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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 31, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a free quote today. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. 150i. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen. fox news alert. republican presidential hopefuls steng up their campaigns in the race for the nomination. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." right now donald trump is in d.c. rallying reinforcements. governor john kasich is in new york. senator ted cruz is way out in california, but wisconsin is the next big contest in the primary schedule. 42 delegates up for grab in the winner takes most primary. both cruz and governor kasich are trying to close the gap on donald trump there. clay furman is live in oshkosh, wisconsin. blake, what's kasich's strategy for trying to take out trump? >> reporter: hi, there, gretchen.
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yes, good afternoon from wisconsin. for john kasich it is fairly simple. at this point he and ted cruz have to stop donald trump from getting to 1237 delegates, the necessary delegates for trump needed to win at the first go around so there's not an open brokered convention. in that end john kasich went full throttle against donald trump earlier today in new york. he argued that not only is trump not fit to represent the republican party but he also said be president of the united states. >> as commander in chief and leader of the free world you don't get do overs. you need to be able to get it right the first time. >> reporter: as for donald trump, he is in washington, d.c., today. right now, today, he is huddling with his top advisors as it relates to foreign policy and national security. that team that he announced earlier this month. he also announced today a house leadership committee. that committee is led by duncan hunter and chris collins.
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those are the first two lawmakers to ever officially formally endorse trump. as for ted cruz, he will return here to wisconsin tomorrow alongside kasich. cruz though is very much represented here in the badger state. the sitting governor, scott walker, the former presidential candidate has cut an ad for ted cruz. that is airing here in wisconsin. gretchen? >> lots going on. so what's actually the feeling there as we count down now to tuesday's primary? >> reporter: welcome here, gretchen, to the 56th annual wps farm show. that is where we are this afternoon in oshkosh, eastern part of the state. i'll walk you around. kind of a convention-type atmosphere for the folks in agriculture, everything from farming to financing. we have been speaking to these folks throughout the day here. a few things of interest note annual th able, many of them said not only are they paying attention but they are going to be voting on
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tuesday. most likely will be voting or probably will be voting. many of the people that we talked with, wisconsin is an open primary state. they tell us not only do they know who they will be voting for but they don't know whether it will be a republican or democrat. this could be wide open here in wisconsin on tuesday. >> no doubt. i'm envious that you're in oshkosh. i grew up wearing oshkosh over als. >> if you ever make it here, gretchen, the bison burger and the cheese curds, a must. >> i've had them both. all right. blake, thanks. >> yeah. republican party unveiling a new website today. did you hear about this? here's the latest delegate count with donald trump at 736, ted cruz follows with 463, marco rubio, he's not even in the race anymore but he still holds 171 delegates and john kasich at
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143. here's the gop's website's own home page. it explains the process. let's talk about all of this with cakarl rove. he's a fox news contributor. i found it fascinating that the rnc released this today, the website, to help educate us. why, carl? >> well, i think because there's a lot of misstatements and confusion running around. for example, senator ted cruz is saying that one of the party's rules, rule 40b, means that only donald trump and he will be able to be on the ballot. >> right. >> at the convention because they're the only two candidates who meet the threshold of having received a majority of the delegates in eight states. that's a misstatement. 40b refers to being able to be placed formally a nomination. it limits the number of people
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who can give speeches during primetime. it does not limit and there is no limit on who delegates can vote for. you know, particularly, you know, carly fiorina has a delegate, john kasich has delegates. people are bound to vote for these people. i think what the national committee is doing is a healthy thing. let's shall very transparent be about the processes and the existing rules. historically they've made very few changes in the rules from convention to convention. 40b, is frankly a recent innovation. >> that just changed four years ago, mitt romney was part of that. part of that was having to do with ron paul not having to come up on the main stage. it's interesting, because just in that little rule alone, 40b, you have a different description of it than other people had on
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this program yesterday. it could get dicey. did you bring the white board today? >> i did. i did. >> yeah. let's talk about the delegates. the percentages for cruz and trump moving forward are fascinating to look at. can you describe what percentage donald trump would have to give to win and what percentage cruz would have to give to win. >> if you took the number of delegates, trump would need to win 55% of the delegates going here forward in order to receive an outright majority. ted cruz would need to win 84% of the delegates north to win an outright majority, 1,237. there's another way to look at it which is increasingly important. the number you need for the majority is 1,237. trump has 776. the non-trump forces if you take them and aggregate them together, 834 delegates who are
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selected. that's a 98 delegate majority for the anti-trump forces. to be determined is 902. and the outcome of the campaign, the outcome of the nomination will be decided by those 902 delegates. now what happens if we have them break 50-50? then we have donald trump at the convention with 1,187, short of the number needed to nominate. the anti-trump forces have 1285. there would be a 98 delegate gap. the question is could they coal less. what happens if it's 47/53. then it is trump 1160 well short and the non-trump forces at 1312 with a lead of 352. more likely they can coalesce.
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>> webefore i let you go, there was an important meeting down at sea island in march. it was reported that there was all of these establishment people including yourself who were trying to figure out how to knock off trump. what was the real story? >> the "huffington post" says that the highlight of the american enterprise institute was a presentation by me on trump focus groups. i said it wasn't the greatest role model for the children. the only trouble is it was a complete and total fabrication. yes, i gave a presentation there. on sunday morning i gave the go away lecture and it was on my book "the triumph of william mckinley, why the election of
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1896 matters today." there was no such focus group. i'm not aware of any focus group. they did spell my name right so you've got to give that credit to the "huffington post." >> better than starbucks person who spend gretchen quite interesting, p-i-o-n. the dye advice sieivisive n gop campaign may have an effect on the city. adam shapiro with the fox business network. adam, how much does it cost these conventions if that happens? >> well, it will cost millions and millions not only for cleveland but the republicans have to raise $64 million for the convention. the democrats, it's 80 million. for the republicans, getting a lot of pressure. the companies, at least, not to help fund it. >> okay. so are we waiting for a sound
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bite? i guess not. who are the activists getting any traction from? >> it's coming from an activist group called for two days. any sponsorship of a trump-led convention will be an endorsement of his hate-filled and racistoric and once counter. coca-cola, google, xerox, at&t, adobe systems, cisco. "the new york times" reported that coca-cola which had donated $660,000 in 2012 will only donate $75,000 to both. there's pressure on companies to helping fund the republican convention. emily lower said we've raised
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towards the 64 million we've need. it's the most any host committee has ever mentioned. they have 85% of it, she said, in the bank. all of this top of cleveland, let's go get a corn beef sandwich. >> you and i both worked there. i've been working on this story all day. >> i'll be there with you. >> thanks. >> see ya later. already the democrats are jumping on donald trump's controversial comments on abortion. watch this. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no? >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> yes. >> for the woman? >> yes. >> omarosa, why she's backing trump. plus, new images from inside that egypt air jet liner. you're not going to believe this video.
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hear what some passengers and members of the crew were doing with explosives around his stomach. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. plus, police say they've collared the suspects at a weekly trump rally. we'll give you the breaking details when we return. >> [ bleep ]. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®.
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but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. welcome back to "the real story." after the terror attack at the brussels airport, there's no word on when the airport will reopen. the airport works to implement new security measures demanded by the government. when it does reopen, a spokesman says it will only be at 20%
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capacity and the check-in area badly damaged by the bombing will take months to rebuild. time for some real talk now about the latest trump controversy. this one centering on his comments about abortion where he initially said women who have abortions should face, quote, some form of punishment. well, trump later clarifying his comments saying, quote, the doctor or any other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally smo responsible not the woman. they're turning them into a digital ad. here it is. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principal? >> there has to be some form of punishment? >> yes, there has to be some form. >> joining me now omarosa. she's a trump supporter and f--
11:17 am
we shouldn't be worried that the democrats are running with these. when you heard the comments from the candidate you're supporting, what did you think? >> you know, i wasn't surprised at the reaction because most of these folks have not looked at the whole piece. i saw chris matheus going back and forth with donald and it was very clear that he didn't clearly understand what matheus was asking him. so i'm glad that he has clarified his position and made it very clear that he was talking about the doctors who perform these illegal abortions and not the women. >> okay. so i guess the question -- the hypothetical question was if abortions were illegal in the country at some point moving forward and you believe that donald trump didn't understand the question initially but you're okay with the fact that he came back with a clarifying response? >> you said it yourself. it was a hypothetical scenario that chris matheus was asking him and i'm glad that he came back to clarify that he was in fact talking about the doctors
11:18 am
and not the women. i find it very ironic that hillary runs so quickly with ads. n x6h';)r' front of nancy reagas funeral and said nancy was a big proponent of aids. she had to come back and apologize because that was patently false. we didn't run ads because she made a comment that she clearly misspoke or wasn't informed about. this is the same situation with donald trump. he misspoke. he wasn't informed clearly on that position and he has made a clarification of his position. >> okay. >> we can move forward from that. >> some of his critics have said this didn't help him with the female vote where he already is suffering. i want to show the most recent poll for you. >> please. >> favorable view of trump among women respondents. the favorability is 23%, the unfavorability is 71%. what does he need to do to change that? >> gretchen, we've been watching polls this entire cycle. clearly things are not as they seem. 7.5 million people have cast
11:19 am
their votes towards donald trump in support of his candidacy, 7.5 million. they are not all males. they are not all white males. there are women who support donald trump and who have been showing up at the polls to show that they want him to be the next president of the united states. so i see that number and i see lots and lots of polls but who are the 7.5 million people who are supporting donald trump who have cast their vote for him. you have to ask that question because otherwise he would not clearly be the front-runner without women voters. >> omarosa, great to talk to you. got to cut it short because we have a fox news alert about your candidate right now. donald trump apparently meeting behind closed doors right now. where is he? he's at the republican national committee headquarters in washington, d.c. we are not sure what is on the agenda. we just know he is meeting behind closed doors. no doubt he is meeting with
11:20 am
rooens priebus. then he named his new house committee with two members of the house who have endorsed him, collin and dunk can hunter. a lot of developments happening with donald trump today in washington, d.c. he's behind closed doors meeting with the rnc. remember, they wanted him to sign the pledge a couple of months ago after he became a candidate to say he would remain a republican and run as a republican. every candidate signed that. in the past couple of days they have changed their opinions on that. what are they talking about? we'll keep an eye on this developing story. more after this. olay total effects a skin transformation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer.
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fox news alert for you now on what we were talking about just before the break. donald trump meeting behind
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closed doors at 9 republican national committee headquarters in washington, d.c. we are not sure exactly why or what is on the agenda. let's go to chief political correspondent carl cameron live with the very latest. carl, what do you think it's about? >> reporter: it's no surprise we don't know. donald trump has been telling people in wisconsin that he was going to spend every day this week in wisconsin and this morning he popped up in washington not just to meet with chair priebus but to meet with his newly formed foreign policy advisory team. this was something that's unscheduled and left a lot of people in wisconsin wondering where he is today, now we know. the meeting with priebus is not a surprise. there has been an awful lot of vitreole tossed at the party. he's said that the republican nomination committee is horrible, nasty, filled with dishonest people and priebus is the chairman of the organization that runs that process so they
11:25 am
have some discussions to have. mr. trump has abandoned the loyalty pledge and all of the documents to say so that he would support the republican nominee and he wouldn't run as a third party candidate. he has said he is not feeling at all obliged to abide by that pledge that he signed. it's true that both ted cruz and john kasich have hedged. ted cruz has said he is not inclined and doesn't make a habit of being friendly or supporting the people who attack himself or his family or his wife and has pretty much ruled it out. john kasich has said that he would have to take a look at whether or not the candidate who is the nominee, if it's not himself, would be doing something that could hurt the american people or hurt the country and in both cases cruz and kasich are not talking about one another, they're talking about donald trump. >> right. >> kasich has not ruled out the possibility of endorsing cruz nor has cruz ruled out the possibility of endorsing kasich even though today the super pack that supports kasich put out a
11:26 am
nasty ad about donald trump essentially morphing him with his nose like pinocchio. >> john kasich was here in new york and he had some biting comments as well for donald trump. it was interesting to me that today the rnc released this website to inform the media and the public about convention facts and here it is on the screen explaining, you know, you have to get to 1,237 delegates, how the voting process works. maybe donald trump, carl, is in there talking about you better not be making any rules changes. >> well, no, actually, trump is probably going to want the rules to be changed. in fact, he had said that he doesn't think that the rule requiring the nominee to get a majority of the delegates, the 1,237 as the majority of the total number of delegates that will be at the convention, he said that that shouldn't apply to him. he wants an exemption basically or that rule expunged. as long as he gets a plurality, it ought to be donald trump who's the nominee.
11:27 am
and right now the big battle is actually in wisconsin. kasich in new york because he knows he's not going to win hand dilly in wisconsin and has to look at other states. new york is up. it comes on this coming tuesday. and what trump is arguing is if he gets close to 1237 there should not be an open convention wherein the delegates should not cast their first ballots and then after that most of the delegates would be free to vote their conscience. states like florida, a handful of others do bind their delegates for more than one vote but the vast majority after the one first vote where all delegates are bound to abide by their state electoral outcomes, most of them are freed up after that. because they're long-time republican activists who have been involved in presidential politics, local politics in some cases for decades, they are more likely to have their loyalties elsewhere as opposed to the trump campaign.
11:28 am
mr. trump knows that. what he's trying to do, see if he can get a slide. if he doesn't get to 1237 he will still be the nomination. the republican national committee won't change their rules, not on that, anyway. >> carl cameron live for us in d.c. just summarize here, donald trump behind closed doors with priebus, the chair of the rnc. the agenda, anyone's guess. we just had some thoughts with carl cameron about what might be going on. we're going to have more on this right when we return. this clean was like, pow!
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. bottom of the hour on "the real story." hillary clinton fighting to gain momentum in new york. she's getting an extra boost from bill clinton delivering her message in a whirlwind campaign stop. the fbi investigation continues to investigate her e-mail. chief white house correspondent ed henry joining me. where do they stand on this? it seems like it's getting pretty close to a decision. >> that's right. flurry of reports saying they continue to wrap this up, the fbi, they've gathered all the evidence, gone through the server and now they're going to be moving forward with interviews. that may, of course, include hillary clinton herself. what her staff continues to tell me is they want to do this kind of interview. they want to get this behind them. i think there's obviously a lot of skepticism about that because of the multitude of allegations around the fact that there was classified information in the server despite what hillary clinton told the american people
11:33 am
at the beginning of all of this last march. and so the very bottom line is, campaigns love to have knowns. they don't want anything unpredictable. >> totally. >> what are the polls, how much money do i have in the bank? am i going to be indicted? is there anything else out there? this is like the classic unknown that they just want to get behind. >> okay. so i understand that bill clinton, you said he was out on the campaign trail for her today, but he was talking about benghazi? >> out of nowhere. i was at this labor union hall at mid town manhattan. this is a fired up crowd. these are democrats who want to hear from the former democrat, president, economy, job fair. out of nowhere near the top of his remarks he launched a vigorous defense on benghazi. >> seven committee hearings on this benghazi thing. why? the first six were all chaired by republicans but they were on the up and up so then they said, well, we've got to have a special committee because the
11:34 am
first guys didn't get the message, this isn't about what happened, this is about what we can make people think happened. >> it gives you the idea between the fbi investigation and the link gergs questions about benghazi, the clintons feel that. they're on defense. they want to get all of this behind them. bill clinton had not just one but four events in new york city today. hillary clinton is up in the latest poll here from quinnipiac in her adopted home state. >> right. >> by 12 points. not running away with it. bernie sanders has closed strong in a lot of these states. they're a little nervous. >> let's talk about the breaking news that's been happening. donald trump meeting behind closed doors right now with the republican national committee headquarters in washington, d.c. that's usually where you are as white house correspondent. what the heck is going on? >> everyone is trying to get to the bottom of this. carl cameron was saying he's not close to the republican national committee. it's unexpected he would be behind the closed doors with
11:35 am
reince priebus. there's so much talk of a lack of unity on the republican side. this could be an opportunity for the front-runner 24 hours after the controversial questions about the abortion, but is it almost angered the right more. you've gotten the pro life position wrong and you had to clarify it. to get everybody behind closed doors. >> another piece of analysis from ed henry. let's bring in our political panel. richard fowler, guy benson and. guy, what do you think is going on? let me give you my assessment first. i think that donald trump is already going to be in d.c. talking to foreign policy people this morning and he decided to go over to the rnc because he doesn't want any shenanigans happening with regard to any rule changes or any other kind of votes on the floor. do you agree with me or not? >> i think there's probably some truth to that. trying to figure out exactly
11:36 am
what's going on behind closed doors is as good a guess as anyone. first of all, with trump in d.c., that's an interesting side note to begin with, why he's not in wisconsin. i wonder if he saw the latest marquette poll that has him down ten. >> right. >> if he's planning to lose, oh, i was in d.c., i didn't plan to win. maybe he's setting himself up for that defense should he lose tuesday. i've seen some people on twitter. maybe the rnc summoned him. >> no way. >> i don't think donald trump is the type of man who is summoned unless there's a court order or something. >> no way. >> i think this is a meeting donald trump wants. my question is the rules and as he sees it everything is as favorably disposed to him as possible heading into cleveland is getting set up. >> right. >> if he doesn't get his way maybe he can say, i met with them and they didn't treat me fairly. >> richard, i think we would all three be in agreement that the rnc didn't call this meeting.
11:37 am
what are your thoughts? >> i think donald trump called the meeting. here's why. he has the voice of what seems to be the republican party. what he doesn't have the voice of is the establishment and beyond that because ted cruz is setting up a delegate operation, then they actually have to be elected. trump doesn't have an operation. he has to try to make sure the rules don't change or the rules don't get finagled. he's doing everything in his power to hold them back there. >> that's a really important point, guys, because we have been watching ted cruz. it's really analogous to the ground game he had in iowa which everyone talked about and worked out for him because he won the state. he was canvassing that state for years in advance. it's similar in his fight for the delegates.
11:38 am
he's gone back to some of these states where the vote has already occurred and he's been able to get more delegates even though i think in a case down in the south donald trump won the state but donald trump will come out with more delegates, louisiana, correct. >> yeah. >> could it be as richard said, that ted cruz has this new kind of ground game with delegates going on and that has spurred it on. >> well, yeah, he has that delegate play. i wouldn't say it's new. i would say it's percolating for many months. he has a very sharp legal team that know the rules inside and out. it's not just louisiana and it's not just finagling, what they're also doing is getting people elected as trump delegates who are not in fact trump loyalists.
11:39 am
they would be bound to trump on the first ballot. >> that is so fascinating. richard, that is so fascinating because in a year where the people want a candidate who's not a politician, it comes back to politics. >> that's exactly right. it always does. i think guy is right. here's the thing. i had not been in a delegate battle on the republican side but i have on the democratic side. you're talking about committees that have different rules and processes. donald trump doesn't have that but ted cruz does. what trump has to do is as much rule finagling as he can because cruz is going to beat him on the ground. >> gretchen, i would say -- >> real quickly.
11:40 am
>> -- some important differences with the republicans and democrats. >> right. >> the only way there's an open convention on the republican side is if the voters decide there should be. >> got to wrap this up. richard and guy, we'll have more on the breaking story. what's going on behind the closed doors. donald trump about ready to come out. we're going to find out next. y. but cigna is there for you. literally. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way. we believe in the power of active,
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fox news alert continuing coverage because we've been telling you trump is meeting right now behind closed doors at the republican national committee headquarters. this is a live shot of the back door. we've got it all covered for you here at fox. front door, back door waiting for him to come out at any moment. let's bring in bret baier, anchor of special report. bret, what's going on? >> listen, this meeting came out. it was on a schedule. we didn't know about it. this is the secret service and others around the back door.
11:44 am
it wasn't on -- it wasn't listed either by the rnc or by donald trump's campaign. we knew he was here in d.c. meeting with both his new leadership team on capitol hill, duncan hunter and chris collins and apparently a foreign policy meeting. we don't know who's in that meeting. one would think that donald trump has a few things to talk about with the rnc. he has in the past few days made some pretty pointed comments about how he believes he's not being treated well by the rnc. he is worried and talking about the delegate efforts by opponents. to prevent him from getting to 1237 and to also go after the delegates that he may have won. he pointed to in louisiana where he won the state but he is down in delegates there. >> right, because ted cruz has been very aggressive in going state by state now to try and round up some of these delegates that he can. can you explain how that's
11:45 am
happened? >> basically this isn't an rnc function so it's interesting that he's having this meeting if, in fact, that's the topic of the meeting. it's' a state-by-state function. each state has rules. whether they are bound to the person who wins or whether they are unbound when you get to the convention. what happens is that you have actual people who are delegates who are -- can be swayed. while they are pledged to donald trump, they can make up their minds and there are some efforts by ted cruz and john kasich to go into these states and convince delegates that if they get to a second ballot, that they will vote not with trump but for cruz or kasich. marco rubio has sent letters to all the states saying he wants to hold on to his 170 plus delegates so that he can be a king maker of sorts in cleveland. it's going to be fascinating, gretchen, because all of this comes down to math and the majority of the delegates, 1237.
11:46 am
>> exactly. and then how many ballots we actually get to in july if it goes that far in cleveland at the convention. let's talk a little bit about the rules committee because in doing research it was interesting to find out that two people from each state and u.s. territory, one male and one female, make up this rules committee. i believe it's 112 people in total. >> right. >> some of those people, we know who they are now. they've been very cautious in saying whether or not they would be up for any kind of rules changes but what do you think about that? the it would be math chaos, would it not, if they tried to change some of the rules? >> listen, you have lobbyists booking hotels for the week before the convention because that is the week and the days leading up to the official convention that all of these rules are going to be hammered out. one of the main rules that you talked about yesterday is the eight state win. 50 plus one percent of the delegates in eight states in order to be put into nomination. that rule was put in last cycle.
11:47 am
essentially to prevent ron paul from being vocally announced for nomination on the floor. mitt romney's people led that charge. >> right. >> now it is playing the other way and they need to, if they're going to have somebody who didn't win eight states, be put into the nomination, they have to take out that rule. i'm sure the trump folks are going to fight that vigorously, but they're working the other side, working to make sure that that rule changes. >> right. because the way in which that would work on the first ballot is that kasich for sure would not be on stage, right, unless he wins seven more states. >> right. >> and how would that -- i guess if cruz -- cruz is -- already could potentially get to that number. >> he could. he hasn't yet. >> right. so he might be part of that rule, 40b, if it doesn't change, but then what about some sort of a dark horse candidate that we don't even know about? >> right. when you pull that stipulation out, it opens the door to all
11:48 am
kinds of possible nominations and once you get past the first ballot it opens the door to anybody that says, listen, we can't get to the magic number. we can't get to the majority, but maybe this person does so i stand up from the state of california and i say, i put into nomination so and so. and then there's another round of balloting on that person as well as the other two or three and you see if anybody can get to the magic number of 1237. it's going to be fascinating. >> i think it's also fascinating, to use your words, to point out today that the rnc released this new website, convention facts, and it really spells it out for the media and the rest of the general public. how a convention works, how you get to 1237 delegates. bret, it also, i think, is being released to be a precursor to the fact that we may have a contested convention. >> yes.
11:49 am
yeah. that's right. they want to show how open they are, this is the process, there's no back room where there's guys smoking and it's going to be brokered. this is an open convention and it will happen with ballots on the floor if it gets to that point. we should put the caveat as you mentioned that it's possible that momentum continues for trump and he gets to 1237. he's going to have a lot of delegates in new york. he'll likely have a lot of delegates in california. but, he hasn't had the best of weeks and wisconsin looks like it's a big primary to see if ted cruz or john kasich can pick up delegates. >> yeah, the other interesting thing to note is that the new poll that came out from marquette yesterday in wisconsin suddenly had ted cruz ten points ahead of donald trump, 40 to 30%. john kasich at 21%. undecided though at 8% which is always important, keep in mind it's an open primary as well, but maybe donald trump saw the fact that he's down a lot now in wisconsin and really had to get to the rnc to talk about these
11:50 am
rules. it's a winner take allstate. >> he has established an office here in washington. he was, as i said, meeting with his congressional leadership. it fits in that he may make a call to the rnc. on that poll from marquette, the law school, it is a margin of error of 5.8, i think. of 5.8 so might be tighter than that. it will depend but the real clear politics average shows cruz on the move in wisconsin and picking up points. >> interesting to note that five of the remaining 20 states in the primary season that ends june 7th, only five are winnertake all and three of those are not until the final day, june 7th. so this is going to go to june 7th, if not to july without maybe a serious answer. just want to bring your attention, bret, barry ben net, used to work with ben carson and now the senior adviser under trump, is saying the only only thing going on at the meeting is
11:51 am
getting the rn and trump back in good graces with one another and nothing else. >> that's possible there has been some fallout. he has said some things and says he's not going abide by the pledge he signed but either are on the two candidates. so you have this piece of paper that they all signed and said they'd support in the g.o.p. nominee and now none of them are staying that. this is probably part of that mending. they're going to have to get along if he is the nominee, obviously, but to get there might be a bumpy road. >> i remember your first question at the first debate, they would all three have to raise their hands now. >> exactly. >> would you consider running as an independent? before it was only donald trump. now all three would have to raise their hands. bret, great to get your insight. thanks much. so, we're keeping an eye -- look, we have live cameras on the back door at the rnc in
11:52 am
d.c., on the front door as well. a full screen, and we're trying to figure out whether or not donald trump is going to come out. supposed to come out any moment. what exactly is going on? are we sticking right here? all right. we're going to stick right here because we don't want to leave if there's any action potentially with trumping out of the meeting. mark rubio is making a play to keep the delegates he won before suspending his campaign, and trying to slow donald trump potentially on his quest for the run nomination. maybe that's one of his moves. rubio sending letters to republican leaders like this one to the chair of the minnesota republican party write, quote, this letter is not intended to release any national convention delegates bound to me. my desire the delegates remain bound to vote for me on the first nominating ballot in the convention. let's talk about that. keith downey, chairman of the
11:53 am
minnesota republican party. great to have you on "the real story." you received this letter from senator marco rubio and is guess you're going abide by it. >> well, it's actually easy for us, gretchen. most people don't know but every state had to certify with the republican national committee the process and the manner of binding back in october of last year. so -- >> there he is, sorry to interrupt you. there's donald trump coming out of the rnc. waving to the crowds and getting right into this vehicle so there will be know press availability, at least at this time, with regard to -- what the heck was going on behind the closed doors? yes we'll have to wait until his next press avail to find out exactly what was happening, unless the rnc puts out a statement or trump tweets or puts out a statement as well. as you can see now, his caravan of motor vehicles are leaving the rnc in d.c. and will not have statement from donald trump right now about what was
11:54 am
happening behind closed doors. let go back to keith downey in minnesota, who was explaining that the rules that you're abliged to honor what marco rubio sent to you in the right. >> right, because it's entirely consistent with what wecourt identified to the rnc in october. our process in minnesota is that our delegates were proportionately bound to the candidates based on their vote in our caucus straw poll, and we are obligated to stick with that. so elsewhere have 17 rubio, 13 cruz, and eight trump delegates going to cleveland, and if those candidates are on the ballot, on the first ballot, or delegates are obligated to vote in rose proportions. >> marco rubio would not have had to write that letter to you to keep the delegates or was it important for him to get it on the record in that fashion? >> probably the latter. there's all kind of speculation, and you have had a bunch of discussion here today about
11:55 am
rubio's intent, whether it's to have influence or perhaps even be back on the ballot somehow or to be figuring in the trump equation. either way, we did get the letter. we don't have to respond to it because our process actually conforms to what he is asking, but i do understand why he would do that if there are other states that have different rules. maybe that would be something in play. but in minnesota that's entirely consistent. that's what we will do. >> it's so fascinating to realize that every state has different rules, and you have to try to figure them all out. maybe hi just blanketed and it sent it to all states. let look at the national convention delegate binding rules, on the national level. a lot of interest in the discussion about how delegate binding plays out at the national convection delegates are bound to vote for the candidate whose delegate slot they hold if that candidate is on the first ballot. then goes on and on. does that -- is that different from what the minnesota rule is, then, with regard to rubio?
11:56 am
>> no. actually, again, every state, all 50 state chairs, had to submit a plan for how we would do this, the date of our votes and binding percentages and all of that, and that all got certified in october. so, the job for the 50-state party chair is actually to make sure we stand firm with that and that there is no question about the integrity of the process nationally by which these deal good ats are entering the convention, my job is to do that and the job of all the other party chairs is to make sure there's no question who the delegates are, and they came in through the fair, preestablished process. >> keith downey, chair of the republican party, say hi to my friends in minnesota. >> thank you-gretchen. >> more about the donald trump meeting with the rnc in d.c. he left without a comment but will he have a comment soon? right back. you do all this research on
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elvis has left the building. nope. trump. trump left the rnc a couple moments ago. what was going on behind closed doors? i'm sure we'll find out in due time. check out twitter. thank you for being part of "the real story" for a very busy breaking news day. have a fantastic day. >> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, and in washington, donald trump just wrapped up a meeting with republican party bosses. you have to wonder how the conversation went considering all we have seen and heard this week. he walked out with a smile and a wave, you saw, but we'll see if we can find out anything about what exactly went down. plus, perhaps the clearest indicator yet that the republican national committee is ready for chaos in cleveland. have you checked out the new web site yet? let get to it. >> first from the fox news deck this thursday afternoon, this was not on the public schedule. trump holding a closed door meeting with the republican part


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