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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the oval office actually got its own private line. but the leader of the free world finally got his own office phone 87 years ago. today. if news breaks out, you'll break in. "your world with cavuto" starts now. fierce clashes breaking out between refugees and greek police on the border of greece and macedonia. riot police reportedly forced to withdraw from that area without making any arrests. all this as president obama so bringing in refugees here. more on that in a moment. but first, the battle for the badger state one week from today. donald trump right now set to hold a rally in janesville, wisconsin. that's going to be in less than an hour. but it was ted cruz getting the gov love. how is this all going to shake out? welcome everyone i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto and
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this is your world. wisconsin republican governor scott walker asking the state's voters to choose cruz over kasich and trump to the fallout with gop pollster lee carter. lee i know polls don't matter much these days and endorsements don't matter much but in this particular case, it feels like this could actually be the differencemaker. >> i think this could be a big differencemaker. we've got paul ryan. we've got walker out there talking for cruz. i think this is a really -- i mean the polls right now are too close to call. we've got them within one point. and these kinds of things do make a difference on the local level. for sure. >> who has the momentum? has cruz been coming on lately? i've seen in other polls where he's starting to come on a lile bit. >> but so is kasich. kasich has jumped up ten points in the last month. he's got some momentum, too. that doesn't mean he's going to win. he's still way behind but he's got momentum coming in. is this the kind of thing that could put a stop to kasich's momentum? i think it could. >> scott walker obviously was a presidential candidate. he was the first one to drop out. i think he was the first person
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ever to drop out of any presidential race, you know. he saw the writing on the wall very quickly and he more or less urged the gop establishment to climb a central figure to go against trump early on. he saw how spread out all these candidates are going to sort of mitigate or water down the votes. so, is this really a victory for ted cruz? it's not a surprise for ted cruz, per se, and won't this help donald trump with respect to him saying hey, the establishment, they don't want me, i crushed walker early on and this is more or less just a vindictive establishment move? >> i think it could help -- it definitely could help trump in that vein. unfortunately for trump right now, he's got a lot of things playing against him right now. he's in this war of the wives right now and for the first time ever we're seeing trump on his heels. he's still a week later answering these questions in a defensive way. and it's the first time we've seen trump defensive. we've got that. and now today we've got this breaking news about his campaign manager. so he's on his heels yet again. how is he going to play this
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out? we're not exactly sure. there's not really a precedent set for any of these kinds of things. it's a wild card. >> this is certainly one for the books, right, the history books. you talk about the war of the wives saying i guess the general assessment is that it hurt trump a little bit more than it hurt cruz. i think it hurt them both in the general election. >> for sure. >> what about some of the stuff cruz comes in with? the national enquirer article. he's got some baggage of his own. >> right now we haven't seen the national enquirer article really hurt cruz quite yet. but, i think we get the drip, drip, drip strategy. it could really hurt him, and they're doubling down on this. i mean they're saying right now, i just saw some people out there saying you can sue us if this isn't true. i don't think this is going away yet. and if it doesn't, that could really hurt cruz more than any other candidate, because he has been claiming the moral high ground and that's so much of who his character is. and that could really hurt him. so we haven't seen the last of this, i'm sure. >> in other words you think he should file lawsuits and deal with it later?
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or because it could become a campaign distraction one way or the other. but it would be better in your mind as someone who deals with the general public and understands the psyche of the would-be voter for cruz to go after them, attack them as if this was categorically false instead of just saying it? >> i don't think it's going to go away. so he's got to do something to set the record straight. i -- i mean, if he said a lawsuit yes it's going to be a long-term issue. i think he's trying to see if it's going to go away. if he knows that it's not true maybe he should just let it take a back burner. except that, i mean -- >> appearances are tough. it's tough to manage that stuff. >> it really matters. it's not -- >> you talked about kasich's momentum. >> mm-hmm. >> if cruz wins wisconsin, will he be able to pick up some momentum? some of the states we won't think he can compete in in new jersey and new york. or would it be better in california. if cruz were to win wisconsin what does it mean for him after wisconsin? >> i don't think it means much. symbolically yes, it matters. but i think it's going to be
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really hard for anything to play out except we're going to see that trump is probably going to be the victor. i think that cruz is going to -- but i don't see that we're going to see that trump is going to be able to get the delegate count he needs. >> contested convention. lee carter thank you very much. now this, police in greece clashing with refugees that happened today at a camp for asylum seekers. now look right there, guys. you can see this thing got very, very rough. all this as president obama's urging more openness when it comes to taking in syrian refugees here in america. reaction from former louisiana governor, republican presidential candidate, bobby jindal. he joins us by phone. governor, you know, president obama sort of saying, we need to bring in 100,000, perhaps even more of these refugees as a sign of love, and that would actually be a better weapon against isis and any animosity toward america than any other sort of route we might take. where is he getting this wrong stl >> first of all, thank you for having me back on the show. this is absolutely nonsense.
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it is political correctness run amok. the worst thing we could do is invite folks in when isis is telling us they want to send terrorists in with these refugees. we've seen attacks after attack in europe. why in the world would we allow folks to come in to our country before they've been vetted without assurances that we're not allowing terrorists in through the front door. we already know they're trying to sneak into our country. we already know they want to hit soft targets, they want to hit suicide bombers to hit civilians. why would we make it easier for them to do that? this is i believe one more way that president obama creates the conditions that allows the donald trump to do well. and voters, when the american people see a president that's not willing to defend them, not willing to say the words radical islamic terrorism, that it's so politically correct, i think one of the reasons they're flocking to a candidate like donald trump, and i'm not a fan of donald trump, this is one of the reasons donald trump is doing so well, people see how absurd the left has become. >> but, having said that, it's logical when you start to say, hey, we need to ban these
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refugees from syria, from iraq and a lot of other places where there's a tremendous isis presence, or the inability to truly vet them, would you go further now saying that maybe there's some credence, in stopping all muslims from entering america? >> that's why i'm not a fan of donald trump. i think you've got two -- here. you've got president obama who can't consider any perceived idea that there are any muslims that hate us. and you've got donald trump who seemingly thinks that every muslim hates us. night extreme view is right. it does make sense that we're going to vet folks before we let them into our country. it doesn't make sense we're going to let 100,000 folks come in from areas where isis is rampant and areas where they want to send in suicide attackers. hypothetical scenario, we've seen this happen in europe, in brussels, in paris. this is not a made-up example. this is happening in europe. >> governor, having said that are you comfortable with the current vetting system? in other words, if i'm a syrian refugee and i make my way to
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another middle eastern country, and i still have the intention of going to america, causing harm, killing people, how confident are you in the current vetting system that we can stop them? >> well, look, i'm not comfortable because of this administration. i think after 9/11 the procedures were strengthened. and i've got a lot of, look, i've got a lot of support for our intelligence agencies and the professionals that work on the front lines to keep us safe. what i worry about is under the obama administration, there's a tendency towards political correctness, what i worry about is that they will ignore the counsel of those working on the front lines. i do worry about that. we've got an administration that violates the constitution time and time again, tries to give amnesty to people coming here illegally. that seems to govern from political motives. their first job, the federal government's first job is to keep us safe. i understand, again i don't agree with it, but i understand why many voters are resorting to somebody like donald trump as they see the weakness of president obama, they want somebody who is going to defend us, and so i understand why people are so frustrated with the president. >> yeah, i mean it polls well
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across the ideological aisles of democrats and republican voters like the idea of a temporary ban. i want to ask you about wisconsin. scott walker, throwing his support behind ted cruz. you did the same in louisiana. it didn't help him in your state. do you think it makes a difference on next tu? >> a couple of things i was supporting marco rubio before he got out. i think governor walker's endorsement is a great boost for senator cruz. scott is a good friend and he's been a great governor of wisconsin. i think it's great for the cruz campaign. i think at the end of the day, voters vote for candidates not just on endorsements. today was a good day for senator cruz. i think it was a great get to get scott walker to join his team. >> what's your thoughts on a potential contested convention and talks was riots, complete annihilation of the grand old party. it feels like it's going through a metamorphosis of sorts no matter what. either will come out something completely different or be two parties no matter what happens. >> look. i don't think we should break the rules, and i'm not a donald
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trump fan but i don't think we should break the rules to stop him from getting the nomination. but i also don't think we should break the rules to give him the nomination. >> what would be an example of breaking the rules to stop him? would it be sort of folks saying hey in wisconsin, kasich voeks, throw your votes behind cruz. in pennsylvania cruz votes throw your support behind kasich. would that be two visible efforts to stop trump? >> look, i don't think that works. i think people vote for the candidates they want to be president. i don't think people listen to all these convoluted theories. you hear folks speculating about drafting someone who's not running, may change the rules about how delegates are recognized. change the rule that it's been there in place before trump became a candidate. i don't think they should do that to help him or to hurt him. there are a lot of conspiracy theories that the candidates will decide who the nominee is. listen to our voters. i started criticizing donald trump back last september.
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i don't think he's a real conservative. i do think he tapped into voters' real frustration. we need to listen to that frustration. >> if he is less than 100 delegates away from 1237 should he get it? >> i think they should follow the rules. let the voters decide. math is on his side. i don't think it's inevitable. i think he's got a better shot than anybody else. but let's let the voting continue and folks -- the best way to stop him, if people don't want donald trump to be the nominee go convince the voters in the states that have yet to vote. >> governor jindal, thank you very much. really appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. >> catch this, special coverage of wisconsin's primary on the fox business network. it kicks off one week from today. we're going to start with lou dobbs at 7:00 p.m., neil at 8:00. all of the election ruts, minute to minute stuff. not only does it impact this country but it certainly impacts your wallet and it's only on fox business. even as oil plunged this morning, crude oil finishing down after a barclays analyst said it could go to 30.
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nevertheless fed chair janet yellen coming to the rescue signaling that she's going to have gradual interest rate hikes and that gave investors sort of a sigh of release. we reversed earlier losses and closed near the high of the session. who says it's just the republicans? why current moves by bernie sanders could make this a democratic pension convention. and an egyptian airplane hijacked. one passenger climbing out of the window to run for safety all because of a crazed man with a fake suicide belt. so how does this happen? and are flyers now really thinking twice about traveling overseas.
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as bernie sanders and hillary clinton race for wisconsin, sanders is trying to race for something else. those superdelegates that she's already won. to ed henry in milwaukee, wiscons wisconsin, on how that will work. all of a sudden he thinks he can woo these superdelegates? >> that's right, charles. it's a very delicate task. a very difficult task.
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it's been done before. it was done by barack obama in 2008 when hillary clinton was seen as inevitable. that sounds awfully familiar. and a lot of party bosses on the democratic side went to her early. and then flipped to obama as he started winning more and more caucuses and primaries. the challenge for sanders is yes, he had a good weekend last weekend. but he's got to ving together a lot more of those wins, and some of the wins have to be by a much bigger margin in the days ahead in places like new york in mid-april where there's a lot of delegates at stake. but if it's a close race, either wins or comes in second since it's proportional he's not going to be able to jump ahead of hillary clinton on the pledge delegates. if you are able to get ahead like barack obama was on pledge delegates then superdelegates start saying well maybe it's not clinton's race to win. maybe we can jump. but he's a long way from that. and he'd been pushing sanders for a debate in new york to try to help his prospects. the clinton camp, through joel
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benson is saying not too fast. the tone of this campaign has been too negative. while sanders here in milwaukee was full speed ahead. listen. >> we think that this party is strong and we have a good, strong, healthy debate. but the tone of the campaign has become increasingly negative. and personal. in some places. >> i'd rather be here with you in appleton thalg busn begging billionaires for their money. this is one of the real differences of opinion that secretary clinton and i have. >> so you can see bernie sanders not stopping the attacks despite the demand from the clinton camp that he do so. and frankly, in talking to some of the top strategists in the sanders campaign they say that they think that the clinton campaign is just annoyed because sanders has been gaining ground, and gaining momentum by going directly after clinton. >> ed henry, thanks a lot.
1:18 pm
really appreciate it. now, to the adviser to the sanders campaign, chuck rocha. chuck, this strategy of going after the superdelegates, a month ago it would have seemed farfetched. it seemed just a little less farfetched now. but sanders does have more momentum, and a greater argument at this oint. >> charles, thanks for having me. coming out of the weekend with a bunch of momentum. this is a show about numbers. let's just talk about raw numbers. we won six out of the seven races that we've just finished up. let's take a state like washington where we garnered over 70% of the votes. in that state they have over 17 superdelegates that overwhelmingly support the senator. that's a lot of pressure on those superdelegates who represent the voters in that state. and their vetters said they like bernie sanders at almost a 70% rate. it's hard for you to say i don't care what the voters say, i'm the boss and the bosses know what's best. i think that's why people will keep changing their minds as we
1:19 pm
continue to win more states. >> the interesting thing is the dilemma that you guys have. hillary clinton is the establishment. superdelegates are the establishment. you're going to tell the establishment not to back the establishment. how would that work? >> well, i'll tell you we've been listening to a lot of people. over 5 million people have sent in contributions to this campaign. you're exactly right charles she has all the elected officials. she's got all the apparatus. she's got all the progressive infrastructure behind her and she's run a great campaign. you will not hear my tone be negative but you will hear the voices of millions of people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. they want an outlet for their frustration. they see hope with senator bernie sanders and that's why they're showing up. i think a lot is going to be said when we move into wisconsin. we move into these big states like new york and we continue to trudge along. i think the more you empower people to have a voice in their process the better the process is. >> i want to alert the audience what we're looking at on your split screen, ted cruz arriving
1:20 pm
at an event at cedarburg, wisconsin. and you can see the crowds there starting to build up here a little bit. i want to ask you about you talked about tone a little bit here. hillary clinton is starting to complain somewhat about the tone that bernie sanders has used in some of these debates. i think there's a schedule or an agreement for four more. i'm not sure if that's written in stone or not but apparently she's backing off of these. do you think that there will be certain conditions established for future debates? and if so does that hurt the chances of bernie to get his message out there? >> i've been doing politics for 25 years. i've seen negative campaigns. i've seen negative ads run. bernie sanders is one of the most honorable men i've ever worked for. he draws contrast on how they voted for an issue. never has he talked about her e-mails. talked about her penal life because that's offlimits in this campaign. we want to talk about the issues and have debates. more debates are healthy. let's have those. we want to strike a positive tone because bernie sanders at
1:21 pm
almost every stump says we want to bring people together to figure out how to create change. we're not here to tear her family down or tear her down. >> there have been a lot of amazing story lines in this election, and love him or not, bernie sanders has been one of those amazing story lines. >> thank you, charles. >> they got through security with a fake suicide vest. hijacked a plane. took it to another country. how did he get that far? well, you know, we're on it. next. try the superior hold... ...of fixodent plus adhesives. they help your denture hold strong more like natural teeth. and you can eat even tough food. fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. fixodent and forget it.
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an egyptian man hijacking a plane wearing a fake suicide belt. and now the question is how did he get that far? we're in cyprus where it all went down. conor? >> charles, ever since isis was able to sneak a bomb post
1:25 pm
egyptian airport security and onto a russian plane last fall, killing more than 250 people, there was concern that history was repeating itself here in cyprus again, where authorities say an egyptian national by the name of seif eldin mustafa was able to hijack a plane scheduled to go from alexandria to cairo. he had the flight diverted, he landed here in cyprus. pretty early on, though, authorities said that this was not related to terrorism. instead, saying that mustafa was mentally disturbed, and that he was rambling and incoherent. he initially demanded to see his ex-wife, who lives on the island here. later he wanted to see eu officials. he also at one point demanded that all female prisoners in egypt be released. and this is sort of the sense that this was not about terrorism. he also released most of the passengers upon landing here in cyprus pretty early on. keeping only the crew and a few, as well.
1:26 pm
after about six hours or so, he was convinced to allow all of the prisoners to be released and then he turned himself in. we understand he is now in custody of officials here in cyprus, and will be in court tomorrow. what he'll be charged with, charles, is sort of the big question, because they've ruled out terrorism, obviously he did hijack this plane with a fake bomb and suicide vest. but it wasn't terrorism so it's not clear what he'll actually be charged with. or why he really did this. there's still a lot of unanswered questions, charles. >> conor one of the more dramatic scenes as the plane sat on the tarmac was someone climbing out of the window. you know, the pilot area, the window there. who was that? >> so, we don't have a lot of details about the passengers and how they reacted. we know he's a member of the crew. at that point that was all that was really on the plane. we don't know what forced him at that moment to jump and to flee that plane. there are still a lot of unanswered questions, because by that point it was clear it was
1:27 pm
not terrorism. he was negotiating. he was talking about letting everybody go. and shortly after that, he, in fact, did allow the final passengers to leave the plane, and he turned himself in. so it's not clear what sort of brought about that dramatic scene. but clearly there was somebody who was very scared and wanted to get off that plane as fast as they could. >> someone believed that suicide belt was real. all right, conor, thanks a lot. we appreciate it. so how did this happen? and really what can be done to stop it from happening again? david cass is a security analyst, and conor powell brought up the egyptian airline, with the russian plane that was bombed in the sky, but it was -- came out of egypt. you thought that that did not have a sense of urgency to tighten up security, what would? and as an american, it seems nuts to fly anywhere in the area. >> well, every airport's going to have their security challenges. you remember last year, i had a discussion with neil, it was last june, tsa red teams tested
1:28 pm
our security. and i think 95% of the time they were able to sneak potentially dangerous instruments past the security checkpoints here. >> things like what? >> fake handguns, fake knives. the red team guys did that. how much worse is places like egypt? a lot. but in this case it wasn't a real bomb. so what would it take to replicate something that would be -- something that would scare the average person? if i took, for example, a vest, i get through security, buy a couple cans of coke, maybe have a few cell phones, i wrap it up in duct tape and affix cell phones to it, it's going to look scary. it's going to look perhaps like an explosive device. i stick it to my vest. that's a little different. even here you could easily make something past security -- >> once you get through airport security go to one of these delis or whatever. so, what's the role of the pilot, and other folks? in other words, do they seize complete control of an airplane
1:29 pm
and where it plies to somebody who says this is a suicide vest? our civility was used against news 9/11 to the point where our people were saying hey, you ever stand up in the middle of a plane here with a box opener we're going to jump on you. no more civility because that resulted in one of the greatest tragedies in american history. >> exactly right. exactly right. people are going to act. and by the way, this is a misapprehension that suicide vests are so easy to detonate. in fact, they're not. there's usually multiple switches when they're legitimate vests. why? because the people who send the bombers to their target don't want them to prematurely detonate. so maybe there's one, two, three switches, and so it's not always the worst thing to try to take the guy down, or the police officer shoot the guy in the head. but you're exactly right. people need to act. people are acting. so they're going to go take him, but in this case -- >> they were taking selfies with the guy. >> i saw one of the selfies which i thought was pretty -- it
1:30 pm
was sort of interesting. again, getting back here. where would you say our security is right now in you mention the tsa test that we failed miserably. how comfortable should people feel right now just even flying domestically? >> listen, they do a fairly good job. remember the extreme number of flights every single day, and there's still the human element. there's still somebody who's sitting in front of the screen looking at the x-ray machine. person becomes fatigued, missed something. that's jaevlly how something gets by. as technology improves that's one way to combat it. we need to also had a little bit more of a investigatory, a human element to our process. i think that will make a big difference, too. >> david katz, thank you very much. donald trump just now arriving in janesville, wisconsin. he's going to hold a town hall meeting there just moments from now. and we will be watching. then, voters are angry now because of the recession of 2018 -- 2008, rather. hillary clinton is trying to make that link. what do you think?
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1:35 pm
his plane -- >> not only did i help him, he came up to my office a year ago or so, prior to obviously his run, which didn't work out so well for him, he came to my office, and he gave me a plaque. a beautiful plaque which at some point i think i'll bring over to wisconsin. >> could you comment today on the battery charge against corey lewandowski? >> i can only say corey is a fine person. i look at the tape. the tapes were supplied by me. those tapes just so you understand. it's a very high-end club, and we had tapes all over the place. we supplied those tapes. and those tapes to me are very conclusive. a lot of people are looking and saying how can anybody be charged? she was actually, if you look at her, according to a lot of people, she's grabbing at me and he's acting as an intermediary and trying to block her from doing that. the news conference was over. it was done. it was finished. and she was running up and grabbing, and asking questions. and she wasn't supposed to be doing that. and i think he should -- i told
1:36 pm
him, i said you should never settle this case. you should go all the way. i think they've really hurt a very good person. and i know it would be very easy for me to discard people. i don't discard people. i stay with people. that's why i stay with this country. that's why i stay with a lot of people that are treated unfairly. and that's one of the reasons i'm the front-runner by a lot. if you look at that tape, he was very, very seriously maligned. and i think it's very unfair. >> it's only an allegation, but -- what does it say about the campaign? >> i think it says nothing about the campaign. i think if you look at it, he was trying to block her. that's the way i would view it. and she's grabbing me, and asking questions. she's not even supposed to ask questions. you know the press conference lasted for a long time, like 45 minutes. and i was leaving. and she runs up, you can see, there are pictures -- i could show you some i actually have some in the other room but there are pictures where she's grabbing my arm and i'm going like this trying to get her off. i think it's a disgrace that
1:37 pm
something like that could take place and i'm shocked by and i'll stick by people, and i know it's probably not even politically good for me to do, but when somebody is maligned so unfairly as that, i will stick by them. >> mr. trump -- what do you mean by that? >> well i think we have a lot of people that are saying a lot of false things. i'm going to make much better trade deals than anybody, and nobody can create jobs like i can create. nobody's better on the border. sheriff joe arpaio from, as you know, from phoenix, from the phoenix area, from arizona, is with me 100% and endorsed me. because i'm the strongest on the border by far. you look at a guy like ted cruz. he's very, very weak on jobs. he doesn't know anything about jobs. he knows nothing about jobs. we call him lyin' ted because of what he did with ben carson, he said ben carson had left the race. he hadn't left the race at all. there are many other things. i don't see ted cruz making it. i don't think ted cruz could win the general at all. and i think i'll beat hillary
1:38 pm
clinton very easy. once i put my mind to beating hillary clinton. right now i have two other people that i want to beat. and hopefully i'll start that process and complete that process in wisconsin. >> -- stick by corey. but will his role change at all? >> i hope not. i think it's really unfair. it's very unfair thing to a person. i was watching some of the television coverage and a lot of people on television saying how could somebody be charged for that? i mean they see it. again, i'm the one that gave them the tapes. nobody else gave them the tapes. the tapes were from me. and they see it. and they see what took place. and it's so minor. and if you look at her initial statements, before she knew that we had tapes of her, she was talking about being pulled down or dragged down or something to that effect. and all of a sudden when she saw that there were tapes she changed her tone a little bit. i think it's a very, very sad thing. and i think it's very unfair to a good person. he's got a family. he's got four beautiful children
1:39 pm
73 i think it's very, very unfair to a man with a wonderful family back in new hampshire. who gets what? a criminal situation. over that? in fact, some of the reporters are saying a number of them tweeted but some of them said wow that was minor. you get pushed around. you get shoved. she was grabbing me. does that mean that i'm supposed to file charges against her? she was grabbing me. that's why you see the picture of me like that. now maybe he was trying to get her off of me. but, i think it's a very, very sad day in this country when a man can be destroyed over something like that. and you just look at that tape throughout the whole process. and you see how unfair it is. that's a very unfair -- he's a good person. he's a good person with a wonderful family. and for him to be charged over something like that, and remember, she grabbed me before he even broke anything. and it almost looks like he's just trying to create a little room. because, to be honest with you, the news conference had finished. it was over. it was done.
1:40 pm
and i was leaving. rapidly leaving the premises. all of a sudden she bolts out of nowhere. so i think it's very, very unfair. >> donald trump with an impromptu press conference. he's covered trade, jobs, border, he talked about beating hillary clinton, and of course right now most of the questions centered around the news out today with the misdemeanor charges against his campaign manager. also today, at the same moment we've got ted cruz, you can see large crowds are gathering in cedarburg, wisconsin. where he will be speaking any moment now, as well. all this candidates crisscrossing the state of wisconsin. it's a big state and it means a lot for anyone on both sides of the aisle who may win this. so the question now switching over a little bit here. forget about what's going on in washington, because hillary clinton says the reason today voters are angry is because of the recession back then.
1:41 pm
>> people ask me all the time, why are some folks so angry in this election? well, look at what happened to us. we had a balanced budget and a surplus, plus all those jobs, plus that rising income, we were coming together as a nation, and they reversed everything. they went back to trickle-down economics. which doesn't work. never has. never will. slashed taxes on the wealthy. they took their eyes off the financial markets. and the mortgage market. and we had the worst financial crisis since the great depression. >> jessica says that hillary is right but daniel and art disagree a little bit. jessica, this essentially is the blame bush strategy all over again. >> it is. actually, i'd like to add more to my answer. in that yes i agree with her that the recession certainly matters. we've had a tremendous economic recovery. i think under president obama. but i actually think this began in 2000 when the popular vote didn't end up winning out --
1:42 pm
>> you think people are angry right now, motivated to go to the polls right now, people who set out the last couple -- >> i'm talking about the distrust in government. lack of faith in our officials began in 2000 at the start of the george bush presidency. and carried on to the obama presidency. so it lays at the feet of both parties. the recession obviously a tremendous element in this. but, it's not -- let me -- it's bipartisan here and i think that she should say that. >> danielle, listen a lot of money printing since then. a lot of bailouts since 2008. the democrats have had almost eight years to turn it around. there's no doubt voters are angry, but i find it very hard to think that their anger is because of what happens under george bush. >> yeah, you know, i find it to be a very weak argument on clinton's part. it's very hollow. if you look at the past eight years, and the aftermath of the great crisis, i think that what's happened in this country
1:43 pm
is that it's become increasingly difficult to be a business person, and that barriers to conducting business have actually increased throughout this administration, and i think a lot of the blame, and a lot of the voter anger lays at the feet of the current administration. look, i sit here in the state of texas, where the better number of 9,000 companies have relocated to this state since 2007 looking for a place, the state of georgia's similar in respect, but a lot of companies in this country are looking for a place that they can conduct business in a profitable way. >> right. and of course, she took a shot at trickle-down. i saw you cringe a little bit there. >> you know, i think she's wrong on this economy -- >> why do they always say trickle-down doesn't work? >> i don't know. it works really beautifully. in texas it works perfectly. i moved to tennessee. florida's doing great if you look at the nine states with no income tax they kick the bejeebers out of the nine states with the highest taxes. we have the worst single
1:44 pm
recovery that's occurred in u.s. history. and it's not gotten any better with obama. my deference here. we have the employment to population, adult population is way down. we're about 3.5 trillion off our trend line gdp. i voted for clinton twice. bill clinton. i did not vote in that party's primary. but he was a great president. but "w" and obama have really millsed things up, and people are furious and angry. >> you know what i find interesting also, jessica, we have just less than a minute, when she said we were coming to the as a nation. i agree with her, we were. but i think president obama blew that. >> really? >> i really do. i think president obama squandered an opportunity to take us one step closer to being a united american people. >> i have heard that argument -- >> and i think you have to -- >> hold on a second. this is for jessica. >> i understand that argument, and i certainly have heard divider in chief, et cetera. but i would say is what is tearing us apart right now. if you even look at what's going on with the terrorism threat it all traces back to the fact that we were involved in two wars we
1:45 pm
had no place being in, that's all at the feet of george bush and those who voted for him. >> george bush you're right. but obama didn't make anything better. >> 14 million jobs is no better? >> no, no, no. >> 20 million people are insured today because of president obama. >> jessica, every single day people are complaining because cheap gas does not offset higher premiums, higher deductibles. but we've got to leave it there. we'll have a rematch sometime in the near future. the fbi, they've cracked into this terrorist's iphone you see here. now, is it about time for the belgian authorities to do the same thing over there?
1:46 pm
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get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. many new questions today after the fbi unlocked the san bernardino terrorist's iphone without help from apple. jonathan hunt in los angeles with the latest. jonathan? >> charles, the fbi is refusing at this point to disclose exactly who helped them, and exactly what method they used to crack the iphone that was left
1:49 pm
behind by syed farook in the aftermath of the trar attacks he carried out with his wife. nor will they say what, if any, relevant information they've so far gleaned from the phone. the fbi agent in charge simply saying in a statement, quote, i am satisfied that we have access to more answers than we did before, and that the investigative process is moving forward. in the wake of the news that the fbi had dropped its legal action, apple said the case should never have been brought, adding, quote, apple believes deeply that people in the united states and around the world deserve data protection security and privacy. sacrificing one for the other only puts people and countries at greater risk. and, charles, no one believes the end of this specific legal fight between apple and the government means the end of the privacy versus security battle. that, in fact, still seems likely one day to end up at the supreme court. >> maybe after the iphone 7. jonathan, thank you very much. well belgian authorities
1:50 pm
have turned to the fbi for help in examining computer hard drives and phones tied to last week's brussels terror attack. to mike tobin in brussels with the latest. mike? >> well, charles, as attacks. >> reporter: as investigators sweep belgium, the netherlands and france, they're coming away with phones, sim cards and hard drives. investigators with the fbi and the join terrorism task force are out here assisting the overworked, under staffed and widely criticized belgian authority. we now know some of what the fbi is doing is taking those hard drives and iphones to try to break through the security and encryption. we know that a laptop belonging to one of the airport bombers had a note on it. and that note led to a relative who tested positive for explosives. however, due to lack of evidence that particular relative was released. also new laws are resulting from the blast. working through bench
1:51 pm
parliament. creating a database of anyone who travels to syria. >> thank you very much. i want to take you back down to donald trump. remember, he just handle in the janesville, wisconsin. he continues his sort of impromptu press conference. >> all you have to do is look at the debates. all the polls am i won every debate. he's a politician. we had 11 debates. according to the polls, i've won every single debate. i don't think we can be asked any more questions that we haven't been. same people, same questions. with me we'll get great trade deals, take care of our vets, get obamacare. we'll have a great country again. remember this, i'm self-funning my campaign. i'm putting up my own money. these guys, cruz, and who do we have left? kasich. they're getting their money from
1:52 pm
special interests groups. they're getting their money over lobbyists. they have total control over the people. what's good for the country they often won't do. their special interest group doesn't want them to do it. i think i'm going on win. i'm doing very well. if i don't, a lot of people say why do you do this? you have a great family, a great life, one of the greatest company in america myself company is phenomenal. i built one of the greatest companies in america. and they say, why are you going to do this? i do it because i want to give back. i'll tell you something. we have a country in serious trouble. we have a president who doesn't want to say radical islamic terrorism. he doesn't want to acknowledge what's happening to us and all over the worldism do it because i want to give back. i think i can give something nobody else can. the beauty is i'm funding my own campaign. so johnson and johnson and all
1:53 pm
these big companies have nothing to do with me. you know, i don't need to do anything with them. they didn't give me anything. >> i talked to the first wisconsin female lieutenant governor. she used to teach sixth and seventh grade. she said some of her students ask about some of the things you say -- >> donald trump still taking questions. he's been pretty active on twitter saying, just to show you how unfair republican primary politics can be, i won the state of louisiana and get less delegates than cruz. lawsuit coming. a lot of people are confused about. this donald trump won. nevertheless, whatever the mechanisms are, ted cruz coming out with more delegates. how is that fair or even legal? >> as a matter of fact, he did not come out with more delegates. first of all, the republican party of louisiana wants to make sure that each of the candidates
1:54 pm
get their appropriate share of delegates. we want to represent the 300 and something candidates that voted to make sure that their voice was heard. and as a matter of fact, donald trump received 18 delegates. ted cruz received 18 delegates. and then there is ten that are uncommitted. five are actually delegates apportioned to marco rubio who are now uncommitted. >> so 18 and 18. again, donald trump won the state. how does he end one the same amount of delegates who comes in number two? >> well, first of all, louisiana like most of the states before super tuesday is proportional state. >> i got you. but it is not commensurate. the math doesn't add up. one person wins. one come in second and they get the same delegates. >> well, because of the math the trump people all agreed to several months before the election.
1:55 pm
trump got 41.44% of the vote. ted cruz got 31.8% of the vote. according to the math the trump campaign, the cruz campaign and all the campaigns agreed to when it comes to rounding the numbers, the math is exactly correct and no one is challenging that the math is not correct. so the way that the proportional delegates ran, both the candidates got exactly -- you can't divide a person in half. >> i got you. but 40%, 30 some odd%. maybe if you said trump got 21 delegates and cruz got 17, it makes sense to me. third grade math. not even college. having said that, you can understand why the american public, certainly the goch vote here's have given trump, cringe at the convention when these excuses are being used to perhaps give someone else the nomination. >> the excuses are simply the
1:56 pm
rules set up ahead of time that everybody agreed to. if the louisiana republican party had allocated the delegates in any other form it would have been in contradiction to the rules that everybody agreed to ahead of time. in fact, what the trump campaign -- by the way, we've got three great candidates still in this race. donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich. and all of them would be great republican presidential nominees. >> i get that. but again, this is a tough thing here to understand how they both ended one the same. a delegates. i'm sorry. we're running out of time, buddy. we'll bring you back because we have to get to the bottom of this. really appreciate it. donald trump discussing the personal battery charge. trump will join "hannity." there he is. donald trump still talking to
1:57 pm
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it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. hello. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." so breaking news in the 2016 race. donald trump's manager charged with misdemeanor battery over an incident at a campaign event this month. fields fired charges alleging he grab her arm while she attempted to ask a question. the attorney said his client is absolutely new jersey and is completely confident he will be exonerated. both sides say this


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