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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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attacks in brussels. maybe also a break in the probe into the last november's carnage into the last november's carnage
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. bell again prosecutors are making several arrests. several arrests in the brussels bombing and metro. 32 people died in those attacks. reported, not confirmed, one of the two arrested was 32-year-old mohamed abrini. also reported that after the attacks he is more than likely the so-called man in the hat. that third suspect at the brussels airport bombing. he is seen with two others pushing carts, loaded with suitcase bombs, two bombs went off. his didn't. he fled. what make this is more believable, again we still don't have hard confirmation, harris, yesterday we told you about belgian police releasing extended video of very same suspect. they were calling on anyone to come up with any information. maybe somebody did. if it is abrini, he as played a support role in last november's paris attacks that left 130
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dead. he was scene in surveillance video with arrested paris attack suspect, abdeslam. the second man we know a little bit less about. ed sweetish man linked to isis. also reported second suspect in the moat troll bombing in brussels. he was man seenly briefly by khalid el el-bakraoui, at the metro station. left dozens dead and injured. he was bringing him a suitcase bomb. what is interesting, harris, the second suspect apparently bought the suitcases at a department store in brussels. if we all remember, those suitcases were filled with a lost explosives, a lot of nails and. important breakthrough.
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we're waiting shortly for a press conference hopefully to confirm all this but it looks quite significant, harris. harris: implications the world over. we saw brand new video by islamic state savages. they want to unleash new terror based on countries that harbor followers of the cross. you can read that as christians if you like. renamed a lot of targets back in europe. a lot of people watching the investigation closer even now with these breakthroughs. greg palkot, wee bring you back as news warrants. thank you. reporter: thanks. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tanteros. here today, harris faulkner, you just saw her. fox business's dagen mcdowell. democratic strategist and fox news contributor julie roginsky. today's #oneluckyguy, you remember him as the face of calvin klein. actor from general hospital, and host of the syndicated show, fix it and finish it, the man who seems to do it all, antonio
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sabato, jr. welcome back. >> good to be back. andrea: we talked about janet jackson yesterday. >> yes. andrea: her impending pregnancy. you were in her music video. >> many, many years ago. >> that was memorable video. we all remember that from 20 years ago. >> now i'm sweating thank you. i scheduled my college classes around general hospital. i'm fan girling. harris: i love "true confessions." >> harris just found out too. hi, mom. andrea: someone else also in a janet jackson video also on the couch. we'll leave that to "outnumbered overtime" next week. how bit? let's get right to it. the battle for new york heating up in a big way. with about 10 days until voters head to the polls, while donald trump is still decidedly in the lead, he is starting to hid some roadblocks. that is according to the latest
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associated press-gfk poll. seven in 10 americans hold unfavorable view of the front-runner. ap calls that unprecedented popularity among every race, gender and political viewpoint. this as trump just shaken up his campaign staff. he also seems to be adopting a new gameplan, canceling a california trip to spend the next several days aggressively campaigning in new york ahead of the april 19th primary. meantime ted cruz is still defending his new york values comments. here is the texas senator speaking to bill o'reilly. >> i think people across new york, across the country know exactly what new york values means. those are the values of liberal democratic politicians who have been hammering this state. i've been campaigning across, across new york and people are stopping me literally every day saying i know exactly what you meant and i'm fed up with what these liberal democrats are doing to us, the people of new york. they're the ones suffering for
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it. as you noted donald trump has been funding it year after year after year. andrea: the cruz campaign also working furiously behind the scenes to stay close to trump in the empire state and beyond, in the all-important delegate fight. let's shift to the empire state, antonio. cruz's goal is to keep donald trump below 50%. right now he is polling very well. but this is natural fit for him. this is his home state. >> right. andrea: ted cruz is struggling. you saw him booed out of the bronx. they don't seem to like him here. that new york values comment didn't help with a warm welcome. >> exactly. cruz would not be into the fight if it wasn't for trump. if trump wasn't in the race you wouldn't see cruz. i think it may be rubio at this point. i think trump will win new york and win california. we'll see in june what happens after that. tough with trump. his party doesn't want him. democrats don't want him but the people want him. so at the end of the day the
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people will vote. i will vote for trump and i'm behind i am 100%. i hope that we'll see him in the fall. andrea: i mentioned, yesterday, antonio, that you do believe he will win california. >> yes. andrea: you said it now. why do you think he is doing so well in a state like california? do you think it matters he foregod going out to the sunshine -- that is florida, going out to california instead opting to stay in new york? >> i have is tough times. we need somebody who is honest. he may not be perfect, nobody is about stuff he talks about but at end of the day he is honest. i can not trust cruz. there is something about him. definitely don't trust hillary or anybody on that side but i trust trump. i think at end. day he wants what is best for the country. he cares for the country. he is a true patriot and i believe everything he says. andrea: harris hard to reconcile, you read these polls, so unpopular. seven out of 10 don't like him. who is voting for him?
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how is he doing so well in blue states? harris: tell you about polls, he only looks at ones he likes. that might be something people want to do too. what is his perspective on this? that is what informs what he will do next. i don't know that bad polls or motivate him that say, yeah, you're doing the right thing. talk about move in hollywood. scott baio, susan sarandon, particularly with susan sarandon coming forth give a guy like donald trump a look. >> right. harris: i don't know how she voted over years but hollywood is not generally warm and fuzzy to conservatives and out right republicans when they say so. are things changing and is trump part of that change? >> i think they're changing all over the world. the country is changing last seven something years. people are fed up. they care about security. they want this country -- most want the country go where it used to be. unique place the united states.
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it needs to go back to. i think they want it back. they can only get that back if trump is elected. >> i think you're touching on something that trump supporters need to focus on, that is winning over conservative who is are not on board with his campaign. because with some of these supporters anything short of like pure ex-sulttation and adulation and greeted with fury and insults from these supporters. if you don't get it i'm not going to explain it to you. there is a blindness amongst some of his most loyal supporters that feels like hillary clinton's supporters where they don't acknowledge his shortcomings. they need to convince people, convince conservatives, he needs almost 70% of these unbound delegates to get to 1237. they have to get him on board and soon. andrea: stay on that.then. if it's let's say not donald trump. could you argue the inverse when it comes to ted cruz. how do you then get the trump supporters who are going to feel that they have been denied their voice. and i guess you could say the
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same thing on the left too. i mean you have this fight between hillary and bernie. if one or other doesn't get it both sides have work to do to coalesce their party. >> they both do. bigger concern with cruz and kasich is your wildcard here, right? kasich -- >> he invited to the party but he is hanging out in the back. nobody knows who he is. >> he won't leave. harris: and he won't leave. >> but he won't leave. >> the danger is that trump supporters want him to run as third party candidate if he can't get nomination. >> that is difficult to do. michael bloomberg underscored how difficult that is to do. bureaucracy in the 50 states is denying someone run. only way he gets libertarian party or somebody established party to nominate him as their nominee. you've bottom according to ap poll, according to donald trump is not classiest poll in the
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world but, look, i mean ultimately, you have 31%, almost a third of republican candidates saying if he is the nominee they will never vote for him. a lot of that is obviously bluster they want him to be nominee. you have interesting phenomenon you never had before, a true chunk of republican electorate will not vote for him or vote for anybody else if he is denied nomination. if he has plurality of the vote. sympathize with reince priebus, chairman of rnc. andrea: we can talk about democrats in the next block. you worked on campaigns. you no new york politics. speak to ted cruz he wants to deny donald trump over 50% mark because that would deny him delegates. >> donald trump truly, probably will be brokered any way, to avoid a brokered convention he needs to take 50%, that is winner-take-all. he get all delegates. cruz is smart to deny him 50%
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because it becomes proportional. problem with cruz you can't come to new york and criticize new york values -- harris: he gets it now. >> if you're explaining ted cruz you're losing. reality he is explaining what he meant and losing. >> when he said new york values, wasn't a straight-shooter. call him a heath en, liberal, lefty, don't say new york values. harris: tough to get a second chance when you had a second chance. now he has a third or fourth to explain it. quickly, person with lot of experience on the couch is andrea. i don't want to miss opportunity to ask something you mentioned before, that is unknown variable of independents. you're talking about how split it is among republicans. i won't vote for trump. i will only vote for trump. what about independents who haven't come out yet but only able to in some states with closed primaries? andrea: they will be hugely important. that is where elections are won or lost. obama obama changed that model because he rallied the base.
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if trump can't close the base, like hillary clinton you have to look to the middle to rally those independents. look numbers how well trump has done and sanders done with independents, much better than clintons and much better than the cruze will have to make a big play. you have to adopt the general election mentality. >> his supporters need to do it too. they have to stop being thin-skinned. and they have to focus getting people on board rather than -- andrea: electorally easy for him to make general election turn before a state like new york, a state like pennsylvania and state like california which isn't as conservative say iowa. harris: that's true. andrea: he has a little bit of work to do on that. harris: makes a difference in the states because of delegate pool. you have a lot of delegates. >> you have to stick to what is important which is security and economic part of it. i think he is changing things around. his team will be changed. as we speak, so, tough times are
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ahead of us you know. >> antonio, you raise a really good point. when he was doing well, talking about wall and trade with china. where he started doing poorly last few weeks with abortion kerfuffle on 20 sides of same issue. heidi cruz back and forth whose wife is hotter. that is stuff he needs to avoid talking about. if he goes back to the core economic message and -- >> listen to ivanka and melania. harris: he has policy speeches coming up. he is meeting with lawmakers on capitol hill to get those who don't support him on board. >> republicans always stumble on social issues. trying to be super red, ultimate conservative litmus test you have to face in primary to win, seems to always trip them up. amazing they don't learn lessons to have the answers nailed down before they start campaigning. all righty. well the democratic party taking a ugly turn. bernie sanders under fire after saying hillary clinton is not qualified to be president. and now, a top clinton supporter
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playing the gender card. uh-oh. is this race turning into chaos as well? new comments from fbi director james comey on hillary clinton email probe as clinton blasts any speculation she could face criminal charges. we'll talk about. ♪ this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol?
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♪ harris: welcome back on this fine friday. the democratic presidential fight is starting to descend into chaos. bernie sanders is refusing to back down, feel that bern, after saying hillary clinton is not qualified to being president. top democrats hitting back. even the white house is saying the most qualified non-vice president to run in campaign history. that is the a lot of qualifiers. what about playing the sexist card. this is claire incomes cast kill, a clinton surrogate -- mack cast kill. >> saying hillary clinton is not qualified is like nails on a chalk board. women succeeded in male dominated fields have been used to being marginalized that they
9:20 am
are not qualified. this is example we have a candidate for president is most qualified and happens to be a woman. and i think there are many women that are excited about that and more anybody to call her unqualified is hard for those women to hear. harris: tell you what was interesting for me to hear. i covered claire mccaskill for years when i was reporter in kansas city. i was shocked to see her play first the sexist gender card, then devolved into this whole thing i guess you can't criticize and women and all women on board. >> i've been critical in the past about playing gender card because i think you should vote for somebody based on qualifications and not on fact she happens to be a women. having said that in this particular case i think there is something to be said for the fact that women have a higher standard, not just hillary clinton, but all of us have higher standard we have to live up to than men, sometimes in terms of qualification. see study after study shows that that is empirical data that is out there i can point to. what is going on right now,
9:21 am
bernie sanders raised a good point for democratic base. i don't think she is qualified because she voted for the war. i don't think she is qualified because she voted for wall street. they are salient points, in the democratic primary without saying unqualified. harris: how is that gender component? he didn't say she is based on her resume' but based on how she performed. >> i think the -- harris: with how does unqualified get gender assignment. >> unqualified to a lot of women, look i understand, as i said i'm uncomfortable using the gender card but i think for a lot of women to say you're a woman is very long resume' but you're not qualified for something based on, you could have use ad different word. harris: what word could he have used? >> listen, he could have said she is disqualified as opposed to unqualified. harris: whoa. not the word, but the prefix. >> legitimately, guys, could have said she is disqualified based on her position not on her
9:22 am
resume'. >> she wasn't qualified to be president of the united states. she wasn't qualified to be secretary of state and benghazi and emails. she wasn't even qualified to be wife of the president after what he did, mr. clinton. she is definitely not qualified for any of the stuff they're talking about. >> don't you mean disqualified based on her positions but -- >> not qualified, anything qualified? she is not qualified for anything? she should be in the behind bars, she is qualified for that. she is qualified for prison. >> wow. all right. dagen: claire mccaskill is doing same thing, took bernie sanders word shouting, made that sexist comment. >> she was wrong to do, i agree with that. dagen: she was wrong to do. i point to senator mccaskill desperation is the worst perfume. that wreaks of neediness and worry. by the way, bernie sanders though, he handed his mojo away when he said the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your emails because that is his best card. around he now can't play it. and he won't play it. harris: he can't?
9:23 am
you don't i they can? you don't think he can come back east specially where they are with fbi investigation. dagen: he made if she get indicted, maybe. >> doesn't work in democratic primary. dagen: he handed that away. >> doesn't work in democratic primary. what works is attacks on wall street and speech on iraq. but unqualified based on her resume' that speaks to something different. andrea: maybe watching all footage people asking what hillary clinton's accomplishments are people can't name any including her self? she was asked, not only, jen psaki, go down list of people, julie, nobody seems to be able to name a key accomplishment by hillary clinton. >> i can name a few. andrea: hillary couldn't name one herself. bernie is going off of that. if she can't liz reasons she is qualified why would he be able to do so? dagen, you say the desperation is the worst perfume. how about victim-hood or incompetence? if we are to believe hillary clinton, let's say we take her at her word, this whole email
9:24 am
thing was based on incompetence. she didn't know the rules. she didn't know what is classified and what isn't classified. she didn't know. couldn't get people to rescue americans in benghazi. that is not the best argument to be commander-in-chief when your argument is -- >> that is not what he is saying. andrea: she made a mistake and misunderstood. >> that is not what he saying. whathe is not saying that. essentially saying based on her positions which unqualified. the word is disqualified. harris: i didn't hear him actually say what you're interpreting. he didn't say based on her positions. >> i'm paraphrasing. harris: based on job he did. >> he is is unqualified because she voted for because she voted for war in iraq and unqualified because she gave speeches to wall street. >> give you very good one, right after 9/11, senator, working for senator from adjacent state, no question, no question that a lot of funding that came back here, to rebuild ground zero, to remediate all the health damages. andrea: what a portait in
9:25 am
security to vote for homeland security after 9/11. >> excuse me. andrea: part of administration cut $100 million if funding. >> are you kidding -- harris: talk about email issue. it's a looming issue over what is happening. you think bernie sanders won't play this card. i don't know. the investigation into hillary clinton's use of private email server when secretary of state is at issue. make it clear that the fbi's hands are staying clean from politics, the fbi director james comey says he is personally keeping a close eye on it all. he says the agency will not be rushed and that the timing of the upcoming democratic convention is a non-factor. in a speech to college students in ohio, he also stressed the fbi is more than up to the job of finding the facts. watch. >> i love the fbi because we aspire to, i think we are, three things. we're honest, we're competent and we're independent. we're not perfect. we're competent and we're independent. i stayed close to that investigation to insure that it is done that way. that we have the resources,
9:26 am
technology, the people, and that there is no outside influence. harris: meanwhile amid all this hillary clinton does not seem at all concerned about a possible indictment. she says republicans have been after her for ages and investigations like this are just business as usual for her. >> they live in that world of fantasy and hope because they have got a mess on their hands on the republican side. that is not going to happen. there is not even the remotest chance its going to happen. look they have been after me, as i say for 25 years. harris: so i think this plays right back into where you guys were going at it. that has to do with how we see what's happening. that's what i think bernie sanders is trying to say that he sees. whether he used the wrong prefix on the word, i don't know it is not for me to say but it is interesting, you can't deny what is happening. even comey says he got to make sure it doesn't seem like politics. >> anyone else but hillary clinton would have been behind bars. i have no idea. how she is so confident about
9:27 am
everything she says. i can't wait for, you know, for, when it turns out to be wrong for her. >> can we just acknowledge that james comey i think we could all agree is somebody who is not a partisan hack? so if he recommends an indictment, i think democrats should take that seriously and not say he is doing bidding of some republican conspiracy. but if he doesn't recommend indictment can we say he did an investigation that found she did nothing criminally wrong that warrants indictment? my concern that people are so again, like a movie where everybody wants to see what they want to see. ultimately, let the fbi do its job. she has no choice but to say there will -- we can't say we'll see what happens. dagen: maybe she needs to stop laughing about it. because when matt lauer, remark republicans want to see her in handcuffs. she said -- [laughter]. harris: wow. dagen: as judge napolitano said, she is laughing at the fbi. and i'm dying to see if she goes
9:28 am
in and sits down for an interview with them. because if you lie to the fbi, they can lie to you when they interview you. she can't lie to them. ask martha stewart what happens. you get, you get -- andrea: her argument somehow republicans are after her. this is not the vast right-wing federal bureau of investigation. this is obama's fbi and i disagree with you on comey. if you remember, comey is a political guy. this was the same guy that wouldn't reauthorize the nsa bill when john ashcroft was in the hospital. they had to go to ashcroft's bedside to get him to sign these documents. comey is a political guy, julie, but comey is the not problem of the fbi will do their work. this team of people investigating her, very skilled. i believe they will make a recommendation for indictment. it is not going to happen in obama's doj the reason why she is so cocky because the white house is giving her cover. even the president gave her cover. >> you just backed up my point. james comey working for bush administration and wouldn't go
9:29 am
along with what he wanted. what makes you think he would go along with obama administration wanted. >> he cast currying favor. >> why would you say that. there is nothing in the resume' to back that up. >> of course there is. he is political guy. >> under your scenario any fbi director is political guy. who can do this investigation to your credit. andrea: that is not what i'm saying. >> it is. dagen: andrea: i think he trusts the agents and they're going to recommend charges, this group investigating her. they're very serious and very good. >> okay. andrea: it is doj. >> fine. andrea: loretta lynch will -- >> if there is recommendation by james comey and fbi we'll know about it and in which case -- andrea: by a leak. >> that is exactly my point. that is exactly my point. reality is, let's way and see, conversely if there is no recommendation by the fbi you can't say -- andrea: james comey -- harris: obviously there is criticism comey thinks he needed to quell, right? he is talking about timing for a
9:30 am
reason. that just didn't pop on landscape. non-factor whether or not convention is coming up. it doesn't matter. but it does happen, if it happens before or after november it is a big deal. >> she did something illegal. that is just the point about this, is that no matter what is going to happen, whether it will be done two months from now or end of the year. it will happen. just -- andrea: whole administration operates above the law. she is part of an administration, its the whole administration does it. that is why she won't -- >> can't have it one way or other. harris: we'll move on. jarring new report about develop think people leaving chicago in droves. this story should make you sit up and pay attention. also happening, an alarming crime surge. what is driving both those trend? what can we do to stop it?
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♪ andrea: new troubles in the nation's third largest city. report find that chicago is seeing growing number of millionaires leaving over racial tensions and high crime. there is also a drop in the number of african-american households making over $100,000. now, chicago, among the top four cities worldwide seeing millionaires exit. paris had the most. followed by rome, then chicago, then athens. all this as chicago had the deadliest start to the year in nearly two decades. murders are up about 72%. at least 135 people killed already this year. shootings are up more than 88%. and officers are even complaining about new forms that they call, too time consuming to fill out. there is also a report, more chicago police officers are retiring than are joining the force. so major recruitment issues. okay, dagen, you can't drive out all the millionaires then you
9:36 am
kill the goose that lays golden egg that pays for everything else leaves the city running. dagen: 100% the looks like detroit, baltimore. it is not just violence. all of croat politics and crumbling finances. trying to repair finances to fix the school system, they raise taxes on people. chicago has highest sales tax rate of anybody in the country. that is 10.25. that is progressive, hits lowest income people the hardest. what happens? people leave the city. it is a vicious cycle and somebody has to come in and stop it. who that person is i have no idea. andrea: where are all the millionaires going, harris? harris: it is interesting. we have couple things happening in this country. you have a government right now not necessarily tax-friendly to companies that decided to stay home. that complicates. many of them are business owners, to move around too much.
9:37 am
one of their options might not be here as in usa we have to see where they migrate too. i want to cede my time to you, you witnessed some of this happen in chicago. you say it breaks your heart? >> tick brass my heart. i love chicago. since i moved into the state in 1985, i love going to chicago, new york, to major cities. i love this country. in the last seven years, isn't our president used to work in chicago? harris: well he is from there. >> he says he is from hawaii. harris: has a home there. senator. >> and so, gun laws are really high -- one of the best gun laws right in the chicago and taxes, are highest, nothing is going on in that city. actually it is getting worse every single day. so, policies just have not worked. but not only chicago, i think a lot of other cities. baltimore, detroit. these are, in the '80s these cities were unbelievable. now you can't even go there. >> what is interesting to me about this, dagen, you probably know more about that than i do,
9:38 am
new york city is very good example, stringent gun laws, high taxes. city income tax, state income tax, probably one of the highest taxed cities in the world. millionaires not leaving new york city. david: poe next growth. dagen: quality of life is down -- >> mayor de blasio aside -- harris: internationals are coming here. >> right. they're they're using this as tax haven. what i don't understand to some degree, why chicago? chicago is world, class city. stunning growing city. make sense why people are fleeing athens and why they are fleeing rome. obviously economy is horrible. why chicago? pretty much has tax structure and gun control policies not dissimilar from new york. why chicago in the mess it's in and new york doing better than ever? i don't understand what the difference is. maybe you know the answer. andrea: i would dispute that point. crime in new york in new york under mayor de blasio.
9:39 am
the influx of millionaires is foreign. go back to what you said, antonio, same issues you see across the country. targeting of police. these onerous gun laws. you have police that have recruitment issues. a lot are retiring because they don't have the back of the mayor. who has been glorified for doing a great job, rahm emanuel. >> there is no leadership above as our president and kind of goes down that way. police, fire department. teachers, you just name it. this country is just changed. nobody, politically correct about everything. that has got to stop. what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. dagen: where are they going? miami, austin, nashville. boom. >> or europe. going to australia. harris: company make as decision taxwise, coupled with having to leave their home in chicago to feel go elsewhere outside of u.s. andrea: bubba, he is doing it again, bill clinton of the former president going off script on campaign trail for the
9:40 am
his wife's run for the white house. pushed back against black lives protesters in major way. will this help or hurt his wife's prospects in new york and later on. >> you are defending the people that you killed the lives you say matters. tell the truth! but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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9:45 am
maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. [cheering] you are defending the people who killed the lives you say matters. tell the truth. andrea: so the clinton versus "black lives matter" protesters, julie, it was interesting exchange, a lot of people nodding listening to bill clinton. >> it is very interesting exchange he is reminding people there were a lot of things that the democratic base loved. assault weapons band, community policing, all sort of things people in the base love would still be here. on other hand it is politically risky move. there are some people in the democratic base and especially african-american community know perhaps unintended consequence meant incarceration of a lot more young black men than needed to be incarcerated. there were a lot of, i think unintended consequences of this legislation. what i think is interesting here, you have protesters trying to shout down bill clinton.
9:46 am
bill clinton is engaging protesters. contrast with donald trump who throws them out of his rallies, wants nothing to do with engaging anybody. that is bit of a difference. i wish more people would do this on both sides of the aisle. engage the protesters to try to explain their views. he brought up salient points, rather than we only want to preach to the choir. we don't want dissenting views. i commend him. andrea: harris, his crime bill, wasn't perfect but was largely effective. bill clinton's crime bill brought a lot of resources to cities like new york under mayor giuliani did a lot of good for these cities. clinton is defending his legacy. harris: he is defending his legacy but dealing with something, what is going on in your political party? you saw this with bernie sanders with these people coming out. he is defending this notion we can talk to each other without being visceral. remember when "black lives matter" got up on stage and tried to take the mike. >> moved sanders away.
9:47 am
harris: there is a way to have the discourse and a way to have this back and forth but it has got to be civil. >> i'm so glad you brought this up, something very distressing i will defend ted cruz first time in my life based on what you said, ted cruz wanted to speak to charter school in the bronx, kids essentially shut him down, we'll do a walk out if shows up here. better use of their time would be to hear him out and engage him, debate him. tell him why they disagree with him and have -- i get they're schoolchildren. they can't have very robust debate. that is kind of stuff -- harris: within your party. bill clinton represent the past he is trying to get to where you're going. request what right now? why isn't your party there? andrea: i want to bring in something very important. bill clinton is on opposite of his wife. hillary clinton gave a speech in new york, ending era of incarceration a few months ago which would essentially undo her husband's crime bill. why won't the media put clinton versus clinton ask her a question.
9:48 am
would she currently support her husband's crime bill? that is gutsy journalist question that needs to be asked. >> should do that. she is really smart just not out there where you have trump who is always out there, always talking, always coming here, there, whatever. then clinton is being very protected. she is just out there. she doesn't talk to a lot of people. she picks and chooses. leaves her husband to do the talking more than she does because she is being careful. andrea: they're not on the same page though. >> absolutely. dagen: real quick. this man is a wildcard. he could go rogue, that is grandpa stealing the keys to the station wagon. harris: my goodness gracious. andrea: very simple question, do you agree with your husband? hillary clinton struggling with new york city subway entry, trying to get through the turnstile. she is not only candidate with apparent disconnect when it comes to connect with everyday folks.
9:49 am
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♪ harris: full disclosure, i don't ride the subway every day but i do know how a met crow card works. hillary clinton tried to show her common touch by taking subway here in new york city. not exactly coming off as new yorker though. watch. she wiped her metro card once. that is card that has money to
9:53 am
let you go through the turnstiles. she swiped it twice. where is lionel richie where you need him. three times a lady? no, took her five times before the turnstile beeped and let her through. bernie sanders erevealed he thought new yorkers still used subway tokens. >> how do you ride the subway today. >> what do you mean? >> hue do you get on the subway today. >> token? >> wrong. harris: not just democrats. john kasich early last week looking forge new york street cred and going to new york pizza joint and drawing ridicule eating the slice with a fork. why do candidates feel like they need to do this? can you talk them out of doing this because they seem to go wrong a lot? dagen: andrea, why would you ever put somebody in that situation? i'm going to defend john kasich though. by the way you touched all those lands. you have been around all those people.
9:54 am
harris: germaphobe? dagen: trump is a huge germaphobe. that man learned shake hands with folks. i wouldn't eat pizza with my hands. would i be using knife and fork. andrea: always been a fight because i never wanted campaign or h like this because i think it looks unnatural and hokey. we tried to have governor do a pint chug here on st. patrick's day here in new york city. he did it pretty well. i had to battle the campaign manager, i don't know if this is the greatest visual the i don't think it moves the needle. they should be authentic to their trueselves. remember george h.w. bush, where risky things happen. didn't know supermarket scanner. hillary clinton -- there it is. there he is and this was it, almost, candidate-ending moment because he wasn't aware of technology in supermarkets. hillary clinton, no one thinks she rides the subway. common. harris: does anybody believe she go through chipolte in secret service sunglasses?
9:55 am
turn it around, dukakis and helmet on the tank? >> i do ride the subway multiple times. it took me two times. it is a wrist thing. everybody rides subway, i'm not joking there is special way you flick your wrist. her people should have, gotten a turnstile or practice or something. that is not easy turn tile to go through. dagen: had opportunity for real authentic moment and swipes it and gets really angry. >> my subway is leaving. harris: this was a second ago you remember dukakis in the helmet on the tank that was supposed to be a great photo-op. >> for record i take subway. taken many, many years, i know how to swipe it real good. when i saw at that first time, listen, hillary has never took the subway in her life. this is the first time. really risky because she has no idea what is going on here. bulletproof cars her whole life. people following her with walkie-talkies. harris: photo-op.
9:56 am
>> remember bloomberg used to pretend take subway, driver drive him to the express stop and take it down city hall. harris: always backfires. and always pictures and and always pictures and smartphone video. we'll be right back. ... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
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♪u know you arrived when you have your own theme song. that is antonio's theme song. chippendale's in vegas got a whole lot hotter.
10:00 am
he is their guest host, when and what? >> when and what. we'll be in vegas. i will host chippendales month of may. harris: the whole month? >> the whole month. come on down. we'll have a ball. harris: getting chippy with the chippendales. andrea: thanks for coming. >> thank you. % plus, winds toppling an 18 wheeler and it is all caught on video. plus,


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