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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  April 10, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. business network 6:00 to 9:00 on our buzz meter, the campaign runs smack into the new york press corps as donald trump tries to bounce back in his home state after losing wisconsin. and ted cruz gets a bronx cheer. >> you know, lying ted cruz came today. he couldn't draw 100 people. do you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values, like we're no good. >> ted, this obviously was said. we know what you meant. new yorkers are taking it a different way. deal with it head on. when you saw this, what did you make of that? >> i laughed out loud. i have never been popular with left wing journalists or tabloids. and, frankly, that's not my target audience. >> and are the media now overhyping the chances of a contested convention?
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hillary clinton losing wisconsin and now wyoming, pushing back in new york against brooklyn's bernie sanders who says she's not qualified to be president. is the press finally doubting that she'll coast to victory? "saturday night live" back in the headlines for taking a few whacks at the donald. >> i'm voting for you! >> and the post jon stewart era comedy shows still hurt the candidates? plus, my sitdown with jill kelli, smeared by the media as the other, other woman in the david petraeus situation now talks about how petraeus deceived her and why it was a mistake to stay silent. i'm howard kurtz and this is "media buzz."
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ted cruz easily beat donald trump in wisconsin this week. the pundits offered a mixed verdict on whether this was a major defeat for trump or just made it slightly harder for him to reach the magic delegate number of 1,237. >> there's something about his support that is so solid that despite the loss in the face of all this, it shows a remarkable staying power. >> cruz victory making it almost impossible now for donald trump to reach the magic 1237 delegate number before the republican convention. >> trump's campaign ripped cruz saying he's a trojan horse for a gop establishment trying to steal the nomination and some in the media found that too harsh. >> i think he acted like a baby. it's time to be magnanimous. you lost, you move on, shut up. >> texas senator landing on the cover of "time" with a head lip, "likeable enough"? and some pundits struggling to understand his appeal. >> i'm a city guy.
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i don't get the cruz thing. i don't get him. >> joining us now to analyze the coverage, heidi przybyla, for usa today. gayle trotter, and mara ilysine, a fox news contributor. is there a manic depressive quality to the coverage from cruz has totally changed the race by beating trump in wisconsin to trump's going to be on a roll when he creams cruz in new york. >> the media is in such a quandary. trump had this air of inevitability about him prior to wisconsin. and then wisconsin happened. it completely blew up the narrative. a lot of people are confused on which way to go. the truth of the matter is if you look at the numbers, 90% are saying they expect this contested convention, which a lot of reporters have no clue how to kind of read those tea leaves and how the delegates are going to line up and it's going to be a very confusing process shifting from covering state by
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state coverage to delegate math and the intricacies of how the different state conventions work. >> a fox news poll out this morning has trump at 54% in new york, twice as much as kasich and cruz combined. gayle, that statement i referred to on the night of the wisconsin loss by the trump campaign said that cruz is breaking the law by illegally coordinated with his super pacs. didn't offer any evidence. you think the press moved on too quickly from that statement? >> i think they did but i think that public is not really interested in this. we have a back and forth. cruz made the allegations that the trump campaign planted the "national enquirer" story. that had as little evidence as trump's statement that cruz had coordinated illegally with the super pac. i think the public is really not interested. >> not interested in which part? isn't it our job as journalists to blow the whistle when one candidate makes a charge with no scintilla of evidence against another candidate? >> certainly. the journalists need to put the facts out there. it's the public's role to decide
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if they're interested in pursuing it. >> on sunday morning, donald trump on zero sunday shows. he's been a little bit low key since losing wisconsin. he had the big rally on long island. every cable news network awaiting trump rally. it's almost like they don't know what to do when he's not out there blasting away on twitter and giving multiple interviews and feeding the media beast. >> they, the media? >> they don't know what to do. >> that's possible. donald trump has sucked all the oxygen out of the room and a huge driver of ratings. the whole republican primary is the donald trump show. but i think what's interesting about the media not knowing or not knowing whether to call this a sure path to a contested convention, that 90% number is from insiders who expect a contested convention. the interesting thing about the exit polls from wisconsin is majorities of republicans don't think there should be a contested convention. they think the nominee should the person with the most delegates, not a magic number of 1237. >> we certainly know the insiders have been right about
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everything this whole campaign year. come on! >> that's what's great about this. there is no media monolithic line on this. because nobody knows what's going to happen. >> let me come back to the cover story on ted cruz, "likeable enough?" does that get to the heart of the issue or is this the media elite looking down their nose at ted? >> i'm sure gayle will completely agree with me on this. but i think it's fair just because as someone who covered ted cruz in the senate, this is the central question, not only in terms of where he is in the campaign right now, but throughout his entire career. ted cruz completely changed the culture in the senate from one of being about personal -- politics of party and advancing the politics of your party to personal politics. he used the filibuster -- that was his weapon of choice. and his brand was obstructionism and confrontation. he made a lot of enemies. and now the big question of where we are in this campaign right now is can he get those
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same people to come over now to rally behind him? you look at his supporters, even people like lindsey graham, the best he can say after a big victory is not congratulations, ted, but this one will create a path for blocking donald. >> so we have to talk about the piece itself. it is so slanted. it's "time" magazine's effort to puncture the balloon of ted cruz after his surprising victory in wisconsin. it is so slanted. it has this quote in it talking about there's this painful choice that republicans have to make between trump and cruz. that is definitely the media elite of washington and new york saying that republicans are not excited about these two candidates who have generated so much enthusiasm. >> when you say -- when the article says he's the most hated senator in washington and quotes john mccain as having called him a whacko bird and john boehner calling him a jack ass. that seems to be a fair political commentator. but the likable enough headline,
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the implication is he's likable enough, or is he? >> you know where that comes from? barack obama's back handed comment of hillary clinton saying that she lacked warmth and she was cold bloodedly ambitious, right? >> likable enough, hillary, but do you want to respond? >> i have been in so many meetings. off the record meetings with republicans, and they could not believe some of the things that ted cruz did on the hill to kind of alienate not only the leaders but the rank and file. it started with the shutdown, pushing things that he knew had no chance of happening to stop -- shut down the government over obamacare. >> with the republican voters. that's what the republican voters wanted. that's why boehner is no longer speaker of the house, why we had the senate majority. because republican voters were saying they had a enough. >> the question of where we are right now is can he get the establishment? these are the same people he called the washington cartel. these are the same people he's -- >> but it's the media's responsibility. >> what is interesting about this of all the many pieces of conventional wisdom completely obliterated by the republican
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primary, one is you have to be well liked in washington in order to prosper in republican primary politics. no. you don't. ted cruz is not only second now but he's also cleaning up in all the shadow campaign delegate selections. but i think there have been other reporting this week including an article in the "new york times" where kelly ann conway who is running one of cruz's super pacs says things are changing. the establishment went from saying, oh, my god, do i want to be stabbed or poisons, the choice between trump and cruz, to maybe he's a regular conservative republican and i can live with that. >> let me bring it back to new york. trump, as we all expected, is throwing the new york values line that cruz used back at him. i think the media are happy to amplify that charge. >> of course. of course. this is new york. look, you showed the daily news headline. take the you know what train. and this is new york so in your face. you can't compare. we went from wisconsin nice to new york nasty.
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and, you know, ted cruz learned in the bronx a cheer is a jeer. he went through the hazing ritual of the tabloid headline. this is being pumped up. his goal is if he can keep trump to under 50, that will be tough, that's what counts. >> the "boston globe" today this mock front page put out in the opinion section. we can put it up on the screen. deportations to begin. this imagines we're in a trump presidency. markets sink, trade war looms. libel law targets absolute scum in press. does this go too far? >> certainly, i think trump voters and if this was intended to reach trump voters, are going to view it that way. they're going to view it as crossing a line from providing information to advocacy, and they may also be offended and think they're talking down to them with some of the specifics that were in there. alt the same time, it's an editorial. and it's completely within the realm for an editorial to raise questions about what the implications of a candidate's policies will be.
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>> it's an opinion section. they call him unamerican, demagogue and this is the media not just opposing donald trump, not just saying he's a bad candidate but almost screaming that he's a threat to western civilization. >> i'd say it shows that the mainstream media through this presidential election cycle has descended into fear mongering and hysteria. if you look at what they're putting out with this it reminds of ted kennedy's character assassination of bob bork. during the senate supreme court hearings. >> but those are politicians. have you ever seen the media do something like that? not just left wing media. the national review had a big cover against trump with 22 conservative writers. the media attacks donald trump which he loves to run against. they have gone up to deaf con 2. >> national review is a self-identified conservative publication. the "boston globe" has a liberal editorial page, i think this is not obliterating the fire wall completely because they place that thing on the editorial page
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instead of on the front page, calling it a parody, in the opinion section. but it's knocking down the firewall. massachusetts, i think to date, was donald trump's best state. he got 49 point something of the vote. i think in the republican primary, timing of it. >> they'll be influential in going into the other northeastern states. like connecticut. >> the boston globe doesn't agree with the verdict of the conservative voters in massachusetts. when we come back, new york's massive media mob at the center of the political universe. which candidates can handle the tabloid times? and hillary and bernie using the media megaphones to trash each other. is this finally a real race? the the media mega phone to trash each the media mega phone to trash each i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit my bladder leakage made me feel
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now that campaign moved to
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the battleground of new york, donald trump is throwing back at ted cruz a certain phrase the iowa senator had used. excuse me, the texas senator used in iowa. >> do you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values like we're no good. we all lived through it. we all know people that died. and i've got this guy standing over there looking at me, talking about new york values with scorn on his face, with hatred, with hatred of new york. >> then, of course, reference to 9/11 trump visited ground zero this week. cruz got less than a warm welcome at his first stop in the bronx. >> this is an immigrant community, ted cruz. an immigrant community. >> and a bronx cheer from this daily news cover telling him which subway line to take. joining us is charlie gas porpg.
8:17 pm
he is a senior correspondent and all around loud mouth at fox business. >> wonderful interduction there. >> how pumped up is the new york press corps to have a presidential primary in a state that matters and to be able to pound the candidates in their fashion? >> we should point out that it matters for a change. new york generally doesn't matter, particularly presidential elections. it generally always goes republican -- democrat, excuse me. but now we have a contested, a very strong contest in the republican primary. and keeping trump under 50% is a key goal of ted cruz. i know that from talking to his people. they believe they can pick up delegates that way. and the tabloids are going to have a field day. i should point out also i write an occasional column for "the new york post." i'm kind of involved in this a little bit. >> sure. since you're a tabloid expert and involved in the tabloid world, are the tabloids or the tabloid culture of new york city determined to kick ted cruz around? >> you know, it's a good question. i think he makes an easy target. he's from texas. let's be clear here.
8:18 pm
and donald -- if you're going to talk about a guy that is like a marine and a navy s.e.a.l. and a green bueret when it goes to tabloid coverage and dealing with the tabloids, that's donald trump. he survived this vicious news cycle in the 1990s when we read about his multiple divorces, almost insolvent at one point and he came back from that. >> he didn't just survive. he thrived. he's almost a creature of the tabloid culture. he knows how to poke his finger in the eye, get feuds going, get ink. i think all of that has been to his benefit in this campaign. >> it helped his resiliency. it also is his negative. i think we're at the point now where people, particularly republican voters, i hear this a lot in new york state as well. they're saying do we really want this guy as our president? do we really want a guy that is so tabloid driven that no sort of attack is below the belt. do we really want this guy as
8:19 pm
the republican nominee? i think it's starting to backfire on him. i'll say this the daily news attack, cruz attacked trump early on. he called him a clown. put a clown face on him early on. i will say this the tabloids, i would say -- like i say, i write an occasional column for one of them, they're not as powerful as they used to be. the news is different now. we don't see people reading the tabloids on the subway anymore. if you take the subway, which i do, a lot. it's a different culture. >> sure. >> everybody's gone tabloid. i take your point. newspapers in general are not as tabloid. before we go, what about bernie? hillary clinton, the former senator from new york, but she's from illinois. bernie is from brooklyn and he sounds like larry david. does that help him? >> yeah, i think it does. he gets coverage. listen, i think being from new york helps when you know how to use the tabloids and what power they have right now. i think donald is a master at that. that doesn't mean he'll get over
8:20 pm
50%. i think at some point voters look at this, and dwling you're seeing that in new york, and they're saying do we really want this as our president? a guys that, you know, this sometimes unhinged. >> all right. charlie, great to see you. thank you very much. hillary clinton leading in new york in that fox news poll out this morning with a substantial double digit lead. ahead, jill kelley, the woman caught up in the petraeus sex scandal on being smeared by the media. next, how the presidential candidates are battling the press or boiling the press as the campaign turns red hot. candidates are battling the press or boiling the press as the campaign turns red hot.
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hyeah?m. we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage with your phone and upload them to allstate. really? so you get a quicker estimate, quicker payment, quicker back to normal. i just did it. but maybe you can find an app that will help you explain this to your father. quickfoto claims. just another way allstate is changing car insurance for good. all the candidates seem to be blaming the media or mixing it up with journalists these days. i can't remember a presidential campaign where the role of the press was so hotly contested. ted cruz insists they are in the donald's corner because he thinks virtually all journalists are partisan democrats. >> our friends in the media tell
8:24 pm
us that donald trump is unstoppable in new york state. oddly enough, our friends in media are very comfortable with the new york liberal who supported andrew cuomo and hillary clinton and chuck schumer. >> so cruz says journalists love trump because he's liberal. a nice bank shot that hits both targets. we know what trump thinks of the disgusting press. he got into it with msnbc's chris jansing when she asked about his contentious interview with the anti-trump radio host charlie sykes. >> sometime you go into unfriendly territory. that's part of the game. >> and that's what you considered wisconsin to be? >> no. you said about -- >> you were talking about the radio host. >> that's what i mean about the dishonest media. >> i'm asking you a question allowing you to answer it. >> excuse me. you're asking me about a show host. i said he was unfriendly territory. then you say is that wide wisconsin? that's so dishonest.
8:25 pm
look, that's called dishonest media. >> well, jansing did set a trap for him giving trump an opening to turn it back on her. bernie sanders cited a "washington post" headline clinton questions whether sanders is qualified to be president. and justifying his attack on her as unqualified for the white house. all the headline was a bit of a stretch because clinton didn't use those words, sanders reverted to one of his favorite themes. >> let me be clear. this is not the type of politics that i want to get into. i know that's what the media loves. >> so bernie whacked hillary because he thought she had whacked him and then blamed it on the media's hunger for conflict. thanks a lot. what's also striking is how much newspapers have mattered in this campaign. sanders took heat for the lack of detailed answers with "the new york daily news" editorial. unable to say even what laws he would use to break up the big banks. trump got knocked for his session with the "washington post" editorial board for telling bob woodward we're heading for a massive recession and his comments to two "new york times" reporters on nato and nuclear policy.
8:26 pm
sometime the press is actually doing its job. but it also happens to make a pretty fat target. ahead, now that it's "saturday night live" is mocking donald trump, is the show becoming a political factor again? first, the media suddenly focusing on the democratic race again just as things turn nasty in new york between hillary and bernie. again just as things tur in new york between hillary and bernie. frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working?
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8:30 pm
very strong words. your response to that idea? >> well, i mean, it's just ludicrous on the face of it. >> sanders then held a news conference and hit back. >> this campaign will fight back. so when you have headlines in "the washington post," "clinton questions whether sanders is qualified to be president," my response is, well, you know, if you want to question my qualifications, let me suggest this. maybe the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary. >> we're back with the panel. gayle trotter calling her unqualified after claiming she said the same about him. is why the press seems a lot more interested in this democratic race? >> i think so. it's very newsworthy. "the washington post" later that week had a piece talking about bernie sanders saying that hillary accused him of being unqualified -- >> three pinocchios. >> three pinocchios, yet bernie
8:31 pm
is relying on the "washington post" earl yeheadlines going to that conclusion. so i think that it just shows that these fact checking pieces are opinion pieces in the guise of objective reporting, and the post is loving all this drama. >> yeah, the post headline is misleading. she merely declined to say whether she thought he was qualified or not in an interview. she was pressed three times. >> she dodged the question. >> she dodged the question. >> after so many months of, you know, this high tone, i disagree with the secretary on the banks. you can sense that isn't this what tv really wants, personal attacks? >> of course it is. as a matter of fact, he even said in that speech, i know the media wants us to do this. well, you know, he also is facing a kind of do or die situation in new york even though he's won eight of the last nine. a lot of them have been in red state caucuses. and he needs to try to beat her in her own home state. but what happened on msnbc he said, yes, i think she's qualified. >> pushed into it. right. now because it's a new york primary, you add hillary clinton trying to get on the subway, having trouble with the metro
8:32 pm
fare card. i've seen that nine million times. i think we have the video. >> he thought you used a token. you put a token in. >> it's been many years since bernie lived in brooklyn. but the pundits always come back to, well this is interesting. hillary clinton has a delegate lead. if she were to lose new york or it were to be close after losing eight out of nine to bernie, and wyoming yesterday, would the media's storyline shift to, are there potentially really serious weaknesses in the hillary candidacy? >> i think we may already be there, howie. the reason why is i don't think she needs to lose new york for that narrative tore relevant. look at the advantages she should have in the state having represented it. it's most importantly a closed primary where the independents have been carrying bernie. cannot vote, so if it even comes close there, i think that people will start to -- people being the media -- will start to raise real questions and alarm bells
8:33 pm
will go off as to her strength as a general election candidate. i don't think people will say she's going to lose the nomination. i think there will be real questions raised about her strength in a general. >> among her media appearances this week, she went on "the view." here she is with joy behar. >> you have donald trump saying things like women who have abortions should be punished. i mean, it's frightening. >> right. >> it's frightening. what do you think will happen to women if a republican gets in -- if trump wins, god forbid? >> he started on his very first day saying that all mexican immigrants were rapists and criminals, right? the way he treated megyn kelly who is a superb journalist. i don't understand what he thinks is the role of somebody running for president. >> gayle, let's start with joy behar saying that trump wants to punish women for having abortions. is that his current position? >> no, it's misleading. she's spreading false information. if you go back and look at that interview chris matthews, trump wouldn't even agree that a ten cent fine on a woman would be
8:34 pm
appropriate. he wouldn't even say that. and he -- >> he did say in response that women should be punished and then the campaign walked it back. >> he did release a statement. if you go back, i think the most newsworthy thing about that is his pushback on chris matthews and his catholicism and calling him out for the media angle of that. >> heidi, what about what hillary clinton said about trump's comment about mexican immigrants? >> look, there's so much that is said that is inaccurate. trump never said all mexicans. he said some are nice, implying he thinks many of them fit into that category, but that was an over -- you know, obviously, that was an overgeneralization. >> i feel like in the last cycle, howie, i remember being part of this grand fact checking operation where we're all so wide eyed about fact checking everything that the candidates said. it's two things now. we're overextended. there are too many of them exaggerating things on a daily basis. we're also demoralized.
8:35 pm
frankly, when we do put the fact checks out, which i can tellia from the heart we try do a good job of fact checking these guys and it doesn't seem to matter. it doesn't get the clicks and the attraction. >> isn't that an excuse? >> we still put them out. you know, we're human beings, too. it doesn't seem people care about your product. >> and hillary clinton admires megyn kelly so much, why she doesn't she give her an interview. one appearance on fox. >> maybe she should. >> such a strange campaign. we have bernie sanders, the only jewish candidate in the race. now going to a vatican conference. finally, all these stories now about the trump campaign having big shakeups because paul manafort was brought in to run the convention. is that a little overdone? every campaign has internal tensions. go ahead. >> i was going to say, the campaign shake-up is like catnip. you can't resist it. but you know what? i think that the story has been covered pretty straight. trump knew he needed a professional. he hired paul manafort.
8:36 pm
he goes on tv and says, i speak -- i report to the boss. and we're going to get more traditional. >> they've been like meltdowns. >> yeah. "game of thrones." hunger games, excuse me. >> we've seen campaigns go into new phases. that's what this is. when there's a real shake-up, you're seeing people actually be -- >> fired. >> or intentionally layered over. >> all right. no firing at this table. good to see you this sunday. ahead on "media buzz," the 9-year-old reporter that isn't taking any guff from her critics. is snl doing to donald trump what they once did to sarah palin and al gore? critics. is snl doing to donald trump what they once did to sarah palin and al gore?
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"saturday night live" may not be the cultural force it was say a couple decades ago, but it has a long history of mocking presidential and vp candidates which was on display again this past week. >> my plan, jim, is different. rather than squander the surplus on a risky tax cut for the wealthy, i would put it in what i call a locked box. >> i can see russia from my house. >> tonight i want to address that pesky media who's really crawling up and under that skin of mine.
8:41 pm
camera two, zoom in. i have survived everything that's been thrown at me. >> when i say women, you say suck. women. >> suck. >> women. >> suck! >> so is all this for laughs or can it be damaging. joining us from new york is marisa guthrie of the hollywood reporter. does this mockery of trump portray him as kind of mean to women, does it have any political impact? >> i don't think it has any political impact. i think that trump's base is not going to be swayed by "saturday night live." they're not even watching "saturday night live." but it does reflect the broader narrative that has taken hold about trump in the last couple weeks. >> well, so a lot of people say the show is not as relevant as it used to be even when tina fey was doing sarah palin. but trump thought the program was important enough to cohost. i'm not saying is going to change votes because they made fun of donald trump, but comedy
8:42 pm
shows can have a way of perpetuating a cultural narrative. >> that's right. i think that he's obviously "saturday night live" having him co-host, getting in bed with him at that point. they were a little light on him for many months after that. and even some of the cast members there said as much. you know, they sort of -- certainly on that show that he hosted, they had to pull their punches a little bit. and now, obviously, that was in november. the gloves are off. you've seen him put his foot in his mouth over the last couple weeks and they have pounced. but they -- >> you're saying that snl follows the polls then? trump dips a little bit and they can be a little more vicious? >> yeah, but also, they have given him -- trump has given "saturday night live" and all other comedians lots of ammunition with the david duke kkk thing, with his missteps on abortion, and so you know, they have deesh while they always had
8:43 pm
a lot to work with with trump, now they have a lot more. >> and speaking of other comedians sh he is fodder on the late night circuit. here is stephen colbert on "late show" with sort of an interview with donald trump. >> how do you respond to anderson cooper comparing you to a 5-year-old? >> anderson cooper is a dumb dumb. he's a stupid head. a total poopy pants. it's sad. >> okay. right now i got to say you're sounding a little immature. >> i know you are, but what am i? >> the cartoon donald trump. now look, last night on snl kate m micmckinnon did her hillary clinton. i think that's more gentle humor. now some of the comedy shows are kind of being a little bit more hostile to trump. am i wrong? >> i think they are being more hostile to trump. i think that -- but maybe they've been being hostile to hillary all along. so it doesn't seem like they're being suddenly hostile with trump. "saturday night live" is certainly a little nicer. i think also, you know, the
8:44 pm
comedians appreciated trump. but look at john oliver's takedown of trump from a few months ago. that certainly was not -- that was certainly extremely on the nose and they also know, i think, that trump will -- a lot of stuff gets under his skin and he's going to react to that stuff. that's going to perpetuate their comedy and they need that now. >> the one good thing is darrell hammond is back doing impersonations. i think he is terrific. great to see you. thank you for stopping by. >> nice to see you. thanks, howie. after the break, the media painted her as the other other woman, rumored to have improper relationships with two top generals. now jill kelley reveals the e-mail that's landed her in the midst of the petraeus scandal. n e-mail that's landed her in the e-mail that's landed her in the midst of the petraeus scandal.
8:45 pm
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jill kelley was stalked by a mystery e-mailer who turned out to be her friend david petraeus' jealous lover. when she went to the fbi four years ago, the investigation led to petraeus' resignation as cia director for improperly sharing classified information. but leaks by investigators sparked media frenzy that trashed kelly's reputation over her friendship with petraeus and john allen, a story that everybody covered. >> investigators say she exchanged thousands of e-mails with general john allen, the top commander of the war in afghanistan. those e-mails they tell us were pretty explicit according to one official who seen them. the official called them the equivalent of phone sex over e-mail. >> kelley has a book out called collateral damage, petraeus, power, and politics and the
8:49 pm
abuse of privacy. i spoke to her in washington. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> whether some news outlets suggested you were having an affair with david petraeus and saying that your e-mails were between flirtation and phone sex, what was it like to be in that eye of that media hurricane? >> it's an experience that no person, no law-abiding citizen that goes to seek help from our fbi for protection should ever go through. re today that have stalkers, whether it is cyber stalkers or physical stalkers. but to then have their e-mails exploited and completely mischaracterized, actually false lies about their e-mails, it's an awful feeling to see how, number one, you're watching tv and you know that's absolutely not true. >> how did that make you feel about the press and did you feel kind of helpless to fight back? >> what i learned over time is, and it's not a very comfortable
8:50 pm
or warm fuzzy feeling, but the press was misled by the top political officials. >> the people who did the leaking? >> that's correct. the unnamed sources. the smear merchants. >> but at the same time, now, you were kind enough to do your interview with me, a print crime. and the attention is going to be on the stalker and the director resigned because he's compromised, that's what makes the news. you stay quiet, but unfortunately, these government officials who were so preoccupied in covering up their
8:51 pm
wrongdoings that caused petraeus to they cover up wrong doing without congress having a knowledge about the national security network compromise. that is without the media that felt the personal life of general petraeus. >> you describe how petraeus, you were close friends with him, and his wife. asking the fbi to drop the charges. he did that and then, he resigned after obama's reelection and your note saying i screwed up terribly. you write to general petraeus, i know i won't totally recover from the irreversible damage, so i don't think it's wrong to take back what we worked hard to earn. how disappointed did you feel
8:52 pm
hearing a witness say you were innocent? >> looking back he was in a very difficult position. between poor holly, what she endured, what the family experience, the fact he was compromised by not only his staffer, but by his bosses. >> you repeatedly asked him to help clear your name. he didn't want to do that. >> it's disappointing because of the damage his political enemies did to us to get to him. >> by releasing your personal e-mails, both petraeus and others aren't you doing to him what you say government leakers did do you, invading his privacy? >> no. our privacy was destroyed by these leakers. what i'm doing is to show there was no other women, none of this
8:53 pm
is true. it's bogus and the fact our government continues to collect e-mails, on millions of innocent americans today, i'm going to say what happened to me can happen to you. >> writing to hillary clinton, then, at the state department, calling say, whether you co-authored to make yourself a queen bee and saying you seem to be an ambitious dolt. . >> i was taken by how sexist that was. if i was a man, if my name was joe kelly, that e-mail would have never transpired. there are 70, everyone of them leaked was sexist. no woman should ever go through that just because they reported a crime. these falsehoods were bogus and puts women behind. it's not fair what they did.
8:54 pm
our country has come far along, women can make a difference and not be queen bees. >> the chat tral damage, how lasting is it? >> the damage has been done. general allen was humiliated and retired in that shame after serving our country so proudly. my family, innocent kids. the damage that happened to our family, the pain we endured is irreconcilable. >> jill kelly, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> you can see more of my interview tomorrow on our home page. still to come, new york newspaper editor not sorry about helping donald trump with his speech. and a young reporter defies her critics. with his speech. with his speech. and a sco
8:55 pm
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the new york observer has rather close relationship with the trump campaign, not surprising given that its owner is married to done's daughter. today the observer's dhitor donald trump with his speech before apack. the newsroom is changing its policy and will no longer shy away from covering trump. he is unapologize jetting telling the post he basically looked at a draft of the speech. quote, it is a complicated world and i don't sfwen to let the 11 people who adopted themselves the media police tell me how to speak. a noteworthy story, hildy is 9. >> i'm -- then i went straight to the scene and asked neighbors for more information. i worked very hard.
8:59 pm
because of my work, i was able to inform the people that there is a terrible murder hours before my competition even got to the scene. >> the budding journalist has gotten plenty of mean messages some calling her orange street message a complete joke and sensationalist trash. she responded. >> i know some of you want me to sit down and be quiet because i'm 9. but if you want me to stop offering news, then you get off your computer and do something about that. there. that cute enough for you? >> i love this girl. and not because she is cute. because she actually understands journalism and the need to scoop the competition. hildy, can we hire new a year or two? we need to scoop the competition. we hope you like our facebook
9:00 pm
page. i respond to your questions over e-mail. also read you will your questions on twitter under howard kurtz. back next sunday, 11:00 and 5:00 i'm chris wallace. barack obama sits down with "fox news sunday" for the first time since he became president. are you saying you'll stipulate with garland throughout the end of your term? he makes his nomination for supreme court. we asked about criticism he underreacts to attacks by isis. some people wonder if you worry about threatism and fear terrorism the way they do. and hillary clinton's private e-mail server. can you say flat ly she did not jeopardize american secrets?


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