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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  April 16, 2016 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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already. you've got an insurance company. >> it bought the dodd frank law and the law didn't win. >> rich? >> it's a good pick. >> okay. vote for that. that's it for forbes on fox. have a wonderful weekend. thanks for watching. keep it here, the number one business block continues with eric and cashing in. the battle for delegates moves to the cowboy tate with the gop holding a delegate picking pow wow in wyoming today. we're hearing our campaigns can offer perks to delegates going to the republican and democratic conventions in july. all done legally to keep their support or even switch their support. >> welcome to cash aing in. our crew this week, jonathan, ed henry. alts joining us, juan williams. he has a new book out now, we the people, grab a copy. it's a great read. welcome, everybody. andrea. perks, bribery. all part of the political system. >> all part of the system and all above board, so you're not
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technically allowed to pay these delegates, buck offer them a nice steak or maybe a flight on a private jet or a weekend at a hotel or a golf resort. i don't know, maybe if a candidate owns one of those place, you know who i'm talking about, but these are allowed to go on. the problem is though and this is where it comes into question. is superpacs came into play long after sec delegate rules, so now, there's a bit of confusion, this is where you've got to have the right people in place to sure you're not praeking the law. campaigns are dance up gens that line. you don't want to cross it because attorney generals and prosecutors in tats, they are watching and waiting for candidates to screw up. i don't believe there's anything illegal going on. i think people will be charged if that's the case, but if you are a novice candidate and you don't have the right people in place, you could break the law and not even know. >> the other thing is, take this from here, but even if thaw
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break the law, one of the campaigns decides to do something that crosses the line. by the way, it's a very, very gray line. not black and white. they cross the line. it could take 15 months to prosecute it by that. by that time, that person is entrenched in a presidency. james baker is saying go back to the 1976 convention, gerald ford won in part because they were handing out ticket to a steak dinner at white house to delegates if they hang in there, so this is not new, but it stinks. to high heaven. and it's not just the perks. think about what happened this week on democrat side. colorado republicans. and we could talk about that. but the democrats found out oh, we didn't add it right. bernie sanders gets one more delegate. even if hillary clinton wins all the superdelegates in colorado, it would mean sanders might eke out a victory. they knew this for five week, didn't sell bernie sanders. they told hillary clinton's camp. when the post was about to break
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it, oh, bernie, we made a mistake. that suggests that the powerful, the entrenched inside the democratic party like maybe on the republican side, have an inside deal. even if they don't, they are giving out this impression with these deals. >> got another one for you, juan. guess what else you can promise these delegates. you can promise them a position in the upcoming administration, now, you can't say they're going to be secretary of this or that, but you can say hey, you're going to be part of the administration going forward if you vote for me. >> oh, for sure. in fact, i think there's some history here where there was an offer to the head of the pennsylvania delegation, hey, i want to make you my vice president. that's how far you can go. so, it didn't work in that case. that was reagan back in '76 when he was battling if it, but that's possible. i will say this. >> i think, go ahead, jonathan. >> there's no evidence so far in the cycle and i think the onus of proof is on people who assert the positive. that aside, there should be zero
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regulations there going to come to this. campaigns are private entities. i think they can set whatever ru rules they want, but voters don't vote based on perks. they vote based on their values, especially the delegates. so, i don't think they're going to change their minds about their principles because they get a free hotel room or a bottle of wine. >> i agree it should be an open process. want it that badly, go for it. right now, they're not allowed to do this. get involved in this enticing or bribing, what have you want to call it. so, you're saying that would be okay, too, of a corporation. >> it's funny, now, we have the republicans making a big thing about finance reform. it's irrelevant. if delegates are so shallow they will change their vote based on a free hotel room or a bottle of vodka or airplane trip, they deserve what they get in a bad candidate. >> or, just think about this for a second. not sure we're going to stop at a bottle of vodka. maybe talking about the whole
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vodka company. >> or not even that. not even that. sorry, juan, not even that. what if you say you know what, candidate a, i'm really down on my nornlg. i need about $300,000. someone like jonathan goes oh, no problem with that. these delegates are such a moral, not corruption system and the establishment, they're focused on doing the right thing. hogwash. >> now you know why it's so good to be a delegate. >> it's always good to be a delegate, always good to be on the rules committee. if you set the rules, piper calls the tune. but i'm telling you now, two thing, one, donald trump is in position if he doesn't get the 1237, but if he's within 100, 150, maybe 200, he can get this thing. that's why it was news this week when you heard a member of the rules committee say donald trump may not need to get to 1237. the second point to be made here, there's a a fight going on and cruz winning that fight in terms of persuading people to
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pledge allegiance to him if there's a second ballot at the convention in cleveland. hard, good work and i don't know how he's goidoing it, but he's doing it! can i quickly make the point, and ra talks about antiestablishment. you know, donald trump has a history of bribing politicians. he bragged about it. he says i help everyone. so, that would be the candidate i'm most worried about. >> which candidate are you speaking of? >> i feel gary johnson is the libertarian candidate. >> what if you happen to be a conservative. or someone who may be a little bit more socially liberal, fiscally conservative and you don't like the power structure in washington and want an outsider like a cruz or a trump. >> can i just yawn? bring it in here. the rnc doesn't have a specific rule for this right now.
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>> why not? they should. >> i want to disagree with one thing jonathan said a minute ago. he said principles are involved here. since when? have you been watching? it's been mean and nasty on both sides and i don't think anybody has shown their finest day here. >> it's the same reason that rich people voted for obama. they didn't vote based on their pocketbooks. they voted on based on their sense of self-sacrifice and guilt. people again, they vote their principles and their morals. they don't vote because especially the delegates, they got $500 in their pockets. >> throughout this process, you keep bringing up the establishment class. keep aing it's all about the rules. now, if there's no rule, would it be okay for donald trump, who has infie anytime amount of money to be doing this or a million dollars per delegate to get your vote. not cash. million dollars worth of what free whatever to get your vote. that doesn't technically break a rule.
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you okay with that? >> no, it speaks of robbery. ipg the people who would be most outraged would be trump supporters who would think the establishment is thwar t rrkthwr guy. eric, you've been on target pointing out the rules are pretty spongeable. they're not fixed and therefore, they can be perverted or twisted wii the powers that be or the establishment. so you're asking me, is it okay with me, you know what? play within the -- >> you keep saying rules are rules, it's not 1237. that's the rule. >> you have been all over this and really, i mean, you've been so on point on this, but also, if you're a campaign that doesn't know the rules, because you're maybe not an experienced candidate, you may actually end up breaking a rule and not know it and you know, could be the trump campaign. but they have it. >> it's that people don't know the rules can't play the game. like they say in boston. change the rules with two minutes left in the fourth quarter. >> stop. stop.
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>> coming up, nobody's changing any rules. >> forget juan for a second, also, bono saying money is the best weapon to defeat extremists, but is the singer out of tune? >> aid in 2016 is not charity. it is national security. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n,
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bono singing a controversial tune this week on capitol hill. >> the fact is, aid can no longer be seen as charity. a nice thing to do when we can afford it and when it's structured properly to qualify for that aid, it could be the best work we have against the violent extremism. >> bono wants to throw money at
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the problem. >> i think he's right. >> i think he actually is right, part of the reason why people are joining up with isis and other terror groups is because they're in desperate poverty. these terrorists con them into coming along. of course we should first battle them militarily and i would assume that in the rest of his remarks, he had a nod to that, if he didn't, he's wrong. >> kill them first, then throw money their way. >> well, make sure you deal, no, you're going to make fun of it, but here's the thing. you want to take out a bunch of cockroaches and don't deal with the problem, you're going to get more coming back. take out the terrorists, but deal with the problem. >> climate change is the real reason behind. i'm saying that eric bowling has blinders and he basically says
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let's just bomb them. i'm saying -- >> that's one thing, make rock a parking lot. start with that one. >> where am i wrong? where is bono? >> i think he's right in the sense we get foreign aid for lots of reasons, so, if one is stop terrorism, i'd want to stop terrorism. so, where, the thing is, i understand. you're instinct is don't spend money. don't reward bad behavior. okay, there's some people who say they don't believe in foreign aid at all given our deficit. >> no, foreign aid to people who are killing and beheading americans. >> you don't give foreign aid to isis or the taliban, but you've got to give it to people who might be attracted to that ideology. >> money's spongeable. give them money. >> bono's not saying and juan's not saying, everybody else int rupped him, but i didn't get a chance.
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he's not saying give aid to isis terrorists and if he is, we would all disagree. he's saying go after the terrorist, but give the other people caught in the cross fire some other option other than just picking up. >> in these countries, the priority is money and not religion. so, if you study how they're recruiting, parents are giving their young children, baby boys, a way to isis recruitment camps because they see it as a badge of honor, their son is fight ng this war. it's no amount of money because they put religion before all else. it's not a jobs problem. not a climate change problem and can bono just get back to singing? remember when he used to sing? remember that? >> a recommendation in this long list of ideas to fight extremism, violent extremisextr send them comedians, amy schumer, chris rock, borat. >> can we just stop kidding ourselves in calling it violent
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extremis extremism. it's israel a lambic extremism. the principle is not driven by money or poverty. it's driven by their ideology and donating is taxing. if you want to go help you know, the worst parts of africa, do oprah winfrey and go build a school, but the idea we should continue funding these countries, zambia, sudan, the worst countries in the world. extortion from the american. >> you're not deal iing with is. what i'm saying is all of the above. >> go after the problem with the religion. go after all of it. it's all of the above. >> it sounds like nation building. when you say we should give them -- we have given billions of dollars and it still doesn't work. >> pakistan. >> exactly. climate change issue, it's not a jobs problem. it's not unemployment. it is an ideology. when i think of bono. if you cannot convert them, you kill them.
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>> give a man a fish, he eats for a day, he eats for life. giving them money isn't going to change the ideology. this is about giving them opportunity. saying you guys live in destitution, you therefore are more suspectable to this kind of religious madness that twists islam in my opinion. >> i didn't mean to exclude women. give a woman a fish, she'll eat for the day. >> coming uchl college kids putting up a wall around their fraternities saying make america great again. by have you saying that's not so great. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. a fox news alert. good morning to you. we begin overseas in japan where the death toll has risen now to at least 41 in a massive earthquake. it was 7.3 in magnitude and hit the southern part of the country. media reports say about 1500 people have been injured and thousands are now without electricity and water. the disaster follows a 6.5 earthquake on tuesday night. as of now, troops and rescuers are racing to try and save scores of residents who are trapped in the rubble. now to los angeles. where a mountain lion caused
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some chaos on a high school campus. the big cat was spotted in grenada hills, prompting a school wide lockdown. police chased him off campus. animal control hit him with a dart. he was given a quick check up and safely released back into the wild. hopefully does not come back to that high school anymore. a fraternity at tulane causing a -- reading make america great again and trump's name on it. they apparently did it to mock him but, so many were shocked and ticked off they decided to tear the wall down. your thoughts on keep america great wall up. >> i'm offended by the name trump. by the name trump 2016. i can't believe parents pay $60,000, you're getting ready to pay for your son so your kid can
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go to school because the name trump is now a microgression. the students say the people doing it are fascist, but the ones trying the shut down the free speech, which i think we have in the u.s. today, they're the fascist, aren't they? >> on a wait list at tulane university. >> yeah, look, it all goes back to reagan, right? tear down this wall. everything goes back to reagan. >> very good. well done. what about it? >> well, this is our next generation, eric, of politicians and political advocates and insiders, they can't think. they can only lash out. and instead of being able to refute trump, they just believe that as andrea said, they have a right not to be offended and use force instead of the power of ideas. >> why is it with you liberal ak deem area types? >> well, first of all as i understand it, the fraternity got involved in taking down the
8:54 am
wall, but it was the football team and others who said you know with the kind of racist arguments that you hear from trump about mexicans are racist and thieves and keep out all the musli muslims, maybe that's what got those kids going, so i don't know. se seems might be they were standing up for what they believe. >> thank you very much. coming up, think the convention rules speak for the gop, they may be worse for the democrats.
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i want to say thanks to our crew for joining us. head over to to see jonathan's stock picks. it's time to wake up. the process for several weeks calling out the gop establishment right ner in wake of america. made it by business to shine a bright light on the rules committee and how the establishment might play games with the rules to get what they really call a fresh face into the presidential race. even though somewhere north of 80% of your votes were cast p for donald trump or ted cruz. that's just not acceptable. but something occurred to me this week. over on the democrat side, the shenanigans are even worse. bernie sanders has won seven straight states. he showed up in washington square park in new york city and 27,000 people flocked there to support their candidate. bernie sanders is winning the hearts and minds of liberal democrats, but hillary clinton is winning the nomination.
8:59 am
why? the dems have cooked the books for their candidate and superdelegates. people who pledged support for mrs. clinton no matter what the people are voting for. steve israel of new york is a democrat. superdelegate. representative. >> ed: israel has sukted he will give his delegate vote to mrs. clinton ooen if the voters choose bernie sanders. that is outrageous and check this out. in wyoming, bernie sanders beat hillary clinton by nearly 12 percentage points. in politics, 12% is a crushing vigtry, but guess who got more total delegates? hillary walked away with 11, bernie just seven. your vote is more a recommendation to delegates than a vote cast for a candidate and that's clearly not what the founding fathers had in mind when drawing up the constitution america's rule so to speak. i guess that's why the establishment types on both sides are terrified of losing.
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losing their grip on the rule book by highlighting this, i'm making no friends with the establishment class. politicians, pundits, but that's okay. your need to know exceeds my need for arooufl. stay tuned, more shenanigans to expose. new york on my mind. the 2016 gop candidates fight for the hearts and minds of voters in the empire state and it's mother loads of delegates. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton is 3,000 miles away in california with george clooney and other hollywood big wig, but that's not sitting well with protesters outside the high-end donor event. >> ordinary people can't afford $35,000 to go and hobnob with hillary clinton. >> i am highly offended by this ostentati tetentatious display . it represents everything mill n millions of americans are complaining about about our elections being bought. >> and


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