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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX News  April 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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tonight for "fox news reporting." donald trump the disrupter hosted by brett bair. stice janine. we'll see you next saturday same time >> they are bringing crime and they are rapist. donald trump is rewriting the rule book. >> i don't know what i said. >> i would like to punch him in the face. >> they would be carried outa a stretcher. >> and people are punching back as well. could he be the future president? >> i hope he can save my job. >> i have a hard time imagining that the establishment would have the balls to do that.
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>> the country is going to start winning, winning, winning. or would he be a dead end to the republican party. fox news report. donald trump: the disrupture. >> it is improbabble as entertaining. donald trump has done it by taking no prisoners and always attacking and never retreating and saying things no politician has ever said and in doing so, changed the face of american politics and somehow connected with the public be in a way that few politicians ever have. we joined his campaign in early march that might be peak trump. riding high going to victory to victory and a path of a win in the republican convention. spirits were high and the
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schedule nonstop. though as with any such operation, there was a question looming in the background, is the campaign moving ever upward or topped out. no one can answer that then. but we ran into surprising incidents along the way. here is john roberts. >> reporter: march 11th, st. louis, missouri. donald trump is on stage. >> we are going to win again. we are going to win with the military and with our veterans. >> he's in his element delivering his stump speech. >> we are going to take care of our second amendment and win with health care. and we are going to win, win, and make america great again. i love you all.
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>> reporter: and he does seem to love them and they love him back. after the speech, the love fest continues as we wades in the crowd. fans surround him many looking for a autograph. trump is at it for months and something he never seems to tire of. meeting fans face-to-face enlivens sxhim to his supporters, finally here is a guy who gets it. someone who understands them and talks like them and thinks like them. they don't mind that he is decidedly not one of them. it is the trump paradigm and connection to the supporters that is his biggest strength. trump's next stop is chicago and to get him there is one of the
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luxurious jet liners in the world trump force one. trump joked if he is elected president switching to air force one is a step down. the plane can hold up to 43 passengers in oversize first-class leather seats with gold plated seat belts and the trump family twist embedded in the headrest. there is a downing room. and two bedrooms and a main lounge with tv and movie system and that's where we sat. >> here is a picture of you and your father. >> that's right. >> reporter: if your father was told that his son would be front runner of the president of the united states. what would he say. >> he would be proud. first time i ever had my picture
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on a magazine cover. he wouldn't have believed. it it was a interesting process. i have learned so much. >> reporter: what did you learn about yourself? >> you have to be able to handle pressure. and i have. my life is a pressure cooker and i have been always through that. and political pressure is different. >> reporter: how so? >> it comes at you quickly and very personal. you know, i would like to watch him. >> reporter: trump cut our interview short when ben carson popped up on the tv. and carson is now supporting trump. >> why donald trump. >> because we have political operatives trying to manipulate the results. >> reporter: with a large delegate lead and ben carson's endorsement it was a triumph for trump. earlier this week the campaign
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manager alleged lehman handled a female reporter and the incident got attention. first time it seemed trump was losing the grip on the news channel. could it mean he was losing altitude. and as the plane steppeded in chicago it seemed on track and no one would know what would be in store would be the darkest moment the campaign had ever seen. >> when we come back. we will show you the outrageous journey of donald trump from long shot to front runner. and the near riot on one of donald trump's campaign stops. donald trump's campaign stops. is it a glimpmy insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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>> when donald trump said he was
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running for president pundits had a good laugh. by the time they stopped chuckling guess who was on top? >> my father, donald trump. [applause] >> it was an entrance that was more important for a vegas act than a politician. last june donald trump had something important to say to america. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am officially running for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again. >> the 69-year-old real estate billionaire mogul never held office and now he was going for all of the marbles.
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one section of his speech got the attention. >> when mexico sends his people, they are not send issing their best. they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime, and they are rapist and i assume good people. >> this is not how candidates spoke. pundits announced his campaign dead on on arrival. >> how should they handle trump. >> ignore him. >> when he started talking about mexico sending us the rapist. i said we are in trouble. >> one of the opponents lindsay graham didn't like what trump was saying, but could sense where it was going. >> i knew he would exploit the immigration issue and we would go down the wrong road.
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>> trump kept it up. banging the immigration drum. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall, mark my words. >> the line was fodder for punch line. >> how would you deal with immigration? >> build a giant wall. >> what about the economy? >> build a giant wall. >> and yet his tough talk struck a core and his concerns seemed validated to many in the sanctuary city of san francisco 32 year old kate was shot dead by juan lopez sanchez an illegal immigrant and repeat felon that had been deported five times. trump shot to the top of the
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republican field. his free wheeling style got the share of the media. here is trump talking about mccain. >> he is not a war hero. >> he was a war hero because he was captured and i like those who were not captured. what can i say. >> he needs to apologize. >> he will not be a viable candicate. you can't say that without crashing and burning. >> instead his polling improved. >> what would make other candidates radioactive only seemed to make him stronger. there was a comment in rolling stone magazine about carly fiorina. look at that face, would anyone vote for that. and mocked a reporter's disability. >> written by a nice reporter. i tonight know what i said.
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i don't remember. i maybe said that. >> and trump's position remain firm. >> i have the most loyal people. where i stand inned middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i would not lose voters, is like incredible. >> he is taking political stances many considered extreme. he supported a database and surveillance for muslims in the united states. >> yes, we have to look at mosque. we have no choice. we have to see what's happening. he >> he was condemned. >> first amendment defends religious liberty. >> but the news seemed to go his way. >> we are getting word from the fire department in the city of san bernardino that 20 people have been shot in a mass
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shooting. >> on december 2nd. there was a terrorist attack by a muslim couple in san bernardino that killed 14 and injured two. by year's end, trump had a 21 point lead in the polls. it was 2016 that tested his candidacy. all talk so far and now the voters had their say. after a misstep in iowa where he lost to it ted cruz. >> we finished second and i want to it tell you something, i am just honored. i want to congratulate ted. ntrump recoveried and took three states in a row. new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. >> if you listen to the pundits we were not expected to win too sxch now we are winning. >> march 1st. he took seven out of 11 states and trump, the candidate no one took seriously and counted out
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regularly was now the unquestioned front runner. >> the field turned their sights on him. he seemed to be the only candidate with a clear path to victory in the first ballot. and the can campaign would go on to the bitter end. but one thing had changed, no one would mock trump's chances again. donald trump didn't express himself like other politicians. but he expressed the feelings of other americans. we'll talk to some of them, next. (singing alougetting to know you. getting to know all about you... getting to like you. getting to hope you like me... is someone getting to know your credit? not without your say so. credit lock lets you lock and unlock your transunion credit report with the swipe of a finger.
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>> it's safe to say donald trump came as a surprise to the political and media class. this is partly because he seized upon issues that mattered deeply to a lot of americans but were not part of the conversation with the robbery establishment. one such issue is trade. from the start of his campaign. donald trump's economic popullism made him a favorite with white working voters. and once again, it seemed that he had anticipated the new's cycle when this cell phone video went viral. >> best way to protect is move from our facility in minneapolis to mexico. >> it shows the moment when 1400
10:21 pm
workers in carrier air conditioning were told their jobs would be shipped from indianapolis to mexico. >> we are moving and moving to monterey, mexico. i was like really? >> mark who worked in carrier 24 years was there when management made the announcement. >> i want to be clear, this is strictly a business decision. >> some people were holarring and raising some cane. you heard one guy said [bleep] you. >> dave worked there 13 years. >> that one guy said it all for everybody. i heard somebody crying and my friend cheryl is crying and it devastated her. i was basically numb and i
10:22 pm
didn't know what the hell to think >> days later, donald trump was the only candidate to speak about the mass lay off. >> the 1400 people crying and it was a sad situation. >> he explained what he would do to carrier. >> i would get consensus you from congress. stay where you are or build in the united states. >> that sort of talk contradicted republican thinking on free-trade. >> i did catch that on the news that he brought up carrier. hell yeah. about time to say something. >> this time around he is supporting trump. >> i believe the entire political system is going to be different and needs to it be changed. and nothing gets done or happens that benefits the american people. it is benefitting someone else. >> this election is important to
10:23 pm
everybody. not just me, but to everybody and we have to start doing something. >> if we let everybody go to mexico, we are not going to have jobs for our grandchildren. >> i think everybody is mad and fed up with the government letting things like this happening. >> i appreciate the candidate that does more to keep jobs in america. >> i hope he can save my job. and everybody's job that is in the situation. this is not the first factory that shut town. >> another example is niagara cerammics. >> it was impossible for us to compete with the foreign market. asia in particular. >> joe bronco was a vice-president. >> it was difficult for us to manufacture the product in the usan and dollars per piece more
10:24 pm
than you could buy it or land it in a port on either coast. >> today the old warehouse feels haunted not by ghost but memories of when the fact rows employed 400 skilled workers. >> it was so unexpected and told us they were going to do a two week shut down and then we got a phone call saying do not return. >> we held it together. but we to try to stay operational and we couldn't do it or hold on. it was one of the saddest points in my life to be honest with you because we had hundreds of families, suddenly without work. bronco was down but not out. he opened a new face fist in rochester, new york called north star cerammics.
10:25 pm
smaller but growing. >> skill craft is what we need here. without that it would be difficult for us to compete in the apartment. >> he may be management but he grease with the employees. >> donald trump made it clear we made bad trade deals and they are affecting businesses like me today and we are not working on a level playing field. >> he believes that trump has the know how to help the economy to expand. >> the fact that he is a businessman is playing a huge factor in my support of him. he understands what it is like to be where i am in a much larger scale. >> how did you decide to support trump. at what point? >> i started out with jub bush and when all of the dust settled and jeb's campaign never caught
10:26 pm
fire. i looked at what was standing. >> new york congressman chris collins was personally involved in trying to secure funding to keep anyinga cerammic afloat. >> i partnered with the management time and thinking as an entrepreneurial smaller company to compete with the chinese. but it was unrelentless. >> that is the reason he was the first sitting member of congress to support trump. >> people get behind a winner which is mr. trump. >> you think he will bring new voters in. >> he would cross over in the independent vote and the working blue collar vote many of them live nothing westin new york. >> he speaks the language of the blue collar middle-class worker.
10:27 pm
>> it speaks to getting the jobs back that were stolen by china and mexico and devastated the rust belt. a lot of people say when is enough, enough? that's the language donald trump is speaking. >> with his views on trade he blasted a fault line in the republican and indeed american politics. it may not be suris prizing that the frustrations and even the anger of the working man played a large role in the election cycle. but how is it that a celebrity billionaire of all candidates came to be the one who tapped in the powerful currents? that's next. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications
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>> no matter the outcome. historians will write about donald trump's run for president. but to those who thought his candidacy came out of no where, there is a lot of history leading up to it. in fact, a whole lifetime's worth. >> reporter: donald j. trump was born on june 14th, 1946, in new york. fred worked in apartments and young donald grew up around building sights. he had a rebellious streak. >> his parents sent him to a military school to get more discipline. >> a lot of type a in the trump family. he was a good kid. he didn't get in too much trouble. >> reporter: eric trump is donald's tlo-year-old son. >> my father was raised in
10:32 pm
a military school and said it was the best thing. >> reporter: i also spoke to 38-year-old donald junior. >> it was the right way to get him to focus. and that's the way he cares about the business dealings. >> reporter: trump followed his father in role estate. he was given full control of the family company which he renamed the trump organization. he had a taste for the spotlight and pecame a celebrity of sorts and regularly seen in the town with a beautiful woman on his arm. he married ivana, a fashion model. and they became an escapable part of the manhattan scene. in 1983, trump opened the flag shipbuilding trump tower. he published the best seller, the art of the deal.
10:33 pm
trump was a national figure and you never knew where he would show up next. >> excuse me, where is the lobby? >> down the hall to the left. >> reporter: way back then there was political promise seen with the billionaire. >> i started the draft trump campaign. >> reporter: in the yokin's restaurant, as people waved trump for president signs. donald trump spoke without notes and hit on the same economic ideas that made him a front runner. >> the message in 1987 didn't change but the players. it was saudi arabia and japan back then and side china and mexico. y the people who are hurting is people like me. we work for a living and we are feeling. it and so trump appeals to us.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: after the speech they left and moved trump to a nor by press conference. >> i had to get him to a side door which was a good distance and as we moved along. he kept stopping and shaking hands with the wait staff and cops and firemen. he ignored the suits. it was the common man that attracted donald trump and he reached out to and that is what is happening today. he's still reaching out to us. not the guys in the suits. >> reporter: he didn't run back then but the seed was planted. >> the tide will be the most spectacular building. >> reporter: his business ventures had ups and downs and so did his love life. [inaudible] it is fine.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: he and ivana had a public divorce in known 91. he married actress marla maples in 1993. and divorced her in '99. and in his profile rose as he was star of the nbc hit show the apprentice. and married his wife melana in 2005. trump never stopped thinking of politics and if he was serious about a run, he could not play the waiting gachlt we asked the president and ceo of the polling to see where he would stand in the 2012 race? >> what was missing from the field in 2011 was somebody that was not a typical politician.
10:36 pm
somebody who would be an outsider to the system in washington, but also somebody who was not unfamiliar to them. >> reporter: his role on the apprentice made him a poling. >> there was a leadership role and tuned in every week to see what he would say. >> reporter: 2012 was not his year. but he endorsed mitt romney another businessman who sold himself to get things done. when romney lost. it was now or never forever trump. he put together a staff. he connected and gave speeches at cpac. >> i am not doing it for fun. we have to take our country back. >> reporter: but people wonder ared if he would pull the trigger. there were two people who anyhow he was serious.
10:37 pm
for a while people didn't take him seriously? >> i could tell he was getting frustrated. a son can look in their father's eyes and see he was frustrated. >> when he got himself deeper in the circles of the republican party did he get the sense that he could outsmart the way the operation worked? >> i don't think it is outsmarting the operation. he bypassed that and went to the people. >> reporter: he met newt gingrich. >> we went for breakfast and 45 minutes, he asked probing and intelligent questions. how do you balance yourself and what does it take? what would it cost from january through south carolina and i said 70 or 80 million and he said. a yacht. and so this would be be moreing
10:38 pm
than a yacht. i thought he's going. >> reporter: he was ready. and the rest of the candidates may not have been ready for him, but his public was. >> it is not a campaign but a movement. people follow him because they feel they have a voice again. he was on the way to a rally and flying thousands of feet above the ground but it was not until he landed that he hit real he landed that he hit real tu
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>> chicago is known as the windy city and so maybe it shouldn't be a big surprise this is where donald trump's campaign ran into a cyclone. once again john roberts. >> reporter: when he left donald trump on the campaign trail he landed in chicago for a big rally and little did he know he was heading in a buzz saw. the qualities in candidate trump that inspired enthusiasm with supporters stirred up hosstillity. and among those who opposed him all-star leftist activist bill a yeres. >> that is a danger.
10:43 pm
it is anti- american and has to be opposed. >> reporter: trump protestors were determined to disrupt trump backed off and cancelled the event. >> for the safety of tens of thousands of people that gathered in and around the arena, the rally will be postponed until another day. thank you very much. it is not like protest were anything new in a trump rally. in fact it was a regular feature.
10:44 pm
>> get them out of here. get her out. out. out. out. i would like to punch him in the face i tell you x. knockout hell. i promise you, i will pay for the legal fees. you know what they used do to it guys like that they would be carried out on a stretcher, folks. >> reporter: but the chicago folks claimed victory and bill a yeressaid it was the beginning. >> that's why it is important. >> reporter: what happened in chicago followed the controversy of the campaign manager earlier in the week and opened up the trump campaign there was a undercurrent of violence in the candidacy. >> donald trump's rally was cancelled. >> and someone was concerned that someone might get injured.
10:45 pm
>> you have a campaign that encourages violence. and you create an environment that encourages this sort of nasty discourse. >> and it lasted through the weekend in ohio. >> reporter: trump's response was blunt. >> hillary was saying donald trump has to stop the rhetoric and he has to stop it and my people are great. it is these people that are a problem. >> reporter: chicago was a crazy time but he would find out there was more trouble ahead. wh (singing alougetting to know you. getting to know all about you... getting to like you. getting to hope you like me... is someone getting to know your credit? not without your say so. credit lock lets you lock and unlock your transunion credit
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it's been said that april is the cruelest month. it so manied that way for donald trump. as march turned into april, the trump campaign was still front page news. but in the wisconsin primary, he seemed less and less in control of the message. on march 23rdrd. he tweeted a role of wife melania next to heidi. >> i thought it was fine. >> campaign manager corey was charged with misdemeanor battery for an incident he grabbed a female reporter. >> am i supposed to be loyal or because someone filed something?
10:50 pm
>> and then answering a hypothetical question. he said women who have abortions should have punishment. >> to the woman. >> and later seemed to change his position more than once. >> if they had one thing in common. it hurt him in particular with female voters. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs and dogs and disgusting. >> i am not a fan of megyn kelliy. i don't like her. >> john roberts asked trump about a potential gender gap. >> i think i will do great. people are wondering your feud with you sent out 19 tweets, 9 of which you say she's crazy. >> let me just say, i have nothing against megyn.
10:51 pm
she didn't treat the fairly but should have given me the letter i gave her. i'll tell you why, she's very nasty to me and doesn't treat the fairly. now, i could sit back and take it or let people understand and let people know. i don't like discussing megyn because i have other things to talk about that are much more important. i don't want to talk about megyn. >> trump didn't want to talk about mergyn then, but now they have a cumulative effect. >> mr. trump is facing a different headwind sis he's not faced since the beginning of his candidacy. people are now starting to wonder if this guy's entire narrative is built on winning can actually win in the fall. >> one test of that proposition came in wisconsin where trump lost by double digits. and this time, no televised appearance for trump. instead, his campaign issued a statement saying, quote, lyin
10:52 pm
ted cruz was being used by bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. was this a turning point in his campaign? to someone like lindsey graham, trump supporters needed a reality check. >> this idea that somehow mr. trump is going to bring in democratic voters to override his collapse of hispanics and young women is just foolish. so you can sugar-coat this any way you want, if we nominate donald trump, we're going to lose. it's going to cost us the senate and put the house in jeopardy. almost anybody else wins the election. >> but before anything else, trump has to win the nomination. and it's looking more and more likely that there will be a contested convention. trump supporters fear the republican establishment will conspire to deny him the nomination. >> i have a hard time imagining that the establishment would actually have the balls to do
10:53 pm
that. the -- but the fact that we're talking about it is an indication of how contemptuous they are regular folk. >> if he does become the nominee, many as vise he'll have to pivot, not be the man he's been during the campaign so far. >> the very habits that got him here aren't the ones to give him the presidency. he's going to have to double that base by attracting those suspicious of him. he will not attract them if the he continues the sort of current twitter, slugging it out, terrific in a bar but not very clever. >> reemerging in his home state -- trump canceled a california trip in order to keep campaigning in new york. where he now needed to win convincingly. meanwhile, based on my conversation with new york representative chris collins,
10:54 pm
the first member of congress to endorse trump. even his supporters might have to maintain the certain distance while waiting for a different sort of trump to emerge. you're against mass deportation. you're against banning muslims, even temporarily from entering the country. it sounds like even though you're endorsing mr. trump, you're distancing yourself from him in some aspects. >> well, i think it's always safe to say we can agree at the top level. i don't think i'm that far away from mr. trump. >> is it realistic to build a wall along the southern wall. >> there are parts of it, whether it's a rhetorical wall or immigration wall, it starts with e-verify and making sure the folks that need the workers where theyan't get the americans to do the work, like the ag -- the dairy farmers. they need visas to fill that job. >> yes, it's different sounding than we're going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for
10:55 pm
it. >> it's a different sounding -- >> answer. >> answer. >> and the ban on muslims? >> i would say we need to keep america safe. if we don't know who is coming across the borders, then they can't come in. but certainly i would not ban muslims for being muslim. >> and you think the nuance will come when he becomes president? >> i absolutely do because i know it's not practical to deport, as in put people in buses, 12 million people, and take them across the border. so once mr. trump is president or even the nominee, we can sit down and talk about these things. we can clarify them. >> and so is it fair to say that people who support donald trump see in him what they want to see in him? >> they see in him a leader. a leader that speaks directly, now let's get the experts together and move. love him or hate him, trump has always been his own man. right now there are a lot of considerations pulling him in
10:56 pm
different directions. the question at present, is which direction he will choose? is it the one that leads him to the white house? or merely back to a billionaire's life of luxury? it's not easy to talk about donald trump. for one thing, he's such a polarizing figure that no matter what you say, you're likely to be called some unpleasant names. but there are a few things we can say about him. first, he's a true political phenomenon. unlike anything we've seen. a businessman who was able to all but take over a party with its establishment in open war against him. second, that he's filled a niche and he's attracted a loyal following that believes this country has seriously gone off the rails. third, that while he is popular with his base, polls show him consistently to be the candidate with the highest negatives. what we don't know is whethert
10:57 pm
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i'm chris wallace. barack obama sits down with "fox news sunday" for the first time since he became president. are you saying you'll stipulate with garland throughout the end of your term? he makes his nomination for supreme court. we asked about criticism he underreacts to attacks by isis. some people wonder if you worry about threatism and fear terrorism the way they do. and hillary clinton's private e-mail server. can you say flat ly she did not jeopardize american secrets?


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