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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 31, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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himself and one over the state troopers. now to find out what the motivation and is who the suspect is. we'll work on that. when thus break otherwise we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. "your world" starts now. >> to wall street and stocks, barely buzzing today but a disstory for the month as the dow surging seven percent in march. welcome, i'm in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we'll get into the markets and the political purposes and dr. ben carson is here. we want to start with the market and that means gerri willis. a huge move know market. the worst start for a market the in the history of trading and we turn it around. how. >> that's absolutely right. january, terrible. let me tell you, we have picked up. take a look at the numbers for march. the dow up 7.2% this month alone. the nasdaq up 6.7%.
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the s&p 500 up 7%. the trends is your friend. for the quarter, january, started so badly. the dow now up for the quarter 1.6%. the s&p 500 up 0.8%. i want to drill into stocks. dow winners for the month, apple up 13%. chevron up 14%. seep -- seen a rally in energy companies. ibm up 16%. dow winners for the quarter. verizon, up 17%. caterpillar, the global player, 12% higher. walmart, talk about your household name, no company like walmart to deliver the goods for investors in this quarter, and, charles, we talked in january about what a lousy start it was for the year, and maybe this was
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just desserts we have seen such great performance out of the market. we're back at it again. stocks are climbing higher. not too shabby here. >> and led by the blue chips. love seeing that. now to the race for the white house. donald trump getting hit from all sides. the candidates on the left and right slamming his remarks on abortion. >> what donald trump said today was outrageous and dangerous. >> the idea of punishing a woman, that is just beyond comprehension. >> really it's the latest demonstration of how little donald has thought about any of the serious issues facing the country. >> really not prepared to be president of the united states. >> the former g.o.p. presidential candidate and now donald trump supporter, dr. ben carson, dr. carson, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> you have been floating around on social media all day long for your rigorous defense of donald trump. some people thought it was
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interesting that you said trump did not see the question or wasn't warned that the question was coming. at stage of the game, should he have been also more prepared with an answer? >> well, bear in mind, when interviews are done, usually there's a general discussion about what the topics are going to be, and you have a general idea of what you're going to say about them. that's not to say it has to be that way. i don't care, quite frankly. i don't spin. i just tell the truth. so i doesn't matter whether i've been told about it before or not. but that what is generally done, and for people to sit there and act like he should have had an answer for this, remember, even though the abortion issue has been a big issue for decades, very few people have voiced opinions about whether the woman should be punished. so, that's kind of coming out of left field. i never heard about people
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talking about that on the left or right. >> last year you said women were victims when it came to abortion. you also said last year that you would love to see roe v. wade overturned and compared abortion to slavery. we know this is a huge conservative issue and we know the president will get chance to select three, maybe four supreme court justices. a lot of excuses about this being a nonissue, or evangelicals giving up on it, nonsense there is a legitimate chance that abortion could be illegal again one day if a conservative was elected. do you agree with that? >> i agree with that and i agree it's a big issue. i don't think there's been a whole lot of people talking about whether the woman should be punished. and obviously she shouldn't be. it has not been a topic of much discussion. >> well, we know -- now we can add another one to the list
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because this one is not going away. already a hillary clinton super pac is running digital ads and we point out that donald trump's camp sent out a retraction and clarified his position on it, but those words and that inters -- by the way works to the wise, when conservatives go on with chris matthews, expect the unexpected. >> no question about that. but i also am a little bit sensitive because when i was running, even before i started running, anything that i would say that was even slightly questionable, it was just blown up into an incredible mountain. so i do understand. >> dr. carson, it's been a relatively tough week, if you will, for donald trump. we have segwayed from the war on the wise, the situation with the campaign manager now, this particular situation.
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what is his inner counsel saying to him? let batten down the hatches, maybe re-evaluate a few things in what's the feeling inside the camp? >> well, the important thing -- and obviously i would talk to him about that, but obviously people are saying, it's time to focus a little more on the issues. they're really important things that are threatening his country. the things that americans are worried about. and they're not absolutely worried about people's personal lives or what their wives look like. they're much more concerned about. what are we going to do about isis or energy or education and about health care? and anybody who is willing -- i won't say that dish was going to say willing to talk about those things should do very well and that's not true. people like blood and gore.
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>> lisp, it sells there was a big meing in washington, dc today with donald trump and the rnc, and trump tweeting just had a nice lunch with reince priebus and the g.o.p. looking forward to bringing the party together. it will happen. a lot is being made of the party really being in shambles. all three candidates rejecting the pledge a couple mights ago and it just feels like whatever happens the g.o.p. will never be the same, but is donald trump or any of the other candidates capable of uniting this party going the general election? >> i certainly hope so. i hope that cooler heads will prevail on all sides, because the g.o.p. establishment needs to understand what the stakes are here. if we blow this, and you get hillary clinton or someone like her in the and they get two to four supreme court picks, we're not just talking about four or eight years.
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we're talking about generations down the line, and a fundamental change in this nation. are they willing to risk that? we need to be willing to get behind the people's choice. whoever that is. if out cruz, we'll get behind him. if it's trump, get behind him. if it's kashich, we get behind him. but the people are the ones who should be empowered to make this choice, not the political elite. >> yet, if the magic 1237 number is not eye achieved by any candidate, ultimately the delegates who i guess are supposed to represent the people but perhaps they won't. what going to happen if we -- we all talk about it every day but it is a major issue. a contested convention and somehow donald trump has the plurality of votes but is not the nominee. >> if that happens, i hope they have the wisdom to bring in someone who can speak to all the delegates and all the power players and give them some
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perspective, and help them to understand what is at stake. not just for them but for their children and grandchildren. >> it would be acceptable to you were it's ted cruz? >> yeah. anybody would be more acceptable -- >> what if they said, we need paul ryan to be the guy. certainly that would have to be major outrage. >> that would be very difficult because you would lose a large portion of the populace. it would be a guaranteed loss, a disaster. i hope no one thinks that would work. the democrats were probably pushing that. that's a great idea. >> some people are saying the rules are so crazy maybe bernie sanders will get the g.o.p. nomination. don't know. s usual, thanks a 0 lot. we always appreciate it when you come on the show. >> thank you. >> rnc chairman reince priebus will be on later on, joining at
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7:00 p.m. donald trump will be on with o'reilly at 8:00 p.m. so keep ill right here for the rest of night. now to wisconsin and how the g.o.p. race is shaping up. to jeff flock in pleasant prairie, wisconsin, with the latest. >> reporter: right in front of the "welcome to wisconsin" sign, i don't know that applies to donald trump. not been a good week for him here in wisconsin. we spent the day at talk radio today, which has not been on his side, and i you look at what the polls have done, as a result, perhaps, in part because of that, you see trump now -- who was leading by ten points in the marquette poll, now down by ten points to ted cruz. nobody is in the state today, although cruz did call into the talk radio, one of those big talk radio shows from out of state so campaigning by phone perhaps. the others are gone today but
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will be back between now and the all-personality primary on tuesday -- all form primary on, including a town hall meeting with greta van susteren. >> it would marge blow for donald trump toward achieving the 1237 we talk about. what is your feeling on the street in undecided votes have tilted a lot of the races. >> this is an open primary again so you might get some -- although the clinton-slanders race is so close the democrats may stay in that race and not cross over. i think the momentum is now in cruz's favor. writ is good from here i don't know. but this is a small elect
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forat -- electorate in mix, and they don't believe that donald trump is the kind of conservative they want. so it may speak well for cruz. >> we'll see. jeff flock, thanks a lot. i really appreciate it. some hillary clinton backers are reportedlyant her to raise hell and sharpen the attacks on donald trump. but should they be worried more about bernie? at mfs investment management,
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a new report claims hillary clinton backers want the campaign to, quote, torch trump, but should they be more worried about bernie sanders who has a four-point lead against hillary in wisconsin. rebecca, it's interesting the campaign focuses on bernie sanders and all he does is win state after state. >> he is on a roll, charles, and going to win more states in this campaign to come. but when you look at the math of the delegates 0 on then democratic side right now, and including the super delegates who are a very important component on the democratic side when it comes to wrapping up the nomination, hillary clinton has a really big mathematical advantage. i'm not saying that bernie sanders could not possibly win the nomination but it's really not plausible, and so it makes sense at this stage hillary would turn her attention to the next obstacle which could be
1:17 pm
donald trump. >> in every state sander has won he has a great from behind win. she might be making a mistake not necessarily to take him lightly but a lot of people who are voting for bernie sanders, i think could also vote for donald trump. i think they're hit something of the same demographics, the same sort of people, if you will, that motivate these people to vote, and the has to be concern about that. so writing him off completely issue think it's a mistake. >> i would caution that based on what i have seen it does not appear the clinton campaign is completely writing off bernie sanders. they're still engaging him on issues and talking about future debates for them to meet at potentially in advance of this key new york primary that is coming up, and they're both new yorkers so that should be a fun race there, and many delegates e in a normalell.
1:18 pm
election -- this is not a normal election by any stretch of the imagination -- this is the time on the calendar that you would begin to at least start thinking about what the general election is going to look like, what are the attacks going to be, and it's a good time for her to test these attacks because we have seen in the republican race it's really hard to strategize around donald trump. >> so, having said that, these fundraisers are obviously concerned about donald trump, his unpredictability, already baffled all of the so-called experts and pundit us. so even though she leads in the poll this has to be why the want her to, quote, torch him. what are they saying? what kind of ad does they want her to have. >> anytime sure what donors were talking about and what they're thinking. but i would think they want her to be -- >> torch is a touchy feely -- they're not putting united states few ads. they're going for the jugular right now.
1:19 pm
>> right. they don't want her to use kid gloves again donald trump and it's a mart move. attacking him at this stage, it's not your typical today, donald trump. this is a candidate who motivates many democrats because so many of them disagree with his policies and his tone. so it's a positive for her in that respect. then at the same time you're getting to test the general election themes, see what attacks will work before you put them out there when people are watching, and makes a lot of sense -- >> last i checked about -- i don't know -- 60,000-70,000 democrats have switched over to republican in pennsylvania alone, so better not take trump lightly or bernie. i want to updade the audience on the meeting with donald trump and the rnc, reportedly the pledge never came up. isis on the brink of getting nukes. maybe the president and other world leaders may want to talk
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about this at their nuclear summit going on right now.
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there's breaking news now on fox news channel. i'm shepard smith. just gotten word, our local fox station in richmond, virginia, now reporting that both a state trooper and the suspect have been killed during a shooting that happened at a bus terminal there about an hour and a half ago. six people total injured. some have been taken to the hospital, and the reporting off our local fox station that a state trooper and the shooter are both dead. the scene is clear. greyhound is rerouting traffic and none are stopping there in richmond. when we get further details from the scene we'll have it now. back to "your world," today with charles payne. >> president obama in a closed
1:24 pm
door meeting with the french president, hollande, talking about keeping nukes away from the bad guys but isis could already be on the brink of getting their hands on them. to general jack kean. this harvard today is sharing eye kiss wants a number and they're close to getting it too. late to stop them? >> absolutely not. stands in stark contrast to the comments the president has been making about isis and minimizing the threat. just recently he was talking about there's more accidents in family households than there are to terrorist attacks, and the reality is, this is an existential threat. the president says it's not. think about this, and our youer understand that. we have eye disand other groups committed to get a form of wmd and there's no doubt they would use that. so then the issue is, they have the will.
1:25 pm
they're trying to acquire the capablity. that is a serious threat. the defense minister of the united kingdom said this is a serious and emerging threat. the united states is still not onboard with this. >> where would they get it from? have to deal with someone who possesses it now, i can only think of perhaps north korea. now pakistan is a muslim country but they're more aligned with saudi arain. who would they get this from? they have the money and they've got to the determination. >> that's a great question. three things they're pursuing. the first thing is referred to as a dirty bomb. that's conventional explosives with radio active material. radio active material is available all over the world. we have i rite here in our hospitals matter of fact. on a regular basis. so that would be easier for them to get but not as high casualty. second the actual materials to build a nuclear weapon, having enriched uranium, much more
1:26 pm
difficult to acquire and have to have a qualified engineer to put that together. the third thing is that is actually a small yield tactical nuclear weapon that already exists. pakistan has a lot of these tactical nuclear weapons. india is acquiring some of them. much more difficult to get their hands on them there. north korea obviously has some nuclear weapons they're trying to minimum -- miniaturize them. acquiring a weapon would be the most challenging thing. >> thought maybe perhaps building it would be ultimately would give a better opportunity for us to finally wake up and maybe filter up or with the help of israel or some other countries that are paying attention to this, a lot more than we are. we're voicely not taking this seriously, not this administration. >> i absolutely think -- the fact is that radical islam as morphed into a global jihads.
1:27 pm
expanded into multiple countries. the investigatety project on terrorism said in 2010 there were 3,000 people killed by terrorist acts in 2015 the number is just short of 30,000. that's an 800% increase. >> i think people would be surprised almost every single day there's a terrorist attack in the world. general, let me ask you about the presidential race. today donald trump met with his foreign policy team. made some controversial commented about nato and the geneva convention, arming asian perhaps south korea and japan acquiring nuclear weapons themselves. are you satisfied with the way the regime is set up now. the international foreign policies, or should there be major shakeups i. >> i don't comment on issues the candidates are making to maintain any own independence. the only thing i can say the nato has a body has served the world very well. it's not perfect to be sure.
1:28 pm
i've got major issues with them in the sense that terrorism is breaking out all over europe, and the national oatlike treaty organization has not commit evidence itself to deal with terrorism, thea. >> we know it's designed ford world war ii and might be time to revamp. thank you very much. >> good talking to you. >> live from new york, it's bill clinton. he's campaigning for hillary in few up merchandise. did bill just say he's going to bat bernie?
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a big meeting between the rnc's chairman, reince priebus, and donald trump today. what was discussed? some should ted cruz be worried. we report, you decide.
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>> roaring like a bunch of lions in march. the dow surging more than 7%, helping to turn a positive for the first quarter. the question is,er is this rally for here? larry says, it is, cal is not so sure. why aren't you sure? >> there's no catalyst in my opinion. you need a strong jobs report tomorrow, you need corporate earnings that have demonstrated significant traction in order -- we also need to calm down with the international community with respect to national security because the markets are paying close attention to that. and lastly, charles, you are in an election year, and historically election years the market does not do well. >> larry, we had the worst start in history to the market but we have been able to turn it around for a series of reasons. that last jobs report was considered good at 242,000. why is this real, larry? >> i think it's real -- back up
1:34 pm
and forget about the last six or seven months. the market is ruled by positioning and sentiment. nothing to do with fundamentalsful right now the stocks have gone up too far too fast but the fundamentals are not horrible. keep in mind that the worries we had about emergeing markets in china, the strength of the dollar, oil going down to zero, putting the banks out of business, were misplaced. not so. corporate earnings have never been stronger. it is true that earnings per share have dropped to $120, about 17 times earnings, going to be really hard to keep the momentum but i still believe we can get that. especially when you see what's going on in the emerging markets. >> kyle, 17 times earnings is not the most overbought scenario. what's your biggest concern. >> my biggest concern is i think the jobs -- we need to see strong, long-term sustainable jobs numbers -- >> what are you looking for,
1:35 pm
four and a half percent? wages are agreeing, what more do you need to see? >> i'm looking -- >> go ahead, kyle. >> i'm looking at the federal reserve. johnny's yelling aside not to raise interest rates. >> she's still in -- >> totally out of bullets. >> raised rate threes time this year. -- >> hold on a second, larry, larry. if they raise rates wouldn't that be a speed bump to the market rally? >> no, not at all. it could end up being a tail wind thing. we're fundamentally healthy. maybe a little divergence in central bank policy and that worries the market, converging, but if we're healthy there is cause to raise rates iyou have different meanings like healthy and strong, perhaps we celebrate
1:36 pm
mediocrity, but the federal reserve will either raise rates against the blackdrop of this flaccid recovery, think would be a disaster. >> 100% agree and that's why she didn't rai rates. we have become happy with mediocrity, and to say that this economy is healthy and strong is a complete misrepresentation. >> real quick, larry issue think one of the main reasons we're rallying because the dollar has come down dramatically in the last three months. that's powering names like ibm and caterpillar. we wont the blue tooths to lead us but what roll does the dollar play. >> a huge role. the dollar still has a valuation problem. with that said if we have central bank convergence where things aren't as bad as most people think in europe, we'll see momentum stock goes down compared to value. i think this will be the year of value stocks similar to 2013 where stocks rallied well before
1:37 pm
the data said so. >> kyle, what can turn you around? >> % rally for the month -- 7% rally for the month of matchest fantastic and i agree with larry, value stockers the place to be the remain are of this year. >> thank you for bringing your smarts. wait a minute, did bill just say he is going to back bernie? e*trt seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause)
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1:41 pm
sanders. don't think it's a shock that the former democratic president of the united states is saying he'll ultimately support the democratic nominee. i think having been at one of these events he was at today, various labor unions around new york city, it's clear that bill clinton was saying he thinks his wife is going to win but is worried that democrats might be taking for granted that the hillary clinton will be the general election nominee. so he says you have to take care of this first and get her to win the nomination. bernie sanders is not giving up. watch. >> new york has this one-off election, which means we have to get more people to the polls and the only way we can do it is through organization. the labor movement is going to determine how this election turns not new york city and many other places in the state. >> clinton and i have very strong differences of opinion, going way, way back. not only did i oppose nafta, i
1:42 pm
stood on picket lines with workers in opposition to this disastrous trade agreement. secretary clinton supported nafta. >> we have seen bernie sanders ride that trade issue to victory in key states like michigan and kind of on a roll, got some momentum right now and hoping to win wisconsin with that trade issue next tuesday. new york, middle of next month, is a whole nuther story. new quinnipiac poll suggesting hillary clinton has a lead of a dozen points so she is in the lead but as a former senator representing the state, she wants a more comfortable margin than that and that's why both she and the former president are out in full force. she is campaigning in the city three straight days. >> she probably should have a bigger lead but she knows that and they're working hard. thank you, jet. appreciate it. new york today, wisconsin tomorrow. bill clinton bill we trying to boost hillary clinton's came anyone the badger state with
1:43 pm
polls showing she is fourth times before. to richard goodsend. >> she was up 53-points in october. that's a massive monumental shift in momentum, and i just can't believe -- everything i hear from the hillary camp is nonchalant. >> i think you -- i think everybody newscaster owes it to the viewers to level with them. she has a huge lead. if he wins every single state, 49-45, the current margin in state that is very progressive, mainly white people, and that allows anybody, not just democrats, to vote. if that's all that bernie sanders can win state like wisconsin is, she's home free. she has such a big lead, if all
1:44 pm
he does is chip away, okay, so instead of losing by 700 delegates, maybe at the end he'll be down 5050 or 600. come on -- >> that's a good locker room speech to the hillary folks, but in the real world you have to know that your candidate going into a general election barely beating her opponent, who is socialist, that's not the kind of stuff that propels you to the white house. >> the fact of the matter is, you look at general election matchups, hillary clinton against donald trump, back in january -- remember when trump went after bill clinton's infidelity. trump was up three. a month later trump is down five -- >> wait, wait. when trump went after bill clinton, that's when his poll numbers against hillary went through the roof and he overtook her -- >> no. my point is that when he did that, he was up by three points around that time. and in early january. a month later, trump is down
1:45 pm
five. a month alert, down by 11. this isn't a fox poll. so my point is, as sarah palin would say, hough is that working for you? i think hillary clinton isen n a spectacular place. look at this week's news about women. twice -- >> i get the spin and i understand -- >> it's not spin. >> i saw the ad. i know that hillary clinton is -- one of her super pacs put out an ad against donald trump. but here's the thing i think she has to be worried about. there's a lot of crossover appeal between people who are voting for donald trump and bernie sanders. these states that bernie sanders is crushing her donald trump could d. >> if the polls are any indication, and i can see in michigan she lost a beg lead, but the polls in michigan show her up 20 points, 15 points against donald trump. same in wisconsin, yes, would
1:46 pm
she like be toe be winning every single state against bernie sanders? of course. if you have his people on -- >> we'll talk soon -- >> peace and prosperity. >> thank you. the battle for the badger state is heating up. is wisconsin make or break for ted cruise? one of the texas senator's key supporters is next. uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um...
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capable of uniting the party going into the general election? >> well, i certainly hope so. i hope that cooler heads will prevail on all sides because the g.o.p. establishment needs to understand what the stakes are here. if we blow this, and you get hillary clinton or someone like her in there and they've get two to fourer ago i years, we're talking about generations. >> dr. ben doorson saying the g.o.p. needs to unite. all three g.o.p. candidates say they may not support the eventual nominee. bob, what do you make of that? the notion that owl of a sudden -- there was a poll out showing all the swing states
1:51 pm
leaning democratic. self-destruction? >> i think dr. ben carson is right. we have to reunite. it's a high intense piece of the campaign and whoever is the nominee -- i believe that's going to be ted crazy -- his responsibility to earn the support of john kashich and earn the support of donald trump and their supporters and unite the party. dr. carson is right. the supreme court justice hangs in the balance and this could be a carson is right. the supreme court justice, it hangs in the balance and this could be a generational decision. so i think right now, it is the heat of the campaign. let's unite around our candidate. hopefully they will unite the party. >> to your point, this is the pinnacle and we're seeing things that i don't know people in modern history politics have seen this sort of vitriolic
1:52 pm
nature of this. nothing has been off base, off limits. you still think perhaps, what if it is donald trump or kasich will you think whoever the nominee is, would be able to bring everyone back together? >> well, it will be up to them of they'll have to be the adult in the room. they'll to have cast a vision and to bring people around them that would support them as president. i think ted cruz has been focused on jobs, the security of the country. those are the things that unite people. we get into middle school or worse than that, politics, it becomes name calling back and forth. that doesn't do anybody any good. our focus needs to be on the issue. we have a better issue, a better platform for america than ever does hillary clinton. i think we stick to that. we will unite republicans. >> yesterday, donald trump talks about abortion in a way that certainly does not jibe with conservatives' thinking.
1:53 pm
immediately afterwards he issues a press statement that says there was a mix-up there. ted cruz pounces on the issue. does ted cruz or any of the other candidates pounce on the other guests? will there be any lines drawn so there can be a focus on these other issues? >> i believe ted cruz should have pounced on that line. i believe every one of us should have pounced on that line. we're making a big decision couple of beat hillary clinton? what donald trump showed yesterday, even though his clarifying statement afterwards is that he hasn't thought about this issue. he has not walked through these issues. if you haven't walked through these times of issues to know where you stand and what your message is, that's a dangerous position to be in when you're going up against hillary clinton. no one has to question ted cruz on where he's at in the position of life or marriage or religious liberty or how he feels about women. >> i think we do.
1:54 pm
your campaign had great news yesterday in wisconsin. where does ted cruz win after wisconsin? >> well, it all depends. i think wisconsin is a key state. i think we'll do very well on a tuesday. when he wins wisconsin, i think another person with a big decision ahead of shipment john kasich. mathematically he has no path forward. if he continues to stay in the race, he is really aiding and abetting either a national convention for this to be decided at or a donald trump candidacy. >> he may help you out. we'll see. thank you very much. really appreciate it. >> thank you. we knew passengers were taking self business that airline hijacker. but flight attendants? we'll be right back.
1:55 pm
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(man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a passenger taking a selfie
1:58 pm
with the hijacker was weird enough, but a flight attendant? >> the hijacking suspect flash ad phony suicide belt showing a bunch of wires and remote control but nobody knew it was a fake bomb until after the six-hour stand-off ended. when just a minute flight 101 was diverted to cyprus and landed, the suspected hijacker released everyone except four crew members and three passengers. this cell phone video was taken by a dutch passenger. and it shows the flight attendants calling over a british passenger named ben inis to take a picture with the hijacker. the audio is bad but you can their flight attendant saying, you want to take a picture with him? to which he responds, yeah, yeah. is that okay? then you can their flight danielant giggling. he says it was the best selfie ever. he says he was trying to stay cheerful in the face of
1:59 pm
adversity. the crew members say they were trying to calm the suspect and hoping to give a picture to the authorities. the suspect dropped a letter on the tarmac demanding the release some of female prisoners in egypt and that he be put in touch with his ex-wife in cyprus. he later gave up saying he took control of the plane so he could see his estranged wife and children. saying, quote, what should one do? he remains in custody. the airline has not yet spoken about the photo shoot. >> we've come a long way, huh? i guess it speaks to society. we are a selfie world. >> and he call it best selfie. the flight attendant took it. and his mother said he shouldn't have done it. >> just stay in your seat. things are changing. that's all. we appreciate it at home.
2:00 pm
a lot of breaking news today and we have the first fox business poll out at 7:00. before that, make sure you catch my show, making money with charles payne at 6:00 p.m. eastern. we had a remarkable recovery in the stock market. where it goes from here? i'll see you then. hello. from the prairie, melissa, "the five." after relentless annoying poking, donald trump said women who have illegal abortions should be punished. >> should a woman be punished for having an abortion? this is not something you can dodge. if you say abortion is a crime or abortion is mur, you have to dealith it under the law. >> well, people in c


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