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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 7, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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stay with us for our live web show. >> can't wait. harris: i'm looking at live chat. has thousands of people. they want a little free health advise. >> i'll give it. i'll give it. harris: click on overtime tab. we have live chat. have your voice heard. "happening now" starts now. database access. dangerous storms and a possible tornado wreaking ha voc in the south. where is the severe weather heading now? plus, a daring escape from a mental institution. now the manhunt under way for two men that police say are very dangerous. how did the two break out? and a massive explosion forces
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people from their homes? flames shooting high in the skies and so what caused the blast. it is it all "happening now". but we begin with presidential canditates from both parties attacking a bite out of the big apple. welcome to the second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i the heather in for jenna lee today. they are trying to chip away donald trump. here is cruz hitting trump's record. >> donald trump has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. i have no experience with that.
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>> just a short while ago from upstate new york. and this time on "happening now", we had a word p a mammoth poll show cruz and kasich have a long way to g. trump tops 50 percent mark. and the war of words between hillary clinton and bernie sanders over the resume and qualification. >> my response. if you want to question my qualification, let me suggest this the american people might wonder about your qualification when you voted for the the war in iraq and the policy blunder in the history of the united states of america. you supported every trade agreement, trade agreements that cost the american worker jobs. >> i understand bern sanders
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thinks that you are not qualified. >> it is sill toe say. i will trust the political voters of new york that know me. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking swipes at each other less than two weeks before the new york primary. and wyoming democrats will caucus this weekend. ed henry is following clinton and sanders on the trail. >> reporter: good evening, caucuses have favored bernie sanders. and he has momentum. the question is whether he will run in to a brick wall in new york. hillary clinton is running there hard. you have seen the back and forth of who is qualified to be the president and who is not.
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hillary clinton accused him of not doing his home work on a series of policy questions and including how to break up the big banks which is the core of bernie sanders' message she ducked a question and that angerred bernie sanders as you saw in the rally and this morning duelling news conferences and they went after one another again. >> i don't know why he is saying that. i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. let's keep our eye at what is at stake in this election. >> we'll be attacked and my qualification after being in the congress 25 years and supporting working people and standing up to the special interest, they question my qualification? i have a right to question
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theirs. >> interesting back and forth. and out on the campaign trail with both candidates, they have both offed of how it is a mess on the republican side and negative attacks and that the democrats have had a high- minded policy discussion back and forth spirited but polite delate. but that is going away in 24 hours, jon. >> ed, thank you. bernie sanders on fire and winning seven of the last eight democratic contest, including the victory in wisconsin. does he have a realistic chance to take away the nomination for hillary clinton. the math doesn't look good for him. why stick it out on. both p our guests are foc nows
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contributors, i suppose if i were bern py sanders joe i would look at the the record. seven recent victories and maybe he could pull this thing off? >> it's not likely. you look be at the even in wisconsin win, he comes out of there with maybe ten delegates or 14 delegates on hillary clinton. they are porportional and no win or take all states and the remaining states, he has to win 65 or 70 percent. and she only needs 32 percent of the remaining delegates to win the nomination out right. and that's why the rhetoric and sort of heated up. because he knows, he has to stop her in new york. if he can do that, then maybe things will break open. but p i think it will get closer though.
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>> pete, way back when the campaign started, bernie sanders was a novelty candidate and giving hillary clinton a role run for her money, why? >> i wonder what happened to inevitable? we saw the same thing in 2008 when hillary clinton was going to glide to the nomination and roll to the nomination over obama. and same in 2016. democratic voters themselves don't trust hillary clinton. they find her to be poll tested and prepackaged and she doesn't stand for anything but pure and raw ambition. she loses again and again. this is a problem for the democrats and they have a major enthusiasm gap. >> she has 58 percent of the vote so far and that is hardly
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losing. >> there is only two democrats that have done better than her. you know in the entire history. >> she can't win anyone under 40 years old. this is is the oldest of the oldest in your party and she can't get a pulse under 40 years old. and how is that a new message and unify the country. >> the coalition that is won for democrats in the last two cycles were young people and white progressives and women. and blacks. and latinos. sheep's winning black and latinos. and you want to see where they are going? they are going to the republican side. this is especially under
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40-year-old voters. >> we'll see how that plays out for the republicans. the party will rally behind the nom no. the question was will bernie have a chance of doing the nomination. >> if she has 58 percent of the vote she has way more than 58 percent of the delegates because p of the super delegates. >> it is the undemocratic process. they tlou away a bunch of elections and decided to rig the rules for the dnc so that those, it is difficult february a nonestablishment figure to get the nomination. >> she's got 2.4 million more votes than bernie sanders. people on the streets voting. >> but joe. >> she has 2.4 million more
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votes and more pledged elected delegates and far more than barak obama who had a now more. and there's no way. super delegates have never not once in the history of the party voted differently than the pledged elected delegates have done. that is not going to happen. in the end she will have more popular votes and pledged delegates in history. and bernie sanders can go to the convention because p of one big change with the super pac and on line fund-raising. he will be funded all the way to the convention in july and have the money to be there. >> bernie sanders took a veiled shot at hillary clinton addressing the a fo cio convention in philadelphia. listen to bernie.
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>> i have over a 25 year lifetime, a 98 percent pro a fl cio voting record. and i am not sure i was wrong on the two percent by the way. i will not love here this morning and go to a wall street fundraiser and i will not be hustling money from the wealthy and powerful. i group in a sense of the movement you are my family and we will win or lose the campaign on the backs of working families. >> and one more quick thing, peete, bernie sanders was born in new york and hillary clinton now lives and having represented the state as a senator. she leads 54- 42 percent p. she is the inevitable democratic
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nominee. >> she has a great shot and likely be the nom no but jon, this should have been a done deal for her. i can't believe a socialist is taking her to the 12th round here. that is crazy. in her adopted home state of new york, she's barely hanging on. it is a ten point tread. i don't know why she can't close the deal. i think it is because voters don't trust her. that will haunt her. >> look at the poll out of pennsylvania, mrs. clinton leads there only by six points. 50- 44 percent. in you are the inevitable nominee you want numbers higherthat, don't you? >> you want to obviously win as big as you can. this is the problem that sanders
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has here. she's beating him. 58- 42. 16 points and 17 or 18 million votes. she's boating him. someone would get the other 42. but in new york. 245 delegates. even if he wins new york. the close margins. he gets 125 and she gets 120. it just doesn't add up. because of the huge wins she had in bigger states earlier on. and whether the sanders campaign ignored them or couldn't compete it doesn't matter. those delegates count and he can't catch her without winning new york. 60- 40. and pennsylvania 65- 35. he has to win big from here on
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in. and you look at the polls that doesn't look like it is not going to happen. i am not say issing he's not running a good campaign or in through the convention. delegate math is a heart breaker in the democratic party. >> i have been on both sides of it. >> joe trippi and pete snyder covering the politics. >> covering a lot of ground there. >> merrick garland. and we'll have the details on him ahead. towering inferno in a neighborhood and evacuations underway and very tense moments. >> we had a woman passing by at the time of the explosion and she was able to get out of the
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vehicle in time. but it was destroyed, to.
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>> the president's pick for the supreme court is meeting with law makers on capitol hill today. merrick garland is speaking with ohio senator brown. the senator spoke on camera to reporters about that meeting. president obama is getting outside of the beltway to use the power of the bully pulpit to nominee. kevin what are we expecting from the president? >> reporter: it is a two- pronged approach. the president will take his case to at this time university of chicago law school. as he tried to get support for judge garland. he is meeting with susan collins
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of maine. she felt like he deserved consideration for confifrmation and hearings were warranted but she hasn't sdeeded if she would vote for him. he has conversations planned with a yeotte and grassly. he is the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. there is one man who is not buying. it and that is mitch mcconnell. he said no matter what president obama said, his judge garland does not deserve a hearing. >> it could impact our country for decades and dramatically affect the constitutional rights like those contained in the first and second amendments and i am sure he will continue to
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demand to have washington fight on one issue where we don't agree rather than working on issues where we do. >> reporter: for everybody at home. translation no deal at least not yet. >> what a head line kevin, thanks. strong storms topplingtros on the homes. where the weather system is headed next? breaking news out of washington state, police are searching for two patients that escaped a mental facility. we'll have the update next. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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washington state. a fox nows alert.
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one of the two psychiatric patients that escaped from the mental hospital has been caught. dan has the details from seattle. >> reporter: yeah jon, it happen just moments ago. one of the two escapees was caught 58-year-old mark the other guy is dangerous and a history of a survivalist. anthony garber was charged with a murder. the victim was stabbed and slit. he's been convicted of theft and burglary and known to use military style weapons and explosives and in 2009 he threatened to blow up a state
10:25 am
building and kill a federal judge and prosecutor. they were discovered missing 90 minutes later and now a bus driver said he may have picked up both men and driven them to a transit center. through bus video adams g did get on the bus and that's where the trail went cold. and theescapees were roommates in a four person rom. they slipped out through a window. they will not have identification or credit cards on then but could have cash. >> there is a plan to escape out of the window. but will we mote up or get a ride? no evidence yet. >> security was stepped up where the the men were dropped off nor
10:26 am
a popular shopping mall. and western state hospital has been plagued by assaults on guards and staffing levels so low, the federal government threatened to with hold millions in funding. one person is in custody, but the more dangerous of the two still at large. >> a massive cold front bringing heavy rain in the new england region. it slammed parts of the south. it took down trees in montgomery and damaged trailer homes. meteorologist is trying to figure out if a tornado or straight line winds caused all of the damage there. wildfires burning on both sides of the oklahoma/kansas board. oklahoma is working to control a large wild wild in oklahoma
10:27 am
city. and burning 80 square miles of land. and another fire in rural northern kansas and forcing residents to evacuate. it destroyed one mobile home and destroyed 300 acre. >> and donald trump meeting with the gop law maker ares. this is new questions about the rival campaign. was wisconsin a break out for cruz and what happened to it kasich. and voters in one state love this. getting a chance to abolish a city traffic court. way to go. to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy... your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining...
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10:32 am
the weakness of mr. trump but the strength of ted cruz. it was the first one that was competitive after marco rubio and locks like mr. cruztted a lot. and the kasich campaign given the proximity to ohio. the top advisors are pitching a contested conviction strategy where kasich comes out the nominee. let's talk about ford oconle and brad gersman. what do you think about the new york times analysis of the wisconsin race? is it a break through for ted cruz. >> understand why wisconsin was a big deal for ted cruz. it was a referendum on donald trump and not the establishment.
10:33 am
if trump can run through new york. the times could be eating cruz won because he convinced moderate and conservative voters to pick him over kasich. polls in new york and pennsylvania said moderate and conservative voters are not buying what ted cruz is serving. >> a lot of people were not buying what donald trump was serving. has he hit a watershed moment in his campaign. >> i don't know. he has issues with his campaign. well documented and i don't expect them to change quickly. because that's the way donald trump runs things. it is all about him. i don't think the new york times article is meaningful. it was not a win by ted cruz it was the republican establishment that stopped trump. is going to create a contested convention and the outcome was
10:34 am
worth the effort by the republican establishment. >> to brad's point. you have to understand for ted cruz. two weeks lead time and demographics and scott walker political organization and talk radio hammering donald trump 24- 7. and understand wruns we get to new york the pace will pick up and the states are more friendly and the best way to cure bad news for donald trump is tod he could win the next six contest. >> you think cruz will have trouble but he will not have time or resources. >> i think wisconsin for the purposes of donation money, that would be helpful to cruz and he can make the case. he will be the guy in the end of the line here. it will come down to the convention. i don't care what it is happening. it will not win 1234 for donald trump. >> brad i have one question
10:35 am
about that. look at the what bill hemmer projected he will be 50 or 75 delegates short after california. and we'll have 150 unbound delegates in the 40 days between california and cleveland. then donald trump can close the deal. if he doesn't win on the first ballot, here comes ted cruz. >> is that where kasich comes in? give him credit. he stuck in the race longer than the other competitor who had more money and backing. >> most credit he gets is he does it on a thin budget. he is waiting for a land mine and he hopes it is one of the players cruz or trump. but he will be facing a convention and hope that people toss the ball to him and
10:36 am
say john you are our guy and we will cut the deal. it is your ball. run with it? >> here is the problem with. that if cruz and trump have this many delegates. they will rewrite the rules in the week before the nomination. and voters going to ted cruz is selling a pipe dream. 1- 31. why kasich pushes the pipe dream only he knows and he has a sliver of a chance but it is ridiculous that marco rubio has more delegates. >> he's not gotten enough voters and should have won more. but when it comes down to a convention there is a theory that anyone is a possibility including mot romney and paul
10:37 am
ryan. should you stay viable and in the debate or front page news and that is the kasich mentality. keep in mind from the establishment point of view no one likes trump or cruz. and so it is not surprising that people in the establishment are looking for another option. >> back in the mid18 hundreds there was a republican convention that was contested and the guy who came out with the most vote was abraham lincoln. >> he won more than one contest and didn't have this few delegates. i agree that the establishment doesn't like cruz or trump. cruz and trump are the result of that. and quicken loans may be burning
10:38 am
to the the ground. >> nord and brad interesting look at the republican race from the point of view of both parties. >> thank you. the people speak and with the pennsylvania primary, voters could make a change and eliminate the philadelphia traffic court. douglas kennedy is here and has the story live. a lot of people like this idea? >> reporter: that's right, heather. philadelphia has been the place where it is better to know the judge than the law. and now all of that may change with a ballot measure later this month. getting a traffic ticket anywhere is a hassel. >> the voters have an opportunity. >> reporter: this is nothing compared to getting the ticket
10:39 am
and facing the deep corruption of traffic court in philadelphia. you have judges fixing tickets and taking bribes and nine traffic courts indicted. >> in philadelphia there were two kinds of justice. those who were politically connected and the judge for the rest of us. >> reporter: one traffic judge resigned after showing pictures of his privates on his cell phone. and he and his colleagues got convicted. the state legislator combined it with the traffic court. joefry golden is a traffic court judge. he said the mu pal is to strick.
10:40 am
>> your client comes expecting leniency. >> they get cases on a factual basis only. >> the it will force those to part of the reason. >> your ponent said it is more corrupgdz. >> it is out of it. and that is part. and trust in the system is pack in. i am dicted with the traffic durt and they be gut them slack there. nyay me to. >> north korea, launching an
10:41 am
assault against south korea and it is especially concerning with pyongyang's nuclear once again making news. >> and now we are learning an eruption in a middle of a neighborhood. we have learned what caused it.
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>> right now investigators are pointing to a construction accident as a cause of a fire yesterday. the crews pierced the high-powered gas line and caused the explosion. it moved to several cars. and they were quickly able to explode and allow the fire fours to get it under
10:45 am
control. and that is in afghanistan. great to have you back. putting that together. a short range missile launch what does that mean? >> he is not slowing down the desire to target. there is two different concerns here. there is a short range missiles things like the scuds to put a nuclear war head and the icms that he doesn't have the technical ability yet. the subtraining and the soldiers on the border or gps, it looks like it is a rehearsal. they look like they are
10:46 am
provoked. >> this is the time of the year when they do that. i want to ask you about iraq. so many people have served in the special forces. there is a report that the pentagon is looking at opening up out posts to help the iraqi military retake control of mosul. and the outposts would be a support role but is there such a thing as a support role in the war? >> it is the first line of every chapter and book ever. it no longer called fireplace bell. it is counter complex. >> they changed the name? >> they changed the name. it is noted that we are there in a support role. there are no front lines.
10:47 am
we just lost staff sergeant carter, a marine a few weeks ago at that outpost. >> i think of outpost, how safe are our men and women over there? >> again, we just lost a marine there. can they act in a support role? absolutely. they have mortar rounds launched at them. are they safe? if we are not calling it like it is we don't support them as we should. >> the rules of engagement can men and women effectively protect themselves? >> the rules of engagement are changing up. they have close air support. but the the fact of the matter is the difference in what is occur nothing afghanistan and iraq is very different. the role is creeping in a combat role. >> i want to ask about the sinai
10:48 am
peninsula. the troops are there to keep the peace but under the threat of isis right now. and tell me about that? >> there are 700 troops there and yes, as you mentioned, part of the '79 peace agreement said there would be a multi- national force that we are a part of there. they have been targeted by isis. an ied went off and wounded four american troops. they are targeted. if we pull those troops out of the sinai peninsula, it is going to give a propaganda victory to isis to say look what we accomplished? >> can we adequately protect ourselves? you have to worry about the threat of isis and what hay do to our guys? >> we do. maybe they need to consolicate the bases and from a strategic
10:49 am
perspective that is a value. you are talking about a canal there that we helped to secure for the shipping ability for that part of the world. i would be we pull. and never mind what it would give to isis. >> we just want to keep our guys safe. >> you're very welcome. >> jon? >> forcing a number of americans to shell out money this tax season. the penamenty that could break the bank for american families and businesses. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard. tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein
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>> hi, everyone. i am gretchen charleson. the rules committee.
10:53 am
we'll speak to one of the first people on the committee. what rules will they change or keep the same? plus is it the people or the delegates who who the next gop presidential nominee will be? and honor the international day of the girl. don't miss the end of the show today. the real story in just moments from now. well the tax deadline is coming up fast for millions of americans and some of whom are facing penalties for opting out of health insurance. fox business network jerry willis has more. >> that's right. the affordable health care act, obama care imposes a penalty and you have to have a specific kind. and to make sure you are. >> throw 25 if you don't have
10:54 am
coverage and one schoper child or two percent of household income. which ever is bigger. next year 695 for adults. this will be for the people who are filing the penalty. and that's how much we are going to be paying this year. the numbers are totalled up right now. federal payments of 3.3 trillion. and the states 1.6 trillion. and a total of 5 trillion and a 150 americans that are filing tax forms will have to pay. that is 31 percent of the nation's income. and that is more than what americans are paying for food clothing or housing. and the things that are keeping you going. you will be paying more in
10:55 am
taxes. tax freedom day, april 24th. and that will take you all the way to make enough money just to pay your taxes. >> i have no words. >> i know i know. >> thank you. >> it gets later and later every year. >> and you heard the phrase every dog has its day. this dog's day is fun and he earned it. the final 30 coming up next.
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>> in our final 30 today. a police dog discovers the simple justify playing with a a
10:59 am
a balloon. it is better to watch than explain. [laughter] he didn't pop it. >> he is ros cow and he deserves the fun after he and his handlers were said to be pest in the west. they can serve the police department. and those dogs are so smart. my german shepherd dog anyhow the difference between red and green. >> rebound balloon. >> it your dog do that. ? >> no. all my dog is oat stuff.
11:00 am
>> he got in your printer cartridge. >> the real with gretchen starts now. >> see you tomorrow it. >> fox news alert on thursday. presidential candidates taking their message to the people in the next voting contest. i am gretchen carlsson and this is the real story. ted cruz and john kasich are campaign nothing new york. and democratic side hillary clinton is stumping in her home state. and sanders is in pennsylvania. and we have is connel in the campaign trial. >> reporter: such such was here not


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