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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  April 16, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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he rallies his troops,
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hopefully his voters. 27 different congressional districts will award their delegates out and obviously, the race is on for every single one of those delegates. >> and out west, wyoming republicans are deciding who will go to the gop presidential convention in july. and one presidential candidate is poised to sweep all of those delegates. mike emanuel is in wyoming with the latest. hi, mike. >> hi, elizabeth. as you saw, donald trump did not make the trip here to casper to earn on earning wyoming delegates. instead, he is ripping the process. >> when you look at wyoming, colorado. the bosses are picking the people. the wyoming said they're doing it in order to save some cross because they didn't want to go to an election with the people. they said that yesterday and i said, wow, that's something. >> wyoming republicans are
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gathered this hour today. they'll hear from ted cruz and surrogates from the other campaigns, they'll select 14 republican delegates with the cruz campaign asking delegates to sign documents pledging their loyalty to cruz. >> this year in particular with the potential for tested convention, things can can change pretty quickly. other candidates can come in. other candidates can drop out. alliances are made. and i just wanted to make sure our to support cruz from wyoming remain with us the entire time. >> as for the process, a rule in place, there's been plenty of interaction. >> try to be in communication. back and forth. >> voted for delegates, who will
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be recommend. >> russian military, us navy ships delivered a pretty clear message. to challenge the u.s. for when ever. russian the threat of isis, especially bright lights. >> we know you worked for president reagan and we look at this big picture, what's more important, a man's temperment and vau of the world are actually his policy experience and how he viewed every issue as we go to the ballot box.
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>> you know, that's a really good question that auch gets overlooked. i work not only for reagan, but for knoxen and the beginning of administration, where they were trying to play campaign promises and reality. so i don't look anymore for those tiny little details. they're interesting, give you an indication, but i'm looking for the big, broad brush strokes of a candidate's position and i look at the three republicans. trump, cruz, kasich. i don't see a bhoel lot of dif whole lot of difference. i'm sure that cruz and kasich would say there's a huge dif rerngs it's this, it's that, but in reality, they're all going for the same thing. you know, get control of immigration. build a border. fight isis. choose economic means to fight isis. build up america's defenses so we don't get picked on my anybody and have an eye on china for the long game. >> all right, so, we'll look in terms of temperment you say is
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so important. here's where the voters come down. has the temperment sort of effectively as president in the latest news poll, cruz, yes, 61, no, 35. trump, yes 33. 65% of those say donald trump does not have a temperment to serve effectively as president. now, we'll go through a couple of their proposals. you tell me whether they're practical. ted cruz says he wants to carpet bomb isis and be tougher on putin. >> makes sense, but it's not enough. to just say you're going to have a bombing raid on isis. it's got to be a much bigger proposal. because radical islam, you can't just bomb it out of existence. you have to use economic means. you have these id logical and political means. covert intelligence. covert operations and and alliance structure. merely saying i'm going to carpet bomb them, a great sound bite, but it's not a big enough policy. >> you talk in terms of the poll issy in terms of taking on
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radical islam of economic development. that's something john kasich has talked a lot about. much more knew answered approach. how do you view that. >> here's my problem. he says well i'm going to have an alliance. i'm not going to put u.s. troops ton ground, but i'm going to have an alliance. guess what, they haven't done it and when kasich has asked to follow up, well, how is your plan going to be different than everything that's happened in the last 15 years, e h doesn't have an answer. he says, well, it will be be different. i think it's unrealistic. >> in our final moment, he said sometimes it's tough to nail down what his foreign policy comes to. when you look at isis. sometimes, it's more isolation, those kinds of things, but specifically about russia, you've got a lot of experience with the russians. we just saw them buzz a us navy ship in the past week or so fnd and if you listen to trump, his foreign policy goes to russia
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seems to be like, gooe, i'm going to get alistening with putin and things are going to be getter. does that seem like it would work to you? >> i look at all the countries we have as enemies, iran, isis, china, russia. just a lot of enemies, is there any way we can work with the russians to defeat radical islam. the other thing i'm looking at though with regard to russia, i think that we're headed for an economic crisis, a global crisis. on the level of say 2008. i'm look iing at a business mans oppose today a politician and thinking that may be the person you want there in the oval office if there's an economic crisis. >> did i just here an endorsement? >> i'm not endorsing anybody, but i'm saying there are some strengths that maybe trump brings to it that others don't. on the other hand, i look at cruz and he's had a lot of
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experience. studied the issues in detail. so the one i think is p weakest would be kasich. >> and he would take issue with that saying he served on the armed service committees. >> i knew him when he did, but i think that the nuance approach sometimes is too soft. what you need are broad brush strokes. >> indeed. appreciate your time. thank you, ma'am. democrats coming up next hour. >> thank you. rigged system. the republican system is rigged. okay, it's a rigged system. >> you hear trump launching fresh criticism at the gop's nomination process while cruz's team is getting ready to outmaneuver his rivals yet again in the delegate game. we'll have a look at how the gop comes up with the nominee, coming up. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive.
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east. john kasich and donald trump both stumping in new york. he is no wyoming speaking to republicans at the state's gop convention. he hopes to put up another 14 delegates there. he's got nine delegates at the state's convention last month and the wyoming convention is just one of a couple that donald trump is crying foul about. >> delegate system is a disaster, the way they count. it's disaster and not fair. not good and it's not good for democracy. it's not good for what we stand for. >> well, that was trump going after quote the system. just one day after he took "the wall street journal's" op-ed section, he claims the gop primary is outdated, rigged and outdated selection process, so,
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does he have a point or is the system in place, one that states not only have the right to follow, but have been doing so for decades. here for a closer look at how candidates win over the hearts of delegates and what map they follow to win is lara brown, thank you so much for joining us, professor. it's so easy to get overwhelmed, so i want to start with the republican side. we hear donald trump really criticizing the process on the other side we see ted cruz, where you can select the delegates to go to the con veng, so two very different tactics on the day here, why is ted cruz showing that he may have a better understanding of the system? >> i think what you're seeing is that ted cruz is showing that they study the rules. his campaign spends time and effort and energy to really dig into what our all of the rules at all of the state levels and who are the activists that we need to reach out to to begin
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this process of winning the primary. donald trump assumes that he could do it through the media. and that's really just a a bad a assumpti assumption. >> is that why with see ted cruz maybe in a state that's held primary sns. >> yes. because there are two steps in many states. you have a step where you're selecting the references of the general voters or i should say the voters of that party. in that state. but then you have another process where by you're selecting the delegates who will represent those preferences at the national convention. >> what would you say is the biggest unknown for voters at home. when they're in this primary system and watching and learning about new york and other states that haven't been making headlines in the elections past. what can they expect going to july that may have really not known before? are there rules we're going to learn about?
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a profoundly democratic process. what i mean by that is that if you are somebody who engages with your political party, year in, year out, when there's no candidate at the top of the ticket and you just give your time and energy and effort, you, too, can be a delegate to the national convention because that's what these delegates are. they're volunteers, they're activists, they're people who care take the party. in the times when most people ignore it. >> is the democratic process more uniform as far as state by state? we've talked a lot about the gop, but i want to ask you about the democratic side of things because we only have a couple of minutes. it is different from the gop side. they're very different the way they're set up. >> it's true. the democratic process on the democrat side is more nationally done and it is more sort of
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nationally cohesive and a lot of that has to do with how the democrats philosophically believe things should be done. really from a national base. and so, in many ways, the democrats come at this from washington. republicans on the other hand see themselves as federalists. they give a lot of leeway to their states to determine the process go from there. >> we talk so much about superdelegates. when ever we talk about the number of delegate votes, juxtapose sanders, is there a superdelegate on the republican side? >> there are to a certain extent, but thot really. there are a few states that have unbound delegates and there are also basically those who are pointed to the republican national convention by virtue of their position. but they are a very small number and they are not likely to sort of sway the vote one way or the
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other. they may though matter when it comes to voting on things like credentials or rules, can which is not the preference of the candidates. or the convention nominee. >> right, so we may not have, the republicans may not have it per se, but there's a version of them we may see in july, which is why i asked. this is another one of -- it's really interesting. thank you so much for joining us. they don't call it tornado alley for nothing. spring is bringing some serious storms to oklahoma as well as other parts of the midwest. janet dean tracking it all from the fox extreme weather center. >> yes, we have that perfect set up for not only severe weather, but heavy snow across the rockies and a lot of flooding over the next several days. we'll talk about it when america's election headquarters continues after the break. i have asthma...
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meteorologist janice dean is keeping an eye on the severe weather from the fox weather center. hi, january he ice, how are you? >> i'm good, elizabeth. people keeping their eye to the sky, and ear to the local weather stations. we have a perfect setup for not only severe weather, but we have heavy snow across the rockies and days of flooding concerns. look at your current temperatures. can you see where the trough is? 30s across the rockies, 60s and 70s ahead of the front and that's the area where we see the potential for severe storms. the snow is flying across colorado, the rockies, the foothills. where we could see several inches in the mountains. we could see upwards of 2 feet. so there are your winter weather advisories. not out of the question to see snow across this region in april. but heavy amounts of snow, of course, we're going to watch. and the potential, again, elizabeth, for severe weather and flooding over the next couple days. we will be watching it from the fox news extreme weather center. >> janice dean, thank you so
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much. >> you got it. coming up, elected officials have to do their taxes. the president is not exempt. we have some surprising details on both president obama's tax returns and one of the candidates working to take his place. and there's always room for more in space. more space in space. what's being added to the international space station, coming up. ♪
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wow! >> crunch time for the presidential candidates fighting for the hearts and minds of new york voters ahead of tuesday's primary. donald trump and john kasich hit the campaign trail hard in the state, while ted cruz looks west. he just finished speaking at the gop convention as we look live at casper, wyoming. and bernie sanders taking a divine turn, meeting with none other than pope francis at the vatican, while hillary clinton looks to hollywood's biggest stars to shine on per campaign. and in japan, a desperate race against the clock as rescuers search for survivors after two devastating earthquakes.


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