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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the craftsmen of commerce. jon: heather and i will be back in one hour. "outnumbered" starts now. andrea: this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tantaros. political and legal analyst and fox news contributor eboni williams and pe -- pete hegseth. okay, he's not backing down. donald trump right now holding a
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town hall in wisconsin with less than a week until the primary there. mr. trump standing by his campaign manager cory lawn do you ski after he was charged -- corey lewandowski. police releasing surveillance video of the alleged video at trump's golf resort. as trump makes his way through the crowd lewandowski appears to grab fields by the arm, pulling her away from trump. fields said she was grabbed so hard she suffered bruises. trump * said lewandowski did nothing wrong and says he believes no jury will convict lewandowski. >> i have cameras for security reasons and this is my tape.
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i'm glad we were able to produce the tape. i don't see anything. i see virtually nothing. she grabbed me and he maybe brushed her aside and we are going to destroy this life for that? i don't think so. andrea: trump addresses this issue live in wisconsin. >> there is no facial expression. she says, this is an exact quote. i was jolted backward. somebody grabbed me by the arm and yanked me down. i almost fell to the ground. but was able to maintain my balance nonetheless. but i was shaken. then she go, campaign managers aren't supposed to forcefully try to throw reporters to the ground. and he didn't do that. and they put out a warrant. what kind of a country are we in to destroy somebody. what kind of a country are we in when they go to kasich, what would you do?
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i would fire him. they go to ted cruz. i would fire him. folks, as your president you need somebody who will be loyal to the country and yourselves. you need somebody who is going to fight. if she really did would have been fired before she ever got up. that i can tell you. if she were like this stuff for so, i would -- if i looked at tape and i'm trying to figure it out. all of the people who saw the tape. do we agree? does anybody disagree? can you stand up if you disagree with me? most of you saw it. not one person in the room. that's risky for me to do. that will be the number one story on television. because i have a room loaded with people and nobody stood up wanting to be object television,
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they won't even talk about it. so i want to tell you what's gone on because people don't understand. i did it when he got out of the race. what happened is it didn't work out to be so good. when i gave the numbers he went from 2% to 24%. he was one of the first people to quit. i wouldn't do this except he adores this guy cruz. he endorsed cruz. let me give you the story on wisconsin. scott walker was up to my office handing me a plaque. he regrets that. i actually supported him. andreaan donal. -- andrea: donald trump talking about the issue that doesn't seem to go away.
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corey lewandowski he says did absolutely nothing wrong and the man he says he will be loyal to on whether he acaughted michelle fields. i think we wouldn't be having this conversation if it had been secret service who intervened and not his campaign manager. if it had been secret service who stepped in. you are not supposed to touch a presidential candidate. you can't grab a presidential candidate. if secret service intervened would we be talking about this? >> no, we wouldn't. i can see both side of this. i don't think it's good when your campaign manager become the story. he shouldn't be the one doing the grabbing. there is no reason for it. there is a culture of roughness. but people relate to what trump is talking about. you don't fire someone because of a media storm. you stand by your guy. i will say this about lewandowski. i don't know him well.
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i know a lot of people who worked with him extensively. he's got a negative vitriolic personality. it has kind of an us against them mentality which is what trump has. you add those two together and it starts to add up to what you get. there are people inside that camp trying to push him out. >> i love that he talk about how great his hotel is because he has the video. lewandowski is charged with simple battery. the campaign is suffering from simple batteries, collateral damage. the credibility of the campaign because they keep denying this happened. she could have -- it's up to the prosecutor's discretion. she ask sue which is a lower level of proof.
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sandra: if you look up under florida law, it did not include intent to harp or malicious intent. battery is committed when one person actually or intentionally touches or strikes another person. that's what we are dealing with. remember the order of events. immediately after this happened, and after the reporter said this happened. corey lewandowski called her delusional saying there was no physical contact. then this video was leased from the trump building showing there was physical contact. andrea: isn't that the issue? it's always the cover-up. you are the attorney. cory didn't do himself any favors saying there was a credibility issue. he should have said she lunged in to touch my boss and i intervened and pulled her off him.
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>> he could have said it was accidental or incidental to that chaotic scene. that's a viable legal defense to sandra's point. but not intent to harm or damage. i want to speak about the bruises. michelle fields tweeted out bruises on her arms. injury is not a requirement of battery. whether those bruises are real or not, it doesn't matter because they are not required. andrea: donald trump backing out his pledge to support the eventual nominee if it's not him. >> will you support the nominee no matter how it is. >> no, i have been treated unfairly by basically the rnc, the republican party, the
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establishment. sandra: ted cruz and john kasich refusing to say whether they would get behind the voters' choice. >> if donald trump is the nominee would you support him? >> let me tell you my solution to that. donald is not going to be the gop nominee. we are going to beat him. >> if i think the nominee is hurting the country and dividing the country, we can't stand behind him. sandra: is there any difference between donald trump rescinding his pledge to support the nominee and the other two candidates not answering the question? >> not really. they are finally sort of telling the truth. there wouldn't have been a pledge without donald trump. necessity thought it would be trump -- it's always assumed by the was made a big deal because if trump wasn't treated fairly
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he could have run for middably as a third-party candidate. what you are seeing now is the absolute fracture of the republican party. you will see camps going even strong. never trump, with trump. with all of them believing they have the right to run their own third party candidacy if they are not treated well. >> does this bring us any closer to a contested convention? >> you need to do a contested convention to handle it. but they put up 17 candidates. what does that tell you about how coordinated it was from the get-go. it end in tears either way. you know, it's indicative of how the trump campaign has been. the silent majority, the blue collar worker who is not being listened to. they feel like the party has become the party of interests, the establishment party.
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we can't look back at history for recent examples of this:divisiveness we are seeing in the gop. >> we do look back at history. every time the establishment has tried to impose their will over the people, they lose. it's been a really bad idea. on this one, though, i think trump has a point. we watched earlier this week. eric bolling hosts "the o'reilly factor." pointedly asked karl rove about changing the rules, and karl rove pinned him down on that. so trump does have a point on this one. he hasn't been treated as fairly as other candidates have. but i think pete is right. i think we are finally seeing some honesty. i appreciate ted cruz and john kasich saying no. they are finally being honest. i think when trump said i don't want their support and i don't care if they support me.
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i thought that's a refreshing moment of honesty. establishment support probably doesn't help you anyway. versus these candidates are reneging on an unenforceable promise. we saw this coming. i never thought that donald trump was going to get behind any republican nominee other than himself. i thought he was never opposed to a third party run. and i thought that was evident. i'm not knocking him for it. i don't believe trump is running a campaign about the republican party. i think he's running a campaign on his particular ideas to make this country great. >> there is no scenario where a third-party candidate doesn't give a decisive advantage to
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democrats. you add a third party candidate, forget about it. andrea: family members of most american military and diplomatic personnel ordered to leave turkey over concerns of possible isis attacks. as republican presidential candidates slam the administration for its continued refusal to say radical islamic terrorism. it's start to -- it's time to start worrying about political correctness? >> the judge giving the green light to moving forward with the investigation that could lead to hillary clinton being questioned under oath. tell us what's happening. if you want to know where all
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the secrets are revealed in overtime.
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andrea: heightened security
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concerns for the family members of isis. this as republican presidential candidates are once again slamming the obama administration for refusing to say the words "radical islamic terrorism" when discussion the fight against isis. >> because of their political correctness, they don't actually target the bad guys. if you don't identify the problem you don't devote and direct law enforcement and national security resources to stopping. >> we have a tremendous problem with radical islam. we have a president who won't talk about it. why he won't talk about it, perhaps only he knows. but it's a disgrace what's going on. >> he made those remarks during last night's town hall where ted cruz defended his plans to secure and patrol muslim neighborhoods.
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>> it's to focus on community where radicalism is a risk. we should not make the mistakes of europe. we should have law enforcement actively engaged. andrea: specifically with regards to turkey, an emergency action message wen went out warg u.s. personal an imminent bombing attack and the obama administration did absolutely nothing. why when there is such a clear warning do they continue to avoid this threat at all costs? >> that's the $64,000 question our moment. why they refuse to name radical islam and refuse to confront it. when they are confronted with warning signs, they wanted to ignore them and wish them away. if we are evacuating, we are losing. a supposed nato ally losing control of that country, sliding towards islamists.
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fighting kurds, we need to fight isis. because the commander-in-chief is unwilling to name the enemy he's unable to create a viable coalition to create neighboring states like turkey to stem the flow and none of that is happening in turkey. andrea: i most administration probably does didn't want me mentioning this. but this packs message went out warning of turkey and nothing was done. we have a city where $100 million of security money was cut and chuck schumer made a big deal out of it because it was payback for him not supporting the iran deal. eboni: even with what ted cruz and donald trump were saying last night.
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let's say it's a reason of political correctness. i can understand that because i think would be together law-biding islamic community a huge favor by making the distinction between muslims and radical muslims. sandra: can you fathom a reason other than political correctnesd refrain from this? we have heard from the president in the past. >> i do think they bought into this -- first all, it is political correctness. they don't want to say anything ill about what they think is a marginalized community. they are so awash in their own progressive view of the world that you speak no ill of this community. they believe islam is a religion of peace inherently.
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it's a roifn submission, whether you submit passively or violently. reporter: the idea is they don't want to offend the moderate muslim. but that's to me emotional blackmail. the president does use the term isis. the islamic state. he's not saying jihadi state. they are not saying tally-ho when they go into kill. they are saying allah acros hak. they. andrea: the political correctness got people killed because they didn't want to speak out. you said something. we have president obama at the prayer breakfast.
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you said something about isil, he don't say isis, he says isil, you said it's far worse. >> if you include the levant, it doesn't recognize israel. when i say not isis, i say isil, it's a different world than most people view. eboni: most people don't understand the distinction. this an opportunity for the president and the administration to make some of this clearer so this becomes less dangerous for the moderate muslims and protects us from radical terror. andrea: that's a great point. we don't have time to get to that sound. it was another opportunity for him to lecture us on islamophobia. >> then we fight politically correct wars that also gets people killed. andrea: more possible trouble for hillary clinton, a second
9:24 am
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judicial watch is seeking record regarding "talking points" used by susan rice in the wake of the benghazi terror attacks. former nsa chief and director michael hayden speaking out, showing clinton showed very poor judgment. >> what she set up is inconceivable and the explanations are incoherent. it was a terrible mistake. whether it represents a crime, i'll let the american justice system decide. eboni: he nails it. at at heart of this controversy is the server. why did she use a personal server in her home. i'll tell you something. here is what's interesting about what the judge is saying. he says there is a constantly shifting admissions by
9:30 am
government officials where they are deciding why the server was in there and what the reasons for it and which emails get disclosed to the public and which don't. the official was saying -- her aide were saying should she get a blackberry which should be subject to the government public record act. you do not want your aide pleading the fifth. an report investigation happened, she engaged in hours' long hearings. what more could be revealed? eboni: they are kind of going into the final phases. there are 147 investigators work on this. they will be looking at kind of have her cross-examine herself here. they are saying you said this when we asked you but the information we gathered is
9:31 am
contradictory to that. it would impeach her credibility. this is the second judge who has given the green light to judicial watch. one judge was appointed by clinton and the other by the reagan administration. this becomes more of an apolitical fairness and justice issue. andrea: what more, pete, do you think we'll learn about this? >> i tip my hat to judicial watch. do the due diligence behind the scenes. they are forced to give it to us. they are still working on benghazi, and a lot of people turn the page. we still don't know why she lied point blank to the families and the others. getting those emails is the only way to factually prove it. we are in that world.
9:32 am
>> i wanted to ask you about -- you said earlier why did she have the server. why did she have the server. you have done some fantastic reporting on the fox business channel on why she had server. >> there are all sort of publicly traded companies coming to the state department who are also making donations to the clinton foundation. there were a lot of wall street companies as well. if you blot out, basically censor or decide which emails are disclosed to the public. then you have to wonder what was going on at the state department to allow companies to get deals or contracts overseas, it's a conflict of interest story as well. sandra: what does this do to her campaign, andrea.
9:33 am
andrea: i think she is paging on the fact -- banking on the fact she won't get indicted. they will hand it over to the d.o.j. and the d.o.j. will say we are not going to indict. the f.b.i. agents will kick up a stink and she is banking on the fact that the press is going to yawn and cover this scan dalt way they handled three other scandals in the obama administration. they already indicated this. the president has given her cover and others have given her cover in the administration. i doubt the democratic party will let their frontrunner go down. liz: we have a new quinnipiac poll that shows while voters are security on many issues, their answered ask change when asked
9:34 am
if we should ban muslims. 76% of his supporters and 26% of non-trump support percent agree. but when participants are told trump did make that comment, the number of his supporters who agree rises significantly to 88%. nonsupporters who agree falls to 18%. when asked if the american dream is dead without trump's name is attached to that statement. they got 45% and 31% of non-trump supporters. but the non-trump supporters plummet again to 18%. this time 36 percentage points. what do you make of that.
9:35 am
a trump supporter, if trump says it, it will be true. a trump hater, if trump says it it has to be wrong. i'm no trump fan. but if we don't learn from what donald trump is talking about on immigration and trade and on the nature of radical islam. we are foolish. so many people shut their ears off to him because they don't like him. so many trump supporters will give him a free pass because he said it. andrea andrea: they love trump. the supporters make their decisions months in advance that they are going to vote for him, and they keep their brand loyalty intact. that polarization, they view that as something good. he views that as a badge of honor.
9:36 am
>> trump shines brightly in the us versus them. the corey lewandowski situation, he spun that in a way that doesn't hurt him politically. many of us more than what we adhere to. it's the messenger. >> can an outsider campaign to take the white house? >> that is as you said the $64,000 question. liz confirmed something we all know along as we watched donald trump in business. you look at buildings in new york city or when you saw atlantic city, it wasn't that he owned the building, they borrowed his name because if it has trump on it, it must be good. even if you are not a trump supporter you have to acknowledge he has been a master marketer and that trump brand has been built over time.
9:37 am
it's showing it's effective in politics. >> he's been deliberate about building this reservoir of support. will it help number the primary or hurt him in the general? >> what kind of specific polarization? if you are talking about the polarization he incites when it comes to issues of radical jihadism. that's one thing. if it's something he will have trouble with because of what he said down the road. that could be a bad polarization. sandra: the obama administration facing criticism for not doing more on the syria front. we have a ceasefire but it's not holding. what the white house should be doing. we'll debate that next. don't go away.
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andrea: the obama administration facing new pressure to remove syrian president bashar al-assad from power. the u.s. focused on the fight against isis and the humanitarian crisis the civil war has caused. the ceasefire has held for more than a month, and one sector the administration is quote pleasantly surprised but eager to reach a solution regarding assad. but complicating matters is the victory the syrian government scored when it recaptured the ancient city of palmyra from isis. and the u.s. doesn't want to weaken the assad government to the point where it would weaken
9:43 am
them and isis would gain power. not looks like assad isn't going anywhere. so what does the administration going to do? >> it's such a mess. i can't say this is what we should do in syria. but assad is on the offensive beating isis. he can say i'm effectively fighting isis while i'm pursuing the peace negotiation. there are russian troops on the ground assisting the assad regime it's not been a quagmire for putin. meanwhile we are not close to take back mosul in iraq. it's because we tap danced and never fought real war against isis. you fight this thing and crush this caliphate or you don't. the half measures we have had created an insurgent assad in
9:44 am
syria and migrant crisis that isn't slowing down. >> we saw president obama draw that red line in the sand that he hasn't chosen to enforce. and the russians have been heavily involved shoring up their ally in assad and it worked. so in order for obama to do something, he would have to take a peer to peer approach. >> syria is one of five failed states in the middle east. i hear what you are saying. the thing going on with syria and what i'm hearing from intelligence officials is isis could get downgrade in the taliban controlled areas of afghanistan. assad could be ready to retake key cities. but still you are right, we have a refugee and migrant crisis. we don't have a motor vehicles
9:45 am
of syria with information upon migrants leaving the country. andrea: isis pulled back a little bit with their confrontation on both sides. you saw the russians next their muscles. assad flexed his muscles. >> our troops and special operator alongside the iraqi army, they made gains. the problem is the pace and volume of the effort has never been wait should be. we are severely restrained in what we can do. syria and raqqa, they are nowhere near dealing with that. the long article about the long trail they have had with the west. they have been looking at attacks in the west with isis. the longer they have that caliphate, the longer that black
9:46 am
flag flies, you have to rip that black flag down by killing radical islamists. right now we are not doing that. liz: as we are in an election year this could be even more postponed. >> time and time again afghanistan surging. it's always about politics. andrea: why do i have to learn this? that's what millions of kids are struggling to do algebra. i tookal gentlemen bra 1 three times. one professor says most people don't. he says u.s. schools should consider dumping the subject all together. jayay.
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andrea: more "outnumbered" in just a minute. but first let's get to jon scott in what's coming up in "happening now." jon: voters head to the polls in wisconsin a week from today in what is becoming a key primary. trump defending his campaign manager after corey lewandowski
9:51 am
was charged with battery. polls show cruz and trump locked in a virtual dead heat in the badger state. hillary clinton will also campaign in wisconsin today. she's trying shore up support in the empire state for its huge number of delegates. andrea: thank you, jon. >> it's a question many high school kids have asked for a long time. who needs algebra? and a professor argues they shouldn't. the book says our goal should be to keep our young people in high school and later in college where they can discover and
9:52 am
develop their talent. we are told they must renumber their reentrant angles and irrational numbers. is this a war on math? andrea: i wholeheartedly agree with this professor. i had honors english. eboni: you didn't drop out. andrea: i took algebra 1 twice and barely passed algebra 2. but when it came to algebra 3 i argued that i should not be required to make trigonometry and calculus. i think if you are not good at
9:53 am
math you take it basic courses. sandra: why not put pressure on the teachers to handle this better. i took several years of calculus at the advanced level in college. math was my thing. i started as an athlete. i start the tutoring other college athletes on calculus. there wasn't anybody i couldn't help. so it just takes time. i have never met a teach more wasn't willing to help. >> it's a fantastic point. is the process worth something, figuring it out. >> i used algebra when imat costco and i want to figure out which paper towels are cheapest per yard. or per meter. whatever it is. i think teachers -- the reasoning and logic behind algebra is necessary for student.
9:54 am
andrea: you aren't using algebra that's times in their daily lives. and where were you when i need a good teacher. eboni: i'm a firm believer that kid meet expectations. we got through it and graduated from college. life goes on. it's the kid struggling. >> we learned what x and y is. somebody tells you what your first salary is going to be at your first job. you have to decide x and y. what i can spend on food and clothing and how much i can put away in saving. you are using this in life skills. >> we send our kid to a christian academy with high
9:55 am
standard because what's happening with common core and how they are teaching math. you look at math problems with common core, it's insane. then we are lowering the standard and trapping kid in failing schools. andrea: how were your math skills? >> i didn't like math in the day. andrea: were you a math-lete? >> no, i was an athlete. why lower standard. sandra: the next time i'm at bloomingdale's and i have a certain amount of money to spend, i'll figure out how much closet space i have. andrea: if i like it i buy it. eboni: here is a tip.
9:56 am
the ones that cost least are the best bang for the buck. >> we'll see you back with more on "outnumbered." ♪ sometimes, maybe too hard. get claimrateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. call an allstate agent first. 888-429-5722. accident forgiveness from allstate will keep his rates from going up. but not his blood pressure. michael james! middle name. not good. get accident forgiveness from allstate and keep your rates from going up just because of an accident. and it starts the day you sign up. so whether it's your car or home, let allstate help protect your rates.
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andrea: special thanks to pete hegseth, our #oneluckyguy. click on the overtime tag.
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we are back on tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. send us your questions.


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