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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 11, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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liberty mutual insurance. bill: that completes our two hour tour but you've been going for like, 10 hours. bill: you sleep when you die bill. bill: we will see you tomorrow. martha: happening now starts now, have a good day. jon: a new poll on this monday has donald trump and hillary clinton holding big leads in new york i had a must win primary for both frontrunners. good morning i'm jon scott . heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. jon: good to have you here heather.
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heather: still talking politics and trump is a 64 percent to john kasich 22 percent, ted cruz coming in third at 15 percent ahead of the new york primary. one week from tomorrow. trump is also holding a double-digit lead in pennsylvania ahead of this primary in two weeks see one in the democratic race hillary can leads with 53 percent to hit bernie sanders 37 percent in new york. she is also ahead by double digits in pennsylvania. let's bring in brett behr, the anchor of special york is obviously a big prize in both parts brett. >> it really is and for donald trump those poll numbers look pretty good right now ahead of next tuesday. he needs a big win to get back on track after the wisconsin loss. it does set up well for him and if he gets over 50 percent he's on his way to possibly getting huge delegate call. each one of those congressional districts obviously a different battle but if he gets, it's
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conceivable he could get the majority if not all of the 95 delegates in new york. on the democraticside, bernie sanders trying to chip away hillary clinton's lead even though he has won seven out of eight contest coming into this , he still is trailing dramatically behind hillary clinton. jon: let's talk about what happened in wyoming. not a lot of delegates at stake obviously there but he stumped her by 12 percentage points and she comes away with more delegates. 11 to 7. how does that happen? >> it came down to the thing in the democratic party which is superdelegates. these are these leaders in the democratic party, they are lawmakers, party leaders. and they have the vote that is unbound so they can switch their votes but right now of the 500 superdelegates hillary clinton has 469 of them already pledged. that's a huge lead. if you took out the superdelegates from her delegate count she is leading bernie sanders my less than
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trump's leading cruise so that whole system is significant on the democratic side. jon: are you surprised the race in new york at least according to the polls is perhaps not closer than it is on the democratic side, 53 ã37, hillary over bernie sanders. he was born in the state, still talks like he lives in the state and it's a fairly liberal state. >> that's true and we will see what happens over the next week. he's really trying to hit hillary clinton from the left in new york and that obviously if any state could have some significant impact but now the polls are lining up for clinton and she needs them to line up. clinches the nomination the sooner she can start uniting the party. the bottom line is that something is going to happen ahead of philadelphia, the democratic convention. whether bernie sanders can continue these wins or he's going to demand something from hillary clinton, in other words choosing number two on the ticket for some big party platform, something will be in the bernie sanders column if he's not the nominee.
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jon: and on the republican side you've got donald trump at 54 percent in new york, john kasich at 52 percent and ted cruz coming in at 15 percent but on the republican side if trump wins that many delegates, i'm sorry, that many votes, if he comes in over 50 percent he likely goes home with the lion's share of the new york voting delegates, right? >> we will see how it breaks down in congressional districts but you're right. he would probably get the lion's share and could conceivably box every one out for the 95 delegates but if you put that in his column and you continue to add up toward june 7, the final primary in california, first of all it won't be decided before california.
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it can't be mathematically but if you get to california, it's possible he gets the 1237 but it's more likely now that has you look at these states and how they line up for cruise or trump or kasich that he falls just short and then you are deciding the nomination in cleveland. >> they're talking about possibly 15 maybe 20 delegates short . you could expect, what was the line during the campaign? a trump tantrum over those delegates. >> there will be something. there's a bumpy ride to get there but once we get there it will be something to watch. jon: we are glad you are here to help us figure out all these details. brett behr from special report. going to be an interesting campaign. thank you. heather: switching gears for a moment with new information in the investigation into the deadly terror attacks in brussels. belgian authorities now saying that brussels was not the original target. federal prosecutors office says the terrorists were planning a second big attack in france but
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as police closed in the hit brussels instead. benjamin russells is live from our london bureau with moore. >> this information comes after the arrest of mohammed abrini, the one man connected to both the paris attacks and brussels attacks. he was at the paris attacks before those bombs went off and was also admitted to be the infamous man in the hat in the airport bombing in brussels. he was finally arrested on friday in the district of brussels, five months after the paris jackson three weeks after brussels. he was caught after police requested the public's help in tracking him down. after his arrest, abrini told the press that the attacks that killed 32 in brussels were not the primary plan. in fact the terrorists had originally planned to attack the paris financial district
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and a catholic association but they felt the net was closing it so they rushed forward their plan. abrini's statement confirms what so many had expected. the arrests in the week before the brussels attacks pushed the killers to action. abrini was tracked down after police surveillance footage of his long walk from the airport into the center of brussels after the attack following his arrest police confronted him with that video after which he admitted he was indeed the one scene accompanying the suicide bombers at the brussels airport. brussels remains on the highest alert. three others have been arrested over the weekend but few believe this is over. the belgian prime minister believes more attacks were likely so dangerous times ahead but positive news with these arrests. heather: benjamin hall life for us. we talk a little more about that possibility of more attacks with general jack keane coming up. jon: breaking information on a federal spy case involving the u.s. navy.where an officer with access to sensitive intelligence stands accused of passing state secrets to china and espionage not the only charge he's facing. doug mack away live in
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washington with more for us. >> this could be a huge breach of national intelligence if these charges proved to be true. one that would provide the chinese government with intelligence of how to counteract many us intelligence capabilities. they involve naval intelligence officer commander edward lynn who was born in taiwan and moved today in the united states when he was 14 years old. he was a signal intelligence officer aboard an ep three, variant of the p3 orion that uses sensitive receivers and dish antennas to capture signatures from the enemy territory. they disseminate information to the fleet to help suppress enemy air defense for situational awareness and many have secret purposes. lieutenant commander lynn is accused of passing some of that information to the chinese government. charges include communicating secret information related to national events to representatives of a foreign government with intent or reason to believe it would be used to the advantage of a
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foreign nation. in all, lynn faces three counts of attempted espionage, three counts of making false statements, five counts of communicating defense information. lynn was featured by the u.s. navy at a nationalization ceremony at which he spoke of his family's travails of traveling around the world, stopping in different countries before settling in the united states. he speaks fluent mandarin as is also accused of prostitutes, it is unclear if that may have been payment for the secret. lynn is being held in a pretrial confinement at a navy brig in chesapeake virginia. john? jon: you said he was born in taiwan. most taiwanese no fans of beijing.anybody talking about a motive? >> we don't know of a potential motive. that may come out but i suspect navy is going to be interested
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in keeping him under wraps as much of this case as they can. given the sensitivity of so many of the secrets that could have been potentially diverged. jon: doug mack away, thank you. heather: coming up, a mother of three is missing after a date with someone she met online. what worried friends and neighbors are saying about her disappearance. and we get up assigned the scenes look at new york's jfk airport as officials title and epidemic of drug smuggling. and we want to hear from you. do you believe gop and democratic delegates are being handedout fairly? i live chat is up and running. go to to join the conversation. the . >>
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stay on now to crime stories we've been following. a mother of three reported in washington state. 40-year-old ingrid lyne disappeared friday night after a date with someone she met online. her car also missing. friends say the nurse failed to pi up her children saturday. that's when seattle police were notified. jury selection set to begin july 6 for the two sound 2007 times square hotelmurder case.
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this man clarence dean is charged with strangling 33-year-old christine mitra . police arrested him one day after her body was found in her new york hotel room but it's taken nine years to get to trial because of court arguments over evidence. and this retired georgia cop drank poison in court as his guilty verdict was delivered. the jury convicted him of average aggravated child molestation of anine-year-old girl. now the former cop is being treated at a hospital . he faces two licenses +40 years. heather: how did that happen? ubs customs and border protection officers waging a daily battle against drug mules trying to conceal their illicit cargo. fox news getting a behind-the-scenes look as officials at new york's jfk airport combated and epidemic. laura ingalls joins us live from jfk international airport with those details. hi laura.
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reporter: it is a very unique look we had the opportunity to take our cameras inside. us customs border protection agents say it is absolutely amazing the lengths that some people will go to to try to get their drugs and other illegal contraband smuggled into the country. >> here at jfk we see everything. reporter: illegal drugs stuffed in suitcase walls, powder cocaine filled handrails inside the suitcases. even pressed between the cardboard and cover of children's books. at new york's jfk airport where they have seen an uptick in smuggling, customs agents say they've just about seen it all. >> has anything surprise you? >> there's been a number of things that have surprised me. individuals who have surgically implanted narcotics into their body. reporter: u.s. customs and border protection agents say
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it's a constant game of cat and mouse, looking for creative concealment methods of contraband. pots and pans, pastries and other food items have been the vehicles of drug smugglers lately. over 14 million passengers come through jfk terminals every year, making it one of the highest volume hubs in the nation. >> jfk receives direct flights from every part of the world. that's what sets us apart from all the other international airports. >> craig sanko's chief of customs enforcement says agents use a multilayered process to get illegal activity every day. >> what we are looking for is needle in a haystack so we begin by looking at anomalies in travel . >> from the immigration booth to baggage claim to passenger analysisunits and enforcement teams positioned to move in on any suspicious activity at any time. >> you can try but sooner or later, we're going to get you . reporter: during the fiscal year last year agents confiscated 2100 pounds of
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cocaine, 1200 pounds of heroin, all of which would have ended up on the street had it not been for the hard work of these agents working the doors behind us. heather, back to you. heather: thank you laura. jon: you have probably noticed gas prices are on the rise. what's sparking the jump and will they go even higher? plus growing terror fears across europe after new revelations from the brussels suspects now in custody. what investigators are learning about other planned attacks. go ahead... leave the competition behind. lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. there's no going back.
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jon: if you filled up lately you know gas prices are spiking higher, jumping nearly a dime in the last three weeks. the price of gallium of regular averaging $2.10 nationwide with prices expected to rise more as refineries transition to more expensive summer gasoline.
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this comes as oil prices soared almost 7 percent on friday to close at just under $40 a barrel. heather: some new information in the investigation into the brussels terror attacks. with growing fears that isis could unleash more attacks across europe as revelations that thesuspects in the brussels bombing originally intended to hit paris again. joining us now retired four-star general jack keane , chairman for the institute for the study of war and the fox news military analyst. thank you for joining us. so how much of a concern is it that there will be additional attacks across europe? >> certainly to europeans focused on it, they are very concerned with good reason. 5 to 6000 europeans traveled to syria and got mixed up with isis and less than 2000 have returned and some of those clearly have the ability to radicalize others so that's number one concern that they have. the second thing is the situation in europe itself. they have open borders. we see from this network whose breeding round was in
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mozambique, brussels that they were able to cross borders openly and also hide in plain sight.very challenging for the police departments and intelligence officials to deal with. heather: what do we know about these networks and how they are structured and how far they reach? >> as a result of the fact that everybody has been either killed or captured in this network that came out of molen beach, we know a couple things. the network was considerably larger than anybody expected. the amount of guns, ammunition, explosives they have. it was clear they were going to do more attacks and fortunately, they made some very serious mistakes. they had mechanical failures. if it wasn't for that, the casualties would have been larger and the most significant thing is this thing blew out of mozambique and in a community of 900,000 and the reality is they had 800 sympathizers, ct
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counterterrorism officials in that community and one would not identify known terrorists were to suspected terrorists. a cleric recruited this network and they were able to train themselves and operate right in that community. that has got to be electrifying to the europeans because they have so many communities like that that are isolated from the mainstream europeans who reside there and the kind of alienation and frustration that is building up inside these communities. this is a problem that's been reading for 30 years. heather: i want to ask you how we tackle that problem in moments but you mentioned something now. you said it was obvious there were more attacks planned. why was it obvious? >> i just think a couple things tell you that. first of all, the sheer amount of explosives and ammunition and guns they had went way beyond the plans for these two attacks that were executed.
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the amount of people that were involved told you that the network was large and it gave them the flexibility and adaptability to conduct more attacks and also obviously we now have somebody that's talking to us and clearly, the european police have got to look at this as an act of war and not just a criminal activity so they focus intelligence and interrogation first and gathering evidence second which was what was bungled when we had salah abdeslam in captivity for four days and they never got out of him the fact there was an attack coming inside brussels and belgium spent. heather: what do they need to do to increase their intelligence or stop this from happening and test these terrors before these events happen? >> they got a huge hurdle because heather, as you know the european intelligence
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services and police departments do not share information as well as they could. that has got to get fixed. i think you've got to get nato involved. here. nato is a military organization, these are acts of war. they declared article 5 because the united states was attacked. nato has gotten not gone near any of this. nato has their hands off. i think that is a huge mistake. they have considerable intelligence resources that could be applied here. they are used to working together and they should get in the middle of this. heather: i was going to ask you what role would nato play and going back to the open borders and problems that presents, we know these terrorists were able to cross back and forth. you mentioned people training in syria. what can be doneabout that? >> i don't see in the near term any major changes that are going to take place among the european countries to monitor and observe these borders better than what they are currently doing.
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and that also contributes to this growing menace . this lackadaisical attitude they have about the openness of the european union. they've got to recognize there is a major threat, that inside europe it is a growing threat, a growing menace. they've got to get their arms around it. they've got that protect their peoples with intelligence services and have to have much better control of their borders than what they currently have heather: we hear reports we are making gains in iraq and syria, we are catching and killer the leaders of isis but is that making any difference at all? >> of course it does. certainly taking down leaders is important . taking back territory in iraq is also vitally important but the major problem we have is isis continues to exist and has a safe haven in syria. we need to take that safe haven away. that would contribute significantly in breaking the recruiting going on. we take away the degree of invincibility they have, this
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methodology that they are an iconic organization, it takes all of that away. the problem is heather, we do not have any concrete plans according to military officials in recent testimony to take this safe haven away from isis so it's going to continue. that's the challenge weare facing. the safe haven that reads all this is going to continue for the foreseeable future . heather: i was reading about chopping off the head of the snake when the sting is in the tale. thank you so much general jack keane for joining us. >> glad to be here heather. jon: a former nfl player shot and killed at the scene of a car accident. sports world today mourns the loss of will smith, was it road rage or something more? the latest on the investigation. plus, president obama vows no political influence in the hillary clinton email investigation while defending her record as secretary of
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state. our panel debates. >> i continue to believe that she has not jeopardized america's national security. >>
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we were born 100 years ago
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into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ jon: a quick look at what's still to come this hour of happening now. a race against time after a kayaker disappears on an outing on the east coast. what rescuers have found since the young man vanished. plus, house speaker paul ryan says he's not seeking the
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country's highest office. but why his actions are sparking more rumors about a possible presidential bid. and dangerous weather in the heartland. the threat is far from over. a look at the forecast coming up. heather: thank you john. the sports world morning the shocking death of a super bowl champ. police say former new orleans saints player will smith was shot and killed in a road rage incident as he was heading home from a festival this weekend. live in dallas with more on this. casey, i understand he was a dad of three. reporter: yes heather, terribly tragic. this happened late saturday night in the upscale lower garden district neighborhood of new orleans. police say it will smith was
8:33 am
driving in his mercedes down the road. his wife was a passenger when they were rear-ended by another vehicle. eyewitnesses say the driver of that car got out and exchanged words with the former new orleans saints defensive end, then pulled out a gun and indiscriminately started shooting. police say this man, cardell hayes was arrested at the scene. the 28-year-old had been charged with second-degree murder and is being held on $1 million bond. he has not entered a plea. authorities say they are still trying to figure out if the two men had a past or if they were perfect strangers. >> at this time we do not have anyinformation to suggest they knew one another or that this was anything other than an accident that turned into a dispute , a disturbance that turned violent. reporter: smith was a beloved player. drafted by the saints in 2004, spent nine seasons playing for the team. also helping them clinch a super bowl victory in 2009.
8:34 am
shock and sadness across the sports world, the teams coach sean payton tweeting this reaction out. heavy hearts with the senseless passing of our team captain will smith. pray for his wife's recovery and their children. smith as i said, his wife was also writing in that vehicle. she too was injured and is recovering at a local hospital. the two have three small children. so tragic, heather. heather: so many questions left. casey siegel live with us, thank you casey. jon: president obama defends hillary clinton's use of a private email server in a sitdown interview with chris wallace on fox news sunday. here's a sample. >> here's what i know. hillary clinton was an outstanding secretary of state. she would never intentionally put america in any kind of jeopardy. and what i also know because i handle a lot of classified information is there is classified and then there's classified. there's stuff that is really top-secret, top-secret and then there's stuff that is being presented to the president or secretary of state that you might not want on the transom or going out over the wire but
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it's basically stuff you could get in open source . jon: let's bring in our media panel. tammy bruce is a radio talkshow host, already giggling. she's also a fox news contributor. alan combs, the host of the alan cohen's radio show and syndicated by fox news radio. the president seems to be lowering the bar there that what she did might not have been. >> i don't think he was defending the use of the server because he said it was a mistake but what he did say was that don't think that it's an indictment and he did not violate national security. there was a police and political about what has to happen for an indictment. there has to be intent. it's said the republicans would love to see this somehow shovel the side because they don't want to run against her but that's an unlikely to happen given what we know. jon: again i come back to general betray us. >> he told mistress knowingly,
8:36 am
and to knowingly told mistress what he knew to be classified information. that's different from what hillary clinton is doing. by the way, how many former secretary heads of state have used private emails? betray us got in trouble because he knowingly told mistress what he knew to be classified information. jon: but she was a former army officer. >> john, you know that's different from what hillary clinton allegedly has done. jon: we don't know whether other people access her email. >> there's no evidence. can someone show how and where that's happened? jon: how it how was national security compromised in the betray is case? >> he knowingly told mistress what he knew to be classified information, that was proven in court. >> i'm glad we are referring to the scotus experts on political. the fact of the matter is there was an espionage act and the fact deal not with intent but gross negligence that allows information to be accessed by others so you're hearing a lot about intent and that's irrelevant but what fascinates
8:37 am
me about obama's comments was that he's clarifying that obviously there's classified for the little people and there's a different classified for the other more important political people. that's one of the many reasons americans are furious right now but also remember the context of that question. this wallace asked him about whether or not it was going to be fair, if the doj was going to not use politics and right then in asserting that it would be completely devoid of politics, president oba makes a statement about whether she's guilty of anything or not. he's done that before, he does it all the time and the context is important because that question has to be asked. why is the doj letting lawrence lerner go? because of the court documents order to be released were entirely released and the abandonment of that finding. his interference on local issues like trey von martin. the fact the question had to be asked by chris wallace at all
8:38 am
indicates there's a problem in the president right there in the same breath interferes my making a statement of fact. jon: he never said she was not guilty of anything. what he said was to the best of his knowledge national security was not compromised.>> but he's saying as the president said he finds that what would be a charge and what would be a crime. >> he was asked to specific question about national security being compromised. he wasn't passing judgment on guilt or innocence to the court. >> it's the same thing he did with the supreme court during the obamacare mandate of trying to intimidate. >> he was answering a question. >> he should never have answered and chris wallace should have been noted, i have to say with all duerespect to the fabulous chris wallace he should have given the context about why he had asked that question in the first place. he should have followed up . >> chris did agreat job . >> he should have said here's what i am asking is because of the lawrence lerner situation. >> you only have so many
8:39 am
minutes in an interview. he asked the right questions and he got the right answers and you won't let this go with the right answer. >> should never have commented and he said that in the beginning of his answer. this is an ongoing investigation, i should not respond. >> he was asked about national security not whether she was guilty or innocent. >> the president himself he should not respond and then he did. that's why americans are furious. jon: it harkens back to the ir thing when the president says he was furious. was that his word? not a smidgen of corruption . >> that irs thing was so misrepresented. we would revisit that if we want but it seemed like what, only liberal groups were looked at and conservative groups and we only heard all my god, they're going after conservatives. they were aggressive on liberals as well which the media did not cover. interference when he goes on
8:40 am
national television and declares there wasn't a smidgen of corruption. >> he didn't say that. >> he said that literally. >> he said there will be a look at it that is not politically biased and you won't accept that. hillary, people with hillary derangement syndrome are upset she didn't do anything wrong. they are not going to understand that it is not politically influenced people will not accept that. >> you do not think there is going to be anything coming out of this investigation. >> i didn't say that but we also know she is not personally subject to investigation. this is the conservative media that this she is somehow the focus of the investigation. >> 147 fbi agents are focusing on. >> that numbers been primed by the way. >> she is focusing on the server in the bathroom, it takes 147 fbi agents to figure out. >> you can tell when i'm right beat when he talks about something entirely else. >> thank you both for proving my point.
8:41 am
jon: were going to let them continue the conversation. >> is there any further left to fly? jon: alan combs, tammy bruce, thank you both. heather: what is a parallel campaign and why are some saying that speaker paul ryan is one running on. our political panel is here to talk about that and the latest on 1000 mile wide search for a kayaker missing since saturday night. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy.
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jon: a desperate search for a missing kayaker off the coast of south carolina. the coast guard found dean britts empty kayak near foley beach.they recovered more than 1300 square miles of ocean looking for the 23-year-old. crews rescued britts friend in his kayak sunday. he is said to be in good condition with minor injuries. heather: house speaker paul ryan stoking more speculation
8:45 am
about a contest convention. despite insisting he's not running, his actions though from a trip to israel to a newly released campaign style video indicate that speaker ryan is running for something. an article in new york times suggests the speaker is creating a parallel campaign to help republican congressional candidates reboot the party if democrats win the white house in november. it says quote, mister ryan is creating a personality and policy alternative o work alongside the presidential efforts, one that provides a foundation to rebuild if republicans splinter and lose in the fall. david webb is head of the david webb show on sirius xm patriot and a fox newscontributor and rick on dark is a democratic strategist senior political and cohost on sirius xm . you guys do a lot of stuff.
8:46 am
so paul ryan, we've heard actions speak louder than words, believe what you see, not what you hear. what is he doing david? >> he doing what a lot of other speakers have done. here's where you have a couple dynamics. ryan is the last of the young guns. they were going to reshape the future of the country. cantor is out, ryan is speaker. he's taking advantage of a time when his name has been floated by both crews and trump and he's really making himself more relevant. this is politics. the chairman of the convention, there's no way the republican party brings him in. if they parachute him in as the quote savior of the republican party it will split it at the voter level. that will destroy a national party. you'll voters will simply not go out and vote. heather: rick, before i get to you i want to show a little bit of this ad released a couple days ago. look at this. >> what really bothers me the
8:47 am
most about politics these days and this notion of identity politics. that we are going to win an election by dividing people rather than inspiring people on our common unanimity and are common ideals, our common culture and the things that should unify us. heather: pretty presidential, what do you think? >> this is going to be no fun at all because most of what david said i agree with. >> listen, he's in a nose lose position. he's got this secret campaign going on should the convention want to turn to him. he's going what he did when he went after the speaker which is to say no, not me. i don't want it and then he takes it. but if it doesn't work out that way and david happens to be
8:48 am
right on that, it's a bad idea for the republicans to do it. paul ryan will not be the democratic nominee so if he doesn't go that way, look at what he's doing for himself in congress. he's setting himself up as a key helper if you will in some of these very tight senate races coming up and some of the tougher congressional races . he's making himself more powerful. heather: and in some of these campaigns he calls a confident america. >> that's not anything new for politicians especially in high profile positions so ryan sets himself up, he's the speaker of the house and he needs to go out and support even the people who went against the morse conservative caucus. the freedom caucus so he's got to build that bridge in congress and frankly if the republicans are going to be effective then ryan has to step up as a leader. he's been a legislator. now he needs to be a leader in
8:49 am
congress and that means the ones that got him to the majority, you've got to dance with the ones who brought you so to speak . ryan had better start doing that or the republicans are going to be split in congress. heather: in terms of coalescing behind someone, how does someone like paul ryan do that when you have the trump supporters saying that we won't show up if he's not the nominee. you have a crews supporters who are adamant and passing it as well. >> if it gets as ugly at the republican convention as we think it might, there's no such thing as getting them coalesce. if paul ryan were to walk out of the nomination republicans by the droveswould stay home but that's not his strategy i don't think. i think his strategy as as he said, if the party falls apart i'm going to be the new rock upon which it built . heather: would he be doing this if trump and cruz weren't the final two candidates? >> i don't think he would be. he is taking advantage of a start on social media. he's got a team on this, a lot of times it's about relevance. as far as the party coalescing, that's up to the leaders of each group if you will. ted cruz and donald trump, maybe kasich to some extent or a small extent depending on ohio but crews and trump are the ones that are going tohave to tell their people, first you win and then you make policy and without republican
8:50 am
president we are not going to be making policy . heather: what about john kasich? could they go past him and pick paul ryan? >> is best chance to win a state is pennsylvania now. it's very similar to ohio. if he can only get 20 something percent of the vote, he's not going to matter. heather: anything can happen. >> it can. it's very upside out. heather: thank you so much for joining us. john? jon: some dangerous weather on the move, packing wind gusts as high as 100 miles per hour. the damage left behind. plus, making history in outer space. a major milestone reached and what it means for the future of space exploration. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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least on the east coast. let's check out what they had on outnumbered. sandra and harris, what do you have? >> donald trump blasting the gop nominating process is rough and crooked. does he have a point where is the process fair? plus, president obama telling fox hillary clinton's eat handling of emails did not jeopardize national security but what about evidence or unsecure blackberry was vulnerable to hackers on overseas trips? and it ran. thumbing its nose at us. the us news again over its ballistic missile testing so how should we respond. all that and more with our hashtag one lucky guy from the house committee, congressman peter king on the couch today. outnumbered top of the hour. heather: a major milestone, out of this world. now that space exes cargo ship just arrived at the
8:55 am
international space station, more than a decade after nasa first announced plans for private companies to supply the iss after the shuttle's retirement. king is following the story live in our miami bureau with more. reporter: what a weekend for space acts. the private commercial space company based out of californi , tremendous historic and this weekend actually, a busy week, up 250 miles above us but take a look at the video from friday evening. this is the talk of scientific and space community. space x's first stage rocket falling all the way back to earth then blasting its engines again to stick the landing on its floating barge in the atlantic. space x headquarters in california just interrupted as the fifth time attempting this finally works perfectly. sunday morning the dragon cargo capsule arrived at the space
8:56 am
station which is on the process of being unloaded of 7000 pounds of supplies and another space history moment, 10 years after nasa declared it was going to start outsourcing its cargo runs to private companies, for the first time through to commercial spacecraft docked at the same time. space x upper left and orbitals cygnus on the x founder elon musk elated saying using rockets will reduce the cost of space exploration one hundredfold. >> this is a good milestone for future spaceflight and i think it's another step forward for stars. >> this friday astronauts use the big canada arm on the space station to place an inflatable pot on the space station. it's called beam for bigelow expandable activity module and in may it will be inflated. it's about the size of the bedroom and nasa believes this might be the way to get living spaces for missions far far away like mars. that's also in a state of emergency as a planet hunting
8:57 am
spacecraft has stopped communicating after discovering more than 500 planets 75 million miles away. heather: bringing space travel closer to normal folks like you and me. thank you phil. speeds. jon: new next hour, an illegal immigrant accused of killing a woman in a drunk driving accident is still at large. why?
8:58 am
. . . .
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>> we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tanteros. here today is harris faulkner, sandra smith, host of fox business "kennedy," kennedy. house homeland security committee member, 12-term new york congressman, peter king is here for the first time. congressman, you're "outnumbered." >> four lucky women. you got me. this is much classier, absolutely. great to be here. andrea: we're lookinfo


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