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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 13, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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chances are, you've heard him described as being magically delicious. the voice of the leprechaun for nearly 30 years died at the age of 93. i'm gretchen. have a great day. is 237. we all know that number by now. 1,237. that's the number a candidate must have to clinch the nomination three months from now. the rules 1237 is the magic number. a simple majority. in this case, 1237. so when a member of the very committee that writes the rules tosses out a whole new number, people are bound to pay
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attention. for instance -- >> if you overcome the nominee even though he may not have 1237. if he gets less than a thousand delegates, then i think we're looking at a contested convention that could go on for many, many days. >> 1100. if he reaches 1100, he will be the nominee. 1100 is decidedly not 1237. in fact, it's 137 fewer delegates. the difference between the number in the rules and this new number is more delegates than the number of delegates awarded by wisconsin, iowa, new hampshire and minnesota combined. but it is what he said. you heard it, right? 1100 and he's the nominee. not 1237. his comment has made headlines all over with words like bombshell and moving a goal post while the party is still in play. they were very quick to shut
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this down. this is not a story. there is nothing to see here. an rnc spokesperson tweeted, and i quote, the gop will have a nominee only when the candidate reaches the majority of delegates which is 1,237. that's actually the majority plus one. that rules committee member told real clear politics that he didn't really mean that 1100 delegates would be enough to win when he said that 1100 would be enough to win. he just said that he meant that it was close enough and that donald trump could reach 1237 which wrangling unbound delegates. for his part, donald trump is still railing at the republican national committee for a system he says is rigged. that's after ted cruz shut him out in colorado last week winning all of the delegates there during the party's convention. trump said the rules there were stacked against him. >> this is the dirty trick and i'll tell you why. the rnc, the republican national
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committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> of course, the rules in colorado were on the books since august of last year. the first complaints from donald trump didn't come until after he lost. after not addressing the convention in colorado, as ted cruz did, and having moved his first hired worker to the state a year earlier. reince priebus is hitting back with a quite remarkable tweet from a party boss to the party's own front-runner. "nomination process known for a year and beyond, it's the responsibility of the campaigns to understand it. complaints now, give us all a break. from the party chair to the front-runner, give us all a break. and in the background of all of this is donald trump's threat to run as a third-party candidate if the party does not treat him fairly. politics 2016 or 1987, it's upon
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us and john roberts reports live from pittsburgh. how is steel city there, john? >> reporter: it's great, shep. a beautiful day and a lot will be happening here in the steel city. we'll get into that later on. politics is like the more 19th century compared to what we are seeing now. donald trump certainly laying the ground work for a big voter revolt if he goes into that convention with a plurality of delegates, a big lead and then loses. he needs about 57% of the remaining delegates to clinch the 1237 number that you talked about but if he wins big here in pennsylvania and new york, the percentage needed to win the clinch goes down from there. trump firmly believes whoever goes into the convention with the most delegates should win it and tries to put enormous pressure urging his millions of supporters to back him on the idea that the system is rigged to deny him the nomination. here's trump. >> our republican system is absolutely rigged. it's a phony deal.
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i'm in first place by a lot. millions and millions of votes. that doesn't count. did you notice? nobody even talks about votes. i think the vote is the thing that you count. right? >> reporter: if trump wins here in pennsylvania and maryland and new york where the polls show him with a 30-point lead over ted cruz, this narrative that he's trying to instill in his supporters that the system is built to deny him the nomination really could start to gain some traction as we head toward the convention. >> what is ted cruz saying about all of this? >> he's accusing donald trump of being a whiner who is best served with cheese and in a panic and waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and accusing trump of
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deploying mafia-style tactics after the phone number of the gop chairman ending you on the internet and resulting in he and his family getting a number of death threats. >> donald needs to understand he's not michael corelani. i understand he's had shady business deals with mobsters in prison but the presidency should not be like -- [ speaking in foreign language ] >> a lot of things happening in the steel city. a lot of protesters and the pens have the first game of the playoffs and the pirates are in town. it's going to be a hot time in steel city tonight. >> and the rangers, right? >> reporter: yep. >> scary. scary. pens are good. good to see you, john. as gop candidates gear up for a possible contested convention this summer, most republican voters are saying they'd rather avoid the fight altogether. according to a new associated press poll, 58% of republican
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voters say republicans should hand the nomination to the candidate who gets the most delegates. even if he doesn't win the majority. 40% say republicans should be able to pick a different candidate if nobody hits the magic number of 1237. trace gallagher is joining me. according to the polls, most republicans say if trump has the most delegates, he should be the nominee but that is not the rule. >> yeah. and if you look at the poll numbers, here you see it, 56% of republicans have a favorable opinion of donald trump. 46% have an unfavorable opinion. given the margin of error, that could be even steven. but here's the fascinating thing. even though those republican voters don't care for donald trump are still confident in him. in fact, gop voters think trump would win the general election. 56% of republicans think cruz
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could win in the general and 41% think john kasich can win. even though we hear the republican party leaders say the trump nomination could lead to losing the presidency as well as potentially the house and senate, republicans voters do not share that pessimism. >> it's pushed by name recognition and registered voters, 63% say they would definitely not for donald trump and 55% wouldn't vote for ted cruz and 51% for clinton. much of donald trump's appeal for voters is the pledge to make america great. when voters were asked which candidate they trust to make america great, 33% picked hillary clinton.
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28 and don't trust either candidate to make america great. shep? >> thank you, trace. we reported before that marco rubio is trying to hold on to the delegates that he won before ending his campaign. or suspending it. his people said at the time that the goal was simply to keep the nomination from donald trump. what if something else is at play? some sort of backroom deal at the convention? how would those delegates go and what would those delegates be worth? an influential party official says he knows and he is making a big prediction ahead of the convention. that's coming up. gegiving up all the thingsan she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care,
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i replaced her windshield... giving her more time for what matters most... how'd ya do? we won! nice! that's another safelite advantage. thank you so much! (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ we've heard a lot about possible backroom deals in july but this is something new. it's new to us. a member of the republican rules committee now predict it will all come down to two tickets. donald trump and john kasich versus ted cruz with marco rubio. we haven't heard much about rubio since he called it quits last month but he's still hanging on to the delegates that he won. in fact, he has more delegates than john kasich. in a radio interview today, the rules committee member voted rubio and kasich will trade their delegates for the vp spot: this is the same rules committee we talked about early, randy
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evans, randy evans, the guy who said donald trump can come to the nomination with just 1100 delegates despite the fact that the rule is 1237. but can still get the nomination with 1100. let's bring in rebecca berg. the rnc says there's no story here with this numbers thing. >> well, it's not a story in the sense of a concrete threshold that donald trump would need to met. 1237 is the number for any candidate before cleveland. what this number represents is sort of the idea of what happens if you come close. and there are enough unbound delegates in the process, 112 of them and there are enough delegates to get on the second ballot just for momentum. if you get close to the number, the magic number of 1237, there is thinking among many republicans that donald trump would be able to ultimately lock up the nomination. but with those unbound delegates, i would just caution
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that locking them up prior to cleveland is going to take some level of organization that really donald trump's campaign hasn't really exhibiting to this point. >> it's interesting, because we -- my rebels, i love the rebels, you know, they played alabama and they came close to beating them and came very, very close. and after they came very close, we got the w and they got the loss. they went on to get the national championship. we got our alabama win, two in a row. i hear what you're saying that he will get unbound delegates on the second ballot. everything i read says that's ted cruz's game, that he has the ground work that got all of the delegates to come in the second round. is that not true anymore? >> well, personally, based on the conversations that i am still having with republicans at this point, i think that that is still the case. that ted cruz on the second ballot or ballots beyond that, an open convention, would have a
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huge advantage over donald trump. so this is one person's opinion, one person conjecture as to how this will play out but it's really, really difficult at this stage in the contest with so many states left to vote, we have 16 primaries left over seven different voting days over the next couple of weeks and so there's a lot yet to happen. donald trump is still mathematically could lock up the nomination before cleveland. we could have him get completely trounced in indiana, for example, and then be in a really bad position going into the convention. we don't know what is going to happen at this point. but i would still say, if we're talking about an open convention where donald trump does not have enough delegates to lock up the nomination, ted cruz is working hard on the ground to get delegates and ballots beyond that and don't forget, this is not only about the delegates that will support you but about stacking the rules committee at the convention with delegates who support you and ted cruz is doing that, too, and rules
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advantageous to him and marco rubio and even donald trump, then this is his convention to lose, really. >> rebecca berg, great to talk to you. thank you. we have today's rules and they are 1237 and then we have the other rule that we just heard from the rules guy, about 1100, and then we have new rules written by the rules committee right before the convention and then they will have to vote on those rules and we'll see if those rules fly and then we'll have the rules for this thing. candidates on both sides with very interesting offerings on their website. litt lillian has that. hillary clinton had her problem with the metro card swipe and i understand this. >> yes. >> sometimes the metro card is not the friend of even the most frequent subway rider. >> that is true. >> she had a bad moment? >> yes. i'll get to that one next.
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and they are asking donors to buy these deputy delegate cards and will not get you to cleveland and it's a fun piece of memorabilia and took her five tries. >> i wonder what this -- listen. see that thing, i don't know what that is back there. i find this funny. >> oh, yeah. the hillary campaign. >> do you think? >> did you see her first instagram? >> no. >> those are very difficult. just to put them on the rotation. >> bernie sanders told a new york daily news reporter that it took tokens to ride the subway. that was also this month. >> i think you were 7 then.
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we've been waiting to find out what would happen to the affluenza teen. remember him? just today, a judge in texas ordered him to go to jail for the next two years. but the teen's lawyers have a little bit of time to try to talk the judge out of that. under the judge's ruling, the affluenza teen, ethan couch, would serve four consecutive
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sentences. the prosecution and defense have two weeks to review the judge's order. the affluenza teen's blood level was three times the legal limit for adult drivers when he crashed his pickup truck into the crowd of people. at the time, his lawyers argued that he was too rich and too spoiled to know right from wrong, thus the affluenza teen. they named it that, called it a condition. the teen later attempted to prove all of his critics wrong by running with his mother to mexico. there were strippers there and that did not factor in. we don't get a say in how the government spent our tax money and that's too bad because lawmakers are wasting a lot of it. surprise, surprise. they recently earmarked $10 million from a rural energy program. may sound reasonable. except the program wrapped up in 1981. that's according to the new
12:23 pm
congressional pig book today. it's good reading. citizens against government waste put it all every year. to get included, projects have to fit in at least one of these criteria. it's requested by only one chamber of congress not specifically authorized not competitive awarded not requested by the president, greatly exceeds the president budget request or previous years funding, not the subject of congressional hearings and serves only local or special interests. i guess if the program is over, that would count. leah gabrielle is here. >> here's one for you. according to the citizens against government waste, there's an $8 million earmark for an aquatic control program. check this out. this is the n-1 abrams tank here. $40 million to upgrade it.
12:24 pm
and the president of citizens against government waste says other things are being forced on the military, too. >> the department of defense and that is not their job and shouldn't be spending money on something like that. >> there's also nearly 57 million for a drug control program designed for border states, shep, but for earmarks, it's been expanded to nonborder states. >> earmarks. explain that. earmarks were banned beginning in 2011. has that reduced the excess spending? >> now less money is being spent on earmarks than when they peeked in 2006. now they are essentially hidden, those earmarks, and a number of them are on the rise. in fact, in the past, they have gone up 17%. but what really stands up when you look at it is an increase in cost. in 2014, jcongress spent $2.78
12:25 pm
billion. of course, that's way better than when earmark spending peaked in 2006. they say enough is enough. >> these earmarks are now being done behind closed doors, there's no accountability or transparency. all of the earmarks have previously been identified as earmarks during the time when congress had to add their names to the project from 2008 to 2010. >> now, the government says that the detailed descriptions are essentially being left out and more money is being spent on each one. >> got it. thank you. for the first time, one of the bernie sanders has endorsed him for president. first senator to endorse senator sanders. that senator also happens to be a superdelegate, a party insider who can vote for any candidate. now there's some word that some
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bernie sanders has picked up his first endorsement from a member of the senate democratic jeff merkley of oregon has just said, i'm endorsing sanders. oregon holds its primary next month. they have worked together on climate change and other issues. senator merkley writes, "hillary clinton has a remarkable record. she would be a strong and capable president." she has a big delegate lead over bernie sanders including the pledged delegate but especially when you include so-called super
12:32 pm
delegates. peter doocy will have more on that in a moment. ed henry, bernie sanders is holding a big rally there tonight, right? >> reporter: that's right. they are expecting more than 20,000 people. it's empty now but you can expect, as we've seen from sanders around the country, the big rallies and big country, as always, will those people actually turn out? are they just coming to the rally or be here next tuesday when he needs them for the new york primary? a little earlier, sanders was warming things up, i suppose, by walking the picket line. he was trying to fire them up. watch. >> they are not going to be continued to push down and down and down. >> so you hear sanders readying his final pitch for voters here in new york but yet another poll
12:33 pm
out today suggesting this is still a double digit lead in this key state for hillary clinton. shep? >> hillary clinton got a big endorsement of her own today, right? >> yes, new york daily news. bernie sanders gets his first democratic senator. that's important. but when you've got the front page of the new york daily news saying not only are they supporting hillary clinton, they do not believe bernie sanders is fit to be commander in chief because of an editorial board meeting where he said he didn't answer basic questions about the israeli peace process, about his plan to break up the big bank. clinton, meanwhile, was with al sharpton again today. she spoke out to the national action network and had this to say. >> when the front runner for the republican nomination was asked in a national television interview to disavow david duke and other white supremacists supporting his campaign, he
12:34 pm
played coy. this is the same donald trump who led the insidious birther movement to delegitimatize president obama. >> reporter: so you see her continuing to try to look past bernie sanders, go after the republican front-runner donald trump but also going before sharpton to try to exploit that edge. we've seen clinton have it state after state with african-american voters. shep? >> ed henry, live in new york city, thank you. bernie sanders says he can still win the nomination if he can convince enough superdelegates to switch sides. according to the reporting of "the washington post" newspaper, some democrats are accusing sanders supporters of harassing them to vote for him. what kind of harassment? >> it's on the phone and online. a new website started by somebody who really doesn't want hillary to be the nominee made a
12:35 pm
list of all the democratic superdelegates. the candidate they are committed to and put personal phone numbers and addresses next to these superdelegates names that they could find contact for. they hope enough calls or letters are going to get clinton delegates to switch up and back sanders instead. but we spoke to one super delegate who said that he's going to stick with the secretary no matter what. >> there is nothing that bernie sanders can do that would make me switch sides. i have an obligation as a superdelegate, number one, to reflect the people of my congressional district. hillary clinton is doing very well there. >> this afternoon, a superdelegate that is siding with sanders says that he's late to the game. shep? >> if they get together, these superdelegates will make a huge difference. >> they can. and right now they are helping hillary pad her lead. if you take them completely out
12:36 pm
of the equation, she goes from almost 700 up on sanders to just 251 ahead. but some strategists say that they think that is still enough of a lead to deliver her the nomination. >> the reality is that the super delegates have never once voted opposite of what the pledge elected delegates out of the states were doing. so there have been plenty of candidates who have had large superdelegate leads and in the end they always voted the same way as the pledged delegates who voted at the convention. >> so sanders needs to win a few more states before most superdelegates would consider endorsing him. shep? >> peter doocy, thank you. let's bring in the senior political reporter for "usa today." good to see you. >> good to see you. >> this whole we don't understand the delegate thing, we don't understand the rules of the convention on the republican side, this is just politics,
12:37 pm
right? everybody understands how this works and understood it from the beginning, right? >> right. and i think on the democratic side, though, what is happening is that this is brewing for like months. shep, if you remember, you go back to when sanders just narrowly lost iowa and carried new hampshire by a wide margin and they looked at the delegate map and said, huh, hillary clinton has a huge lead including these superdelegates? they planted the seed from the beginning and a lot of his supporters think that this is undemocratic and frankly i think it's bad for clinton because, as you've pointed out, she is leading in terms of the earned math. she's leading in terms of the popular vote. she's leading in terms of the pledged delegates. and as we go into this critical race in new york, i think that might be the final kneecap in terms of the math on sanders. but the problem is, now you have this whole movement of people who have already said that one-fourth of them would never
12:38 pm
vote for her and at the same time this resentment is bubbling up over the superdelegates because i think it's just a confusing system. so let's just keep it simple and point out the fact that, you know, she still has a large lead in the popular vote and the pledged delegates and that the original is to be an equalizer and reflect the will of the people. another george mcgovern where you had a split kind of ticket and somebody winning the nomination who didn't actually win the popular democratic vote. >> so after new york next week, if hillary clinton wins, as she's expected to by a wide margin in new york, is it your sense from inside the campaign that the sanders camp may try to tone some of this down and begin the unity process or is that something for a later date? >> i think things have gotten so bloody on the democratic side as well this week, shep, that i don't think that that transition
12:39 pm
or that pivot, if it does have to happen, is going to necessarily happen soon. sanders has said, and we take him at his word, he's going to go all the way to the convention and he does have a good chance of muscling up in california, for example, regardless of what happened in new york or on the eastern seaboard. he's going to do very well in oregon, states like that. the more he can clean up, even if he does lose, gives him a platform and a voice into the future and i think he has every incentive to do that. >> of course, i remember the same bloody battle back when it was obama and clinton last time. you're likable enough, hillary, and then all of a sudden they are all best of friends and she's the secretary of state and they are out there doing everything together. it's not as if this campaign stuff always stays the same. it just feels like at some point they will stop this. >> they will stop this. and i think what will also be critical is when the republicans, it becomes clear who the nominees on the republican side are going to be
12:40 pm
because obviously there are very strong feelings about donald trump and i think even to some extent ted cruz. even if hillary does have an enthusiasm gap, i hate using that word, or a likability issue among the democratic base, i think at the end of the day there will be some time for that and they will be voting and these voters against the republican nominees than necessarily for hillary clinton. >> heidi, great to see you. thank you. >> great to see you, too. the fbi reportedly paid hackers to break into the san bernardino terrorists' iphones. the details are just coming out. also, a rare moment of bipartisanship as leading lawmakers come together to honor some of our heroes. a regiment recognized for bravery with the congressional gold medal. that's coming up.
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training to be worthy associates of puerto rico's 65th regiment. one high praise from general mcarthur for valor in korea. >> for too long, the nation has overlooked those soldiers and overlooked their contribution to our history. today, we're setting the record straight. those words of the house speaker paul ryan, he and other top lawmakers awarded a gold medal to the 65th regiment from puerto rico. ♪ that medal is the highest civilian honor that congress can award. troops from the 65th infantry
12:45 pm
regiment took part in every international conflict including world war i and ii. the unit is nicknamed after the original name of puerto rico. here are some of them during the korean war holding a puerto rican flag at the time. these are other troops from that same outfit playing songs for their fellow soldiers near the front lines in korea. this is back in 2014 after president obama signed the measure to award the congressional gold medal. you can see them cheering. the republican senator from florida is also there in the back. that's marco rubio. fewer than 70 veterans from that unit are still alive today. many of them live in florida and puerto rico. the fbi paid professional hackers to unlock the san bernardino terrorists' iphones. they have another decision to
12:46 pm
make. should they now help apple by revealing the flaws and hack into the iphone? our chief intelligence correspondent is joining us from washington. catherine? >> the fbi director confirmed for the first time that they opened the san bernardino iphone belonging to said farook. they seriously injured 22 others. comey's concern about unlocking the iphone were unfounded. >> it is simply not the case that if apple wrote software for the killer's phone it would be a catastrophic risk any more than we are all at catastrophic risk now that the government has p purchased a tool that authorizes court access to the phone. >> experts say it's unknown to
12:47 pm
the zero and a law enforcement officer said the technology did come from an outside contractor with "the post" reporting new details that he came from the shadowy world of hackers that finds flaws in company's software and then profits from them. they use it to compromise the system. shep? >> have the fed said yet they will tell how apple this was done so apple can fix the insecurity? >> that's highly unlikely after the recent comments on the issue. he also said that if na data pulled from the phone is used in the courts, the fbi would have to review it as part of the discovery process which gives the defense the right to know how the data was recovered. >> if we decide not to disclose it to apple, it's still quite
12:48 pm
perishable and will disappear if apple changes it is software in some way and will disappear if we use it in a criminal case and it has to be disclosed. >> the white house does have a process to consider whether this should be shared with the manufacturer but could take some time for the fbi case to be reviewed. the bottom line is, one person's outside contractor is essentially another person's hacker. shep? >> kathericatherine, thank you. a gunman shot up a kosher supermarket during the paris attacks and the gunman was ahmed coulibaly and died in a shootout with police last january after he killed four people at that supermarket. coulibaly claimed that he coordinated the attack with the karachi brothers. a court spokesman says the
12:49 pm
accused arms dealer claims he's not guilty and a judge has ordered to keep him in jail. meanwhile, the bataclan concert hall is getting ready to reopen since the attack in november. no word on the exact date but the manager has scheduled concerts for the end of this year. the government in north carolina is making some small changes to a law that critics say discriminates against lgbt people. but those changes, will they be enough to stop the flow of jobs and the millions of dollars that the law is costing the state? the law's critics say no way, it's not yet enough. it's still discriminatory. and that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. at safelite,oh nonow how busy your life can be. this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. so she didn't miss a single shot. (cheering crowd) i replaced her windshield... giving her more time for what matters most... how'd ya do? we won! nice! that's another safelite advantage. thank you so much! (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪ . .
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new details today about the
12:53 pm
shooting death of the former nfl player, will smith. the one-time new orleans saint defensive end on the left here had 8 gunshot wounds, according to a coroner's report, 7 of them in the back. the accused gunman is cardell hayes, the man on the right here. investigators say the shooting happened after the men got into a car crash. a lawyer for the suspect says his client was not the aggres r aggressor, and there was word there may have been another gun at the scene. now police have confirmed they did indeed find a loaded gun in smith's car, in the football player's car. but nobody fired it, they say. and smith's lawyer says the client never even pulled out the weapon. the governor of north carolina changed a new state law that limits protection for gay, bisexual and transgender people. republican pat mccrory signed an executive order to, quote, expand anti-discrimination rules for state workers. he's asking the legislature to
12:54 pm
make other changes. but the governor says he does not believe the state should repeal the law. he signed it three weeks ago. analysts say the backlash has already cost north carolina hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars. companies have cancelled plans to expand operations in that state. bruce springsteen called off a concert in protest. jonathan sary is in our newsroom this afternoon. >> shep, adding on top of that now a bipartisan gro senators is calling on the nba to move next year's all-star game. that game is scheduled to take place in charlotte, north carolina. paypal and douch bank have halted plans to expand in the state. the governor says there's been a lot of misinformation and misinterpretation of this law but he's under pressure to stop the hemorrhaging of jobs in the state. the governor released a youtube video to explain the executive
12:55 pm
order tweet. >> i've listened to the people of north carolina and the people of north carolina are entitled to both privacy and equality. we can and we must achieve both of these goals. >> reporter: separate from this executive order, governor mccrory is calling on north carolina legislators to reinstate the right of north carolina workers to sue for discrimination in state court instead of having to take such cases to the feds. while his executive order offers some protections for state workers based on sexual orientation and gender identity, it does not overturn are the state law prohibiting transgender people from using the restroom of their choice. in other words, if your birth certificate says you're a male, you can't use the women's room. this policy applies to government buildings including public schools and universities. private businesses can still create their own restroom policies. now, while this executive order is receiving some praise from some social conservatives in the state, many civil libertarians are criticizing it as too little
12:56 pm
too late. shep? >> jonathan, thank you. the governor of louisiana signed an executive order today protecting lgbt employees of the state from being fired for their sexual orientation. the democratic governor john bell edwards said, quote, we respect our fellow citizens for their beliefs but we do not discriminate based on our disagreements. we'll be right back with a look at a martinis and tuxedos cool for all of us, and it happened on this day in history. etirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night,
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1:00 pm
actors. ian flemming first introduced to readers to bond, james bond, 63 years ago today. if news breaks out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with cavuto starts right now. hillary clinton campaigning in new york today and she had a big backing by the new york daily news which likes her plan to make america great again, her own plan that she says is better than bernie sanders' plan or donald trump's plan or anyone's plan but the big endorsement didn't come as too shocking. what was interesting is now the new york daily news decided that it was hillary and not that other guy. she spends a lot, just not as much as bernie sanders, and it's a trillion dollars worth of spending that the country sorely needs. why go into all the details now when blake berman can do that for us. hey, blake. >> reporter: before the new yk


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