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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  April 14, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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harris: he was operative on the couch today, mike baker. good to have you, former cia guy. >> loved it. love the show. look forward to coming back hopefully one day if you have me. harris: right now we'll go to "happening now." >> we begin with a fox news alert. hillary clinton and the democratic party south arizona after the primary. thousands were left waiting to vote in the biggest county. we are covering all of the news. >> russian fighter jets come deliberately close to an american war ship in the baltic sea. it is not the first time the kremlin taunted the u.s. forces. >> how should the u.s. respond. >> an exmansion family member
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trying for parole 50 years after the murder sprees. could leslie van hoton deputy free? >> and a escaped chimp. it is all "happening now". but we begin with developments in donald trumpa race for the white house. sitting down with members of congress for support. welcome to "happening now". i am jon scott. >> i am heather childers. we are waiting for a new's conference in florida where they are expected to say that corey lewandewski will not face charges. >> the candidates on the
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democratic side are prepare aring for their devote. and trump's efforts to win over key law makers. >> reporter: law makers who endorsed trump were here across from the house building and not trying to convince their colleagues to publicly endorse trump, at least not yet. what this meeting was about including two members of the trump campaign team. it is getting law makers are comfortable with trump be nominee. they want to make sure they are backing him if he is the victor at a convention. this was the first of a weekly meeting of the republicans who endorsed trump. there were seven here this morning and one congressman on the fence on who to back. there will be more undecided.
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it was chaired by first two congressional backers. and collins told us that inside the discussion was about how all politics is local and there is a lot of republicans not endorsing anyone. and they are looking down the line for support. we have heard part of the strategy today was countering cruz' influence on capitol hill. when i asked ed broke over what will you do about cruz' influence, he said what cruz influence? >> what about the latest on the charges of trump's campaign manager. >> reporter: it is about p to be case closed. we expect an announcement in the state attorney's in florida. that is expected to be they will not move further with charges
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agains corey lewandew ski. fields not the happy. they asked if i would be okay with an apology from corey. she is considering filing a defamation suit in civil court against him for the comments he made about her in the days after the incident and before the surveillance footage came out. >> peter, thank you. we are waiting for the news conference with mros prosecutor in florida. and how donald trump works to secure the delegates he needs. we'll bring in chris wallace. it seemed to be a minor episode
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and appears to be coming to a close, chris? >> look, this is a classic case of a minor incident that became a major issue or distraction in the campaign and no one was innocent in it. corey lewan authority -- lewandewski. but she exaggerated the impact of the ground. she overstated what happen. and boy, the idea of a simple i am sorry and i shouldn't have touched you to make it go away. it came in a bad period of time for donald trump. it was late march and he was in the middle of the feud with the cruz campaign and he sent out unflattering tweets and retweeted an unflattering picture of heidi cruz.
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and his misstatements on abortion and to have the campaign manager charged with battery in a matter of whether it was or not. it was a perfect storm and at least this is seems to be put to rest. >> the police filed the charge and trump's detractors said ah-hah. and the prosecutor said you have a higher standard and most people would not look at that videotape and consider it battery. and so that's where the decision comes. i suppose trump's detractors will say the fix is in here? >> i don't know. i mean, trump's detractors will say anything. no one was completely innocent. he shouldn't have touched her and she shouldn't have
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exaggerated what happened. corey lewandew ski said he did not touch her. and the fact we are talking about it this many weeks later shows how overblown it was. corey lewantowski has problems. and there are reports that trump is trying to take his campaign in a different direction. is that overstating it, chris? it is interesting, there are two sides in the trump camp. each say they are running things. and they to a certain degree could be right. there is a inside and outside game going on here. that's what peter doocey was talking about.
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the inside game of trying to get your support so when you get to the convention in cleveland, you have 1237 delegates that will vote for donald trump. and that is different than the retail campaigning that is going on for new york in next tuesday and pennsylvania a week from tuesday. there are two games going on. i think there is jockeying for position and power inside of the trump campaign and it will be interesting to see how it shakes out. i am not sure it is resolved yet. >> it would appear from the outside perspective, that ted cruz outmaneuvered trump when it comes to the delegate hunt. but in places like colorado, he has really shown his knowledge of the rules and what it takes to get the delegates over to his side. >> there is no question.
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there is just no question that he outmaneuvered them. you can argue the rules in colorado where they cancelled the primary and caucus and basically decide on the state's delegates without the public being able to vote on it. it is an odd way to pick the delegates, and those were the rules. and same on tluchl and his camp that they were not up to speed on it. and not only in a state like colorado, but some people have voted, but they voted on the first round that these delegates would be pledged to donald trump in south carolina where he won the majority. and you know, if a person sitting in the seat, they may not be bound to vote legally after the first ballot and in a case a cruz supporter in
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a trump delegate seat, they could vote for ted cruz. and this is really important. and you may not like it and like sausage making, but may make the difference to who is the nominee in cleveland. chris wallace, we'll see you. >> i will be the betty white character. >> you get it. and bernie sanders wrapping up a speech in theal sharpton national network. hillary clinton addressed the group yesterday. the spotlight will be on both candidates today. and ed henry is live for us in brooklyn. and hey, ed. >> good to see you. bern p -- bernie sanders paid
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his respects to al sharpton. and a lot of pressure on both candidates in the debate. hillary clinton is frustrated that bernie sanders is in the race. hillary clinton will be in west chester doing debate prep. for bernie sanders, he prepared not only with the remarks, but last night a massive rally in lower manhattan and washington square park. he had 27000 people there. and clinton down played that. and who is going to show up not at a rally but the polls. >> here is the candidates. >> what this campaign is about in your presence tonight, knows that you all understand this. it is not just about electing a president. it is about creating a political
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revolution. >> look at the alternative. what are you hearing from the republicans, one of them, mr. trump wants to set americans against each other. you know, he wants to build walls, i want us to build bridges. i want to work together. >> reporter: clinton is looking past sanders to trump. and we learned that the clinton campaign is joining force with the democrat national committee filing a lawsuit in arizona over votering irregularities. they complained about the long lines. and clinton campaign not just look nothing the rearview mirror. but looking ahead in november to make sure they can get their voters to the polls. >> thank you so much, ed henry.
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>> a new show of aggression by russia. vladimar putin is shrugging it off. and the live report on the white house reaction next. plus, is ted cruz working on his own primary schedule. and his effort to stay one step ahead of donald trump. man dane group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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>> welcome back. russian president vladimar putin with back hand praise. he said he admitted mistakes in libya but chided the president saying he is have known before. leland has more from the white house. >> reporter: this really
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continues the narrative of president putin challenging president obama in the united states, both publicly in the statements and also with militarily with little or no response from the u.s. during the time that putin is issuing statements, this is what his military is up to yesterday the pentagon released video of the russian jets making passes over it is u.s. tripped. they flew in assimulated attack profile and the white house said that was inconsistent with norms. this is the most provocative move since the cold war. >> putin is sending a message, hey, the americans boent defend themselves and they will not defend you.
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he's rubbing our faces in it. i am worried that in the closing months of obama's presidency, we'll see american bloochltd putin is pushing and iranians are pushing and confident that president obama will not let our troops defend themselves. >> the president's mission on libya is right and very good that my colleague has the courage to make such statements. not everyone can do this. he reminded the world that while the united states took action in libya, it was the russia who took the lead when it comes to syria. >> leland, thank you. so the u.s. complained about the russian war plane behavior but vladimar putin is brushing off those complaints. the plane buzzed the navy destroyer in the baltic sea and
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there was not much of a response for the u.s. what is it it for for the u.s. and allies in the region. we are waiting the outcome of the parole hearing for the youngest member of the mansion family. leslie in her attempt for freedom. when my doctor told me i have
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>> russia rejecting the complains from the white house. images released bite navy show just how close the jets came. flying so low they created a wake in the water and this added tensions in the region. chuck nash joins us to talk
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about this. >> my pleasure, heather. >> we are talking about a span of two-days and 30 fly byes and they said they saw our destroyer and went back home, that is not the case. it is a pater of harrassment and demonstrate the nato allies and the baltic states that the united states is not a power that is willing to exercise its presence in europe and they had better start covering the deals with the russians. and ralph peters was saying that this is trying to collapse nato and putin understands that he has nine months of a president who will not do anything. he will try to provoke a response so he has full credibility with the russian
10:24 am
people to take a strong effort in the baltic states. >> i was going to ask you about colonel peters, this is the most provocative move by russia since the cold war. >> i do agree. it is not just one event. putin is not stupid. he realizes that we have withdrawn from the world scene. we may put 300 people in a country in europe. that is nothing. hash tag save europe. give me a break. look at the world stage and chinese in the east and south china seas and building islands and threatening their neighbors and russian took over crimia and invaded ukraine and all we are absorbed with is our election cycle and other things where we are so self absorbed, we took
10:25 am
our eye off of the ball, not unintentionally, but intentionally and given up. >> it is a incredible lack of respect to the united states. iran took our ten navy sailors and held them for several days and then released the video of them kneeling and with their hands behind the back and humiliating. >> a lack of respect for the united states. when the president of the united states starts out his tour by bowing to foreign leaders, what else can we expect? >> what do you think should happen as a result of this? was it a violation of the agreement made between russia and the united states? >> yes, it was. it was signed in 1972 and designed by the two navies so when forces come in contact there would be rules of the road to prevent inadvertant overreaction. and i flew against russian ships
10:26 am
in the mediterranean and north atlantic. you maintain 1500 stand off and thousand feet altitude and parallel to the ships course and only allowed two passes. in this video they made 12 passes and below a thousand feet and running attack profiles. this is an intentional provocation. did not illicit response. message transmitted and believe me, message received. >> we appreciate your insight and we'll see what happens next. thank you. >> emergency crews on the scene in japan after a powerful earthquake rattles the southern part of the country and sending dozens to the hospital and the latest on the recovery effort there. and our next guest explains why
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>> the republican race for the presidential nomination looking like a game of chess and donald trump. cruz is looking to states where the delegate rules tilt in his favor and instead of focusing on new york where the polls show him far behind.
10:31 am
he is looking out west and courting voters and power brokers there. and a article exmains cruz' strategy and he is creating his own primary map in hopes of cobbling enough support to prevent donald trump to clinch the nomination outright. we'll have our leslie marshal and lar dlchlt s. you hear the proposal in the way it was outlined and can it work? >> i hate to let math get in the theory. he has to close 88 percent of the delegates and i am inclined to use a sport analogy. and effectively he will play the role the establishment.
10:32 am
spoiler to donald trump since the establishment doesn't like either one of them. trump is going to do well in the colonies. the upper northeast will save the day. look at numbers in maryland. maryland is in the teens and trump is going to do well. and i don't think senator cruz will get past that and only manages to do if he does it prevent trump from arriving 1237 this summer. >> in our first hour, we showed trump over cruz. but the margin is shrinking and he dropped seven. can he pull off and can donald trump's campaign pull off the 1237 delegates they are going to need to win the nomination? >> i don't know. especially with the strategy of ted cruz and his campaign and
10:33 am
the experience this guy has as a politician. donald trump said is it is a rigged system and it is in a sense. it is a numbers game and if you can't beat them block them to push for a brokered convention. sorry for all of the b's there guy. ted cruz is intelligent guy. and he has a strong knowledgeable campaign and as a politician, a great handle on the process that could put him not to beat donald trump, but to block donald trump from getting the magic number he needs to be the republican nominee. tread cruz is doing what he can at this point. i don't see the trump campaign as knowledgeable. >> i got to tell you. it is foolish.
10:34 am
here are two carnards we run into. cruz is anti- establishment. this guy went two princeton and harvard and worked in the white house and establishment as they come. only last couple of years aspect- establishment and yet he's playing the pawn for the establishment gop. and blocking the guy the establishment hates most, trump. that doesn't mean he will get the nomination. and trump only succeeds in helping the establishment he opposes. >> trump is expected to do well in the new york state. this is about cruz' hope to use another large state. they believed they can energize the california state that hasn't had a leading voice in the gop presidential primary in decades.
10:35 am
can california do for ted cruz what donald trump expects to do with new york? i don't think ted cruz will get what donald trump will get in the great empire state. but it is it interesting the state that i live in california plays a pivotal role. not only in the republican but the democratic. there are huge conservative pockets of the state especially when you look to sacramento and san diego, north and south of me. and you know, ted cruz, can have gain there, but run republicans are more moderate. here republicans are more apt to go for a trump than cruz especially you know, because he's more conservative with the evangelical base and you don't have a large evangelical base in
10:36 am
the republican party here in california. >> one of donald trump operatives said he sees his guy gliding to the nomination. >> i don't see how we don't do well in new york and i think we are working hard and on a glide path. but it is it a path that has very few obstacles. >> is that optimistic, a glide patho the nomination? >> i don't know if it is a glide path. over promise and over deliver. with trump that is not his style. i think he will do well in california and new york and i think leslie marshal under states the conservativism. they voted against gay marriage and in favor of the death
10:37 am
penamenty. i don't get her version. >> we'll see what happens. leslie and lars. thank you both. >> thank you, jon. >> thank you. from california to new jersey, a proposal to expand gambling in the state. they are looking to add two casinos to the northern part of the staut. that could spelldom for atlantic city. and douglas kennedy has the latest for us. >> reporter: for decades atlantic city is suffering and the towns around her is thriving. there is only one thing to blame the mayor said. >> promise of gambling solve your problems. >> reporter: don gafshin is the mayor of atlantic city which is
10:38 am
on the edge of collapse. if is a new cosano project that may put the final nail in the atlantic city coffin. new jersey will vote on the ballot measure. they will be located near new york city taking away the incentive for gamblers to come to atlantic city. new jersey state senator is a key supporter and disagrees, predicting a win/win for everyone. >> our proposal would generate hundreds of millions to build atlantic city and create thousands of jobs. we need job and additional revenues. >> reporter: it is what
10:39 am
gambling opponents say sound familiar. >> casinos promise new jobs and revenue to the state. but we see that promise is one of the biggest lies in american culture today. glambling experiments in connecticut and delaware was a failure. atlantic city faces the same problem. atlantic city wanted to get off of gambling but it is difficult. >> how do you continue to give kids a better education and prepare them for a good life and good paying jobs? >> only way is to find something aside from gambling to bring tourism to atlantic city. back to you. >> thank you, douglas. we are waiting a decision pie a california parole board on
10:40 am
the younger member of the mans're mansion family. leslie was 19 years old when she took part in one of the country's brutal murder spree. it was a brutal murder in the home. the couple of stabbed multiple home. and word "war" carved in a stomach. and she arguing that she has exhibited exemptary behavior in the decades in prison. >> on a different note. an escaped chimp. to dodging crews trying to catch him and how all of this crazy chase ended and the u.s. government sounding the alarm on a mosquito-borne disease confirming that the zika virus can cause devastating birth defects.
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>> authorities in japan finally taking a furry escapee from the zoo there. this chimp bolted from his home and tasted freedom for an hour. the chimp finally climbed up a utility poll and swinging from the power lines, all of it caught on camera. they shot him with a tranquilizer dart and he grabbed for a hand old and fell in a plastic seat. and the good news, cha-cha is just fine. and we have new information on the spread of the zika virus. the mosquito-borne virus can cause devastating birth defects. >> it is clear that zika does
10:45 am
cause microencephalitis. >> and we protect the pregnant women and undertaking further studies to determine the broader range of birth defects. >> joining me is the director of the texas children's hospital and founding dean in the baylor college of medicine. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, heather for having me on. >> it is not only a likely cause of brain defects, but 100 percent. how did they go about doing that? >> we have known about the link between the micavirus and the defect sips the end of last year. that was established by the brazilian scientist. but the important piece was the groups of scientist pointing to the mechanism and showing that the virus causes a small head
10:46 am
but stops the development of the fetal brain. and infekt the neuroand it is tragic and urgent do something. >> never before in history has the bite of a mosquito caused such a devastating >> this is t it is every parent's worse nightmare. the virus will block the development of the brain and it is it a horrific congential birth defect. how are we stopping the threat of the virus as it goes in out of brazil and colombia and caribbean. >> how are we and what should we do? >> right now, we don't have a zika vaccine.
10:47 am
and we'll not have it for the current epidemic. and so the only mechanism is to stop the mosquito responsible for the transmission of the zika. stopping it is harder than any other mosquito because it lives in proximity to humans. they live in houses and water pots and flower baths and any manmade container of water. it is a labor intensive approach. getting rid of the garage and standing water and window screens and doing house-to-house spraying. >> awareness, awareness. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> there is a new way to explore the world from your own computer and getting a look at amazing
10:48 am
wild life. we'll talk to the man who made it hospital. >> do you think higher voter turn out will affect the presidential election. this is what people say. >> the republicans have a better shot and hopefully will make a larger turn out than in the last two elections. >> more people are interested in the upcoming election and it will impact. >> everybody needs to watch television and read the newspapers and be informed and vote. >> eventually you have to do what the people say, i hope the delegates vote with the voters. >> the more people who do come out, it will make sure and insure one great candidate gets in. >> there is not one this year.
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10:52 am
is donald trump able to get to 37 delegates or will he fall short? massive analis of the voters in all 50 states and what the data said about which republican candidate can beat hillary clinton. all of that. >> and if you love wild life, there is nothing better than a animal in their natural habitat. new technology can give you
10:53 am
a firsthand look at animals. imagine seeing the grizzly bear or whales in a slim. for more on this, we'll bring in charlie, v, and director of the foundation and founder of that is a website to choose from the wild life cameras, right, charlie? >> yes it is. welcome to >> we have several of them on the screen right now. the eagle is out at the channel islands national park, is that what i understand? >> yes. the eagle camera is a new camera. it's the anna cap islands part of the channel islands off the coast of santa barbara. it's a unique camera. right now you're watching live a
10:54 am
bald eagle as it's nesting and it's happening as we speak at this moment. >> its chicks hatched -- i guess you'd call them chicks, eeg eaglets hatched a while ago. >> in the past few weeks. >> you can see the feeding and everything else that goes along with day-to-day eagle life. >> what's so unique about these live cams, we call all of the cams together pearls of the planet. it's an opportunity for people to connect up close and personal to nature. what's so unique is what you're observing is real. it's live. and it's pure. it's uninterrupted. so you can really become a true citizen scientist of the world today and observe an eagle or a myriad of animals' patterns and behaviors like never before. >> we've got your bobcat camera up. we've been keeping an eye on it for some period of time and we
10:55 am
haven't seen much of the bobcat. he's a little shy. this is the bobcat camera up right now. >> yes. well, you know what's unique about nature and these live cams unlike videos you might see on national geographics, is animals live by their own rhythm. what you see when you watch a film is stuff that's been cut and manipulated by an audience. on a hot, humid day there's a good chance the bobcat is going to be in the shade resting keeping its energy together. >> watching that grizzly bear catching salmon out of the stream and here's one with her cubs, really fascinating stuff, especially considering these are just remote cameras, right? you don't have photographers out there doing this kind of stuff, you're just putting these cameras in places where the animals are likely to be seen? >> yes. what's really unique about this again, it's that these cameras are live and they've created an environment where the animals don't even know you're there. so that's what allows you to
10:56 am
observe nature so up close and personally. what's really the hope that people will develop the connection with the natural world again and the cameras in alaska are truly i think one of explorer's crown jewels. people will call them the grizzly bears but they're actually the brown bears which are the grizzly bears bigger brother hunt the salmon in the summer is just so fascinating. you might also get to see wolves, moose, bald eagles, birds, mating. it's light 24 hours. >> the bobcat came out to give us a little bit of a reveal just now. that's pretty cool. we've got a kitten cam up. there's the bobcat looking sassy this thursday. you even have a seaweed cam. i'm sorry, jelly fish kam. i know you have a seaweed cam. is the website. charlie weingarten, thank you for bringing up that window on
10:57 am
the word. >> you're welcome. welcome to the explore family. >> thank you. we'll be right back. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. igoing to clean betteran electthan a manual. was he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean!
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