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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a limb 20 feet high. how'd she get there? neutral as chairman of the not sure. but rescuers pushing her off the republican convention my job is to ensure that there is tree onto a tarp. the owner says she probably ran integrity in the process. up the tree to chase a raccoon that the rules are followed by squirrel. thanks for being part of a busy the rulebook. that means it is not my job to "real story" today. tell delegates what they should i'm gretchen carlson. have a fantastic day. do. but i've got a message to relay now shepard smith reporting, today. live from the fox news desk. we have too much work to do in the house to allow this >> so we're about to hear from paul ryan, speaker of the house. speculation to swirl or to have he's supposed to tell us, i will not accept the republican my motivations questioned. nomination for president if it comes my way, period, full stop, so let me be clear. that's it, no more speculation, i do not want nor will i accept it's not going to happen. he's also said a few hours ago the nomination for our party. that it's coming. so let me speak directly to the 3:15 eastern time. so 15 minutes from now. delegates on this. if no candidate has a majority we'll have it live. on the first ballot, i believe why do we need this announcement? here's the back story. you that should only choose from some gop big wigs and donors are a person who has actually participated in the primary. suggesting that paul ryan could win the nomination in a count me out. convention floor fight. i simply believe that if you remember strategist karl rove want to be the nominee for our saying the gop needs a fresh new face? speaker ryan said over and over party, to be the president, you he's not interested. should actually run for it. but that hasn't stopped the
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speculation. i chose not to do this. there's good reason for that. therefore, i should not be back in october paul ryan's name came up as a potential considered, period, end of replacement for the retiring house speaker john boehner. story. i just think it would be wrong a gop colleague quoted ryan as to go any other way. saying "i love you guys but not so let me say again, i am not going to be our party's nominee. enough to be your speaker." paul ryan then tweeted, "i will but i'll also be clear about not be a candidate for speaker," something else. saying he liked his current job. not running does not mean that in a statement paul ryan said, i'm going to disappear. "while i am grateful for the when i accepted this encouragement i've received, i speakership, i did so on the condition that i would do things will not be a candidate." differently than they had been a few weeks later he took the done in the past. job. so we'll see if speaker ryan can for one, i made it clear that shut down all the presidential this would be a policy and talk when he speaks a few minutes from now. communications-focused speakership. if he does, might that be a and secondly, i made clear last signal that the republican establishment is signaling to year in 2015 before the everyone that it now understands primaries even started that we would be putting together a policy agenda and offer a clear reality. that reality is this. choice to the american people. john kasich has all the power. that's what i told my colleagues he's the decider. i would do. and that is exactly what i have work with me. under the rules of the republican convention set four years ago, you cannot get the been doing. look, there is a big debate republican nomination unless going on right now. you've won a majority of the delegates in eight states. that's the rule. that means donald trump is it's about what kind of country qualified. that means ted cruz could become we're going to be.
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as speaker of the house, i qualified by then. believe that i have not just an nobody else has a chance. opportunity but an obligation to to change that rule you'd need a advance that debate. majority vote of the delegates as i've talked about this at the convention. but the vast majority of the delegates will be committed, at before, politics today, it tends least on the first ballot, to cruz or trump. to drift toward personality so why would they change that contests, not policy contests. rule? they would not. so what we have today is three insults get ink more than ideas. candidates -- donald trump, ted cruz, and the one with all the power, not donald trump, john but we still owe it to the kasich. country to show what we would do trump says he wants kasich to if given a mandate from the people. we have an obligation to give a drop out. of course he does. kasich is the not donald trump clear picture, a clear choice to candidate. talk about solutions. for example, new york. the next primary, a week from today. if trump gets 50% of the vote in that's why i've been giving speeches. that is why i've been each congressional district, he gets all of each district's communicating a vision for what our party and our country can delegates. if he wins but gets less than be. and that's why i'm going to 50%, he only gets 2/3 of the continue to do just that. i believe we can once again be delegates from each of those an optimistic party that is districts. so if kasich drops out, it's defined by our belief in the much easier for trump to get to limitless possibility of our 50% and it's much more likely people. he'll get the 1,237 delegates we want a party defined by solutions, by being on the side needed to get the nomination on the first ballot. of the people. so kasich -- i should say so we want to take our principles and apply them to the problems trump wants kasich out. of the day.
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got it. that makes sense. embrace free enterprise and this does not make sense. cruz said he wants kasich out reject cronyism, promote upward too. why would he want that? his only path to getting the mobility, provide solutions to those who are stuck fighting nomination is down the road poverty. offer a tax code that rewards where trump cannot win on the first ballot because remember, work, not the well connected. he's corralled all these delegates to vote for him on the a strong and focused military. second ballot if there is one. a health care system that but you don't get to the second promotes choice and flexibility. ballot if trump wins the first a secure border. a government that allows people one. cruz needs kasich, the not trump candidate, in the race to have even a chance. to fulfill their american idea. yet cruz says he wants kasich to you know this great idea that the condition of your birth drop out? you're buying that? doesn't determine the outcome of your life. that's the kind of agenda we are really? isn't it more likely they've cut some sort of side deal, cruz building right now. telling kasich you stay in, that and that is the kind of agenda way i'll have a chance and we we're going to be releasing in the next few months. can stop trump. this job provides a platform to that makes sense. maybe vice president kasich. communicate a conservative vision for our country. i don't know. but cruz wanting kasich out does and i am intent on using it. not fly. and i'm intent on using this and then there's trump. remember he said he had great platform not for me but for my words, the best words. he's using new words now. house colleagues and for those lots of things have changed. who believe that conservatism just changed. holds the keys to a confident i'll list a few. in an interview with "usa today" america. this is a critical role that has trump talked about his own possible vice presidential to be played. and i'm in a position to play
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picks. people he's savaged on the campaign trail like governor that role. to prepared for the fall scott walker. campaign with our eventual even marco rubio. nominee that gives a clear and little marco. compelling choice to our fellow citizens so that we can earn the and john kasich. mandate we need to get things the one with all the power. maybe if kasich drops out. right, to fix our problems and because ksive is not trump. to get our country back on track. thank you. >> speaker ryan, a lot of people are you sensing that kasich has said hey, this is exactly what all the power? he does. donald trump now says he really he said about becoming speaker does like all of those guys and then you ended up taking the despite what he said in the past. job. what do you say to people that he's also changing his tone when are completely skeptical of you and say you're just going to it comes to protesters at his back into this -- >> apples and oranges. rallies. in the past trump has said some of them deserve to get roughed luke, those are apples and up. oranges. he even said he might pay the being speaker of the house is a legal fees for supporters who far dprie being president of the wind up in fights. but check out how trump united states, specifically responded last night when protesters interrupted his because i was already in the house. i'm already a congressman. rally. >> don't hurt him. so i was asked by my colleagues don't hurt him. to take a responsibility within congress that i've already been don't hurt that person. yeah. you can get him out. serving from the one that i had. don't hurt him. that is entirely different from >> trump's even toning it down getting the no, ma'am faigs for on twitter. and there's some evidence now president of the united states for your party without even that somebody else is actually running for the job. so completely non sequitur handling his twitter accounts. what evidence? well, look at this. the account tweeted just today, comparison in my book.
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"missouri just confirmed victory >> what happens if there's a for donald trump. second ballot and what happens, he actually gained votes in the recount and picks up additional what prevents them, you as the 12 delegates." chair of the convention, if notice the third reference -- third person reference there, somebody puts your name -- he. that tweet was later replaced about 30 minutes later without >> that's first row k45d. >> i'm opposed to my name being the third person. this softer side is coming out put in place. one week before the new york the rules committee which primary, where polls show trump assembled the delegates will with a huge lead. trump's looking for a win after decide what the rules are. but i would encourage those ted cruz shut him out in delegates to put in place a rule colorado where donald trump that says you can only nominate called crooked shenanigans. someone who actually ran for the and now cruz is firing back. job. >> does that mean that the three >> he yells and screams and candidates that are remaining -- stamps his foot. >> i'll leave it up to the he curses and yells and insults delegates at the rules committee to decide that. i just think honestly -- i anyone nearby. really believe if you want to be president you should run for look, as we know, in the state president. and when we select a nominee we of california wine is best should be selecting among people who actually ran for the job. i'll leave it at that. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> well, that's interesting. served with cheese. >> cruz made those comments in california which doesn't vote let's get back to zeke. until the last primary day, june zeke, cleanup man. the 7th. plus. mathematically, that's the last plus, more than that. day that donald trum company because he's also going to
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clinch the nomination. with 172 delegates up tore grabs, california would also be the last chance for cruz and the suggest in essence john kasich might be your president too. not trump team to stop him. >> exactly. so trump and not trump in the not just john kasich but he was saying any of those 17 people person of john kasich are who ran for president in this campaigning in new york, and cruz has moved on to california. cycle. that means a scott walker, the and now as we wait for the big announcement from speaker ryan, governor of speaker ryan's home words matter, trace gallagher's state. theoretically, a jeb bush or a carly fiorina or anyone else who live in los angeles with more on the fight for california. ran in this cycle could come but let's begin with john roberts upstate new york. back on the convention floor rome, new york. under the rules. >> good afternoon to you, shep. he said you needed to be from that pool, if there's going to you might get some argue frmt donald trump about this idea of be a white knight it should be somebody who actually threw their hat into the ring this a softer side. cycle. >> did he convince us? ben carson said something about that the day he endorgsed donald that's it? paul ryan is not going to have trump. his name in the nomination no when i asked trump about that trump shut me down almost matter what? immediately. >> it probably won't stop some so while donald trump might be of the speculation. some of the -- showing a more let's call it >> what about you? >> i think he's pretty certain measured side he is still about him not wanting to do complaining long and loud about the process of awarding that. he's made that clear. delegates in colorado without >> zeke, thanks. taking a popular vote, a process david catnese is here. that left him shut out of the senior politics writer for "u.s. delegates. listen to what he told a crowd of some 17,000 people in albany, news & world report." are you convinced? >> not yet. new york. because we don't know what >> really disgusting. so it's a very sick system.
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happens until july. and i'll tell you what. one of the most interesting things speaker ryan said. he didn't say write a rule for maybe in addition to winning, one of the candidates remaining in the race. maybe we'll clean up the system trump, cruz, kasich. so that in future years we can he said anybody who would run. so then we're back to 17 guys. have an honest contest. jim gilmore. put him in there. >> all the ones who went poof. we might be able to clean up this dirty, rotten, disgusting they're back. >> and look, circumstances can system. >> that would be a more measured tone but not exactly a soft always change in politics. we know this. hillary clinton in her first tone. interview after losing in 2008 donald trump did get some good news today when missouri said she'd never run again. secretary of state said almost a month after people voted there here she is. she changed her mind over time. that donald trump had indeed won the missouri primary, a margin this is a much compressed amount of victory of .2 of 1%. of time we're talking about. but no one's going to believe but it does, shep, net him an that paul ryan has zero percent additional 12 delegates over chance until we get through a what ted cruz got. convention and see what happens. >> and kasich got some krilt because if the party's in shambles and there's chaos and sooize criticizing going today no one left and the party says please, we've got to do this for well. >> reporter: he likes to be the us, otherwise you're turning over the white house to hillary candidate of sweetness and light but once in a while he likes to take a sledgehammer. clinton for eight years, please, today running down both ted cruz please, please, is paul ryan and donald trump saying they going to say no? wanted to take america to the i think he had to put a lot of dark side, down a path to cold water on it. he must have been getting a lot darkness. when i asked a source close to of calls for him to come out and governor kasich whether or not he would accept an offer from rule it out to a point in this donald trump to be his vice
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president or be in the way, such an emphatic way. administration, that source said there's zero chance of that, all this showed me there's a lot of pressure coming -- incoming from you have to do is read the speech he wrote this morning. donors saying is this real? are you interested? i think that's what this is >> john, thanks. zero chance of that. about. >> i stand for conservatism. we know there's zero chance because if you want to help ted >> i stand for conservatism and cruz you stay in the race if you're john kasich. if you want to help donald i think he stands for process. that gives it to merit, to someone who actually ran, not trump, you get out. he's not getting out. someone who can be thrown in so he's helping cruz. there because then you have a he's not trump. part of the party that goes that's what he is. and he has all the power. crazy. if you insert someone who had while donald trump and not trump never even run, i think the republican party then has bigger kasich focus their efforts in new york, ted credits insists problems. >> he's in charge. california will decide the he's in charge at this republican nomination. convention. that's the way it works. trace gallagher in los angeles. last time john boehner was in been a long time since california's been a player in a charge. last time the paul ryan -- primary, trace. >> reporter: 44 years, to be excuse me. exact, shep. in 1972 california was pivotal the rand paul -- ron paul rule went into effect. in getting george mcgovern, the i'm sorry. democratic nomination. the ron paul rule was so that but normally by june things here the establishment could keep out are pretty well sewn up. non-establishment candidate. they changed it from you must ted cruz told the "l.a. times" win the majority of the delegates in five states to the "we anticipated early on this majority of delegates in eight primary could easily come down to the state of california and states. that kept ron paul out. that's@rule is there. that in fact is what happened." and now it's backfiring on the cruz also knows that california republican establishment. >> and that rule will be
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important to see how they change is really several different that again. states wrapped up in one. so he's trying to secure >> how could they change it when most of the delegates are going delegates by working through to be committed at least on the county republican parties. first ballot to cruz or trump? remember, it's three delegates >> that's true. for each congressional district. the eight-state rule that's in there are several districts in place would affect john kasich. john kasich's entire theory is los angeles county alone. and because ted cruz is going to the convention. performing well here in l.a., he's won the majority of delegates in how many states? that could put a dent in donald one. >> but that's his theory? trump's delegate collection in isn't his theory if i drop out california, shep. >> trump and kasich getting now i give it to trump? if i don't drop out now and stay in this race i give a hand to active out there. ted cruz? >> reporter: john kasich looking i'm the kingmaker, aren't i? for office space out here, rolling out endorsements and planning to bring his town halls if i'm john kasich, am i not the to california. kingmaker? kasich has agreed to speak at >> i don't think he's dropping out. >> i don't either. the state gop convention later that means he's not for trump. that means he's not for trump. this month. that will give him a chance to >> well, that depends on the win some influence with party state i think. activists and potential >> in the big picture if he delegates. drops out now trump has a chance donald trump is hiring staff in to get three delegates from every district in new york california and inquiring about state. all of them. same thing out in california. buying a significant amount of he has a chance to get 1,237 in advertising time on l.a. tv stations. and trump may need that to a world without john kasich. counter an anti-trump effort in a world with john kasich it's much easier for ted cruz to run being launched by some veteran his end-around. gop strategists who believe that >> but if we are to take john
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california offers the last best chance to stop trump from kasich at his word -- >> i didn't say nap. >> but if we are -- >> cruz also said he wants winning. kasich out. >> much more on this whole john >> john kasich has said he would kasich has all the power never be trump's vice president argument in a little while. and that he would be a terrible we have some really good guests vice president. to come in and speak about that. we'll also get to the democrats so what is his plan in this? with a look at bernie sanders' i think what he really wants is hoping that he is the white california dream and why one knight. what we all thought paul ryan, important strategist says if sanders thinks he can win the what we thought he might be. i think john kasich wants that nomination he's riding rainbow role. i think it's very hard for him unicorns. but the biggest event of the day the thing for which we've been to get there having won one waiting, the paul ryan state out of all of them. announcement. but i think that is his white paul ryan will announce i'm not going to be the president, i will not run for president, just knight. i don't -- i don't think he is like he said i will not run for speaker. trying to hantd it d it to trum remember that? he did that. cruz. i think he's against both of stay with us. we'll hear from him. them and thinks he will be the words matter. last man standing in a chaotic contentious convention scenario. ugh! heartburn! >> so many ballots. no one burns on my watch! five or six ballots. and there is no consensus and try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they say okay, kasich, at least they work fast and don't taste chalky. you ran, which paul ryan said mmm...amazing. was important, having to run. and you've stayed in this thing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. look, a lot of things have to fall into place for this to work
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person you think the process is rigged. i do think this was significant for him to come out in such an emphatic way today sxwlp so if trump can't get to 1,237 and win on the first ballot the chances are much greater that cruz has a good shot on the second ballot. and when that happens how you handle all those trump delegates, how you handle trump loyalists is maybe the most important thing to the party in the moment. that's paul ryan's job. >> absolutely. and i don't -- that is the sort of x factor in all of this. what do the trump delegates do if they cannot see victory? will they ever get on the cruz, you know, bandwagon? or are they vindictive enough to go somewhere else? to withhold their support and pick someone else. i mean, these are thewhere -- t from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. that is the x factor that we don't know what happened. >> i don't know if history works before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time as our guide either. for instance, 2008 clinton and and 2% back at the grocery store. obama, so many clinton people, i believe it was 30% of the time even before he got 3% back on gas. said we will not volt for obama.
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kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card that isn't what happened. they came back around. but the difference is there to join the wednesday night league. wasn't a lot of difference between these two candidates. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. the difference is fundamentally that's the excitement between donald trump and ted of rewarding connections. cruz. what they've staked their whole apply online or campaigns on. at a bank of america near you. the way they've run their lives. completely different, attracting a completely different kind of people, right? >> there are many cruz breaking news now. republicans who don't even think fox news channel. donald trump is a republican. there it is on the big wall. they think he's masking himself. speaker ryan. look at this. so i think it is a different this. this is chad pergram. scenario than 2008. this guy right here. it's a different scenario than he is our producer there up on anything we've seen. even people go back to '76 the hill. this is blake berman. i call him back row blake ford-reagan. but at least in that convention because front row chad's going there was no question of the to ask an important question of paul ryan. taz where paul ryan's going to speak. candidate's conservatism. this guy has a fantastic question that you're going to love. fantastic question. some people think trump is going but first i want to get to to tear down the party, that the party will be in shambles, that things. more presidential politics as we wait for speaker ryan to address they'll lose the house, that they'll lose the senate, that the reporters that might jump -- the party will basically be torn say he won't jump in the race. he's about to speak. asunder if trump is the nominee. meantime let's bring in zeke miller, political reporter for that is the unique situation
12:14 pm
"time." he's live for us in washington. that republicans have right now. >> and paul ryan's in charge of zeke, john kasich is the king keeping it all together. >> he's the guy. maker, isn't he? >> the adult in the room. >> certainly. as you were talking about before, he will walk into the >> but not the candidate. convention with the third zb >> not the candidate. highest -- likely the third he made that clear today. highest number of delegates. really hard for him to get the you said it. nomination outright but he will i can't say it. >> you never know what happens have all the power on in july. cleveland's going to be hot. potentially the first but certainly a second ballot. >> we only have four nights of >> but i feel like his biggest hotel rooms booked. do we need to extend? power is today, right now at >> quicken loans arena may have this moment because if john kasich wants to help donald to extend the lease on the trump he gets out of the race. thing. >> security will be tight. then donald trump can get enough thank you. >> thanks, shep. >> so you heard from paul ryan. delegates probably to win the nomination. if he wants to hurt donald trump, therefore help ted cruz, there's a lot more politics to he stays in. come. we'll get to the democratic side of things. we'll look at a little bit of that way cruz can get it on the second ballot. he has all the power. >> that's exactly right. the rest of the news. great to have you in. particularly when you look at states like new york, like this is shepard smith reporting pennsylvania, like delaware that are coming up and even on california on june 7th. those are moderate states where on fox news channel. you both have a perfect driving record. ted cruz wouldn't do very well, where donald trump would make an appeal toward the moderate voters. we've seen him try to moderate some of his policy positions, rhetoric to play sort of the
12:15 pm
hometown hero card in new york. john kasich is the only kbd in the field who can combat that in the northeastern states. ted cruz does very well in more traditional red states. john kasich has that wlu state appeal that can combat donald trump in new york in the coming weeks. >> if he wants to be donald trump's vice president, all he has to do is drop out today and trump should probably give him that. if he wants to be ted cruz's vice president i'll stay in, mr. cruz, if you let me be your vice president. that's the rule. i don't understand -- i have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. but if that's not going on behind the scenes, that makes no sense. >> yeah. i mean, certainly these campaigns are having conversations. they're not getting very far but they're certainly sending messages behind the scenes. what's interesting is the cruz message has been to john kasich get out and that's sort of on the assumption that every john kasich voter would go to ted cruz rather than stay home or even go to donald trump. and that seems to be really a controversial hypothesis when you talk to a lot of republican operatives. they agree with you that john kasich should stay, in deprive
12:16 pm
donald trumpar of the most votes in new york where there's that interesting delegate system there with the 50% threshold. ted cruz wouldn't be able to put a dent in donald trump there without john kasich. >> paul ryan's about to say i'm not running. we've heard that before. but front row chad's question, front row chad pergram, our guy on capitol hill, front row chad's question is mr. speaker, what happens if we get past the first round? because you know, you're in charge. what if somebody and somebody probably will put your name up for nomination? will you stick by the rules? or lu step aside, let the -- what may happen? because that might tell us a lot, mightn't it? >> absolutely. speaker ryan will have a lot of power as the chairman of the convention. certainly getting his name in the nomination the way the rules are now with that rule 40 deal we talk about a lot. requires a majority of the delegates of eight states -- of eight delegations. that's a very high threshold. if that happens for speaker ryan at any point, it couldn't be until one of you clips a food truck. just one delegate. it would have to be a large then your rates go through the roof. number of delegates on the
12:17 pm
floor. it's probably not going to happen one, two. the only way even before this -- perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates what's really not changed is the notion of paul ryan coming in on due to your first accident. ballot 3 or ballot 4 was always liberty mutual insurance. something of a -- the question was ballot 8, 9, or 10. if there really is a true deadlock of that convention between ted cruz and donald trump first who won't go anywhere and john kasich having someone who can attract and back his way. if there is a true deadlock then really anything is possible. but the odds of that are extremely low. >> because ted cruz has gotten out there with his fantastic ground game and rounded up all these delegates. look at what he did in north carolina. look at what he did in wyoming. look at what he did in louisiana. and colorado, i mean, if you're a cruz guy, colorado is just a clean sweep for you. if you're about cruz, colorado was a miracle. >> oh, absolutely. and then you start look at -- that's just a first ballot. 19 minutes before the hour. those are more valuable. but you start look at where yet another poll shows hillary clinton with a double-digit lead donald trump's numbers would go over bernie sanders in new york. on a second ballot. just one week before the state's we're keeping track internally democratic party. at "time" magazine. it's a week from today. we're easily at 50-plus the survey comes from the local cable news channel here. delegates that are donald trump delegates on the first ballot
12:18 pm
that will go to ted cruz or john time warner cable new york 1. why they added time warner -- i cruz on the second ballot. and that's only with 1/3 of the know they need their branding but new york 1 was all we need. delegates for the convention he we just need them to read the papers in the morning and smile selected right now. that's only going to grow and that's going to be a problem for with their blue background. we don't need time warner cable. donald trump, is that his second we just need new york -- you ballot number is guaranteed to fall if he can't get to 1,237 on want to us forget about time warner cable. i assure you. just make it new york 1. that's all it is. the first. >> the best odds, period, are anyway, they're out with this either donald trump gets it on poll and it shows clinton the first. but really the only way to do beating sanders 50% to 37%. that is if john kasich drops out that's in line with other recent polls including one trump fox delegates to get there. but if john kasich stays in, cruz most likely gets it at some news channel. bernie sanders and hiltry point after that. clinton have been campaigning haechly across new york. unless. it's the second biggest prize in unless they figure out some way the democratic race. to change the rules. for instance, a paul ryan could two candidates also set to face be in there. off in the debate on thursday in we're led to believe paul ryan's brooklyn. about to come in here today and ed henry's here in new york because hillary clinton is here in new york. say that's not going to happen. except he has a history that hillary this morning here, she's off to florida for some says what he says is not always true. but that was different, wasn't fund-raising, is that right? it, zeke, because that was party >> that's right. she's been struggling to raise leaders going in and doing something. that wasn't the convention. >> exactly. i mean, that was the money even though she's doing well in the polls as you say republican -- members of the because bernie sanders has got republican conference. these supporters who are very a small pool you could draw fervent and they're pouring money into his account, keeping him in this race. from. but as you noted, the fox news there weren't many medium who wanted the job. a very fractured group of poll and a whole series of polls
12:19 pm
lawmakers. other than kevin mccarthy. suggesting she has a i mean, you had 17 people on the double-digit lead. that's important because sanders has won about seven contests in republican party running for a row. president. paul ryan has ruled this out for a while. she wants to get the momentum back, show that in her adopted obviously, this is one those home state she can finally stop sanders' momentum. things where he will say never, she had an event here in the never, never. city and made it clear she's there's always a very small smans and that would be a true going to be fighting on these issues the middle class cares deadlock of the convention. but we're not going to get about. >> it is equal pay day. there. that is -- you know, it's one of it is also the one-year those things where the odds anniversary of my journey in my they're going to contest the convention may be 50-50. the odds of it not being donald campaign. we're here to talk about this trump or ted cruz is pay gap. substantially, substantially lower than that. that costs women and their and then the odds of it being paul ryan or really anyone else, families and our economy so much the same odds as being mickey money every single year. mouse. >> for paul coming out today, >> she mentioned one year ago today she had that soft launch with that video saying i'm going speaker of the house paul ryan, they made this announcement like on this journey, has not quite worked out as planned in terms noon. speaker ryan's going to come out and have this big announcement, of putting bernie sanders away. it's going to be an important but she's got the lead. that's all they care about in announcement, it's going to be a here's the thing announcement, brooklyn right now. >> and sanders is going hard no ambiguity, no wiggle room. across new york now too. paul ryan is out. why couldn't he just send out a >> he's getting these large crowds. we've seen this all around the country. and hillary clinton was in
12:20 pm
upstate last week and she did paper statement saying i'm not running period, full stop, stop pretty well in getting her folks talking about it, it's over? out there. remember her as a senator from this state. what's his angle? but you see there, last night in buffalo, he had about 11,000 why have this press availability today? >> what we've seen throughout people at a rally. he was all around upstate today. paul ryan throughout this entire process is he's gotten this and he's hitting clinton pretty question for six months. hard on a whole range of issues. will you run? >> she listened to the same won't you run? and his whole strategy has been arguments from bush and cheney. keep his name in the national political national political conversation to drive a positive her judgment was faulty. she voted for that disastrous agenda for the republican party. war. what we need is leadership that and -- >> so he's the cleanup guy. >> yeah. one way or the other, he wants to be the -- you know, he's has the courage to stand up when going to be the person who'll be around in washington next we need them to stand up. >> so he's getting the big crowds. are those people going to turn january it there's a republican out? we'll find out a week from being sworn into the white house today. the last debate as you noted or not. and he's the one who's going to thursday in brooklyn. put forward a positive we expect this could be the last legislative agenda. time they go mano a mano. from his perspective he needs to be a part of the conversation >> the last time period. >> because there's no more today one way or the other and a debates on the calendar. paper statement wouldn't keep they'd have to add another one. him in that mix quite as much as i didn't know you like pat he'd like to be. >> so under these possible scenarios if trump gets it with papers. >> pat papers? his 69% unfavorability rating across the board and he doesn't >> isn't that the guy reading the papers -- >> pat kiernan reads the papers win the presidency and the
12:21 pm
in the morning. republicans see themselves in shambles enter paul ryan. >> it's fantastic. or if ted cruz wins it in his >> i can read it on my own. more right-wing, more religious i like pat. i met him once. he's a friend of mine. he's reading the paper on tv. conservative, fundamentalist sort of way of being and the fact he's not liked on capitol >> everybody likes pat kiernan. hill means he doesn't get the presidency either and the i want people to read the papers. we have a lot of papers. democrat wins again, enter paul >> he's reading the newspaper on ryan to clean up the mess. tv. >> yeah, read me the headlines where john kasich is important and powerful at this moment, so i don't have to do it. paul ryan is the cleanup batter pat kiernan -- >> i like your show better. >> i like pat kiernan in the and we know cleanup really morning. he's good. not that i watch him every day. matters. >> exactly. what paul ryan wants to do day i don't. >> it sounds like you like it a in and day out for the republican party, he's planning a load of policy rollouts lot. throughout the convention in >> everyone likes the painers? cleveland. he's trying to turn the republican party to the >> everyone who works for you is going to say they're with you proposition party is the term he and not for me. >> everyone here is from new uses. we'll be expecting to see him york. >> but they work with you, shep. more on television than less on here in the news desk. so they're not going to take my side. television. even if he rules himself out >> how long have you lived in new york? from the nomination. >> eight years. >> we just got the two-minute >> it's an institution. warning. we've got to take a full screen. pat's papers. sorry about that. right? it's an institution. but this is back row blake. chris, every morning? blake berman. i'm guessing he won't get a question in. front row chad, however, there >> [ inaudible ]. he is. >> okay. thanks for moving over. chad pergram knows everybody see?
12:22 pm
his brother's on that channel as there is to know on capitol hill. well. new york 1. they used to call it new york 1. i've worked with a lot of people who work in a lot of great now it's time warner -- places. this guy over here from nbc, he >> i learned not to fight with knows some people. chad pergram knows everybody. shep. >> you guys listen to talk radio he's probably on a conference in the morning or something in call with everybody in washington at the moment finding washington? >> wtop. >> you listen to that in the out what's happening. that would be my guess. morning. >> cbs station. >> maybe watch fox 5 in the and if he gets a chance to ask paul ryan a question, he may morning. we watch fox 5. but then there's pat's papers. not. because one thing we don't know is whether paul ryan will take also good. questions. the clinton presidential library will paul ryan take questions from the reporters? just released hundreds of because one thing you rarely -- if you want to be emphatic and documents revealing new details about the relationship between just give your word, here's how it is, you don't take questions. the clinton family and donald because then it can get all trump. this is interesting. muddy. they can ask you a bunch of hype trump has admitted hanging out thet kalz you that can't work with the clintons and even donating to their foundation. your way out of. he says it's because his job if your message is clean and required him to get along with simple, i'm not going to do this, you vuft get up there, say everybody. peter doocy's in washington. i'm not going to do this and walk out. if they give chad pergram a how close were donald trump and president clinton according to question, zeke, if they give these documents? >> close enough, shep, that chad pergram a question, we trump once sent a white house might learn some things. >> absolutely. chad is one of the most staffer an autographed copy of well-connected reporters on "the art of the deal" with a capitol hill. everyone i know up there talks
12:23 pm
to him. i read his tip sheet daily. message, and close enough that i'm hoeng he comes back at the speaker with that question of when trump's 50th birthday came you said this six, eight months around aides discussed sending him a birthday card before ago about not being speaker. >> here's the speaker. deciding not to three days let him speak. >> good afternoon. later. but the two were not close enough for some because in the clinton riebly archives there is i just returned from a week-long a letter to the president from trip to the middle east to meet with our allies and our partners the author of a newsletter there. we had some important called "casino confidential" conversations about isis. where this new jersey man writes, "if you two don't know the security threat in that region and those around the each other you should. world. you have much in common. but i'll tell you, it is really amazing how our politics has age, broad vision for the followed so closely overseas. future." and most importantly the resources and desire to make i was asked about it everywhere america bigger and better than it already is. i went. i'm also aware that while i was there's much more than just mail in these new documents. overseas there was more there's also a log of a trump tower photo op during a speculation that someone other presidential visit to manhattan, shep. than the current candidates will >> so there's word that bill emerge as our party's nominee. clinton has been preparing i want to put this to rest once answers about a trump white and for all. house bid for 16 years? as you know, i have stayed out >> year, it's really of this race and i've remained interesting. ahead of a press conference in 1999 there's this briefing book where aides were prepping bill clinton for piebl question from a reporter about whether or not his sex scandal had trivialized
12:24 pm
the oval office in such a way that a celebrity like cybill sheppard or zonld trump could win the nomination. they said "i think it may say something about the way the media covers politics these days but i have the utmost confidence in the american people to sort out the wheat from the chaff regardless of who runs for president or how they're covered the public eventually sees through all the smoke and mirrors and they after all have the ultimate power at the ballot box." so clinton's answer about a trump run was a lot different back before his wife was trump's chief democratic rival at the end of the last century. shep. >> peter, thank you. we're waiting for a judge in new jersey, waiting right now for a judge to rule on whether senator ted cruz should get kicked off the presidential ballot in new jersey because he was born in canada. is there anything to this at all? well, a judge is going to rule. so we'll hear from our own judge from new jersey, andrew napolitano, next.
12:25 pm
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nine minutes before the hour. waiting to hear if ted cruz should be on the new jersey ballot. a law professor and a group filed a legal challenge claiming ted cruz is not eligible because he was born in canada. a lawyer for cruz says the texas senator qualifies because his mother's american. a similar effort to get cruz off the ballot failed in pennsylvania. our senior judicial analyst is a former supreme court judge on the new jersey supreme court. judge andrew napolitano is here. this is a nothing burger, right? >> absolutely. this is a groundhog day because it failed in pennsylvania and it failed in illinois. it largely fails because the constitution says you have to be a natural born citizen to be
12:29 pm
president of the united states. the congress defined natural born citizen among other ways as if one of your parents is born in the united states and has lived here for at least a year before you were born it doesn't matter where you were born, you are a natural born citizen. this fits ted cruz's model. his mother lived here more than a year before giving birth to him in canada. end of story. even donald trump who raised this incessantly stopped raising it, i suspect, the lawyers said there's no there there. this case is a maryland resident who has announced he wants to be a write-in candidate for president in new jersey. and, therefore, by having ted cruz's name on the ballot, he is harmed. the reason for that elaborate charade because of the issue of standing. in order to challenge something like cruz's eligibility, you have to show you're uniquely
12:30 pm
harmed. he said i'm uniquely harmed because i get fewer votes in new jersey. i don't think there's any basis for this but new jersey has a provision. you file a complaint, you get an answer and probably pretty soon. >> this is a thing trump says he can say it and not ever really -- i mean, it is like the president isn't from america. he used to say that, too. he just sort of said this, right? >> he did throw it out aggressively for a while and i suspect the lawyers said to him, you know, there's nothing to this. >> maybe he doesn't need the argument anymore. >> he may not need it anymore. i'm surprised that the fellow from maryland chosen new jersey to raise this issue. again, new jersey is not a likely place to grant this relief. it's not even an issue anymore. john kasich is not raising it. as you said, donald trump stopped raising it. >> a waste of time? >> i think so. i think so. he probably could be fined for filing it. except that i don't even know the state is going to bother to
12:31 pm
answer it, meaning it's so frivolous it will be denied before the cruz campaign can file its response and before the secretary of state of new jersey, who's the actual deft in the case, can file her response. >> hmm. as i once said, politics is weird and creepy. >> it provides great news coverage. >> oh well, something like that. thank you, judge. >> you're welcome, shep. >> we'll be back with a look at a turning point in the national pasttime. that happened on this day in history. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me,
12:32 pm
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today is 12th day of april, a special day for an extraordinary woman because today the children's author beverly cleary celebrating her 100th birthday. she introduced generations of kids to reading with her books about ramona q imby age 8 and the mouse and the motorcycle and henry huggins. cleary has sold north of 80
12:35 pm
million books and she's credited with success of drop everything and read program. which urges parents and kids around the world the stop what they're doing on this day, april the 12th, and pick up a book. it's not the worst advice. today beverly cleary lives in a retirement home in northern california and earlier this month she told "the washington post" she planned to celebrate with a slice of carrot cake. happy birthday, mrs. cleary. enjoy the cake. on this day in 1877, a baseball catcher wore a mask for the first time. before that, fastballs hit catchers right there at the puss breaking noses and knocking out teeth. the first catcher to wear a mask played for harvard. he once used rubber bands to protect his teeth. these days, the masks look like the ones hockey goalies wear but took a harvard education to realize the value of protecting
12:36 pm
a catcher's face. 139 years ago. today. should news break out, if it's big news, should news break out, we'll break in. your world with neil cavuto coming up and probably one of the things to talk about is the fact the dow is way up. energy sector and oil leading the surge. oil is up, energy is up. the markets are up. it's all coming up green. here's cavuto. all right. shep, markets indeed up. we'll get to that in a second. donald trump is feeling up. looking at a rally about to take place in rome, new york, on a day we finally got a final count on the missouri primary that was, what? gosh almost a month ago. we found out right now it was close as a tick and in the end donald trump edged out ted cruz. he has not, that is donald trump, complained about those results. nor has ted cruz complained about the results. we find that interesting.
12:37 pm
on a week that we have seen some rather choice comments made about results of certain events and primaries and caucuses. we'reoi
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