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  FOX Friends  FOX News  April 11, 2016 4:01am-4:12am PDT

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>> speaking of golf, a guy who owns a whole bunch of golf clubs is donald trump. he's running for president. he joins us live from somewhere in his empire. mr. trump, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, you know what? what'd you think of the masters yesterday? >> well, i thought it was great to watch. i thought -- and i know jordan, he's a wonderful young guy. he's had a very life altering experience. it looked like he was just going to sail right through. that's golf. it's a tough sport. that's life. that's golf. that's sports. that's everything. i mean it can happen. but he's a great young guy and he'll be fine and he'll be back. >> he is such a great guy. just a good role model for the young kids. >> absolutely. >> all right so yesterday or over the weekend you lost the state of colorado and you tweeted about this. you said you were angry and you said it was unfair. why do you think that? >> well, it really started with colorado. and the people out there are going crazy. you know, in the denver area, in colorado itself. they're going absolutely crazy. because they weren't given a vote. this was given by politicians. it's a crooked deal.
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and i see it. and i see it honestly i see it with bernie, too. you know, i've gotten millions more votes. millions. not just a couple, millions of more votes than cruz. and i've gotten hundreds of delegates more and we keep fighting, fighting, fighting, then you have colorado where they frankly, where they you know, just get all of these delegates, and it's not a system. there was no voting. i didn't go out there to make a speech or anything. there's no voting. i heard pete say that's the way it is. that really shouldn't be the way it is. this was changed in the summer to help a guy like cruz and it's not right. now, as an example, south carolina. i won it by a landslide. like a massive landslide and now they're trying to pick off those delegates one by one. that's not the way democracy is supposed to work. and you know, they offer them trips, all sorts of things. and you're allowed to do that. i mean you're allowed to offer trips and you can buy all these votes. what kind of a system is this? now i'm an outsider and i came into the system and i'm winning the votes by millions of votes. but the system is rigged. it's crooked.
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when you look even at bernie, i'm not a fan of bernie, but every time i turn on your show, bernie wins, bernie wins. and yet bernie's not winning. i mean it's a rigged system. it's a rigged system. >> mr. trump, i've been a part of the caucus system in minnesota. it is a difficult system, and i was steamrolled by and organized by a ron paul movement. isn't it just fair to say that these are the rules, ted cruz is organized and you're just flat-out being outorganized? >> no, because i've got millions more votes. you could say he's out-organized because i've got millions of more votes, pete, and i happen to have more delegates than he does, by a lot. when you go in to colorado where the people of colorado are complaining that they're not allowed to vote, that's the best of all, because they're not even allowed to vote. or when i go in to louisiana and i win louisiana by a lot, i get thousands of more votes than cruz, and then i find out that i get less delegates, you know, hey, i'm somebody coming in to make america great again. i'm coming in to do something positive. i'm an outsider. the system is rigged. i see it. i see it now, 100%.
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and by the way, not just on our side. i think it's worse on the republican side, when you can have a colorado where the people don't get a chance to vote, and the people out in colorado are going nuts. they're marching, they're having a lot of problems out there, because of this. this was a political hack deal like so much of our country. this is what our country is all about i guess. >> well, speaking of the hack deal, i'm sure you saw over the weekend the boston globe was just trying to start a conversation about what it would be like a year from now if you were president. and some of the headlines are, the big one there, deportations to begin. then on the side it says markets sink as trade war looms. trump on nobel prize short list. u.s. soldiers refuse orders to kill isis families. right there. mr. trump, they said they wanted to start a conversation, but you know, we've had the conversation, and americans do want our border securitied. >> well you know, massachusetts, i won massachusetts with almost 50% of the vote. and there were many candidates
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running. so when you get 50% and i had many, many candidates. that was awhile ago, month ago, month and a half. and it's just shows you the power that paper has, because they were just very hemmently against. they don't want to see strong borders. they don't want to see all of the things that you talk about over there. they want to see bad trade deals because that's all we have in our country is bad -- we have the worst trade deals now that i've really gotten into it, we have the most deals, the most incompetent deals i've ever seen. our country is going to go bust. we lose with every single country we make a deal with, we lose tremendous amounts of money and jobs. and factories. and it will all change. but, you know, just shows you, here's a paper that was sold for $1 a little while ago. $1. and that's what it's worth. >> what's your message to the paper this morning? a lot of people are saying, what about the other side of this? why aren't they doing this for hillary clinton? and if they did, would there be outrage? .> well, they wouldn't do it on they want to do it on this side. it's a very sad thing. and it's sad for the paper. you know, it used to be considered a major paper.
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and now, it's -- it's like a supermarket throwout. you know, you take a look at it. there's almost nothing in it. there's no ads. >> you're the front-runner for the republicans, she's the front-runner for the democrats. they should do this for her and make it just as negative. >> they should. but i wouldn't hold my breath i must say. but they certainly should. >> all right. we know you are in a pitched battle right now over new york. although, you know, you look at the polls, and you're over 50%. the new york police department, sergeant benevolent association is calling for bill clinton to apologize for what he said about the death of eric garner, killed in 2014, what he said yesterday in harlem. listen to this, mr. trump. >> you can see these videos, these young african-american men, shot in the street by police officers, and new york [ inaudible ] who was caught in the chokehold for selling three illegal cigarettes. that is not a capital offense.
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>> garner died after the police chokehold, because he was stopped for selling cigarettes but a grand jury eventually said you know, we're not going to press charges against the cop. the fellow who runs the sergeant's benevolent association ed mullen said of bill clinton, his facts once again are wrong. it's a fantasy video story that was fabricated to the american people about the attack in benghazi where four brave americans were left behind and murdered. his comments are not only wrong but divisive. slate magazine last week said that hillary should fire bill clinton. is he doing more harm than good to her campaign? >> well you never know until the election takes place, frankly. he said some things which a lot of people said, like last week where he was ranting and raving and a lot of people said what he did then was right. the next day he came out and apologized. you really never know. i would say he probably helps her. i don't think she's doing particularly well. look, she's another one. she loses every week, and yet
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she's winning, because the system's rigged, okay? she's got superdelegates, and how did she get the superdelega superdelegates. they're appointed. i'm not a fan of bernie even a little bit. the guy is terrible. every time you turn on the television he wins. he wins a state. this one, this one, this one. then you listen to the so-called experts and they say bernie has no road to victory. okay. now you say, what kind of a system is this? so, i don't know. i can't tell you whether or not bill helps. probably he doesn't hurt, frankly. >> mr. trump on another story, the cia, the current cia chief says he won't allow waterboarding even if ordered by a future president. you've been very forceful and clear about the need to use harsher tactics against enemies that are ferocious against us. what do you think about his comments and what kind of person would you appoint to that position? >> i think his comments are ridiculous. they chop off heads and they drown people in cages with 50 in a cage and big, steel heavy
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cages, drop them right into the water, drown people. and we can't waterboard and we can't do anything, and you know, we're playing on different fields. and we have a huge problem with isis which we can't beat and the reason we can't beat them is we won't use strong tactics, whether it's this or other things. so i think his comments are ridiculous. can you imagine these isis people sitting around eating, and talking about this country won't allow waterboarding and they just chopped off 50 heads. >> just a little crazy. let's talk a little bit about the state of the race right now. as i mentioned a little while ago here in new york, you're north of 50% against. john kasich is actually in second place. and then followed by ted cruz. also you have a gigantic lead, as well, in pennsylvania. what are your predictions for those two states? >> well, i think i'm doing very well. i was up in rochester which is having tremendous problems. it's losing all of its jobs. and i was there. we had a crowd of over 10,000 people. we had to send away 5,000 or
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6,000 or 7,000 people. it was like a love fest. and i think we're doing really well in new york. you know, cruz came out with new york values. he hates new york. he hates the people of new york. and what was really obvious, that was during the debate he brought that up, and i gave him a lecture on how great the people are in new york. and everybody understands that. i mean, you know, using the world trade center as a reference. the job they've done is incredible. the comeback is incredible. >> and you went down -- you toured the 9/11 memorial over the weekend. >> i did. i did. and they've done a fantastic job with it. a really fantastic job. but when you look at cruz, and you know, then he's trying to change it so that well he didn't mean that. well, when you watch his words, during the debate, there was hatred. and i will tell you, it showed hatred, and for him to get any votes in new york is hard for me to believe. if i were a new yorker i wouldn't even consider him to vote for him. because he's disgraceful. and he didn't help new york with sandy and he didn't help new york on other occasions when he could have helped new york in the past as a senator. he voted against anything having
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to do with new york. so, cruz should not be voted on. if you're a new yorker and assuming you love new york, which we do as new yorkers, you shouldn't be voting for ted cruz. >> just one last question, there are two new yorkers who won't be able to vote for you or ted cruz ivanka and eric trump unable to register because of the rules. are the rules of new york unfair as well? >> no. they had a longtime register and they were, you know, unaware of the rules, and they didn't register in time. so they feel very, very guilty. they feel very guilty. but it's fine. i understand that. i think they have to register a year in advance and they didn't. so eric and ivanka, i guess, won't be voting. >> are you cutting off their allowance? >> yes. no more allowance. >> does that mean, what if you decided to choose ivanka to be your vp if you did get the nomination. does that mean she couldn't become a vice president? >> well, number one i wouldn't be doing that. although a lot of people would like to see that. >> we looked at the numbers. she's 34 right now but she will be 35 and the rules say she has to be 35. >> a lot of people would like
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that choice. but it won't happen, okay? that i will tell you, it won't happen. >> she has a lot going on. she has three babies to raise. >> she's doing a good job. absolutely. >> tha