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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm julie banderas. topping the news, new anti-terror raids in brussels as authorities say they have now identified the mysterious man in the hat seen walking with the two airport suicide bombers. and another black eye for a washington state psychiatric hospital one day after capturing two dangerous escapees, administrators now admit a third man has gone missing. and 100 days and counting until the opening of the republican convention. boy, what will that be like?
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will it be contested? the candidates are already planning as the excitement continues to heat up. first, the republican battle for delegates turning to colorado. ted cruz looking to keep the momentum rolling against donald trump. the texas senator trying to take home a win today at the state's gop convention. this as rival john kasich holds a rally in syracuse. the ohio governor hopes to gain ground ahead of the new york primary on april 19th. turning to the democrats, they are also campaigning in the empire state. bernie sanders is holding an event in long island city. hillary clinton is set to hold one later in brooklyn. we have fox team coverage. alicia acuna is live in colorado springs at the state's gop convention. hey, there.
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>> reporter: senator cruz is the only gop candidate to come to colorado and campaign. he enjoys tremendous support here. now, in fact, as he arrived in colorado today, cruz already had 21 of the state's 37 delegates in his pocket. he's looking for the additional 13 at-large delegates up for grabs here. there are three more delegates who are party leaders. they are unbound. the reason cruz already has 21 delegates here, he won them at the district level last week. >> colorado, y'all have had seven elections in the past week. in each of the seven congressional districts you've had a separate election. collectively, those seven le ex-s have elected 21 delegates, and of those 21 delegates, together we won all 21.
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>> governor kasich is not here but his supporters are. his strategy centers on the fact after the first battle in cleveland, bound or unpledged delegates become uncommitted. >> colorado's done this for years. every state is different. and anyone who's thinking about running for president, the first job they need to do is read the rules. we have more than 50 different groups with states and territories that are voting. every state is different. they all set their own rules. i would never want to change that. >> reporter: there has been a lot of criticism of colorado's comp collated process. in fact, party leaders on both sides are working to move this state to a presidential primary. for now, this is what they've got. as for donald trump, his campaign is saying they aren't expecting much from this state. >> alicia acuna, thank you very much. tonight, an in-depth look inside donald trump's unpredictable presidential campaign.
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bret baier reporting, donald trump, the disresulter, featuring interviews with trump's family, friends, supporters and of course the candidate himself. our fox team coverage continues with the democrats rallying support on their home turf of new york. this as democrats in wyoming, that caucus there today with 14 delegates up for grabs, sanders rallying supporters in long island city, in queens. that's happening right now. and clinton is expected to be in brooklyn later today. we're following the candidates live from the bronx today. these two are seriously going at it when it comes to new york. this is an important state. >> reporter: it very much is. good afternoon, julie. i'm here at bronx community college where sanders got done speaking before he went to long island city a couple moments
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ago. that is all we've seen because the stakes are very high. 291 total delegates are here in new york and it's a big state. for bernie sanders it's about momentum. he's won 7 of the last 8 and if he wins wyoming today, that will be 8 of the last 9 heading into new york, and with a win in new york or even coming close to hillary clinton by a point or so and still losing, he thinks that kind of momentum the help him in heading to delegate-rich states like pennsylvania and california. as we alluded to earlier just now, julie, the tone has been very much differing. he's been attacking hillary clinton more in new york. you can take a listen to what he said earlier. >> it's a lot higher than the general public because of health care and prescription drugs. so that's what we're going to do. now, secretary clinton really has avoided this issue. she's talked about it in generalities. so i would challenge her right
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tod today, are you prepared to lift the cap on taxable income? >> reporter: speaking of challenging, that's what both of them have been doing all week, sparring. it started earlier this week about the debate, essentially, whether or not they were going to have one and when they were going to have one. they finally came to an agreement the debate would happen in brooklyn on thursday night. then it turned into qualifications. that had been happening all week when hillary clinton alluded that bernie sanders is uneducated on some of his campaign issues. sand efrs didn't appreciate that and said clinton wasn't qualified for her stance on the iraq war and being backed by superpacat superpacs. it has turned from something that's been a polite and cordial election on the democratic side compared to their republican rivals to one in which you can tell the stakes are high. this is personal. for bernie sanders, he's a brooklyn boy, spent his first 18
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years of life here. for hillary clinton, this is her adopted home. eight years as a senator and the stakes are very high. for the sanders strategy, julie, they are looking at if they can get some of these delegates in new york and maybe even win, that that momentum will carry them and they say the campaign says that no, none of -- neither clinton nor he will have enough delegates, 2,383, to clinch the nomination before the convention. the hope is that with this momentum they can convince those superdelegates that can decide who they want to support, convince some of though, a lot of those who have gone towards clinton, to coming towards bernie's side. that is what the sanders campaign is hoping and they think that momentum can really get a big boost here in new york on tuesday, april 19th. julie? >> very exciting stuff. bryan llanes, thank you very much. the pentagon beefing up its firepower against isis officials say the u.s. air force is deploying b 52 bombers like
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these to the middle east for the first time since the gulf war more than 25 years ago. they will target the islamic state in syria and iraq. molly henenberg is live in washington with more. >> reporter: b-1s are out of the region. b-52s are in. the air force pulled its b-1 bombers out of the middle east in february, brought them back home for maintenance. and the pentagon said the b-52 bombers would be sent in april. and now they're in the region, stationed in qatar, for operations against the islamic state, isis, in iraq and syria. bombing operations against isis had fallen to an eight-month low in february after the b-1s were pulled out. the air force says the b-52 is a long-range, heavy bomber that can perform, quote, strategic attacks, close air support, and air interdiction and maritime operations. air force lieutenant general charles q. brown jr. said in a
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statement, "the b-52 demonstrates our continued resolve to apply persistent pressure on isis and defend the region in any future contingency." the b-52s arrived in qatar one day after secretary of state john kerry was in iraq, promising that the anti-isis coalition will, quote, work with iraq to turn up the pressure even further. earlier this week, a senior military officer said the u.s. may add extra outposts in northern iraq to support iraqi forces as they prepare to take back the city of mosul, which isis took over in june 2014. but u.s. military leaders are suggesting that mosul may not be retaken this year. julie? >> all right. molly henenberg, thank you very much. so switching gears to terror and that terror suspect. an arrest has been made in belgium. now that suspect has admitted to being the man with the hat that he's known as according to prosecutors. now, police officers have arrested him. there he is, the man in the hat
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on the right. there he is after his arrest on the left. mohamed abrini. yesterday in a raid in brussels was taken into custody. officials say he does have ties to terror attacks there and in paris. the man in the hat was caught on surveillance tape at the brussels airport right before the bombings. he is also the very last identified suspect at large from the paris attacks. meanwhile, prosecutors are saying that there are also charging four suspects with participating in terrorism. two other suspects arrested however have been questioned and then released. the washington state psychiatric hospital where two patients escaped confirms a third patient is missing. the hospital in fact the says a missing man failed to return from a group outing the very same day anthony garver and mark adams both es camed. there they are on your screen. they spent a brief time on the
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run. of course this yet just another black eye for a facility already under federal scrutiny. will carr has more from the west coast newsroom. hey, will. >> hey, there, julie. authorities say the third escapee is not dangerous and is nopt connected to the previous two we've been talking about for the past couple day ls but all three evidently escaped on the same day from that same hospital. now the associated press is reporting that there was a workplace inspection that's raising a lot of questions here. that inspection of the western state hospital showed a series of missteps including unlocked rooms and unatemded items that could have been used as weapons. of course it comes after we saw anthony garver and mark alexander adams escape wednesday. they got through a loose window at the hospital, and garver has a history of running from law enforcement. he was caught yesterday on friday, a k-9 found him in the woods. nobody was hurt yesterday, but he was being held in the mental hospital in a low-security unit
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after being charged in 2013 for tying a 20-year-old woman to her bed with electrical cords, stabbing her 24 times and slashing her throat. he was found too mentally ill to stand trial and with that in mind the spokane county shall have had choice words after his capture. >> it's my hope that this time the department of corrections and the state of washington find a way to make sure that this dangerous criminal does not escape again. >> adams was caught thursday without incident. both he and garver shared a room together at the hospital and authorities have maintained while they were both on the run they were both quite dangerous. again, they say this third escapee is not dangerous. they're not releasing much information on that person, julie, but they are trying to find either him or her. >> all right. will carr, thank you very much. appreciate it. so the state department handing over more than 1,100 pages of records over to the
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house select commit committee on benghazi, the handoff coming over a year after the committee first requested them for its ongoing investigation into the 2012 terror attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya ya. the records include files from senior employees during the time hillary clinton was secretary of state. kristin fisher has the details from washington. >> reporter: these are documents kwld by the benghazi committee almost a year and a half ago, which is why yesterday the committee's chairman said, "it is deplorable it took over a year for these records to be produced to our committee and that our democratic colleagues never lifted a finger to help us get them." but the state department disagrees, say, "we believe we've made a good-faith effort to get the committee the information and documents they've requested. the e-mail pros vilded to the committee yesterday do not change the essential facts or our understanding of the events before, during, or after the attacks." the 2012 terror attacks in which the u.s. ambassador to libya and
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three other americans were killed. now, we still don't know what exactly was in the 1,100 pages released yesterday. all we know is that they included e-mails from several of then secretary of state hillary clinton's top aides, including cheryl mills, uma abedin, and jake sullivan, as well as then u.s. ambassador to thesusan ric. the state department says it has now provided the committee with 48 witnesses and nearly 100,000 pages of documents. but trey doughty says he's still missing some records and still waiting to interview some witnesses. as for when the committee's report will finally be released, all toug ti will say is, "as soon as possible." in washington, kristin fisher, fox nutz. >> thank you. we are just 100 days and counting away from the gop convention in cleveland. the republican race firing up as the candidates try to win that magic number of delegates in order to get the nomination or keep the others from getting there, anyway. what scenarios could see we see
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some major snow is walloping the buckeye state. nearly 8 inches covered northwestern parts of ohio. blankets of wet, heavy snow knocking out power lines, leaving thousands of people without electricity. the winter weather also making roi roads dangerous. police across the state reporting numerous accidents including cars sliding off the road or into each other. no serious injuries were reported. we're now 100 days out from the republican presidential convention. and the primary race is turning into a grind for literally every last remaining candidate and delegate. front runner donald trump making his changes to his campaign team in a new push to reach 137 before the party gathers in cleveland.
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but the cruz and kasich campaign, they're digging in in an effort to make sure that does not happen. tammy bruce and host of the alan colmes show, alan colmes, both fox news contributors. i can't believe it's 100 days. we've been talking about it for like 100,000 days. finally three digits. is a contested convention inevitable or does it weighen on new york? >> i think the party wants a contested convention because even the republicans don't want donald trump as their nominee. i'm not sure they're thrilled with ted cruz, probably the most right-wing candidate they've ever had for president but they might bite their lips and go for him because i don't think a trump or cruz can win an election. >> we know the republicans have always chosen the one who can win, which is why we've had of course president romney and president mccain. so this is maybe a time for us to do something different for a change and elect the person who
1:21 pm
the machine doesn't think can win and who knows what might happen. look, i think this will be a contested convention. this is now i think mr. trump's actions of getting his new person on his team who understands about the delegates, who understands about the infrastructure dynamics is very important, will make a huge difference. that also tells you about the candidate himself. he's ready and willing to adam and he's serious about this. >> paul is a little late to the game. >> they could have used him earlier. but here's the thing. we have to look at the magic number, 1,237. and whether realistically anybody is going to get it including donald trump is number one. i want to look at the current gop delegate count and you guys do the math. as of 11:00 a.m. april 9th, trump had 743, cruz in second with 532, then case nick a distant third with no chance whatsoever of reaching, and i'm not a mathematician, of the needed delegates with only 143 delegates.
1:22 pm
alan, what does trump need to win in order to actually be the nominee and avoid a convention -- contested convention? >> remaining volts including new york, which he probably could do. has to do over 50% in new york. >> looking good for him in new york. >> if ted cruz had not talked about new york values -- >> well, now, i want to bring that up because, you know, he did question new york values, and then he had a chance this past week to sort of recant that or maybe soften it a bit heading into new york. and he cho not to. how much is that going to hurt him? >> very much. >> saying i don't apologize for my comments. i agree with what geraldo rivera said. new york people -- value, a lot of people say that means jews. a lot of people take that it way and that kills him in new york. >> everybody else, liberal media, you think the infrastructure and the system is liberal, but i think what ted cruz is doing like when he said that in south carolina, he's speaking to the rest of the
1:23 pm
country who know that it's about liberalism. he knows he's not going to win new york. what they're both looking at, alan is right, mr. trump needs 60% of the delegates going forward. this is already an unusual dynamic. anything is possible. my point is with cruz and trump that i think the rnc is trying to guide thdivide them, that th both fail if they're divided. as two pilars they have to move forward. i hope both campaigns understand that. this is where the establishment is defeated. >> as a new yorker, that turns me off to question my values. >> i do too. i'm a new new yorker. i love this town. it is a remarkable place even with all the liberals. >> i'm sorry. >> it is an astounding city and isle fight for it tooth and nail, but this is a political strategy by mr. cruz. we'll see if it pays off past this stage. >> good working the delegates. he's doing what trump is not doing, working the math, the delegates. much more scientifically focused in terms of what he's doing. >> you have to consider your
1:24 pm
audience. i know you said he's speaking to the nation when he talks about questioning new yorkers' values, but you also have to think, okay, but you're about to come to a primary in new york. shouldn't you be speaking to those -- >> yes, but the conservatives in new york know what he was saying. i reject the notion that it was at all about the jewish community, and i do think this is where all of us are also going past certain issues, whether it's abortion or what somebody means or an attitude because so much is at stake. this is why mr. trump is to so appealing despite some of his issue, why mr. ted cruz cruz is so appealing because we know we've got to do something different. those two men will be the solution. that's what i'm concerned about. >> he is descending in popularity as we speak. >> i want to know this. a contested convention would basically result in a couple weeks of bickering and party infighting. >> it's going to be great tv. >> i'll be on ma tematernity lee
1:25 pm
so i won't be here but i'll be watching from my home nursing my baby. >> the convention comes six weeks after that last primary, so there's going to be a lot of time -- >> this hasn't happened in decades. what are the rnc doing to prepare for this? >> i think they might be looking at down ticket races because they don't think they'll win the presidency with the top contender right now. they'll work the down ticket races. >> this is why kasich is still in. he doesn't stand a chance. >> he needs like 140% of the delegates. but this is what has made the rnc fail for so long. they're not listening to the base, they're not listening to the voters themselves. they've got some grand weird plan that's never going to happen. they don't have confidence in the average conservative in this country, and that's why they're not going to do well. this is why you're going to have a shift, why it's going to be a real revolution. mr. trump has got to combine being an insurgent candidate with being a presidential candidate pip think he's on the road to do that. and mr. cruz has got to do the
1:26 pm
same. >> has to start acting presidential if he wants to be a presidential candidate. oh, i can do that. yeah? starting when? >> we've had a lot of presidential candidates and presidential and nice politicians, and the country is on fire and so is the world. >> not on fire. >> ted cruz hasn't necessarily been a nice politician. he's actually gone out of his way not to be likable. i don't know. >> he's gone out of his way to get things done. >> they have different styles and tactics. ted cruz chooses different language than donald trump, but both of them have a way of angering people. >> but we're tired of this collegial attitude that means nothing can really be discussed. >> we want collegialism. >> no solutions can be had. you're not supposed to be politically incorrect. we're done with that. anything that might ruffle some feathers is deemed to be jerky or not right or mean. we're tired of that. >> republicans have to convince the rest of the country that we are on fire. the economy is terrible. and they'll have -- >> that's what drives people to the polls.
1:27 pm
>> the economy and jobs. >> obama has over 50% approval rating which is going to help i think hillary clinton. >> the average person does not need the news to tell them that they have two part-time jobs or their son is still on unemployment and we're headed to another world war. >> what? another world war? >> we're setting up new bases -- today we announced we're setting up new bases in iraq again. b-52s engaged. tell me this is not a world war. >> it's not a world war. >> why liberals will have plenty of time next year because they won't be in office. >> talk to me on november 8th. see you then. >> i'll be back from maternity leave. we will see you both then, then. tammy bruce, alan colmes, great to have you both fair and balanced as always. growing concerns about worldwide terror attacks. we'll turn the subject over the brussels and the bombings there. and targeting crowds and tourist heavy areas. there are warnings we need to tell you about.
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. north korea saying it has successfully tested a long-range rocket engine capable of launching nuclear strikes against the u.s. south korea casting doubt on that claim. also, authorities in mexico detaining a woman from the fbi's top ten most wanted fugitives. she's accused of killing her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend in dallas. and a judge setting a million-dollar bond for a homeless teenager accused in the killing of a freshman girl at the university of texas in austin. authorities say the 17-year-old will face murder and possibly other charges.
1:33 pm
secretary of state john kerry back overseas meeting today with leaders in afghanistan and touting their efforts to reform the government. he's now en route to japan where he'll be making a historic visit to hiroshima. john huddy is live from our middle east bureau are with the latest. his, john. >> reporter: hey, julie. this is historic because secretary kerry will be the highest ranking u.s. official ever to visit hiroshima, and he'll be there for two days, part of the g-7 foreign ministers summit, if you will, the two-day meetings in which among other topics they'll be discussing terrorism. of course that was one of the main topics of discussion during secretary kerry's visit to afghanistan and iraq. now, starting with afghanistan, he arrived there. it was a surprise visit. secretary kerry landed in kabul earlier this morning. there he met with u.s. troops first on the ground and then he had a series of meetings with government leaders including
1:34 pm
afghan president ghani and chief executive abdullah abdullah. both political rivals share power in the brokered unit that kerry did two years ago. secretary touted the good things. afghanistan's president has been dogged by continued political divisiveness, corruption, and also violence. in fact, shortly after secretary kerry left kabul today there were two explosions and the sound of gunfire, another example of the violence and instability in afghanistan. likewise, many of the challenges facing afghanistan in that regard are mirrored in iraq as well, where secretary kerry made a surprise visit to baghdad yesterday. again, his message there was one of reassurance and support for iraq's government, its prime minister al abadi and the fight
1:35 pm
against isis. u.s. troops continued to train not only iraqi military fors but also kurdish peshmerga forces in advance of a major attack on mosul and northern iraq. isis is remaining stronghold. this is likely to be the bloodiest, most intense, significant fight in iraq that will have major significant regional consequences and implications. but at this point, julie, there's doubt, serious doubt whether or not iraq's military will be ready to launch that offensive this year. there are those military commanders both u.s. and also kurdish military commanders that feel that's just not going to be the case, particularly as iraq's government continues to try to get itself together in the instability remains. julie, back to you. >> john huddy, thank you so much. terror fears rising across the globe yet again. police in belgium conducting another anti-terror operation in a suburb of brussels today. there's a warning we need to
1:36 pm
tell you about. stay tuned for that. first this coming as the state department is warning u.s. citizens about, quote, credible threats to crowded tourist areas in turkey. here to talk about it all, lieutenant colonel rich utterback. thank you very much for talking to me. turkey as you point out has had more terror attacks than all other countries in europe combined in the last year alone. so when we hear about these credible threats in turkey, obviously, they must be taken very seriously. so what should you do if you are an american traveling in turkey right now? >> that's correct, julie. anyone who's watching right now who has family members traveling in turkey needs to contact them and ask them if they've seen the warnings through the media or through state department. and are they aware they should avoid public squares and docks in the cities of ankara and antal ya. that's one thing people need to
1:37 pm
do right now. the state department encourages americans to sign up for alerts while they're traveling, but that's to be seen if everybody does that. if you have family there now, please contact them and make sure they're okay. >> absolutely. a lot of people are vacations, not there for business, aren't necessarily watching the local media or the news. you would hope they're on their phones and see it electronically, but certainly mentioning that to them via text message or picking up the phone is encouraged. i want to talk about belgium and their warnings of more terror cells there. belgian authorities have admitted to detaining several suspected terrorists in just the last few days. today we've told you the breaking news that the man in the hat seen in that video in brussels has continue felszed to being that man, the wanted man on the surveillance video. let's look at his picture. he is the last identified suspect at large in the paris attacks, but here's my question to you, because he has only confessed to being present at the crime scene in brussels. so what can we expect in the
1:38 pm
interrogation of this guy in the coming days? >> well, we want the best from the belgian authorities to be pulling from this guy any information they can get. there's also evidence that he was in paris and in brussels. this guy has knowledge of the terror operation in the both countries. he he also knows who helped move them around, who buys the acetone, the peroxide, who brings in the food. he's critical in the interrogation, but belgium has to have the ability to continue to apply pressure. hopefully they're accepting help from other countries. our fbi has sent a team over there to assist. so we just hope that belgian authorities are taking all the help that's being offered and they're interrogating these guys and this guy especially relentlessly and unremorsefully for as long as possible to get what they can out of him. >> then what do they do with him? first of all, again, back to paris, because he was the last known suspect on the loose wanted, connected to the paris attacks, although he hasn't actually confessed to being part
1:39 pm
of the planning and the execution of those terror attacks. what information do they garner from him on that that could potentially, you know, close that case and maybe grab some other guys that were involved that potentially could still be on the run right now? they had a number of suspects they were searching for, but who knows how many other people behind the scenes were working these terror attacks. >> correct. this guy is going to be a gold mine of information for paris. our best-case scenario, french authorities are in belgium interrogating this guy as well. m but belgium has to be able to interrogate and conduct raid after raid after raid. and we don't know if they have the manpower or the endurance to continue this cycle for days and days and days. that's really what it requires 24 hours a day for days on end. cycles of interrogations and raids. as we've seen our own military, especially jsoc do so successfully. >> i have to say this, kudos to all of the authorities in
1:40 pm
brussels and in paris for doing such a remarkable job and tracking these guys down. what a message it sends to any terror suspect out there that if you don't die when you're pulling off these ridiculously, you know, heinous and cowardly acts that you will be found, you will not get away with these senseless crimes. lieutenant colonel, mitch utterback, we appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> thanks, julie. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. as we age, certain nutrients longer than ever. become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d.
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levels a boost. chair of yourology at lennox hill hospital joins us. first of all, we're not here to talk about sex and bidding up your libido and your sex drive, although testosterone is related to that. there are a lot of other serious complications that could result in extremely low testosterone. so we need to have men in healthy testosterone levels. >> absolutely. as you mentioned, as men they get older, every year they lose about 1% of their testosterone. the answer, the first option, is not to go ahead and get these medications or injections even though those medications work well. but you have to exhaust other things before you go to a lot of these medications. for example, getting enough sleep is absolutely vital because cortisol and testosterone compete. by getting sleep, by bringing your cortisol level down you're going to boost your testosterone. if you lose weight, one of the big things is obesity can actually suck your testosterone by losing weight, you basically
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boost your testosterone and that's really important. so stress, getting sleep, and also losing weight. but there are a lot of foods that can help too. >> this is a multibillion-dollar business, people need to understand. just to explain, testosterone helps men maintain bone density, muscle strength, mass and fat distribution. people are too quick to inject. what foods should men be eating to keep their levels up? >> any kind of food that has the zinc and vitamin d. for example, for break fast, even though egg may increase your cholesterol, but cholesterol is vital in order to build your testosterone. pomegranate juice or watermelon juice. for lunch, oysters. full of zinc, so rich in zinc and that's important. spicy foods which i'm sure you like also. that also can boost your testosterone. garlic is amazing. add some garlic to your food. it lowers your cortisol, increases your testosterone. a little bit of steak is actually okay. meat is one of the sources of vitamin d that can actually also
1:47 pm
increase your testosterone and the list goes on and on. salmon, for example, has omega 3 fatty acid, not only healthy for your heart but perfect to boost your testosterone. i think, you know, you can really add lentil and legumes and many other things to your diet. these are by the way all part of the mediterranean diet that's also healthy for your brain, your heart, also can boost your testosterone. that's really important. >> certainly as you age it becomes more and more important. it's good to start early. >> my favorite one as you know is coffee. coffee has a lot of antioxidants. you can add a lot of fruits and vegetables, broccoli, spinach, asparagus, and we'll post this on my facebook site so people can go and look at it. >> cough fees not a bad thing. it does a body good in a lot of different ways for women, too, which is remarkable. >> not for pregnant women or if you have heart disease. >> a cup a day for me. i can't go without coffee. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> and here we have a dramatic
1:48 pm
rescue. the castaways of "gilligan's island" only dreamed of. three sailors saved from a remote island after putting their ingenuity to work. how long they were stranded and who finally spotted them. it's your home. it's everything you've always wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. ♪ sometimes,
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now for a look beyond the headlineses, here is author and journalist liz trotted at that's weekly commentary. >> next week in grandville, ohio, a small toneme zoom opens an exhibit on the life of victoria woodhall, born in the nearby town of homer. in 1872, victoria ran for president on the equal rights party ticket against general grant. this fact escaped most americans, that is until hillary, the inevitable, entered the 2016 race. then the historians are discovering that victoria, not hillary, became the nation's first woman to seek the presidency. 50 years before they had the vote. so they're busy setting the record straight with books and articles and comparing the lives of victoria and hillary who in truth comes up monumentally
1:53 pm
dull. victoria grew up in homer, ohio, a frontier town of hard traveled living and rough customers like her alcoholic father and disreputable mother. as the civil war loomed, they took their child, one of ten, on the road to tell fortunes and preach spiritual healing. once she left central ohio for new york, victoria's robust ambition had racked up three husbands, two divorces, and the attentions of the world's most famous tycoon. woodhall became so radical in her demands for equal rights, including free love, even the suffer jets broke with her. unlike the wild type mrs. clinton, she wasn't cautious as subject to the advice of handlers, nor was she solidly educated, but by all accounts and some old pictures, she ranks as noticeably good looking. woodhall focused her political
1:54 pm
passion on free love and what we now call the double standard. she challenged the victorrian world with slogans such as i have an inalienable constitutional and natural right to love whom i may, to love as long or short a period as i can, to change that love every day if i please. dozens of women have run for president since, but lost of them with the same leftist leanings and tastes for outrage mrs. woodhall typified. and many of them, like mrs. clinton and mrs. woodhall, made erasing poverty their life's message while living lives of luxury made possible by attaching themselves to rich men. cornelius vanderbilt, the shipping magnate, took victoria and oner her sisters under a wing and set them up in a wall street brokerage firm and is a newspaper. the paper enabled the woodhall
1:55 pm
sisters to pillary their enemies with scandals. in the end, victoria left america for england where she found another rich man and lived quietly in a mansion. she died in 1927, seven years after women won the right to vote. >> landing in the history books, falconine rocket making a successionful return back here to earth touching down on a drone ship. previous landing attempts suffered from various mishaps. the unmanned rocket came home after launching a cover agree capsule -- cargo capsule yesterday. rescue of real life castaway, a story you don't want to miss. that's next.
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>> it soaks like a scene from a movie. thanks to this heaven signal made of palm leaves, a u.s. navy patrol was able to rescue three castaways stranded on an uninhabited pacific island. they were marooned for three days 2,000 miles from hawaii until the navy spotted the sailors waving life jackets in front of the makeshift sign. the men say their poet was hit by a massive wave and capsized shortly after they left a nearby island. wow. they are lucky to be alive. and that is all the time we have. of course, make sure you watch
2:00 pm
president obama sits down with chris wallace. you must tune in for that. fox news sunday tomorrow. and tune in at 7:00 o'clock. i'll be back for the fox report. the five is next hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." it was a showdown no one expected to see at a rally for hillary clinton yesterday. former president bill clinton was in philly stumping for his wife and had a dramatic run-in with some black lives matters protesters. they were upset about an anti-crime bill that he signed while in office. the confrontation lasted more than ten minutes. here's a portion of him sounding


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