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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 13, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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thanks for being here today, happening now starts right now. jon: the republican presidential candidates looking up every last delegate before the convention are now focusing on pennsylvania while the democrats fight over new york. new polls show donald trump and hillary clinton hold strong weeds in thestates. welcome to having now. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm held their children in for jenna lee. donald trump still has
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something to say and he is crying foul over the system along with clinton. he says that the northeast , the race to the northeast before the race heads west where ted cruz is more competitive, trump calls the delegate system rigged as cruise gains ground while john kasich hopes to play spoiler. the party leader is fighting back saying playing by the rules as part of the game. and hillary clinton's campaign lobbing its own accusations against bernie sanders for trying to pick off her superdelegates. both democrats campaigning in new york city today. jon: senior national correspondent john roberts continues our coverage from pittsburgh where trunk will hold a rally tonight. reporter: been rally at the convention center tonight and donald trump expected to continue being on the warpath against the republican party over the delegate selection process after that big loss over the weekend in colorado.
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while it's the state parties that make the rules and those rules are well known donald trump is lashing out against the republican national committee for creating as he claims a system that is rigged against him and on that front he is getting a lot of support from his fans.listen to trump at a big rally in new york . >> the republican system is absolutely rigged. the rnc, the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind ofcrap to happen. i can tell you that. they should be ashamed of themselves . [applause] because it has nothing to do with democracy. they took the votes away from the people in colorado. people are burning up there republican cards. reporter: rnc chairman rance rivas who met with trump on the delegate selection process has had enough of this tweeting out quote, nomination process known for a year andresponsibility of campaigns to understand it, complaints now? give us all a break. on glenn beck's radio show, ted cruz suggested donald trump is running scared.
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>> panicking. he is scared. donald loves to call people a loser. donald wakes up at night in cold sweats that people will call him losing donald. reporter: there are big protests we hear that our plan for this afternoon. police in pittsburgh on the lookout for that. it's going to be a very big day in pittsburgh. not only is there a donald trump event but at the opening night of the nhl playoffs with the penguins and pirates have got a home game. so john, a lot going on here. jon: hard to know where to direct your energies in a situation like that. john roberts, thank you. donald trump's path to the nomination got trickier after his big loss in wisconsin to ted cruz and after cruz
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outmaneuvered him at state conventions. in nebraska, trump may have no shot at picking up delegates because he lacks a groundgame there. now trump is almost 500 delegates shy of clinching the nomination so if he heads to the convention without 1237 , and loses on the first ballot, what happens next? iliana johnson is washington editor for the national review. shira center 's political review at the boston globe. iliana, let's start with you. trump doesn't get the number he needs on the first ballot or go into the convention with 1237, what happens? >> if trump doesn't secure a majority of the delegates on the campaign trail before the convention, i believe ted cruz becomes the republican nominee. trump is right. the system is rigged and the system is rigged in favor of candidates who understand it, have studied it and have filled out a ground operation that is capable of securing delegates
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on the state level and swaying them in their favor and that is exactly what ted cruz is doing and he's capable of winning these delegates over and swaying them to vote for him on a second ballot. jon: in other words you have to do your homework. >> exactly and though trump has claimed he hired the best people: he frankly hasn't hire people who are capable of doing this and actually securing the nomination for him. jon: i want to point out something that was written in a politico piece shira. it was titled trump's missed opportunity and kyle cheney writes quote, that meeting nebraska is where the billionaire appears to have missed his chance. party officials say they saw virtually no organization by the moguls campaign last week when republicans in all 93 nebraska counties hold local conventions. these county conventions picked 800 delegates in the convention
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where $33 forthe national convention in cleveland will be selected. so we saw it in colorado, now we seem to be seeing the same kind of thing if we can trust mister cheney about nebraska. trump doesn't have the ground game that's going to get him the delegates that he's going to need if you wants to win 1237 . >> and this is part of the problem about running as an outsider candidate or the outsider candidate in a national race like this. on the one hand he can tell that he's not from washington
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and he's against the establishment. the flipside of that is not having the insider knowledge or having anyone on your staff who has the insider knowledge to know how to work the system which is complicated and complex. this has been the case with outsider candidates for a while in various scenarios. in this case it's particularly huge for him. it's a huge mistake for him because it is on a national scalane it's interesting. running a campaign is so much like running a startup. you have to raise this money and put together a national corporation in a matter of a year and territorial down again. donald trump should be good at knowing how to do that but he's hired to few people and he hasn't hire the right people to make this happen for him. jon: but inthe meantime, when he rails against the party and calls it corrupt and disgusting and things like that, he isn't helping the republican brand and that's where i guess the concern comes in about down ballot , senators, members of congress and so forth are going to be running on the republican ticket this fall. >> that's absolutely right. i think you're going to see senate candidates and house candidates struggle if donald trump is the nominee to distance themselves from, differentiated themselves from donald trump and i don't think it will be much different if ted cruz is the nominee which is ironic about all this. ted cruz hasn't run as a republican insideror a washington insider he is poised to benefit from , right now, insider things in the sense that he does understand how to
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navigate the shoals, the treacherous shoals of all these district and state conventions and republican insiders will choose him over donald trump so there's really an irony that cruise the outsider will benefit from the republican establishment if we do go to a convict contested convention. jon: shira, everyone says that cruz has run a masterful campaign. he has sort of master the intricacies of these delegate races, knows the state-by-state methods by which they are allocated and if he doesn't win on the first ballot, cruz stands a pretty good chance of getting in on asecond or third, do you agree? >> i think he has a good chance of getting in on the second if he doesn't get that magical number . then all you know what breaks loose and it will be very exciting and we won't know what's going to happen.
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i think cruz has run a smart campaign. as we wind back to a year plus ago when he was the first candidate to get in the race and he seemed like a long shot in this and i think he also made a really calculated move in late december when he decided not to go after trump. he didn't become atrump target immediately like many of his targets who found out that was not a successful strategy. he waited until it was him and trump and a few other candidates to really start attacking trump . i think that was a strategic move. this stuff he's doing with the delegates is smart but is par for the course. there are many operatives who if you pay them will do this for you as a candidate and i think he has some working for him now so he smart in that sense but i don't think that was even the smartest part of his campaign. jon: truth be told, heather and i were sitting here one morning in june 10 months ago when donald trump announced he was
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running and he seemed like a long shot at the time. shira center, iliana johnson, thank you both. p7 that was a long time ago now. jon: or 10 months. heather: so much has happened between then and now. from that to the race for the white house to a meeting for the current president as the commander in chief heads to the cia today with his national security team to discuss the us strategy to defeat isis. kevin is live at the white house with more on that today. >> later today when the president speaks we want to make sure you and the folks at home are listening for key phrases we suspect he will use. phrases like the ability to be nimble and phrases like the
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opportunity to invest in strategies that are yielding progress. when you hear that, you can say thank you to me because i told you he was going to say that. we've heard that before when he's been to places like the pentagon and that's the language would likely use to describe the evolving plan to destroy and ultimately defeat isis. he will likely use that one as well but press secretary josh earnest says the meetings are more than an opportunity for messaging. they produce results. >> it's not uncommon for the president to make decisions in the context of these meetings. i don't know whether a decision will be announced in the context of tomorrow's meeting but the president will deliver a statement at the conclusionof the meeting and you will get an opportunity to hear from him directly about what he believes was accomplished in the discussion . >> that was josh earnest in the briefing yesterday. this is the latest in a series of meetings conducted about the administration's counter isis strategy, collecting with his national security team earlier
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at the counterterrorism center. he did so as well as the pentagon. all this heather also comes amid reports that the united states air force is sending b-52 bombers into the region to assist in the battle against isis, a clear indication from here that the battle won't be ending anytime soon. heather: kevin court, live from the white house, thank you. jon: and while the president discusses the strategy to fight isis, that terror group is going online praising the attacks in brussels. all this as we are getting word that three people detained have now been released. we have a live report straight ahead. plus, a man held in the murder of a seattle mom who disappeared after a date with someone she met online. investigators are revealing gruesome details about her murder. our legal panel takes up that case. we want to hear from you. do you think donald trump missed key opportunities to pick up republican delegates? our live chat is running. go to and get your thoughts into that conversation.
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heather: now to crime stories we are following for you. a south carolina judge asks to delay the murder trial of dylan roof. his attorneys say they need more time to prepare his defense in the death penalty trial. the 22-year-old accused of killing nine worshipers attending bible study at a church in charleston last summer. the feds call it a hate crime. and a man arrested in the murder of a mother of three children is being held on $2 million bail. a judge finding culpable cause to hold john charlton in the death of ingrid lynn. her friends say she disappeared after a date with charlton who she met online. lynn was killed and dismembered in her home. they say they found what they believe are her remains in a recycling bin. and san diego police looking for a man who ripped the cash register right out of the drive-through window. surveillance video shows the driver pulling up to a window of a mexican restaurant. he gets out of his car, reaches inside and grabs the register. restaurant employee in the restroom at the time of the theft.
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jon: three people held in connection with the paris terror attacks are free now. they were taken into custody after a police search in brussels as the islamic state online magazine praises the terrorists behind the brussels bombings. the magazine points specifically to the two brothers who were suicide bombers there, also key players in the paris attacks. benjamin hall live in london with more. reporter: i have unfortunately seen this magazine and it isn't nice. isis taunts the west, they say brussels, the heart of europe has been hit. more blood has been spilled. three weeks after the attacks which killed 32 innocent people in brussels, isis again claiming responsibility, proudly outlining many of the atrocities committed. in this issue of to be, their magazine they hail the bar, we brothers, suicide bombers at the airport in the subway. interestingly it said they were also key actors in november's bloodbath in paris. the magazine claims preparations for both attacks
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started with the brothers, saying they gathered the weapons and explosives. it goes on to say they found islam while in prison. today another man arrested in spain accused of supplying weapons to attack the supermarket in paris at the time of the charlie have don't attacks in 2015 but it was also announced that belgian authorities have released to men suspected of involvement in november's attacks. belgian authorities say only that they had been freed after extensive interrogation so clearly on a lot of operations going on around europe in different countries at the moment. some of which must be very important, bearing in mind these regular threats we are hearing. jon: benjamin hall in london. thank you heather: coming up, a pair of guided missile containers . where they were found and what the us military is doing about it. plus, tensions rising in the south china sea after new satellite images show aggressive moves by china. we talk about what this means for the region. >> thanks man.
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jon: now the us military is not commenting about a pair of guided missile containers found in the pacific ocean near alaska. alaska state troopers say both large shipping containers looked empty but they brought in an explosive ordinance team to make sure they were in fact void of their only original contents. they were so the troopers set the boxes and tags attached to them to the us military.
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heather: new information for you about tensions in the south china sea. new satellite images provided to fox news show china has deployed fighter jets to one of the contested islands. the images also show china is strengthening its surface to air missile system they are. the move comes as secretary of defense ash carter heads to the philippines to discuss rising tensions in the region. for moral all this let's bring in gordon cheney, an analyst and the author of the coming collapse of china.we have a lot of different parts in play here. begin by explaining to people at home the contested islands. this specific chain, the one in question is woody island which is the largest of them.>> woody island is the largest in the paracel's. it's an archipelago and there are two big archipelagoes in the south china sea.
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the paracel's are in the north and the spratly's which will get more attention are in the south of what the chinese have done is put their j 11's which are advanced writers on woody island and also put fire control systems for their hq nine air defense systems. this means china will try to prevent other nations from airspace in the south china sea. basically boxing us out. heather: and in vietnam and taiwan, they can test the same island. >> all these islands in the south china sea are contested by china, taiwan, vietnam, the philippines and china is also trying to take islands away from indonesia which generally was not thought to be a participant in all of this turbulence but nonetheless china is broadening the controversy by becoming much more expensive.heather: these two military moves in question which is the most significant and which should we be concerned about the most? both of them? >> absolutely both of them because what china is doing is not only in the paracel's but militarizing them and we got to remember that the chinese president told our present last
8:25 am
september when he was in washington that china would not be militarizing these islands but that's exactly what it's been doing with these new control radars and also with the jets. heather: and carter's visit at coming at the same time is significant. >> absolutelybecause he had planned to visit india, china and the philippines. what he did do is cancel the visit to beijing which is a good thing because we need to talk to our friends and allies like india and the philippines and we need to stop talking to the chinese because we talk to them and their behavior just gets worse. what we nude to do is impose costs on china and not visiting beijing is not sufficient but it's a step in the right direction . heather: i wanted to ask you about that covering this topic. what does the chinese need to do then. >> we need to work much more closely with india because india is a major power as well as japan and also told the chinese to get out of scarborough scholl which they seized in early 2012. there are indications they are about to start dredging there and we cannot allow them to have the benefit of aggression because if we do that we are on the road to conflict. heather: let's talk about north korea and what's going on there. we hear about them violating un rules where there it they are not supposed to launch these missiles and they continue to do it and this latest move is
8:26 am
even more bold. >> what they are now doing is they are going to test the mobile missile. this is important because there are a long-range missile. it's not really a threat because it takes weeks for them to get it ready but these mobile missiles, they can hide and then shoot and they've never tested any of them. we still think they work without testing but nonetheless there are indications from satellite images that they are going to test a mobile missile and we got to remember that the chinese to tie all this together, the chinese have given the north koreans the mobile launchers that make north korea a real threat for the first time. heather: so moving them around, how would we be able to locate them? that's a great question because the answer is we can't do any that of that with any sense of reliability. they can sort of get these mobile launchers and put them in places where we don't know where they are.they can move them and that means we cannot take them out with any sense of assurance. >>.
8:27 am
heather: it's interesting that you say china supplied them with materials for these. because at the same time, there seems to be some sort of power struggle going on because we have this latest event with the defectors being able to cross from china into south korea and china not doing what they normally would have done and send them back to north korea, letting them cross. >> absolutely. these 13 restaurant worker workers in an eastern port city, they left china with their passports. that means china had to make a political decision to let them go. in the past, no north korean defector could ever get out of china. they were always repatriated to north korea and therefore to concentration camps. this time the immigration authorities said yes, go to thailand. heather: they went to north korea to do what? >> the chinese are saying we are sick and fed up with you humiliating us which is what the north koreans have been doing. they've been completely defined the chinese. the chinese let this continue because it works for them. that means every time north korea accept, we go to beijing and asked the chinese for favors and they extract confessions so they're not too upset with the north koreans
8:28 am
but every once in a while they expressed displeasure and they just did. heather: thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate the inside. john? jon: hillary clinton holds a commanding lead over bernie sanders thanks to support from lots of superdelegates. so who are they? we go inside the democratic system for nominating a presidential candidate. and tens of thousands of verizon workers just walked off the job. what impact will it have on millions of verizon customers? we are live with that. plus there's a group of people who don't have to go through security screenings at the airport even after a new report found dozens of them could have possible ties to terror. what's being done to close this security gap? we take you in-depth. >> an employee has more opportunity to wreak havoc than a passenger does. >> you're late for work.
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jon: a fox news alert, presidential candidate bernie sanders is visiting picket lines for union members who are picketing verizon. tens of thousands of union workers walked off the job on the east coast. they include installers, customer service employees, repairmen. they have been working without a contract for eight months and while the company says it's trained thousands of nonunion employees to fill in there are concerns about the effect the strike will have on customers.
8:33 am
cheryl is sony with the foxbusiness network live with an update. reporter: this is one of the biggest strikes if not the biggest strike in the company's history. verizon's landmines, their cable workers walking off the job this morning at 6 am eastern time shark. new york, philadelphia, boston. we saw those life pictures. nearly 40,000 verizon employees including installers, repairmen in nine eastern states and washington dc went on strike this morning. they say there has been little progress in negotiations since their contract expired eight months ago. verizon says it has trained thousands of nonunion workers to fill in for those employees and customers are going are not going to be affected by union workers say don't believe that.
8:34 am
let's give you an example. for things like service calls, equipment installations, verizon's landmines, television services. those could see problems today and possibly as long as the strike continues. if you need a phone line fix, a new phone installed, that will be a regular verizon employee. as for cell phone service, that's not going to be affected. going to a verizon retail store if you or if you have questions about your smart phone or need to call the customer service line those issues are not part of the strike. the company is maintaining all the temporary workers have been trained and they are confident customers won't face problems. the union bosses though, think that is not going to be the case. back to you. jon: cheryl for sony, thank you. heather: fox news is america's election headquarters with an in-depth look at the superdelegates now pledged to support hillary clinton. she holds a nearly insurmountable lead over bernie sanders because of those superdelegates who are leading members of the democratic establishment. so why aren't democrats getting the same as republicans over there delegate selection process? more on that from washington.
8:35 am
hi, peter. >> a big part of the platform is making sure everyone gets their fair share but voters are worried that party primary system isn't so fair to all candidates. since that party is made into superdelegates sort of like the delegates that voters sent to the convention in their states convention since those superdelegates are allowed to back whoever they want, even if it's not consistent with the will of voters. this is something that may or may not make a big difference in the end. >> the superdelegates have never mattered. in the end, if somebody is getting the nomination by winning states and winning the delegates in those states and the superdelegates vote the same way the pledged delegates have voted which done every single time, i understand the questioning of why superdelegates exist but the fact is, they've never decided a single nomination. reporter: if you take superdelegates out of the
8:36 am
picture this time around, and only count pledged delegates based on election results so so far, clinton's lead shrinks from nearly 751. superdelegates are allowed to switch sides if they want to but we spoke to a superdelegate who says there's no way he's going to abandon hillary. >> there is nothing bernie sanders can do that would make me switch sides. i have an obligation as a superdelegate number one to reflect the will of the people in my congressional district. hillary clinton is doing well there and number two, to reflect my own priorities and my priorities have always been aligned with hillary clinton so there's no argument he can make. reporter: even though sanders has won seven of the last eight states, superdelegates loyal to clinton are staying with her. you can see having a big impact, heather. heather: it's open up a lot of people's eyes how the whole process works. thank you.
8:37 am
jon: some new concerns about airport security after the head of the transportation security administration admitted that only three us airports require employee screening checks before work.even after reports that dozens of airport workers have possible terror ties. only atlanta, miami and orlando airports screen employees when they come to work every day. that means nearly 300 other airports do not screen workers. that did not sit well with lawmakers. >> what about the rest of the 297 airports nationwide? senator, i had exactly the same question. earlier this year i ordered an assessment across the entire system for those other airports you mentioned. that assessment, the results of that assessment are coming in this month. jon: joining us now, tom blank. former tsa deputy director. it sounds like a vulnerability waiting to be exploited by isis or somebody else, tom.
8:38 am
is it? >> that's exactly what it is. this has been a known security gap for some time. tsa screens about 1 million passengers a day but literally there are hundreds of thousands of people who come to work in airports. there are airport airline employees, mechanics, there are airport employees, concessionaire employees, caterers and on it goes. while these people are subject to background checks, neighboring parcels to their workplace whether it's lunchboxes , toolboxes, backpacks, purses and there is no inspection of those kind of things as these people come to work. this was reflected earlier this year when a conspiracy to smuggle guns was revealed at
8:39 am
the atlanta airport involving a baggage handler and a legitimate passenger so this is a security gap and it's one that tsa, the airlines and airports should work together to close as these three forward leaning airports have already done. jon: here is the rub. we've all been to airports where the passengers screening line is already 20, 30 minutes sometimes. if you start adding airport maintenance people, baggage handlers etc. to that line, do >> in fact it does and in the early days of tsa after it was created, that's precisely what was done and the practice was discontinued because it wasn't practical from a convenience perspective. the upshot is that tsa and the airline industry rely on the quality of these background checks which are done on a repeated basis but nevertheless, the physical security is lacking and what should be done is that the doors for employees to use to access the sterol parts of
8:40 am
airports, they should have screening equipment there and either the airport or tsa or some combination is going to need to pay for that additional expense to do the physical screening of what these employees are bringing into the secure areas of airports. jon: but already the flight crews generally have to be screen, don't they? not always in every case but the flight attendants and the pilots generally have to go through screenings. why shouldn't the people who have access to the belly of the airplane? >> well, they really should and it really at the end of the day becomes a consideration of cost and practicality. congress hasn't yet offered to give tsa more money to take on these additional responsibilities. airlines and airports don't want to see the increased cost that will be associated with personnel and equipment but it's something that is a security gap and is definitely something that should be done and i think the fact that there are three major airports that are already doing it at their own expense begins to show you
8:41 am
that this is a necessity that should spread across the system. jon: that's if somebody doesn't close the barn door after the horses get out. tom, thank you. heather: you would think after the brussels bombing, where brussels police claimed there were at least 50 isis supporters working at the airport? jon: you would think our eyes would be opened. heather: still to come, the so-called affluenza team is back in court today, this time as an adult. what the judge just decided. ethan couch got probation after a teen after a drunk driving crash that killed four people and then ran across the border in violation of that, a new twist in the deadly shooting of a former nfl star. new questions about who was the aggressor. in an altercation that cost will smith is life.
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jon: justin, the affluenza team, ethan couch will stay in jail for now. he appeared in court moments ago in fort worth texas. the judge ordered couch to remain in custody as he considers the terms of probation and detention. this is couches first appearance in court since he turns 19 this week and his case was moved from the juvenile system. couch gained notoriety after invoking an affluenza defense in a drunk driving wreck that killed four people. he received probation after that wreck then violated probation according to police, running to mexico with his mother. heather: new information in the shooting death of former nfl
8:46 am
star will smith in new orleans after a loaded gun was found in smith's car. new surveillance video shows this encounter between smith's mercedes and a hummer right in front of it. police say another altercation later led to the fatal shooting of smith and the wounding of his wife. >> i need people who saw things. heather: police are trying to piece together what happened saturday night that led to the death of a former new orleans state player and now they say they found his loaded pistol in smith's car in addition to guns in the suspect's vehicle. cardell hayes is charged in the case that now becomes even more complicated. let's bring in greg jarrett, fox news anchor and attorney.
8:47 am
so they find this loaded gun in smith's car, the victim. how does this change the dynamic? >> it changes everything. instead of being a road rage murder cases potentially now a stand your ground self-defense. initially it looked like smith was gunned down in a fit of anger following a tracksuit traffic incident. now the defendant, cardell hayes is going to argue that no, smith threatened him and that entitled him to use lethal force to defend himself. is a verbal threat good enough? it can be if cardell hayes saw smith make a move, an overt act to grab his gun. heather: we need to know where the gun was when they found hi . >> probably in the backseat. heather: so the stand your ground law inlouisiana? >> it certainly helped because it basically says you don't have to retreat, you don't have to run away. you are entitled to defend yourself when you are confronted with deadly force. in this particular case, the critical question is , was the defendant in fear of imminent seriousbodily injury or death ? it's a subjective standard. jurors are asked to place themselves in the shoes of the accused and if they say yes , then it's an acquittal.
8:48 am
heather: how important will the surveillance video be? >> probably the most important evidence. it could either undermine or support the defendant's argument of self-defense. on tape shows an unnamed witness saying he heard the following. we will put it on the screen. get out of here or i have a gun. and he goes, after you all i got one too. then he grabs his gun and shoots him in the back, he's dead. it sounds like smith is the one initiating that threat but the words,get out of here or i have a gun . if so, that certainly helps the defendant. it corroborates his claim of self-defense. heather: it's something you said, hayes shot smith in the back.>> it never looks good when you shoot somebody in the back for obvious reasons. in this case though, it works the opposite way potentially for the defendant because he's
8:49 am
going to argue that smith not only verbally threatened i got a gun, get out of here but then overtly reached behind himself, turning his back to the shooter and thus got shot in the back. cross prosecutors are going to argue something differently. they are going to say turning his back was an effort to get away. and because he was in fear of his life, not driving a gun so it's up to the jurors. heather: there were also some witnesses, some other people in smith's car? >> to people in the backseat uninjured and of course smith's wife who was injured. the problem for prosecutors is, all these individuals have an obvious bias. they were close to the defendant and they may try to shape their testimony. clearly the wife might try to do that and so jurors often looked skeptically at those kind of witnesses. the more important witness, the
8:50 am
unnamed witness who saw and heard the shooting. it might come down to him but who knows? it may be a nefarious individual who is inherently unreliable but this whole case , it changes because of the gun in the back and it seems now very similar to the trhs von martin shooting in which george zimmerman you may recall in florida, stand your ground defense in the end convinced jurors that he felt he was in imminent fear of serious bodily injury or death, that he was being beaten on and threatened by trhs von martin. in the end he was acquitted and you could see the same thing in this case. heather: greg jarrett, explained it all to us. thank you. jon: from the people who bought you the infamous shrimp on the treadmill, washington's wasteful spending once again in the spotlight. we take a look at the annual tag book.
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jon: let's take a peek at what's coming up on outnumbered at the top of the hour. sandra and harris, what do you have? >> happy hump day, it's wednesday already. donald trump versus the rnc getting uglier and the senator is blaming trump supporters for death threats against state gop chairman. plus, bernie sanders says hillary clinton is more qualified to be president and he was. what about benghazi and that email thing? and students at one of america's most prestigious universities say no way to western sieve courses? is this more pc madness. isn't western civilization basic history? maybe those of us who live in the west should know. all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy and john fulton will be joining us. always makes for a good outnumbered, top of the hour. >> out that he got an a in western sieve. jon: see you then.
8:55 am
>> thank you. jon: are your tax dollars being spent or wasted? that's the question today on capitol hill. citizens against congressional waste are releasing the pig book detailing wasteful spending. unnecessary spending up 21 percent. dot away, live in washington with that. >> congress made a strong move to cut wasteful spending when it issued a moratorium on earmarks back in 2011 but that moratorium has to be renewed every congress and the new congressional pig book released today by citizens against government waste find earmarks are creeping back. >> 2016 congressional pig book identifies $5.1 billion in earmarks. that's up 21 percent from the $4.2 billion in 2015 so the problem is not getting any better. >> among the wasteful expenditures, $40 million to upgrade the m1 abrams tank even though the pentagon says that upgrade is not needed or wanted.
8:56 am
>> there were 2000 of them parked in the california desert and it's simply not something they want to spend money on. >> that tank is assembled in ohio but its suppliers are spread around the country and that's why it helps to explain why it has such widespread congressional support. other wasteful expenditures, $56.6 million for the high intensity drug trafficking area program at the office of national drug control policy. it was originally intended for border states but your marks have funded the program to 10 states, only two of which are on the border. this year senator brian shasta from hawaii managed to secure a $5 million earmark for something called east-west center in his home state , intended to promote better relations with asia. the state department for years have said it is not needed. while there is plenty of bipartisan blame to go around, they centered out minority leader harry reid as porker of the month last month so he plays a large part of all of
8:57 am
this. john, back to you. jon: doug mackle way, thank you. heather: new in the next hour of happening now, danger online. a new report of the staggering number of websites at risk for cyber attacks. how to protect yourself. ♪
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