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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  April 15, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'll have to take a closer look. i'm not seeing it. it's early in the morning. we're still waking up. >> thank you -- thank you very much for joining us. nice to have you here. >> have a great weekend. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. you're headed down there. see you later. >> bye-bye. good morning, it is friday, april 15th. it's usually tax day. you can get a few extra days this year. the candidates take the stage at the republican gala here in new york as the protests build up outside. >> they're sending their rapists, they're sending their worst people. who the [ bleep ] is they? who is they? does this look like a rapist to you? >> wow. do they even know what they're protesting anymore? we'll talk about it. and the democratic debate turns into a brooklyn brawl. >> i stood up against the
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behaviors of the banks when i was a senator. i called them out on their mortgage behavior. >> secretary clinton called them out. oh, my goodness. they must have really crushed by this. >> bernie, funny. could the democratic race for new york now be a tossup? feeling the bern. worried about north korea and its nukes? don't be. wait until you hear about their embarrassing failure to launch at least for today. let me remind you it's friday, put something on because your mornings are better with friends. ♪ we've been talking politics, life on the road for the candidates is tough. so today, as you see screen right, teaching as you see hillary clinton impersonator how to stay fit in your travel bus.
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that would be the scooby, right? >> that's right. the scooby mobile. if you and your family are taking a vacation this summer, we'll show workout tips that you can take on the road. >> when you go to your family's house after a long trip, don't sit in a lounge chair and grab a beer. take a walk. >> glad you said lounge chair. it looks like you returned from the lounge. >> thank you very much. >> mr. lizard. >> it's back to the future. >> that's right. >> steve and i in the skinny suits. you were a kid, ainsley, on maternity leave, when a guy came and opened his hatchback and made us soup. >> he drives around, whatever city you're in. he comes to your door and makes the suit. a custom-made suit right there. >> an app and everything else. it's hard to get a suit that fits you exactly. >> right. >> he came in, measured us, got to measure you -- >> i'm excited. you look great. how do they feel? >> skinny. >> look good. you look skinny. >> thank you very much. >> i cannot wear -- we've
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decided collectively -- i cannot wear a tie with this collar. >> you're going full eric boeing. >> yeah. full boeing. i definitely -- i'm going to roll him in the credits at the end of the show. >> do you feel a little naked? >> i >> i feel very me. >> who else can you be but who are you? >> i was not wearing this last night when the gala took place -- >> it was a black tie event. >> you couldn't have worn that. they wouldn't have let you in. >> i would have stayed outside and held a poster in protest. >> john kasich apparently did not get the note. it was black tie. >> didn't get the memo? we'll have to send an e-mail. all three spoke last night at the 2016 new york state republican gala. 800 people were there in attendance. and i think we'll listen to donald trump first. >> we are. the guy who actually built the hotel they were speaking in. talking about new york valleys. >> you say, what are new york values. one, honesty and straight talking. a work ethic. work people. it's about family, new york,
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believe it, is about family. so important. we make things happen, and it's courage and community service because there's tremendous community service. new york values were on display for all to see in the aftermath of 9/11. a strike at the heart of our city and our nation. in our darkest moments as a city, we showed the world the very, very best in terms of bravery and heart and soul that we have in america. >> you notice he's not using the teleprompter, but he is using notes because he wanted to get it exactly right. he wanted to make sure that ted cruz paid a political price for his comments a while back about new york values. ted cruz, meantime, did talk about new york. and he used 9/11. watch this. >> new york city is hallowed
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ground. it is the site of the worst terrorist attack on united states soil. yet, in the 15 years since 9/11, many in washington have forgotten. today when we see an attack, when in paris, when in brussels, when in san bernardino, inevitably president obama goes on national television, refuses to say the words radical islamic terrorism. >> that murmur is the worst thing you could have as a public speaker. that means no one's listening to you. it's happened to me before. and ted cruz yesterday, people shut him out in new york even though his point is well take than there's a lot of liberals in new york. most were outside protesting the new york gall. the gop gala last night. he's not going to be accepted. i think new york has turned around. kasich is a solid number two in
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the state. steve, he did read the portion. did you see the beginning portion -- >> free flowing. >> talking about building the commodore hotel, the willman rink. that is what donald trump -- when he talks about building stuff at a level that pedestrians like me can't understand, this is why i was able to save money. i got to right hose, able to build a rig, called montreal to find out how they're doing it. i did the rink, came in under budget. i sold the commodore hotel, this is how i did it. when i hear that, i go, that's what separates him from the rest of the cast. >> for you at home that haven't ever been to new york or don't come to new york a lot, there are so many buildings with the trump name on it. i remember someone from my hometown said, oh, my daughter lives in the trump building. i said, which one? there are so many. she thought there was only one. >> you think trump tower. there's just one. there is one trump you to cher donald trump has his empire run out of, and apartment buildings, as well.
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speaking of donald trump, as you heard yesterday, his campaign manager, cory luwendowsky was exonerated by palm beach prosecutors. they look ted evidence and said it wasn't there. he spoke last my exclusively to sean hannity. and do you know what's interesting is the one person he chose to thank was his boss for being loyal to him. watch this. >> it's a huge distraction for the campaign, it should never have been. if michelle fields wanted to have a conversation, we could have had a conversation privately. and not made this a story that it is today. i'm sorry that this has become the story that it is today. let me say how much i am thankful for mr. trump and his loyalty in this very, very difficult time. you know, many other candidates, all of the other candidates, asked me to be fired and said i should have my day in court and what we saw today was that they look ted evidence and decided there was no way they could prosecute this case and move forward. so first and foremost, i want to thank mr. trump. >> we know some being that.
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our boss, so loyal. i think that when you work for someone that is loyal to you, you're going to be loyal to that company. >> interesting. they look ted evidence. i was reading in the "daily mail" on line, one of the witnesses who was there, was watching what michelle fields had done. guy's name is michael spellman, president of a glam technology company in jupiter -- glass technology company in jupiter, florida. he said he thought fields staged a fraudulent slip and fall and was animated and acting. at first, he thought she was drunk. the cops -- they talked to him a number of weeks later. that was his memory. nonetheless, they looked at everything and said not enough there to prosecute. >> eight minutes after the hour. these polls came in last week, look where the candidates are trending nationally. the two, three gop candidates left. donald trump's got to feel good about this. nationally, he's leading with 45%, up four points since march. ted cruz has dropped even though
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his delegate count has gone up, in a savvy way, he picked up delegates. he's not picked up pop later. >> coming out -- popularity. >> coming out of wisconsin, we thought would be different. the best thing is for troump come to new york -- trump was to come to new york. this is trump territory, new york. >> what do you care about? what is the number-one issue you're worried about? now it is, as you look here, it's changed. once again, it is the economy. it had been back in december terrorism followed by health care. followed by climate change. and the federal deficit, as well. you know, okay, so coming up on tuesday, we'll have the new york primary. and after that, we've got pennsylvania. i was reading something about pennsylvania. this is crazy -- the person who wins the most votes out there will not necessarily take home the most delegates. >> yeah. >> in pennsylvania, there are 71 delegates. that's a lot, right? the winner only gets 17.
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and then 54 just get to vote for whoever they want to. >> that goes back to what donald trump's complaining about, louisiana and some states doing that. you would think the person that gets the most votes from the people who live in that state -- >> would get those. >> that's pennsylvania. first, we had new york on tuesday, and head to head, the key, kasich does the best against hillary clinton over everybody else. then cruz, then trump. so trump says, i have not started against hillary yet. just wait until i unveil her nickname and everything like that. governor kasich who, by the way, is moving occupy cruz, he's really been -- moving up on cruise, he's really been moving up if poppopularity. >> side note, i couldn't designed who you reminded me of with no necktie. first i thought it was tom jones, then i thought englebert
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humperdink? >> gomer pyle? that's the thing -- >> i like the englebert humperdink. i don't remember what he looked like, but i loved his music. you look great. >> give me some humperdink. how many times do you wake up saying that? >> heather with the headlines. >> i like the look. it's handsome. you see the athletes with that look all the time. >> wow. i had to take my tie off to remind you of an athlete? that hurts. >> just don't show your legs. good morning, everyone. we start with a fox news alert. it is a serious story. a horrific accident leaving four of our soldiers injured, and this morning two of them are now fighting for their lives. here's what happened -- this happened back in the united states. a wheel on their humvee snapped off in new jersey. the vehicle then flipped over on its open top. this happened on the new jersey turnpike. you know how busy that is. one soldier managed to crawl out. the other three were trapped. people leaving their cars, running on the highway.
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and used their own jackson tools to try to free these men. all four soldiers were rushed to the hospital. one of them a female soldier lost her leg. please keep them in your prayers this morning. a new video this morning showing the dramatic rescue of a baby pulled from the rubble after a powerful 6.5-managetude earthquake rocked japan. nine people are confirmed dead. and nearly 1,000 others hurt. a cluster of violent aftershocks crumbling buildings and buckling the roads there. crews scrambling to still find those who are missing. and a scare in the skies over west virginia. a bird fly into a plane, shattering one of the windows. look at that there. you see the cracks in the windshield of the delta plane. it was headed from new york city to nashville when it hit the bird, forcing an emergency landing. 57 people were on board. and no one was hurt. those are your headlines. see you back here. we made it to friday. >> tgif, thank goodness it's fox. >> see you soon. coming up on this friday, imagine coming face to face with this -- how this angry chimp
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broke out of the zoo and how they got him under control, and it's all caught on camera. >> you'll be -- dangerous without the hard hat. >> on a power line. anti-trump protesters taking issue with the front-runners on both sides. >> what's your main issue with donald trump? >> he's a racist! a woman hater! >> what do you think about hillary? >> she's a liar. >> so what do these protesters want? david webb went into the crowds. he braved the crowds and joins us with what he found out next. my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv
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get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. crowds gather outside the plub ga republican gala. >> here's what some had to say. >> reporter: what's your main issue with donald trump? >> he's a racist. he's a woman hater! >> reporter: what about hillary? what do you think about her? >> she's a liar. >> reporter: are you a bernie supporter? >> yes, i am. >> what do you think about hillary? >> i don't agree with her
3:18 am
overall. she will be better than trump as president. >> i do have my issues with sanders. but of every other candidate, he y look young.t by far.he radiohow would you characterize, how many and who were they? >> most of them are people who are bernie supporters from what i see. that's pretty clear. what i saw was a lot more visual profanity. there was a lot more audio. they were yelling things. they never give you a full answer. i ask them, tell me the full answer. if cruz said this, where did he say it? they also can't substantiate what bernie stands for. if nothing else, they can't tell you anything except racist, racist, xenophobic. >> is donald trump a racist? >> no, he's not a racist. that's clear by -- what do you have to be to be a racist? you have to be al sharpton, someone who clearly is a racist, actions to back it, david duke. you get to donald trump, yeah, his persona's bombastic. he's bigger than life when he's
3:19 am
out there. he said border security's not racist. >> it's not. >> states with muslims -- they're not an ethnicity. they're a religious group. a religion. that can't be racist unless you're specific about it. >> more than two dozen were arrested there. did you see any of the arrests? >> yeah. there was a group that got into the hotel because they were checked into a room because they were able to get over where the security was where we were about to go in. >> here's some more of the sound from last night. >> reporter: what if hillary's the nominee for the dreams and trump for the republicans? >> i'll stay out. >> reporter: what if he's in -- >> anyone but trump. >> i don't have a single issue for him. i think if you speech hate speech, that's fine, i defend your right to do. that. >> reporter: what's your issue with donald trump?
3:20 am
>> no, no. i don't like the guy. he's racist. >> reporter: what do you think about hillary clinton? >> i don't like her either. it's a beep campaign -- a [ bleep ] campaign. >> it's their right to vote. i don't know -- they never went to the candidates' websites and looked at it to answer an intelligent question. >> bernie sanders has one on his website. during a story he can't tell you what's going on, but i would say this, they're young, this is what the story across the country -- the young college students are all going for bernie sanders. not hillary. not trump, cruz, or kasich. >> they're buying the hype. look, this is the 140-character campaign. they go out there, they tweet about it, they repeat the tweet. if you ask them what donald trump said, they'll say he's a racist. if you ask them the context of everything he said about the wall, they can't tell you. >> all right. david webb. putting in some o.t. last night.
3:21 am
>> and an early morning just for you. coming up, they scale fences to get into the country like there guy. how do we send them home? on private jets to the tune of $3 hu $300,000 a day. details coming up. and no one wants to eat the healthy stuff at school. should we throw away? ok team, what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure.
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you know what time it is. time for news by the numbers. first, 18, that number. that's how many cities are rallying behind a travel ban to north carolina. people are protesting the so-called bathroom law requiring transgender people to use the bathroom that matches their gender when they were born. next, $300,000. that's how many of your tax
3:25 am
dollars are spent every day to deport illegals back to another country. according to "the daily mail," some of those illegals are being put on private jets, and it's costing you that much. and finally, $600,000. that's how much the feds spoeen on a study to find out why people cheat on their taxes. by the way, monday is tax day even though today is april 15th. brian? a california teacher fired for what he thought was a good deed. marine corps veteran worked at a central middle school outside los angeles. he would collect uneaten fruit from flunch and hand it to athletes after school. he was told to stop it because it violated california health codes. he said he did, but the school district fired him anyway. now the students who love him are protesting. arnold vialobos joins us. it's been a stressful time for you. what was your goal in collecting the fruit at lunch?
3:26 am
>> well, i started three years ago doing. this at the beginning, you know, i saw the fruit being thrown away. i decided just to put a box and told the kids, you know, dump it in the box. and i'll make good use of it. what i did, i would wash it and give it to the kids back, the staff, the teachers, and my team after school. so i thought i was doing good, you know. >> and what -- >> didn't expect to be fired by it. >> you didn't expect to be fired. did they warn you to stop that because it's a violation of the district code? >> you know something, what i got is on my mail box from school, i got a letter. nobody actually verbally came and told me. they gave me a letter. so i stopped. so i completely stopped. the next two weeks, kids would come up and ask, oh, are you going to get any fruit or -- they're throwing the fruit away. are you going to get it. i would go, you know, i got in trouble for it, i cannot do it. so kids, they took it upon
3:27 am
themselves to bring me the fruit. and i would be telling them, don't bring me fruit. i don't want you getting in trouble. when they would give me fruit, i would dump it in the trash to avoid getting in trouble or anything. >> but but anyway. this is what the unified school district says. it's not commented on your firing but says, "it's a learning experience for our students and an opportunity to express themselves. our responsibility is to provide a safe environment for them to do it." when you talk about expressing themselves, these kids that you coach and teach really love you. this kid, brian, comes out, "he's my favorite teacher. my favorite person on the staff." another, "he would always help us and teach us responsibility and respect." other marines have reached out to you. how does that make feel? >> yes, yes, yes. the marines have reached out. all my friends are supportive. they're telling me that they're writing a petition. the kids, staff. so it's real overwhelming. real overwhelming. i mean, i told the district that, you know, in a way, they called me in again. i told them, you know, in a way,
3:28 am
i won already. they told me, why did you win? i'm overwhelmed with my kids. what kind of effect, you know, i put upon. everything i did for them. how they appreciate everything. >> wow. what are you going to do for a job? >> i'm going to take little break now. but i'm still going to be involved with kids. i just like mentoring kids. coaching. >> and with that, with these students, as references, and the marines on your resume, a lot of businesses would love to scoop up. arnold villalobos, thank you very much, appreciate you sharing you positive attitude about a trying situation. thank you, arnold. >> no, thank you for having me. thank you for having me. thank you. >> no problem. listen, i want your take on what we just discussed. e-mail us,, or tweet us. we'll go through this throughout the day. this seems 100% unjust. you make the call at home.
3:29 am
straight ahead, ainsley broke the news here two weeks ago with tim tebow. the possible politician. >> have you thought about politics? you would be such a good role model for these kids. >> thank you. it's been crazy, hasn't it? >> i know. >> now, something just happened that could make tebow time, make it tebow time again in florida in his congressional district of jacksonville. then, the candidates have to stay in shape on the trail. if you were hitting the road, this is -- these are things you want to take home with you. look at. that all the candidates or wannabes work it out on the road like you can only here. the candidates' train line. ♪ it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
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what is your stance on immigration? >> well, donald, first of all, we need to put an end to president obama's amnesty. >> well -- >> and i believe we need to secure the border once and for all. >> once and for wall. >> and start enforcing the rule of law. >> law spelled backwards is wall! [ applause ] >> jimmy fallon is a pretty good donald trump. that other guy looks just like ted cruz. holy cow. >> dead on. >> i like how behind jimmy fallon there's a portrait of trump. >> because brian is not wearing a neckline thai, i asked who -- he reminded me of englebert humperdink or tom jones. we asked who he reminded you of. we got a jerry lewis -- >>l lady. >> a john that volta, haas ev
3:34 am
hasselhoff, and one astute comment, brian reminds me of brian without a neckline thai. >> very good. >> i love -- what about the young people? there are a lot of 20 "go to church like this -- 20 "go to church without a tie. >> is this the new thing? >> like it. my mom thinks you still should dress up. >> the way you go to church, the way the wall tons did, '70s. they didn't have a lot of money but had their own mountain. it was a short time ago, when you first started, you went out on a shoot. it was a golf fundraiser. >> right. >> and it was hosted by tim tebow. >> he does so much for kids. he started a foundation, the tim tebow foundation. he invited us to florida to interview some of the kids that he's helped and to talk to him. i asked him if he could come down and share his story because he doesn't do this so that all of you will know about. he does it because he cares about the individuals and has a relationship with all of them.
3:35 am
you see "duck dynasty" was there. a lot of celebrities come. let's hear a little bit of what we got down there in florida. have you thought about politics? you would be such a good role model for kids. >> thank you. it's been crazy, hasn't it? a whirlwind watching everything. you know, i know in this time in my life -- >> reporter: you're saying there's hope? there's a chance? >> there's a chance you can make a difference someday in something, then that would be intriguing. >> okay. two weeks ago, he said, politics could be intriguing for him. and now there's actually a draft tim tebow effort going on. yesterday, suddenly out of nowhere, 71-year-old republican from florida, congressmanander crenshaw, announced he was retiring. and his district is where tim tebow has a house in jacksonville. it's where his business is. and it ae's where his tim tebow foundation is. it would be a perfect fit.
3:36 am
>> they love him there. i feel he would do well, and he would probably win. there's apparently a sheriff interested in the seat. a mayor there, also a state senator. if tim wants to put his hat in that race, i'm sure he'll do very well. >> i know he had a contract with abc. >> right. >> and before he won, gave the eagles another shot. interesting to see if he'll do what heath shuler did. another good college quarterback. he jumped in. >> what do you think? would he make a good congressman? e-mail us also, if you live in the district, would you vote for him? >> i'm work out with the candidates. >> all right. >> we'll head over to heather who has headlines. >> i do. good morning, everyone. hope you're off to a good day. starting overseas, we'll talk about a real failure to launch. north korea attempted to fire a missile to celebrate its founder, but it failed. even though the test was a dud. still a troubling sign as the country continues to develop ballistic missiles and test them. some that could reach parts of the united states. the latest attempt comes during
3:37 am
heightened international sanction sanctions against north korea. you're lucky we didn't shoot you down. that coming from the secretary of state john kerry. he's slamming russia for flying warplanes a few feet from one of our navy ships. >> below the bridge wing! below the bridge wing! unbelievable. just yesterday, we had called it "unprofessional." really? russia in the meantime says the u.s. is overreacting claiming they respected all the safety rules. what do you think about that? and 40 years after murdering a couple in california, a former mansion family cult member may walk free. a panel making the recommendation after leslie van ho houghton's parole hearing. she was just 19 at the time in 1969. the decision to release her rests in the hands of the parole
3:38 am
board and california governor. look at this. a frantic chimp chase caught on camera. this is cha cha, swinging across the power lines after escaping from a zoo in japan. officials eventually shot him with a tranquilizer. after a two-hour runaround. what happens next may be tough to watch. caution. [ shouts ] >> cha cha was caught in a blanket and is going to be just fine. see you back here soon. >> i think we got some weather. >> time for maria molina. she's outside with the weather for this friday. hey. >> reporter: good morning. we're going to be talking about some crazy weather out west. first, the eastern u.s. and we're expecting another beautiful weekend coming up across the northeast with pleasant temperatures, abundant sunshine, in the southeast you'll have to deal with showers and storms throughout the day today. out west, this massive storm system will be developing throughout the day. it will bring a risk for severe
3:39 am
storms across the high plains, damaging winds, large hail, and even isolated tornadoes will be possible. several inches of rain will come down across the plains, as well. this will be the concern for localized flash flooding. on the cold side of the system in the rockies, heavy snowfall with feet of it in the forecast across parts of colorado and heavy snow forecasts across places like wyoming. now to brian. i want to balance the budget -- >> was that my toss? all right. i'm here live in a trailer. nikki is with me, fitness expert that we love to call our fitness expert. she's also the author of "the slim-nastics workouts." the campaign is in full swing, that means diner food and unhealthy eats. how do the candidates stay in shape and survive? nikki will tell us. we have four candidates with us. are you ready for this? >> i am ready. i have a fit travel workout from
3:40 am
and they have no equipment. you can do it in an rv, on the campaign trail, stay in shape. >> donald trump, you're a rookie pligz politician. what are you doing on the ride? >> i work by sculpting people. and hillary works out her index finger by deleting emails, delete, delete. >> how are you going to work out donald? >> the trump tricep pushups. hands under your shoulders. bring it down and up. this will make your arms great again. have you heard that before? >> i think i -- great. >> it's way up there. as a protest, he has pushing -- >> reporter: this is what you do? >> yes, absolutely. works the triceps, shoulders, biceps, abs because you're in a plank, and chest muscles. >> good job. we'll leave you here on the bed. john kasich is here, ladies and gentlemen. governor, how are you handling this? >> you know, i'm looking -- doing what i exactli, do balance, balance the budget. >> all right. balance the budget and stay in
3:41 am
shape. how do we do that? >> he needs lot of university bursts for all his campaign stops. we'll do kasich knee-up cardio. can you bring the knees up? >> are you kidding me? >> bring it up. balance it. good job. you got it. >> the whole place -- >> let's go. now it's time to meet ted cruz. ted, a long way from texas. how are you staying in snap. >> i'm doing everything i could possibly do. and we won in wisconsin, we won in colorado. we're going win it in the fall. >> he was just across the street at the "tonight show." let's see this. >> okay. we'll do some running for office, cruz crunches. hitting the obliques with our right knee to left elbow, left knee to right elbow. there you go. that will tone your middle. >> how does it feel, ted? >> great. >> right. it looks a little crowded. >> good posture, sitting nice and tall. sometimes he's slumping. >> governor, billionaire, you guys still in shape? still working out back there? nikki, later, take a look, this
3:42 am
is hillary. of course, bernie sanders is here. he also made a lot of money with "back on the future" in the '80s with michael j. fox. he was on the road. can you work them out next hour? >> absolutely, hillary handshake hustle and bernie coming up. >> special thank you to the characters for for the incredible make-up on our candidates. they look exactly by the candidates. what's coming up? >> yes, they look exactly like them. thank you. coming up, these are the kind of police stories that usually grab the headlines. [ shouting ] [ bleep ] >> this morning, a story about police that you're going to love. pastor robert jeffers is here to explain what's happening in dallas this sunday.
3:43 am
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could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at this weekend, the first baptist church in dallas will be honoring all of dallas' police departments, and its chief of police, david brown, with a back the blue sunday. hoping to inspire churches across the united states to do the same for the police. church support isn't a one-time event. with us, pastor robert jeffers. great to have you here. you say that is needed because there are a number of people around the country who are condemning the police at a time when they need our, essentially our love. >> that's right, steve. you know, the bible says in romans 13 that law enforcement officials are ministers of god to avenge evildoers and protect the righteous.
3:47 am
i think we need to honor police. this coming sunday, we'll have hundreds of police officers along with the chief to honor them. this is really the beginning of an ongoing relationship we're having with the dallas police department. >> call itt eted -- called backe blue. other departments are calling and asking how did you do it. >> that's right. we want this spark an effort around our country to honor those who every day are giving their life and sacrificing their life on our behalf. and i might say this as -- this is just the beginning of an ongoing relationship. our church is going start offering free counselling from our counseling center for police officers and their families. we're going to provide camp scholarships to children and teenagers to camps. we'll establishing a fund that the dallas police chief can use to reward officers for exemplary service. >> that's terrific. when we teased the segment, we said the stories you usually see on the news about police, and we
3:48 am
showed a skirmish. one of the things that bothers you is the way that there are some pastors in this country condemning the cops from the pulpit. >> whenever there's a questionable action by a police officer, you subcommittee posters out on the forefront trying to garner publicity for themselves and condemning police. look, there are no perfect police any more than there are any perfect pastors or talk show hosts. the fact is, 99.9% do this because they love our country, and they're willing to risk their life for our protection. we ought to honor those and give honor to those whom are due as the bible says. >> candolonel alan west? >> hee i'll interview him. he loves law enforcement officers. if i could say for our audience, if they want like to see the service, they can live stream it sunday, noon eastern time, at >> look at you. showing off. you got a camera in the back of
3:49 am
the church. people can watch all over the place. >> that's right. >> thank you very much for joining us live. >> good to see you. all right. ahead on this friday, hillary running on president obama's record. watch. >> make no mistake about it, this is not just an attack on me. it's an compattack on president obama -- [ boos ] >> is that really a good idea? plus, how hillary doing -- so how she doing with the female vote? we'll take a look. you know we said we'd take a look at our retirement plan today.
3:50 am
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3:52 am
and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. let's talk about judgment. do we really feel confident about a candidate saying that she's going to bring change in america when she's so dependent
3:53 am
on big money interests? i don't think so. >> make no mistake about it. this is not just an attack on me. it's an attack on president obama. president obama -- [ audience boos ] >> well, sparks flew as bernie sanders and hillary clinton battle it out in brooklyn and in a debate with tough attacks that at times turns pretty personal. here to discuss this is the president of concerned women for america and the author of "feisty and feminine, a rallying cry for conservative women" penny nance. we'll talk about the book. >> thank you. >> it got personal last night. what was your reaction? >> you know, it was about what i expected. he pushed her on wall street. she pushed back on guns. you know, the one surprising thing was her full throated defense of israel which i write about in the book. i believe in supporting israel. actually, i thought she sounded more supportive than donald trump on the issue.
3:54 am
she's very unpopular. her likability ratings are very low. she has a 58% unfavorable rating with women. so she's not getting a pass with women. >> why is that? >> overall, i think hillary is complicated. she has likability issues. we have known her for a long time so the one demographic within women she does well with is african-american women. but every other single demographic, she struggles and bernie does better. >> surprisingly being a woman, people are saying she has a woman problem. she talked about women's reproductive rights. i want you to listen to this and get your reaction. >> we have had eight debates before. this is our ninth. we have had not had one question about a woman's right to make her own decisions about reproductive health care. not one question. and in the meantime, we have states -- governors doing everything they can to restrict
3:55 am
women's rights. we have a presidential candidate by the name of donald trump saying that women should be punished. we are never asked about this. >> all right. what's your response? >> that's hillary pandering to her base. she is to the left of most women -- the majority of women. she's in line with planned parenthood that abortion should be legal at any time for any reason, all paid for by the taxpayer. >> even in the last trimester? >> yes. if you ask someone, they think that the baby should have legal rights, they will never give you a time because they can never say that. the truth of the matter is, the majority of women are much more in line with my position, that life begins at conception or at least shortly after that would be their position. you know, there's a -- an amazing group of conservative pro-life women in this country and we have to find our voice. >> which you write about. this is a rallying cry for conservative women. sounds like we are desperate -- our country is desperate to have
3:56 am
a conservative voice for women. >> that's right. i believe we're at -- i call it an esther moment. in this nation, we have to find our voice. women need to speak up into the issue, to lean into the culture. we can't be caught any longer looking at our shoes when these hard issues come up. because we can discuss it graciously and thoughtfully and hopefully bring people to our side. it's too important. our children need us. generations will suffer. >> i love that,ester is a powerful story. if you're not familiar with it, read about her life. thank you so much. i wish you all the best with this book called "feisty and feminine." all the best. >> thanks. coming up, diana ross injured in a car crash. we have the breaking details for you. and it would be the first time ever the citadel may allow muslim recruits to wear a hajib. we've got trouble in tummy town.
3:57 am
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what are new york values? number one, honesty and straight talking. hard working people. it's about family. new york believe it is about family. >> we have state governors doing everything they can to restrict women's rights. we have a presidential candidate by the name of donald trump saying that women should be punished. >> by the way, if you think of bernie and hillary by the time
4:01 am
they're giving away the free stuff, the debt will be $30 billion and nobody will get a job. >> if we can't win the election, if hillary becomes the president for the next four or eight more years, the people of new york know full well what comes from that. >> i stood up against the behaviors of the banks when i was a senator. i called them out on their mortgage behavior. >> secretary clinton called them out. oh, my goodness, they must have been really crushed by this. >> funny. for those people on -- for the longest time it's republicans, well, it's too personal and juvenile, the democrats stick to issues but not last night. it's so personal. such animus between the two. >> this morn, anna is live at the colonnade diner talking to some folks about what they th k think -- hey. here she comes. >> hey, anna. >> where's your hair net? >> ainsley, brian and steve,
4:02 am
good morning to you. good morning to everybody at home. i didn't want everybody to have to look at my hair net, steve. why are you calling me out on national television. i'm at the colonnade diner here in staten island. i'm having fun with the fans. this guy said i got him out of bed because he wanted to tell everybody why he loves donald trump and it would be a disaster if hillary clinton or bernie sanders became president. come on down to the colonnade diner. we'll getting the pulse of people. >> as they have their pancakes over politics "the new york post" makes it official. they are endorsing trump for president of the united states. the daily news i believe endorsed john kasich and "the new york times" endorsed hillary clinton. >> "daily news" didn't endorse donald trump, that's shocking. i think they made a living off the anti-trump headlines. i think it's important for people outside of new york to understand how diverse it is. when you go upstate new york, syracuse and buffalo, that's one school of thought. they're waiting for -- >> different kind of voters. >> you have long island, new
4:03 am
york city. then you have the boroughs, staten island, i'm curious to see where they fall. >> and donald trump is doing very well in the city and out on long island. there was a republican gala in new york city. >> i say gala. >> tomato, tomato, it happened here in new york. 800 people that showed up, and all three of the republican candidates that are left in this race, they went to the podium and spoke. here's donald trump speaking first about new york values. >> you say what are new york values? number one, honesty and straight talking. it's a work ethic. hard working people. it's about family. new york believe it is about family. so important. we make things happen. and it's courage and community service because there's tremendous community service. new york values were on display for all to see in the aftermath of 9/11. a strike at the heart of our city and our nation. in our darkest moments, as a
4:04 am
city, we showed the world the very, very best in terms of bravery and heart and soul that we have in america. >> without ever mentioning ted cruz, essentially what donald trump has been trying to do -- now that we're talking about new york, try to make cruz pay a political price for disparaging new york values back on the trail a number of states ago. keep in mind, this event was at a hotel that donald trump rebuilt back in the '70s. megyn kelly on her program put together a focus group and they watched his comments and everybody else's. then they had this to say about trump. >> he was substantive, personable, funny. it was all the best of trump. let me finish, it was all the best of trump in one speech. that's why he's leading, not just in new york, but going forward. maryland, pennsylvania. all the way to california. >> right here in the middle. >> yes, it was a great thing.
4:05 am
i think he was hitting on a lot of valuable points and speaking about new york. as a retired law enforcement one of the things that really hit home with me was about 9/11. how everybody in the city together. the values that we have here. and how we move forward with that. i think it was great. >> go ahead, you in the green. >> the fact that this man is using 9/11 and the deaths of people to get votes is disgraceful. >> why? why? >> the woman in green -- for the most part they liked the fact he brought up 9/11. as an example of what new york values is. all playing off of ted cruz just the opposite. he opened up talking about building and -- kind of amusing. then he was on script. he seemed -- >> to make sure it's perfect. >> he's growing his message. it's been three weeks since anything controversial has happened. >> he's making the turn toward more presidential. >> and bringing in other people with a lot of experience including governor walker's campaign manager. >> right.
4:06 am
well, there are -- there were some people out there that have that -- you know, anti-trump movement. david webb was talking about it earlier. about 24 people were arrested last night. most of the people protesting were bernie sanders supports. he talked to some of the protesters outside of the gala last night. listen. >> what's your main issue with donald trump? >> he's a racist. he's a woman hater. >> what about hillary, what do you think about her? >> she's a liar. >> yeah? are you a bernie supporter? >> yes, i am. >> what do you think of hillary clinton? >> i don't agree with her overall. i mean, she would be better than trump as president. >> i'm a supporter of -- because i have my issues with sanders but of every other candidate he beats them out by far. >> what if hillary is the nominee for the democrats and what if trump is the nominee for the republicans? >> i'll stay out. >> what if he loses, hillary and trump? >> anybody but trump. >> what's your issue with donald trump? >> i don't have a single issue
4:07 am
with him. i think if you speak hate speech that's fine. i defend your right to do that. >> what's your issue with donald trump? >> oh, i just don't like the guy. he's racist. >> what do you think of hillary clinton? >> i don't like her either. i just -- [ bleep ] campaign. >> i guess nobody had tests tomorrow or today. >> you think they go to school? >> good point. >> maybe they're enrolled. >> how do they have time to do that, i don't understand it. >> you have a baby at home -- >> and a job. >> good that people are that empowered, motivated. >> they have the right to othat, you're right. >> but the question is does trump try to win them over? does he go into the inner cities and start dealing with the hispanic groups, people who have maybe misinterpreted a lot of what he said about our border and taking it as anti-hispanic border or is he saying i can never win them over? >> if you think those people are going to change their mind, i don't know. david webb talked to system of
4:08 am
them. he felt essential they were programmed what to say because when you say, okay, you said he was a racist, what do you mean? they go humana, humana. david webb said this about the people who protested last night. >> most of them are people of bernie supporters from what i see. that's pretty clear. what i saw was a lot more visual profanity, a lot more audio, they were yelling thing but they never give you a full answer. they're buying the hype. this is the 140 character campaign. they go out there, they tweet about it, repeat the tweet. if you asked them what donald trump said, they'll say he's a racist, but if you ask the context about everything about the wall, they can't tell you. they're the most uninformed group. i don't know they think know they vote. they never went to any of the candidates' websites and looked at it to be able to answer an intelligent question. >> one of the things that donald trump said last night during his remarks was there are some protesters out there, but they
4:09 am
have printed signs. he would like to see people who made signs in their -- >> in their garage. >> obviously, somebody printed stuff up, handed them out to people, hold it up. hold it up. >> might have given them a lot of cash to do so. >> that's happened in the past. >> two people to condemn -- anybody republican, and anybody clinton. bill clinton and hillary clinton in the '90s they were proud of what they accomplished. whether you are or not, doesn't matter. as charles krauthammer wrote today, the clinton legacy is being destroyed by the bernie sanders people and a fear for hillary clinton people that by clinging to what they thought was success in the '90s, whether it was the crime bill or welfare reform they will lose this race. >> it will be interesting to follow that. most are the millennials, the younger generation to see what happens in the next election. because it doesn't look like bernie will be able to win. it will be interesting to find out when they get older what happens in four years. >> in particular, will that group, the people who we saw yesterday, will they be motivated to vote in november like they did for barack obama
4:10 am
twice over the last eight years. stay tuned. in the meantime, time for news, 7:10 in new york city. >> good morning. a fox news alert. this morning, four soldiers are fighting for their lives, that happened in new jersey. the wheel snapped off as they were driving on the turnpike, it flipped over on to the open top. one soldier managed to crawl out of the wreckage. the other three were trapped. people left their cars running on the highway and they used their own jacks and tools to try to free these four soldiers. they were all rushed to the hospital. one of them a female soldier lost her leg. we'll keep following this for you, bring you the latest. but we're praying for their help this morning. lucky to be alive. new this morning show showing a dramatic rescue of the baby pulled from the rubble after a powerful 6.5 magnitude
4:11 am
earthquake rocks japan. that quake leaving nine people dead and nearly 1,000 others are hurt. a cluster of violent aftershocks crumbling buildings and buckling roads. crews scrambling to find those still missing. the bible won't be the state book in tennessee. the governor just vetoed the bill after it narrowly passed both chambers of the general assembly. a sponsor said it was aimed at honoring the holy book in the state's economy as opposed to government endorsement of religion. diana ross proving that the show must go on. ♪ she was in a limousine when it was hit by an suv in pennsylvania. she complained of head and neck injuries and was treated at the scene. she tweeted, she was fine and not to worry. she performled in rhode island the noll lowing night.
4:12 am
she is 72 years old. i love that song, by the way. "i'm coming out." >> i do too. it gets everybody in the mood. >> she is a supreme singer. coming up, it would be first time the citadel might allow muslim recruits to win the hijab. we'll tell you why. and it's a terrorism story nobody is talking about. thousands of women and children kidnapped by isis and sold as slaves for as little as $10. dr. sebastian gorka back today, details the horrific tactics of isis and why every american should care. good morning, doctor. you're next on "fox & friends." i take these out...
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where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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4:16 am
and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. all right. this morning we conclude our week-long series examining siels with an inside look at the terror group and how it's using modern slavery, preying on thousands of women, and thousands of children. pack with us right now to explain the magnitude of this, and what it means is a man who knows it best. dr. sebastian gorka. chairman of the military theory at marine corps university and author of this brand-new book
4:17 am
"defeating jihad" which breaks it down for us. welcome back. >> thank you. >> we're talk about this and we're talking about slavery. why do you have sinjar and baghdad outlined? >> we are talking about the new caliphate and the islamic state and they're targeting those who they see as infidels and they're capturing them to use as slaves. >> that's when the president was about to act. we started to bomb them and what did they do? they killed some, they captured others. >> right. these people venerate angels so they're deemed to be heretics by the sunni extremists. the women are then sold into slavery, some as young as 12 to be used as a sex slave. >> here in 2014 that's when the siege happens. they take the women and children, they use them as revenue and workers and today they estimate -- because it's not stopped, isis still has 3,500 slaves.
4:18 am
all kept against their will obviously. and most yazidis or other religious minorities they're peaceful people being preyed on. >> right. this isn't an isis invention. we talk about slavery in our past, but people forget a lot of the slaves supplied were captured by muslim slave traders in africa. so this isn't a new thing with isis. they're going back to their traditions of using people as slaves. >> right. now, when you talk about slaves you also talk about those -- these people. >> right. >> the san bernardino killers. the pseudocouple that attacked. >> so we have arrested or killed 98 people linked to isis in america. these people, this woman, had a 6-month-old child. so they are looking for some kind of purpose that allows t m them -- allows them to not only do violence, but to leave their whole life behind. some form of redemption, salvation, for that they're going to be mass murderers and
4:19 am
going to sacrifice their family life. >> unfortunate there's a theory out there, that people do this because they don't have an education. but a lot had a means. this woman had a master's degree. >> he had a job at the local council, he was working for the san bernardino council. these are not people born in the refugee camps. >> have people seen enough on the news, i'm not go there, there's no more glamour our glitz? >> we we have have to publicize this. this is a horror story that must be told. >> right. you know, people come up to me all the time and they say, you know, where did this start? this war on terror, defeating jihad. you write about this, and this book is just a digestible, quick course on where we got to where we are today. and how to win this war. awesome job all week. >> thank you. >> go out and pick up this book "defeating jihad."
4:20 am
see you dr. gorka soon. coming up straight ahead, it will be the first time ever that the citadel may allow muslim recruits to wear a hijab. why that is a bad idea. and anna kooiman has been sent over to staten island. anna, what is happening? >> hey, we're four days away, all five candidates in the empire state last night. this morning we're in staten island, the coffee's here at the colonnade diner. the eggs are cooked to perfection. we're getting a pulse of the people, talking to them after the break. don't go anywhere. you're watching "fox & friends." show me movies with romance.
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity.
4:24 am
it's time for your medical headlines. a warning for those of you suffer from heart burn. listen to this. common medications like these could be linked to kidney damage. new research shows 15% of people who use drugs like nexium long term were diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. getting buzzed without booze, it is possible. according to a new study, just smelling alcohol can make a person act drunk. they say the smell, steve, can make you drink more and have a drink when you are not planning on having a drink in the first place. the study says that could be because the smell of alcohol lowers your self-control. >> okay. that explains a lot. >> right. all right. meanwhile, because the new york primary is just a couple of days away, we have dispatched anna kooiman to the colonnade diner across the water in staten island where she's talking to
4:25 am
the folks about what they're thinking about before they vote on tuesday. anna, good morning. >> you know i love to eat so this election season is very exciting for me. we're at the colonnade diner in staten island. we're talking to people and the first guest is a doctor, he's a professor at st. john's. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> thank you for being with us. he said we got him out of bet not just for the belgium waffles and the eggs, but to tell us about donald trump. >> well, first of all he's not a socialist, bernie and hillary are socialists and that's important. he's a successful business man and he's built things, okay? he can take care of the national debt. he can bring our defense in under budget and build the infrastructure under budget. i believe that's really important. when you're $19 trillion in debt that's really important. >> a brand-new poll came out saying the economy and then terrorism and health care are the top issues that voters care about. tell me what you teach at st. john's and what you think about
4:26 am
what donald trump could do for the economy. >> i teach accounting and taxation, it very important. you can't teach accounting without teaching the free enterprise system and i wrote a book, okay, how to get rid of socialism and solve the fiscal ills of the united states. that's really important. that's really important because, you know, socialism just takes away competitiveness, takes away initiative. that's what built this country. >> last night, you told me you were watching bernie sanders and hillary clinton battling it out in brooklyn on the debate stage. what did you take away? >> i took away -- i took away nothing really. bernie sanders is like a straw man. they wouldn't give him a chance to speak. i like bernie, he's honest. that's the most important thing and hillary clinton is just the epitome of dishonesty. >> she's having a hard time with her honesty and trustworthy numbers. thanks for talking to me. next up is allison and her son. how are you? >> good, thank you. >> you're a teacher. you tell me you're a registered independent. but who are you supporting?
4:27 am
>> i like bernie sanders, but i don't think he'll be in the final election. so if it comes down to a vote between hillary clinton and donald trump, i would support donald trump. >> why is that? >> i think hillary clinton already had a turn in the white house when her husband was president and i don't think she did a good job then. i don't think she's done a good job supporting new york in office here and i don't trust her. >> as a female, what do you think about donald trump and hillary clinton? they have a woman problem both of them. >> they both do, and that's a concern. but again, i don't trust donald trump far, but i trust him more than i do hillary clinton. >> okay, thanks for talking with us and enjoy your pancakes. i know you have to get your little boy to school. hey, there. how are you? tell me your name and who you're supporting. >> mike, and reluctantly hillary clinton. i'm not thrilled with any of them and she's been around the
4:28 am
white house for a good 25 years. she has a good sense of what she's getting into. >> mike, you're in retired, you were in banking. who do you think is best equipped to handle the economy? >> that's a good question. who is able to handle the economy? you have to drum up jobs, get the economy going. and unless we can invent another internet or something that gives a boom to the business, none of these people have a magic wand. who do they get? >> you say your biggest issue with america right now is how divided we are. who is responsible for that? >> i would think the individual selfishness. everybody is more interested in their own case instead of the overall health of the country. >> well, this election could give us some new beginnings. thank you for chatting us with. come down to the colonnade diner, if you're up early and you live in the empire state, come on down, we'd love to chat with you. back to you. >> first cup of coffee on anna. >> thank you, anna. coming up, it is a one of a
4:29 am
kind resource for families struggling with a medical crisis like cancer. and started by reality tv star brow now it's living on through her sister megan who works with us in the fox family. she'll join us, next. great. it's a story we have been following, a teacher asking little kids about white privilege. this morning we have a big update. trouble with schools. go ahead... leave the competition behind. lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. there's no going back.
4:30 am
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4:32 am
the new york primaries are on tuesday. you have already won your home state of canada. [ laughter ]
4:33 am
now, you're in my home state of new york city and people are still mad at you for saying you had quote, new york values. what did you mean by that? >> look, i'm not going to pander to new yorkers. i love new york city. it is the greatest city in the world with the best looking audiences in the entire world. so when i said new york values i was merely trying to say that i value new york. except i was saying it backwards. the way yoda would say it. >> i love yoda. i watch her every morning with kathie lee. >> all right, my interview with jimmy fallon is about to start. >> are you doing a lip sync battle? >> i don't know. >> well if you do a lip sync battle, i have a perfect song for you. queue the music. ♪ >> okay, donald. i'm hanging up now. >> okay.
4:34 am
>> ted, i'll face time you. >> with the portrait of himself in the back ground. that's funny. >> ted cruz got his spot on "the tonight show." >> who knew yoda was with kathie lee? >> i'm not sure that's what he meant. heather nauert knew it. yoda and hoda -- same thing. >> i have some important news to bring you out of the west coast and there's a mystery that we're following. it is now deepening this morning over the whereabouts of an ex-army ranger and his wife in washington state. patrick shawn and his wife, monique, seen right here in this picture, disappeared under suspicious circumstances from their farm in arlington on monday. the couple's pets were found roaming around free outside on their property. and their livestock had not been fed. their car's also is missing, cell phones turned off. some are saying that shawn and his wife were involved in some sort of a legal battle with their neighbors and their
4:35 am
neighbors had accused the couple of trespassing on private property. police need your help if you have information. well, the citadel, in south carolina, may soon allow muslim recruits to wear a hijab. now, that's a muslim -- that's an arabic head gear, that women wear right there. a female student put in that request, that request which if approved will be a historic move and make it the first exception to make the citadel uniform -- to change the citadel uniform in nearly 175 years. a middle schoolteacher who sparked outrage with a quiz. it asked the students about the sexuality and the gender and the teacher was suspended after several complained. she claims it was part of her lesson in inequality and diversity. the school district says it was
4:36 am
not part of the curriculum. talk about a slippery escape. an octopus named slinky escaped from his cage. the evidence, a trail of water leading from inky's tank to the six inch drainpipe that leads to the ocean. while it may sound crazy it's not first time we have an octopus make a prison break. they're able to squeeze out of tight spaces because they don't have any bones. interesting. i hope they find it somewhere. those are your headlines. let's head outside to maria molina with a look at the weather. how are things looking? >> hi, there, heather. it will be a beautiful weekend in the northeast, a lot of sunshine. temperatures are going to continue to climb over the next several days. but in the southeast, we're dealing with showers early this morning. we could see some storms developing as we head on into later on today with marginal risk of severe storms out across florida. across the plain, more widespread storm system is going to bring the threat of severe
4:37 am
weather into nebraska as we head into this afternoon and this evening, some hail and some winds. heads fun you live there. feet of snow in the mountains. well during her battle with ovarian cancer, diem brown created a gift registry that is specifically made to help hospital patients through their recoveries. after losing her battle, diem's legacy still lives on as the program continues to change lives throughout our country and throughout the world and including that of baby camden glover. he and his mother megan are here to share how it helped through a medical crisis and we are joined by diem's sister who is one of our own, megan brown, who is a booker -- who books the guests
4:38 am
for "out number." and a close friend of mine. first for those of people watching who don't know your sister's story, please tell us. >> well, she was an mtv star, she was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer and battled that for ten years. honestly a lot of people wouldn't even know it because she had such a zest for life and always on the go great energy. and she battled it three times and it came back the last time. yeah, she wasn't able to beat it. >> wow. >> but she started med gift when she was 24. mainly because -- at that age she was getting wedding invitations, baby showers. registering for blender, she looked around at hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of, you know, people were donating flowers and gifts and treats around she was like, i really want a hair wig or somebody to sit with me during chemo.
4:39 am
she didn't know how to ask it even though everyone was asking for help. >> the site takes the awkwardness away. >> they can do the calendar. they can set up when they have doctor's appointments. i just want someone to sit with me while i'm healing. they can be there for surgery. can take care of their animals. so people are able to jump in and see their calendar. >> great. >> and help out. they can obviously donate financially. a lot of burden is on families. >> it hit close to home because you're sorority sisters and this site has helped you out. what happened in your life with camden? >> well, camden the day after he was born had an intestinal globulus, and he lost 80% of the small bowel. after three months in the nicu we decided we needed a higher level of care. so we flew him to boston children's hospital and we have
4:40 am
him on an experimental drug that saved his liver and saved his life. >> wow. how is he doing? >> great. >> how did med gift help your family? >> it wouldn't have been possible to get to boston without med gift. just having med gift in our back pocket and having the people rallying around us and supporting us made the experience so much more meaningful. we felt like we had a team behind us. >> i can't imagine what that's like. you're experiencing the joy of the birth of your child, but yet the fear of what happens next. >> absolutely. it's a challenging time, and, you don't have a lot of time to think when these crises come up. so having an organization like them there to help you support you is so meaningful. we were so fortunate. >> what kind of things did you register for? >> hotels. we now travel back and forth to boston every six weeks because we're on an experimental drug. so travel is very, very
4:41 am
expensive. >> yeah. >> so that was a big thing for us. and to have family come into town to support us and stay. >> how can we help you? if people are hearing your story and they want to help you or want to go on this site? >> i would just say share the site with others. and have compassion and listen to people's stories and connect yourself with them because people often feel isolated when they're going through a crisis like this and connecting is such a meaningful place to find that. >> how do we find it? >> you know a patie friend in need, whether a car accident or als, a childhood illness, they can go on and start a campaign for somebody. it's not just a one-time donation. you become part of the support team. >> great. how is your family doing? >> good. we're trucking along. >> well, we love you. god bless you. you're in my prayers. >> thank you. i appreciate it. coming up, donald trump turning ted cruz's definition of new york values on its head.
4:42 am
>> you say what are new york values? number one, honesty. and straight talking. hard working people. it's about family. new york, believe it, is about family. >> geraldo is here to weigh in on that, coming up next. since the beginning, 1,237 was the magic number to get the nomination, but donald trump maybe able to squeak by with less than that. ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them with k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. illuminates skin with pearl optics science. your concert style might show your age, your skin never will. with olay you age less, so you're ageless.
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4:46 am
in the first time in four years that trader joe's did not rank first. sorry, guys. mcdonald's are considering all you can eat french fries. the test is expected at a new restaurant in missouri. however, the chain is phasing out their healthy wraps. made in the usa doesn't sell in the usa. a new a.p. poll found three of every four people would rather buy cheaper stuff overseas than pay more to buy something in america. doesn't matter if you make over $100,000 or less, you still want cheap. steve? >> thank you, brian. meanwhile, number wise we have been counting to 1,237 thinking that's how many delegates it takes to land the republican nomination. we have known that for a while. but could the real number be 1,100? >> if donald trump exceeds 1,100 votes he will become the nominee even though he won't have 1,237. if he gets less than 1,000 delegates then i think we're
4:47 am
looking at a contested convention that could go on for many days. >> once he said that, people started to say what is that about? joining us here to discuss is the contributor for the washington examiner, lisa boothe. good morning to you. >> hi, steve. >> so as soon as randy evans said that, people go wait a minute, are they changing the rules? >> right. as with anything in this election cycle it's complicated. but 1,237 is still the number a candidate needs to get to -- to win the nomination. they can become the presumptive nominee, meaning they get 1,237 before the convention or it heads into the contested convention which is first time in 40 years that it happens. it comes down to the first, second, third, depending on what it takes to get the candidate to the 1,237 number. >> i think he went on to explain that, okay, the number is still 1,237, but if he had 1,100, there are a bunch of unbound delegates floating around and they'd go to his column. >> you've got it.
4:48 am
that's what he meant. >> he left that important part out. shame on -- i'm just kidding. you have to get to the 1,237. if he gets 1,100, he has to get 137 out of unbound delegates. there are estimates of 150 and i believe 180 is a greater number. in pennsylvania, there's 54 unbound delegates available there. >> the thing about pennsylvania is, people -- you know this is first election cycle in my lifetime where people have been paying attention to the delegates. >> nobody paid attention before. >> in pennsylvania, the winner essentials getting 17 out of 71. up then the 54 -- then the 54 are floating around and they can vote for anybody they want to. >> and it's really important, because if you have a candidate like donald trump who gets to 1,100 but is 137 shy of the 1,237, which again is that magic number that you need to get, then you're going to be looking at some of those unbound delegates. you have people like marco rubio
4:49 am
who have dropped out of the race. he had around 171 delegates. so a lot of those delegates will also become unbound. so those delegates are targeted as well. >> interesting stuff. >> it's crazy. >> breaking it all down, lisa boothe, thank you. >> thank you. coming up on this "fox & friends" on a friday, "the jungle book" comes to life on the big screen this weekend. is it worth your money? kevin mccarthy has the verdict next. that movie looks cool. >> i can't help but notice a strange odor today. man is forbidden!
4:50 am
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4:53 am
today disney releases the live action adaptation to -- >> should be great. >> to "the jungle book." how does it stand up to the beloved animated film? >> ainsley never asks me that question, because we have a special guest, kevin mccarthy, founder of >> thank you. i'm in maui, it's 1:55, i'm rocking a jaws t-shirt, pretty awesome. you have to admit that. >> you literally dressed down for us. so nice of you to do that. you saw this movie, it looks great. what do you think? >> yeah, "the jungle book" blew my mind, jon favreau who directed films like "elf" as well as "iron man" this is visually mind blowing. epically mind blowing from the
4:54 am
emotional stand point as well. it has christopher walken and sir ben kingsley. and the leading actor is acting with cgi animals and it looks photo realistic, very intense. not for young children. it is very, very dark. >> not for young children? "the jungle book"? who going to go? >> what i mean by that, i mean, i would say 10 and under, do not go see it. i mean, definitely -- >> that's who would go. >> little scary. >> it's a well done movie, but i think it's a scary movie. i asked about the bare necessities moment which is -- exactly. where the kid is floating down the river on top of this bear. wait till you see how they pulled this off. listen to this. >> sometimes like with bear necessities, i would jump in the pool and be his eye line. if you notice in the movie he
4:55 am
gets ski gets squirted with water. i squirted him in the chest from about where the mouth would be. so i knew he could get animated by it. and he acted surprised, he started to splash me. >> it was a real scene i did. there was a lump of styrofoam with a brown carpet ontop. i'm just lying on that and then jon favreau gets into the pool. he's the head -- the director, he's the head of that big lump and it looks -- he like is splashing me and hosing me with water. >> so when you see the movie that's going to be bill murray as the bear blue. i gave the movie 4.5 out of 5. all i'm saying, not for very young children. children can see it, but be aware it's very intense. >> but the average parent with someone under 10, hey, "the jungle book," let me take them. they'll freak out? >> cover the kids' eyes.
4:56 am
>> pretty scary scenes. >> might be scared of the animals. >> you know that ainsley is really into kevin costner. he's got a new movie out called "criminal." will this help or hurt their relationship? >> it's one of the worst films i have seen in so long. >> oh, come on! >> i love kevin costner and gary oldman. this is one of the worst scripts, it's confusing, it has no direction. the into makes no sense. i gave it out a 1 out of 5. >> cut his mike! >> i cannot believe this cast was involved in this movie. skip it, skip it. >> after that he might be canceling our date tonight. thanks. >> unbelievable, come on! yeah. >> go home and watch "field of dreams" instead. >> he loves "the jungle book" which will freak out the small kids but he hates kevin costner. >> which will freak out the
4:57 am
women. >> i love kevin costner and tommy lee jones. not a great film. coming up, donald trump's campaign manager cleared of battery charges and speaking out for the very first time. geraldo is here to weigh in at the top of the hour. hey, geraldo. what are you showing us? >> trump, trump, trump. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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and $7.95 online u.s. equity trades, lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪ good morning. so glad you're dressed. it is friday, april 15th. 2016. verify that. i'm brian kilmeade. i can confirm that. >> is that for geraldo? >> yeah. we didn't say geraldo is here yet. don't give it away, girl on the side. ♪ stayin' alive, stayin' alive ♪ >> that's what you look like. >> no neck tie. the candidates take the stage at the republican gala in new york
5:01 am
as the protests build up outside. >> they're sending their worst people. who the [ bleep ] is they? who is they? does this look like a rapist to you? >> what is going on? while that was going on on the outside we'll take you to the inside to show you everything you missed. and donald trump's campaign manager cleared of assault charges. speaking out for the first time last night on fox news. >> this is a huge distraction for the campaign and never should have been. >> it might not be the end of the legal case. we'll do some splaining. and we broke the news here on "fox & friends." >> have you thought about politics, you're such a good role model. >> thank you. it's crazy, isn't it? >> well, this morning a big update on tim tebow. will he get into politics? mornings are better with "friends." thank you for joining us. ♪
5:02 am
♪ wild thing >> the bernie exercise is happening. nicky is here to get them into shape. >> is that really bernie? looks so much like him. >> geraldo likes the candidates. >> doing it one armed. >> yeah. >> almost fell over. >> like jimmy on "taxi." >> that's right. >> thank you, bernie. >> meanwhile, from indoors to outdoors, remember months ago the guys from bookatailor showed up in the smart cars and measured brian and i for the skinny suits we are wearing right now. this kid who started the company is living the american dream. he started in kiosks in a mall, it didn't work out. then he came up with the smart car idea and now jacomo, he's
5:03 am
selling suits all around the world. hi, jacomo. bookatailor right there. >> steve, a $6 million company, can you believe that? >> they'll come to your house and design a suit for you. >> come to work. he could be in geraldo's place in 15 minutes. >> these guys are wearing them. >> they look very sharp. >> they look like the bee jaes. -- bee gees. ♪ ♪ stayin' alive >> they're making fun of you. >> it hurts my feelings. >> geraldo, here in the heart of new york city. last night, a thousand protesters on the outside. thousands of republicans on the inside paying $1,000 a plate. donald trump was talking about new york values. i want to watch him, he got a good reception. ted cruz not so much. john kasich didn't know it was black tie. sorry, john. listen to this. then we'll talk about the dynamic of what went down last night in midtown. >> new york values were on display for all to see in the aftermath of 9/11. in our darkest moments, as the
5:04 am
city we showed the world the very, very best in terms of bravery and heart and soul that we have in america. the firefighters and first responders and the police officers and the port authority workers who ran up those stairs. those are new york values. >> new york city is hallowed ground. it is the site of the worst terrorist attack on united states soil. and yet, in the 15 years since 9/11, many in washington have forgotten. today when we see an attack inevitably president obama goes on national television, refuses to say the words radical islamic terrorism. >> trump trying to get ted cruz to pay a political price for talking about new york values.
5:05 am
>> i was surprised -- i was pleased that ted cruz had the courage to even show up because that room really was so anti-ted cruz. nobody was paying attention. they were eating. they were talking. something happened to his audio at some point. i thought it was sabotaged. he was really on hostile ground, ted cruz. i give him props just for showing up. on the other hand, i thought it was donald trump's best night of the entire campaign. why? it wasn't the 9/11 references he used before, the hallowed ground which resonates in new york. it was the fact that there you were, i have been around a long time. 1976, that was the hotel commodore. the hotel commodore was a sewer -- >> you mean when -- >> where they appeared. on 42nd street, junkies, hookers, filth everywhere. donald trump's 27, 28 years old. he lobbies the city to give him the rights to rehab that building, gets a 40-year tax abatement. and he converts it from the hotel commodore into the grand
5:06 am
hyatt where you had this black tie. 20 years after he does the deal he sells it for $143 million profit. so that's -- so you talk about home field advantage. there's donald trump, reminding everybody of what is his strongest suit. what -- why did we care about donald trump? he's a billionaire. >> so it was the hotel commodore, so he's going to fix america. >> so the highways and the bridges, he went down the list of all the things he's done. >> a lot of people say they like donald trump because he is loyal. we saw how he reacted to the corey lewandowski scandal. well, corey was exonerated yesterday in the michelle fields incident. this is what he said last night with sean hannity. sean got an exclusive interview with him. take a listen. >> this is a huge distraction for the campaign and should never have been. if michelle fields wanted to have a conversation, we could have had a conversation privately and not made this a story that it is today. i'm sorry that this has become the story that it is today. let me say how much i'm thankful for donald trump and his loyalty
5:07 am
in this difficult time. all the other candidates in the race asked for me to be fired, and what we saw today was that they looked at the evidence and decided there's no way they can prosecute this case and move forward. so first and foremost, i want to thank mr. trump. >> a lot of people said he should have been fired. should the people be apologizing? >> greta and i have been united on this. there was zero chance of this man being convicted based on the evidence that existed that i saw and everyone saw. there was no assault. it's shocking that the police department down in florida sought to bring the charges. the prosecutor was absolutely right not to prosecute them. because they had no chance of a conviction. the loyalty that trump showed as he's shown to me over the years, i absolutely believe it. it's one of his core values. i think it is crucial to any leader. he is no doubt about it, he is
5:08 am
fiercely loyal just as he's fiercely, you know, angry when you cross him. >> all right. couple things. the democratic debate happened yesterday. by the way, he still picked leeza gibbons over you. she came in first on "the apprentice" and not you. >> i forgot about this. he goes over to my daughter after he picked leeza gibbens, he consoles her and puts her in the big red chair. it's okay. your dad did great. >> he did say your dad did great. >> he didn't fire me. he just picked leeza. >> to show you where this debate is at. this is hillary clinton. this is from earlier, we're talking about race relations. and here is hillary clinton on i guess white people should apologize more. >> white americans need to do a much better job of listening
5:09 am
when african-americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day. we need to recognize our privilege and practice humility, rather than assume our experiences are everyone else's experiences. >> i don't disagree with her. let me just say one -- i have to take one quick detour and then i'll address that white privilege stuff. what was remarkable to me after last night was how similar bernie sanders and donald trump are on their politics. no more nato. trade deals are bad. outsourcing is bad. you know, neutrality when it comes to israel and the palestinian -- >> the system is rigged. >> the system is rigged. sanders and trump, amazing. to the white privilege thing, remember where hillary has drawn her salvation in this presidential cycle, the same thing that sunk her in 2008 when african-americans deserted her.
5:10 am
demographically, she is speaking -- i'm talking about pure politics here before we talk about the big issue. purely politically speaking, new york is a demographic reality. the whole northeast, all the states, new jersey, pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, that's a demographic reality on the democratic side. if you don't have the black and the latino group, you don't win. sanders is not going to win for that reason. all the young white kids who believe that privilege message by the way, that hillary just said, are they even registered democratic voters? if they were independents they had to change it last october. >> can't they see through the phony panderings, isn't that an insult? >> she was talking to reassure black people, i got your back. >> did she see -- >> what about this outrageous possibility that there is truth to what she says, that white
5:11 am
people do have to recognize that black -- many black mothers when their kids go out at night are more fearful of the interaction of their child with the police than they are with the crooks. you know, that is a reality and i think that by her bringing it up it's not a bad thing. particularly given the demographic practical pragmatic, ruthless politics of the moment. >> it's friday, it's geraldo. >> you're like my other family. >> toss to heather. >> heather, i saw her stop trump in the -- where was it, pittsburgh. there was no way that trump was going to walk past heather nauert. >> true. >> you have to get him to talk. >> i'll take it, i'll take it. geraldo, great to see you this morning. good morning, i hope you're off to a good day. i have a fox news alert. a massive terror takedown that took place in england overnight. police arresting four people including one woman in birmingham and another then at gatwick airport. that's just south of london. they're being held on suspicion of terrorist acts.
5:12 am
those arrests come after an expensive joint investigation between authorities in belgium. no word yet if the arrests are linked to the attacks in paris and in brussels, but we'll keep following this and bring you the latest throughout the day. a horrific accident, taking place on the home front. it now leads to four of our u.s. soldiers injured and two are fighting for their lives. look at this wreckage. here's what happened. they were driving in their humvee on the new jersey turnpike. a wheel on that humvee snapped off. the vehicle flipped over on its open top. one soldier managed to crawl out of that wreckage. the three others were trapped. people, civilians, in their cars stopped their cars, let them running on their highway and used their own jacks and tools to free the soldier. one of the female soldiers lost her leg. we're praying for them this morning. lucky to be alive, a dramatic rescue of a baby being
5:13 am
pulled from the rubble of a pow -- after a powerful earthquake rocked japan. it left nine people dead, and hurt thousands others. it buckled the roads there. crews are scrambling to find those who are still missing. those your headlines. a lot going on today. >> indeed, thank you, heather. coming up, no one wants to eat the healthy stuff at school. so should we just throw it away? the answer is yes, because if you save it, you'll be fired. that happened. we have the story. >> i did the story. >> i can't wait to hear that. and we're just four days from the primary here in new york and anna kooiman is serving up politics. right, anna? >> and pancake. >> good morning. yep, we're getting a pulse of the people in the empire state. what do the folks think about the election process so far and who are they supporting? more politics over pancakes, coming up after the break. don't go anywhere. ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
let's talk politics and pancakes. >> okay. that sounds good. >> anna kooiman has been in staten island at the colonnade diner in staten island. they love her there. we want to find out what everyone is talking about and
5:18 am
what they're eating, anna. >> i just finished my lox and onion omelet. it was delicious. i'm talking to some of my friends. i have tammy and anthony. she is retired. you used to work for the phone company. you used to work for the city. who are you supporting and why? >> probably donald trump. >> but you said that you're registered a as a democrat. >> yeah, but they don't represent my values anymore. >> why is that? >> they have moved so far to the left. it shows you the sad state of the democratic party where the only two choices are a socialist and a corrupt criminal, basically. >> so you're upset about the fbi investigation, honesty, trustworthy is a bother for you with hillary clinton? >> absolutely. the e-mail scandal gets no press other than on fox. >> okay. how about you, tammy, who are you supporting? >> probably donald trump. >> what do you like about him? >> like the fact he's out there speaking for the people. not talking about, you know,
5:19 am
illegals -- illegal immigrants coming into this country. yeah, he is, but he's -- he wants -- >> they mischaracterize. >> basically, that's it. i'm worried about the future of my children. what's going to happen. i mean, we're here. we're hard working people. all we do is pay taxes. we're left with no money after that. you know, my children, we're paying for their college education. i can't afford to pay for somebody else's education with the money that's left over. >> great point, guys. thank you so much. next up we have mary lou who is retired from education. good morning. >> good morning. >> who are you supporting, mary lou? >> i'm supporting donald trump, definitely. >> why? >> because i feel he's honest, hard working, a business man who understands the daily struggles of the american people. he's smart. he's not a thief. a liar or a cheat. and there's a difference between being smart and having those bad qualities. so i think that he would be a
5:20 am
fantastic president because he understands what scammers do and how people take advantage of the system in the government. they are the scammers, actually. >> you're telling me you think he's a real deal maker, and finally i need to get to nicole, she's a state assembly woman. thank you for coming by. >> how are you? >> i'm fantastic. thanks for asking. talk about the makeup here in staten island. >> we have a lot of blue collar civil workers, we have police officers, a lot of retirees here as well. so it's a very interesting district. great district. this district was impacted by hurricane sandy. >> you say they're fed up with government and with bureaucracy because of that, because of superstorm sandy and the aftermath? >> i think there's a lot of bad experiences with the federal government for getting the money for sandy aid, getting it
5:21 am
distributed to the local level and to the people. i think people are angry with the direction of the nation and they want a shakeup. >> which explains why this is the year of the outsider. ainsley, brian and steve. we'll enjoy some more pancakes and turkey bacon. >> all right. thank you very much, anna. more "fox & friends" after the break.
5:22 am
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some quick headlines for you. a bird flies into the plane, shattering the wind shield. the delta jet was heading from new york city to nashville when it hit the bird, forcing that emergency landing. thankfully, no one was hurt. new video this morning of an f-18 fighter jet taking off from the deck of the fighter carrier. ash carter is on board that ship as tensions are high between china and other nations as they claim the waters as their own.
5:25 am
we're lucky we didn't shoot you down. that coming from secretary of state john kerry who is slamming russia for flying warplanes feet from our navy ship. >> below the bridge wing. >> russia meantime says the u.s. is overreacting. claiming they respected all safety rules. brian? all right, thanks, ainsley. last night's democratic debate turned into the brooklyn brawl and clinton and sanders went head to head for it seemed like 70 hours. the economy took center stage as the new fox poll shows it reveals that 32% of voters feel it's the most important issue facing the country. here to weigh in is our "wall street journal" panel, james friedman, and up daniel henninger and mary tinsel is here. she's in charge of everybody.
5:26 am
this is a good time to raid the offices because we have the important people down here. i want to talk about minimum wage, they want to raise it around $15. listen to these two go at it. >> if a democratic congress put a $15 minimum wage bill on your desk, would you sign it? >> of course i would. >> i am sure a lot of people are very surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. >> you know, wait a minute. wait wait wait. come on. i have stood on the debate stage -- >> hello -- >> senator sanders -- >> excuse me. >> senator, please. >> raise it to $15 in new york or los angeles or seattle -- let's do it. >> if you're both screaming at each other, the viewers won't be able to hear either of you. please don't talk over each other. >> too late. 74 and 69, getting reprimanded
5:27 am
by wolf blitzer. mary, who is right? >> neither one is right, of course. what they're saying is we're democrats. we're for the poor and the downtrodden let's raise the minimum wage and make it harder to hire low-skilled worksers. but that exchange is interesting, bernie is pulling hillary to the left. >> did you see that, he couldn't believe it. wait a second. i had 90 debates against her, she never sounded like this. >> they sounded like a couple of auctioneers at christie's or something. so disconnected from reality. >> they want to be able to hire people and grow a business, james. >> yeah, that's what i heard her policies it's less insane. although she was talking about $15, the reason she thinks about 12, a lot of employers can't go to 15. i think it basically was a
5:28 am
moment that kind of showed her as a disingenuous politician, even though she's making more sense economically. i think he was successful in pointing out she's talking about 15, she means 12. >> if she said i'm worried about the small businesses barely making ends meet, if i force them to pay $15, it will make them go out of business. could she say that? >> no, she's supportered by the labor unions. that's why both said, well, we're for the verizon strike. bernie said last night, well, verizon doesn't invest enough in america. verizon has invested more than $30 billion in wireless and broadband infrastructure over the past two year, that's not enough? >> you saw me say mary, yes or no. she went on and on. she broke the rules. she's in charge. bernie and hillary went at it over wall street. she gave speeches that she got hundreds of thousands of dollars for and we want the text of the
5:29 am
speeches. listen to this. >> i stood up against the behaviors of the banks when i was a senator. i called them out on their mortgage behavior. >> secretary clinton called them out. oh, my goodness, they must have been really crushed by this. was that before or after you received huge sums of money by giving speaking engagements? so they must have been very, very upset by what you did. >> a big deal. everybody wants the text of the speeches. democrats, commentators, cnn. what's going on here? >> what's going on here, bernie sanders is turning hillary clinton, married to bill clinton the former centrist, right of center president, into a true woman of the left. there is no way she's going to be able to pivot towards the center in the general election. look what they're doing. minimum wage, disconnect themselves from mcdonald's, private restaurants. wall street, totally disconnected from the private sector. >> right. you know, getting to the soap opera part of this, people want to know what she said to goldman
5:30 am
sachs. >> what she said to goldman, and the fact she's gone months now and gotten embarrassed over and over again in the public events when she won't give it up -- it makes you wonder how bad it is. i think there's a moment where she's telling them she's her best friend in washington or something like that. she knows it will live on forever. >> david axelrod tweeted out, you ha to release this. >> or it's completely annan dine and people will say, why did you pay her enormous sum of money? what no democrat will talk about, having big -- too big to fail banks is good for washington. because they can suck money out of it. >> you being here is good for "fox & friends." watch them on the weekend. "the wall street editorial report" 12:30. stop putting on sunscreen and watch them instead. coming up straight ahead, the candidates have to stay in shape on the trail. the workout tips for you and the candidates next. there they are.
5:31 am
and ainsley broke the news right here on "fox & friends." tebow possibly running for office? we'll find out. a big update to this story. that's a lot of dishes& no problem. i'll use a lot of detergent. dish issues? get cascade platinum. one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo,
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5:34 am
how did you win all the delegates in colorado without anyone even voting? >> well, donald, last year the colorado state gop they voted to cancel their statewide primary and instead to hold district conventions to elect their 34 delegates. we knew this all along and i won that fair and square. >> do you know what i think? i think the people of colorado did vote but they were so high they completely forgot. [ laughter ]
5:35 am
and let's face it, anyone that high definitely voted for me, so basically, i won colorado. [ laughter ] >> speaking of impersonators, candidate impersonators we have some in front of the building in the rv. you're going to work out with them. >> the bernie burns, the bernie biceps. a cute segment. >> he's a little bernie, a little james ignakowski from "taxi." >> i'm not about fun. >> let's toss it over to heather. >> a good excuse to watch a woman bounce around in the tank top. >> she's not talking about me. >> i'm not talking about ainsley. >> you sure? >> we're having too much fun. we have a serious story to start off with today, talking about north korea. talk about a serious failure to launch. north korea attempted to fire a missile to celebrate its founder, but it was a dud.
5:36 am
critics say it's still a troubling sign the country is continuing to develop and test ballistic missiles. some that could potentially reach parts of the united states or carry a nuclear warhead. 40 years after murdering a couple in california, a former manson family cult member may walk free. a panel making that recommendation after leslie van houten's 20th parole hearing. she was a one-time homecoming princess. she was just 19 years old at the time of the killings back in 1969. the decision as to whether or not to let her go rests in the hands of the parole board and the governor of california. and have you seen this one? a frantic chimp chase caught on camera. you can see a monkey named cha-cha swinging across power lines after he escaped from a zoo in japan. look at this thing right here. officials eventually shot him with a tranquilizer gun after a two-hour run around. kind of fun to watch. but this part, disturbing when he falls. take a look.
5:37 am
well, everything is going to be okay. little cha-cha -- or big cha-cha was caught in a blanket and is doing just fine. california students protesting after their coach was fired for doing a really good deed. marine corps veteran arnold villalobos collected uneaten fruit from students at lunch time and gave it to the athletes after school. but school officials said he had to stop, and if he didn't he'd get fired. and listen to this. >> kids, they would take it upon themselves to bring me the fruit. i said, i don't want you to get in trouble. so when they would give me that fruit i would dump it in the trash to avoid getting in trouble or anything like that. >> wow. then he was fired for doing that. no comment from the school. the children are upset about that. they said bring back our coach. launching a big campaign.
5:38 am
those are your headlines. >> all right, thank you very much, heather. let's go outside. ainsley is in the rv, i believe. >> we hope. >> i am. hey, guys. yep, we're here with nicky, campaign season in full swing. that means weeks of constant traveling so how do the candidates stay in shape on the road? nicky gore is joining us now with some fitness tips. if you doing on vacation with your family or a candidate and watching. what do we need to know? >> one of the things i hear all the time, people comment and said, i didn't bring any sneakers on the trip. don't pack them they'll take up too much room, travel with them. wear them. sleep in your workout clothes. so sleep in a comfortable tank top, shorts, whatever. then you're putting on the sports bra, ready to go in the morning. >> let's talk to some of the candidates here. hillary is getting some finger
5:39 am
exercises on her e-mails. bernie, unfortunately your name starts with the "b" because this is the bane of our existence. >> feel the bern. >> the burkie works though. >> pay attention here. start off, getting down on the ground. jumping back into the plank. there you go. good job, bernie. work your legs. and jump to the ceiling. >> okay. >> give it a try. down, back, in and jump. this is my favorite fit travel move because you don't need any equipment. and it works your cardio, your muscles. and your abs. >> it's not fun, but it works. you can feel the burn. >> be careful, bernie. what do we have for hillary this morning? >> she's constantly waving and shaking hand, using a lot of shoulders so we'll do some squeezes.
5:40 am
these are called the hillary hand shake hustle. take the arms out to the side, and tap your heels. after two or three minutes your arms will start to feel heavy. your shoulders will get the nice divot in the front that we need for all the pantsuits. >> i've got the burn. make america strong! >> okay. >> let's move on to some of the republican candidates. >> okay. what do we have for ted cruz. >> crunches where we're running for our office. left knee to right arm, switch. leaning back, good posture. engaging the abs. if you go fast enough you have a little cardio there as well. >> well, you look great doing its. thank you so much, nicky. thank you to all the candidates here with us. i'm going to toss it back inside. steve and brian? >> thank you. i don't know if donald trump is in an rv, but he could also do it in the 757.
5:41 am
>> probably has a treadmill there. trump and kasich were in the back room working out. they scale fences to get into this country like this fellow. how do we send illegals back home? well, on private jets in some instances to the tune of $300,000 a day. details that will infuriate you, coming up next. you remember last year we got fitted for the high-fashion custom suits? well, the guys at bookatailor are back. ainsley, it's up next. we'll put the tape measure to her. we are? yes. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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5:44 am all it takes...... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten. there is a shocking new report that reveals taxpayers, us, are paying up to $300,000
5:45 am
every day to fly illegals back to their home countries. the kicker -- some of the immigrants are being chartered on private jets. the little fancy ones, it's true. so has government waste reached new heights? here to weigh in is peter johnson jr. what do we know? >> this is phenomenal. i was really knocked out when i saw this yesterday. so the daily mail, an english publication, they did the freedom of information act and determined that the united states government is spending $300,000 a day to deport these folks from the united states. on 767 jets once in a while. on gulf stream 4 private jets that carry like 12 people, to remove one person. so you see the numbers here. at the same time, there's been a deportation decline in america. look at 2012. >> yeah. >> 409,000 people. then in 2015, 235,000 people. but at the same time, the costs
5:46 am
keep going up and up and up. >> right. >> a lot of those folks that we deport, more than 50%, have been convicted of crimes in the past. so we see some of these illegal folks who they really are in terms of this country. but at the same time, to say, well, listen, people are trying to get by in this country. but we're going to deport people on gulf stream private luxury jets, or for so-called security purposes rent a 767 that can accommodate 250 or 260 passengers to take out one person back to nigeria, you say, well, have we lost our mind? in this country. >> well, probably. peter, why would we -- you know, it's one thing if you're going to deport a whole bunch in a big jet, i guess that makes sense. but if it's mexico, why don't we just put them on a bus and drive them down there and take care of it that way? >> you know, i don't know.
5:47 am
>> i don't know either. >> i think that's why bernie sanders is doing well and donald trump are doing well. because there's a general disgust in america for the government's waste, excess, ridiculousness. to put folks on private jets and we see it all the time. we'll see jets leaving guantanamo for people who are terrorists or would-be terrorists or world criminals, we send them back to their home country. i remember a guy went back to england, england had to pay millions of dollars to bring him back and pay him benefits and flew him back in the private jet across the pond. >> if we have some people who are in this country illegally, we call that country, mexico, whatever, and just say, hey, we have some of your people. you come and get them. >> there's a balancing test. donald trump is talking about more and more deportations. now concomitantly the costs will go up in terms of the cost of the deportations.
5:48 am
the $300,000 a day, i think it's small. i don't think it's the real number. well, try -- >> i think it's higher. >> i think it's higher than that. that's what "the daily mail" got in terms of the freedom of information act. they say the average cost in terms of the average is $2,000 each. $2,000 each. just to send folks back home, on the ticket home. >> would have been easier to stop them at the border. >> who knows what they cost while they were here. >> no kidding. peter johnson jr., thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> that's an eye opener. coming up, last year we got fitted for custom suits that don't bust the bank. they're custom fit and the guys from bookatailor are back and ainsley is getting measured today. plus, she has a surprise for everybody at home. let's check in with martha mccollum for a preview of what's happening in ten minutes.
5:49 am
>> you guys look great. coming up, we have the battle in new york. wow. has this played out last night. it was on the debate stage and on stage at the black tie dinner as well. ted cruz got a cool reception, trump talked new york values. but wait till you see the latest poll numbers that we have for you today. and corey lewandowski speaks out. you'll hear that and the trump backlash that is happening on campuses. what's happening to freedom of speech? bill and i will see you at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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last time they were here with their smart cars, bookatailor left brian and i looking snazzy. >> i would say sexy. >> ready for the unveil?
5:53 am
>> yes. >> ladies and gentlemen, bookatailor, brian and steve, 2016. >> oh, wow! wow. >> look at you. >> okay. brian, steve, how do you guys feel? >> i feel -- >> we feel skinnier because they're skinny too. >> well, you guys look hot. >> they're back to introduce a brand-new woman's line and we brought a woman, ainsley, for a suit of her own. welcome back, jacomo. >> thank you. >> jacomo hakim, ceo of bookatailor. your dad said get a job, he gave you swatch books, and how did that turn out? >> well, we started out after we opened up a dozen show rooms nationwide, we decided to take it one step further. i took the idea and the concept to the mall. said let's put it in the kiosk in the mall. i thought it would be great, but
5:54 am
i lost a lot of time and money on that project, and instead of that letting hold me back, i sailed what were the mistake -- i said what were the mistakes? you're not going to come do me, i'm going to come to you. >> and you have some of the smart cars. they will go to your location here in new york city and across the country you have locations as well. >> exactly. >> anybody can sell a suit, but these are fitted suits. n right now. we don't have time to go to the mall. you come to the guys. >> exactly. convenience is what the consumer wants today. >> now you're offering franchise with the smart car, bookatailor. how many franchises did you sell? >> last time on the show, we sold six. >> if you want to do it in the hometown, we'll bring you the cars and the swatches and everything. >> you're branching out in the ladies -- >> this looks amazing. i need a length measurement. >> you come to my house and you measure. a pantsuit -- >> we'll make you a skirt today
5:55 am
as well. >> okay. >> go to and they'll come to you. i love this outfit. this is my look. i love this. >> what about the vest? look at jamie's vest. >> come over. >> show her the vest. >> look at the vest. >> almost put on a shirt today. >> here's the thing, today is april 15th. this is the day we give our shirt off our back to uncle sam. you have a deal for "fox & friends" viewers, right? >> definitely. all "fox & friends" viewers can go to and you get a 10% discount if you make an appointment. >> or go to our website and we'll link you over. >> by the time you pop up the hatch back, how long until i get the suit? >> about four weeks. >> they found a manufacturer in bangkok. >> we went there and opened up
5:56 am
our own. >> in the spirit of donald trump what is your slogan? >> so donald trump wants to make america great. we want to make america look good again. >> what a great slogan. >> what a great american story. 26-year-old millionaire. i'm proud of you. >> we can't wait to see your outfit, ainsley. coming up, we broke the news right here on "fox & friends." tim tebow possibly running for office. this morning, we have a huge update. >> it's book a tebow. ♪ (cat meows) flea bites can mean misery for your cat. advantage® ii monthly topical kills fleas through contact. fleas do not have to bite your cat to die. advantage® ii. fight the misery
5:57 am
of biting fleas.
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6:00 am
intriguing. >> so lawmakers are approaching a run for congress, after a surprise retirement from the congressman. >> in his area. and you heard it here first. bill: there has been another bust on taishor overseas at london's gatwick airport. it feels like summer outside. martha: april in new york. hi, i'm martha maccallum. this is quite a story. new arrests said to be the result of a joint investigation by french and belgium authorities. no word on if they are


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