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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 11, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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of immigration records. ends monday. ♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. senator bernie sanders is headed to the primary with a streak he has won seven of the last 8 democratic contests. a new poll of likely democratic primary voters has secretary hillary clinton clobbering sanders. hillary clinton in the lead with 51%. bernie sanders sits 12 points behind at 39%. 9% right now say they have no candidate preference.
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senator sanders trying to keep winning streak alive with a brand new ad aimed at new yorkers. >> values forged in new york. brooklyn-born native son. who knows what we know, we're all in this together. >> not to be outdone. secretary clinton also launching a new york senate ad. >> donald trump says we can against each other. it's wrong and goes against everything new york and america stand for. >> with so much at stake she is the one tough enough to stop trump. >> the "on the record" political panel is here rick klein and daily beast jackie kucinich. jackie, 9% of the voters, likely democratic voters still undecided. >> yeah, i feel like it's like when you are at the end of the election cycle and you see there are independents still vice president decided who are these people? sure enough they do exist and showing up in that poll. the interesting thing is bernie sanders has
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consistently had trouble with more diverse populations in states that are more diverse and we're seeing that reflected again in new york. >> it looks like at least at the polls and poll is 53% on the pressure there. >> the pressure is on bernie sanders. a lot is made about his winning streak and hillary needs to bounce back. he has a gap among voter groups, delegates overall votes it is his home state, his native state. win there that would send a serious message to the democratic party right now and start to make up the gap we are talking about. it's a closed primary so only democrats vote. those have not been good to him in the past. diverse state. he has got to one. if he does that. then we are changing the terms of the discussion. otherwise, i think it continues, this hillary march even if it's not a pretty one. >> there is a debated this thursday night. democratic debate. if i were secretary clinton, i would turn to bernie sanders in the middle of the debate and say bernie or
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whatever she calls him. could you just say to the audience i'm proud to be a democrat? because i don't think he can say that. he has been running forhbyñ the democratic party last 27 years. only running as a democrat looking for a ballot this time. >> you have to wonder if the clinton campaign are now particular kicking themselves for not making this an issue early on. >> are youk4di a democrat or not? are you a proud democrat or not? >> now it's different. now they have let it go on this long. i feel like they had nypd this in the bud and made hay about it very, very early i was nice to you old colleague. just tell us are a democrat or not? >> you can see that being effective in new york as well. core democrats. people that know the party so quell. you saw bill clinton come out just today and say maybe -- is he still learning new to the party so far. attacks the democrats too much that core line is not where she wants to go for a general election.
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putting it out it's still a possibility to go there. look, we are having this discussion and you are not even a member of the party that we are trying to represent. >> all she has to do is force him to say just repeat after me, i'm a proud democrat. and i don't know if he can say it. i think he would hem and haw. >> i do wonder how hard she is going to go after him. a as high as the stakes are. she still does need his people at the end of the day. i keep saying this but it's true. she does need the enthusiasm that a lot of young peopletcóv @ that are voting for bernie sanders have. >> that's a good point. rick,kvc0 jackie, don't go await a minute new york's capital a minute new york's capital donald trump stomping ground this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade.
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>> people want to pick somebody who can actually be president. >> we're going to end up tway convention and it's going to be something. >> we are here because our country is in trouble because we are brurenting our kids and grand kids. >> if you are a new yorker and assuming you love new york because we do sass new yorkers you shouldn't be voting for ted cruz. >>(>t  all across this country people are waking up and help is on the way. >> and for him to get any votes in new york is hard for me to believe. if i were a new yorker, i wouldn't even consider him. >> i'm the only one that consistently beats hillary clinton and the only one with a record and experience to actually run this country. >> that was g.o.p. candidates out today on the campaign trail. the race for the g.o.p. nomination in high gear as controversy continueeñ to swirl around the delegate count and the wild political process. donald trump, who says the system is rigged is speaking
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right now in new york's capital new albany. let's listen. >> let me tell you something, we are going to build a wall the likes of which you have never seen before. andco [chanting]o:h,p"n [cheers and applause] and people won't bexm>@ drawing their pickup tñzj through the wall or over the wall. did you sigh that. the truck goes0u over, unload the trucks and go back. we get the drugs and they get the money. not good, folks.
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that's going to change. did you2r!v see the former mexican president? did you see0lñ that? [crowd booing]25 vincente. he said there is no way that we are going to pay for the -- then he used the f bomb, right? can you imagine if i used the f bomb what would have happened? nobody even talked about it but we have made progress because two years ago he used to say there is no way we're going to build a wall. now he just says there is3d$ay o way we are going to pay for the wall. trust me, they are going to pay for the0bpñ wall, folks. they are going to pay for the wall. believemkó me.?f'l >> of course we will continue to monitor t4u! rally for news. first big rally before making the allegation that the system is rigid. right now the "on the record" political panel is back. rick, is the system,@ in colorado we're focusing on, rigged against him? >> these are the rules. it's the seventh inning.
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>> rules rigged againstmbv>> sd d&+r infield fly rule and he is upset and wants to change when you get into the republican primary there are things do you. the fact is winning votes at primaries and caucuses is only part of it that's not enough to win the nomination. you need to get a vort of delegates. the way do you that varies bx 8q state. weda,>÷ saw ryans priebus talk about it. you can google. i do not understand how hisp÷jé team was caught unawares by. this ted cruz is stealing his lunch at all of his gathering. his team is understanding the rules. i don't know why they can't play by the same rules. >> let's bring in the viewers osee if they agree with you. now is your chance a ongo ahead andik1uut twitter. do you think we have ap7; corrupt political system? tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you live twitter votes throughout the show. jackie, that's the broader question whether the system is corrupt. >> again, what rick said. these are the rules that donald trump entered into.
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even if he bought the at home and didn't read the rules. these are the rules set a year before. >> that's fine. but here's the thing. isó 9 they haven't even made the rules for arep[qú] the convention@! those rules determine a lot of the things by july. trump or kasich. rather squishy about these rules. this one wasq october. should have known. this all sorts of rules that are going to be unraveled before everybody in july. and we don't -- no one knows those. >> the good news for ted cruz and donald trump is their delegates will be making those rules. they won't be -- maybe they are a kasich person or rubio. but they have a little bit more power in how those rules are structured. >> well there, no surprise. look what the viewers think about whether the18,u testimony system. whether the system is6 corrupt. 38% say yes. me. >> well, you know, the problem is that, like the rules, each state has a
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differentoe and imagine going into the convention and they have allí&pñ been running for the last year. and they25j don't -- they don't even know what the rules are going to be)c! convention. >> democracy is ugly. the fact is these are private entities that run these organizations. the republican party, the democratic party. they set these things. they are on the fly. they are shifxq;q targets. part of the game is understanding that trying to abide by it.# rather than talku you are getting cheated. >> check the numbers now. 86 andw÷ vote at home. vote at home. make those numbers move in one direction or another make sure you vote. rick andn4! jackie thankoj-i yu >> donald trump says next week is he going to get millions of votes from new yorkers minus two. he will not be getting the vote of two of his children, eric trump and ivanka trump both failing to meet the registration deadline in tuesday's primary. >>3u$ey were unaware of the rules and they didn't register in time. guilty. they feel very guilty. >> trump's eldest son donald
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jr. is a registered republican and he will be voting in the republican prim!s[ and;j i should add donald jr. is not undecided. he will be voting for his father. and the "boston globe" writing a mock front page but guess who is ñ
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get ready to speed read the news. a former new orleans saints player murdered now the burning question was will smith's murder road rage or revenge. alleged killer cardell hayes rear ended his car andc]÷ opening fire killing smith. murder victim smith had just eaten continuer with a police officer, same police officer the alleged kill her once sued over the 2005 shooting death of his father. now smith played seasons with the nfl new orleans saints. smith's wife shot in the leg. she'll be okay. a small single engine plane landed. having enge trouble went it went down.
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the pilot and passenger rushed to the hospital and are expected to be okay. no one on the ground]dgñ was hurt. and the desperate=úyx.5z is on for a missing mother of three. seattle nurse ingrid loin was last seen on friday. that night she went on a date with someone she met online and never returned home. that's tonight's speed read and the boston globe news sight theq2n onion. the c÷[ writing a fake front page about what the editors think will happen if donald trump wins president. trump was not happy. editorial board member kathleen kings bury goes "on the record." good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> why not before the march 11th massachusetts primary. why did you do it now. >> to be honest&ne9 we didn't have the idea before the massachusetts primary. weave did come out very strongly against trump in an editorial right before the massachusetts primary. we asked voters to cast a
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ballot for john kasich. in fact, we actually asked even democratic voters who were undecided and could get the g.o.p. ballot and do that. simply came one this idea a little bit later. we are heading into a bunch8l of primaries that we think are really important, new york, pennsylvania, and maryland. we wanted people to have a true sense of what donald trump's vision for america is. >> so that i'm clear, this was not the front page of t!%2mffx >> this was editorial page. this was clearly not part of your news correct? >> exactly. >> you put out a editorial page to make it that way. newspapers have had editorial pages and numerous that have operated separately and the globe has been no different. this was on the front cover of our section/rhat begins every sunday. >> why did you put the deportations to begin? at least since 2012 wei,iñ have had 300 to 400,000 deportations/
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we have those every single day in the hundreds of thousands. why did you put that headline? >> absolutely. i think actually the figure is 2.5 million deportations since 2009 under the obama administration. the globe'sgqt has been very critical of many of the immigration policies under obama. but, the reason that we focused on deportations was frankly, you know, donald2yp trump's rhetoric is at a whole another scale. is he talking about rounding up 11 million people and sending them back to home countries in less than two years. that is an extraordinary claim. and we want to do show what that looks like in reality. >> all right. on march 11th, about 320,000 massachusetts residents voted for donald trump. i imagine they weren't particularly amused by your satire? >> >> of course we respect their opinions and we honor them every day by doing the political commentary that we do. that@9÷ said, we really find
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donald trump to be deeply troubling and we believe that the voters who are still considering candidates go into voting booths with their eyes wide open. >> have you heard from your readers? >> of course. we never went into this expecting everyone would like it. that said, actually the reaction has been really mixed. and we have heard from a lot of people who have thanked us for doing this. >> does it demean the paper at all by having almost like6?-m the onionáab think oflk: magazine onion having editorial page or not? >> i would totally disagree. the reality is that the editorial pageuñzn(ááá politics and other news events every single day. this is unconventional new approach of doing it and one that we thought, you know, really spark a conversation and that. >> i look forward to what happens when donald trump asks for equal space to respond. i hope you will come back when that happens. >> we will absolutely
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welcome that. >> all right. thank you very much for joining us. and donald trump has said waterboarding terrorists should be legal. what if it's not legal do it or not.jñz presidential candidate governor john kasich joins sean tonight at 10:00 on hannity. it's more than the cloud. it's multi-layered security and flexibility. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions. including cloud and hosting services - all from a trusted it partner. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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donald trump is not president. at least not yet. the director of the cia is vowing to ignore a call for torture. u.s. will not waterboard even if the u.s. demands it trump has made waterboarding part of the campaign strategy. >> they chop off heads. big steel heavy cages drop
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them into the water and drown people and we you can't waterboard and we anything. we're playing on different fields. and we have a huge problem with isis, which we can't beat. and the reason we can't beat them is we won't use strongó b or other things.'fqñ >> former cia director james woolsey goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good to see. >> you donald trump walked this back by saying if it's legal. if he had the authority to do that. your thought on this because now he has a battle with the cia director. >> when madison and his colleagues were putting the constitution togmsp philadelphia in 1777, i don't remember anybody incorporating in article 2 that thex2u cia director could overrule the o+(y cia didn't have a director. >> he is acting big and tough brennan. >> it's one thing for him to disagree with a policy and say he disagrees with it or agrees with it it's another for him to say, for john brennan to say that he would
11:51 pm
take -- not take an action even if he were ordered by the president to do and it seems to me that depends on whether or not waterboarding is or is not torture. there is a real legal argument about this. there two legitimate views. i think people who think it is torture would have to admit it's a very strange kind of torture because it's torture that we submit all of our navy seals and other special forces to. they go through waterboarding and we don't pull out their fingernails. the same thing, there were a couple of three journalists who went out and got during the controversy a9é( years ago so they could write articles. i don't know any journalists who went out and this h. their fingernails pulled out so they could write about that waterboarding is different. we only did it a large number of times>q< sheikh mohammed and it produced a good deal of useful information. if a terrorist is sitting on
11:52 pm
axí$a knowledge about where nuclear weapon is in manhattan and if it's detonated can kill millions of people. the only why it get at is to waterboard him as was the case with khalid sheikh mohammed. it's t. seems to me, mr. trump -- mr. brennan ought to take another look at that. >> the cia director has a little bit of a problem. he has been rather squishy since the beginning. at the confirmation hearing he refused to say whether or not waterboarding was torture. he has been all over the place. the thing that was so weird. first of all, is he not going to be cia director if it's president trump. he would be!$ fast. the odd thing is to be speaking out and saying this. go against the presidential order? >> i think that's really just completely unacceptable. waterboarding is complicated there is a legitimate argue. on both sides of this. and -- but i don't think one legitimate argument is i'm
11:53 pm
going to do what i say i'm going to do regardless of what the president orders me to do. >> why is he speaking out? what's your thought? why doesn't he just stay out of this fight? so many food fights going on right now. why does he have to get into this one? >> i don't know. i can't understand why one needs to get into this is one is the cia director. >> that's what strikes me as so peculiar. cia director should be quiet. >> well, they should be quiet in more circumstances even than that. >> one of the reasons we are seeing some of our sources go away is whenever we succeed in stealing some secrets, we start bragging about it to the press. that's just nuts. >> nice to see you, sir. always nice to see. >> good to see you, greta. >> coming up, remember marine sergeant andrew tahmooressi wrongfully held in the mexican prisoner. is he back in the slammer. i will tel and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her?
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let's all go off-the-record. now, this is heart breaker for me. so i will just jump to the news. u.s. marine sergeant andrew tahmooressi, who served two tours in afghanistan and who we at "on the record" worked really hard to get out of that horrible mexican prison after that wrong turn has been arrested in indiana. no, it's not the most serious charge. possession of less than 30 imrams of marijuana. but that's not all. in march of 2015 he was arrested in georgia on dui charges. that's very serious. he can kill someone with are aca. sergeant tam reiss arey is a veteran, is he in trouble. is he in real trouble. he has ptsd from war. is he certainly not alone. thousands of vets struggling with ptsd. thousands of his buddies who served with him in afghanistan said is he a great marine doing a great job protecting them and you and me. then everything changed when he got hit by ied. he has never been the same. yes, of course, sergeant tahmooressi bears some personal responsibility in these arrests. but do we? he protected us. we know he has a problem.
11:59 pm
he reached out for help from the v.a. what can they do for him? and what about the v.a.? remember when president obama promised to make the v.a. a national leader in healthcare reform? well, is it? not according to what i hear. so you and i know thetq)já sergeant tahmooressi will continue to be washed in and out of the criminal justice system until something really bad happens. these stories never end well. i fear the worst and i sure hope i'm wrong. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. campaign flash. donald trump takingqhm"y on new york's capital. trump is holding a rally in albany, new york. senator ted cruz is the only candidate out rest. holding a rally at hotel in irvine, california. >> institute military school outside of albany in troy, new york. that's tonight's campaign flash. live twitter voting results on the screen right now. do you think we have a corrupt political system? ouch.
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87% say yes. don't forget to vote on twitter every night. that's all for now. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to my facebook page and like it. will the going on there. good night. ♪ welcome to "red eye," hello everyone, i'm tom shillue, let's check in to see what exciting stories we will be discussing. andy? >> thanks tom, coming up, donald trump's children will not vote for their dad. sounds like he raised smart kids and a new ride sharing company similar to bub -- similar to uber wants to hire only female drivers to only drive females. conducting studies to find out what makes a person creepy is high on the list. back to


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