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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 31, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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lisa wrote, too late, you couldn't pay me to see it. and then there are roles that require male, female. >> and michael says, 100% over the line. >> thanks for joining us, "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning, 6:00 on the dot here on the east coast. good morning, it's thursday, tail end of the week, march 31st, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. this morning, donald trump clarifying this moment. >> should the woman be punished with abortion? >> look, is this not something to be dodged. >> was it a misstep, a bad question or both? we report, you decide. meanwhile, america on edge this morning as the transfers from gitmo start again. dangerous criminals being called the worst of the worst about to be set free. where will they go? we'll tell you what we know.
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and a travel warning for americans, if you're ugly you should probably stay home. >> what! what! >> the state department tweet that has the agency backtracking this morning. has a lot to do with spring break. nothing personal. but let me remind you, mornings remain better with friends. well, people can't go to panama city anymore. they do, but they're not. >> no, they're not. >> the reason. >> i know, i hear business is not booming down there anymore. people are mad at us. but the beaches are cleaned up. there was a big drug problem down there. the streets are clean, beaches clean. >> that's right. now people are going elsewhere to tropical places, overseas. >> but you can be ugly there. let's talk politics. the campaign trail rocked again by controversial comments, this time, from republican candidate donald trump.
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>> but now the republican front-runner is walking back his remarks. >> garrett tenney is live. good morning. >> the latest controversy all started at a town hall meeting in wisconsin where trump was asked about abortion. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> to the woman? >> yeah, there has to be some form. ten years. >> that, i don't know. >> you take positions on everything else. >> i do take positions on everything else it's a very complicated position. >> and trump highlighted how complicated it is. a few hours later he leased this statement that reads in part, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. and trump's fellow republican
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candidates are now going after him for his apparent abortion. >> donald trump will figure out a way to say he didn't say that or misquoted or whatever. i don't think so. i don't think that's an appropriate response. it's a difficult enough situation than to try to punish somebody. >> that comment was wrong. it really is the latest demonstration how little donald has thought about any of the serious issues facing this country. >> trump has not been hurt by any of his previous comments or position swaps. it will be interesting to see if that holds true five days from now in wisconsin. steve. >> thank you very much. >> that's the trouble with answering a hypothetical question. >> dr. ben carson said that he didn't think donald trump didn't have time to think about it. politicians try to figure out how to answer a question without answering the question. and ben carson said donald trump
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is not a politician yet. >> he said he was pro-choice for a while. that's part of being a politics, asked a series of questions in a town hall, chris matthews got his story. what does everyone get from this? here are the headlines that came forward as the town hall aired. >> if, for example, i mean -- >> basically, mainstream media, they were covering this, it was all over the press. mainstream media was talking about this high political comment. >> internet melted after he said it. >> that's right. >> then he clarified what he meant. however, here's the question, will the mainstream media cover this? last night, ted cruz appeared on the jimmy kimmel program, before ted cruz sat down in the chair, what jimmy kimmel talked about he had this segment about apple fools pranks. one prank was putting the picture of donald trump in the backup camera on the car so the
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person thinks they're about to run over donald trump when they reversed. that, it turns out, came up later when mr. cruz sat in the chair. >> i dislike obama's policies more. >> i see. >> but donald -- donald is an unique individual. [ laughter ] >> i will say i was watching the early part of the show. and if i were in my car and getting ready to reverse and saw donald in the backup camera -- [ laughter ] >> -- i'm not confident which pedal i'd choose. >> so if donald trump winds up in the next few days with tire treads on his back, i would question ted cruz. >> i believe he was coming off a skit that jimmy kimmels was doing that showed the devil in the backup camera. and that's what he was playing off of. i don't think he was saying he would run over trump. >> msnbc quickly came out with
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this, trumble position for abortion. and this ran crazy. ctv, trump suggests punishment for women for abortion. this was quick. >> meanwhile, there was a poll that came out from wisconsin the marquette law school poll. and what it showed is ted cruz is ahead of donald trump by ten points, as you can see right there. donald trump is ten points ahead of john kasich. it's a bit of a turnaround. the real clear politics average does have ted cruz in the lead by 35 followed by donald trump at 32. and john kasich at 22. so it looks like mr. cruz is three points ahead of donald trump going into tuesday. >> this is the latest and huge. for him to be trailing ten points down without someone's home state that could show a reversal. new york, pennsylvania,
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connecticut, everything that could go towards donald trump, after a two-week long and controversy, you have marquette coming out of the poll with a ten-point lead. it's proportional, though. and it is assumed that if donald trump would find a way to takes with with, he would have a great shot of getting the threshold. >> what would that mean for ted cruz if he wins? >> great news for him. >> exactly. the last marquette poll showed ted cruz behind donald trump ten points. they have flip-flopped. and garrett tenney was saying every comment that trump has made hasn't hurt him. why the flip-flop in wisconsin? >> now that the field is whittled down to three people. for the most part, the republican establishment is coalescent around ted cruz saying, look, we hate donald trump. of course, they hate ted cruz, too. they just hate ted cruz a little
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less than donald trump. so the machinery in wisconsin including governor squcott walk who was on this program yesterday, talk radio is unified in wisconsin against donald trump. they're on the cruz train. meanwhile, the trump train over there saying look, we don't like the establishment. >> the latest poll it was done between march 24th and 28th, that was done during the trump and cruz spat regarding the wives. >> that's a great point, ainsley. if walker is going to have an impact, we don't know it yet. he's very popular with the republicans that got him elected three times, and they're coalescing around cruz which could make that number greater. last night i was walking governor huckabee's daughter saying look, we don't need wisconsin. >> new york, connecticut, pennsylvania are coming up and they're currently in the trump polling category.
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>> ed rawlings put out a whole breakdown on what to do if you're donald tlump. we've been covering a lot of news. this is a fox news alert. dangerous criminals, some who have killed americans are about to be set free. the pentagon is planning another round of gitmo transfers within the next few days which includes an al qaeda fighter from yemen who has been on a hunger strike since 2007. president obama has vowed to close gitmo. there are now 91 detainees left at gitmo. brand-new information about a massive terror plot foiled in france. police are revealing the frenchman outside of the brussels attack. they found dozens of assault rifles, machine gun, materials used to make bombs in his apartment. and they say it was just a matter of time before a catastrophic and large-scale attack was going to be pulled
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off. he has an extensive rap sheet and he travelled to syria multiple times. also breaking right now, a nurse under arrest accused of murdering patients. the 55-year-old is accused of killing at least 13 patients from 2014 to 2015. this allegedly happened in an anesthesia department of a hospital near florence, italy. the arrest comes just weeks after another nurse in italy was sentenced to life in prison for killing a patient. and new overnight, heart-stopping video of a plane on fire. look at that. this happened in north carolina. the video shows crews working to put out that fireball. no one was inside that plane, thank goodness. no one was hurt but they still have no idea how this started. the faa is stepping in to investigate. those are your headlines, my friends. meanwhile, the tantalizing tweet that's got -- the university internet talking. the state department puts this out yesterday. not a ten in the u.s. but not a
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ten overseas. be wear of being lured into buying expensive drinks or worse being robbed. #spring breaking badly. well immediately, the twitter-verse erupted and said that is sexist and the state department took it down. >> i didn't understand what that meant when i first read the tweet. the 10 meaning on a scale of 1 to 10 how pretty or ugly you are. they're saying if you're not bo derek and you get a lot of attention, it's because they're probably trying to rob you. >> here's the skwampl they gave you, if someone offers you a free trip abroad or free luggage, look out in the luggage, it might be lined with drugs. you think you're lucky but you're really not. also tempted to buy cheap pirated goods and you'll get arrested when you come into the united states. >> i think their intentions were
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good, did you see the movie "taken"? >> yes. >> the girls get off the plane, cute girl, the guy. it's terrifying. if a guy tells you at that age hey, you're pretty, can you come to my party, you might take the bait. >> here's the thing, the state department was trying to be a little edgy. funny. >> right. >> it's the same advice your mom gave you, don't take candy from strangers. >> you think about it, i'm not a 10 in the united states. thanks to the he trick system in europe, i'm a 35. >> i think you're a 10, you don't think you're a 10? >> i am not a 10. >> you are. >> maybe when i was younger. all right. meanwhile coming up straight ahead -- >> the crew agrees with me. >> we love you. >> thank you. >> what do you think, is steve a 10? >> coming up on this thursday, it's becoming the defining moment of his campaign. >> i will build a great, great wall.
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on our southern border. and i will have mexico pay for that wall. >> well, now for the first time, the national border patrol council is endorsing a presidential candidate. and guess what. it's donald trump. the president of that group joins us live -- next. and we told you about the students who were so upset over those donald trump chalkings on emory university's campus? now, the school principal is firing back. wait till you hear how. ♪ let's give them something to talk about ♪ when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade,
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thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪ all right. in the battle over the border, donald trump took a firm stand early in this race, you may have heard. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border. and i will have mexico pay for that wall, mark my words. >> the border patrol has invited me because they've got such a problem. they want to be able to do their job. >> we have thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants in our country, not only taking jobs. but many of them are causing problems beyond belief. many killings, murders, crime, drugs pouring across the border, our money going out and the drugs coming in.
3:18 am
and i said, we need to build a wall. and it has to be built quickly. >> yep. now, as this race progresses for the republican nomination it gets down to the wire. a group that has never, ever before endorsed a candidate in a presidential primary is breaking tradition by showing its support behind donald trump. meet brandon judd, president of the national border patrol council with nearly 7,000 border patrol agents. brandon, how tough was it for you to make this very unprecedented move? >> it was a very tough move. we had to vet candidates and look at their positions on the border. donald trump has a strong position on the border and he's had the strongest position on the border. >> ted cruz says i'm from texas, i know about the border. i've been stronger on the border, what do you say about them? >> well, i have to look sat who brought this issue to the
3:19 am
forefront, and who is continually talking about this issue, and frankly, that's donald trump. >> right. and what was his reaction when his camp got word that you're doing this? >> well, i think they're very pleased because it these the agents on the border, i've been an agent on the national border patrol council for 18 years. i've seen the lawlessness. i've chased the aliens through the brush, through the mountains. and he has seen ohio that affecting the morale of border patrol not being able to do your job and he wants to take the handcuffs off. >> brandon, would a wall help? >> yes, in strategic places. you know, there are certain places that we don't have to have a wall. but that's a conversation that donald trump is willing to have with those people, the agents, who actually patrol the border, he's willing to have that conversation with them. >> all right. you made this statement, you represent 17,000 people that could make a real difference. you talk about a contrast. you're not going to find it with cruz and kasich, but you will
3:20 am
find it with hillary who said on thursday i think you've done a really good job securing the border. who's right here? >> i promise you hillary is not right. all you have to do is look at the numbers as far as how many arrests we make, how many got-a ways there are. if you look at how many persons from countries of special interests like afghanistan, pakistan are entering our country illegally, those numbers are way up. so, i'm afraid that hillary clinton is wrong on that front. >> brandon, thanks for making news here. and you took a very big step in supporting the candidate at this point in the process. brandon judd, thanks so much. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> straight ahead -- a hospital taking a radical step, banning opiates in the emergency room. why are they doing it? we'll discuss it with dr. marc siegel, he arrives at the actual hospital with the details on this decision -- next. ♪ so wake me up when it's all
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at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. a fox news alert, starting right now. terrifying video showing a tornado ripping through oklahoma. look at that. >> there it goes. >> yeah, that's it. >> it's forming. >> oh, man, look at that. >> yeah, look at that. at least nine people hurt in oklahoma as severe storms swept through the south. more hail, winds and flash flooding expected tloult today. meanwhile, a giant sinkhole filled with water forces residents to evacuate from a florida mobile home park.
3:25 am
several pipes causing all the mess. tarpon springs city officials say the hole is 80 feet wide and 35 feet deep. unclear when residents can return home. our nation is in the middle of a deadly drug crisis. more than 2 million americans abuse are or gent on prescription opioids. and now one hospital is taking a radical measure to help stop that. joining you now live inside the e.r. at st. joseph's regional medical center is fox news's medical director dr. marc siegel. >> hi, ainsley. we're here in st. joseph's regional medical center in patterson, new jersey. second busiest emergency room in the country. this is where it all starts. this is where patients come in pretending they have pain or get addicted to painkillers and go out and get prescriptions from their primary doctors. this is where the problem starts and at st. joseph's they're
3:26 am
going to try do something about it. i'm joined today by dr. mark rosenburg the chairman of emergency medicine here at st. joseph's and the first emergency room doctor in the united states to be trained in pain medicine. thanks for joining me. dr. rosenburg, tell me something about this program that you have, exactly how it workings and how is it going to save lives. >> well, we consider ourselves at st. joseph's the first innovators, we started the first geriatric medicine and the major problem with people dying, 14,000 deaths a year with people in the prime of their lives. so the program was, let's stop that, let's develop expertise in pain management in the emergency department so that patients who have acute pain don't go on to chronic pain and those who have acute pain we look for alternative for opioids prior to giving opioids. opioids are medicines like
3:27 am
percocet or vicodin. >> doctor, someone is dying of cancer going into the operating room, don't you need to give them morphine? how could you replace that? >> it evaluates certain where there's evidence that nor oral pain modalities like percocet will work. but it's not for all patients. certain patients they need medications like morphine, but not everybody does, and the problem is, we need to identify patients who need these medications and that's spart of the protocol. >> i'm worried about the alternatives, things that seem benign could cause bleeding in some patients. aren't you worried about causing more side effects in terms of trying to solve the problem? >> every medication has a side effect. part of the program is the talk with safety and education with our patients. so we explain both sides. there are severe risks when we prescribe pain pills and there are risks when we prescribe mode
3:28 am
trin. it's a case-by-case basis. >> how do you know that a couple of vicodin that i get in the emergency room is going to lead somebody to get addicted or get on heroin? are we doctors enablers? are we like bartenders? >> i think that doctors are well meaning. i think we want to do the right thing. somebody that wants to come in with pain, a very easy response is to give medication like percocet. the problem with percocet, if i only give a few, they go back to their primary care doctor who then give them more. before you know it, you've got this vicious cycle of patients on the downward spiral towards dependcy. >> are patients cheating saying i have pain, my amplgle hurts give me a vicodin? >> i think people want relief for symptoms and sometimes, they don't feel like they have alternatives and they have to convince the doctor. goals are talk to our patients, communicate with our patients.
3:29 am
let them know what alternatives exist. how they can get rid of pain without pills. >> thank you very much, guys. this is where it's all starting at st. joseph's medical center. maybe the rest of the country will pick this up, ainsley, and we'll see a fight in the emergency room. back to you. >> we appreciate what they're doing there. thank you so much, great job, dr. segal. coming up would you want this on your plane, the tsa just let this through and now trying to explain why. plus, inside an anti-trump protest. >> are you protesting donald trump? >> yes! >> what's the policy you that object to? >> oh -- >> we're going to see if anyone actually knows why they're angry. but first happy birthday to an actor, to ian mcgregor, he turns graf years old today.
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well, here's your "shot of the morning." would you want this on your flight? >> no. >> wires, stuff like that? >> tsa found a suspicion item in a checked bag at the jfk airport in new york city. it turned out to be harmless, but it was allowed on the flight. >> they actually tweeted this out, tsa came upon suspicious bag in checked bag area. at jfk, found not to be danger option and okay to fly. it's art. >> but they interviewed the traveler, and the traveler said that's a work of art. it looks like a bomb but it's not, it's art. >> i wonder if that would have been the excuse of the guy who hijacked a plane a couple days ago. what is that you got there? oh, it's art. >> it was in a checked bag. i'm glad they found it. tsa was tweeting about it.
3:34 am
maybe not a good idea. >> just don't bring art. maybe that's the suggestion. heather childress joins us on this thursday for the news. >> good morning. we begin with a big update. this story that we have been following a medical website attacked affects tens of thousands of patients. this morning, we just learned that those hackers are holding the medstar database for ransom, demanding close to 20 grand. >> that's so difficult to get rid of, even the fbi said your best resource is just to pay the ransom to get your data back. because the hospital is a business it cannot run without a patient's records. >> a patient's records were infected with the ransom ware when someone opened up a corporate e-mail. medstar says no patient info has been compromised. to chicago, workers taking to the picket line all the way to the top. they're protesting outside of the home of nabisco's ceo because their jobs are going to
3:35 am
mexico. 600 people will be out of a job come may. and many are blaming international trade agreements. >> due to the nafta agreement, the north american free trade act which has destroyed this country, basically, not only is our job leaving but we have indiana and elsewhere also leaving going to mexico and things like that. >> workers say they have been able to find other jobs but nothing compares to the $26 an hour that they were earning with full benefits. two sky divers collide midair, look at this. happened in the sky over tampa. and the heart-stopping moment, you can see caught on camera. yes. the sky divers slammed into each other, and 23-year-old sebastian leal rolled out of control, amazingly he survived but he is paralyzed from the waist down but leal said he has no regrets.
3:36 am
>> it was a freak accident. >> he said he's optimistic that he will one day fly again. and finally emory university's president responsing with the trump chalk, remember that? with some talk of his own. saying that trump's name represents an anti-minority message that makes them feel unsafe on campus. so the president scrolled emorie stands for free expression on the sidewalk showing his support following the controversy. those are the headlines. >> good for him. >> freedom of speech. >> freedom of chalk. >> indeed. meanwhile, millions are dealing with severe weather today including devastating hail and winds. and maria molina, we just showed at least one tornado down in oklahoma last night. >> yeah, we had multiple reports of tornadoes. take a look at your graphic here, you can see we had a reported tornado in arkansas, multiple across oklahoma and another one across kansas.
3:37 am
and the massive storm system that's responsible for the severe weather across parts of the plains is going to continue to move eastward. we're seeing a threat for tornadoes in parts of mississippi and indiana where we currently have a tornado watch. it's a widespread risk. you can see anywhere from the midwest down into the gulf coast. you could be seeing severe weather. the greatest risk area, though, is that right there shaded in orange. including western kentucky, down to alabama, mississippi, also extreme portions of the state of arkansas. that's where you could be seeing very strong tornadoes potentially today. stay safe out there. by tomorrow, the storm keeping moving eastward. because you're seeing multiple rounds of storms out there across the southeastern u.s. we are looking at a threat of flooding. potentially six inches of rain and a multi number of watch vbs issued. >> thank you, maria. well last year, kick-starter
3:38 am
was launched to reboot reading rainbow. remember that show? the concept is now america's favorite literary show it's coming back to netflix. >> just when you thought it was okay to follow the bouncing ball, we have something else. >> let's head to the foxlight with michael tammero. >> netflix is taking over. who better to catch up with mr. reading rainbow himself lavar barton. an advocate for children's literacy, lavar shared where the digital reboot stands now and hopes for the future. check it out. ♪ >> i'm honored to be sitting down with lavar barton. lavar, thanks for joining us in the "fox light." >> indeed. >> reading rainbow is back. the kick-starter campaign. tell us about.
3:39 am
>> the kick-starter campaign was successful. as a result of the kick-starter to raise money, we're now releasing our reading rainbow product. skybrary is what we've rebranded the product. skybrary school product is what we've given to classrooms. the video field trips, that's reading rainbow combining the real world experience with the literature kids are reading. >> are you ready? it's time to choose your balloon and head out on the adventure of a lifetime. come on. >> may is going to be the premiere of "roots" after 40 years where you got a start. >> yeah. >> and now you're executive
3:40 am
producer of the remake. what can we expect? >> we now know that the village came with a major center of commerce. we know that the mandingo were warriors. so it will have a different flavor. >> 50th anniversary of "star trek"? >> it's hard to believe. i was a huge fan growing up. it's rare to find heroes in the pages of those novels who looked like me. it meant a lot to me. >> there he is, skywalk! >> fire! >> you have such an amazing career, how would you define your legacy? >> i think that "reading rainbow b rainbow" is the most important work i've done. being the son of a teacher. >> it was a real honor to sit
3:41 am
down with him. check out it foxlight or follow me at twitter or instagram @foxlightmichael. >> who needs to read books when you have instagram? >> everyone needs to read books. >> this guy, it's his whole career in terms of promoting reading and all of that. >> thank you. coming up on this thursday, why are donald trump protesters so upset? well when asked they're not sure what they're upset about. >> are you upset? >> yes! >> what's the pose that you object to? >> all of it. >> we're going to see if people know what they're angry with. and hillary clinton could soon have a date with the fbi. what will they ask her? judge napolitano joins us
3:42 am
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here's your news by the numbers. 61. that's how many sentences president obama's cut short for drug offenders. more than a third of them were serving life sentences. now, they're scheduled to be released in july. 86 million, that's how much of your tax dollars gone to waste. gone out the window after the dea wasted those dollars on this unused plane. >> what! >> it was intended for drugs, from afghanistan, but it wasn't finished where that mission ended last summer. right now, it's sitting on jacks in delaware. and 600 bucks, that's how much hillary clinton dished out
3:46 am
for hair cut in new york while making others wait on her. her four-week entourage as blocking traffic while inside. from how reminiscent of her husband's hair cut on the tarmac at l.a.x. her husband's hair cut was $200. let's talk a little bit about this. have you noticed at the anti-trump rallies, all those people that scream at things, do you think they actually know what they're screaming? because there was a story out a couple days ago i think in the "washington examiner" how people are being paid $15 an hour. there is a rally to go to in wisconsin paid for by bernie supporters supposedly. they're paid employees. >> they really checking at the trump events to figure out what the heck are you doing? now it's become an event within a event to see if you can go
3:47 am
destroy his event. >> these are inside. and david webb went to one of the events in jasonville, wisconsin to figure out why the people actually knew why they were holding the sign. the answer -- well, here's david. >> are you protesting donald trump. >> yes! >> what's the policy that you object to. >> all of it. >> just like the thing he says about women and the races. >> like what? >> yeah. he does not -- he does not support other races. >> he's got too much money. >> he has very respect for everyone. we don't want that kind of people to lead our nation. i think he's entirely un-american in the way that he goes about his politics. >> are you working with a group? you've got a uaw sign right there. >> donald trump has accused me of whatever -- yes, i am union. union standing. >> and working with -- um -- i
3:48 am
think trump is gaining a lot of ground because he is -- um -- >> i support bernie sanders 120%. >> which policy are you against? um -- >> they're not really sure why they're there. >> yeah. some could be big. >> david was on the sean hannity show last night. he went out in wisconsin then on the sean hannity show. look at the reaction. >> people are throwing up hating people, with kkk hoods, bernie supporters. they're not there to have discourse. they're not there to respect the first amendment. they're there to tear it down. i read their papers. i read what they put out. the broad swath of american people, with the flyover country, they're going to look at that and say that's not what i believe in, even if i don't
3:49 am
agree with it. >> finally somebody with a microphone asking them, why are you here? >> they just don't know. what do you think of that, e-mail us. 12 minutes to the top of the hour, coming up, hillary clinton could soon have a debate with the fbi under oath over the e-mail scandal. what might they ask, judge napolitano predicted this might happen. he's going to join us next. good morning, judge. if you want to join the hottest show on broadway, you can -- unless you're white. the hit show "hamilton" straight ahead. ♪ play it again play it again play it again ♪
3:50 am
3:51 am
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3:53 am
a fox news alert. fbi director james comey reportedly done examining hillary clinton's private e-mail and server and apparently is preparing to interview key witnesses including hillary clinton. this doesn't sound good for her, and judge napolitano is joining us right now. i said earlier the fbi would interview her under oath. that's not accurate. >> correct. the fbi -- well, when the feds are investing someone, the last phase is to invite that person
3:54 am
in. here's the evidence we have before we present it to the grand jury. do you want to address it? it's a dangerous posture this person is in. because if mrs. clinton talks to the fbi she will do so blind, so to speak. her lawyers will not tell her -- the fbi will not tell her lawyers or her what they know. so it will be very easy for them to trap her and if she lies to them, even though not under oath, it's a federal crime. that's the crime martha stewart went to jail for. >> exactly. so i read a story yesterday that said that james comey himself may actually interview her. >> that would be very unusual. but he is a unique fbi director who has been known to take charge and to manage cases hands on and he's already told us he's receiving daily briefings on the investigation on mrs. clinton. >> so does hillary clinton have a choice whether or not to be interviewed? >> yes, it's a very, very difficult choice. she has boasted i think foolishly she can't wait to talk to the fbi.
3:55 am
when being investigated by the fbi that's the last crowd you want to be talking to. she made this statement, so if she doesn't go in, which is the prudent, legal advice, not to let your client talk to an fbi agent about their investigation of you, because you might help the investigation since you don't know what the fbi knows. if she does not go in, she'll be defying her public boast, i can't wait to go in. if she does go in, she's going to confront an angry fbi whose agents are not happy that she has mocked their investigation. and who know about all of the lies and public deception she's engaged in. >> there's not only the fbi investigation, but also judicial watch is taking her court and then another foia request -- >> judicial watch has sued the state department twice. >> okay. >> once on benghazi, before one judge. once on the unique financial relationship that huma abedin had with the state department and with the clinton foundation at the same time. that's other litigation.
3:56 am
each before different federal judges. both of those federal judges have said there might have been a conspiracy at the state department to avoid the federal transparency laws and secret server and mrs. clinton are probably at the heart of that conspiracy. so judicial watch lawyers, you can examine under oath mrs. clinton's chief aides. these are the same chief aides who are going to be called in by the fbi at the same time as mrs. clinton, as they complete their investigation of her. so this is a perfect storm of her closest advisers being put under oath or interrogated by the fbi. >> exit question. five seconds. she going to get in big trouble over this? >> yes. i think she can't -- she can't escape the legal problems that will be visited upon her by this final phase of the investigation. >> and the legal problems will lead to political problems. >> indeed. >> judge, excellent analysis.
3:57 am
>> thank you. a pleasure, steve. coming up on this thursday, a soldier serving his country in a way nobody expected. he saw this billboard. a stranger asking for a kidney and he answered the call. that woman and the hero who saved her life. here next. what are you doing right now? making a cake! ayla reminds me of like a master chef and emiana reminds me of like a monster chef. uh oh. i don't see cake, i just see mess. it's like awful. it feels like i am not actually cleaning it up what's that make mommy do? (doorbell) what's that? swiffer wetjet. so much stuff coming up. this is amazing woah. wow. now i feel more like making a mess is part of growing up. stop cleaning. start swiffering.
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good morning to you. it's thursday. it's the end of the week, march 31st and the end of the month. i'm ainsley earhardt. this is a fox news alert. america is on edge as the transfers from gitmo begin again. dangerous terrorists. the worst of the worst about to be set free. and it could be a game changer. a brand-new wisconsin poll shows ted cruz on top as donald trump clarifies this moment. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. some form. >> was that a misstep, a tricky question or what?
4:01 am
we're going to report and yes gearing to decide. what would you do if this happens to you on a flight? this ponytail is a problem at 35,000 feet. we want your input on things that happen to you on flights that are out of your control, because mornings, especially this morning, are better with "friends." ♪ we'll have a house party, we don't need nobody ♪ ♪ >> why shop when you can let your backyard be your grocery store? >> this is true. you know, you have heard farm to table. now backyard to table. you can have your own chickens. they make your own eggs. eat them on saturday morning. >> peep hatching eggs? you know, it's national crayon day. i grew up on a farm and one day
4:02 am
my father came home with 100 baby chicks and we raised them until they were big enough. most of them ran away, we didn't have a fence. the ones we eventually decide to have for supper, they had names so it wasn't tasty. >> oh, no. >> did you label them for dinner, like stanley? >> no. >> today we're eating peaches, - tomorrow -- >> it wasn't good for us. >> if one of your pets became a nugget, write us. >> a friend of mine is doing that. it's very successful. they're having a lot of fun. she lives in connecticut. she has a farm. >> really? fantastic. we'll find out more about that shortly. from poultry to politics. and we're talking about wisconsin, where a brand-new marquette law school poll came out yesterday, and electrified the political class. look at this, donald trump who
4:03 am
had been slightly leading has opened things up. ted cruz is ten points ahead of him, and 20 points ahead of john kasich. one of the guys who put it together from marquette said this last night here on the channel. >> it says that trump who has polled behind his national average here in wisconsin may really have finally found a state where he does have a bit of a ceiling. it also shows that political leaders in the state have come to coalesce behind cruz after taking a while to do it. in the last ten days, they have pretty overwhelmingly embraced cruz as the choice in opposition to trump. most of that happened after our poll or as the poll was going on. but i think it's clearly helping cruz. >> you know, what's interesting, it was flip-flopped before that poll. it was trump who was ahead by ten points. now cruz is ahead by ten points. the poll was taken between the dates of march 24th through
4:04 am
march 28th. that was when the guys, cruz and trump were having the spats about their wives. so not sure why the change in numbers in wisconsin. but that might have something to do with it. >> the first time there hadn't been multiple events back-to-back-to-back. we had easter there. people focus on the state and wisconsin is a state that republicans want to have. to change the electoral map. one thing that donald trump can do is bring in democrats. he believes. so this is a situation where for ted cruz it's basically a must win because of what's straight ahead. for donald trump, it's we've got to find a way to win. but they don't necessarily have to win. >> well, one of donald trump's surrogates was on last night on the channel on bill o'reilly's show. he said this is cruz's last stand. take a listen. >> they know this is their last stand. if ted cruz loses wisconsin, then the delegate count gets really easy for trump to sew up
4:05 am
the nomination. they have to make a stand here and it's kind of their pattern. we have seen the cruz campaign put all the resources in one state to show they've won something and they go on to lose the next five to seven. so whatever happens in wisconsin, if you look at the map past this we'll do very well and mr. trump will have some big wins after that. >> so don't dismiss john kasich. 21 points is significant in wisconsin and he's polling second in new york. a distant second, but second over ted cruz in new york. yeah. more people get a chance to see him, you know what? we want to -- he's the safe guy. at least we know what we'll get. ted cruz, the unpopular senator who has lot of momentum behind the conservative movement and trump who is bigger than life. >> i looked at the calendar to see when new york, i think the 22nd of april. after wisconsin. >> new york -- >> hillary is doing the best for the democrats. >> that's right. new york, connecticut, delaware
4:06 am
and pennsylvania. with wisconsin, with 42 delegates this is how they'll divvy them up. there are eight congressional districts, the winner of each of those congressional districts winds up with three delegates. whoever finishes first gets 15 and then there are three more unbound. so there's a real possibility even if donald trump were to lose, to ted cruz, he'd still wind one a number of delegates. >> like what ted cruz is dealing with in louisiana perhaps. hillary's trailing again, this would be her sixth straight loss if this happens. sanders is up by -- on her by six points. >> yeah, but it's rigged. the way they have it rigged the super delegates even though she loses states she winds up with more than clinton. >> the underreported outrage, with all the donald trump headlines, on the left, people are say, wait a second, why am i waiting in line to vote when the super delegates after hillary tends to get shut out in the state, all the super delegates,
4:07 am
for example, in washington and in idaho, are lining up for her because they're insiders, governors, friends. that's wrong. >> i wonder if that's still the case, depending on this fbi investigation what happens. she's about to be interviewed, excellent interview you had with judge napolitano kind of laid it all out for us. the fbi is saying they have completed their investigation. the last final phase after they have completed it -- >> call her in. >> call her in, interview her. here's judge napolitano expla explaining what this means for hillary clinton. >> she has boasted i think foolishly she can't wait to talk to the fbi. when you're being investigated by the fbi that's the last crowd you want to talk to. but for political reasons she's made this statement. so if she doesn't go in, which is the prudent legal advice not to let your client talk to an fbi agent about their investigation of you, because you might help the investigation since you don't know what the fbi knows. if she does not go in, she'll be defying her public boast i can't wait to go in.
4:08 am
if she does go in, she'll confront an angry fbi whose agents are not happy that she has mocked their investigation and who know all about the lies and public deceptions she's engaged. >> 145 fbi agents are working on this. what could they all be doing? and you have other aides going on, i wonder if there's a deal behind the scenes. let me say it was my idea, felipe, or one of her other aides. >> cheryl mill, her chief of staff -- >> former chief of staff. >> an attorney. it will be interesting to see what they do. now, hillary clinton has admitted remember to david mir myrrh, it was a mistake. there's one story out there that james comey himself the fbi director is going to interview hillary clinton. there he is right there. the judge said he thought that would be very unlikely. but whatever the fbi decides, then they turn it over to the
4:09 am
attorney general. and they say, well, what do you think? does it become political? it might. >> for loretta lynch -- loretta lynch would decide, so fbi hands over -- if they say it's criminal than loretta lynch can decide whether or not she thinks it's criminal? >> exactly. >> whether or not to prosecute it. >> but the fascinating thing is you want to break down how this happened and how this was planned, a total breakdown in "the washington post" over the weekend. if you think that she's stumbled into it, you didn't read the story because it talks about how she inquired about keeping a blackberry, inquired about this. said she understood and did it anyway. >> there's a paper trail. meanwhile, the headline trail over to heather childers. good morning to you. and we begin on the campaign trail. this morning, donald trump clarifying some controversial comments that he made during a town hall in wisconsin.
4:10 am
>> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no as a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes. some form. >> hours later the republican front-runner releasing this statement. the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible. not the woman. and to a fox news alert. america is on edge this morning as dangerous criminals, some who have killed americans are about to be set free. the pentagon is planning another round of gitmo releases in just the next few days. including a former al qaeda fighter from yemen who had been on a hunger strike since 2007. president obama promised you'll remember to close gitmo by the time he leaves office. there are 91 remaining detainees. first they cracked the code on the iphone and now they're solving a murder case. hunter drexler's iphone has been agreed to be broken into.
4:11 am
both face capital murder charges accused of robbing and shooting an older couple who took one of the teens in. well, the fbi will not say how they got into san bernardino shooter's farook's phone. and major faux pas, that's a fork and knife, and that's pizza. some call this an unforgivable act. yes, the ohio governor it a that at a pizza place in queens. one person called it appalling. how could he? governor kasich responded to the criticism saying, i was eating pizza before you were born. remember somebody else did that. >> donald trump. >> was it donald trump? >> with sarah palin. >> we were trying to remember it this morning. >> remember they had the photo-op when they came and met. right in new york city. >> that's fun to talk about. who cares how he eats his pizza? >> well, the problem with pizza, even great tasting pizza is oil
4:12 am
nests on top. it goes down your face. >>p.s. it's called pie in new york. meanwhile -- >> a slice of the pie. >> from a pizza pie to a ponytail. a columnist was taking a flight from houston to boston when he saw this woman in 22-b -- look at that. >> ew. yuck. >> he tweeted out, congrats to the ponytailed young woman in seat 22-b. you have invented a whole new way to be awful at 35,000 feet. it was retweeted 7,000 times, suddenly people had suggestions on what to do about that ponytail that was flopped over -- >> one person said to cut it off. another person said a small piece of gum properly placed ought to do the trick. >> excuse me, can you put your seat up. >> i would have ordered two
4:13 am
coffees. one for me and one for her hair. >> another said it looks long enough to get trapped in the tray. i was thinking to myself, right there, right in front of you. you could floss. >> oh, so gross. i'm not a hair person. i don't want someone's hair in my lap or -- gross. she did move it. >> tell us if you have had a plane nightmare. >> what would you do with that hair? it's the hottest show on broadway and now the show "hamilton" is facing back lash, accused of being racist. trump said nato needs an overhaul. is he right? where do the other candidates stand? gillian turner worked for president bush and president obama and she's here to break it all down before we vote. i take these out... put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs, becuase they have triple zone protection.
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4:18 am
again. how does governor kasich view it? >> he views nato as crucial to american military interest, not just in europe, around the world. he really wants to have an expanded role for nato with intelligence and with international policing. >> so he's positive about it. >> very positive. he wants to sort of reinvigorate the alliance and make it stronger than ever before. so he gets a positive today. >> this is considered one of the most successful alliances in the world. >> it is. >> here is trump, he created uproar when he talked of this view of this outdated alliance. >> exactly. his sentiment is right that nato needs to be reformed, needs to be reoriented towards fighting terrorism, but his idea of shutting it down and then starting another partnership is disastrous. >> however, he is right in saying nato partners only five of them lived up to their obligations to spend 2% of their
4:19 am
defense -- 2% of their gdp on that defense. he's right about this. >> but short righted in that we reap tremendous benefits for the financial investment that we make as a country into nato. it gives us literally our military advantage. after his comments this week, he's got to go to negative. i do see a way to say he's a supporter of the nato alliance. >> how about ted cruz, is he specific? >> no. he's not been specific. he's supportive of the military alliance generally. the problem with him is that he advocates a ban on muslim immigrants into the united states which is very problematic by way of the e.u. partners. it's difficult to convince them to put more into nato when we're not shouldering some of the burden of the refugee crisis. >> because turkey is in nato. >> for this reason he's going into neutral. he has positives and neutrals. >> what about hillary clinton? >> she has a long-standing relationship with western european leaders which is really good. i think she would be very pro
4:20 am
the idea -- well, she has been pro the idea of expanding the partnerships, strengthening it. i'm putting her in the positive today. >> bernie sanders, has he had a history with nato? >> not particularly. he's sort of -- he would be a continuation of president obama's policies when it comes to nato. so if you're one of the many americans who believes that we're on the -- the united states is on the retreat globally, this is going to be a continuation of that policy. for that reason i'm putting sanders in the negative today. i don't think that's the direction that our country wants to go in. >> of course, nato there to stop the russian aggression. >> whole new set of problems. >> reconstitute the soviet union in many respects. gillian, great jobs. >> thank you. someone call the pc police, the library of congress won't call the illegals illegals anymore. wait until you hear the new name. would you donate a kidney to
4:21 am
a complete stranger if you saw this billboard? it only took our next guest eight seconds to decide. the army sergeant and the woman he saved, both join us live. ok team, what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure. don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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4:24 am
if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. breaking headlines overseas right now. a nurse under arrest accused of murdering patients. police say the 55-year-old killed at least 13 patients. she worked in the anesthesia department of a hospital near florence, italy. and to india now where an overpass just collapsed on the traffic. look at that. at least eight people dead. you can see rescuers desperately searching for victims under the debris. the bridge was under construction. and prosecutors in france now say they've stopped a catastrophic large-scale attack
4:25 am
when they arrested this man in paris last week. he had an arsenal of weapons and explosives in his apartment, including the same type of bombs used in both paris and brussels. ainsley? after three failed kidney transplants, kelsey crider was about to give up hope and that is when 21-year-old army reservist nate toci spotted that billboard right there, reading, kelsey needs a kidney, on a denver interstate. and then he decided it was his duty to save a stranger's life. kelsey crider and u.s. army reservist, nate toci, they join us live with their incredible story. how are you both doing this morning? are you feeling okay? i'll start with you, kelsey. >> i'm doing great. i'm feeling great. recovering still. but, you know, i am pushing along and yeah, i'm doing really good. >> that's great. nate, how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling good. getting through the past couple of weeks of recovery.
4:26 am
it's been about five weeks now. >> well, i know the surgery was done at the end of february so you have had a little bit of time to recover. how did you decide, why, why did you decide to do this? >> i'm not really sure. something that i felt that i needed to do, you know? kind of something that was -- kind of pushed myself, i guess. >> you saw the billboard, which we're seeing here on the side of the screen. and you immediately knew that you wanted to do this or did you have to go home and think about it? >> i went home, i googled it, and i got some info about it and i started the process there. so it kind of -- you know, i don't know, i just felt like it was something to do. >> well, you're an amazing person. kelsey, how did you find out you were getting his kidney? >> well, actually, i didn't know it was his particular kidney until my doctors had me come in and saying we found you a donor, but we couldn't exactly tell you who it is because of the privacy issues. and once we had our preop
4:27 am
appointment, his coordinator and my coordinator said would you like to meet with each other? i said of course i want to meet the person who is donating a kidney to me, he's pretty special. he agreed to meet with me too which is great. he came into the room. it was first initial meeting i didn't want to push himself on him and giving him tons of hugs which i wanted to do. i was trying to keep myself in a cloak -- in a composure. so it was pretty special though meeting him and i'm very glad i did. >> and you became fast friends, right? what's the relationship like now? >> i think our relationship is really good. i mean, i consider him to be a part of my family now. my mom literally wants to adopt him. >> i'm sure. >> like a part of our family. >> interesting. >> he visited us in the hospital. where we are huge "lord of the rings" fans. so we have that in common. so yeah, i mean, we have a good
4:28 am
friendship. >> it's amazing when i'm sitting here and talking to you guys because nate gave you his kidney. you have his kidney in your body right now. as a result of that -- >> i know. >> you have a long life to live. it's incredible. >> i know. it's really realistic and it's very eye opening to know that you can donate an organ and the body can accept it. and science is just phenomenal these days and the human body is crazy on what it can do. it amazes me every time i think of it. >> my mom is on the list at two different hospitals right now, because you have to get on the list at each hospital. she's gone through the long ordeal. she has type i diabetes. yesterday i said her flood type is o nothiegative, but it's acty o positive. i'm so proud of you, and i'd love to give my mom a kidney, but we're not match. any complications? >> with -- >> after the surgery, any complications? >> after surgery, no, none that
4:29 am
i have felt at all. so just -- it went pretty smoothly. the doctors did a good job. the surgeons and all that. >> you encourage others to do it? >> absolutely. act on the initial feeling, the initial response. it's a human response of needing to help someone. act on its, don't think on it too long. >> you're both amazing. you've touched the hearts of so many people across the country. thank you. for more information on how to help others like you can always visit the american transplant foundation. their website is american transplant coming up who's to blame for the rise of isis? the white house now has a scapegoat and it will make you nauseous when you hear this. and if you're white, don't bother trying out for that play for "hamilton." the hit broadway show accused of being racist. we report, you decide. ♪ i've been claritin clear for 14 days.
4:30 am
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ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. talking about some serious issues like national security and texas state senator ted cruz brought up his home state as an example, but he just got one little thing wrong. listen to this. >> if you don't identify the problem you don't devote -- you don't direct law enforcement and national security resources to stopping it. i'll give a specific example. my home state of florida. [ laughter ] >> i'll let donald trump explain it. >> i watched ted cruz, his home state is not florida. his home state is texas. it may be canada, but to the best of my knowledge, it's texas. [ laughter ]
4:34 am
>> people are like -- did trump just call canada a state? trump is like, it will be when i'm done being president. i'm making it a state, okay? canada is a state of mine. >> well, you can say this. why did he home state of florida? i know that donald trump is like, hey, anderson why didn't you -- >> they're talking all the time. >> home state of florida. >> do you remember a big deal about president obama saying there are 57 state. >> there are not. >> there aren't? >> the media didn't make such of a big deal. anyway -- a little humor on this thursday morning. >> always nice to laugh. let's hand it over to heather childers. someone not laughing, switchiswitc switching some blame, putting the war on isis on a decorated
4:35 am
war veteran. in a new interview with the atlantic magazine he said that the white house didn't take isis seriously two years ago because general austin described it as flash in the pan. and the library of congress is going pc. nixing the term illegal alien from the international subject headings. instead they're going with noncitizen. it comes at the request of dartmouth college students who drafted a petition saying that it was dehumanizing. however, illegal alien is still officially used by government to describe people who are in this country illegally. and students and community activists staging protests at nyu. demanding the university stop asking about criminal records during its admission process. like many schools all across the country, nyu uses the common app and the question is included there, but the protesters met with school officials earlier this week asking them to ignore it. right now that's a bill making
4:36 am
its way through the state senate to eliminate the question altogether. and white actors need not apply. that's the message from the broadway show "hamilton." ♪ the rap-based show put out a casting call seeking non-white men and women to audition. the musical is about the life and death of hamilton. the main roles were written for minorities and the show is changing the tune though. the producer of "hamilton" said this, the casting will be amended to also include language we neglected to add. that is, we welcome people of all ethnicities for "hamilton." and those are your headlines right now. another big story, extreme weather is happening. look at thisser terrifying vid showing a tornado ripping through oklahoma. >> yeah. it's forming. oh, man, look at that. >> yeah, the winds ripping off
4:37 am
the roofs of this church. at least nine people injured in that state alone. a severe storm sweeping across the south, and it's not over yet. more hail, winds, flash flooding, all of that expected through the day. and maria molina is here. she's tracking all of it for us. good morning. >> good morning, heather. that's right. we have to deal with a lot of severe weather across parts of the plains yesterday. i want to show you some of the reported tornados that we saw yesterday. that was across kansas. multiple reports in oklahoma and also a reported tornado in the state of arkansas. a lot of severe weather out there. the storm system now moving eastward and it's going to bring that threat for additional severe weather across the great lakes and down into the parts of the gulf coast. that's a big concern out there. something else to watch out for. otherwise, tornadoes will be possible. the greater risk areas is going to be across parts of tennessee and down into western parts of alabama and also across places like mississippi. so that's going to be a big concern out there, stay safe. we have a tornado watch in effect right now across parts of mississippi and louisiana.
4:38 am
now, let's head over to ainsley and brian. >> all right. brian and i are talking to the adorable children. here's something that's going to brighten your day, definitely. it is national crayon day. >> of course it is. it's march 31st. what else would it be? here to celebrate the crayola mascot -- he doesn't dress like that normally, he's passing old personalized "fox & friends" crayons. >> come on by if you live in new york. you'll get a box of crayons. what's your favorite crayola color? >> favorite -- blue. >> blue. and how do you like coloring, it is your favorite thing to do? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> emily. >> what are you coloring here? >> a hippo. >> well, you're doing a great job. you're a good colorer. >> just so you know, crayons were invented in 1903 and blue is the favorite color. how many people knew that?
4:39 am
how many are saying that? can you hold up your picture, who's proud -- look at the pictures. >> who's the best colorer out of the group, do you think? >> you put stickers on yours. >> wow that's great. >> what's a your name? >> aidan. >> so a lot of people don't use crayons anymore. tell me the great thing about crayons. >> you can do anything with them literally. like you can draw anything. you can color anything. you can -- it's just up to your imagination. >> wow. >> awesome. do not eat them. >> yeah. >> when do you know to throw the crayon away or just sharpen it? >> well, i throw away the crayon when it's like probably done for. >> when it's done. >> who uses the sharpener on the back of box? i do. why? >> it helps your crayon to be sharper and it won't broke all the time. >> i agree. t me ask you, who do you like better, ainsley or brian? >> ainsley.
4:40 am
>> there you go. there you go. we have boxes with our picture on it somewhere. >> we do. this is incredible. i'm going to take some home. look, your picture is on a crayon box. >> who wants to color my face in? >> hey, steve, if you want to go on, you'll get a 10% off discount today. you put in the promo code, that little area. put in "fox & friends." you get 10% off. thank you, guy, for doing that. so nice of crayola. >> very nice. thank you so much. i love the smell of crayons, right? right. all right. coming up, this mexican woman took center stage at a trump rally. >> get her up here! i love her. i've fallen in love -- melania, i have fallen in love with her. >> she's facing threats and a boycott of her family business. she and her husband join us live
4:41 am
next. imagine having scrambled eggs fresh from the market every morning -- actually, fresh from the chicken. you can make it happen in your own backyard. it's not as hard as it sounds. who needs an alarm clock when you've got a rooster?
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4:44 am
here are some of the headlines trending right now. a royal rescue almost goes unnoticed. prince william's air ambulance team swoops in after a man is knocked unconscious by a tree.
4:45 am
it took half a hour for the guy to realize the prince was there helping him. and police many kansas hunting for a teenage girl for all the right reasons. two officers were eating their lunch when she walked over to their table and she left them a note on napkin. it said, quote, thanks for keeping us safe. it was short, it was sweet. but it made a huge impact. the cops now trying to find her to thank her. and talk about a walk on the wild side. take a look at what happened here. a woman was out for a nature walk in naples, florida. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. holy [ bleep ]. >> you are kidding me. what was that? experts say it's a rare cougar that ran right by her. there are fewer than 100 of them left in the wild. that species has never attacked a human in the state of florida. well, that's good news. steve, my heart would drop. >> no kidding. thanks, ainsley. meanwhile, in arizona, a woman plucked from the crowd at
4:46 am
the trump rally holding a sign that says latinos support trump. >> oh, look at that, latinos! i love you, darling. come on over here. get her up here. i love her. i have fallen in love -- melania, i have fallen in love with her. >> well, betty rivas thought it would be a good story to tell her friends but word of her appearance with trump and that sign, latinos support donald trump went all over facebook and the comments soon followed. there have been calls to boycott her restaurant. thanks for joining us today from tucson. >> good morning. thanks for having us. >> all right, betty let's start with the obvious question, what was its like for you when donald trump pulled you up on stage? >> i'm -- i'm surprise -- it surprised me, but i'm happy.
4:47 am
because i want to meet donald trump. >> you did want to meet donald trump. so you put that sign together. and i understand you both -- you also went to the bernie sanders rally as well because you hadn't decided who to support, right? >> yes. yes. >> all right. so shortly after apparently one of these images of betty with donald trump was paste -- posted on facebook, jorge, the comments started coming in and they were mean. and people were starting to call for a boycott and things like that. for instance, somebody wrote the food is awful, the res despot, whatever that. really poor food, taco bell has more flavor. when you saw the comments online, what did you think, jorge? >> oh, it was very hard to believe. and more than anything, it is scary how many thousands of calls we had received in the
4:48 am
last you know week and a half, starting on monday after the rally. >> right. >> it's terrorizing. that's the only way -- the only word i can think of. people have been terrorizing us all this time. hundreds and thousands of calls every single minute. threatening us from shutting down our building, saying that they were going to kill us. saying that they'd rather have us go out of business and it's just so, so incredibly painful and sad that there are so many people that think -- that they can get -- do whatever they want. hurt us. we have been working on this small business for 20 years and they don't care that they're running us out of business. they don't care if we lose our little building. they don't care what the consequences are. or how much damage they're doing. all that they care about is their little -- whatever they think they're going to accomplish. it's very sad, very sad because many of the people have no idea what they're saying. when i start to get in a
4:49 am
conversation with them, they don't have no real answer. they're just like -- they just call -- insult us and hang up. >> jorge, why are they mad? why are they mad? >> they're mad because they think that if you're a latino, you're supposed to act like every other latino and think like everybody else does. and that's not right. we have the right -- especially my kids have the right to make their own decisions in the future, when they're older. >> well, after word got out that you were getting -- you know, all these hate calls and things like that the trump people actually posted on facebook, hey, don't let them silence you. stop by sammy's mexican grill in tucson, arizona, and enjoy some delicious food. all americans need to stand up together against hatred and those trying to stop our rights to freedom and to liberty. after trump posted that, here's the sign you had to put up because you have so much business now, jorge, you're running out of food, right?
4:50 am
>> that is correct. i mean, we feel so blessed, we feel so grateful. with so many people -- not only here in arizona, but around the country that came out and supported us. not only phone calls, but also, you know, letters and the people coming over to our restaurant to buy food and some people will say, you know what, we're not here because we like trump. we're here because we believe in your rights, we believe in the freedom of expression. that's so amazing that is -- you know, my thanks to everybody. you know, i can hug them all, i would. but it's very, very -- you know, emotional to me. thank you. >> i completely understand. because there was so much business, you weren't able to vote on primary day. what a story. jorge and betty rivas, from tucson. check out sammy's mexican grill restaurant near tucson. the food's great i've heard. thank you for joining us live today. >> can i say something real quick? >> quick.
4:51 am
quickly. >> yeah, we have a new facebook -- sammy's mexican meal u.s., that anybody wants to support us and what's going on. so it's dot u.s. thank you very much. >> web page. thank you very much. >> thanks. we'll step aside, chicken's coming up. . with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk.
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hi. look at this. backyard to table is thank you friend where families are raising their own live chickens at home, getting fresh eggs and fresh soil for growing their own food and you actually can do this too. >> and you need less room than if you buy a cow and get your own milk. joining us now is urban farming and local food advocate alan
4:55 am
smith. i'll tell you, you brought some friends. >> aren't these great? >> these little chicks are about ten days old. you can pick these up at tractor supply. it's chick day the whole month of april. >> what is the advantage to raising your own chickens? >> steve, look at the eggs. i mean -- have you ever had a farm fresh egg. i know you have. >> they taste different. >> they do. they're fabulous. it's all about knowing where your food comes from. you could have three to four hens in your backyard, producing 150 eggs a year. think about it. three hens that's 450 eggs a year, fresh. >> go to tractor supply or go online. get the coop -- >> they have the whole set-up attract or the. >> what do we need? >> a heat lamp, keep them warm. for the first week, they need to be around 100 degrees. after the second week, you can drop it five degrees until they're a month old. then they don't really need that much heat. >> then they're on their own. >> on their own. you see they're producing feathers. attract or the, they have lots
4:56 am
of breeds. you can pick out whatever breed you like. >> you don't need a farm like. this you only need three chickens. >> we ought to be farming in our backyard. >> this looks familiar to you. >> we let ours run wild over the farm. >> you can clean it. this is available at tractor supply. >> you don't have to worry about hormones in your food. >> you control what they're eating and what you're eating. >> at what age does a hen lay an egg? >> we have a beautiful pullet. isn't she gorgeous? >> nine months. >> this is -- is this the model for special "k"? >> beautiful. >> hold her by the legs. you got her, brian. look at that. >> okay. >> good job, brian. >> henrietta.
4:57 am
isn't she beautiful? a great old breed, lays a brown egg. 150 eggs a year. >> if people want more information, go to our website and we'll link to your website. >> or then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. good thursday morning to you. it's the end of the month. it's march 31st. i'm ainsley earhardt. breaking overnight the roof of a church ripped off while people were inside, praying. the worst of this wild weather is not over yet, guys. meanwhile, changing course this morn, donald trump clarifies this moment. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no, as a principle. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah. some form. >> was it a misstep to answer that hypothetical question or a bad question or a gotcha
5:01 am
question or what? we'll report, you're going to decide, straight ahead. trouble at 35,000 feet, this passenger's ponytail going viral this morning. so can you actually get kicked off a plane for doing this? we're talking to a lawyer. we're bringing him in because morning, even that guy's mornings, are better with "friends." so if you were looking at your screen and there's a ponytail in front of it, what would you do? would you -- would you say, excuse me, move it? >> absolutely. >> because you don't want to touch the ponytail, you might get charged with assault. >> you could do what you said, floss your teeth with it. >> couldn't be more gross. >> she did move her ponytail after they took the picture, tweeted it out. then they asked her and she did comply. >> she has been shamed by the internet. peter johnson jr. on that coming up very shortly. but in the meantime, let's talk politics. >> the campaign trail rocked by controversial comments again
5:02 am
from trump. >> but now the republican front-runner is walking back those remarks. >> if you missed it yesterday, garrett tenney live from d.c. to do is come explaining. >> reporter: good morning. this controversy began at a town hall meeting in wisconsin where trump was asked if abortions were made illegal, who should be punished when a woman tries to have one? here was his response. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> yes. >> for the woman? >> ten cent, ten years, what? you take positions on everything. >> reporter: those drew swift condemnation and trump attempted to clarify his position, that reads in part the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman.
5:03 am
the rest of the 2016 field is now piling on trump as well though. for both his original comments and his apparent 180 on the issue. >> donald trump will figure out a way to say he didn't say it or he was misquoted or whatever. but i don't think so. i don't think that's an appropriate response and it's difficult enough situation and to try to punish somebody. >> you know that comment was wrong. and it really -- it's the latest demonstration of how little donald has thought of any of the serious issues facing this country. >> reporter: still dominating the republican field, nationally. but this latest controversy does come at a time when recent polls suggest he's losing traction with women voters. we'll see if that holds true five days from now in wisconsin's primary. ainsley, steve and brian? >> thank you, garrett. the marquette law school did a poll and take a look. ted cruz ahead of donald trump by ten, as you can see right there.
5:04 am
i think they interviewed about -- less than 500 people. john kasich in the 20s. what is going on there? well, many have suggested the fact that now that it's down to three serious contenders, the gop establishment which doesn't really like ted cruz and really hates donald trump is now lining up behind ted cruz. and then you've got -- well, in this particular state. and then you've got the governor of wisconsin scott walker and you've got talk radio, they're squarely united behind ted cruz. so maybe that explains his uptick for mr. cruz. >> you don't know why the numbers have changed because donald trump was ahead in the last marquette poll which was done several months ago i believe. donald trump was ahead by ten points above ted cruz. now they have switched. who knows why, but it was taken during march 24th through the 28th, which was the time when trump and cruz were going after each other's wives.
5:05 am
>> if you want to avoid a controversy at the convention, a lot of people want to see the drama, it would be great drama, then donald trump has to run the tables. he's the only one who can feasibly get to 1,237. if he's got to do that, he has to take wisconsin. if ted cruz going to stop him, he's got to take wisconsin. and wisconsin is one of those states that both sides, democrats and republicans say we've got to turn it our color if we're going to be successful in november. so this state matters. jeff duewit said on bill o'reilly's show with eric bolling last night. >> they know this is their last stand. if ted cruz loses wisconsin then the delegate count is easy for donald trump to sew up the nomination. it's kind of their pattern. we have seen the cruz campaign put all their resources in one state to show they have won something, then they go on the lose the next five to seven. whatever happens in wisconsin if you look at the map past this, we're going to do very well and ave big wins
5:06 am
after that. >> the way the map looks like right now, ted cruz would have to get 86% of the vote in the remaining primaries, which would be really, really hard. so really what ted cruz is counting on would be a contested convention where if he is the gop establishment pick and he's close to trump, it would be there for the establishment to say that ted cruz is the guy rather than mitt romney or somebody else. >> you know, i think it's time for donald trump to start putting together a bigger staff, to get together, for a guy that's going to get the nomination. to start naming people, people recognize and like david gurgens, baker, they worry he doesn't have the experience. and he talked to chris matthews about abortion when you know a more experienced candidate, because donald trump is making a billion dollars, while everybody else is running for office. any other candidate, most candidates to this point, would have said i'm not here to talk
5:07 am
about abortion. we'll talk about it some other time. >> but those are largely political questions. given the fact he's running for president he's got to answer those questions. but nonetheless -- >> i'm pro life. >> he was only -- he only became a politician six or seven months ago. >> people like him because he's not the establishment. we talked about the anti-trump rallies and david webb actually went to one of the rallies to find out if they even know why they're protesting in wisconsin. take a look. >> are you protesting donald trump? >> yes! >> what's the policy that you object to? >> all of it. >> just like the things he says about women and like the race -- >> like what? >> um -- yeah. >> he does not -- he does not support other races. >> he's got too much money. >> he has to be respectful to everyone because we don't want that kind of people living in
5:08 am
our nation. >> because i think he's entirely un-american in the way he goes about his politics. >> are you working with a group? you have a uaw sign right there. >> donald trump has accused me of whatever. no, i do not. yes, i am union. union is standing. >> with the -- with the things -- i think trump is gaining a lot of ground because he's -- >> bernie sanders 120%. >> love that guy. so how many of those people really were anti-donald trump and how many -- >> and sober? >> and how many were paid because of -- there was an ad on craigslist, we'll pay you $15 an hour to go to the anti-trump rally. it was -- >> who was giving them money? >> some bernie sanders group. >> wow. >> going to pay people. astroturfing to make it look like there are a lot of people. how many of them were paid? don't know.
5:09 am
david webb had this observation about what he saw on the streets in wisconsin last night on "hannity." >> people are showing up with kkk hood, bernie supporters, other groups, the black lives matter bunch. they're not there to have discourse. there's not there to respect the first amendment. they're there to tear it down. i read their papers, i read what that i put out. i think it does backfire because the broad swath of american people, all across this country, including so-called flyover country, they're going to look at that and go that's not what i believe in. even if i don't agree with it. >> well, for that -- that's the part of the protest, you don't see. you don't know what's happening. you go to the protests -- >> who are they? >> they don't even know. >> they become the story at the trump events and now trump's guys are kicking into gear to try to stop the protesters for overwhelming the message of the candidate because after all, if you're there to support a candidate, you don't want to be sitting there getting screamed at or having some sign over your head.
5:10 am
you're there to support a candidate. >> right. >> i don't understand why they're going in there, causing disruptions. they want to be the target of some type of controversy. >> it seems to be the agitators who are causing the problems. all right, about 8:10 here in new york city and heather has some breaking news. yeah, we'll begin with some weather. the roof of a church ripped right off while people were praying inside. this happening in tulsa, oklahoma. the eerie moment right before the twister touched down caught on camera. >> oh, gosh. >> it is like right close to our house. >> oh, is it going down? it's going down. >> coming up and down. look at the wind off the church. >> they say it sounded like a freight train. we frequently hear that. everyone inside counting their blessings though because no one was injured. that's good news. to another developing story for you. dangerous terrorists are about to be set free. the pentagon planning another round of gitmo releases in just the next few days including a
5:11 am
former al qaeda fighter from yemen who has been on a hunger strike since 2007. now, the president has promised to close the prison before he leaves office. there are just 91 detainees left at gitmo. and a nurse under arrest accused of murdering patients. she is accused of killing at least 13 people from 2014 to 2015. now she worked in the anesthesia and intensive care unit at a hospital near florence, italy. the patients were killed by a drug given by drip or injection. police are not revealing the motive at this time. the arrest comes weeks after another nurse you may remember in italy was sentenced to life in prison for injecting a 78-year-old patient with a lethal solution of potassium chloride. and new overnight, heart stopping video of a plane in north carolina up in flames. crews tried to put out the fire, the $10,000 fireball. but no one was inside and no one
5:12 am
was hurt. officials still have no idea how it started but the plane is a total loss. hence the $10,000 fireball. and the faa is investigating. those are a look at your headlines. >> happening in your neck of the woods. north carolina. >> not my plane though. >> okay, thank you. coming up, it is video no parent wants to see. your kids texting and driving behind the wheel. coming up we'll show you how dangerous it is. we have a reality ride, a simulator that's live outside on the plaza. the governor of new york state banning workers from going to the state is of north carolina, but communist cuba, that's just on fine. pat mccrory is on deck for a response to cuomo, next. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management.
5:13 am
we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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5:16 am
all right. get ready for this twin. new york governor andrew cuomo banning official travel to north carolina over a new bathroom law that's being criticized for discriminating against transgender people. but oddly enough he's urging
5:17 am
visits to cuba where those transgender people have been tortured. pat mccrory, what's the rule that's causing the controversy with the -- with governor cuomo? >> well, basically, the north carolina legislature overturned a charlotte city ordinance which required all businesses to demand that if you're a man and you want to use a woman's restroom or shower or locker room facility, they can. and state legislature, very similar to the people of the houston, texas, rejected that and say it's up to businesses to make that determination, not government. and in our universities and our high schools also, we firmly believe that if you're a man and you have the -- you have the anatomy of a man you shouldn't use the women's restroom, shower or locker room facility. it's basic common sense. it's etiquette of privacy that we have had for decades. and it's amazing that the
5:18 am
national politically correct police have descended on my state and unfairly smeared my state and syracuse university is playing in a final four against the carolina tar heels in houston, texas. a city which rejected the exact same ordinance by 61% of the vote by the people of houston and there are no protests or boycotts of houston, texas, during the final four basketball tournament. nor should there be. so none of these corporations that are now criticizing north carolina, they're all going to be advertising during the ncaa championship, and there's a lot of corporate and political and media elite hypocrisy about this. >> right. so governor, you're saying essentially the sex you're born with, let's go with that picture on the men's and women's restroom. so governor cuomo sees this of new york, and says i'm going to ban all state travel -- official
5:19 am
state travel to the state of north carolina. what's your reaction to that? >> it's demagoguery at its worst. this is the type of hypocrisy we'll have. you tell the citizens not to come to north carolina -- first of all a lot of people moved to north carolina and made it their home. that's a fact. maybe it's because we believe in common sense privacy laws. by the way, we're against any types of discrimination, but that doesn't mean we overturn basic common sense expectations of privacy that men and women and children expect when they go to a locker room or a restroom or shower facility. i mean, this is ridiculous. >> so he was asked on a syracuse radio station to say, hey, you go to cuba and you're telling everyone not go to north carolina, you've got to be kidding. he said there's a fundamental action of taking affirmative
5:20 am
action steps in helping a country. >> i don't think the state of new york has such a law forces businesses to force people of one gender to be able to use the restroom and shower facilities in their businesses. so he might need to boycott his own state at this point in time. >> yeah. a lot of people would look forward to that. >> there's a lot of hypocrisy. >> so we have no problems in new york, we can focus on other states. living there, i can back that up. >> i want to let everyone know, north carolina is soap for business. we're not in gave of discrimination, but we favor common sense privacy laws like the city of houston does and go tar heels. >> i can't agree with that. my son goes to syracuse. governor mccrory, thank you so much. i know half my neighborhood moved to north carolina. brand-new video inside a hijacked egyptair plane.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
all right. news by the numbers. start with 61. that's how many sentences president obama cut short for the drug offenders. they're now scheduled to be released in july. so that and $86 million that's how many of your tax dollars went out the window. this plane was supposed to be used for a drug bust in afghanistan. but it wasn't finished before that mission ended. right now, it's sitting on jacks in delaware. by the way, there's still plenty of drugs in afghanistan.
5:25 am
$600. that's how much a hair cut costs at bergdorf here's in new york city that's where clinton was yesterday. while she got her hair cut, witnesses say her four-vehicle entourage blocked traffic for blocks. that's thinking of the people. steve? thank you very much. this hair cut, 25 bucks. meanwhile, taking your eyes off the road for just five seconds is like driving the length of a football field blind. and using your cell phone while you drive can be as troublesome as drunk driving. well, tomorrow, april 1st marks the beginning of distracted driving awareness month and here to show us how dangerous -- come on in here, ted. we have allstate agent tracy bibb in the car along with ainsley. this is all part of allstate's reality ride simulator, right? >> this campaign is aimed at the dangers of distracted drivers. americans are driving more miles which is leading to more fatal
5:26 am
collisions, accidents and potentially higher rates. so we have got this virtual reality vehicle that gives drivers a safe place to learn about distracted driving. >> all right. let me show you how it works, steve. steve is outside the car. steve and i are texting each other. >> i'm texting you. >> i'm hitting the pedal and the gas. here we go. i'm coming up to the stop light. i have my knee, maybe steering the call. go gamecocks, because maybe they're playing this weekend. oh, my gosh, i'm on the other side of -- see, this is why it's dangerous. i'm going to slam on the brakes, because there's some people. all right. i'm going to go. i have to slam on the brakes -- wait a minute. i'm still texting. i just hit a guy. look at this. it's so dangerous to do this, steve. what are you texting me? >> i said what are you doing? watch the road. >> oh, i think i hit someone else. >> tracy, this is such a good
5:27 am
demonstration of what can go wrong. we're on tv. we know there's a camera over there. she really is not in control of the vehicle. >> not at all. when we have people that get into the vehicle and actually do this, you know, before they get into it, they talk about they text and drive and it's not a big deal, then they get into the vehicle and actually try it and they decide texting is not a good thing. >> where is this vehicle going? all over the country, right? >> it's in 20 different cities. you can go to allstate's facebook page, text to find out how to prevent distracted driving. >> this is a classic case of what not to do. she thinks you can do both, text and book. but you can't. >> i think i hit two different people. what percentages of the accidents do you see are text related? >> we see about one in four accidents that are a cause of distracted driving. so 26%.
5:28 am
>> from what i understand, depending on the state its can be illegal in your state as you were saying. but cops can get your phone, they can determine whether or not you were texting, while you were behind the wheelba based o times and text messages. >> you want us to take a pledge. >> i'm for taking the pledge to say i will not text and drive. >> right over here. >> this is my ticket. >> that's the ticket. >> behind bars, actually. >> okay. this is the pledge. okay. my thumb print. there you go. oh, how great. >> and tracy, she is taking the pledge not to text and drive. >> correct. so usually what we do, we have people take the pledge, we'll get their picture with the wall, give them a complimentary key chain and it says texting kills to remind them. >> ted, come on here. in the text. brian, inside to you. >> i've got your text, i know
5:29 am
it's my turn to tease out. straight ahead, would you want this on your plane? the tsa let it through, your e-mails pouring through on that one. not acceptable to me. she was -- she has a quick wit and quicker recipes. kat timpf is here with her dad. "cooking with friends" is all about them. ♪ you do all this research on
5:30 am
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bye now. trugreen. live life outside. ted cruz was asked about his favorite snack, he said between cookies and cheese, you could have a great party. [ laughter ] in related news, ted cruz has never been to an actual party. where are the cookies and the cheese? where are the cookies and the cheese?
5:33 am
[ laughter ] i brought my own, i brought my own cookies and cheese in a ziploc. oatmeal raisin and goat cheese i call it goat meal raisin. got to go get some greens. >> that was good. >> that was the first imitation i have seen of ted cruz. >> also ted cruz was on with jimmy kimmel last night and revealed his favorite cereal is muslix. >> i thought you'd say lucky charm. >> or cap'n crunch. >> heather is on the couch with the headlines. >> we have a story that you were talking about before the break, the hijacking of the egyptair plane getting more bizarre this morning as that -- if that's possible. we have brand-new video taking us inside the plane at the moment that the passenger asked for a picture, yes, with the suspect.
5:34 am
>> you want to take a photo? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> you can see the crew welcomes the man's request and then take a look. a flight attendant even posted a picture. look at that. yes. not too concerned. well take a look at this. two suspected drug smugglers from mexico showing how easy it is to hop the border into the u.s. when they think that someone spots them, they climb back out. earlier the president of the border patrol union told us this kind of thing happens all the time and that donald trump is the man to stop it. >> i have seen the lawlessness on the border. i have chased the aliens through the brush, through the mountains. and he has seen how that affects the morale of the border patrol, not being able to do your job. he wants to take those handcuffs off. >> the national border patrol council has officially endorsed trump for president. and two sky divers collide
5:35 am
at 14,000 feet over tampa. the heart-stopping video all caught on camera. look at that. you can see the two men hit seconds after jumping sending 23-year-old sebastien leal spiraling unconscious all the way to the ground. amazingly, his emergency parachute deployed at the last moment. a utility pole broke his fall. he is now paralyzed but leal says he has no regrets. >> what happened to me is -- it's very unlikely. this is a freak accident. >> this was leal's 402nd jump. he's done it a lot of times. he claims this will not be his last. and would you want this on your flight? the tsa just let it through right on through, tweeting quote, the tsa came upon a suspicious item, and the traveler called it art. a lot of people have a lot to say about this. >> andy g on twitter says, um, absolutely not. if i can't bring shampoo then
5:36 am
that thing better not be there. >> good point. >> yeah. eileen says, no. proves yet again the airport security is all for show. >> then super cool panda says it's a clock, i'm sure obama will invite the owner to the white house soon. >> burn. >> you know what that's in reference to. >> we do. let's look at extreme weather right now, and we have some images of a terrifying tornado ripping through portions of oklahoma yesterday. >> and unfortunately it's not over yet. maria molina, she is here. she's been tracking it all for us. >> hey, good morning. that's right. the storm system not done just yet. even for a couple more days we'll continue to feel the influence across the eastern u.s. i want to share with you where we saw some tornadoes yesterday. you mentioned there was a report across oklahoma. we have had a reported tornado across parts of kansas and into arkansas. so again a very active day yesterday across parts of the plains and today that storm system continues to move
5:37 am
eastward. we have a concern for additional severe storms anywhere from the gulf coast all the way up to the great lakes. a tornado watch in effect across mississippi and louisiana because of that threat for severe weather. here's a look at the risk zone. the greatest risk area includes places like tennessee, alabama and also in mississippi and out there we could be looking at some long tracks, particularly violent tornadoes. so a heads up. otherwise by tomorrow, it stays stormy across the eastern u.s. and across parts of the gulf coast. because we're receiving so much rainfall locally up to six inches, flooding will be a concern. let's head back inside. >> all right, maria, thank you very much. all right. she's known for her quick wit and satirical style, frequently seen her on fox news. >> she's bringing a quick to make dish to "cooking with friends" and she's here with her dad. >> fox news contributor and reporter for the national review, kat timpf is joining us with her dad to share her mother's recipe which was? >> it's a cucumbers and cream polish salad. it's really easy.
5:38 am
>> this would go -- >> i make it all the time, just because it's easy. every event, goes with everything. i love cucumbers. it's sour cream. and you have dill. >> i love the fact that -- >> sugar. >> you love it, but your dad hates it. >> i hate it. >> why do you hate it? >> if you don't like cucumbers it's awful. >> is this a protest appearance? >> who does the cooking in your house? >> well -- >> does katherine do it? >> i don't know there's any going on right now. i do some. >> you mix sour cream, dill, salt, pepper, sugar, lemon. put that in there. it's delicious. >> have you tried it with the low fat sour cream? >> yeah. >> there's the question in our house. >> it's good, still good. >> oh, it is? >> yeah. absolutely. >> how long did it take you to
5:39 am
make the cucumbers that thin? >> i didn't do that. i was incapable. >> we make ours thicker. the runoff from this recipe is very good on chicken kebabs if you like that. >> the slurry at the bottom? >> in the restaurant, they call it tchaziki. >> i don't know how to spell it though. >> you adorn it with lemons -- >> taste it. >> do you like cucumbers? >> yeah. >> for anybody who likes the cucumbers. but my dad like -- >> but you're not done yet. now dan kicks into gear. >> well, you want to explain what you've got going on here. >> it's delicious. really good. really refreshing. >> yeah. >> it's like ice cream. >> you have a sweet tooth. >> well, actually, your producer thought i should do a cookbook of two ingredients or less. this is actually the pop-tarts are -- you can do them the way you want. you toast them. you can have the crust to your
5:40 am
desired doneness. >> read the directions. >> right, when it pops up -- >> do you put them in with hands? >> you can do that. yeah. >> i think there's one in in already. >> once the pop-tart is cooked, you put it on the plate and then do what? >> then you take a scoop of ice cream and this is what i call poor man's ala mode. it's a lot less expensive than pie. >> then you eat it like this or do you cut it? >> well, you -- let's -- take a spoon. >> yes, sir, there you go. >> just like this. >> break it into the pop-tart. >> is there a certain crunch when you know it's done? >> you can do it to your desired doneness. that's the beauty of the toaster. >> i love this. >> there we go. >> ala mode. >> thank you. we love your daughter. >> thank you. >> the recipe to put ice cream on everything will be on website. meanwhile -- >> you can play back the video.
5:41 am
>> has this ever happened to you? a passenger's ponytail going viral this morning. it -- you can get kicked off with the plane with that? we'll tell you about that coming up. >> i don't want to see that while eating ice cream. meanwhile, hillary clinton is losing to bernie sanders in wisconsin and she's feeling the bern in her home state. ed henry popped in. >> for ice cream. >> hey, ed -- >> do you use your hands for pop-tarts? >> yeah. >> there you go. >> and the ice cream. >> that was a question on the card. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone.
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5:44 am
this is a fox news alert. fbi director james comey reportedly done examining hillary clinton's private
5:45 am
e-mails and the server and is preparing to interview key witnesses including hillary clinton herself. so what could they ask? here to weigh in, we have fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry. >> good to see you. >> there's a story out there that james comey the director of the fbi himself may sit across the table and ask her some questions. >> well, you would think that for such a high profile investigation the top guy might exactly do that. the clinton folks say they want to talk to comey and they want to clear that up. >> that's what they say. >> i think the big picture clearly is that campaigns and candidates want to know what's the money. you want to get this past you one way or the other. they hope this is going to be xop raltsed but if there's not an indictment. if there's a scathing report, there's negligence, you have the fbi screaming and yelling about
5:46 am
it, even if there's not an indictment that's something that hangs over this campaign. >> it's unbelievable, because it would be the number one story in america if it wasn't for the controversy on the right, the cruz, the wive, the interviews. >> you bring that up, because hillary clinton is counting on that. who ever is the republican nominee it will be a referendum on them, what they're saying on the abortion, the wives. >> what's interesting to me my smart cohorts were telling me earlier -- >> which ones? >> are you flexing? no, seriously, they were telling me that james comey the fbi director will get the information and determine if this is criminal or not and then he sends the information to the a.g. she makes the determination of what happens next? >> sure. she's the chief law enforcement officer and the attorney general serves at the pleasure of the united states. the president of the united states is a democrat, is that going to play a role in this? >> sure. >> five contests in a row for bernie sanders they have won. is number six looming in
5:47 am
wisconsin? >> he's winning, it's within the margin of error so it's close. i think hillary clinton is nervous about new york. this quinnipiac poll out -- >> her home state? her latest home state. >> which one? >> she's up 12. so that's a good. she's wominning here. but when you have been saturating this media market for longer, as first lady and everything else, to be up 12 is not that comfortable. >> but ed, you saw this story yesterday in the daily news here in new york about how the system is rigged to bernie's disadvantage because even when she wins -- loses the contest, he winds one more -- she winds up with more super delegates. >> right. >> it's so confusing. >> right. the bottom line, the super delegates are party bosses and they go with the one they think is the winner. now, is it impossible for bernie sanders to get super delegates to switch? no, this happened in 2008. a lot of the super delegate were with the front-runner, hillary clinton at that time as well and
5:48 am
once obama started to knock down the states, oh, wow he can win. >> and the super delegates all the delegates went to her, it shows the hands on the scale. i think there's outrage amongst the democratic voters that their system seems rigged. >> a lot flipped over to obama. we will see if they flip over to sanders. he has to do really well if not win here in new york. what he's circled on the calendar is california, june 7th. 400 or 500 delegates at stakes. >> all right. off the couch, back on trail. >> thank you. >> thanks, ed. >> a big hillary event. >> yeah. up next, it might be rude, but is it illegal? a passenger's ponytail is sparking debate online. so we scrambled the top legal mind in the ponytail business to talk about this. you can't make this up, martha, what did you think when you thank you? >> i don't know what else that qualifies for, but yucky. great show this morning. we have a lot of brand-new polls
5:49 am
that we want to take a look at with you. a very changing race in wisconsin. and in the general election match-ups as well. governor john kasich is going to join us this morning with his plan to turn this thing on its head. and donald trump back in some hot water. he always manages to cool things down though. so can he this time? we'll speak to his campaign. and ted cruz plays offense with a quote celebration of women. bret baier, steve hayes all with me here. see you at the top of the hour. y understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly
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5:52 am
this picture of a passenger's ponytail has gone viral this morning. when her fellow flier tweeted out, congrats to the ponytailed young woman in 22-b, you invented a whole new way to be
5:53 am
awful at 35,000 feet. can bad behavior get you thrown off your next flight? let's talk to peter johnson jr. >> you said i was a ponytail legal analysis, that's why i was called at 2:00. >> don't split hairs over it. let's talk. >> let's take about the follicular challenge on my head. as a matter of law, there's something called a contract of carriage. you never see it, but the rules of the airline. so if the airline says you're offensive, in terms of clothing, odor, you're too tense, you may be a safety hazard, they're not quite sure, a little bit sketchy, they can put you have plane. so that's the law. so know the law. so act nicely on the plane. there's a thin line between being polite and being a potential hazard. it's the flight attendant's view and the captain's view that matters. they are our first responders of the air. they're thety -- they have the toughest job in america. >> speaking of america, this is a poll that americans were queried on.
5:54 am
is it okay to move your -- let's say we're seated next to each other. i take off my shoes. 68% say not appropriate to take them off. so two-thirds say leave your shoes on. >> so i'll take my shoes off too. so let's get a shot of that. because i had the shoes off. the problem with that, i have a problem with people that take their shoes off on the plane. very often they smell. the second issue is they decide to walk into the lavatory. now -- >> barefooted on the plane? >> not bare fifooted but with socks, so the socks kind of become a human sponge. they're bringing 140's people business around the plane and that's not a -- it's not a good thing. that really bothers me on planes. those people should be put off the plane and hosts who take their shoes off should be put off the set as well. you want to do the interview
5:55 am
over there. i'm the flight attendant here. the other thing that bothers a people a lot, is when the stranger next to you, flips up the shared armrest. it's kind of uncomfortable. you're thinner and in better shape than i am. >> not really. >> i'm kind of here, i pick it up. do i want to be close to you, close to me? >> because if it's up, you have more room. >> what are most people saying in terms of that? what does the survey say? >> 60% say they don't mind leaving it down. >> leave it up. push it back down. that is called a microaggression. that can lead to you being put off the plane. do not engage in microaggressions. do not be tense on the plane. you will be considered a hazard. the woman with the hair is flying. >> just put your shoes -- >> don't brush it in front of you. you will be put off the plane. >> please return your shoes to the full upright position.
5:56 am
>> all right. in case you missed it this morning, we got in a hot debate. the topic? me. >> there's no debate. >> i think you're a ten. you don't think you're a ten. are you saying that personally you're ten? >> i am not a ten. >> you are. >> maybe when i was younger. plenty to say about that. your comments coming up next. 85% of men say eating right helps prepare them for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients ... ...from food alone. let's do more. add one a day men's ... ...complete multivitamin. with vitamin d and magnesium to help support healthy blood pressure. one a day.
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5:59 am
...swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue or difficulty breathing, stop taking myrbetriq and tell your doctor right away. myrbetriq may affect or be affected by other medications. before taking myrbetriq... ...tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney problems. common side effects include increased blood pressure... ...common cold symptoms, urinary tract infection... ...and headache. it's time for you to make the calls, so call your doctor to see if ...myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. well, here's one for the road. the state department apologizing for this tweet warning people to be self-aware of their looks so they don't get taken advantage of if they go overseas. not a ten in the u.s., then not a ten overseas. beware of being lured into buying expensive drinks or worse being robbed. i dragged steve into the debate
6:00 am
earlier. take a look. i think you're a ten. you don't think you're a ten are you saying that personally you're a ten? >> i am not a ten. >> you are. >> maybe when i was younger. >> so our viewers are weighing in on this. >> lynn says steve doocy has always been a ten. he's hot. tamara says the same thing. bill: brand-new polling numbers show a split decision in wisconsin. martha: you got ted cruz up by 10 points in the latest polls in wisconsin. this was a race that was neck-and-neck. but a different picture when you look at donald trump's home state of new york. trump walking into a political buzz saw over


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