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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 1, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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drivers if they're feeling the burn literally, and if so, encouraging them to get tested. >> that's a look at your news so far this morning. "fox & friends" starts now. >> right. tgif. bye. ♪ good friday morning to you. it is april 1st, april fools' day. i'm ainsley earhardt. new polls showing donald trump might be losing momentum at a critical time in the election. he's also making new friends. what happened behind the closed doors with the head of the rnc? we'll talk about it. plus, hillary clinton forgot to pack her patience. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. sick of it. >> so what do the so-called -- what are the so-called lies, and are they really lies? i've got the research. >> i don't know if she's got the temperament to be president. one of the most memorial tournament rabble moments of the 2012 campaign. >> everybody in cleveland know i
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got obamaphone. keep obama president, you know. he gave us a phone. >> reporter: gave you a ♪ >> that and the 47% remark. that government program expanding to include more than just phones. >> she said he was going do more. >> exactly. this is not the interactive part of the show. this is when i read and stare straight ahead because mornings are better with friends. . >> happy friday. >> i never thought she'd get -- she got the phone, though, right? >> got the free phone. >> incredible. >> i love her. >> wow. >> oh. >> hi. >> hi, kelly. welcome. good morning. >> we're getting -- >> thank you very much. >> getting coffee actively. >> that's a little something. >> kelly, you're sweet. she brings us our coffees every morning and lots of material. there she is. >> most of the time she does it before we're on. >> right. >> grab one. have a sip. why not? >> hey.
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>> it is april fools' day. they probably set the clock on her wrong. i'm going with april fools' day there. >> here we go. cheers to friday. >> cheers. >> right. this is our happy hour in the morning. we drink coffee. >> okay. >> clearly running on dunkin this morning. this is what's happening. lots of news happening overnight. we've got polls, interesting polls to be talking about, ght, brian? >> yeah. >> what's going on? >> brian's thrown off. >> you have a little coffee on your nose. >> i did -- >> it is friday. brian is enjoying his coffee. >> right. >> on live television. >> we've been talking about wisconsin all this week. >> does yours come out? >> do you want to talk about the coffee all morning? what are you wondering? what's wrong? what's going on? oh, no. they -- >> i was rolling with. it. >> kelly knew what she was doing. she's a professional. >> oh -- >> i was supposed to get the real coffee, and you were supposed to get the fake coffee. i was in on the joke. here you go.
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all right. okay. >> is this your joke? it backfired on you. mine does have cream in it. i was wondering, this tastes so good. normally i don't put the cream in, it trying to save the calories. >> i'm not tasting anything. i love dunkin. >> cute. let's run yesterday's show. got off to a better start. let's talk a little about politics being that my coffee didn't come out. brand-new poll showing donald trump trailing in wisconsin in anotr poll. yesterday by ten. this one the same in the primary state up on april 5th. >> ted cruz dominating in several key voter categories. >> garrett tinny is live in washington, d.c., with the breakdown. >> good morning. donald trump is hoping that these polls were more of a joke, but sadly, they are not. it is not looking good for him in wisconsin. 42 delegates up for grabs. right now he's trying to rack up all the delegates he can to win the nomination outright. ted cruz and john kasich are trying to take all the delegates they can to try and stop him.
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the latest polls from the fox business network are good news for ted cruz. he's leading the field with 42% among likely gop voters. ten points ahead of trump. kasich is at 19%. that lead is even bigger among several key demographics. notably among white evangelical voters. a vogting block he's consistenty beaten cruz with. in the badger state, nearly half of white evangelical voters go for cruz. then if you took it next among women -- women voters are -- looking at -- apologize -- very conservative voters. he is doing very well among voters, as well. 36% points ahead in the demographic. we're continuing to see more of trump losing traction among women. nearly half of whom went for cruz leaving trump just barely ahead, john kasich still four days to go. and we've seen polls be wrong before. back to you all. >> wow.
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it's interesting. we've had a couple of weeks off and forgot -- it was like a tornado for the last three months. and now we're going to have a chance to get back into it. thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> what's interesting is another poll that came out of wisconsin asking the folks who are going to the primaries, 22% of them said, these are the republicans that were polled, said that they were likely to change their mind over the next few days before they go to the polls. a lot of people up in the air. 22%. that's a big chunk. >> that is a big chunk. based on that, a lot of them were kasich folks, when you dig into the polling. many thought the votes would go to cruz, some to trump. as this breaks down, there's also -- we've heard about the scandals trump has been facing a little with luwendowsky, and a hit with voters in wisconsin. >> donald trump is not clashing with opponents. he's clashing with the media for the first time. ted cruz, the most vicious ad is
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the super pac. the other is ted cruz was joking on "jimmy kimmel," i'd like to run over donald trump. i know it's a joke, you go if trump said it, they would say presidents don't say things like that. and maybe i'm biased, but i think talk radio in wisconsin is beating up on donald trump. i think that's having an effect on drive time and morning drive, saying how bad he is. >> and scott walker has run for three times over the past years. endorsement has been added to the machine he has which i think cruz folks are helping. >> cruz is ahead in wisconsin. we talked about that yesterday. also when polled, people were asking, would you be satisfied if clinton, if the ticket turns out to be hillary clinton and donald trump. 55%, the majority in wisconsin, said they would be satisfied with the two choices. 34% would consider a third party at that point. look at this -- 8% say they wouldn't vote.
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>> so i mean, on its face, it looks like a good number. in looking at it, if that means, though, that 42% of republicans in a key state like wisconsin would not vote for him or sit out the election, that's trouble. there's a lot of time between now and november. if he would be a nominee, trump -- republicans can't have that many people sitting at home. >> i thought that's a lot. 55% a lot to be satisfied with donald trump if they're voting for cruz. cruz is still winning, but it means they would be happy with another candidate. >> when ainsley sits down with her staff -- >> huge staff. >> and support team, right. absolutely. donald trump yesterday was in washington, d.c., and he met with his own team and also met with the rnc. they had -- priebus said it was on the books already. donald trump said, i just want to bring the party together, but we're not. we've pledged one thing -- not to support each other. i wonder if that would stand.
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here's donald trump last night with eric bowing. >> we have millions and millions of votes more than anybody else, than ted has or kasich has. and we really -- i think they wanted to really discuss unity. and i like discussing unity, too. theoretically -- and my whole life, i mean, people wouldn't understand this, a lot of people, but it's been about unity. i get along with people very well. we had a very good -- we had a very good meeting with the rnc. >> we did talk about unity and working together and making sure that when we go to cleveland and come out of cleveland that we're working in the same direction. i'm not really worried in regard supporting the eventual nominee or party. they've all agreed to that by virtue of, in one case, signing our data agreement. they're not going to get the data and tools of the rnc and run to be our nominee and tell
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me they're not going to support the party. it doesn't work that way. >> trump was in d.c., there to meet with all of his foreign policy advisers. we have a picture of this. him sitting at the banquet table. he says far right. you see him in the back. meeting with all of these individuals that will be part of his -- his advisory team. >> yeah. and that's senator sessions on the other side, the established alabama popular senator. >> leading the meeting. >> he has the actual inverse personality. donald trump is big and bostonious. senator sessions is understate and powerful. i will say if you're a trump supporter, that is the best picture you will see. >> i agree. >> period. better than any video, any speech, any crowd. they want to know that the businessman is learning the political -- >> and jeff miller, head of the committee -- >> right. and priebus, they need the rnc. the rnc need to be behind the candidate. it was good that they were meeting. it would behoove the rnc to meet with the candidates to make it fair. >> i think they want to turn the temperature down. after the debate where they said
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they won't support each other, the republican party is looking at armageddon in any scenario. everyone's trying to figure out how can we walk back from the brink of this. >> everyone's focusing on what's going on the right. there's intrigue this. on the left, this thing is turning on its head. hillary clinton, everyone's giving her the nomination because of superdelegates. if you take away the superdelegates, she's only a couple hundred delegates up. and you see possibly the pressure getting to her. look here as she's walking into an event. she finds out she has a clash with -- which she claims these are greenpeace advocates, she claims are senator sanders supporters. she blows up. >> amazing. look at the video. >> will you act on your word to reject fossil money in the future campaign? >> i have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies -- i am so sick, i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this! sick of it! >> boy, look at. that is that the temperament of a president? >> going after an activist. there's so much pent-up anger
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because her and sanders haven't gone at it in debates. she goes after the activist. >> she says sanders is lying. let's look at the numbers. the folks behind the scenes at fox, they're the experts at. this they found the hillary campaign got more than $300,000 from employees of the oil and gas industry. >> the numbers actually go up from there. >> these are committees, money raised by company committees, paloma partners, $2 million. d.e. shaw research, $1.5 million. >> and founder of the shaw group invest heavily in oil and gas. >> she would say, i can't control the individuals that give to me. the numbers show there's patterns of lots ofndividuals including corporations that -- that would prefer a hillary clinton over bernie sanders. >> at least she sits in and says we can't give away free college. how you going to pay for it. we've known that all along. bernie sanders is saying that. but if donald trump had money up at somebody in the line, that would be huge news. she was screaming at that guy.
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>> that would be -- you're right. the double standard is amazing. >> we report. you decide. is she lying? is sanders telling the truth? is hillary telling the truth? >> the song in the background was "fight song." >> really? >> yes. >> it was appropriate. >> for sure. we begin with a horrible fox news alert for you. a shooting at a greyhound bus station. did you hear about this? leaving a state trooper, husband, and father dead. this happened during a police training exercise in richmond, virginia. 37-year-old trooper chad durmeyer was responding to shots fired at the bus station at that time. a man pulled out a gun and shot him at close range. the 911 calls released overnight. >> greyhound terminal -- >> mass casualty, working incident. >> two other people were hurt in the shoot-out. they are expected to be okay. police do not have a motive, but they say the suspect had a criminal past. trooper dermeyedermeyer, by the
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was a former marine and father two of young kids. to extreme weather and incredible water rescue caught on camera in arkansas. take a look as firefighters pull three people to safety after their car became stuck in rising floodwater. they clung to a tree until help arrived. that same storm bringing tornadoes, hail, and torrential rain to 34 million americans from the midwest to the gulf. that system expected to move toward the east coast today. and school is closed for 330,000 chicago public school students. their teachers staging a one-day walkout. they've been working without a contract since june. the union says the strike is an attempt to draw attention to their contract fight and better funding for the school district, "on the verge of financial collapse." those are the headlines so far this morning. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. a lot going on. coming up ahead -- thanks, heather -- tens of thousands of personal medical records held hostage by hackers.
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that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffer ing our fox news alert. the medstar health system hack just got worst. hackers are now holding the medstar's data base hostage
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demanding a ransom, meaning hundreds of thousands of patients' private records are at risk and being held hostage. here with more of this frightening new reality, kurt knutsen, the cyberguy. what's going on? >> we've heard of this already and we're seeing it again. this happened in los angeles just about over a month ago. and now we have a hospital system -- there's ten hospital systems based out of baltimore, and they have 10,000 employees and computer systems as of tuesday attacked by employers. they went out and locked down the computer system. they froze the people out at medstar, they turned people away who were showing up for appointments. they're trying to restore systems or need to make a decision. they're going to pay ransom in the amount of $18,000 to some hacker somewhere that has locked them out. this is happening again and again and again. the problem is it's not going to
3:19 am
stop. got cisco, security division at cisco, has already taken a look. they found out that this same sort of malicious software that got inside of med stair is exposed to about 2.1 milon other systems around the globe. >> what is ransom ware? for us, not experts mike kurt -- >> so simple. >> malicious software used to extort money k. encrypt files until a ransom is paid. paid in digital currency such as bit coins. that's why you can't find it -- i'm not showing up at a phone booth -- >> this no way to trace it easily. the fbi has known about this. monday they sent an alert. they knew this sort of attack was to happen monday. they sent out an alert. if you're with a big company, it's important that this system is already screening for this kind of stuff. >> right. >> and that you have a stand-alone backup of all these records. now, you and i go to the doctor
3:20 am
now, all electronic. how much of our information is in the planet? >> that's the big worry. to get hurt in another state, location. you go on, hey, this is the problem. >> it sounds convenient, right? at the same time, what if it's critical information, not necessarily that i'm concerned a hacker that one day, or being shared with the universe. what if it's a compare sieve study for some -- comparative study for in some report and now it's wiped out. >> before you sat down, the recommendation from the fbi to the hospital, pay it. unbelieve tlabl once they're in, you can't get them out. the only thing to do is do things to keep them out. thank you very much. >> good to see you. ahead, the white house set to release 12 more gitmo prisoners. one on a hunger strike since 2007. should we be letting guys out like that? pete hegseth, who used to be a
3:21 am
guard at gitmo, has a look. and one of the most memorable moments of the 2012 campaign. remember her? >> everybody in cleveland got obamaphone. keep obama president, you know. he gave us a phone. >> reporter: a phone? >> the program expanding. that story and more. looking for 24/7 digestive support?
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comcast business knows that. that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. welcome back. quick international headlines. austria closing its boerds force nearly all -- borders to nearly all asylum seekers. only migrants with an immediate relative there will be allowed to enter the country. applicants who are at risk of death or inhumane treatment will also be allowed in. and were there more terrorists inside the brussels airport? police claim at least 50 isis sympathizers managed to get hired as baggage handlers,
3:25 am
cleaners and catering staff over the past few years. wow. >> that is stunning news. 24 minutes after the hour. turning to a fox news alert. dangerous criminals, some who have killed americans, about to be set free. the pentagon is planning another round of gitmo transferred as early as this weekend which includes an al qaeda fighter from yemen who has been on a hunger strike since 2007. >> pete hegseth is a former guard at gitmo, and you went back to gitmo and, tell us what you found. >> that's right. i served in 2004 and 2005. >> it was a lot fuller then. >> there were 650 there then. now there are 91. we wanted to get a glimpse of what it's like today. president obama has vowed to close it since taking office. what's it like to live and work at one of the largest overseas naval bases that has a detention facility, as well? i went back to guantanamo bay to find out.
3:26 am
>> there have been 300 and some assaults on the guards since i've been here. >> am i surprised to see somebody going back to the fight? no. >> reporter: many with american blood on their hands, even the terror masterminds responsible for 9/11 are being held. some behave, others don't. >> we treat them with respect even when they don't deserve it. even when they're throwing feces or urine or spitting on guards or scratching guards. >> reporter: nearly 700 detainees have been released since 2002. the percentage of those who return to the battlefield, upwards of 30%. do you feel like the men pose a threat, some of them may pose a threat to americans in the future? >> i have no reason to expect that their commitment is any less than it was the day that they were first captured. >> reporter: wire, chain link fences, wooden towers, affixed in the consciousness of americans and the world when they think of guantanamo bay. but the 90 detainee that's remain don't live in a facility like this.
3:27 am
they're in a maximum security, high-tech prison that we went inside. bare-bone facilities have been replaced with first-class accommodations. their health care, exactly the same as our troops. plus, a library with thousands of dvds, video games, and over 20,000 books. >> by far the most popular item since i've been here has been our religious books. >> reporter: this is a cell inside camp six. inside you see basic clothing items provided for detainees, religious observation items for prayer time, headphones which are used wireless three watch any number of 300 satellite television channels that detainees have access to. basic amenities. also, an arrow pointing to mecca for prayer time. gitmo is more than a detention center. it's an active duties naval station home to thousands of military members, their families, and civilians. has a church, a school, and even a mcdonald's.
3:28 am
>> guantanamo bay, as you're all aware sitting here, is a unique location. it's a -- an odd combination of being deployed and being in a normal stateside military base. there's opportunities for off-duty things that you don't have if you're in office or iraq or someplace like that. >> reporter: at camp america, dozens of mini monuments mark the deployment time of various police and infantry units, many of which spend six to nine months, some upwards of a year, guarding detainees at guantanamo bay, cuba. one of the units was second 113th infantry from the army national guard. i was part of the unit. >> the men and women who work in this facility in the joint task force are a professional, dedicated, honorable bunch who do a great job every day. the politics aside, my folks, they can be proud of the work that they're doing and go home with their head held high. >> they can be proud of it. leaders at gitmo say there's only one thing they'd like besides faster internet on base, which every soldier wants.
3:29 am
they want a fair shake from the media. most media don't tell the real story about what's happening there. most americans have no idea how we bend over backwards to treat these guys. >> right. all the satellite -- the satellite channels that they can watch. >> books, dvds, video games, satellite channels. they get whatever they want. >> keep in mind -- >> there's people complaining at rikers island that they don't have it as well. prisons in america, 90% don't have that. >> and keep in mind, five of the people there were charged with 9/11. three were convicted. >> yep. and what do they access when they go to the library mostly? religious books. we wonder -- these guys are going, that's why recidivism rate, 30%. the ones there now, the worst of the worst. if we push them out, what will we get? >> it pentagon announced they're going to release 12 more. >> part of the reason why secretary of defense hagel isn't there is he would not sign them out the way president obama wanted. ash carter's got blood on his hands. >> you look at the files and realize what the guys will do, it's stunning. let me tell you what's coming up over the next 30
3:30 am
minutes. ahead, a brand-new star is coming to fox newschannel. and you know him very well. a hint -- he's no quack. and a teacher in trouble for talking about jesus in the classroom? that's the story behind hollywood's latest film, faith-based film. the stars tell kevin mccarthy how faith helped them through their own struggles. hey, kevin. >> he's in a good mood for a change. happy fwoifr country music star kit moore, 36 today. >> he office our show before and sang on the show before. ♪ ♪ of don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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housekeeping, meals, and most of all, staying engaged in life. oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome. are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home. hillary clinton said republicans are trying to act
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like president obama's not still president. also doing that, president obama. [ applause ] ♪ >> congo! >> there you go. jimmy fallon last night. couple of things on the president. the president let out 9,000 -- 9,000 prisoners. so the president is opening up the floodgates. >> yeah. elsewhere, on criminal just side. >> a lot of people supposed to be in for life, too. >> that's right. >> drug offenses. >> those guys will be on his record, too. >> absolutely. there's ramifications from all of these things. you may feel like or think you're doing the right thing, but someone's got to we'll do it on the other end, when it's soldiers, cops, or people in the communities. >> when he took office, there were 250 at gitmo. now 91. and they're releasing the next 12. heather childers has more headlines.
3:35 am
happy friday. >> happy friday to you, too, tgif. a good story, happen ending. an infant kidnapped from an upscale mall in philadelphia reunited with his family. the woman who snatched him arrested, caught on surveillance camera leaving the king of prussia mall with 7 week old asher simmons last night. she struck up a conversation of some sort with the family in the food court, and then she walked off with the boy. he was found last night after someone spotted him after police issued an amber alert. and it was one of the most controversial videos of the 2012 campaign. do you remember this woman brag being her nearly free obamaphone? >> everybody in cleveland know my number, got obamaphone. keep obama president, you know. he give us a phone. >> gave you a phone? >> going to do more. apparently she was right. that woman could soon get subsidized internet, too. the fcc voting to expand the so-called bicyclephone program to include web access. those eligible for the
3:36 am
low-income service can choose between a phone or the internet for just $9 a month. and he has an excavator and heart of gold. that's why he stopped to help a baby deer out of the washington state mud. he posted to facebook saying he wouldn't have noticed the animals had one not moved and caught his eye. the deer took a moment to gather themselves up before heading back into the woods. speaking of wildlife and such, a new voice is joining fox news radio, "duck dynasty" star willie robertson signing on for a podcast on faith and issues. it will feature celebrity interviews and debuts on monday. i bet it will have a big audience. back to you. >> love it. >> great. >> i love that family. thanks. >> i was interacting with him yesterday. you know how we did the ponytail story? he's upset at us, he goes, i wear a ponytail, and you were
3:37 am
dissing on ponytails. he went --not on speaking terms with us. we might book him as a guest, he might not answer our questions. >> true. we've been talking a lot about the tornadoes this week. we're going into the weekend. what can we expect? >> reporter: unfortunately, more severe weather that produced multiple tornadoes across the southeastern u.s. yesterday. today, we're looking at the risk up and down the east coast and across parts of the gulf coast. the risk for damaging winds, large hail in place. here are the areas that could potentially see some tornadic activity across the mid-atlantic and also parts of the gulf coast. that's going to be a dangerous day out there across the areas. meanwhile, we're expecting more heavy rain across the southeastern u.s., potentially four to six inches of more rain. so flooding concerns are in place across parts of the southeastern u.s. then behind the storm system, something weather is going to be moving in, as well. take a look at the forecast.
3:38 am
colder air moving into the great lakes and northeast. snow could accompany that air. we'll expect accumulation across the northeast and the great lakes. let's head back inside. >> thanks. >> thank you. a teacher finds herself in hot water when she talks about jesus in the classroom. no, it's not the latest headline, but rather hollywood's latest flick. is it worth your box office dollars? >> it has been a headline in the past. joining us is fox news contributor and founder of, mr. kevin mccarthy. happy friday. >> happy friday to you, too. thank you for having me on. this has been an amazing year for faith-based movies in hollywood. i loved "miracles from heaven." i loved "risen." you mentioned the headline. this movie, "god's not dead," inspired by real court cases. melissa joan hart's teacher is an 11th grade public school teacher who speaks about god in her classroom and is taken to court in a legal battle. the idea of separation between
3:39 am
church and sat. i sat down with melissa joan hart and jesse metcalf about why it's hard to make religious-based films in hollywood. and then jesse metcalf talked about how faith got him through alcoholism. >> i knew there would be persecution. it's not easy to make a christian film in hollywood. these movies are doing well. now there's a lot of christian films coming out. i did the screening in arkansas. that was a friendly environment to talk about christ. then, you come to l.a., and it's a little different. you know, i think there's going to be a lot of persecution behind this. it's a matter of knowing we did the right thing. >> i was first introduced to the idea of faith when i got sober, you know, five years ago through the 12-step program of alcoholics anonymous. you turn the will and care of your life over to god as you know it. find a higher power. >> wow. >> very powerful thing that he opened up about that. i was surprised. he opened up about that. the movie itself, one of the beauties of the movie is it does
3:40 am
show you a great message about standing up for yourself, standing up for your faith and what you believe in. i think the messages are great. the courtroom drama sequences are amazing. my only issues i have with the movie are some of the filmmaking elements. i thought it was too long at times. and some of the dialogue was a little off at moments. ive think it's a powerful film to see with a family, has a lot of great messages. i gave it 3.5 out of 5. the reason it's not higher is i thought some of the filmmaking could have been better. the messages about faith are the most important thing. i do think people should see it. >> this is a big week for you. you saw two movies. tell me what you think about "i saw the light." >> a tough life watching movies. a tough one. listen, we all love hank williams, amazing musician. sadly died at 29 unfortunately. he had so many great songs in a six-year period of reporting. over 3it -- over 30 hits.
3:41 am
and tom hiddlston plays and sings. you're hearing him as hank williams. i loved elizabeth olsen, as well. the only problem i had to w this, the length of. the script was a little off. his the chance to sit down with tom hiddlston recently in d.c. i'm getting married in october, so he taught me a little of the two step. check this out. >> when hank played the music, the reason hoe was upbeat is people wanted to two step to it. that was the dance of the '40s and '50s. the two step -- >> what is the art? show me the art. show me the art to the two step. >> could we have a little hank, background hank? ♪ hey good looking >> okay. you start on the left. as if you're holding a lady. ♪ how's about cooking something up with me ♪ >> you take two steps to the left. hang on. ♪ >> i like that. that's pretty amazing. you nailed it. and you also look amazing in a
3:42 am
suit, and i look like a nerd. >> not bad. >> wow. >> i tried my best. i'm getting there -- married in october. maybe i'll put the moves on to the dance floor. >> i don't know why you didn't dance together. you didn't break the guy code. >> after the clip cuts off, one of our female anchors comes in and does a full dance with him. it was amazing. she nailed it. on my facebook page, and the entire with melissa joan hart and talking about her faith. very powerful. >> i wish geraldo could have looked at that video right before -- >> i know. >> yeah. thanks a lot. >> good luck with the two step as your first song. >> thank. >> thank you very much. congratulations. best wishes. that's what you say. >> really? >> yeah. coming up ahead, talk about some hot wheels. [ shouting ]
3:43 am
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3:47 am
station, not in a great part of town in richmond. that is when trooper chad durmeyer encountered what he thought was a suspicious looking individual inside those doors. the former marine, now state trooper, walked up, began talking to the individual. police now still don't know why this suspect then pulled out a handgun and opened fire. >> see suspicious activity, engage and have a conversation. and that was what was taking place. the early sometimes of the conversation is -- early stages of the conversation is when the other subject pulled the weapon and shot several times. >> that their man was like, get down, get down! threw me to the ground, like crawl, crawl. i crawl. we get outside, and he's like, we're going to run. i didn't see anything but ducking. i didn't hear anything but poppi popping. >> reporter: two state troopers also there for the training exercise opened fire, killed the gunman. two other bystanders were caught in the crossfire.
3:48 am
they are expected to be okay. a rough time for the virginia state police. the colonel in charge of it noted that he was actually at a ceremony honoring one of his other troopers who had died six months ago when he got the call about chad. clearly, he's had a real effect on the community here. yesterday, as we were down here, the sun was setting. there was a minivan driving around past the bus station behind me. american flag on top of the minivan, blasting "amazing grace" out of the stereo. there was a sign hanging from the windows outside of this minivan, pete, that said, "police lives matter." back to you. >> those cops in our thoughts and prayers. thanks. coming up, hundreds show up to protest donald trump. do they know why they're so mad? >> how is he being unfair to the mexicans? what policies? >> a bunch. so many i can't even name. >> we go inside the anti-trump
3:49 am
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3:55 am
self-absorbing, oil free. that's the best thing about this stuff. somebody told me they bought soap, and it's got the anti-aging properties, great for sun burns. some eye cream and a face cream. $65 usually. but today it's 70% off. so you'll get a major mega morning deal and that's $19.50. don't forget to go to the mega mornings icon on the website. >> you were talking about this earlier. normally very expensive. >> everybody needs these in the kitchen. this is nice looking. it's white and modern. i love the stainless steel bowl. it's got the chrome beater, you can take them out for easy cleaning. also this comes off. it could be a portable mixer. >> right. two in one. >> you can chase somebody around the house with it. >> how much? >> typically these things go for 70 bucks and today it's only
3:56 am
$28.50. >> okay. >> so go bake somebody a cake. and under -- >> oh, my gosh! >> my favorite deal right here. can you turn your head around? >> it works. you little sneaky guy. >> i was wondering why we had the boxes out here today. normally we don't cover them out. >> i grabbed a light. how dumb is that? >> i went up too early, i was losing consciousness. >> you got me! >> how much am i going for? >> you tried to get me at the beginning of the show. >> how much can you get me for? >> priceless. >> unbelievable. >> all right. i don't want to take your spotlight. there you go. >> thank you is of. >> don't forget -- >> you all knew? the whole group. brian, pay back is coming.
3:57 am
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dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. ask for the crestor $3 card. ask your doctor about crestor. welcome back. it's friday, april 1st, april fool's day. i'm ainsley earhardt. we have a fox news alert. a shooting at a greyhound bus station leaving a state trooper who had kids, leaving him dead. >> well, this is going to be a mass casualty, working incident. >> what happened? and what we now know about the shooter. plus, donald trump and the rnc now friends? hmm, what happened behind closed doors at a big meeting with the republican party. and parents, time to turn the tables on your kids this april fool's day. >> oh. [ meow ] [ screaming ]
4:01 am
>> we have some fun pranks to pull on your toddlers, because this morning, especially on april 1st, is better with "friends." >> well, happy april fool's to you and your family. just beware, because some of your loved ones could be pranking you this morning. >> all right. the first april fool's joke we went through was at 4:30 in the morning. >> keeping people on their toes. i love e-mailed some of our wonderful producers and said i was sick and puking all morning. 4:15 in the morning. they have to find another -- i let them squirm for just a little bit. so they didn't wake up too many people. i said april fool's. all they said is you're a dead man. >> probably a second away from calling -- waking somebody up. >> in our production, you know especially on this show if you call in sick, you have to do it
4:02 am
like the day before. >> exactly. i made up i was trying to fight through it all night. >> this is the guy who serves in iraq, afghanistan, and gitmo, can't get up and come to the show. so then the top of the 6:00, i was -- we actually have the video? yeah, at the top of the 6:00 right when we started, we always get coffee from kelly. well, this time kelly pretended as if she did know the show had started. take a look. >> what's going on? oh, no! april fool's! [ laughter ] >> it wasn't coming out. but i was rolling with it. >> i love it. >> kelly is a professional. >> thank you, kelly. >> however, i was supposed to get the real coffee. >> let me tell you what happened. brian set it up to where we a all -- kelly was going to bring us coffees in the middle of the show. of, my gosh, she doesn't know
4:03 am
we're on the air. she was like, i'm so sorry, get off. i'm like, brian, talk about the show. put the coffee down. he was in on the prank. kelly gave me his coffee. his coffee had saran wrap had on it. he's trying to drink and nothing is coming out. >> i'm the diligent host going -- okay. >> it tastes really good, because i don't put cream in my coffee. i knew it was your coffee because it had cream in its. >> i got the wrong coffee, with the saran wrap on it. >> you tried to prank us and you got pranked. >> and then this happened. >> and then this. >> check this out. >> all right. under -- oh! oh, my gosh. >> what? >> this -- this is my favorite deal right here. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> we were doing the demo. >> how was it under the table? >> i was losing consciousness. i was in the box for ten
4:04 am
minutes. that's the picture of it. >> that's the selfie? >> that was while i was waiting for ainsley to get to me in the last one. >> the producer said hurry it up. >> and jen never does that. >> i was so excited about it, the hair straight upping brush. $38, i'm going to buy this one. it is a deal. we'll get to it later, i'm told. >> on a side note it doesn't do much for your self-esteem if a woman looks at you and screams. >> stay on your toes, america. >> in lieu of the donald trump talking point we'll toss to heather. hello. we have been following some stories for you though, and we have been following this one. a fox news alert. a shooting at a greyhound bus station leaving a state trooper, a husband, a father, dead. this happened during a police training exercise in richmond, virginia. chad dermyer, he went up to the suspect as part of the training. and that is when the man pulled out a gun and he shot him at
4:05 am
close range. other officers shot back. killing the suspect. the 911 call's released overnight. >> in the greyhound terminal -- this is going to be a mass casualty, working incident. >> two other people were hurt in the shoot-out, but they will be okay we're told. police do not have a motive but they say the suspect had a criminal past. trooper dermyer by the way, he's a former marine and he's a dad to two young kids. new overnight, indiana police questioning five construction workers after an overpass collapses. leaving at least 23 people dead. now, this is surveillance -- that should not have said indiana, this is in india, this happened yesterday. it shows the moment that the bridge collapsed under construction. it crumbles on top of moving traffic, crushing cars and people underneath. rescuers pulled out nearly 70 people alive, but dozens are still missing. and to extreme weather now.
4:06 am
an incredible water rescue caught on camera in arkansas. take a look as firefighters pulled three people to safety after their car became stuck in rising floodwaters. they clung on to the tree until help arrived and people run for cover in this area as ping-pong sized hail just crashes down outside a high school. this is in eastern arkansas. that same storm now moving to the east coast. with 34 million americans in its path. and a big announcement expected from senator rand paul today. and he promises that it is going to be huge. yesterday, he tweeted i have a major endorsement announcement to make tomorrow. stay tuned and the announcement going to be huge. don't miss it. of course, that is implying that he's endorsing donald trump who has famously sparred with him at many of the debates. do you remember this? >> first of all, rand paul shouldn't even be on this stage. he's number 11. he's got 1% in the polls. how he got up here, that's far too many people up here. as far as temperament --
4:07 am
>> i never attacked on his looks and believe me, there's plenty of subject matter right there. that i can tell you. >> it was tough. paul of course has a history of being a little bit of an online joker and of course today is april fool's. his actual presidential endorsement so far remains a mystery. and those are a look at your headlines. everyone getting in on the joke. >> just absolutely no way rand paul would endorse -- >> can you imagine the followers, what they would do? >> great point. >> i'm not trusting anyone today. >> i know, i'm done trusting everybody. >> especially you. >> right. >> right. let's just move ahead and do the show. >> all right. brand-new poll showing donald trump trailing in wisconsin just days before that state's primary. >> why? well, garrett tenney is here to break down the voters and their answers at the polls from washington, d.c. good morning, garrett. we can trust these numbers and we trust you. >> reporter: these are numbers you can trust from the fox
4:08 am
business network, demand it. things are looking for good for ted cruz with the 42 delegates that are up for grabs on tuesday and he's leading the field with 42% among likely gop voters. that's ten points ahead of donald trump who's at 32% followed by kasich with 19%. cruz's lead is even bigger though when you look at several key demographics. let's start with evangelical voters. trump's done very well with this voting bloc in previous states but in wisconsin nearly half of white evangelical voters chose cruz. while just a quarter of those voters go for trump. and 16% for kasich. cruz's strongest support though is among voters who identify as very conservative. where he beats the donald by 41 points with 61% to trump's 25%. in a week filled with controversy over trump's abortion comments, this poll is more bad news. more than half of likely women voters in the wisconsin primary prefer cruz at 46%, leaving trump a few points ahead of kasich.
4:09 am
the good news for trump though is more than one in five likely gop voters say they may change their mind over the next few days before they cast their vote on tuesday. back to you all. >> quite a few events in between that. meanwhile, trump was in washington, d.c. yesterday. and reince priebus said it was on the board already. he said he was going to sue, he was going to sue, louisiana in which he won, he was going to come up with less delegates than ted cruz. so yet he went over there and he said let's meet and let's get together. >> a couple of days earlier he said he wouldn't abide by the pledge anymore. >> to support whoever wins. >> so you see a lot of cracks in whatever the republicans are attempting to do we're seeing some back and forth and conversation. >> you want to know how that meeting went? let's take a listen. >> we have far and away the most
4:10 am
delegates, millions and millions of votes more than anybody else, than ted has or than, you know, kasich has. and we really -- i think they want to really discuss, you know, unity and i like discu discussing unity too. theoretically, my whole life people wouldn't understand this, a lot of people, but it's about unity. i get along with people. i get along with them very well. so we had a very -- we had a very good -- we had a very good meeting with the rnc. >> talking about unity and working together and making sure when we go to cleveland and we come out of cleveland we're work in the same direction. i'm not worried about -- in regard to supporting the eventual nominee or the party. they have agreed to that, in one case signing the agreement. they won't get the data and the tools of the rnc and run to be our nominee and tell me they're not going to support the party. it doesn't work that way. >> it doesn't work that way. you have to be in sync with the
4:11 am
rnc. they provide the label, the resources, they provide money. if you're going to be the gop candidate you have to support the whole party. >> it's gotten personal. on the dnc the same side. bernie is not singing hillary's praises and she had a meltdown yesterday. meanwhile, newt gingrich, he has been fair and balanced and he's been supportive and open to trump. here he is saying that trump has to start changing his delivery and he's his worst enemy. >> what you're watching is a fascinating moment. none of us -- remember all of us who criticized trump and whether we dislike him or critique him, none of us would have imagined he's be where he is. he has the characteristics of an insurgent candidate. >> he was the insurgent, throwing bombs now what's the front-runner. the question is can he change or
4:12 am
is donald trump who donald trump is for better or worse? >> his unfavorables with women are 68%. with white college grads, 74%. with independents, 64%. but he is the -- he has the ability to change that. by having an offensive strategy. if you saw the picture from the first hour that he tweeted out, he was meeting with his advisers. professionals. led by senator jeff sessions on the other side. that's what people who support donald trump want to see. >> absolutely. i agree. here's the picture right here. you see donald in the back sitting at the head of the table and you see senator sessions at the other side. meeting with his advisers, talking about foreign policy. you're right. these are the kind of pictures to start putting out the make him look credible. >> actually having a real meeting. >> just avoiding personal insults is generally a good idea. >> if i can get through to ainsley, we're halfway there. >> i'm a slow learner. marco rubio no longer for president.
4:13 am
what's his next career move? we'll tell you. and the nuclear threat against the united states is growing. which presidential candidate is best suited to handle it? gillian turner is back. she worked for both president bush and president obama and she'll discuss that next. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d.
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4:17 am
we don't need to have anybody else developing nuclear weapons including iran. >> nuclear deal will prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> nuclear weapons change the game. >> i put together the coalition that imposed sanctions on iran in order to get an agreement to put a lid on their nuclear weapons program. >> under no circumstances will iran be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. >> as the world leaders gather at the white house over global nuclear threats today, we wrap up our own week long foreign policy series by looking at how the candidates would handle the nuclear threat. back with us is fox news contributor and former national security council staff, gillian turner. >> thanks. >> you have isis wanting to seek nuclear material and north korea talking about preemptive strikes. seems like this is on top of everybody's list. where do the candidates stand?
4:18 am
>> hot button issue. >> what about donald trump? >> so in light of his comments over the past couple of days we have come to see that he's vastly misled on this issue. i think he's been talking about allowing south korea and japan to nuclearize. he's been talking about the possibility, the future option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies so today he's getting a negative. really not the direction we want the country to go in right now. >> so you just feel like -- not a great grasp necessarily on when you'd use them and why? >> exactly. i don't understand what the governing rationale is aside from cost. he said it would save us money, one of the worst reasons i've heard. >> not the best. >> exactly. >> ted cruz? >> ted cruz is -- what's great about his approach and again it's a little hypothetical because he never had to confront this issue, but he was outspoke on the iran nuclear deal. which he gets credit for and he also would -- he grasps -- his approach grasps that it's going to require a really smart
4:19 am
combination of military power and diplomatic power to kind of hedge against this. remember it's all about being proactive, prevention and deterrence. so he will get a positive today. >> with brinksmanship you need that. >> that's important. >> absolutely. john kasich? >> i was going to give john kasich a neutral, but i'm going to change my mind. >> you're allowed to do that. >> it's because i really like his approach to the iran nuclear deal. he was an outspoken critic of it, but lately over the last couple of weeks when asked about it, he says he disagrees with these two. he says you know what if i'm president i'm not going to come in on day one and just nullify this deal. because there's going to be tremendously powerful, negative consequences to that. now that the deal is in place, we have to figure out a way to move forward. maybe we'll dismantle i would, but it's going to take some time. i think gets credit for that. >> interesting. >> pragmatic approach. >> we have to go quickly through the last two. hillary clinton. >> clinton is going neutral. to hedge against positive and a
4:20 am
negative here. positive is great working relationships with western european leaders and that's going to be important in sort of combating the nuclear threat and the potential of terrorists acquiring nuclear weapons. >> sure. >> on the negative side an overreliance on diplomacy. i think she's believed in the power of our ability to really talk adversaries out of their positions. i'm talk about iran. her husband's stance and rapprochement with north korea. >> we didn't talk north korea out of anything in the '90s. >> and that makes my quite nervous. sanders could go neutral. he hadn't said much on the issue so not much to evaluate him on. i'm putting him in negative. he hasn't focused on this at a all, he believes in bigger existential threats like climate change. >> he sure has. gillian turner, you have been here all week. enlightning us on national security issues and the discussion continues online
4:21 am
every day. >> yes, please let us know what you think. all right. parents, time to turn the tables on your kids this april fool's day. [ meowing ] >> we have some fun pranks to pull on your kids today, next. wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us,
4:22 am
their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (whispers rocket)
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises.
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buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. all right. terrifying accident caught on camera. watch this dramatic moment. a ship slams into a pier. it happened in san diego. the throttle got stuck in the forward position, they explained. [ screaming ] [ horn ] >> wow. passengers say the crew was yelling, brace for cover. the boat is sight -- was sightseeing and whale watching. it was a cruise. seven people were hurt.
4:25 am
nobody seriously. but this was the hottest car on another note at the new york auto show. watch. back to the drawing board. an electrical fire started under the hood of the custom porsche. it was worth $180,000 but they always say if you can buy one porsche you can usually buy another. >> right! good point. well, if you are a parent, that is young at heart, you want to have some fun with your kids as we all do, this segment then is for you. >> i'm going to love it. here to show some ways to play a harmless prank or two on your kids this april fool's day. thank you for being here, laurie. >> a toy insider. and a mom herself. >> ial a. i love to play. i do love to play pranks on the little ones. they're way cute when you have to watch -- >> so naive when they're in single digits. >> you're right. so we have some simple, fun
4:26 am
pranks. we'll start with a couple of food ones. i think we have a couple of videos. this with oreo cookies and white tooth paste. >> oh, gross! >> but it is edible. look. >> ew! >> what's the matter? >> it's -- >> what's wrong? >> they're mint oreos. >> they are literally mint. >> that's toothpaste you're tasting. scraping the inside, putting white toothpaste in. they were so excited they thought they were getting cookies before dinner. >> i hate to tell you, i saw some tears. >> the little girl was a little wary on the second one. this these are all simple ones. any cereal will do this. some milk. prepare this the night before
4:27 am
and put it in the freezer. watch what happens. >> hilarious. just as they're about to take a scoop. >> look what happens. >> i think we have a video for this one too. she was a little leery because she saw her mom with the video again. [ laughter ] >> this kid is going to need therapy. >> thanks, mom. >> sometimes -- one thing these are all very simple. we can get something like a box, and you can make vomit, make blood. i took a little something out and i come up with something very simple. so there's a cup here. it says do not lift unless you want to kill it. >> so i would think a bug is under there, right? >> why don't you lift and see? >> are you ready to kill it? >> ready to kill it? [ laughter ] >> ew. >> that will get a fun reaction.
4:28 am
>> not real. >> no, it's not real. >> all right. the spider. i wrote on the cup, look at how simple it is. >> if the kid doesn't hate you yet, we have more. >> so we have been watching a video this morning and it's really sweet because -- this is our cat paw. go ahead and pet it. look at how sweet it is. i think we have a video on this one too. are we watching that? [ meowing ] [ screaming ] >> there you go. >> adorable kid. >> i have to have dr. keith ablow see this video. i'm not sure we're not torturing them. >> who's taking blame for this? >> oh, no. what is that? >> so this is our fart-zuka. you can be sitting with your
4:29 am
kids and make a little sound and blame them. watcrt yelling it's not me. >> okay. i could not bring that home. >> let's hear that one more time. [ laughter ] >> volume -- >> so ainsley was saying before, she goes -- i want to be a fun mom. are these the crazy things you'll do? >> in my day it was a whoopi cushion. i don't like the name of it though. that's disgusting. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. some great things to torture your children. it's not too late yet. if they're sleeping freeze the cereal. coming up, senator marco rubio is no longer running for president and he wants out of the senate too. we'll tell you what he might do next. and -- how are you getting ready for the opening day weekend? we're taking batting practice from world series champion pitcher al leiter. trying not to embarrass
4:30 am
ourselves. >> working with gillian. >> great job. she looks great. this is sheldon whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. wopen up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife.
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4:33 am
could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at as the election wears on it does seem like both hillary and trump are beginning to focus their attacks on each other instead of the other nominees. but i wish the two would stop fighting and give the world what it wants -- a picture of them doing the snapchat space walk. that's what we want. that's all we want. >> that's scary. >> all right. so you know with donald trump a -- along with donald trump and the rise in the ratings you have seen a lot of the action happening in and around his appearances. in and around his primaries. and that doesn't -- so wherever you go, you might see an anti-trump protest. but the question is what are they protesting, why don't you support a candidate, why are you taking down trump?
4:34 am
>> well, david webb actually went to wisconsin, we showed you some of that yesterday. asking the people why are you here protesting, not one one of the people knew why he was there. we got a lot of reaction from you at home, so wasn't to play more of what david found. take a look. >>is there a specific policy that you don't like? >> multiple. first of all, donald trump -- he doesn't have a lot of sound policies in the first place. he's angry around a -- and a lot of americans are angry. >> he's being unfair to mexicans. >> what policies? name a couple. >> i'm not sure. >> if you had an illegal immigrant build something for you and then you're like, no, we need americans to build this for us, why? >> what's your issue with donald trump? >> i guess my issue is that he's just like talks a lot -- how like -- he doesn't know what he
4:35 am
talks about. >> basically everything is the martyr with donald trump to me, in my opinion. >> i feel anybody that is voting for him is just -- i don't know, stupid. sorry. that's how i feel, sorry. >> so many things that i can't even name. can't name one. >> name one, name two. i don't know. >> as much as it's on them, it's on trump. he has to go out and get his message -- if he's not anti-hispanic, he's not anti-woman. the fact he can't name it -- >> but i love everyone. >> but he loves the idaho potatoes and he loves the poorly educated, but he's got to expand on that. and say, let me explain to you why i have a track record with hispanics, with african-americans. >> it shows you how often the left becomes the politics of personal destruction. they just become anti-trump, but they don't know why. >> i'm pro heather. >> we have breaking news. i'm glad you're pro heather, because she'll take it away. we have some stories
4:36 am
breaking right now. a huge explosion rocks center of paris, but police saying that this is not a terror attack. it's likely a gas explosion. five people were injured in this blast though and homes are being evacuated. the blast happening in an apartment building near the stock exchange. and we'll keep you updated as we get more details. senator marco rubio marco rubio no longer running for president and he wants out of the senate too. so what is next? >> oh! >> rumor has it the former 2016 gop candidate is seeking an executive role with the miami dolphins. instead of re-election to florida's senate. the team sources they deny the rumors but they do admit that rubio is a huge fan. and some new video just in to "fox & friends" of a family being reuh-nited overnight afte their baby was snatched from a
4:37 am
mall in philadelphia. a woman casually strolls out of the king of prussia mall holding the 7 week old. she struck up a conversation with the mother in the food court and then grabbed him. he was found after the officers issued an amber alert and the woman is under arrest. do you remember this song from the pet shop boys? ♪ east end boys and west end girls ♪ >> after 30 year, they're out with a new album today. i can't believe it a been 30 years, man. there's a look at your headlines. let's check out the guys who are outside with some batting practice. >> guys and girls, heather. >> right, gillian and right, maria? we'll show these guys a thing or two about baseball. baseball season is about to start, right, on sunday. baseball's in full swing. with teams stepping up to the plate starting this sunday and
4:38 am
this monday. >> who better than to talk about baseball, former yankee, met, marlin, he's major league baseball network's superstar, al leiter, back with us. welcome back. >> hey! >> you're so good, so good to see a guy who went through the game, who loves the game still. i get that when i watch you that on television. >> thank you, i do. as we go forward, i know some of the things talking about baseball being a slower sport, that bothers me. i know other sports are fun, but baseball is great. you're garbed out with all the gear. >> i'm wearing a mets jersey as a team favored to go back to the world series. >> how exciting. in massapequa. >> but -- >> i take my little guys to spring training to a couple of games. what should we be looking forward to this year? >> you know what, most of all, parity is as best it's ever been in baseball. we keep talking about once upon
4:39 am
a time, a different generations. different generations more dominant teams won more often. in the last five years we have had 24 teams make the postseason. out of the 30 teams. so as a result of that, you could see a kansas city royals who wins the world series -- >> who haven't been good for 20 years. >> a low payroll, they're in it. every year it's not just the dodgers, the yankees, the red sox. this year now the cubs will be favored -- the american team hard to handicap because there's, again, parity. >> so you're giving the twins' fans some hope. >> this is another thing from coast to coast. you have the marlin cap on. >> see what i'm talking about? >> like 19-year-old. >> you know this, because you're a mets fan. anybody who lives on coast to coast, it's basically who's in the american league east and west and the strongest divisions are in the central. the three best records, the pirates, low payroll. you had the cubs that got in, finally. they missed out and then the cardinals. >> all right. >> so the twins have a shot.
4:40 am
>> okay. >> and they have an awesome manager. >> you work with gillian and ainsley. >> we asked pete if he had been practice, he said he was playing whiffle ball. >> in the backyard. >> yeah. >> by the way, caps on. opening day. i wanted to get that in there. pledge your allegiance to whoever -- whatever team you like. i know -- are you miami? >> i'm miami. >> i have played with the florida marlins. it was the florida marlins back then. >> play ball! >> who's pitching? >> brian, are you up? >> you're up. you're up. >> play ball. >> time-out. you're going to get hit. >> get out of here. >> i might need this. >> all right. ainsley, have you ever hit a baseball? have you ever hit a baseball? >> of course. >> all right, ready? >> oh! >> that's how it's done. >> come on. let's see what you've got. come on. that's good. >> i always had a problem playing with softball. this is for you, babe. >> ready? >> yep.
4:41 am
>> hey! ba-da-bing. >> one more. >> he's a lefty. >> dad raised me right, go left-handed. >> i went inside there. whoa. whoa. whoa. >> now it got away. now right down the middle. >> oh. look out, everybody. >> what's up next? >> come on. >> maria, get in there. miami marlins. you mentioned about parity. miami marlins are a team right there looking for a playoff berth. and maria -- >> good shot. >> yeah. >> come on, swing it. swing it. >> watch out. the camera, back up! come on, brian. >> get in there. take a swing. >> all right. >> hey, al? we have to tease out. because we're hitting the break. >> i was going to try to strike you out. >> you can't strike me out.
4:42 am
look at you. not a chance. hey, thanks so much. all right, opening day, where do we see you? >> 17 hour, mlb network, live all day. to the last pitch. >> tape that. watch box. hillary clinton could be days away from facing the fbi over the e-mail scandal. could an indictment be next for her and what will it mean for her campaign? peter johnson jr., not wearing a jersey, but wearing a cap. thanks. 85% of men say eating right helps prepare them for a healthy future. but up to 90% fall short
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4:46 am
hillary clinton has insisted over and over that nothing will come of an fbi investigation into her e-mail server. now the fbi director james comey is reportedly just days away from personally interviewing clinton. but is the obama administration racing the clock against a possible indictment of its former secretary of state? joining me now is peter johnson jr. >> how are you? effectively they're racing the clock. there's a presidential election going on. now, in 2012, attorney general holder sent out a department of justice memo and said that law enforcement officers and prosecutors should not be considering politics with regard to indictments. law enforcement officers and prosecutors may never select the
4:47 am
timing of investigative steps or criminal charges for the purposes of affecting any election or giving an advantage or disadvantage to any candidate or political party. but effectively, there's a huge implication in terms of the election, whether hillary clinton or aides are indicted or not indicted. if folks are indicted, when are they indicted? are they indicted after her nomination? are they indicted before her nomination? any indictments at all? so it's fraught with tension in terms of the political landscape in america. there's all kinds of rumors. one rumor is that james comey in fact who is the head of the fbi, a straight shooter, he has a great reputation for integrity, will interview hillary clinton. i don't believe he's going to put himself in that position because he will be the ultimate decisionmaker on the fbi side. there's another rumor that says, well, there's a grand jury that's already been impaneled. i don't believe that. there's some people that say, i know for sure hillary clinton is going to be indicted.
4:48 am
i don't believe that because we haven't seen all the evidence as regular americans. so it's a difficult time for the justice department and the fbi and certainly for hillary clinton and her aides including a guy named pagliano who set up the computer system for hillary clinton and who's now been given immunity by the federal government with regard to his testimony. >> yeah. we were talking about yesterday, comey, fbi director, he's going to send his recommendations, if it's criminal, over to the a.g. she serves under barack obama. if it's criminal do you think she'll go forward and indict? >> yes. >> even though she serves under obama in the middle of an election year? >> yes, because i believe in the criminal justice system. i can be as cynical and difficult and jaded as everybody else, but fortunately, for the process, there's been a lot of not so critical thinking that's gone on. a lot of wishful thinking. a lot of political enemies of hillary clinton who say she
4:49 am
should be indicted. there's a lot of objective legal analysts who say we have looked at the evidence, we think she should be indicted on a variety of things. but they're looking at a complex set of circumstances. more complicated by the political landscape which attorney general holder said should not be considered. but how do you not consider it? how do you not consider it at all? obviously, if an indictment is to be brought or an investigation is going on, it needs to be done quickly. if there's an investigation about ainsley or peter, we'd want the same thing. get it done. we need to know am i going to be indicted, am i going to be cleared? what's going to happen? certainly the stakes for hillary clinton and her top dozen aides or so are extremely high. there's a lot riding on it. not only liberty, but a presidential campaign. so the political landscape is going to inform the indictment or not indictment. >> thank you, peter. well, it's the hair heard around the world.
4:50 am
you remember this. the plane passenger who took this ponytail picture. here with the story behind it, coming up next. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy.
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4:53 am
all right. lots of us have plane ride horror stories. i do almost every week. but what would you do if this happened to you? >> our next guest decided to share his impromptu television toupee so to speak with the world, saying, congrats to the woman seated in 22-b.
4:54 am
you have invented a whole new way to be awful at 35,000 feet. >> that's gone viral with many retweets. here is the man who took that photo, "boston globe" columnist dante ramos. >> good to see you. >> thank you. why, why did you decide to post this? >> well, you know, this is -- this is comedy. this not tragedy. i fly a lot. i write about transportation. in my day job. and so when this happened, it was just something i had never -- i had never seen before. my fiancee and i were on a plane ride and this thing flopped down right in front of him. it was a ponytail, it might as well have been a rubber chicken. it was one of the funniest things i had seen, so of course i snapped a photo. [ laughter ] >> did you anticipate -- i mean, you said you may have reworded it a little bit differently. did you have any sense this would go the way it did? >> i really didn't.
4:55 am
twitter is a funny place, and a lot of the people that i communicate with on twitter are other transportation nerds. other people who are interested in the crazy things that happen at airports, so, you know, i tweet this thing out with a jokey caption thinking that five people will laugh at it and laugh at it. lots of people around the world would see it, then i'd be here talking to you, never ever occurred to me. >> we asked the viewers what they would have done with it. you're get a response from around the world. cut it off, put gum in it, tie knots in it. all mean stuff. in the big picture, what does that say about society and your business? you do important stuff for "the boston globe," but it's the ponytail that's got you the global fame. >> believe me, if i could get people to pay as much attention to my column about the urgency of late night transit, i would be delighted. i think what it speaks to, you know, looking at it as a matter of transportation policy, you know, people are frustrated,
4:56 am
obviously, with airplanes, the economics of flying mean that we're in ever-closer quarters. i don't think our manners have evolved in a way that we really know how to do that. you know, the passenger in this case when we asked her -- or when we brought it to her attention, she sort of adjusted and the situation went away relatively quickly. so that resolved itself well. these things happen all the time. maybe not with ponytails, but with elbows and bags and coats and, you know -- >> have you heard from her, have you heard from her since this went viral? >> i have not. i mean, i -- i made a point of, you know, making sure that her identity was not obvious or visible in the photo because, you know, i don't -- there's a lot of shaming that goes on. i guess i've contributed to that that this week more than anybody else, but it's a bad situation, rather than people being bad. >> dante ramos, thank you for
4:57 am
sharing that story. hillary clinton is not going to take it anymore. >> i'm so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. >> that's not very presidential. what set her off? top of the hour. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk. may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. my m...about my toothpasteice. she eveand but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too.
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5:00 am
which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. good morning. it's april 1st, april fools' day, i'm ainsley earhardt. well, it was supposed to be a routine police drill when all of a sudden it turned violent and it turned deadly. >> we're at the greyhound terminal. multiple -- mass casualty, working incident. >> the state trooper, there's his picture, he's dead because of this. we're learning more about the shooter who robbed him of his life. >> tough story. donald trump making new friends behind closed doors. we have the inside scoop on his secret meeting with the head of the republican national committee. and it was one of most memorable moments of the 2012 campaign.
5:01 am
>> everybody in cleveland that's minority got obama phone. keep obama in president, you know? he gave us a phone. >> gave you a phone? >> and more. >> guess what, the government is expanding that program. really? because morning, especially this friday morning, is better with "friends." that means you. what an interesting morning already. >> april fools' day as you know. i woke up and i saw it was april 1st. what are they planning for us today? the producers came one a few good ones today. >> this one we'll show you. but this morning, in a demonstration segment i was asked to put my head in a box and sit under the table and scare the bejesus out of ainsley. >> you almost passed out, but you did it for the cause. >> i was losing consciousness. let's take a look at this. >> all right, under -- oh, my gosh! all right, it worked.
5:02 am
[ laughter ] >> it reminds me of like the addams family when the head was on the platter. >> and just a hand. who by the way, it was a big help. >> this is brian under the table. >> for 15 minutes while ainsley took her time. i was the last reveal. >> can you believe he gets paid do this? >> do you believe that geraldo rivera, he has seen a lot of television. is that the best moment you have experienced? geraldo, geraldo? >> excuse me! april fools'. that was pretty funny. i would have been mad at you. >> i'm sure. >> i know. >> barbara walters did the same type things when you were on with her in the '70s. >> that's right. i came out topless. >> you did, right? >> shock her. >> you popped out of a cake, right? >> we'll get a photo of that. >> yeah, right. >> ainsley knows how you reluctant i was. >> on "dancing with the stars" -- maybe behind the
5:03 am
scenes. >> i was. i like shedding my clothing but that's another -- >> why shave your chest if you're not going to show it? >> but i want to know why the ladies hit better in the hitting and the batting cages than the men on the show. >> i think we have to go to the tape. >> make contact every time? >> he did well once you made contact. >> well, al leiter was pitching me inside and i had to step back and i smoked the last one. >> brian didn't get a chance. >> i'm better against righties, that's my problem. let's talk about what's happening in the wisconsin polls for first time ever. somebody not in his home state is beating donald trump by double digits. the first time in a couple of weeks we have a primary. what is behind the numbers in your mind, geraldo? >> well, you know, brian, i think wisconsin is the alamo for the republican party except for donald trump. they know that if they don't stop him here that he will march
5:04 am
through new york on the 19th of april to the inevitable 1,237 prior to the convention. i think it's quite possible that they understand that this is absolutely their last desperate hope. plus, you have the whole fact that let's face it, this is the worst week donald trump has experienced since he came down the escalator at trump tower with ivanka to announce his candidacy. this lunacy about prosecuting women who get abortions? one-third of every woman in the united states has to have an abortion. you have the war on woman, corey lewandowski allegedly man handling the reporter down in florida. you have a lot of things going on. the attacks on heidi cruz, all the rest. plus every single republican other than -- and for some reason, well, many of these reasons i just cited, the evangelical white christian vote that he's counted on, donald trump, to sustain him --
5:05 am
>> it's gone. >> seems to be deserting him. >> no, you mentioned that. speaking of that indeed, another part of the poll was amongst the very conservative republican primary voters in wisconsin. 61% doubling up donald trump to ted cruz. you know, as you said, white working class voters in wisconsin, donald trump was hoping this was a state he would be strong in. what do you make of the massive gap on the conservative side? >> well, i really do think, pete, that you have to have consequences. we have been shocked watching -- i love donald trump. he's a good buddy. i wish him well. his politics though sometimes are crazy. this abortion thing going with the muslim ban and the mexicans, druggists and rapists, you start to think does donald think through some the things he says? now, in this case, abortion, you know, jail for women -- pregnant women who abort and all the rest of that it seems he's backing up a little bit, trying to put it
5:06 am
in context. sometimes even donald trump is affected by the things that come out of his mouth. and in this particular case, if you can't get women -- there's more women in america than men who vote. i didn't make that up, that's what it is. if you offend all the women, if it's 75% -- >> let's look at the poll. >> that don't want to vote for him. >> 46% of gop women are supporting cruz. only 27 supporting trump. this comes after the michelle fields incident and then this comes after the abortion comment. >> you know, you can't win without -- mitt romney lost because of the war on women angle that the democrats engineered and a lot of it was conjured. a lot of it was fake and all super pacs and so forth. but this time, donald trump has given them real red meat. if mitt romney lost the women vote, trump's going to be routed
5:07 am
on the women vote and in wisconsin he could very well lose. because of -- the interesting question is what happens after wisconsin? because he's got the northeast, trump does. he's -- if he doesn't get 1,237 he's going to be darn close to it. i know he's met reince priebus and all the rest of it, the guys better come to a -- >> well, they have to support each other, they have had the machine behind them for a reason. they trust them at their word so they better put personalities aside. they met yesterday and donald trump said we went in there, we had a great meeting. then he met with his own advisers. if you're the trump fan, this is the best picture you could possibly see. an actual meeting to show preparation for what's coming down the pike, correct? >> correct. i think that that is a positive sign, but you have to remember that standing between that picture and where we are right now is people like scott walker, the popular feisty governor of
5:08 am
wisconsin who trump dispatched early on in the process. he's there in wisconsin, rallying the troops. everybody has to ask themselves. let's say trump loses double digits in wisconsin, what's going to happen to the republican party? there's more fuel on the cruz fire, he's the one, come to me. tear apart rather than come together. i think that bodes ill for the gop right now. as being a war on woman. >> we have some viewer responses. roger said it's a shame that pushed trump to sign the pledge is doing everything they cannot to honor it. >> it's not true. priebus is pushing it. the candidates are not. >> if trump and cruz can put aside their differences and team up they would be an unbelievable ticket. i think in the developments of this week make a lot of people realize that probably doesn't happen. geraldo, how does this scenario
5:09 am
not end in some sort of armageddon for republicans no matter what happens? >> well, i think that you're go -- i think trump going to rout in new york, going to win by big double digits, and going to reap all the delegates. i'm here in california, i think he wins california also. i think that trump goes in in an unassailable, but less than 1,237 delegate count. i think that it does not end well. i think you're going to have people who are talking about bringing guns to the gop convention. don't let them bring guns because there's going to be all kinds of squabbling and fighting going on. it will be a mess. but if they don't patch it up, man oh man, hillary clinton is going to walk in. she's not going to be indicted, not a grand jury. >> she's imploding as well and doing everything but being a juggernaut. you're so diverse. we have to tap you into for this the war on terror. we're letting out 20 gitmo
5:10 am
detainees and they're being sent to africa, places that they don't locks on the jails. they give them basically shovels to tunnel out. how do you feel about that? >> you know how i feel about guantanamo bay. i felt is the same, you almost had 800 at one time. many of them were under 18 when they were arrested. they're still there. i want guantanamo closed and the people transferred to super max prisons in colorado along with el chapo. >> where are we sending them is the big question. >> not the ploy going on. >> by the way, geraldo, i served as a guard, i went back there, it's the best of the best prisons that we have got. >> i know. i know, it's ridiculous. why don't we put them in the four seasons? >> what about where we're sending them? that's the problem. >> how about colorado super max? >> that's not happening, geraldo.
5:11 am
that might be what you want. but that's not happening. >> that might be what you want, but that's not happening. they're sending them to africa, and there's a 30% recidivism rate. >> all right, let's say -- here, ainsley, let's say you're 17 years old in 2001. they caught you in tora bora, you were a driver for bin laden or somebody like that. >> no, some of these guys were involved in 9/11. >> ten years -- 16 years later, you have never been charged with a crime. you have been festering with all of these professional terrorists for 16 years. what are you going to get out? going to get a job with what? you know, selling hoover vacuum cleaners? >> five i should say have been charged, three convicted. they're going to let these guys walk? >> that's great. convict them, put them in federal prison, close this thing. the thing in cuba. why are with ein cuba?
5:12 am
i don't understand. we have 93 people left, right? and we're paying $350 million a year, 91, okay, 91, we had almost 8 hundred. 91. are we going to keep guantanamo open until we have nine, four, two? the war is not over. if you have something on the people, charge them. if you have something -- if you know you have a witness, this guy bombed this, this guy killed this -- this one did this crime, you indict them. you indict them in a federal court. you indict them in the federal court as we have done successfully in new york, time and time again. you lock them away. >> we should be putting them back -- >> we're saying the ones that -- although you're saying some of these at 17 that haven't been charged should be let go. all the ones that are behind bars in my opinion are bad guys. they need to be locked up, but that's not what's happening. >> geraldo, we succeeded in getting you fired. >> don't try to evade the united states constitution. >> they're letting them go. >> i missed you all. i miss you. i wanted my shot at the batting
5:13 am
cage. >> i know. you would have been here. this is your day. but you had to dance with the stars. good job. >> all right. have a great weekend. >> is that what it was? >> you did well. i'm glad you did it. it took a lot of guts. i have a lot of respect. >> your little ranking comments there. i love you. i do. >> we'll leave you to reading the paper. thank you very much, geraldo. thanks for join us this morning. >> we apologize to the gitmo detainees who had to miss the prom. starting today, women are headed for combat roles. a big question, do they have to go through the same military training with the men? my exclusive interview with the general in charge, next. it was one of the most memorable moments of the campaign. >> everybody in cleveland that's minority got obama phone. keep obama in president, you know? he gave us a phone. >> he gave you a phone? >> and he's going to give us more.
5:14 am
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. some say "free the whales." for them, nothing else is acceptable. but nothing could be worse for the whales. most of the orcas at seaworld were born here. sending them into the wild wouldn't be noble. it could be fatal. when they freed keiko, the killer whale of movie fame, the effort was a failure and he perished.
5:17 am
but we also understand that times have changed. today, people are concerned about the world's largest animals like never before. so we too must change. that's why the orcas in our care will be the last generation at seaworld. there will be no more breeding. we're also phasing out orca theatrical shows. they'll continue to receive the highest standard of care available anywhere. and guests can come to see them simply being their majestic selves. inspiring the next generation of people to love them as you do. welcome back. >> this is one of the most
5:18 am
controversial things that happened over the last few years. all the great things that are happening with the cut back of our military. we had the push forward of women in the military and expanding their roles in the military from special forces to combat. >> and today, women can apply for these combat roles, right? >> for combat roles in the army. so you're talking infantry, armor. over 200,000 positions in the army because it's the armor and the combat arms. so as of today, they can apply for the positions if they'd like to. an important exception -- special forces still not open. they're planning on doing that eventually. i'm an infantryman, i have my opinions about that. we were able to ask major general jeff snow he's in charge of implementing this. we asked him a couple of questions, first do we have the kind of kids ready to serve? >> the biggest challenge i would tell you is the fact that only 29% of the youth actually can meet the standards required to
5:19 am
come into the army. okay? in terms of mental and physical ability. the primary reason physically they cannot join the army is obesity. about 31% that is a challenge, that's something i'm concerned about. because quite frankly, the trends are not me offing in the right direction. >> so he's saying to start with, only three in ten young americans, men and women, are -- >> not just women. >> just of obesity or, you know, intelligence tests or whatever. so they're already picking from a small pool. >> which is good, because that rules people out that -- we're talking about people who are going to be the strongest, going to fight for our country. we want the strongest individuals, man or woman, on the front line. >> it's all all-volunteer course. >> i don't think it's good, ainsley. for the american -- >> letting women in? >> no, for the american who's too overweight to go in and -- >> they can't do a good job?
5:20 am
>> no, that's it. they're out of shape. they're not in shape to get in shape. >> it's an indictment of our country. i asked him, major general jeffrey snow, if he had concerns about bringing women into the infantry. this is what he had to say. >> on the one hand, i have to say, yes, i have concerns, but i have to tell you i have a confidence in the leadership. quite frankly, again you and i both have experience as infantrymen out there that didn't have the physical standards for the mos. >> when took the pft there was a different standard for the men and the women. in gender neutral standards where does the number fall? >> it's really neither. we're going to keep that, but you'll see the army actually establish a new test. >> are you confident that --
5:21 am
>> the interview goes on, we -- >> put it on >> but the question is will they lower standards? that's the bottom line. he says no, we'll see what the army bureaucracy eventually does. >> all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, donald trump coming in second in the wisconsin. what does it mean to the "wall street journal" guys? we'll ask them next. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs.
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5:24 am
a shooting at a greyhound bus station leaving a virginia state trooper, a husband and a father dead. this happened during a counterdrug training exercise in richmond. part of that training was for 37-year-old trooper chad dermyer to talk to strangers inside the bus station. he was in a uniform when he walked up to the suspect to ask a routine question and that suspect turned and fired on him. the 911 calls were released overnight.
5:25 am
>> victims -- this is going to be a mass casualty, working incident. >> the trooper was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately he didn't make it. two women were hit by bull hes but they'll be okay. police are not releasing the suspect's name. they did reveal he's not from virginia and he has a long rap sheet. troop -- the trooper who was killed was a former marine. he is also a father to two young boys. brian? >> all right, thank you very much, ainsley. a brand-new fox business poll shows trump trailing in wisconsin by double digits just before the primary, while ted cruz is dominating in several categories that must make him feel good. what can we expect from this primary tuesday and how will it affect the race down the road? we have a lot of fighting left to do. let's ask dan than agarr and
5:26 am
james freeman, he's the assistant editorial page editor and james reilly. we love your show on saturday and sunday, so we thought we'd get you before you get started there. first off, wisconsin, jason, what do you read into the double digit deficit that trump is experiencing? >> he's in trouble. the poll is not an outliar. at this rate, i would not be surprised if donald trump finishfinis finished behind john kasich in third place. >> why, james? >> partly it's a cruz surge and lots of people dropped out, trump is still hitting that ceiling where most people don't want him to be their president. especially true nationwide. but even within the republican party. he can't get the party to coalesce around him. i think you're seeing the beginning of a real cruz surge here and he ends up largely running the table from here. >> and this must shock you, dan, because going into the whole thing in july, ted cruz was
5:27 am
persona non grata in washington and now he's preferable? >> preferable because he isn't trump. all the endorsements of cruz are anti-trump endorsements so we'll see how that plays out. scott walker said he loves john kasich but he didn't think he could support him. kasich believes he can go into pennsylvania and compete there against both trump and ted cruz. a lot of money is going to be poured into pennsylvania to help kasich do that. >> now, also some self-inflicted wounds. trump had a tough week. the abortion comments. the talk about the nuclear free-for-all, he wouldn't mind in the middle east and shea. i think that some of his supporters or others who are thinking about supporting him think he may not have the best grasp of the issues. i think he's hurt himself. >> we had marco rubio who froze on the stage. ted cruz had to fire his communications director for a while. everyone's got their challenges. could this be the first major challenge with trump and seeing him with jeff sessions and his advisers could this be the beginning of i'm going to listen, guys?
5:28 am
>> i think it's too late. the country has formed an opinion and doesn't like him. that's true for many republicans as well. i think this is the moment for cruz he's got a better organization going forward. on kasich, i guess he's pinning his hopes on pennsylvania. why didn't he do better in illinois or in michigan? why is he going to lose again in wisconsin? the only place he's done really well is his home state where he's the sitting governor. >> as you may perceive, we have a difference inside the editorial page. we're not supporting the ted cruz shift. the question is can he win in moderate states like pennsylvania? new york, connecticut, delaware, can he win in the mid-atlantic states. he'll do well in wisconsin. >> you might say he's been winning for nine months, he came out of nowhere. on the other side, bernie sanders won five races in a row and is leading in wisconsin. jason, what do you expect? >> bernie just the math isn't there. he's done very well in caucus
5:29 am
states. he's running old of caucuses. he's not getting the respect he deserves. he's pointed out hillary clinton's weakness as front-runner. he's going to the convention, i think he'll make some demands on the platform. you know, hillary clinton doesn't want -- >> i think she's worried not about how wisconsin is going to go, but the clinton camp is starting to worry about new york. she's got the same problem trump has. even though she's ahead in new york, most people don't like her. they like bernie. so he could steal one there. >> great job. we'll watch you saturday at 12:30 and then on the wall street report. a stranger walks up to a mom, takes her newborn baby and makes a run for it. the kidnapping caught on camera, thankfully. we'll give you the rest of that story. and hillary clinton is running out of patience. watch. >> i'm so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. i'm sick of it! >> wow. what set her off? can we expect more of that?
5:30 am
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all right. a fox business alert. the march jobs report released moments ago by the bureau of labor statistics. >> the nation's unemployment rate is 5.0%. >> the u.s. economy added 215,000 j 215,000 jobs last month. better than expected. >> but i think the 5.0 is one tick up from the last time we did this. last month. >> it is one tick up. just with the numbers you're wondering what the folks who have stopped looking in the workforce. it continues to be a deceptive number i think. >> you know, when we were -- we're talking about politics with "the wall street journal"
5:34 am
guys and basically on and off for the last 2 1/2 hours and most of the last nine months, but everyone has been focused on right. 17 candidates up there, down to three. the personal attacks. but on the left it's getting extremely personal. the word is that people look at the end of hillary clinton -- at the end of her four years as secretary of state and said, man, this woman is worn out. she had the physical ailment problem. is she beginning to snap? we saw the pressure getting to her as she walked into the event yesterday. >> she was at a campaign rally. and a reporter -- someone what's an environmentalist asked her this question. take a look. >> will you act on your word to reject fossil fuel money in your future of your campaign? >> i have money from people -- i'm so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. i'm sick of it! >> wow. she's sick of it. >> feisty. >> that is not the face of somebody -- maybe it is at home you go, finally the feistiness. to me, that isn't very presidential.
5:35 am
if donald trump had done that or ted cruz had done it, pointed in -- pointing at someone's chest, i'm so sick of this and accuse him of -- or that woman being a sanders plant. >> that's right. if it felt like righteous anger that would be one thing. that looked like frustration. this is a woman at the end -- in the middle of a long campaign, with an opponent she should have put away a long time ago. she's frustrated because he's going more on the offensive. he's calling her out. >> i'm so sick of sanders lying about this. but it turns out he's not lying at all. because this is what the experts are telling. over $6 million in donations to hillary clinton by her super pac, and to her super pac i should say, are people connected to the oil and gas industry. fossil fuels. she's gotten millions of dollars in fossil fuels. >> will it hurt her in the primary, no. will it hurt her with bernie sanders i'm giving everything
5:36 am
for free, she should get up every morning and thank goods than the senator from massachusetts is not -- >> i know. elizabeth warren was in this race it's tailor made for someone like that. combo. >> what if she's indicted, what happens next? is it just bernie sanders? >> you can't take it away from bernie sanders. >> uncle joe biden. >> he's got the delegates. but i can't take the news away from heather childers. >> unlawful toking is what that was. >> yeah. we have a happy ending to the story. a family is reunited overnight with their baby boy after he was snatched from a mall in philadelphia. check out this surveillance video as a woman walks out of the king of prussia mall casually, holding a 7 week old, asher williams. she befriended the family in the food court, she said she could help soothe the baby and took her in the arms. when the mother took a phone call, the woman took off with
5:37 am
the baby. the cops found him after issuing the amber alert. the kidnapper is under arrest. an incredible water rescue in arkansas. firefighters pull three people to safety after their car became stuck in rising floodwater. they clung on the tree until help arrived and then there was this, an electrifying scene in kentucky. when this monster lightning bolt strikes bowling green. then over to mississippi, where a teen driver swerved off the road and into the ditch when a twister touched down there. it was one of the most controversial videos you'll remember of the 2012 campaign. remember this woman, bragging about her nearly free obama phone. >> everybody in cleveland that's a minority got obama phone. keep obama in president. you know? he gave us a phone. >> gave you a phone? >> and more. >> and apparently he is giving them more. now people can get subsidized internet too.
5:38 am
the fcc voting to expand the so-called obama phone program to include web access. those eligible for the low income service can choose between a phone or the internet for just 9 bucks a month. he has a heart of gold. that is why this man stopped to help a couple of baby deer. they were stuck in the thick of the washington state mud. bill davis posted the rescue to his facebook page. saying he wouldn't have known one of the camouflaged animal had it not moved. they took a moment before heading back into the woods. probably pausing to say thank you too. >> yeah. we like those stories. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. not a fan of any of the presidential candidates? >> suppose none of you exists. you have a choice between voting for trump or clinton. >> i would choose nonexistent. >> you're asking me to choose
5:39 am
between the case of the measles and a bladder infection. >> you might have another choice. it could be one of those guys. john stossel is here to change. >> our favorite libertarian. are you notoriously losing your keys? exclusive deals just for "fox & friends" viewers on gadgets to solve all your problems. where are my keys? this is lulu, our newest dog.
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5:43 am
this, you're not going to believe this. a cruise ship slammed into a pier in san diego and it was caught on camera. [ screaming ] [ horn ] >> here's a tip if you're the captain. the horn is not going to help. the ship's throttle got stuck in the forward position. passengers coming back from the whale watching adventure, said the crew was screaming brace for cover. let's change subjects. it was the hottest car at the new york auto show. here's how i know. >> fire! >> an electrical malfunction sparked a fire in a porsche 911 turbo, like the one that stossel has. no one was hurt. the car was worth $180,000, exactly what stossel's is worth. why do i bring him up? hmm. >> he didn't like that comment. is 2016 an opportunity for a
5:44 am
third party candidate? john stossel said yes, and tonight he's hosting the first nationally televised debate between the top three libertarian candidates. he joins me now with more. our favorite libertarian himself. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> so tell us about this debate. the three candidates we're going to see. >> so libertarian party had some early polling and we picked the top three people and they'll debate three hours. next hour next friday. and after hillary and trump overwhelming front-runners isn't it team for someone who wants to increase liberty rather than reduce it? >> having an entirely different conversation in some ways is being had at the presidential level. there's a little bit of polling that's been done on what a libertarian might do on the race. i think we'll put it up on the screen. hillary clinton 42%, trump 34% and the most noted of the previous candidate, gary johnson. would a libertarian play spoiler in the race? >> well, that's possible. but let's spoil it then. also if you vote libertarian that allows libertarians to get
5:45 am
on the ballot. that was just one poll. but look, gary johnson he's a two-term governor. he ran as a republican in a democratic state. he cut the budget, he balanced the state budget. why he isn't more popular, i don't know. >> your point is that he represents a principled option for people who are libertarians. you asked a question of those three candidates in the special, about how they would feel about a trump or a clinton. here's what they had to say about those two. >> suppose none of you exists, you have a choice between voting for trump or clinton. who? >> i would choose nonexistent. i don't vote -- i don't vote for people who i don't believe in. >> you're asking me to choose between the case of the measles and the bladder infection. i don't know, i can't answer that. >> governor johnson? >> i would vote for a third
5:46 am
party candidate if none of us were up here. >> some agreement there. what was the biggest policy departure that these three candidates would have from sort of the republican candidates? >> well, from the republican candidates? republicans seem much more eager to go to war, to build up the military even though we're going broke. i would say that's the biggest difference. with the democrats, general spending and invasive regulation. >> well, there was a republican in the race who was a libertarian or noted libertarian, rand paul. he tweeted yesterday that he might have an announcement today. we've got a little spun up about it. he just tweeted -- here's what he tweeted yesterday, he said -- the announcement is going to be huge. don't miss it. he's got a major announcement tomorrow is what he said. and then he said, wow, many people telling me the best announcement, so much winning, obviously poking at donald trump. just moments ago, he said, yes,
5:47 am
twitter i'm just celebrating april's fools. would he go with a libertarian or an existing candidate? >> i would call rand paul libertarianish. i would heope he would go with one of the libertarians. it's annoying this is running on april fools' day, but these guys have much better ideas than either donald or hillary. >> people complain they want more policy and more substance. i have a feeling we'll get a lot of tough questions that folks should be thinking about around the election. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks. >> so folks can catch part one of the forum on stossel tonight at 9:00 p.m. on the fox business network. the second part is going to air i believe next weekend. >> next friday. >> thank you very much. ladies, are you looking for
5:48 am
a quick way to straighten your hair? the exclusive deal just for "fox & friends" on a brush that will do that. but first, let's check in with what's coming up at the top of the hour with martha maccallum. >> hey, there, pete. good to see you today. so there was a big power meeting between trump and the rnc. so is unity even possible at this point? and if it doesn't happen, what happens next to the gop and the convention? the party says they were not kidding about the pledge. and trump counts his numbers with women, but it's been a very tough week for him. we'll talk to the campaign, talk to rick perry, chris wallace, they all join bill and i when we see you at the top of the hour. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. put in dr. scholl's active series insoles. they help reduce wear and tear on my legs,
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it is your friday, and we are back with some more mega morning deals, just for our "fox & friends" viewers. joining me now is mega morning deals spokesperson, megan meany. >> look for the icon on the "fox & friends" website. starting with the l.e.d. light bulb/speaker. that's right. you screw the light bulb in and then voila -- journey, baby. >> that's amazing. >> while getting ready if your room for the weekend, you can buy this, play on your iphone and then the speaker is right next to your bed. >> you can light up the room and the dance floor at the same time. you can screw it into any light in your house -- today it's 60% off, so you can have it for $29.50. it's an energy saving light bulb and speaker. have a party. these are cool, these are called
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find a tag. you get the app on your phone, a free app. the xy app. identify the objects that you are going to keep track of. take a picture of them and your phone will send you alerts via bluetooth when you move away from the object. it will give you a location map of where you last left it. so those -- so typically today it's 72% off savings so from 60 to 24 bucks. never lose your wallet again. >> good gift. how about this? >> if you know anyone serving overseas, this is silver plated jewelry. great way to show your patriotism for the loved ones, it has nice phrases, like army wife. they have heart charms with the american flag. they're made in america. it's the made in america collection. >> for my son, my hero. >> nice. they typically go for as much as $88 but the mega morning deal is a lot less. you can get them for 25 bucks today. >> sterling silver.
5:54 am
>> that's right. this is the latest in hair technology. i was straightening yours during the commercial break. we'd like to get brian over here because his curls are out of control today. so instead of a flat iron, this is the new thing. you plug it in. it's a ceramic brush, it has the cone bristles that are massaging your hair, it's gentler way to straighten your hair. it typically goes for $129.99, but you can have it for 38 bucks. >> it really works. >> everybody is getting these now. not about the flat iron anymore. >> i love these, especially if you have children. flameless candles. >> it comes with a remote control and it mimics a three dimensional flame. you can do a steady stream. they come in a pack of two. candles are expensive. >> there's why it's -- there you go. >> you can use them all the time. if you lose power. i have a house in the woods, i lose power all the time that go for as much -- they go for as
5:55 am
much as $100, but only $29. that's a great deal. >> and then finally -- >> you'd never know these are faux, they're like natural -- >> how much are they? >> made of the best material. only $59 today. they're typically 200 bucks. it's the decor without the guilt. >> thank you so much. if you want to learn more and you want the buy any of these items, go to and click on mega morning deals. more "fox & friends," just moments away. when you have a digital notebook to capture investing ideas that instantly gives you stock prices, earnings, and dividends... an equity summary score that consolidates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score... and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in,
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but who you invest with. ♪
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before it's history, it's news. ♪ ♪ boys are back in town, boys are back in town ♪ >> well, if you missed us
5:59 am
getting batting practice earlier, check out thanks to awesome air for that batting came. >> you know, you want to get your kids in some swings before the game, and before practice. >> guess what today is? national cake day. we love the celebration. so because you're our guest today, you do the honors. >> who made our cake, ainsley? >> briggs bake shop. we love you. keep cutting. >> oh. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> we end april fools' with an exploding cake. >> we need a doctor. >> nothing to cut. >> you're about to cut your tongue. >> there's okay. >> by the bay, there's no frank's bake shop? no national cake day?
6:00 am
>> if you buy -- they have nothing to do with it. >> national cake day is in november. >> i was so hoping -- did you see me move away? i actually knew about it. >> thanks to the greesters. bill: we have a brand-new poll showing movement in the next race. ted cruz is up in wisconsin and that may put donald trump on a longer road to the nomination. martha: we have two hours. i'm martha maccallum. let's look at the fox business network poll. ted cruz is up by 10% in the badger state. you have got john kasich in third place. that ups the chances of a contested c


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