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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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"outnumbered." sandra: we need to turn up your mic next time. andrea: and we solved your shyness problem. >> a whole therapy session for the hour. andrea: we'll see you back on monday. "happening now" starts now. and how do we keep it out of the hands of terrorist? >> frightening scene in belgian, as europe's most wanted man is arrested. and now abdeslam will be extradited to paris france to answer for the paris attacks. and as north korea is rathing the nuclear sabre, who else may
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be making the bomb? the dangers of nuclear terrorism? and the harbor cruise turns terfoying. >> you can't stop. >> out of control with more than 100 passengers on board. >> it was just unreal. >> plowing in to a pier. it is all "happening now". >> but we begin with the battle for wisconsin. republican candidates gearing up for a final weekend of campaigning before the primary on tuesday. i am jon scott. >> and i am heather childers in for jenna lee. it is a couple of big tuesdays and another one might be on the way. donald trump trying to put a bad week behind him. stand nothing the way to the
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road of the nomination is a speed bump named ted cruz ten points ahead of him according to two poll ones and now the gop establishment is looking at the state as a critical juncture to stop trump to the nochlination in november. >> we start with carl cameron who is following the republicans live from dc. joishgs trump -->> reporter: those polls were taken before the abortion remark. he will be there on saturday and then through the primary with with a busy campaign schedule and he was in dc to meet with the foreign policy team. trump was slammed for suggesting as part of the reduce military in asia and europe he would down size the u.s. commitment to nato and then south korea and let
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saudi arabia develop nuclear weapons. all in all the rnc meeting was cordial. the rules of and in and outs explained. he indicated he would abide by the pledge to support the nom no despite the public comment because he said he was treated unfairly. it is cruz who is poised for a big win in wisconsin and that would further slow trump down in the attempt to get the 1237 delegates necessary for winning. if it goes to an open convention and the rnc told trump they are prepared for that, anything can happen. >> fascinating months ahead. >> months being the key word there. in the meantime the democrats focusing on the upcoming primary where a whopping 237 delegates.
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hillary clinton unveils a $10 billion plan aimed at revitalizing manufacturing in that city. and bernie sanders, the brooklyn native looking to shore up support among the young people and the working class voters. reporting live for us is ed. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to talk about p jobs. but the focus is what happened in new york city when she was at a rally in a greenpeace activist went after the candidate for the fact that lobbyist for oil and gas contributed. and hillary clinton's has a commanding position of delegates and she would think she would be feeling good. but she lost her cool with the
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activist. [inaudible] >> i take money, i am so sick of you can hear her saying she is sick of the sanders' campaign lying about the record. her campaign pointed out oil and gas employees contributed to the sanders' campaign. sanders campaign said they were not lobbyist. but the rally in the bronx over 18000 people. one of the biggest crowds and bernie sanders highlighted his own campaign record. >> we must accept the moral responsibility of reaching the planet in a way that is healthy and habitable to our children and our grandchildren and together, we will take on the
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fossil industry. >> reporter: you can see the back and forth. the big picture hillary clinton has a commanding lead with the pledge delegates and this coming tuesday, she is expected to lose in wisconsin. and then the new york primary in late april. she had a larger lead. but still in the lead, but more nervous as you saw the exchange about her adopted home state. >> yeah, a little bit. ed henry, have a great weekend. >> turning back to the republicans and donald trump could be facing trouble if he becomes the republican nominee. according to the polling from washington post and abc news, trump would be the most unpopular candidate from either party in modern times.
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let's talk about it with erin blake, political reporter for the washington post. most unpopular nom no in modern times? >> reporter: yes, sfashz -- as far as the nominees goes. it is rare to see big- name politician that more people like than don't like. it is not all that unusual. but for donald trump, it is to a different degreechlt two-thirds of the americans, 67 percent have an unfavorable view of trump and 67% a strongly unfavorable vow. it is tough numbers to win. >> hillary clinton has high negative ratings as well. >> she is on the high end as far as unfavorable ratings.
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she is at 53 percent p. 41 percent had a strongly negative view of her. if not for donald trump, we would be talking about how hillary clinton is the most unpopular nominee. but if you look at what it takes to win the presidential election, you want the majority of the americans to support your campaign. it is easier at 53 percent who don't like you know that 67 percent. >> gall up backs you up on one aspect of the popularity. his ratings among women, have continued to tank. right now 70 percent of the women rate him unfavorably and 23 percent rate him favorably. and females comprising 53
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percent of the electorate it is tough. >> this is not a small group. this is not latino voters. republicans can't win if they are getting destroyed among the women voters. if you look historically, the republican party did worse among women than men. if you are talking about a 2016 between tw donald trump and the first female president hillary clinton, we could see a gender gap. and i think it could be one of the subplots of the election especially if trump keeps on feuding with meg yn kelly and abortion. he needs to do better than that. >> everybody said it is an
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unconventional year and thrown out the rowel book running a presidential campaign and maybe he will turn it around. how do you answer that? >> it is possible. and all of us are gun-shy saying he can't win right now. we said he couldn't win in the primary, of course. but donald trump's political brand when he announced his campaign in june was not that well known. as people got to know him, a lot of republicans changed their minds and decide they liked donald trump. right now donald trump's politics are known to everybody. he's been the big new's story and two-thirds of the people don't like him is big. he needs to do more to change that than change the views with the republicans and the republican primary. it is a steeper hill for donald trump to climb in the general election. >> aaron, thank you.
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gretta will host a town hall with none other than donald trump in milwaukee, just two days before the state holds the primary. still to come, isis supporters work nothing the airport? that's what a belgian union said. dozens of terrorist sympathizers have access to the planes. the site of the terror attack. north korea wants to build on the nuclear. but what about isis? terrorist obtaining nuclear weapo weapons. do you feel that the mainstream media is turning on donald trump? go to
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>> "happening now" president obama and more than 50 world leaders are wrapping up a nuclear security summit in washington d.c. they posed for are the cameras. you can hear the shuters clicking the class photo. their goal is to preventist andm getting their hands on nuclear weapons. it could be found all around the world. and here is the example of high stakes. that is just hours ahead of the talks. and more on why nuclear materials remain vulnerable to theft despite efforts to lock them down. from nuclear threats, to terror attacks, security concerns keeping the brussels airport from reopening today. as terrorist suspect salah
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abdeslam was sent to france. benjamin hall is live in london with the latest. benjamin? >> reporter: the brussels airport was supposed to open tonight but police say security is not good enough yet. the main check in desk on the 22nd of march 12th people died. temporary repairs have been carried out to allow the airport to run. but police unions will deputy on strike unless security is further improved and had security been better before, the attack could and should have been avoided. the belgian media claims that one of the bombers worked in the airport and the others had criminal records with dozen with terrorist sympathies. and suspicious people are often
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ignored. belgian prime freedom and key members discuss when to reopen the airport. belgian authorities finally approved the extradition of salah abdeslam. his lawyer said he will cooperate with the french authorities and will help after previously saying he would fight extradition. it could take ten days to face charges and he will shed light on isis networks and plots going on, back to you. >> thank you, benjamin. >> well frank sinatra said if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fighting it out. both hope that the state where one of them lives and one of them was born can hold the co to
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>> welcome back. in "happening now", we have an extreme weather alert out of the southeast. this storm system that you see here is heading for the carolinas and prompting the national weather service on to issue a tornado watch for the coincidents in that area. the storm is making its mark in other states. tornados in mississippi taking out trees and power lines. people are now starting to assess the damage. three weeks to go to the new york primary. brooklyn native bernie sanders
10:22 am
is hoping for an upset. >> sanders launching the raucus in the bronx. drawing young people and the senator born in brock linlooks to beat hillary clinton in a state. political expertses say if he beats her in new york, all bets are off. we'll talk to mark larson. and kevin who is education advisor to president obama and president george bush. and also executive director of the american federation for children. kevin, that is quite a title. what is it looking like when the guy born in brooklyn takes on the senator who used to represent the state? >> bernie sanders talks the language that people want to
10:23 am
hear. he is more practical as opposed to political. that's a problem with the national politician dealing with the electorate and why donald trump resonated and bernie sanders resonate. but the issue is can he take it to the next level in new york. he needs to it extend beyond himself and get in substance and talk about education can make a difference. >> you know, politics is a funny thing, mark as you well know. sometimes an unexpected victory someplace can launch your campaign in directions it was not expected to go. and if you look at numbers in wisconsin. bernie sanders is beating hillary clinton 48- 43. can that be the momentum to drive him to a victory in her home state.
10:24 am
>> she's feeling the burn from the fbi investigation as well. and on the issue of education, one of the big opponents, kim is right if he talks education. i wish he would. there is a lot of educated students who are buying the sinker everything is free. that doesn't say hey america you are getting a great education. there is a lot of issues that make it right for whatever claims are made by politicians and right now, we see hillary exposing the same thing that are her core values. she is not coopting bernie's points and issues. that is inside of her all long. and we are seeing that released in this environment. >> kevin, what is driving the sanders' campaign?
10:25 am
>> he's speaking a populs message that people resonate with. and deputy to mark's point, not only wisconsin, but new york. what he really has to do is get more african-american and latino voters on his side. and tapping in the education realities of america makes a difference. two-thirds of american high school graduates are not college or career ready. 48 percent of the public schools are under performing and free college doesn't matter to the vast majority of people who graduated from high school today. he takes on the whole idea of making sure the education cartel knows he's looking at them at the same way as the oil or washington cartel. he talks about school choice and systemic reform, it makes a huge difference. >> i have said on this program.
10:26 am
when there are states like nevada, not 50 percent of the kids are graduating from high school, mark, it is tough to get a college education. >> this is a problem for hillary clinton. she is trying to be the third obama term. you see the president act like it is not his problem either. he's been president for the last eight years. and if she is embracing that and is a part of that undeniably, the problems we are talking about here education and national security issues come home to roost right there. again, that is another reason why she has to be concerned despite the super delegates that bernie is showing momentum here. she is breaking out the tried and true topics and talk about trump as the bogey man or which ever republican plays the victim card. >> but that is not going to
10:27 am
work. one thing and opportunity that bernie could have. hillary, i mean, bernie can't go to the further left of hillary. she's got the union support and this is his opportunity to talk to real people. look at the day in the life of the working class and low income family members. they want their kids to go to safe neighborhood school which for them doesn't exist. and better terms in education. if bernie spoke to those issues and instead of talking about free traportation to a private school that is funded publicly similar to what the other union members firefighters and nurses and police. they want that and support this issue. and if he did that, it would distinguish himself from clinton. >> you think the democratic race is going to get uglier?
10:28 am
>> yes, if the fbi brings it & justice department concurs. but i will give it to him. when you are a consistent socialist. he said he is a democratic socialist. it is hard to grasp the principles. and i don't know upon if he has that in them it. in you have a view of rent control the apartment in the new york area that is not giving you a view of entrepreneurism and help people through themselves. >> promising everything for free. >> mark and kevin, we appreciate it. thank you both. >> breaking down the fox business polls in wisconsin. and we get new insights in the race and donald trump facing a storm of media criticism. will it hurt him in the ballot box, howard kurtz is on deck.
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10:33 am
trouble with demographic groups. ladies and donald trump, a huge part. cruz at 46 percent. and trump at 27 percent and kasich at 21 percent. gop republican women in wisconsin giving cruz the nod here. and now on the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton having a hard time with people under 45. look at this, sanders scores 69 percent to clinton's 22 percent. cake here. that is a 47 point difference and very, very large and look at the kind of deep following that cruz has in wisconsin. i want to break it down for you. among those who definitely vote, he is leading over 11 points over donald trump. and very conservative, he leads
10:34 am
by 36 points over trump. and 61 versus 25. i have to tell you, kasich is an also ran in this white evangelicals, cruz dominated 49- versus the 28. you can see the wisconsin folks that have their own ideas. and one interesting point, the former governor of wisconsin would take 44 percent of the republicans and that is 20 points ahead of cruz. and scott walker could walk away with it if he was in the running. >> but he was only in the running for a month or so. >> thank you, jeri. donald trump facing a new media fire storm after the controversial comments on abortion and a lot of critics trying to paint him anti- woman. and howard kurtz explains that
10:35 am
is a threat to trump in the ballot buzz. thank you for joining us. >> hey, heather. >> you heard the numbers that jeri gave, among gop women cruz 46 percent and trump 27 percent and followed by kasich at 21 percent. is he anti- woman and how does he overcome this problem? >> it comes at an inconvenient time for trump. he was trailing and by making those comments to chris matthews and walking it back in a statement that gets brushed under the rug here, trump is feting a media narrative and they are seizing to say he is hostile to woman and look at what he said about heidi cruz and megyn kelly and michelle
10:36 am
fields, former reporter grabbed by his campaign. and the media numbers, who are not trump fans saying that trump has a huge problem with women and despite he hiring and promoting females in his company. >> why is that? >> trump gave them ammunition. and at the same time, it is it a story, i think you have with the abortion comments, trump kicked off the pro-choice and pro-life folks and he runs against the press regularly as you know and yet there are many liberal and conservative pundits and mainstream properties who predicted his demise. and he's not steeped on policy. and so the average politician,
10:37 am
hears abortion, he or she has in their head a carefully calibrated answer on abortion. and trump wings it and that's his style and that means he makes missteps and this is one of them. >> well, if he misspeaks on abortion, what about larger policy. and how does he overcome that. that's why his supporters like him. he's not a politician. and he's not scripted when he speaks? >> donald trump is at a point, with having a big lead needs to pivot to a sober and presidential style. i asked him about this. why do you respond on twitter? it is it the way he's built. it has got me this far. but there is a point where you have to be the commander in chief projection and not insult
10:38 am
artist. that's trump's challenge. >> and i liked in your article, the sharks are circling in the campaign water and sensing blood and being the dork that i am. i looked up how to survive. previous to this. he hit back. punch the shark in the nose. but no, best thing to do is calmly not make sudden movements and try to swim away. and perhaps that's what he's doing now. >> heather, i will keep that in the mind. and if he loses on tuesday, see all of this is going ghaens him and he will have to wait for the new york primary. >> howard. thank you so much. and you can catch more on media buzz right here on the fox news
10:39 am
channel. >> you can also punch them in the eye. >> the eye or gills, yeah. >> president obama weighing in on a treaty designed to keep a nuclear weapon from falling in the wrong hands. and plus, there is this. oops. a cruz ship blows in to a pier and creating a chaotic scone in america's beautiful city. >> he's coming straight in and he was honking the horn and the somebody said run, run. he can't stop. that's what we did. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall?
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each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®. >> welcome back. dramatic video is showing a 150 foot cruise ship coming in for a hard landing in san diego.
10:43 am
yeah, the boat smashed in to the dock yesterday afternoon. 140 people were on board. three of them heading to the hospital and witnesses looked on in disbelief. >> we heard him hit the gang mrafrng and he was not a good driver. >> it was loud and came to a sudden stop. it was loud. >> authorities blaming the crash on a mechanical malfunction. >> today marks the fourth nuclear security supit. he said the treaty protecting nuclear material will go in to affect soon. there is growing concern about isis in europe. >> no terrorist succeeded in
10:44 am
getting dirty bomb or nuclear. but al-qaeda has long sought nuclear material ares. and if these madmen got their hands on a nuclear bomb or material they would use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. >> absent from the summit was russian president putin. it is noticeable since russia and the u.s. control 90 percent of the world's stock pile. >> why did vladimar putin decide to boycot the meeting? >> putin and obama have a frigid relationship. putin sends a message. you will not do anything worthwhile unless he's there. and i don't think he will show up and be under intl
10:45 am
international pressure. he is deciding to send a message. and if i am not there, you will not get anything done. >> can a agreement without putin's signature be effective. >> it can with countries. but the serious concern about nuclear material relates to russia's program and their facilities and their material is not secured. and without putin's commitment to secure the material, the agreement will be ineffectual. >> there is concern about the iranians and what they are up to. does this agreement do going to reassure us about that? >> it doesn't at all. the nuclear agreement that president obama signed with the iranians is deeply flawed and will give iran an industrial sized nuclear program and they will be able to produce enriched
10:46 am
uranium. iran is a state sponsor of terrorism and that will have enriched uranium never mind handing it off to hesbollah. and this will not address that at all. >> we get to a nuclear north korea that just launched, it is not a ballistic missile but p short range and could be fitted to send nuclear weapons. >> north korea are on the path to manufacturing an ibm to hit cities like chicago and developing thermal nuclear weapons and the north koreas have 20 or so nuclear bombs. in that time, north korea is on the pathway of getting 20 or 100 nuclear weapons in five years.
10:47 am
>> the president said he wants to see a world devoid of nuclear weapons. he said it may not happen in his lifetime. is he dreaming? >> not only dreaming but following policies that will lead to proliferation of nuclear weapons. and this will trigger it in the middle east, one of the world's most dangerous regions. as the saudi arabia said we want industrialized nuclear program. they could be on a nuclear hair-trigger and that could be president obama's legacy. >> mark, thank you. >> and tonight, fox news takes an in- depth look at the fight against terrorism and what the white house is doing and could be doing better. former secretary of defense
10:48 am
robert gates talks about his reaction be of libya. >> i don't want any plans going to the white house. >> you write it bluntly. don't give the white house staff too much information on the military options and they don't understand upon it. >> pretty much. >> it was more blunt. >> for more of that, do not miss fox news reporting and rising tlit and shrinking military. bret baier tonight. >> and this year marks a major anniversary of the elite blue angels. that's next. a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> we'll ask the party chair about that. and burn up the bronx. bernie sanders taking on hillary clinton on her adopted home turf. and the real story on that just moments from now. right now a solid job's report boosting the stock market. in a few hours, look at the 84 points, at 17,767 and now 68. they are mostly in construction, retail and health care.
10:53 am
this is despite the slower group since last winter. >> the blue angels... turning 70. marking the occasion with a show case performance. phil keating has more from florida. >> reporter: hi, jon. they arrived and had an animal performance. and having had the once in a lifetime opportunity this morning to fly in one of the f18s, spectacular is right. these blue angel pilots admit they are a very cool job. >> it is indescribable until you have done it. >> reporter: for 70 years, the
10:54 am
navy's demonstration team wowed about half billion people. actually the flashy squadron's purpose and show casing courage and honor and commitment. >> the feeling ib sphired and that prevented me from blacking out in the g- forces i would soon endower and away my f18 went, screaming like a bullet and off of the speed of sound off of the florida keys. we did rolls and loops and 700 miles per hour. all incredible. >> that was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life, 40 minutes and it is exhausting. i feel like i was in the gym for three hours. it is a testament of how fit and in shape these pilots are and they are humble and modest about their jobs. look. we take the uniforms off and we are just people.
10:55 am
it is the military that inspires the country. >> just regular people doing barrel rolls of 7000 miles per hour. you do the negative g's and we hit throw. all of the blood races from the head to the legs. you you are flexing every muscle from your tows to your stomach and it is exhausting. >> cool. >> all right phil keating in florida. thank you. >> now a fox news alert. the south african president defending his actions and not stepping down in a rare address. this comes after the highest court ruled that he violated the constitution when he did not repay 16 million in government money that he spent on his private home. he installed a swimming pool and
10:56 am
an amp hitheater. >> nice place. ghost busters, announcing a discovery of ridding the world of evil spirits. the final 30, next. health isn't easy. ♪ ghost busters. just download our free coach by cigna app. for personalized programs from a team of health coaches to help you achieve your wellness goals. cigna. together, all the way. ♪ [engine revs] ♪
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11:00 am
sequel. >> i'm going to try and build one anyway. >> let's see how that goes. it's woodworking day. >> it's national woodworking day, month. that's what i'm into. the real story with gretchen starts now. >> fox news alert, senator ted cruz and kasich hoping to get the jump on trump in that state. hi every. happy friday. this is the real story. kasich wrapping up an event in pennsylvania before moving on to the badger state. he and cruz said to speak at a wisconsin event. donald trump arrives tomorrow. he's trailing cruz in the latest fox business news poll. blake live for us again. milwaukee today. blake, where do things stand right now where you are? >> hi there, frechen. good afternoon from milwaukee. we had the fox business poll released


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