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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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unafraid. make it a great weekend. remember, rising threat, shrinking military, reairs this sunday, 8:00 and 11:00. in case you missed it first time around. and by the way, here comes greta. >> tonight, "on the record," donald trump is in connecticut. and the g.o.p. frontrunner is about to take the stage in front of a packed house of thousands of his fans. outside the connecticut convention center anti-trump protesters and they have been lining up for hours. "on the record" has live team coverage inside the event to outside the event where the protesters are waving their sign. it all kicks off inside fox news national correspondent john roberts. john? >> and this is a rare occasion, greta. where donald trump is absolutely on time here at the convention center in downtown hartford. probably 6,000 or 7,000 people jammed in here. of the police said they were expecting about 8,000. after tonight justqx three more days until people go to
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the polls in new york city where donald trump holds a huge lead over second place running john kasich and third place ted cruz. 36 points ahead of ted cruz. donald trump is not letting up at all. you have think a candidate with that kind of a lead would coast to victory. trump is not doing that. the reason is he not doing it is because of the way that they give outline the delegates in new york state. if he goes above 50% in the state, he gets all of the at large delegates. if he goes above 50% in the congressional district, he gets all three of those delegates per congressional district. that is his plan. because he wants to come out of new york state into the next five contests on the 26th. connecticut, maryland, rhode island and delaware with a big head of steam on and turn back this narrative that ted cruz has been winning everything. you probably saw today as well that op-ed in the "wall street journal" where donald trump said if he is elected president and becomes the de facto leader of the party, is he going to work with the rnc to change the rules regarding how the delegates
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are selected. is he very unhappy about what happened in colorado. we did see a small protested group out in front of the state capitol today protesting there was no popular vote. delegates were selected by party officials. not happy with that really, what this is all designed to do is promote some sort of change between now and the convention, greta, it's designedñ voters. donald trump and the campaign believes and if they can convince people that their votes are being taken away by the party apparatus. the angry backlash caused by that will motivate more people to go out to the polls between now and june 7th and give donald trump the 1237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination before that convention. greta? >> john, thank you very much. and outside the connecticut convention center anti-trump protesters flashing their signs and raising their voices. fox news correspondent rick lesson that you is in the thick of it, rick? >> greta, a couple hundred people here outside the
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convention center, a smaller protest crowd here in new york city last night. and pittsburgh on wednesday night. but equally boisterous with a lot of the same slogans we have been hearing. connecticut has no place for hate. say nothing to racism, sexism and bigotry. as far as the hartford police department is concerned. it wantings to make sure safe demonstration. the chief told me learned from the experiences of other cities and because of that he put the protesters right out in front of the convention but he created a buffer zone to create the anti-trump people and people here to support donald trump. they are heading inside right here, right in the line of people going in stretches inside the garage but the beginning of the line is right here to the right. and it stretches all the way down to the end of the building and then back, doubles back and goes underneath. so there are many more outside who are still waiting to get inside chief
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told me 8800. they may have to delay the event because more people are trying to get. in a crowd out here trying to make their voices heard and hope donald trump's voice will be heard loud and clear inside the convention center in a few minutes. >> is there one particular theme as to the protesters why they don't want trump there or is it everything? the theme is basically hate. there is no place for hate in connecticut. can you see the signs here. trump is a racist clown. trump makes america hate again. you have immigrant white groups here and you have people who say that trump represents racism and sexism and homophobia and bigotry and they don't like his rhetoric, greta. that's what we're hearing from city to city. they are saying trump represents hate and he has no place representingyc america. >> rick, how big is the police presence and i must say i tip my hat to the police there because it seems like a pretty good protest meaning that there doesn't seem to be any trouble. people are just protesting.
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>> they didn't give us numbers, we see them on the fringes. but they have been very low key here. they want to let these people demonstrate, protest, and let their voices be heard. they are not here to arrest people. they are just here to;u make sure that people behave orderly according to the department. so far that's been the case. >> rick, thank you. and donald trump opens up a new front. it's not just big rallies and debates. today, the g.o.p. frontrunner taking to the editorial pages, writing an op ed in the "wall street journal" that leaves his usual brash behavior at the door. you know, my rallies are the safest places to be on earth. and nobody wants to report that the dishonest media will never report that. lyin' ted cruz. boy, is he going way down in the polls. he is now third. a lot of people, they tell me, i don't know, but they tell me they like trump because is he a straight talker. the honest truth, we have to be straight talkers. this political correctness
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is killing our country. it's killing us. it's killing us. >> former presidential candidate and donald trump supporter governor mike huckabee goes "on the record." good evening, governor. >> greta, how are you doing? now, i have not endorsed anybody. i think everybody believes i'm a supporter. look, i have been a defender of donald trump because i feel like that a lot of people have misrepresented his message. he beat me, so it's not like i'm putting my arms around him, you know, in an endorsing way. but, you know, he is the leader. he is the one who has captured the attention of america. >> what do you think about the op-ed -- the op-ed in the "wall street journal"? i mean he is pretty much indicting the delegates system, at least as far as colorado goes, saying things like that the nominee is coach by delegates and not by the people. >> well, is he spot on. i thought it was a brilliant editorial. what he did which was so
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masterful and frankly important pivot for him to make. the last couple of weeks he has talked a whole lot about how he has been mistreated. what he did brilliantly in this editorial was to tie his treatment from the political class to the treatment that americans are feeling from the political classst last sentence summed it up. politicians and political class have had it their way for a long time let 2016 be the year that the american people get theirs. and that's why donald trump has done so well. he is touched that nerve of people who are sick and tired of the political class running all over them. >> why in the "wall street journal" op-ed page? rally, and all the news organizations take his word, he is going to get a lot more people hearing it than who may be reading the "wall street journal" op-ed page and, frankly, do you know what i mean? it's not going to reach the demographics that he might
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necessarily want to reach. >> chances were there were readers much the "wall street journal" all over america who were spewing their blends as they read donald trump's words in the paper that was precisely the point. he took his message to the people who were ready to receive it guess what, we are talking about it tonight. all day long people have been talking about it again, it was a smart move on his part showing that uncanny savvy he has in getting the media to focus on what he is saying. >> i get his principle that the delegates in colorado choose the nominee and the delegates are chosen by the so-called party elite, not by the voters. i get that objection to it. but i don't quite understand though is that this wasn't something that was sprung on him last week. that this apparently was part of the rules and the rules were disclosed to all the candidates and i assume you as well on october 1st. so is it a little bit too late to sort of have this after he has lost those
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delegates to suddenly complain about it? >> well, look, the rules are indeed the rules. but, there is another fact about this that i think he has been right about. sometimes these rules can be manipulated. and it really means that when a person gets the most votes, you would assume well, they are going to get the delegates. but if you don't even have votes, it may be what's legal, but i think a lot ofz people would say but that's just not right. >> i got that. >> we're supposed to an election, not a selection. >> i got that. the problem is because of the timing of it that because it wasn't done last october after he lost the delegates. naturally the criticism is going to be that he might not have criticized it had he won all the delegates in colorado. i guess that's still a problem. maybe it's just his campaign was a little bit behind in terms of reading the rules of the various states. it's a timing issue that i think is going to come back to haunt him a litigation bit on. this. >> no doubt. well, look, greta. let's be honest.
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if trump had won colorado and gotten all the tells. he wouldn't have said gee, that's not fair. i have gotten all the delegates. let me give some away. i understand that in politics when you're explaining, you're losing. here is what has happened. he has made the charge that it was a rigged deal. now you have the colorado republican convention. you have the rnc and have you ted cruz trying to explain the process. they're losing. is he winning the argument. because all he has to do is to say gee, it wasn't fair. and they have to go in and explain the fine print and that's where you always lose politically is when you have to explain something. >> governor, you know, i think i agree that the whole process seems a little bit silly. every state has a different set of rules. i can understand why everybody thinks -- a lot of people think it's a pretty nutty system from coast to coast. anyway, governor, thank you for joining us. >> great to be here, greta. >> now will this op-ed have an impact on voters and what other tactical reason for the op-ed.
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susan ferrechio and from the "weekly standard" daniel halper. susan, what's the advantage to this op-ed to donald trump? >>! well, i didn't feel it was very trumpesque it looked like somebody else wrote it. use the words we hear him say when he is on the campaign trail. but it incapsulated perfectly the whole trump argument that voters are being left out. and he is there to make it about them and not about the political elite. and he basically incapsulated it all in the first sentence in the op-ed which colorado had an election without voters. you can't put it more simply than that it sounds like. >> that does sound bad. and we could top it with the fact that they had that terrible tweet that came out from the colorado g.o.p. which showed that they were gunning for trump. >> right. exactly. and it makes it look like voters were really sidelined and voters didn't get a chance to express how they felt. i think the governor really made a great point. trump labeled it as a fraud
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and now you have everyone trying to defend it which is, you know, he has really changed the argument in his favor. it was a losing situation for trump. is he turning it into a winning situation. >> let's turn to viewers. now is your chance to vote on twitter. are the delegate rules rigged. tweet yes or no using #greta. live votes throughout the show. that last sentence governor huckabee pointed out which reads the political insiders have had their way for a long time. that 2016 be remembered as the year the american people finally got theirs. which does sort of tap into his sort of the outsider or the anger of the american people what's been going on. >> totally, look, you as susan said, this does a good job framing what the debate is at one time susan pointed out donald trump is indicting the whole system. on the other hand, if you are not pro-church -- pro-trump. looks like this guy is holding his nomination hostage and either you give it to him or is he going to blow up the whole system. again, if you like the guy, and you tnk the system is
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bad, that's good. that's promising. if you think the system has yielded good results or at least has been -- has added a certain amount of stability to the american political process, i think you become concerned that somebody like that is using this kind of language in aqe way that we haven't seen a politician do before in recent. >> i don't know how you can see stability in this delegate system. i have got so many pieces of paper in front of me every time we do this because no state is the same and they all change it. and it really does look a little bit. it is so -- such a checker board of rules and regulations hard to have that sense of stability and fairness. even if it might ultimately be. >> when you think of fairness, this election really lifted the veil on the whole process it surprised a lot of people. this has been the process all along for many, many years. in fact, it was originally just delegates picking candidates and then they broadened it to include primary voters over the years. it was always a party process. >> of course here last
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august. the people were going to got ca. your questioning to mike huckabee. he didn't say anything before. as governor huckabee confirmed it would seem to him that donald trump wouldn't say anything had it gone in his favor and it does seem a bit like sour grapes. it's a quirky system. >> quirky, do you know what the viewers say. they say 85% rigid. you say quirky. yours is a nicer word. they say rigged. >> donald trump's argument perhaps it's rigged. this is the bernie sanders argument too on the democratic side. reince priebus and the republican national committee they are stuck having to defend the system that people have voted for and created a certain amount of stability. i'm not defending. this is where both sides are. but it does threaten to really change how everything is doneíg going forward. which, of course, is one of the big reasons people like him, obviously. >> and, of course the fact go back to that email right as soon as trump lost, they
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said they made that email to the colorado g.o.p. to make it look like it was really rig to do send that tweet out. of course, they say they are trying to investigate how that happened. but it is now what, friday night and it happened last saturday. we are still waiting. don't hold your breath. if you will both stay with us though. did senator ted cruz just compare himself to president abraham lincoln? here what the senator said next. also not just nasty on the right. getting nasa i don't know 00 democratic side. no love loss between secretary hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. that's coming up. and "on the record" continues to monitor the donald trump rally in connecticut. we will take you there live if he makes news.+/2hx [ salesman ] congrats on the new car.
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senator ted cruz defending the delegate process. cruz says delegates must be earned and the presidential candidate firing back at trump as trump continues to blast the g.o.p. process. senator cruz sat down with sean hannity for an interview that will air tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> going back to 1860, this has been one way and only one way to win the republican nomination. and that2- is you earn the votes of the majority of the delegates elected by the people. >> right. >> that has been every single election since 1860. >> lincoln got it on the third time. >> by the way, he didn't go
4:20 pm
in, using the donald talking point. he didn't go in with the most votes and the most did he goes. instead, what happened was he earned it at the convention and if you can't get a majority of the delegates to support you, you ain't going to be the no, nominee and you ain't going to be the president. >> and viewers, keep on voting at home on twitter. answer this question, are the delegate rules rigged? tweet yes or no using #greta. we will keep showing you live twitter votes throughout the show. the "on the record" political panel is back. susan, your thoughts about senator ted cruz to sean? >> is he right. those are the rules. the rules were decided four years ago in 2012. the rules are still in place. they may change them but the problem with the argument is that i don't think a lot of the voting populist cares. wait i thought we picked the primary winner. realizing rules are in place
4:21 pm
and more complicated. >> depending what state you are in too. >> that maybe doesn't seem fair to them. i think that's why cruz's argument is he is correct. he is absolutely correct. but it still doesn't really resonate the way trump's argument which is colorado just had an election without any votes. i mean, his argument is -- sounds like it's going to resonate better than what cruz is saying. >> daniel. >>@vát new factor here -- you haven't had the past had someone who said this process is bad when he doesn't get the benefit of it and obviously that's what donald trump is doing. cruz is right as susan said in the somebody's that this here someone blow up the process. >> sort of like donald trump is pulling back the curtain on what's going on. wait a second. our -- we don't vote to pick -- pick the nominee that somebody else does? i mean, that's the sort of -- i mean, donald trump,
4:22 pm
and obvious to everybody. no one paid that much attention to it until now. >> now that they are paying attention. the sense i get from the republican national committee is that they are listening. they are still saying, look, these are the rules. i have heard them tilt a little bit toward the idea that they're not going to try to bring in an outsider, for instance. we are already trying to down play the idea of that happening. they are talking about the idea of the people of the person who gets the most delegates becoming the nominee. as one rules committee member said that the other day. >> 1237 is the majority? >> or i heard one rules committee member say as long as he gets close to that trump would be the nominee. i think they are listening, they are hearing and they know there would be a real backlash. >> i guess from my -- i have a hard time understanding how you change the rules after the fact. the rules -- the rules -- the rules committee going into the convention will be a week before the convention. i sort of think the rules should have been decided last summer. >> the rules aren't set, actually. >> get the rules before you get started. >> that's another weird part
4:23 pm
of the process. the rules aren't set. the rules will be set beforedl the convention. >> long after. >> right. >> so that's a hugely like weird aspect of this whole campaign. all abiding boy these rules. >> said to give the party the most optimal control over who the nominee is democrats made rules changes in 2008 that ensured barack obama would get the nomination. and everybody forgets about that but there was. >> super super delegates with the democrats. all of a sudden they took the super delegates in the democratic party. they take a way a lot of the control from the regular delegates. the voter's delegates. >> yeah, the party elders want control over the nominating process. >> it's back firing. >> worth pointing out that donald trump, new york will likely be the first state where he gets over 50% of the vote. he hasn't quite -- there is a lot of people on the side there is a lot of enthusiasm. there is also a lot of enthusiasm against him. this remains hugely divisive. there are plenty of people who do back up ted cruz and
4:24 pm
back up his position and say these are the rules. this is how it goes. it's crazy. it's quirky. it's strange. >> i don't think colorado is going to make that -- the delegates matter so much to him as it is the argument so potent to fill in to his sort of theme the whole entire system is rigged and we need an outsider. i think he is using that as sort of a campaign platform. >> as we see today in the "wall street journal." >> effectively, yeah, i think so. >> okay. both of you employees stay right where you are. and "on the record" is monitoring the donald trump rally in connecticut. we will take you there live if he makes news. plus, the battle for new york is on fire. and secretary hillary clinton, senator bernie sanders have plenty of fuel to poor on -- pour on those flames. that's next. nothing unleashes power...
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calls came out tonight at the democratic debate.
4:29 pm
hillary clinton and bernie sanders not shying away from con confrontation with new york on the line. >> does secretary clinton have the experience and intelligence to be a president? of course she does. but i do question her judgment. i question a judgment which voted for the war in iraq. >> senator sanders did call me unqualified. i have been called a lot of things in my life. that was a first. but if you go and read, which i hope all of you will before tuesday, senator sanders' long interview with the new york daily news talk about judgment and talk about the kinds of problems he had answering questions. i stood up against the behaviors of the banks when i was a neither. i called them out. >> secretary clinton called them out, oh my godness. they must have been really crushed by that was that before or after you received huge sums of money by giving speaking engagements? they must have been very, very upset by what you did. i am going toa k÷ release all of
4:30 pm
the transcripts of the speeches that i gave on wall street behind closed doors. [ laughter ] not for 225,000. not for 2,000. not for 2 cents. there were no speeches. [cheers and applause] i am sure a lot t
4:31 pm
>> the "on the record" political panel is back. daniel, what did you think of last night besides the fact it's just as rough and tumble as any g.o.p. debate? >> it took a year but finally there is a debate on the democratic side. bernie sanders has one last chance to become president of the united states or to become the democratic nominee. that means he has to win the new york primary next week. here is, i think the one fact that tells the big tale. hillary clinton tomorrow will be in california. i don't think she believes there is a contest anymore. i think she has internal polling that shows it's not even worth it anymore. >> he has gone, too. he went off to rome. >> he is off to rome. that's photo op. and tied to the new york primary. the california trip on hillary clinton's part has no part in the new york primary. she has mod on. it's no longer a race. >> he has some great moments. you showed them all in this clip last night. you are right. there has to be upset in new york. she is up double digits in the polls right now. 16% and real clear politics average.
4:32 pm
where you can go from here? there is not a plausible path forward for him. but, again, it's because in part she leads so far ahead estabt3&!5quuju delegates and so you watch him last night and he really hammered her on some key points that has left her vulnerable with the liberal base speeches she delivered to wall street bankers and she is not willing to release those transcripts. >> let me ask you about this. this is what i don't get. he goes after her for the goldman sachs thing. he says i stood up to the banks. the first thing i think is what did you do? he keeps saying that he stood up to them. he has been in congress forever. and did he ever accomplish anything? and if he didn't accomplish anything with all the time you had, what should you just say like i stood up to -- how should that in any way be persuasive? >> she did a good job with that last night in the debate going back and trying to get him to be specific about things which has been his big weakness which turned out daily news interview where he so poorly not able to say what he did, what he would do. >> say it tell me, does he
4:33 pm
have a record of doing it? >> well, on capitol hill, no. he is fairly new to the senate. >> he has been in congress since 1988 or '90. >> he hasn't had his name on any big pieces of legislation. that's right. some of the things is he proposing are actually really almost impossible to move real. >> i free university. >> sign into law. >> he is out there saying free college. i mean, you know, and is he telling these young people there is such a thing as free college. who does he think? not only they may not have to pay for it 18 to 22 when they get a job at 23 and pay taxes they will be paying for it. >> they love hearing the argument. we have got to give it a shot. right? >> for the life of me i can't understand why she has not been able to put him in her rear view mirror by now based on that stuff. >> spokesman for hillary clinton on television a couple days ago kind of admitted that hillary clinton wouldn't be able to win the nomination outright, she would have to rely on super delegates to get past
4:34 pm
the threshold. bernie sanders stays in to show that the system on the democratic side is rigid. not fair. >> we have heard that before. >> he is making that same argument and he is kay she is only going to win because of the super delegates and by the way she can't move to the center. >> what we call -- okay, he says it's egg rigged because she has super delegates. is it rigged when you say things like free college? is that rigged when you say things to these young voters because you know -- is that rigged or not rigged? >> well, look. >> rigged, right? >> it doesn't add displup so much in the whole system. >> is he a radical shock to the system. >> but a radical without a product. see, that's what i don'tcs get. if he just showed up last week, i would be with you. okay? but he has had this long opportunity to do something and he hasn't done something. i'm from the courtroom where you need evidence. you know, show me the evidence. >> he doesn't have any record. sometimes that can be of benefit because it's not really a trail. he is kind of new on the
4:35 pm
scene because nobody has ever really heard of him and suddenly he is running for president. he did come out of nowhere. this message that rocketed. >> socialist in congress. >> he is the only socialist and the democratic party in their great wisdom let a socialist join their party when they could have gotten rid of him by saying you are not on the team. >> and then accused of being rigged the place they are at right now. >> >> being accused of rigged right now. >> run as independent. >> which he is, he is independent in the senate. he caucuses with the democrat. >> yet they let him run on the democratic. >> the second he drops. hillary moves to the center. he doesn't want hillary to move to the center. none of the fans want hillary to move to the center. stay in the race. keep to the left so long as you can that's what you want and it's more reflective of your view even if in the end you have to settle for hillary clinton. >> susan, daniel, thank you both. >> thank you. >> and the donald trump rally just wrapping up moments to go in connecticut. there are some protests outside as supporters meet up with their protesting.
4:36 pm
up next, senator ted cruz takes the stage in rochester, new york. we're going to monitor that campaign event as well and bring you the news as it happens. and do you think the 2016 election is dirty? wait until you hear about our past. presidential historian brinkley coming up. plus, zoo worker viciously killed by a tiger. live report straight ahead. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue.
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4:41 pm
out of the connecticut convention center. it's very boisterous crowd at times. obscenities are being hurled back and forth -- donald trump and then some of the trump supporters are saying build that wall. we have seen some shoving. but@j no fisticuffs as of yet. you see police officers there on the stairs. they are hanging back. they are not getting involved at this point. they haven't tried to separate anyone. they are just sort of sitting back and standing back and observing the crowd. again, so far we haven't seen any violence but we have seen a lot of angry words being exchanged back and forth, greta. >> rick, thank you. and, of course, "on the record" will monitor these protests. and this is a fox news alert. a deadly tiger attack at the palm beach zoo. a female zoo keeper mauled to death. fox miami reporter is live in west palm beach.
4:42 pm
nicole? >> well, greta. this all happened this afternoon around 2:00. the palm beach zoo is instrumental in trying to help this endangered species. the tiger, there are 250 of them in the world. they have four of them here. well, apparently this zoo keeper, her name is stacy, she is 38 years old. some folks here even call her the tiger whisperer. she was here getting ready for what's called a tiger talk. it's a show they have every day where they talk about conservation efforts. according to officials here she was in enclosure called the night room. this is where the tigers eat and sleep. there is no access to the public here. what happened in that enclosure we're not quite sure and they are not saying. they do know at 2:00 they received what's called a code red which means, obviously, something terrible had happened. so they took about 25 pokes pokes -- folks or so. guests in the zoo herded them into a gift shop to
4:43 pm
make sure they were safe. they had to tranquilizer the tiger before they could render aid to this zookeeper, tracy, they transported her to the hospital and she later passed away. things here very upsetting for the folks at this small, but very close knit zoo and they say that this woman absolutely loved what she did. loved working with these tiger, these endangered tigers. now they are just trying to figure out exactly what happened and what will happen to the tiger from hereñpqw on in or from that -- for that exhibit. we just don't know but right now folks here at this small zoo in palm beach county are just reeling from the loss. greta? >> what a terrible story. thank you, nicole. >> what does donald trump and president franklin roosevelt have in common? you might be surprised. that's next. allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... doctors recommend taking
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obama would be like it would be the electric chair, right? the electric chair. >> we're going to work hard together. i will fight for you. i will do everything i can as your president. >> teddy roosevelt road into this town and road -- rode into washington and said with me. shake everything up. >> who loves the idea of the wall? right? >> is he going to send everybody home. it's not only unethical, it's the dumbest economic idea i ever heard of in my life. >> they wouldn't even be talking about illegal imgrant congratulation if i weren't in this race. nobody would be talking. >> you know, it's easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap62[w3 and the cap will undoubtedly be made in china.
4:49 pm
those are, of course,ñm!j4(p&c@ 2016 presidential candidates and the former president. and the video was r. sound was from the campaign trail today. if you thought this year's election was nasty, it is nothing compared to past elections. presidential historian and author of the brand new book rightful heritage. douglass brinkley went "on the record" with some of the dirty campaigns from our nation's history. >> doug, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, greta. >> and congratulations. your new book rightful heritage is a great one and certainly getting great reviews. i'm not the only one saying it's a great book. >> thanks. it's on franklin roosevelt. i spent a couple summers hide park doing research on the archives and trying to get a whole new look on our nation's only four term president. >> what do you think that he would say about today's 2016 presidential race? you know -- you have studied all the presidents. and, of course, you are deep into this president now. what would he say? >> you know, they used to say that, you know, winston churchill wqtez kind of sneak his hand into your
4:50 pm
pocket and steal a coin. if dr would jam both hands in and go big. and he got to do big ideas. big things. the whole new deal was let's plant 2 billion trees. let's guild the golden gate bridge. let's build tunnels. let's make america great again. that's sort of what you see donald trump doing doo on the republican side talking about doing big american infrastructure things. and f.d.r. always tried to be the champion of our armed forces andets great credited. bit in the book as commander and chief and really brilliant diplomacy with churchill. >> in preparing for this interview and reading the book, one of the things i read about you is you talk about the election between adams and jefferson and, of course, that caught my attention because i thought the one we had now was the most wicked. >> oh, man, greta, you go back to 1800 and just look at thomas jefferson versus john adams. they just called each other
4:51 pm
every name in the book. many people thought we couldn't survive that kind of party system, where we just attack each other so viciously. and it's a healing story in the end because in their last days of their lives, they became friends again and wrote letters, marvelous book the correspondence of jefferson and adams. sometimes rivals, even ones like cruz vs. trump or sanders or hillary clinton can become friendly and sometimes create genuine friendships. jimmy carter and gerald ford became very dear friends and bill> it's interesting because quoted as saying jefferson's camp accused president adams of having -- being hideous, neither the force nor firmness of a man and sensitiveness of a woman. adams men called vice president jefferson a mean-spirited low life fellow. the son of a half breed indian squall, sired by a virginia molato father.
4:52 pm
i thought -- i thought we had heard everything hereeu with "saturday night live" taking a couple swats at all the candidates. >> exactly. i always tell students at the point of history, greta, is to remind us that our own times are not uniquely oppressive. everybody thinks oh it's so bad in 2016. it was worse in the 19th century. all you have to do is think about the civil war. think about the battle of bull run which is where dulles airport is today and confederates won that. had you lincoln in the white house wondering what was going to happen to him. we will survive 2016. i don't think we should be too angst ridden because there is mudslinging going on. >> i regret you and i are not going to be around 08 years from now sort of back around the time fdr died we are not going to be around to read what the historians say about this election. >> they are going to point out -- i write a lot about how fdr used radio to get his message across not just fire side chats but speeches.
4:53 pm
roosevelt had a genius of talking directly to the people. you saw in 15 and 16 the power of twitter. new median forum. this social networking environment. it's happening in realtime so we haven't been able to catch up with it when bill clinton, greta, first became president in 1993, virtually nobody was sending email. by the time clinton leaves the white house, there is like a billion emails going around the world every hour. so technology moves so quickly that it takes a while for us to understand its powerful effect on presidential politics. >> well, i think in order to sort of look at this 2016 it helps to look back and you wrote the book on teddy roosevelt and new one on fdr. great new book, doug. thank you for joining us. >>u9ñ1 thanks, greta. take care. >> and you can watch my entire interview with presidential historian douglass brinkley on gretawire. head over to and coming up "on the
4:54 pm
record" is going to take you right back to)t connecticut where protesters is getting pretty heated there. [ male announcer ] love drama? don't be a yes man. [ boss ] it is a very smart plan. so we're all on board? [ paul ] no. this is a stupid plan. hate drama? go to research. price. find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama.
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and visit to learn how you can get it for free. this is a fox news alert. friction is growing between protesters and donald trump supporters out the trump event in hartford, connecticut. let's go to rick leventhal. >> greta, raucous and crazy scene outside the convention center. seven police officers behind the barricades. beyond them are the many thousands of people, 8800 total who still continuing to stream out of the convention center right into the waiting arms of these protesters very loud, very aggressive. both sides getting in each other's faces as they cross paths here outside the convention center. this something that the police department had said it was trying to avoid it put the protesters in a penned area out in front of the convention center well away from people as they
4:59 pm
were going move positions standing here at the bottom of the stairs come down. a lot of screaming matches. some shoving and pushing, a lot of chanting back and forth. so far we have seen no violence fortunately and we have seen no arrests being made. that's not to say it hasn't happened or won't happen continues outside the convention center. >> do you get the sense it is thinning or people are sticking around and it's heating grup this group right here is not going anywhere they seem to been joying the confrontation, shouting back and forth with the demonstrators. very aggressive people on both sides who seem to be relishing this moment to tell each other exactly how they feel about each other. >> apparently they don't feel very well about each other. stay with fox news.
5:00 pm
good night from washington, d.c. and go to my facebook page. or go to and see doug brinkley's full interview. good night fromxn washington. i'm sure a a lot of people are very surprise to do learn that you guys support to do raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. >> now, wait a minute, wait a minute. >> some intense moments at the democratic debate last night in brooklyn. who won? talking points will answer that question. >> is there a favorite bible verse or bible story that has informed your thinking or your character through life, sir? >> an eye for an eye. you can almost say that. >> donald trump again talking religion but an eye for an eye is not a christian tenet. we'll take a look at that situation. >> crazy people. >> i'm one of them. i was told to sit down. >> also


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