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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 14, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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he was rescued from a crayfish pot but now inky wanted to be free, bill and inky found a way. it's like finding nemo and now he's out there in the ocean. i think he's okay out there. bill: crayfish pot. many thanks to the folks at davie university, the williams college of business in cincinnati yesterday, terrific time. nice warm welcome so it was great to be with you. martha: we missed you but good have you back. happening now starts now. jon: well, if you can make a dare you can make it anywhere and all five presidential candidates are looking for new york magic ahead of the primary. for the first time in decades, new york voters could actually have a real impact on the presidential race. welcome to happening now, i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers,
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can you feel the excitement building?jon: it's kind of out there.heather: it's different for the city. i'm in for jenna lee and it's nice to be here.the candidates will candidates will all be here tonight. donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich they will be special guests at the new york state republican committee's annual gala while hillary clinton, bernie sanders square off in their last debate before the primaries, that takes place in brooklyn. jon: clinton and trump hold big lead in the polls. washington, trump's campaign staff wrapping up a meeting with members of congress while his campaign manager gets news on the battery charge he faced. our coverage begins with senior national correspondent john roberts. reporter: no question, the lewandowski news is a big weight off the trump campaign. the controversy has been hanging over them like a cloud for a month or more and trump has created a culture that condones violence but this afternoon state attorneys for palm beach county is expected to announce that trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski will not be
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prosecuted for his encounter with reporter michelle field at a trump event in judah jupiter. she may still file a suit against the lewandowski for defamation but the removal of the assault charges the most important thing for trump. all the candidates will be in one place tonight at new york's gala at the grand hyatt hotel and for the first time in memory to the new york primary is not just important, it's crucial to the republican nominating contest. if trump can walk away with most if not all of the 95 delegates, it could start the ball rolling for a final push to collect the majority of delegates before the convention. trump is optimistic. >> we have a chance of winning new york. you win new york, you have a whole different math. nobody else can do that. and the numbers are incredible. if you look at new york, i've got a 43 point lead. 43 points. [applause] reporter: in one poll he did have a 43 point lead but the republican average is about 32. trump campaign staff also
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meeting in dc. with members of congresswho have lined up behind donald trump. the goal is to expand trumps support in congress even though ted cruz isn't exactly popular with his colleagues on capitol hill he does have deep connections that the trump campaign needs to counterbalance and that's the mission for his washington dc office . we talked about just how unusual this primary season is in terms of new york state finally meeting something but new york is just going to set the table for the remainder because the state will likely decide whether trump gets the majority of delegates or republicans go to a contested convention in california and that is on the last day of the primary schedule, june 7. john, when is the last time that happened? jon: i don't remember, frankly. all right. well, we are both stumped. john roberts, thank you very much.
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now this fox news alert. a new poll has donald trump holding a double-digit lead in pennsylvania among likely republican voters. he's up by 16 points in a monmouth university poll just released. trump at 44 percent, tedruz has 28, john kasich at 23. but these numbers aren't as good for trump as they might sound. larry sato is here, the director of the university of virginia's center for politics and publisher of a saba toes ball. larry, i know those numbers are just in the last couple of minutes, you haven't had time to crunch them all but it's my understanding they don't show trump with enough strength in pennsylvania to win it all and therefore it could likely mean that he doesn't get the 1237 delegates he needs to win the nomination outright. >> first john, those numbers are within one percentage point of the real clear politics average for all the polls taken for pennsylvania but i think
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they're pretty spot on. of course there's an event that's going to occur before the pennsylvania primary called the new york primary. and it's one week from new york to the pennsylvania primary so it is possible that trumps almost certain very good showing in new york could give him a little added momentum for pennsylvania though i might add, that momentum argument hasn't worked generally this remember when everybody said cruise on wisconsin big so that's going to give him great momentum for you new york well, zero momentum would be more like it. jon: donald trump certainly thinks he has the momentum going into pennsylvania. he was on fox and friends this morning, here's what he had to
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say. >> we are way up in the polls, we are looking forward to it and i think we are going to do well in pennsylvania. it's been a great place for me. i went to school in pennsylvania. and i think were going to do well. jon: but again, he's got to do well in new york. he's got to do well in pennsylvania because after that most of the states that will vote really favor ted cruz, states like nebraska for instance. >> yes, nebraska and maybe indiana. that's one we are really watching. california is absolutely going to decided as john roberts was just suggesting and by the way it also helped to decide the 1976 contest though reagan swapped ford in california and there had been a couple democratic contest including that clinton obama race in 2008 where california also helped to size up the final return. but let's put it this way. every state and every delegate from now until june 7 matters. every one of them because it's going to be really close as to whether trump can get 1237 or even whether he can get close enough to 1237 so he might,
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might be able to cajole additional delegates to hit the number prior to the actual convention. jon: it's been as john roberts said a long time since new york mattered especially in the republican race. last night on the record, the new york state republican committee chairman told greta about the upcoming primary. listen to this. >> is the biggest political show on earth has landed right here and playing almost exclusively in new york state. >> we all watched, are you serious? >> know, this is exciting. it's a move of maybe 10 percentage points one way or the art or the other could decide whether this is an open convention or whether trump can close it out. jon: how does the crystal ball see it? is it going to be an open convention or is it still a little murky? >> we are leaning toward an open convention but just barely. it really is on the edge of the fence post john. this is the way we've been putting it because i think the likely final result after
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california is that trump is going to be short. the question is is it just a few delegates? he can make that up. is it 150 delegates? no, he can't make that up and if he doesn't get a majority on ballot one is not going to be the nominee. that's one thing just about everybody agrees with including some of the trump people privately, not publicly but privately. jon: there's another new poll out that shows trump holding his lead nationally although that lead is slipping. he's given up seven points in the last month to ted cruz. this one from cbs finds 42 percent of likely primary voters support trump as the nominee. 29 percent for cruz, 18 percent
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are for john kasich. obviously there are a lot of people, anti-trump people in the republican party who say if only john kasich would get him out of the race this would be cruz's coast to victory but when cbs puts that hypothetical matchup out there, with just trump and cruz in the race, trump still wins 48 to 38 percent so john kasich is not necessarily the spoiler here. >> john, this is a point we've been trying to make in the crystal ball. while all these people have had who have been calling for kasich to withdraw, the best anti-trump strategy would have been and maybe still is for the trans- the cruz camp and the kasich camp to coordinate. that is in states where kasich is longer, the cruise people support basic. where cruz is stronger, the kasich people support cruz and the word cooperation is not in the lexicon this year. jon: a lot of daggers out on the campaign trail. >> absolutely. jon: so the candidate strategy
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especially among those who bill themselves as sort of antiestablishment hinge on getting the voters out. does the turnout make a difference? you say probably not. there's evidence from the 2012 american national election study that does not support claims why either republican or democratic candidate has increasing turnout in the 2016 presidential election would give a big advantage to one side or the other. >> yes, that's true john. we published a very good study by ellen abramowitz in the crystal ball today and what it basically suggests is first of all, we are likely to have a really big turnout this year. it may be negative turnout but it's going to be turnout. and when you have that kind of big turnout, you're not going to have the turnout, the additional turnout focused just on one segment that backs your candidate. it's going to be if not across the board it's going to be
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enough on both sides so that it probably doesn't affect the result. jon: negative turnout is what, people who show up to vote against the other party? >> yes, at and doesn't that fit this year perfectly? people are supporting, a lot of people are supporting their candidate but there are a lot of people who say i just can't stand acts and of courts text varies depending on your party id and your personal ideology. jon: it's going to be a fascinating year for the students in her classes. >> it is. jon: larry sabado from the university of virginia. thank you. >> thanks a lot john. heather: new reaction for you from the kremlin after russian bombers did this. the warplanes buzzing a u.s. navy destroyer. look how close that is. this was in the baltic sea. they did it multiple times: coming as close as 30 feet to the us donald cook. in maneuvers the us described
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as unsafe and unprofessional. to say the very least, grade is following the story and joins us live from london. greg, this is amazing footage to watch. >> amazing stuff and an amazing reaction from russia basically saying, what's the fuss today? but in fact there have been a history of flybys or near misses between russia and the us and allied military hardware but as you know this stuff is remarkable. russian jet fighters basically doing mock attack runs on a us destroyer in the baltic sea. the nearest russian territory, 80 miles away. it happened earlier this week. the russian planes were apparently unharmed but it didn't matter much. the jets actually buzzing the us donald cook lower than the
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level of the ship's bridge, close enough to the water to leave awake. us commander of the ship today saying his concerns were not about being afraid of the russians but about safe and professional behavior in international waters. there was a drill going on involving the us ship and a polish helicopter.the thinking is perhaps all this activity was aimed at sending a message to russia's baltic neighbor. there has been high tension between moscow and the rest of the countries in that region. it seems ukraine activities by russia show today russian president vladimir putin declared the west should not dictate terms to russia from a position of strength but should act respectfully. russian defense ministry going on and talking about some of the specifics of the actions this week. they say they are baffled by the reaction of the us. they say the jets were on maneuvers and the jet saw the ship was in the area.they used precaution and they turned back. again, and again and again.
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respect indeed, heather heather: over and over. thank you so much, greg, life for us. we continue to follow that story. jon: a police officer fighting for his life this morning . this 11 year veteran of the houston force ambushed on duty, shot four times . up next, new details on his condition and the search for the suspect. plus, how a high-speed chase is linked to the disappearance of a florida priest. and we want to hear from you. do you think high voter turnout will affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election? you just heard larry sabado's opinion. our live chat up and running. go to to join the conversation.
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heather: some crime stories we are following. john charlton w charged with first-degree murder in the killing and dismembering of a seattle mother of three. ingrid lime disappeared after a
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date with charlton, a man she met online. investigators say he murdered her in her home and dumped parts of her body in a recycling bin. a person of interest is in custody and the disappearance of a florida priest, father renc roberts was reported missing after he failed to show up for a church function authorities suspect foul play after the priests car was used in a high-speed chase. investigators say the driver in the chase, 20-year-old stephen james murray and the priest know each other through the church and montana police looking for three suspects who robbed a billings bar at gunpoint . surveillance video shows the bartender quickly opening the cash register and putting his hands in the air just like some of the patrons but not all of them. logan roberts didn't seem to bother one couple at the car bar kissing. obviously oblivious to the hold up. jon: houston police officer fighting for his life after he was shot while on duty.
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deputy constable alden clopton was approached from behind and shot four times. police say the attack was an ambush and they are questioning a man who matches the description of the suspect. live in dallas with more on that. reporter: deputy constable is now out of surgery and said to be doing quote, well according to the constable herself. he is in the critical care unit now at ahouston area hospital . authorities say he was wearing his bulletproof vest at the time and that very mellow well may have saved this man's life. deputy clopton is an 11 year veteran of the seventh precinct
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constable's office in houston. investigators say just before 11:30 last night that deputy was ambushed outside a convenience store. a man came up from behind, shot six times for no apparent reason.four of the bullet hitting the victim. at the time this went on, clopton and a reserve female deputy had finished a traffic stop and he was leaning in her squad car through the window to help train his colleague. >> deputy clopton was giving her instruction on how to turn the audio on on the video in her car and as he was leaning in the car, instructing her how to get the audio he was shot in the back. reporter: police say the female reservists fired back at the suspect but he got away. a short time later a person matching the description turned up at a nearby fire station. made any arrests but they are questioning that man and police also confirmed they are not searching for anyone else at this point. no active search is underway. clopton is married and has five children. again the uplifting news here is he is out of surgery and said to be doing well at this hour. jon: hooray for him.
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thanks very much. casey spiegel indallas. heather: a key decision in the paris and brussels terror investigation. what a judge just ruled about this man and six other suspects linked to the deadly terror attacks. plus, the role left-wing politics maybe playing in radicalizing terrorists behind attacks like the boston marathon bombings. we go in depth up next .
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jon: justin: see court action linked to the paris and brussels terror attacks. a judge ruling mohamed abrini who admitted being the man in the hat ever brussels airport and is also linked to the paris attackswill remain in custody along with half a dozen other suspected terrorists . as we get new details about what the terrorists planned to target inside the brussels airport, benjamin hauled
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following all the breaking development from our london bureau. reporter: ever since those attacks, people have been asking if there was a specific target at the airport and today we are learning there was. the carnage we saw that day was not random but rather it was directed specifically at the departure areas. they were flights leaving to america, russia and france. america suffered the second highest death toll after belgium and now it seems as if that was more than just coincidence. according to french media, mohamed abrini told investigators that the bomber picked out those targets specifically. seeking to attack people from those countries. the attack killed four americans and wounded at least nine others. among them justin and stephanie schultz from gatlinburg tennessee. from corpus christi texas also died. the wife of martinez.
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today mohamed abrini appeared in court where a judge ordered he be kept in preventative detention for another month after slowing his peel pretrial hearing. according to media reports use a variety of rigs to hide from his captors despite having confessed to being the man in the hat, he now said he would never go to syria. he denied being radicalized and claimed he would never hurt a fly. though the brother of one of those killed soon after his death that his life that had been taken away and the more we learn about it the more it seems. jon: benjamin a hall in london, thank you. heather: as we say focused on terror, recent editorial in the wall street journal caught our eye. it's titled islam and the radical west and it tries to figure out the mindset of recently radicalized jihadists and the role left-wing politics may have played. the editorial reads in part, they are also sons of the west, educated in schools of multiculturalism, reared on the works of noam chomsky and perhaps standing.consumers of a news diet heavy with reports of certainty by israeli
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soldiers. if islam is and is there ideological drug of choice, the political orthodoxies of the modern west are there gateway to it and joining us now is a man who wrote that, brett stevens, foreign affairs columnist for the wall street journal. thank you for joining us. it's an interesting piece and for people at home if you haven't read it, give us your opinions. i want to start with the very beginning. you were headed to pakistan to cover an earthquake and you ran into these three muslim men and tell us what happened. >> british muslims, i was at heathrow airport on a stopover to as islam abroad. three young men clearly from london, they spoke in south london accent, struck up a conversation. they had these sort of light beards, they were dressed in the traditional shall are close. they said vaguely they were going to pakistan to do charitable work and i thought maybe they were on the same plane because it would be relatively safe but very soon
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they started talking about the movie of the hour for them which was michael moore's fahrenheit 9/11 and they clearly saw the kind of conspiracy theories of that film as something akin to a political gospel. here was an american, michael moore, telling the truth about america with a k if you will and we forget when we think about the cadence of radicalization for men like that we think it comes from radical clerics or guys like that. in fact, a lot of it comes from the products of american culture itself, particularly products on the radical left which are plainly that america is the agent of all the evil in the world, that we are oppressing muslims throughout the world. theyare also consuming this kind of information. they are just acting on it. heather: goes so far as to some of their leaders, osama bin laden . >> osama bin laden when he was
8:29 am
arrive issued these. alex beaches and would often quote the works of the radical mit professor noam chomsky. a lot of young american people when they were undergraduates read noam chomsky and we sort of scratched our heads and said what's that about? the guy seems a little unhinged but some people actually believe this stuff. in the 1970s many of the iranians who would later become leaders of the iranian revolution, they were schooled in american universities. someone once said where they learn to hate america? they learned in america. heather: chomsky is still active politically, the father of linguistics is what he was best known for or should be but he was out sport outspoken on the war of terror. also occupation wall street, he does agree with that so these messages are still spreading. >> if you look at a lot of news channels, not this one, you might imagine that the israelis
8:30 am
right now are committing genocide against the palestinians because of a distorted media lens or you might think that everything the united states did in iraq was just taboo garay but multiplied 100 fold. not true but these media biases feed terrorist narratives and this idea that they are being oppressed by the west. i read thesemagazine called inspire, this is indicated magazine, it's important for journalist read this . heather: syed farook. >> it's giving them techniques about how to make homemade bombs but it's also giving them that ideological basis. read an editorial in inspire magazine. it's not that different from op-ed that might appear in standard newspapers and magazines throughout the west. heather: something to definitely keep our eye on. learning to hate america by americans. it is a shame. thank you so much for joining us. everybody read his piece. thank you . john? jon: the terror attacks in paris and brussels sparking action in the us.
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one of our nation's busiest airports staging a disaster training drill. what emergency crews are learning from it. live with that story plus, a major theme of this presidential election, the turmoil in the republican party and whether the gop can survive this year. but what about the democrats? are they facing their own insurgency on the left?
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♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at jon: one of the great events to
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take place in our nations capital each year, the wounded warrior ride which is ending at the white house so the president is there. you see vice president joe biden alongside him. wounded warrior ride helps raise awareness of our nation's heroes battle the physical, psychical psychological scars of war and those warriors are hearing the president sing their praises right now. >>. [applause] jon: from america's election headquarters, a big story in this presidential campaign, the turmoil within the republican party. they can nominate a disruptor in donald trump or face anger from a huge block of voters by choosing one of the other candidates in the race or maybe
8:36 am
not. in an article posted on salon called hey democrats, stop gloating your party is imploding right before your eyes also, steve alden writes barring a miracle, they will nominate an establishment candidate hillary clinton who is at best tepidly supported and at worst reviled by those who have rallied behind her insurgent foe bernie sanders. josh blocked his former spokesperson for the clinton gore lieberman presidential campaign, mercedes shellac is a former white house spokesman for president george w. bush, also a fox news contributor. mercedes, you have read and heard so much about the fractures within the republican party and all the trouble that lies ahead. how do you feel about the democrats getting some attention as well? >> it's about time john. i think for the republicans obviously it's been a rough political season. it's been unexpected to see and at this point we still don't know what the result will be.
8:37 am
i think for the democratic side it's been a little more predictable in the sense that hillary clinton still remains as strong as the potential democratic nominee but who would have thought we would still be talking about bernie sanders? he's still able to bring a large group of supporters to his rallies.the enthusiasm is clearly on his side. there's less enthusiasm for the establishment candidate but what's holding the glue together with clinton is the fact that she's got what would be the traditional political order and and the establishment supporting her plus the superdelegates which we know is one of the differences between how the democrats manage their political process versus the republicans that are also supporting her. jon: josh, hold on to your response because the president is just about to send the wounded warrior riders on their way from the white house. were going to listen to this moment. >> about what he was going through. and he told me about how hard it was to get serviceman support that he needed. as luck would have it, right around that time i asked him to
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meet with team rubicon. which deploys veterans for emergency response disasters. and in addition to making sure the va was following up, i also asked team rubicon to get in touch with him. it helps when you are commander-in-chief. you've got folks to take your phone call. team rubicon reached out, jason ended up joining team rubicon, deployed two more oklahoma which was devastated by a tornado and feeling an immediate bond with his teammates, he threw himself into the work of helping people pick up their lives and in the process he found a path to a new life of his own and when jason talks about what this new opportunity to serve means, he quotes gandhi area and he says the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. jason's spirit, the spirit of all of you is the story of our armed forces. by dedicating your life to a
8:39 am
cause bigger than yourself, my support and love for each other and for your country that is close to everybody who serves under our plaque proud flag and it's about the country at pledges to be with you every step of the way, not just when we need you but also when you need us. that's why every day i have left in this office i am going to keep doing everything i can to make sure we serve you as well as you served us. that means making sure you get the care and benefits you heard and you deserve. it means making sure you and your families have the opportunity to continue to contribute to our nation's success, to achieve your dreams. you represent what's best abou our nation and i hope all of americans , all the american people along the route will come out and show their support for these heroes not just today but every single day so god
8:40 am
bless you,god bless all our military families, all to serve, god bless america. with that we are going to let william strap up and then i am going to blow the horn which i always really enjoy. [applause] come on . i got my horn. >> i'm getting out of the way i realized though that i've done this quite a few years. i think i need some volunteers to help me this year. [applause] [overlapping conversation] come here, angel. what's your name?
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all right, you guys ready? here's what we are going to do. here's what we're going to do because we got volunteers here. i'm going to blow the horn first but were going to let everybody. this is an unusual start. let's see, one, two, three, four, six, seven, 89 1011. were going to have 11 blows of the horn. you guys all set? >> which one do we leave on? >> you leave on 11. the last one to blow that horn. we're going to start off and
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just pass it down. ready? [horn blowing ] [horn blowing] you got to get your turn. [horn blowing] [applause] [horn blowing] [applause] way to go, good job. good job.
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jon: and they are off. the wounded warrior ride. they will leave the white house we understand and head to various states, several states, raising awareness about the difficulties that face our wounded warriors. also the abilities they bring to the table in this great country. the wounded warrior ride leaving the white house right now in washington dc. we're going to keep an eye on that, also we will bring back our political panel to talk about the difficulties both parties are facing, the republicans have gotten most of the headlines but there are fissures within the democratic party as well. back with our political panel, josh and mercedes in just a moment. @e@8ñúñ÷@@@0@ú
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. jon: back to our discussion about the troubles facing both political parties. the republicans have gotten most of the headlines but democrats faced fissures of their own. mercedes is here from the republican side, josh block from the democratic side. what about it josh? hillary clinton is your front-runner this time of the year. most frontrunners have the contest put away but she's lost what question mark seven out of
8:48 am
eight of the last contest? >> john, it's important to remember two things. hillary clinton has gotten 2 and a half million more votes than bernie sanders. she has 1 million more votes than donald trump who is credited with exciting the republican party and bringing out millions of people so she's dominating the election. she's 117 out of 22 states with high voter turnout. bernie sanders does do well in places where there are no minority voters, where there is a small democratic turnout and those are places he does well. caucuses and those things. he's got a couple left, wyoming, maybe north dakota but other than that that hillary clinton has a clear path to amassing more delegates on the way to finishing out the nomination.i would say quickly there is clearly a fringe in the democratic party that is animating bernie sanders campaign. there's the occupy wall street friend, the kind of neo-product i called it in an article in the hill of the rise of the neo-prongs, the old left of the democratic party. there's going to be a reckoning after hillary wins this election. this is not jeremy corbin's labor party of the uk that is sympathetic to terrorists and has a socialist idea. it's not going to be that democratic party. bernie sanders will lose, hillary clinton will win and we will be on to the democratic election. be on what you think about that analysis? >> the call to bernie sanders voters fringe is unfortunate unfortunate. what bernie sanders has been able to do, he's been out able
8:49 am
to rally the support of a lot of young voters, especially young women voters and yes, if you take on the liberal democrats and the progressives and that's one of his supporters, his base, absolutely but i think part of it is the fact that there is this sense of being disgruntled with what would be the party establishment and the center. you take away those superdelegates and you are talking about that race tightens up between 200 delegates or less between both camps. will she do well in new york? of course, it will be a close primary so that limits ernie sanders possibility but the mere fact that a 74-year-old socialist is still able to be in this race creates the enthusiasm behind him and really being able to rile up the support he's gathered plus create a headache for the clinton camp? i think there's something to be said there. jon: what about these two questions josh? hillary clinton's overall negative numbers, not as high as donald trump's, granted, but overall pretty high, over 50 percent. and bernie sanders popularity
8:50 am
among young voters. don't those pose problems , party convention? >> over time what you've seen is that this kind of far left of the democratic party has animated bernie sanders campaign. it's attracted others from either outside the democratic establishment as mercedes notes, join open primaries and boat. these are folks that are choosing between donald trump and bernie sanders, it's a wide, diverse set of choices but they are animated by outsider anger. i don't think hillary clinton is facing any danger from the factors you describe. she's clearly dominating the race for delegates, clearly getting the vote around the country. it's important to remember that in this election the democratic nominee just needs to win the states that no democrat has lost in six elections, john. win florida and the elections over. so hillary clinton will win the nomination. she will unite the democratic party in a way the republican
8:51 am
party will have a hard time uniting. jon: we will see. both parties facing some fissures.josh block and mercedes slap, thank you both. heather: coming up, to wisconsin girls charged with murder, asking to be released while they await trial. we will tell you what's about to happen. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, sured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed.
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heather: new information on a story we have been following. two girls from wisconsin accused of attempted murder in the stabbing of a friend are
8:55 am
asking to be released from custody. prosecutors say the girls, who were 12 years old at the time lord another friend into the woods and repeatedly stabbed her. nearly killing the girl. stabbing allegedly done to please a shadow we fictional character. the girls attorney says they are not dangerous and they should be released why they await trial. let's talk to our panel. a former prosecutor and richard st. paul is a former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. thank you for joining us. what a horrible case. let's get one of the two issues. they are asking the girls be released. is that why? >> they are obviously a public safety threat, if what they did they really did. they are accused of dragging a girl into the woods and almost stabbing her to death. they are being held on bond, face trial ultimately and if they are acquitted which won't happen but then they can go free but right now as they are awaiting trial they should be held incarcerated. obviously there might be problems in jail which they are alleging but that's an issue to work out and help but they should not be released.
8:56 am
heather: allegedly one of those issues, the attorney for one of the girls is now claiming that she was sexually abused.>> these are 12-year-old kids who , their mind are prepared for this type of institutionalized institutionalization. two years in county jail with adults? there's a $500,000 bond. there should be a bail reduction and look, their defense attorneys are going to argue they should be charged as juveniles, not adults. there 12 years old. their mind is not prepared for this heather: but their minds were mentally prepared to plan this attack. there friend did survive but was found on the side of the road bleeding profusely . >> 19 stab wounds, she's left for dead. she calls and gets help. there prosecutors say they should can all be prosecuted up to 13 years old. if they are tried as adults they could be sentenced up to 50 to 65 years considering how heinous the crime was they probably want the adult court to deal with it. heather: final word. >> at the end of the day they are 12 years old. they don't know what they're doing. this is about rehabilitation . they need ahearing to determine if they were able to face the charges so they need to be
8:57 am
charged as juveniles. heather: the judge making a decision on friday, we will see what happens and we will be right back . stay with us. you're late for work.
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jon: we will see you back in here in an hour. outnumbered starts now. >> this is outnumbered, on harris water. here today is sandra smith. political and legal analyst and fox news contributor, ebony williams and today's hashtag, one lucky guy, former cia covert operations officer mike baker outnumbered. mike is coming out on outnumbered. thanks for dropping by. no, i couldn't be happier to b here. i love this show, i've said that before. the energy is fantastic, it's always a great discussion, nice to have a broad range of topics . sandra: now it


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