles of beautiful white sand beach. our motto is small town, big beach. we don't have the spring break issues that other gulf coast areas have had. but the first week of spring break this year, we saw probably because of what some of the other areas were doing, some of that starting to develop in gulf shores. and we had a large group of kids on the beach, about 1,000, and it was growing exponentially. they were binge drinking.
3:55 am
using drugs. using profanity. and really trashing our beach. so we were in there that day removing those groups, in a very safe way. and that's when this idiot decided to do this stupid human trick, if you will, and launch the football at one of our black and whites. to give the devil his due, you know, he does have a good arm and he had good aim. but, the problem for him became when one of his friends tweeted it, and we monitor social media. and you could say we intercepted it, and -- >> i have a question. i know that video was posted on your facebook page. have we heard -- the latest is what? have we found this guy? do we know where he is? is he behind bars now or what's the latest on the investigation? >> no, he's back home in texas. we have talked to somebody who claims to be his attorney, and i guess you could say we're still negotiating his surrender at this point. >> chief, i think we've seen a few instances, police departments not playing along,
3:56 am
but using different means to target folks like this. in this case you say, you know, good arm, bad decision. was this -- is this a tack that you've -- i think there's also one of your officers in' helmet. maybe the officer who was driving that vehicle. you feel like it was the most effective way to find out who this kid was >> well we wanted to send a message. actually somebody called us and told us who he was. and i guess the picture that you saw that we posted afterwards was us just going for the extra point, if we're going to stick with the football vernacular. >> what's he facing? a big fine? a year in prison? >> well, the maximum is a $500 fine and six months in jail. it's not likely that he'll get that. but the longer he delays, the more aggravated we'll get. >> maybe after he serves that sentence, some of these colleges will be recruiting him. >> right. >> hopefully not. chief, thanks so much for standing up to make sure you don't have the next spring break destination that gets a lot of crazies and destroying your town. thanks so much, chief. >> we appreciate what you guys
3:57 am
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i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. good monday morning to you. it is march 28th. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. christians targeted by terrorists. dozens murdered, hundreds more injured, in an easter attack. the disturbing details, and the extremists just taking credit. and the feud between donald trump and ted cruz fires up with cruz accusing trump of planting a story about having multiple affairs. >> this story is garbage. it is tabloid smear. and it came from donald trump and his henchmen. >> this hour donald trump responds live. and, from the runways to the court. why a victoria's secret model just made a plea deal. that's her. i'll tell you what she said a little bit later.
4:01 am
mornings are better with friends. all right. >> good morning. hope you had a great easter with your family if you're just waking up, 7:00 here on the east coast. >> a lot of people trying to sneak in watching what would be the elite eight become the final four over the weekend. >> more than a lot of people. >> basketball players. >> huge win for north carolina. >> that's right. >> you're wearing carolina blue as will. unwittingly potentially. is that why? are you a notre dame fan? >> no, i'm partial to syracuse because that's where i write all my tuition checks. >> we didn't plan this. i planned my outfit weeks ago. next year i'm going to wear green for notre dame. >> you planned it tweaks ago. okay in two weeks what are you wearing? >> what color would you like me to wear. let's get on to some serious news because there's a lot going on around the country and around the world. as we mentioned moments ago, christians targeted in a bloody easter weekend attack in
4:02 am
pakistan. at least 70 people confirmed dead. women, children, more than 300 injured. >> the taliban now claiming responsibility. abby huntsman is here with the latest. it's a suicide bomber, isn't it? >> yeah. it was a horrible easter for so many people. and it came without warning. terrorists detonating bombs just feet away from kids playing on swings, and christians celebrating the easter weekend. a steady stream of wounded worshippers rushed to the hospital, all targeted because they were christians. doctors and nurses frantically working to help the more than 300 people that were hurt. the death total now at at least 70 people. the joy of the day marred by violence, leaving so many in sorrow. a taliban group in pakistan now claiming responsibility for that attack. and the chief minister declaring three days of mourning and he vows to find the bombers and bring them to justice. the u.s. state department also condemning the attack of innocent victims, but in a statement it failed to mention that christians celebrating
4:03 am
easter were specifically targeted in that attack. and meanwhile, millions of people confused by facebook's new safety check tool. the urgent notification was mistakenly sent to people nowhere near the blast site. reacting on twitter rachel said this really freaked me out until i realized that facebook thought i was in pakistan. josh said thankfully, i am nowhere near the lahore bombing. now facebook safety check gave me a fright for a sec making me think something nearby had happened. facebook apologized for sparking fear and confusion. guys it's a good tool to have when something terrible happens but obviously if you're nowhere near it that's not a message that you want to pop up on your facebook feed. >> it's so disheartening to see an attack like that in and of itself on easter, but have the administration not acknowledge that christians are being targeted especially while genocide is a crime. we've declared that. they've been a target across the middle east. why not say that? >> we saw all these protests happening in brussels after the bombings last week.
4:04 am
and, there was this group, as you see here, this angry protesters, that moved in on the ones that were being peaceful. they were chanting break up belgium. they're really just mad about the laws there. they're mad about the policies there in place as far as immigration is concerned. because they feel like the borders are too open and the authorities are too lax about letting people in. >> seeing some of the quotes and they were saying about 300 men got in there, wearing stocking masks over their face and they went after those who are holding a vigil there, talking about bringing them together. if you don't like belgium, if you don't like our culture, get out. those are some of the quotes i heard translated this morning, which was afternoon there. which is so bizarre about belgian security is these guys came in, a lot of them were the soccer hooligans came in and there are belgian first guys and they went down there and get escorted by the cops right to th vigil, then all hell breaks loose, and to clear them out, after they escort them, they use water cannons. >> yeah.
4:05 am
it's a chaotic scene. but it'sndicative of a society where the elites, the leadership and the policies they pursued in opening up their country are a great disconnect from those who traditionally have been there necessarily. not apologizing one bit for the violence that's occurring. that's terrible. but this is a manifestation of bad policies, and no plan to deal with it. >> i agree with you. i think they're just angry. and what's interesting is they're angry about the immigration policies over there. meanwhile our president in his weekly address on saturday is saying we as a country need to be more open and allow more people in. take a listen. >> as we move forward in this fight, we have to wield another weapon alongside our airstrikes, our military and our counterterrorism work and our diplomacy and that's the power of your example. our openness to refugees fleeing isil's violence, our determination to win the battle against isil's hateful and violent propaganda, a distorted view of islam that aims to radicalize young muslims to their cause -- >> first i think it's important to point out a lot of the
4:06 am
reasons they're running from isil's violence is because we did not take any action against isis. so, because we sat there and had a red line, allowed it to be blurred, let the russians come in, we have created the depths of -- we've played a role in the deaths of between 200,000 and 300,000 people and we allowed the biggest migration from a region in the middle east since -- in about 200 years. so this is -- where do they go? where they can walk, right over to europe. >> that's why people are so frustrated. that entire address he talked about a relentless bombing campaign against isis which people know is not happening and chides the american people for saying why don't you be more accepted? almost all americans are accepting but when our policies are utterly failing, that's when we start to call them into question. >> when it's dangerous, that's when americans get upset. donald trump talked about this in "new york times." he said we have been disrespected, mocked and ripped off for many, many years by people that were smarter, shrewder, tougher, we're going to be friendly with everybody, but we're not going to be taken advantage of by anybody. he says that if he's elected he might stop buying oil from saudi
4:07 am
arabia, and from other arab allies. he says unless they commit their ground troops to fighting isis or reimburse us for all the money that we have put towards fighting isis. i know we haven't done enough but he's saying they should reimburse us for what we have spent he says why are we going to help other countries if they're not helping themselves? >> he dubbed it kind of an american first approach we're going to ask him about it at 7:30. he's presenting it as a stark contrast to obama. we asked brigadier general, the commanding general in afghanistan what he thought about that. donald trump talked about pulling back from our commitment in nato. here's what the general had to say about it. >> having been in afghanistan, worked with nato, it's very clear that the uk and the u.s. take on the brunt of the fighting and the rest of the nato nations are sort of there, but not in full partnership. so trump's got a good argument there that nato needs to cowboy up. so you know in my mind, trump has a -- the rational actor where he's acting in our self-interest, u.s.
4:08 am
self-interest, as opposed to obama, who is trying to dilute american power. >> well, it's true, the sense in this country that the president's doing everything to keep us safe. the other thing about nato, they say it's antiquated. we're going to ask him. my feeling is we should fortify and demand all these nations pay their 2% of gdp to defense. right now, according to our brain room only 5 of the 28 nations in nato actually give 20 -- give their 2% to gdp. >> we pay 70% of the military budget but the reality is the threat from putin and others is still there. >> that's why americans are angry. we pay so much into it, and then don't get enough back. all right let's hand it over to heather childers who has breaking news. >> angry and concerned because of scenes just like this. this brand new video that we begin with just released by belgian police showing one of the accused bombers from last week's terror attacks in brussels. he's known as the man in white. the color that he wore in this surveillance video that you saw plenty of times as he walked
4:09 am
through the airport. that as the death toll in the brussels attacks rises to 35. and as police arrest a frenchman in the netherlands for allegedly plotting another attack in paris. a tragedy at playtime. a 7-year-old girl is killed and two people under arrest after a freak bounce house accident at a british traveling fair. the inflatable building blown away with a little girl still inside. it then slammed to the ground and rolled down a hill nearly 500 feet away. >> it was a freak gust of wind that caught everyone unawares. it actually pulled the safety stakes out of the ground. it's so appalling that this little girl came to have a lovely day out with her family and lost her life. >> so sad. a man and a woman from the firm that runs the attraction now under arrest on suspicion of manslaughter by gross negligence. the woman who brought catholic mass into the homes of millions of americans has passed away. mother mary angelica, better
4:10 am
known as mother angelica, the founder of eternal word television network died on easter sunday. she had been suffering declining health since having a stroke back in 2001, and she was bedridden for months. the nun was best known for her program mother angelica live. a funeral is scheduled for friday. she was 92 years old. and finally, the final four is all set, and it was an orange comeback after going in to the second half with a double din it lead, virginia just collapsed. syracuse coming back with a 29-8 run in the final ten minutes of the game to take the victory over top seeded cavaliers 68-62. and my north carolina tar heels, their final four drought is over. it was a competitive first half, but the tar heels, they were able to storm back in the end of the second half, beating notre dame 88-74. this is the first time that north carolina's heading to the national semifinals since 2009. so here are the match-ups for you. villanova will play oklahoma.
4:11 am
and it is north carolina against syracuse. both games will be played on april 2nd. and you will -- asking what color that ainsley will wear, brian? she will of course be wearing carol into blue. >> i wore this for you. >> but now all the players got to focus on their final because that's coming up starting monday. >> do you miss those finals? >> no. but i know the basketball players probably doing homework on the plane ride home. >> finals during the final four. >> yes. >> all right, foreign policy is the focus of the presidential candidates, in the wake of deadly terror attacks. so, how do they stack up against radical islam? jillian turner worked for president bush and president obama. she is here to grade them. >> nice to see you.
4:12 am
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it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet? with dozens killed in terror attacks in belgium, and pakistan in the last week, terror and foreign policy becoming a top priority in the race for the white house. >> i don't think that europe is a safe place. when you look at brussels, when you look at the way they've handled things from law enforcement standpoints, when
4:16 am
you look at paris. when you look at so many other places, no, it's not. >> you look at europe, much of the cause of these terror attacks is the failed immigration policies in europe over the decades where they've allowed vast numbers of islamic terrorists to come in to europe. >> well, each day this week we'll look at the foreign policy of each candidate based on different categories. today, we're looking at how they would take on the threat of radical islam. fox news contributor and former white house security council staff member under presidents bush and obama, gillian turner joins us now to grade the republican and presidential candidates. >> grades make me nervous. >> grades make everyone nervous. but we're going to force you -- >> all right, all right. >> we're going to start with john kasich. >> i would put him on the plus side. i think of all the republican candidates john kasich has offered the most in-depth sort of comprehensive national security plan that includes a strategy to defeat isis that's very viable. he's got the respect of the washington foreign policy making
4:17 am
community. depending where you are on this election cycle that's either a positive or a negative to you. to me it's definitely a positive. >> certainly had a lot of folks come out and back him this time in congress. >> i've got to point out for the campaign it's time for an updated head shot. >> might need a new head shot. >> that advice was free. >> donald trump? >> i'm going to put donald trump in neutral. it's a little bit of a toss-up between neutral and negative. he's really the wild card. we have no idea what he's liable to do once in office. he sort of changes his mind on the issues of the day frequently. >> we've heard him say america first. what do you think that means? >> means sort of no nonsense financial sense approach to american foreign policy. which, we need some of that. but you know, our entire national defense policy cannot be mercenary. >> sure. senator ted cruz. what do you think? >> ted cruz is going to go on the positive sign. he's got a very pragmatic approach to fighting terrorism. i think that of all the candidates i would feel perhaps
4:18 am
most comfortable that he would take counsel of military advisers. he's not liable to do something crazy. again he's very pragmatic and his approach so far has been very reasoned. it's included really important elements like working with nato allies in the fight -- >> i've certainly seen him talk -- he knows the issues. back to front. hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton, a lot of you might disagree with me. i'm going to put her in the positive category -- >> i might be one of them. >> but that's okay. i put her in the positive because she is definitely going to be an improvement over president obama in the democratic category. she doesn't shy away from being aggressive in world affairs. she tends to have more of a go-getter approach than president obama. she'd rather, by her own admission, she'd rather err on the side of taking action than on the side of not taking action. >> she also has some substantial -- >> a lot of experience, which is to her credit but to her detriment, the track record is far from perfect. >> sure, absolutely. >> all right.
4:19 am
last candidate -- >> unfortunately for mr. sanders, i'm putting him in the negative category and that is because, does he even have a plan to combat radical islam? i don't know that he's ever really acknowledged the urgency of the threat, and also acknowledged how important it is to the american voters in this election cycle. he's consistently shied away from getting in to the weeds on counterterrorism. >> he seems most closely aligned with president obama, unwilling to even name radical islam. has hillary clinton seemed able to? >> i fault her for that big time. but what i will give her credit for is that she was a very early advocate from 2011 forward of doing some key things in the fight that would have positioned us much better today. she didn't ultimately sell her plans to the president. but one of those things was arming and equipping and training the syria moderates who are against assad inside syria. the other thing was arming and equipping our really good allies the kurds. really good steps that we should have taken. >> gillian turner clearly knows this stuff back to front.
4:20 am
the debate will continue about these grades online, i am sure. >> it will. >> we're grateful to have you here all week looking at different threats facing america. appreciate having your expertise this morning. >> thanks, pete. >> we just heard about donald trump's foreign policy and how it's already raising some eyebrows. the candidate himself here to defend it at the bottom of the hour. then, what happens when a first time flyer opens the wrong door? sir? that's not the bathroom. whoops. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company
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4:24 am
is she with you? >> i thought she was with you. >> first $170 million. that's how much batman versus superman raked in in opening weekend. that is the sixth biggest opening of all time. helping shrug off some terrible reviews including from our own show. next $30,000. that's the reward being offered for tips that lead to the arrest of the bald eagle killer. this after more than a dozen birds were found dead last month in a farm in maryland. and finally $8 million. that's what it will cost you to buy an entire town in nevada. the town includes a diner, casino, motel, even a mile long dirt airstrip and it could be yours. ainsley? >> thank you, brian. well heroin use is skyrocketing in our country. death from heroin-related overdoses rose 286% between 2002, and 2013, with 8200 people dying. what's more is that use has
4:25 am
doubled among young adults. now the country facing a major shortage of drug counselors. one solution, get high schoolers interested in the health care field. here to explain this is ann harris, the lead for workforce development at the substance abuse and mental health services administration for our country. thanks so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. well, why the shortage of drug counselors, first of all? >> well, i think the country has become more aware, really, of the impact of alcohol and drugs on our general health. and i think as we have become more aware, the need for that expertise in primary care settings, drug counseling settings, really is just increasing. so i think that really has caused us to really try to reach out and get more people interested in the field. >> all right. so you're going to high schools so that when they graduate college, they will become drug counselors? >> what we want them to do is we want them to be aware that substance abuse, mental health,
4:26 am
are areas, are professions that they really should consider as they're looking at their college plans. and deciding what it is they want to do with their lives. this is a terrific field to get into. and we want them to be aware of it. >> i think that's great. because i remember being in school, and nancy reagan had just come out with the "just say no" campaign and we had people like you come nothing our schools talking about that, telling us to become counselors or to fight this problem. and i think it could also help some of these students to prevent them from going down that wrong path when they go to college. >> mm-hmm. i agree. >> all right. so what about keeping these counselors? i understand that the drug counselors, once you get them, they're hard to keep. why is that? >> well, i think there's such a demand that moving from agency to agency, or even medical setting to other medical settings, to criminal justice settings, is something that happens, because they're in such high demand. so i think keeping them is tough. >> all right, well ann what's the reaction from the high schoolers when you're going in and talking to them? >> well, so far it's been really positive.
4:27 am
we've had some really good success working with an organization that's operating within the high schools, getting kids interested, in learning about substance abuse, mental health issues. so we've got -- had a really good response. >> and real quickly, why is heroin on the rise? i mean that is just such a dangerous drug. why anyone does drugs in the first place is beyond me, but heroin? >> yeah. you know, there isn't a simple or an easy answer to that. people have found ways to use things that make them feel good or feel better for hundreds of years, and unfortunately i think that's continuing. but heroin's easy to get and it's cheap. >> yeah, all right. ann, thank you so much for what you're doing to combat this problem in our country. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. ted cruz accusing donald trump of planting tabloid headlines about his wife. >> this story is garbage. it is tabloid smear. and it came from donald trump and his henchmen.
4:28 am
these are complete, made-up lies. they're garbage. >> mr. trump is here to respond next. stay with us.
4:29 am
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... and reduce shock by 40%. so i feel like i'm ready to take on anything. >> good morning. 7:30 here on the east coast if you're just waking up. >> listen, donald trump in a matter of moments. a lot more show to go. first things first as we get ready to get donald trump on, let's go over to heather. >> we're going to begin with blago. he could be going back to court. convicted illinois governor rod blagojevich may find out today if the supreme court will take up his last-ditch appeal to overturn his corruption charges. the high court has already thrown out five of the 18 corruption convictions against the democrat. though legal analysts say that it's a long shot that all of them will go. he's currently serving a 14-year sentence for trying to sell president obama's vacated senate seat after the 2008 election. and she's a beauty.
4:32 am
but apparently is also a beast. according to her now exbeau former victoria's secret model heather payne went off on him inside this new york city apartment reportedly punching him in the face, tossing the tv remote out the window. even throwing his laptop across the room. apparently the two met recently on tinder and only went on a few dates before payne really brought the pain. she's been charged with assault. it is serious and she has agreed to pay her ex for all his damaged electronics. and whoops. wrong door. a first-time flyer mistakenly opens a plane's emergency exit thinking that it was a bathroom. how does that happen? inflating the evacuation slide of course. it happened just as the plane was getting ready to take off in southwest china. boarding had just completed when the passengers say they heard a loud hissing noise. when the crew went to check it out they realized that a woman activated the emergency slide. passengers were removed from the plane while the slide was put away, resulting in a two-hour delay.
4:33 am
and finally, donald trump is a grandpa again. the gop presidential front-runner's daughter ivanka trump welcomed her third child yesterday with her husband jared kushner. she announced the birth of her son theodore james on twitter, saying that the family feels incredibly blessed. and they are. beautiful mom and little baby boy. >> oh. just the best moment. hold that baby. >> right. >> on that note we're going to bring in donald trump. he is on the phone with us. good morning to you, mr. trump. >> good morning. >> congratulations. >> thank you. that's very exciting. >> how did it happen? what time? >> how did it happen? >> i know how it happened. don't answer that! >> we won't get into the details but it was about probably 2:00 yesterday afternoon and it was very exciting on easter so we have an easter baby, which is beautiful. >> fantastic. looks like ivanka is doing great. so probably for the moment theodore is your favorite grandchild. we're going to get to the controversy revolving that in just a moment.
4:34 am
let's talk about what happened over last week and the brussels attacks. ray kelly is one of the people who says this is the wake-up call for belgium and for europe. they never got it together like we did after 2001. do you agree? >> well, ray kelly's a friend of mine. i know him very well, and he's 100% right. and i said about brussels, if you remember, "the new york times" criticized me very, very viciously when i said brussels is a hellhole. it's waiting to explode. and they ended up doing big articles on it. and then all of a sudden everybody's saying i was right. brussels is really in deep trouble. they don't know what's going on. and it's -- people that never had anything like this. they're people that have absolutely no control over themselves. and it's a real problem. it is a real problem. >> mr. trump, they've got clashes on the streets today because the open border policies have a very different effect on the people. yet our president, president obama, in his weekly address over the weekend, declared that we should be open to more refugees as an example of what america represents. we're going to play what he had to say and have you react.
4:35 am
>> okay. >> as we move forward in this fight, we have to wield another weapon alongside our airstrikes, our military, our counterterrorism work, and our diplomacy, and that's the power of our example. our openness to refugees fleeing isil's violence, our determination to win the battle against isil's hateful and violent propaganda, a distorted view of islam that aims to radicalize young muslims to their cause -- >> now he would probably say you have a distorted view of islam or radical islam. what do you say to what he had to say? >> i tell you what i say. i can't even believe that he's saying it. it's inconceivable that he's saying it. open borders, everything he said there is absolutely -- you would almost say it's disgraceful. you can't even imagine that a man could make those statements, especially a president of this country. we need protection. we need borders. we need on the southern border. we need the wall. the wall's going to get built and mexico's going to pay for the wall, by the way, just in case anybody has any questions. and it is disgraceful that he
4:36 am
could say this. and especially when he talks about coming in from the middle east. frankly, even more so, where they're undocumented, we have no idea where they come from. we have no idea who they are. and you saw what a few months ago in california, you saw what two radicalized young people could do. the two people got married, killed their coworkers. >> san bernardino. >> it is just insane what this man is saying. >> you know, what's interesting is john kerry was all over the networks over the weekend. he was saying that the republican candidates, including you, are the embarrassment. let's listen to this and get your reaction. >> every leader i meet, they ask about what is happening in america. they cannot believe it. i think it is fair to say that -- that -- that they're shocked. they don't know where it's taking the united states of america. it upsets people's sense of equilibrium about our steadiness, about our reliability. and to some degree, i must say to you, some of the questions,
4:37 am
the way they're posed to me, it's clear to me that what's happening is an embarrassment to our country. >> your reaction? >> well, i'm shocked by him. and i'm shocked that he would sign a deal like the iran deal which is one of the worst and dumbest deals i've ever seen negotiated. horrible. horrible embarrassment deal. i'm shocked by his policy of open door. i'm shocked by just about everything that he's done and everything that president obama has done leading this country down. we're being taken down. not only are we making horrible trade deals with almost every country we do business with. i think i can actually say every country we do business with. we're losing our jobs. we're losing everything. but, in terms of security, this open door policy is catastrophic. and it's going to lead -- you talk about downfall. this could lead to the downfall of the greatest nation on earth. >> you wanted to an extensive interview with "the new york times" with david sanger, and first off, do you think you were treated fairly in that interview as you saw the write-up after
4:38 am
your 90 minute conversation? >> i do think i was treated fairly. it's very different. my answers were very different from what you've been hearing. my answers are nato is obsolete. we're spending too much money on nato. we're paying the lion's share. we're spending tremendous amounts of money on something that was many, many decades ago. and the world has changed. it's a different place. there's no emphasis on terror with nato. and frankly, if there is, you need different countries. because it involves different countries. nato is very obsolete and it should be readjusted for change and frankly other people should also bear the brunt. why are we paying so much? >> you're right -- i just found out that we pay for 72% of all defense costs and only 5 of the 28 nations pay what they're required to do and that's 2% of the gdp on defense. >> right. >> it turns out you're right about that. but in terms of nato, with the reinvigorated russian aggression in the area, it's the only thing that keeps the eastern european nation from being overrun.
4:39 am
>> brian, i don't mind nato per se but it has to be reconstituted. it has to be modernized. you know, we're dealing with nato from the days of the soviet union which no longer exists. but we need to either transition it to terror or we need something else. because we have to get countries together. you see what happened with brussels, where they had absolutely no intelligence or having to do with people living in their own country. they have no coordination with other countries. there's zero coordination that they had with other countries. and it was ridiculous. i mean, i knew more about brussels than brussels knew. i was the one that predicted this was going to happen in brussels, and was criticized by "the new york times" for it. and now everybody's saying i was right all over twitter. so, i mean, you know, we need to modernize nato at a minimum modernize it. but certainly we shouldn't be paying for the kind of -- we're paying disproportionately so much, and we're a nation that owes $19 trillion. we just can't keep doing this.
4:40 am
>> well, mr. trump, obviously ted cruz has been a big critic of yours. he called your america first approach a solationism, weakness that isis would be dancing in the streets. but that's not the only fight that you've had with senator cruz. he accused you of planting the national enquirer smear. a lot of people look at this exchange and they just say why. they say tasteless. is it below basic human decency to be posting unflattering pictures of other people's wives. were you behind this? and why get into the mud -- you see this photo, why? >> he sent a photo of my wife, a cover shoot for "gq" magazine which was frankly fine. but he sent that out to everybody. he knew about it 100%. he knew about it 100%. just so you understand. >> he told us he didn't on this couch. >> he's lying. that's why everybody calls him lyin' ted cruz. he's a liar -- >> he said he never -- >> he sent the photo out. as sure as you're sitting there. he knew about it. somebody even said he's the one that bought the copyrights from
4:41 am
"gq." we'll find out who bought the copyrights. but he knew about it as a minimum. i just retweeted something somebody said. i have 15 million people between facebook and twitter and all of these different things. somebody sent me that i sent it out. and frankly, all i'm doing is counterpunching what he did. he sent that photo out. he knew about it 100%. it was a pac that was very friendly to him. let's not be naive folks, as far as strength, nobody has more strength on the borders than donald trump. i have sheriff joe arpaio supporting me. nobody has the strength that i have on the borders. nobody has the strength that i have on the military. ted is actually weak on that. and you're right, my policy is america first. it will always be america first. >> and here's ted cruz on his view of the national enquirer story that says he has five mistresses. >> look, this story is garbage. it is tabloid smear. and it came from donald trump and his henchmen. these are complete, made-up
4:42 am
lies. they're garbage. but you know, it's indicative of just how low donald trump will go. he makes up lies and attacks. he has no answer for how to keep america safe from radical islamic terrorism so instead he attacks my wife, he attacks my family, he goes to garbage and sleaze and lies. >> is that true? did you plant the story in the national enquirer? >> first of all i have the ultimate answer from keeping america safe from radical islamic terrorism far better than him. and everybody knows it. number one. number two i had nothing to do with the national enquirer. i knew nothing about it. i just saw it yesterday for the first time. what happens is it seems like the daily beast, no friends of mine, wrote a story that marco rubio was behind it. and it was a pretty conclusive story that marco rubio's been peddling that story for a long time. i knew nothing about it. i know nothing about it. i have no idea whether or not it's true. but it's likely he should try and blame me because he's losing by a lot. i mean i have many, many more delegates than him. i have millions of more votes
4:43 am
than him in the primary. he's losing by a lot so he's not going to blame rubio because rubio's out. so he's going to blame donald trump. >> we only have 30 seconds -- >> i just want to tell you, i had nothing to do with that story. absolutely zero. >> unfortunately we're out of time. >> but we're saying -- you're saying he's -- will you debate senator cruz on the issues as opposed to the wives stuff? >> i'm saying that ted cruz has made this up because he needs it politically because he's losing so badly. it's very easy. and he's doing very badly and he's choking, and he's -- and he's making things up. he's screaming about i had nothing to do with the national enquirer story. and frankly, i hope it's not true. because it's pretty bad. i hope it's not true. >> all right. >> donald trump, thank you. congratulations on being a grandfather. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. well a ten-mile stretch of our border left unmanned for days. and guess who cut a hole in the fence and drove right through? not the good guys. how did it happen? plus the annual easter egg roll is under way at the white house. who is there? we're taking you behind the
4:44 am
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here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority:you the day is here. the 138th annual white house easter egg roll. and it has kicked off already. this year's theme is let's celebrate. and more than 35,000 people will be joining the first family for that event. >> it's the last one, kevin corke joins us from the white house with a front row seat on something very consequential. >> yeah, right. i mean, let me tell you something, this is high priority stuff. but it's a lot of fun. and it is a great tradition. it dates back to the 1870s when back on capitol hill kids would take hard boiled eggs and roll down the hill and congressmen kind of got fed up with that and they banned them. so then they came over here, rutherford b. hayes, the
4:48 am
president, said you can use my backyard. it's been a great tradition ever since. 35,000 people expected despite a little rainy weather. i've got a couple friends. this is shelby. >> hello. >> and agatha. >> good morning. >> got to love that. shelby, you've done this for a year. eggatha. how many times have you been here? >> my tenth year. i love the energy and the egg-citement. it makes an egg-sellent event. >> you got rained out once. a little rain today. you're here with 35,000 of your best friends. why do you do it? >> because i love it. i love seeing the little kids. the families. you can hear everyone laughing back there. it's a whole day of people having fun. >> it is a lot of fun. i'm going to do something here. hold on. there you go. a little hard-boiled. thank you. thank you ladies. >> egg-atha. >> i thought it was very cute. >> we'll talk to you throughout the day and i'll try to stay warm and die. >> kevin i do want to ask you i.
4:49 am
how is security out there? >> you know what? yeah, i got to tell you, we saw it, you figured it might be relatively heavy. but this is a real family event, and so you don't notice it, except for those of us who do this for a living. we can kind of spot them. but you wouldn't otherwise see anything unusual. >> thanks for being there in the rain. >> yeah. >> little bit of a treat. actually in the trees. >> a little bit of that -- >> jump like that. >> meanwhile the eggs are not in the trees. they just hide them in the grass. >> make it a little easier. >> leave it to congress to ban it and then move it to the white house. >> a ten mile stretch of our border left unmanned for days. and guess who cut a hole in the fence and drove right through it. i'll give you a hint. it wasn't the good guys. so where was the border patrol. >> in 1984 the baltimore colts moved to indianapolis. yep. in 1939, the spanish civil war ended. and in 2000, say my name by destiny's child was top in the charts. >> four most different headlines ever.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
all right. more trouble at the border. you've got a ten-mile stretch of the arizona border with mexico. it was left unmanned for two days, allowing criminal cartel members to cut a hole in the fence, drive two trucks into the u.s., and then get away. how did it happen? and what needs to be done to keep us safe? let's ask the vice president of the national border patrol council sean moran. when did you become aware of this incident? >> we had our agents that were on the ground report this to us that this stretch was left unattended for almost two days. >> why wasn't action taken during that period? >> well, one of the reasons was the cartels that work in this
4:54 am
area, they know how we operate and what they do is they send a large group of illegal aliens across the border to tie up border patrol agents, and then those agents are pulled out of the field to process the people that we've caught, and that leaves these areas unguarded, so that the cartels can move weapons, people, drugs, what have you across the border at will. >> so they know how to put it back. do you know how often this takes place or is this an aberration? >> this happens more than you would like to know about. the other contributing factor was that they did not assign an agent to the neighboring zone that left that ten mile stretch unguarded. as i said for almost two days. we see this quite a bit in south texas and the rio grande valley with all the unaccompanied children coming across the border. the cartels, these are the most dangerous and capable criminal organizations in the western hemisphere. and they know exactly how we operate and they know how to counter us and they will overwhelm us until the border patrol agents are unable to
4:55 am
respond. and then they will take their product and people and go where the border patrol agents are not. >> let's look at what happened. we know beginning in 2015, look at the people coming across our border. five from afghanistan, 57 caught from pakistan. a whole bunch from china. 2016 now 18 from afghanistan, 79 from pakistan. so what's with the increase? >> that's a good question. i wish i knew. but it flies in the face of what the administration is saying about the border being more secure than ever. it's just not true. the numbers are trending significantly upward, and it's something that concerns us, because our people are the ones that are in the line of fire. and they're going to be the first ones that are encountered by these people crossing the border. >> and i understand cubans are the new one. new ones coming across because of our -- the new era in relations with the communist country. now, in the big picture people watching right now are saying what can possibly be done? should there be more border patrol.
4:56 am
more electronics, more technology. what do you think? >> i think there definitely needs to be more border patrol agents out in the field at any one time. too many of them are in the stations having to process because we get overwhelmed. by the sheer numbers that are coming across. but more than anything we need the political will to go out there and enforce the laws so that we have some kind of deterrent. when you allow people into the united states, as an illegal alien with no court date, no notice to appear. >> yep. that is just going to get back to whatever country they're from. and allow more people to come. it's going to create that incentive saying that the -- >> i got you -- >> america is not enforcing its immigration laws. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. all right coming up in our final hour, two nuclear power plant workers walking off the job to join isis. that could be a problem. ask the people of belgium that. and the united states newest citizen fabio, no last name needed, has a message for
4:57 am
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everybody wants a piece of ready. good monday morning. it is march 28th. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. a frightening new reality this morning that isis could now have the intelligence to cause a nuclear disaster. the power plant workers turned jihadists. and the cuban mistress crisis takes another big twist when we just spoke to donald trump. >> he's lying. that's why everybody calls him lyin' ted cruz. he's a liar. >> what he's saying now about the national enquirer story straight ahead. and he gave her a great tip. and she still burned him on social media, despite even giving her a picture. the waitress who served former president george w. bush and his former first lady wife laura
5:01 am
took to twitter with a comment that's getting a lot of attention this morning. none of it good. at least most of it not good. your e-mails are pouring in on this one and we'll share it because mornings are better with friends. all right. good morning. so just waking up, iran ka trump, she had her baby yesterday, and unc won last night. >> right. >> i went to bed when they were playing. >> syracuse won, also. >> the results of the other games we have some time. meanwhile fox news alert getting a better look at one of the bombing suspects from last week's attack in brussels. there you go. >> unfortunately, the death toll rises as new fears also growing as we learn several nuclear power plant workers may have joined isis. >> not good. greg palkot is live in brussels with the latest developments this morning on that story. good morning. >> hi folks. yeah, grim new information we're getting. the death toll now up to 35.
5:02 am
four victims who were in critical condition in the hospital, according to officials, dying overnight. we reached out to health officials. they tell us there are still 62 people in critical condition from the terror attacks last week. a total of 100 are still hospitalized. this, as you noted, we're getting a new look at the attackers. the two people on the left it is believed are the dead suicide bombers at the airport. the one on the right fled the scene, he was arrested, it's believed that he is an islamist agitator by the name of faycal cheffou but apparently the police aren't positive. reported he's not talking to them. he's refusing to give them a dna sample. so they have released this video in the hopes of possibly confirming it with eyewitnesses. this as raids continue in brussels and europe-wide. in the past 24 hours there was a
5:03 am
lot of raids in belgium, three were charged with terror today. also another arrest at holland. all tolled, eight suspects, it is reported, with direct ties to the attacks here in brussels, and in paris last year still on the run across europe. meanwhile, yes, terrorists going nuclear is a big concern, has always been a big concern. the latest report from this location. two former workers at a belgian nuclear plant supposedly had isis or terror ties. it's been widely reported last week that the attackers on tuesday were considering hitting a nuclear plant here in even considering constructing a dirty nuclear bomb. so real dangers there. finally, back to the u.s., some sad new information along with the kentucky couple we told you about yesterday. justin and stephanie shults. two more americans confirmed killed in the attack. confirmed by the state department. it could be, according to sources, that fox news was speaking to in the past few days, the wife of a u.s. military officer, and the spouse
5:04 am
of a u.s. government employee who apparently were killed in the attack. but we're waiting for identification on that. the airport, by the way guys, still closed, and they're going to do a dry run tomorrow to see if it works. as you've seen from all that video, a lot of disruption. the airport closed for this city, headquarters of the eu, headquarters of nato, european headquarters for many american companies, that's a big blow for the terrorism -- >> where do you fly into, greg? >> yeah, exactly. there are two small regional airports. but they can't handle too much. or flying in to amsterdam and paris and take the drive up. or you drive over from london, you use the euro tunnel. back to you. >> greg palkot live for us. thank you, greg. >> or a hover craft. let's talk about the protesters. angry protesters gathered in brussels near their stock exchange. chanting things like break up belgium. a flemish slogan used by one of belgium's far right parties.
5:05 am
they had flares, they threw water bottles at peaceful demonstrators who were holding banners proclaiming unity. >> yeah. it's effectively a clash of people who want belgium to be the way it is. or is moving, which has a massive migrant population and a lack of assimilation, frankly. and some more nationalist folks who unfortunately were acting violently in this case and in many cases who say the policies our government are pursuing are creating a threat right in our midst. >> they're mad about the open borders saying the immigration laws need to be tightened, need to be stricter. what's ironic about this is you have our president giving his weekly address on saturday saying we as a country, america, needs to be more open. listen. >> as we move forward in this fight, we have to wield another weapon alongside our airstrikes, our military, and our counterterrorism work and our diplomacy. and that's the power of our example. our openness to refugees fleeing isil's violence, our determination to win the battle against isil's hateful and violent propaganda, a distorted
5:06 am
view of islam that aims to radicalize young muslims to their cause. >> a lot of people think that the president understands that america wants the president to think about america first and our security and then we can open up our hearts. we also have to open up a background check. donald trump heard this sound bite with us earlier and said this in reaction to the president's address? >> i can't even believe that he's saying it. it's inconceivable that he's saying it. open borders, everything he said there is absolutely -- you would almost say it's disgraceful. you can't even imagine that a man would make those statements, especially a president of this country. we need protection. we need borders. it's disgraceful that he could say this especially when he talks about coming in from the middle east, frankly more so. they're undocumented. we have no idea where they come from. we have no idea who they are. it is just insane what this man is saying. >> donald trump contrasted with a position he calls america first, ted cruz, you know, says the president won't name it rad
5:07 am
camp islam. what you've got is a very clear contrast between what obama is saying and kerry is saying and what trump and cruz are saying which is we're not taking the 2350i9 to the enemy. we're not even naming the enemy and we have wide open borders that people are splitting. europe. why couldn't it happen in the united states? i think voters feel that. >> "new york times" interviewed donald trump and he said we need to stop giving money to other countries like saudi arabia and their allies and buying oil from them. he said let's don't do that unless they help us fight isis. he felt like we as a country were doing too much to fight isis and they weren't doing that in return. >> yeah, he says we've got to stop buying oil from saudi arabia. we buy 33% from our oil, second is saudi arabia with 13% and that could be some leverage that they could be forced to kick in. i'd be happier if they stop with this -- wahabi form of -- >> but it's going to be interesting to debate. donald trump's foreign policy. ted cruz's foreign policy. and the president's current foreign policy. we actually have things to debate of substance.
5:08 am
we don't have to talk about mistresses or the national enquirer. >> that is exactly right. they're both calling each other's policy weakness. they both know obama's weakness. let's discuss it and have the debate. >> and there is so much news going on. heather childers has some other headlines. >> speaking of foreign policy and why we do need to talk about it, this fox news alert. christians targeted in a bloody easter weekend attack in pakistan. at least 70 confirmed dead at this point. more than 300 injured. the taliban in pakistan now claiming responsibility. the u.s. state department condemning the attack but failing to mention that christians were the ones specifically targeted. here at home, meantime, millions of people were left confused by facebook's new safety check tool. it's meant to make sure that people near an emergency are well and accounted for. the urgent notification was mistakenly sent to people nowhere near the blast site. facebook apologized. and to another alert for you now, happening right now, a manhunt under way for a
5:09 am
convicted killer who escaped prison. authorities say that john modi, right here, he was reported missing from nelsonville, ohio, prison during inmate count last night. he's currently serving 15 years to life in prison for murder, robbery, and escaping. back in 2003. hocking college's main campus near the prison is closed until noon today as police try to find him. and the final four, it is all set, and it was an orange comeback after going into the second half with a double digit lead virginia just collapsed. syracuse coming back with a 29-8 run in the final ten minutes of the game to take the victory over top seeded cavaliers, 68-62. and my north carolina tar heels, final four drought is finally over. it was a competitive first half but the tar heels were able to storm back in the second half beating notre dame 88-74. this is the first time that north carolina is heading to the national semifinals since 2009. so the match-ups are villanova,
5:10 am
they'll play oklahoma and north carolina against syracuse. both games will be played on april 2nd. that's a look at your headlines so far. back to you. >> we'll be watching. >> from today, we'll be set to have a championship game. meanwhile, nine minutes after the hour. >> it was a huge weekend for bernie sanders. picking up three big wins in washington, alaska and hawaii. >> yep. now democrats and republicans are looking ahead to wisconsin. >> jeff flock with the business network live in milwaukee with the latest. hi, jeff. >> i come to you from the sumptuous bernie sanders campaign headquarters. spending a lot on rent. maybe he doesn't need to. he was campaigning here in madison celebrating the big victory in three states, alaska, hawaii and washington state. and he got almost triple the number of delegates that hillary clinton got. so a big win. not just a win, but a big win. and he's making the case now that he's actually the better and stronger candidate against donald trump in the fall.
5:11 am
>> we are beating donald trump by much greater margins than is secretary clinton. a lot of the super delegates are now beginning to look at which democratic candidate is in the best place to defeat donald trump. i think some of them are beginning to understand that it's bernie sanders. >> you look at the total delegate count it looks like a tough road for bernie sanders but she's got 469 superdelegates in that pack. he says he can maybe flip some of those delegates around and maybe he's the one in the lead. we'll see. >> all right thank you so much. >> someone's got the keys to the sanders luxury accommodations. >> the gop is looking ahead to wisconsin to where the latest polls show it is a very close race. but as we mentioned, the headlines today are about the tabloids. ted cruz, saying that donald trump planted that tabloid smear about ted cruz having five mistresses. >> all right. we spoke to donald trump moments
5:12 am
ago. and he denies it. >> he sent a photo of my wife, a cover shoot for gq magazine which was frankly fine. but he sent that out to everybody. he knew about it 100%. he's lying. that's why everybody calls him lyin' ted cruz. he's a liar -- >> he's said he never -- >> he sent the photo out. as sure as you're sitting there. he knew about it. somebody even said he's the one that bought the copyrights from gq. >> so, yeah, well send us your thoughts on who started the he said she said. the facts are that a super pac, an anti-trump super pac pushed those photos out. what we know behind the scenes, it's a he said she said of mud right now. >> so many consequential things going on in the world i was hoping that we would not be talking about this this week. when it comes to wisconsin, governor walker says five days before i'm going to endorse. by his comments it looks like he's going to go with cruz but we'll see. >> a popular governor. >> very popular. in >> the meantime a marine running for college, class president kicked off the ballot. he said it's because he's the
5:13 am
only conservative running. and he says he has proof. that marine joins us live. plus "people" magazine calls him the sexiest vet alive. look at his picture. what do you think? we're going to let you decide when he joins us later this hour. >> and send us pictures if you think your vet's sexier. >> what's cuter the dogs or him? just because someone grows older does that mean they have to grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do? with right at home, it doesn't. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to help with personal care, housekeeping, meals, and most of all, staying engaged in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome. are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home.
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the woman who brought math into the homes of millions of americans has passed away. mother angelica, a roman catholic nun, and a founder of eternal word television network, died on easter sunday at the age of 92. peter johnson jr. is here now with a deeper look into her life and her legacy. >> and we'll talk about an incredible life. known to millions of viewers simply as mother angelica, rita antoinette rizzo began what would become the eternal word television network. ewtn. in 1981, with $200 in a converted garage. twelve nuns and really no television experience, most people knew her as a spunky tv personality who displayed both deep devotion to jesus, and sometimes even a comic's timing.
5:18 am
>> can you imagine god cooking breakfast for men who deserted him? i'd have thrown a fist at them. you see, god is so different than you and i. >> and she brought the imaginations and the realities of a living god to americans, people around the world. she was a member of the francis can poor sisters and she was that network's star for much of its history. her active ministry ran parallel to pope john paul ii and she backed him up in terms of orthodoxy at a time when so many people were undermining church authority. on february 12th, pope francis sent his greetings to mother angelica from aboard his papal plane to cuba to mother angelica with my blessing i ask you to pray for me, i need it. god bless you mother angelica. mother angelica dead yesterday
5:19 am
on easter sunday. >> i know. >> and we were just talking, her message was, let god take you where you need to be taken. i was watching her earlier this morning. and they were showing some of her older shows. and she had a capacity to reach out, to people. she wasn't a polished performer. she had grown up in a home literally with rats, a broken home. she had undergone faith healings in her life and she said i can go on television and spread the word of god. and let people in the world know that he cares. that he loves you. that you can pray. that he will hear it. and she did it in a way that was sweet, that was sometimes bitter, but that was always real and made people understood. >> very real, saying i would throw the fish at them. i wouldn't be able to serve my enemy's breakfast. >> historic figure. 20 years founder of this network. >> what a trail blazer. >> great life. >> thank you so much. good to see you this morning. a marine running for college
5:20 am
class president kicked off the ballot. he says it's because he's the only conservative running, and he says he has proof. that marine is going to join us next. and the united states' newest citizen, fabio. has a message for america's youth. he says the kardashians are bad for the country. allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d.
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welcome back. a quick look at your headlines. robert de niro is under fire today for pulling a controversial documentary from the tribeca film festival. the film is called "vax." it accuses the cdc of hiding the alleged link between vaccines and autism.
5:24 am
de niro has a son with autism and says he pulled the film because it wasn't contributing to a positive discussion on the topic. and fabio might be a new u.s. citizen, but he says the kardashians are what's wrong with america. the heartin rob says the kardashian family will do anything for money including exploiting lamar odom during his drug overdose. he says the women are sending a bad message to america's youth. >> well done fabio. all right a college student in florida running for campus president was kicked off the ballot this month. he was accused of violating election rules. but was it really because he was a conservative? >> all right. university of central florida student jacob millic joins us right now. he's also a marine veteran, thinks a partisan plot was against him and he sued the university for violating his free speech. >> joining us now is that former presidential candidate jacob millic. thanks for joining us this morning. and thanks for your service. >> thank you, good morning. >> so what happened? why did they kick you off the
5:25 am
ballot? and do you have any recourse? >> i was kicked off the ballot because there were several violations filed against me all by the same small group of students. right now the recourse is i'm in court, i'm trying to get back on the ballot making sure the students get to decide who their student body president is going to be. >> they said you used student government e-mail to write campaign notes. you tested campaign websites prior to the run, and you used social media too early. how do you feel about those charges? >> right. well that's a violation of my free speech. having a -- having social media with no followers, just trying to set up my social media account prior to the election is a ridiculous violation. having my personal notes on my phone that accidentally saved to my account is not valid. it's not a valid reason to eliminate someone from the ballot. >> so there's a student election commission that holds closed hearings. so a lot of this happened behind closed doors. even if you did technically violate one of these terms do you feel like you've been
5:26 am
treated differently because you're a conservative? they're a small group targeting you. cracking down on you the way they wouldn't against a progressive or liberal student. >> right. historically these hearings were not held in secret. this is the first time these hearings were held in secret. so i am being treated differently. how the election statutes are being applied to me is different this time. this is a coordinated effort against me because i'm a conservative, as well as my running mate elaine is actually the president of the college republicans at ucf. >> right, sergeant, your school is huge. one of the biggest schools in the country, certainly in florida. the big picture, have you been getting any indication to being a conservative is a bad thing in florida, where you know, it's pretty much a purple state? i don't know about your campus, but the state goes both ways. >> right. well i mean the campus like most college campuses in the united states is very liberal. and that's -- i'm the minority in that case. my ticket is minority. >> so you're already running an uphill candidacy. now you've got a secret commission finding ways to kick you off. are you going to still try to
5:27 am
run? is there any way you can? or live to fight another day here? >> well, actually the election started actually a few minutes ago. so i'm still trying to, in court, trying to get the elections delayed or rescheduled so the students' voices can be heard. it's definitely an uphill battle. >> all right. jacob, thanks so much. sergeant milich, thanks so much for joining us. battling to lead the university of central florida student body. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up straight ahead we change gears. breaking news on our newly repaired relationship with communist cuba. moments ago fidel castro coming out of hiding to tell president obama to mind his own business? doctor ben carson is here next to react. and he gave her a great tip and she still burned him on social media. the waitress who served former president george w. bush and why she took to twitter with a comment that's getting a lot of attention this morning. your e-mails are pouring in. we'll share some. ♪
5:28 am
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fox news alert this morning. a story we've been telling you about all morning. christians targeted in a bloody easter weekend attack in pakistan. at least 70 confirmed dead. many women and children. more than 300 injured. the taliban claiming responsibility for this. >> the u.s. state department did condemn the attacks. but failed to mention that writtens were the ones specifically targeted. >> let's bring in former presidential candidate himself dr. ben carson joining us right now from florida. obviously tragic news, doctor. does it matter that much whether you put the word christian in the attack or not? >> yes, it matters tremendously. you know, that's the same pattern that was exhibited with some of the christian attacks in other parts of the middle east. you know, this is craziness that
5:32 am
we simply refuse to acknowledge it. and allow it to continue to grow. and you know, i can't really explain why our administration goes out of its way not to include the fact that christians are being persecuted. of course this has implications for our country, too, in the future. >> absolutely. and unfortunately, attacks like this, you know, are being exported to europe. we've seen a migrant crisis exploited by isis through iraq and syria, turkey and greece and now into europe. as we see these protests and attacks our own president, not just talking about christians, he won't acknowledge radical islam is talking about openness to refugees. bringing in more refugees in reaction. how do you feel about that? >> well again it doesn't make a lot of sense. if you know that these refugees are going to be infiltrated by radical islamic terrorists, why would you even entertain the thought?
5:33 am
you would be looking for alternatives. and we had perfect alternatives, you know, the syrian refugees can easily be taken to the northeast section. there's infrastructure there. there are kurds there. there are christians there. there are moderate sunnis there who can help protect them. we can bring in international force. and they don't have to be repatriated to another place where they have a different culture. and it costs us less money and it's much safer for us. it makes too much sense for our government to consider it. >> by the way, you were there. you talked to them. and most of them just want a shot at living in their area and back in their hometowns. we did get some good news, major syrian city full of christian archaeological structures, was just won back over by the syrian government to a degree at least some people are being liberated. dr. carson let's talk about what donald trump outlined in "the new york times."
5:34 am
getting some criticism for his american first foreign policy, where it talks about restructuring nato. saying it'sen tick waited. making japan and south korea pay more for the defense even though they're paying $800 million in the case of south korea and $4 billion in the case of japan. how do you feel about what donald trump has outlined? >> i think what he says makes perfectly good sense. you know, when nato was put together, you know, there was an agreement that each of the countries involved would pay 2% of their gdp. for defense. only five of those nations are doing that. we're paying the lion's share of it, at a time when we can't afford it. you don't hear anyone talking about the fact that we are about to fall off the fiscal cliff. and we are continuing to accumulate debt which is impacting upon future generations. no one even talks about the fiscal gap. most americans don't even know what the fiscal gap is.
5:35 am
we are destroying our country. we have to stop. and the example i love to use is, when you get on the airplane they say if there's an emergency oxygen masks will drop down. put yours on first and then render aid to your neighbor. why do they say that? because if you're unconscious, you're not going to be able to give them any aid. and if we are bankrupt and we have destroyed our infrastructure, what good are we going to be? >> all right. recently we saw president of the united states, barack obama, going down to cuba, meeting with raul. recently, fidel castro has apparently come out with this quote, we don't need the empire to give us any presents, my modest suggestion is that he reflects and doesn't try to develop theories about cuban politics. basically saying, we don't want any handouts. what's your reaction? >> well, you know, i think it's kris dayness. you know, they are dissing us. they're saying you guys riffraff. and they're making fun of our
5:36 am
foreign policy. as it exists. which is not very good, by the way. i mean, as far as cuba is concerned, why are we relaxing, you know -- >> they did nothing to deserve this improvement in relations. >> yeah, it doesn't make any sense, because raul castro is 83 or 84 years old. he's not going to be around for a long time. there's going to be a regime change. that's the time when you go in there and you do your negotiations. then you have some leverage. we're giving away all of our leverage. we have nothing. doesn't make any sense. >> how embarrassing is it when you do a high profile trip to cuba. you open up. they give you no political reforms in return. nothing changes, and the first thing they do when you come home is they bash you. i think there's an overwhelming response, i know on the republican side of the ledger, just for some strength. just for some consistency, and what's the first immediate step do you think the next commander in chief has to take to restore that credibility? >> well, first of all, you know, we should respond to their response. we shouldn't just let that go.
5:37 am
because you know, we hold all the cards. we do this all the time. you know, when we were embarrassed recently by the iranians, when they had our sailors, we had all the cards. we had the money. we hadn't released it yet. i would have said not only do i want you to escort those sailors back, and you your most royal ship but i would have had a bunch of other demands and they would have given them to me. i don't know what's wrong with our people. i don't understand it. real quick, dr. carson. there's a big push after the first ballot -- no one came out stronger than ted cruz against that trip over there obviously with his family there. he was against the president going. it sends a terrible message as well, i think you can agree. just real quick, how do you feel about the bell gatts on the second ballot being recruited heavily by the cruz camp, and donald trump seems to -- you guys i guess you're on that team now, seem to be caught not knowing how to handle a second ballot. how do you feel about the
5:38 am
hoarding the delegates and putting them in your column? >> well, you know, i can tell you this, if there are shenanigans, if it's not straightforward, all of those millions of people that donald trump has brought in to the arena are not going to stay there. and the republicans are going to lose, and it's going to be not only the presidency, but it's going to be the senate. and it could even be the house. it's going to be absolute destruction. so the real question is, are the established republicans, who they say they don't exist, they say there's no such thing, yeah, right, are they more concerned about maintaining control and their positions, or are they more concerned about america? and if they're more concerned about america, they will not blow up a straightforward process. they will let the will of the people prevail. >> all right. dr. carnes. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> now we're going to hand it over to heather childers who has some more news for us.
5:39 am
>> going to begin with weather. good morning to you and to everyone at home. some extreme weather to report on. a spring snowstorm making a mess across the country. this as people along the gulf coast clean up from flash flooding, and thunderstorm damage. now the bad weather that soaked florida is now moving east. and you hear that, you know what that is. hail battering the midwest. it's from just a few hours ago. huge chunks falling around parts of ohio, and kansas digging out from this, a snowy easter. some cities saw six inches of snow. and tragedy at play time to tell you about. a 7-year-old girl killed in a freak bounce house accident at a british traveling fair. two people are now under arrest as a result of this. now we heard about this before. plenty of time to tap in the inflatable building it just blew away, slamming to the ground and rolling down a hill nearly 500
5:40 am
feet with the little girl still inside. >> it was a freak gust of wind that caught everyone unawares. it actually pulled the safety stakes out of the ground. it's so appalling that this little girl came to have a lovely day out with her family and lost her life. >> so sad. a man and a woman from the firm that runs the attraction, they are now under arrest on suspicion of manslaughter by gross negligence. and finally, talk about poor taste. a waitress took a $40 tip from former president george w. bush and his wife laura, before taking this photo and posting it on twitter with this message. bush did 9/11, but he did me a solid. and left me a good tip. well now lisa smith is getting another tip from others a whole lot of others online who say that she needs to watch what she posts. smith claims that she was playing off a popular meme that uses that same phrase but not everyone is laughing about it and your responses are pouring in on this one. and you have some of those to share with everyone. >> all right. thanks heather. meanwhile keith says this he
5:41 am
writes to us saying this it amazes me how ridiculously idiotic americans have become. blaming an american president for blowing up four planes and 3,000 people. many of our citizens have lost their minds. what little they had left has left the building. >> like most folks people often take them too far or pervert their initial meaning. this young waitress whose picture was shown on the news, and who is blasted as being ungrateful and ignorant, was actually saying something completely different. >> jesse ventura agrees with the waitress. so there are some crazy people in the country. >> indeed. >> all right. so that was at the very least i think she's polarized a lot of people. 19 minutes now before the top of the hour. straight ahead, he voted for hope and change in 2008 but all he got the tango and the wave. just how dangerous is the president's approach to foreign policy, and what we just told you about what fidel castro said. columnist michael goodwin next.
5:42 am
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for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. back with some quick headlines. more than 900 suspected gang members across the u.s. arrested. the feds say it was part of a five-week operation. most were charged with criminal offenses. and hundreds were hit with immigration violations. during the operation, agents seized 150 firearms, more than 20 kilograms of narcotics and more than $70,000. well done law enforcement. and bold burglars using a truck to break into a chicago gun store. you can see them crashing through the doors just enough to
5:46 am
fit then the two men ransacked the store taking off with serious firepower. police are still looking for the men. but i found my man. >> all right, thank you very much, pete. our next guest pulitzer prize winning columnist michael goodwin voted for president obama in '08 but now he seriously is questioning the commander in chief's approach to the war on terror pointing to his wave in cuba and his tango in argentina after the terror attack in brussels. his op-ed read the people who want to be president understand the need to reassure a rattled public yet the actual president is determined to let terrorists ruin his day. joining us right now fox news contributor michael goodwin. because the president said he's going to keep on doing his thing because he doesn't want the terrorists to win. you think it's the wrong message. >> i do. look i understand we don't want the terrorists to win. meaning we can't change everything we do about life but i don't think that means the president has to act as though it's not important. and i believe that his antics in cuba and argentina suggested this was no big deal.
5:47 am
and meanwhile, as i say, the candidates, including hillary clinton, all went out to try to reassure the public that -- to pledge their determination to take out islamic state. the president says islamic state is not an existential threat to us. what does that mean? i mean, how many people do they have to kill before the president feels that it's a serious issue? he went golfing after james foley was beheaded. after benghazi he flew to a fund-raiser. i mean, so this pattern is pretty clearly set now. >> he actually admitted a mistake after paris. he said i misinterpreted the anxiety within the american public as if we're immature children who needed to be reassured. not that we were right just that we were rattled wrongly. here is secretary of state john kerry trying to defend the president's lack of action. >> you know, life doesn't stop because one terrible incident takes place in one place. >> really? it stopped for a few americans,
5:48 am
didn't it? >> well that's the other point. i mean americans were missing in brussels even as the president was dancing. and now we know at least four or five are dead already. so the president, i think -- look, he has a clear purpose here, which is downplay islamic terrorism. he wants to treat it as everything from workplace violence, to gun control issues, to ordinary crime. he is not, i think, understanding and recognizing the severity of the issue of the islamic state. >> fidel castro just said this in an article, you know, the president had the historic visit there, first one since calvin college. here's the reaction, we don't need the empire to give us any presents. that's a little built of fidel castro backlash. as if president obama's presents could force things to be inordinately good in cuba. >> cuba is a mess. it's a police state. people are fleeing as fast as they can. that should tell you everything. but by the same token if we were sort of demanding nothing from them then the regime will stay
5:49 am
in power, and continue to oppress its own people. >> i got bad news for you, you got to join me again on radio to talk more about this. is that all right? >> my pleasure. straight ahead, he's a veterinarian driving the internet wild with his animal selfies. up next, the doctor who's here with tips to keep your pet safe after easter. first let's check in with martha for what bill hemmer and she will be doing in her show for two hours. >> brian, good morning. an easter celebration attacked by the taliban. taking the lives of families celebrating the holy day. and new terror raids in europe, as donald trump answers questions about his foreign policy, and he and ted cruz squabble over their wives. mike huckabee joins us with his thoughts on all of that, and also reports that the e-mail clinton investigation is entering the final stage for the fbi as they interview some of those central players and that gets under way. lots to talk about. bill and i see you on this monday morning at the top of the hour.
5:50 am
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you are looking at the internet's newest sensation. this is dr. evan antonin. he's even caught the attention of "people" magazine. you can probably see why. people naming him the sexiest veterinarian alive. this morning he is here to tell us what pet owners need to know right after easter. we're going to get to that in just a minute. but i have to ask you, doctor, that's amazing. you were in "people" magazine. i understand why. you're very handsome. >> thank you. >> what was your reaction to that? >> it was really positive. it was really exciting. i couldn't believe they came out to me for that and wanted to have me in that issue. i was stoked. it was great. >> how did that happen? >> i don't know how they found me or how that all came about to tell you the truth. but one of the writers just
5:54 am
contacted me. hey, we're thinking about putting you in this piece, what do you think about it? i was like, i'll take it. >> pretty cool to pick up a "people" magazine and you're in it. >> totally didn't see that coming. >> you have a huge following online. is that because of "people" magazine? >> i think that is a big part of it. >> you post pictures online? >> neat cases or neat surgeries or neat animals i get to work with. or some of my travels in personal life. usually puppies. i do something called pelfies. which is like a puppy selfie. >> are most of your clients the puppy owners women? >> yeah, right. we get a fair share of female pet owners. but, we get quite the gamut. >> we want to talk to you about easter. easter was yesterday. lots of leftover candy in the house. i know i've heard chocolate is really a no-no for dogs. >> yeah, absolutely it is.
5:55 am
dark chocolate is the stuff you've got to be concerned off. any toxic can be chocolate but the dark chocolate is full of the toxic substance for pets. if your pet does eat chocolate contact your veterinarian you're going to have to do some exam nations. usually that involves having the pet vomit and trying to dilute the toxin with fluids. >> what about the wrappers? the wrappers that are wrapped -- you know all these candy wrappers. >> what i see with the wrappers, they can conglomerate and almost form like a foreign body and cause what's called a foreign body obstruction and get lodged in the intestines or stomach. so that's an issue, too. something else a lot of people aren't aware of is grapes are quite toxic for dogs and it's not dose dependent. some dogs aren't affected by it. but many dogs are and that's in a lot of fruit salads over the holidays. >> i've heard that grapes and raisins. >> onion and garlic as well.
5:56 am
>> do you see a lot of this? do you see wrappers lodged in animals? >> i wouldn't say i see it every week but i definitely see my fair share of it with the wrappers, and with the toxicities. >> speaking of this little guy is trying to get in that basket over there. you can't do that. no you can't. come get in my lap. thank you so much for being here. >> yeah, thanks for having me. >> there are a lot of people that have animals, and we love our pets. we want them to be safe. >> right on. >> congratulations on everything. >> thank you so much. >> more "fox & friends" just moments away. some say "free the whales." for them, nothing else is acceptable. but nothing could be worse for the whales. most of the orcas at seaworld were born here. sending them into the wild wouldn't be noble. it could be fatal. when they freed keiko, the killer whale of movie fame, the effort was a failure and he perished. but we also understand that times have changed.
5:57 am
today, people are concerned about the world's largest animals like never before. so we too must change. that's why the orcas in our care will be the last generation at seaworld. there will be no more breeding. we're also phasing out orca theatrical shows. they'll continue to receive the highest standard of care available anywhere. and guests can come to see them simply being their majestic selves. inspiring the next generation of people to love them as you do.
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this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. after a great showing at the jefferson cup we went to fredricksburg, virginia. that's my taughter and her friend morgan. two superstar soccer players at george washington's birth place. >> these are gunner and boone on their easter egg hunt outside our house. >> and this is my daughter hayden. she was christened on saturday.
6:00 am
one of our producers, professional photographer -- >> oh. >> she's a special little girl. i love her. >> you should stick with it. >> stay tuned for the after the show show. bill: a massacre with more than 70 killed as taliban terrorists target christians on the holiest day of the year. this scene so bloody there are parts of the video of we simply can't share with you. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum the taliban claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in a busy park in pakistan. fit was packed with families that were there to celebrate easter sunday. the taliban said that made them fair


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