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tv   Kennedy  FOX News  April 16, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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s hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric shaun. topping the news, donald trump and john kasich hitting the campaign trail here in new york state before next week's primary. here is ted cruz rallying for the wyoming state convention. we have news on all of this action this afternoon. >> also one firefighter shot dead and another fighting for his life. how did this happen? we've got the latest op the investigation. and pope francis taking in a dozen refugees from syria. we'll tell you why he's being forced to defend that decision. first, the battle for new york growing fierce as the presidential candidates head into the final stretch with the
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state's primary just three days away. donald trump staying upstate this saturday, rallying supporters at an airport in dexter. john kasich is in new york city hitting up a deli in manhattan. texas senator ted cruz is in wyoming. republicans there gathering for the state convention which will pick their delegates for the national convention. the delegate race growing tense as fewer states remain on the board. donald trump leads the field with 744 delegates. ted cruz in second with 545. john kasich is in third with 144. trump confident he holds an advantage in this coming tuesday's contest. >> do we love our new york crowds? do we love this? man! it's good to be back! we have millions of votes more than the second person who, by the way, lying ted, lying ted,
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he's a lying guy. he can lie with the best of them. >> we have fox team coverage, mike emmanuel is in wyoming covering the republican convention there. but we begin with john roberts. he is live in syracuse, new york. hi, john. >> reporter: good afternoon. donald trump with a massive lead here in the empire state. 32 points ahead of john kasich. 36 points ahead of ted cruz who was in the unusual position of running a distant third here. donald trump hoping to get a bunch of momentum going after tuesday's primary to carry him through the following contest. if he hopes to win 1237 delegates before the convention, he needs to get 56% of the remaining delegates that he hopes that that path begins here in new york state. notice a little different donald trump on the stump in these last couple of days. acting a little more i guess you could say presidential. the speeches a little tighter than ones have been in the past. so he spoke for about an hour here in syracuse and about the
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same amount of time in new york vowing before the thousands of people who saw him today that he is going to work to unite the party and the nation. listen to this. >> ed you're going to hear this from me more and more. we have to bring our country together. we're a divided nation. we're not going to be a dwighted nation for long. and we have to bring everybody up economically and we have to stop the dividing. >> reporter: so trump hopes to have a lot of good news coming his way in the next few weeks. at the same time, though, and mike emmanuel will have more -- ted cruz hoping to hand donald trump one more defeat before new york by taking the remaining 14 delegates in wyoming. a little after noon eastern time, he made his pitch to get those 14 delegates. here is cruz. >> we're in all likelihood going to have a bat until cleveland to determine who the nominee is. i want to ask each and every one of you if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, if you don't want to hand the
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general election to hillary clinton, which is what a trump nomination does, then i ask you to please support the men and women on this slate. >> reporter: so watch for cruz in the next few hours to come out and say that donald trump has lost yet again and then arthel, donald trump hopes to bury him on tuesday. >> meanwhile, there is big news for john kasich. tell us about that. >> reporter: there is. brian sandoval is going to endorse john kasich. we're not actually sure when or how it will happen. kasich revealed that this afternoon. sandoval is a popular governor. he voted for marco rubio in the nevada caucuses. he never came out and endorsed anyone. that's a couple of big endorsements for john kasich. governor pataki of new york endorsed him on thursday night at that big gop dinner. now he's got brian sandoval in his corner. a lot of people are saying what's the path for john kasich? but he firmly believes if he gets to the convention and he is
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vowing to stay with this all the way through until july 18, if there is no nominee chosen on the first ballot, that he can in the second and subsequent ballots, get more delegates to coalesce around him and eventually push him over the top. it will be interesting to see because so many establishment figures are now rallying around ted cruz. if cruz manages to stop trump either before the convention or after first ballot, will this establishment figure stay with cruz or will they suddenly say yeah you and go to john kasich? that's why it's going to be so interesting in these next couple of months. >> it really, really is. i was just going to say, that cruz is counting on that same calculation at the convention. so we'll keep watching. john roberts, thanks. eric? >> as we noted, we are now waiting for the results of the wyoming contest. the state's republican party choosing 14 delegates today to go to cleveland in july. last month senator cruz took most of the other 12 delegates
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there. it's a controversial voting process. it's similar to the one in colorado that has been slammed by donald trump. mike emmanuel is in wyoming covering this where senator cruz was the only candidate to speak in person there at today's convention. so mike, clearly the senator putting a lot of his chips on what happens in wyoming today. what approach has he taken to try to get as many delegates as possible as opposed to the other candidates? >> reporter: no question about that. ted cruz appears to be very well organized here in wyoming, lots of signage, lots of manpower. and he clearly taught it was worthwhile coming here personally inside the wyoming state gop convention. they are selecting 14 delegates, 14 alternates and earlier they had an opportunity to hear from ted cruz. cruz has asked the supporters to sign loyalty pledges in case the balloting at the national convention in cleveland goes multiple ballot. and cruz holds his commitment to the second liberty, and land, a huge issue in places like
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wyoming. >> listen, in my home state of texas, the federal government owns about 2% of the land. we think that's 2% too much. and as president, i will lead the effort to return the federal land in the west to the states and to the people. >> reporter: that earned a standing ovation. cruz also took the opportunity to shake some hands ahead of folks here in wyoming. going to vote their delegate candidates. some personal touch here before the vote. eric? >> donald trump has been saying the whole system is corrupt and the fix is in. what about those complaints about the way they are doing business in wyoming and some of the other western states? >> reporter: we've talked to state party officials who say that these rules have been on the books since 2014. they say there have been many conversations back and forth between state party officials and the various campaigns and yet, once ken on "fox & friends"
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today, donald trump ripped the system. >> i don't want to waste millions of dollars going out to colorado knowing the system is rigged. i don't want to waste millions of dollars going out to wyoming many months before to wine and dine and to essentially pay off all these people because a lot of it's a payoff. you understand that, they treat them. they take them to dinner. they get thome hotels. the whole thing is a big payoff. has nothing to do with democracy. >> reporter: trump does have some supporters here. six on the ballot are trump supporters out of 14 that will be selected. but ted cruz has at least 30 who are committed to him. so clearly he's invested a lot of time and energy here and hoping for a big payoff soon. >> he may not even be thinking about that after the big payoff 72 hours from now with new york state if indeed he can take all those delegates. mike, always good to see you. thank you. bernie sanders also going all out ahead of new york's
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primary. the senator considering the contest in his state where he was born, a crucial contest to catch up to hillary clinton in the delegate count. sanders hoping a show of support for refugees and immigrants can help him at the polls in the melting pot of new york city. he spoke to amy kellogg about that during his visit to the vatican. >> we have an obligation and i know that there are some people in the united states, it's like no, let's mr. a wall. let's not welcome any of them into the united states. this is a global crisis. not just the united states. europe, the united states, the gulf region itself has got to help out people who are now in absolute desperation who literally have nothing in their lives but the shirts on their back. >> we get more now from bryan llenas live in our new york city news room. >> reporter: hi. senator bernie sanders believes this two-day trip to the vatican was simply something he could not miss. his campaign manager saying it simply transcends politics.
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so when asked to go speak toe vatican for a conference on the importance of a moral economy, he went. the surprise was that he met with pope francis for about five minutes this morning. some thought the pontiff wouldn't meet for fear of meddling in u.s. politics. the vermont senator says he thanked the pope for his advocating of morality in the economy. the holy father said the meeting was, quote, nothing more than good manners and had nothing to do with getting mixed up in politics. sanders with amy kellogg agreed. >> oh, no. no. absolutely not. this was -- he's not political. seeing him up close was a very wonderful experience. he's a beautiful man. he railed crates love and was just an honor to speak with him for a little while. >> reporter: meantime, hillary clinton is in california with an eye on that state's june 7 primary. she'll be back in new york tomorrow. she shows a double digit lead in new york.
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and today in los angeles, she rallied up her base. >> that's what we're gonna do on the national level, too. the national rate is 7.25 an hour. people end up in poverty. we need a living wage. i'm gonna fight to get the congress to raise the national minimum wage. >> reporter: her trip to california mainly about fundraising. sanders has outfund raised clinton for the last three straight months. george and amal clooney planned two fundraising events today and tomorrow. yesterday and today. and last night in san francisco, she raised $2 million at a dinner where two seats cost $353,000. clinton holds a big 250 delegate lead. still sanders is hoping an upset win in new york will help him win a majority of the 247 delegates up for grabs in that state. sanders will be in brooklyn tonight for a round table with reverends al sharpton, which you got to believe, meeting the pope definitely doesn't hurt him with
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latinos and catholics in new york. >> meeting the pope is a good thing no matter what. that has nothing to do with me endorsing bernie sanders. i'm a catholic. by the way, senator sanders hoping a peek at his tax returns will help sway voters his way. he shared a filing from 2014 as part of a pledge to release his full tax returns from recent years. we'll have a live report from washington in the nt hour of america's election headquarters, eric? a tragedy has occurred in maryland. a firefighter was killed and another one wounded responding to a call for help. authorities say the two men, along with police officers, were doing a welfare check at a maryland home when suddenly shots were fired. that brave firefighter you see on the right was 39 years old. he was killed. a 19-year-old volunteer firefighter was wounded in that shooting. authorities now trying to piece all of this together. will carr has the latest
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details. hi, will. >> reporter: hey there. incredibly rare for a firefighter to be shot and killed in the line of duty. it's only the second time that this has happened this year in the united states. so it certainly caught the community there in maryland offguard. authorities say that everything happened last night around 7:30 when a worried person called authorities and voiced concerns that a person inside of a home in temp hills, a suburb of washington, d.c., might be suffering from a medical condition. when first responders got to the house, the person inside was unresponsive. so police officers and firefighters tried to go through the door. that's when the person inside started shooting. the caller who initially tipped authorities off was shot as well, but will be okay. one firefighter was killed. another seriously injured. >> once again, unfortunately i've got to go before the people of prince george's county and let them know we lost another one of our brave firefighters
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doing what they do every day. they put their lives on the line and unfortunately tonight, we lost one of them. >> reporter: authorities quick to point out that the police officers who went inside the home did not fire when the firefighters were shot. a spokesperson for the prince george's county police department says the firefighter who was shot and killed was john ohmsschneider, a 13-year veteran of the department, us and father of a two-year-old daughter. you can see a picture on his locker today. it was draped in black cloth honoring his memory. also volunteer firefighter kevin swain, only 19, was shot. he's expected to survive. as for the shooter, that person was taken into custody and authorities say that either he or she, they're not releasing much information on that person -- is being cooperative. eric? >> our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and the department. thank you.
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house republicans left washington yesterday after missing a deadline to pass a budget. the fight between republican leaders and tea party lawmakers goes back to last year's deal with the white house that added billions to help agencies hit by southwest race. the log jam is a reflection of congress' low approval rating and why some voters lead toward antiestablishment candidates. now more from washington. >> reporter: it appears a honeymoon is over for paul ryan and house republicans are as divided as they were six months ago when he became speaker. the house failed to meet its friday deadline for approving a budget. many hard line conservatives still refuse to accept the bipartisan deal struck last year between president obama and former speaker john boehner, which set next year's federal spending at just over a trillion dollars. ryan said earlier this week that bipartisan agreement is now actually hurting them from making additional progress. >> part of the problem is we're
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the victims of success in that we have an agreement in law and that is taken pressure off of the budget situation. that's one of the challenges we're dealing with. >> reporter: but the white house is putting pressure on republicans to pass funding to combat the zika virus. >> you heard speaker ryan say, quote, there is plenty of money in the pipeline right now that can go to zika. i'm not sure that pursuing the normal process for an emergency like this given congress' ineptability to handle the budget is a particularly good idea. >> reporter: hard line conservatives adamantly oppose the additional spending in the previous budget agreement and congressional sources say as a result, there weren't enough votes to pass it. in reality, budgets are nonbinding and there aren't any real consequences for failing to pass them. but democrats are still blaming the failure to pass a budget on dysfunction within the gop. >> the ryan budget that severe, that destructive to working
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families doesn't go far enough for the republicans. that's why there is no budget for the deadline. >> reporter: the house could ultimately still pass a budget. but without it, they can start voting and debating spends bills after may 15. >> thanks, from washington. they had a fund-raiser in california yesterday and hillary clinton and george clooney back together again at another fund-raiser in california tonight. but you really need big bucks to mingle with those political and hollywood stars. why the price of admission to the party tonight really has some people protesting. >> also president obama staying on the side lines during the primary season. why the white house says that he's waiting to endorse a candidate. the frontrunners in both parties are way ahead in the polls for now in the new york primary on tuesday. but a victory in the empire state could mean for the rest of the campaign.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. about 150 people protesting a hillary clinton fund-raiser in san francisco last night. ticket prices for the event that included george clooney and his wife, amal, cost roughly
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$350,000. the white house says president obama is unlikely to pick a side in the democratic primary race. aides saying the president will probably wait until there is a nominee, then focus on reunifying the party. eight in ten americans saying they're dissatisfied or angry with the federal government. in a new associated press poll, many say their anger comes from a political system that they say does not seem to be working. tuesday's political contest in new york state offering pivotal prizes. 95 republican delegates are up and 247 democratic delegates are up for grabs. take a look at the real clear politics polling average. both parties' frontrunners continue to head into the primary with comfortal leads. trump is leading by 3 is points. he -- 31 points. he has over 53% to john kasich in second place with just under 22%. senator ted cruz is third at
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about 18%. on the democratic side, hillary clinton continues to lead senator bernie sanders by about 14 points. her support to sanders 39%. he's been closing the gap a bit. what will happen in 72 hours and what will it mean for the next primaries? doug schoen joins us, veteran of deck aides in -- decades in new york politics. senator sanders has been nudge ago little closer to hillary and he pulled 27,000 people in washington square park. do you think it will be closer than predicted or any possibility he could score an upset? >> it could be a little closer, but i don't think senator sanders is going to win. i'll tell you why it will be closer. there are a lot of young people that have registered. they're not picked up in the polls. first time voters and the like. but hillary clinton's got a solid base in new york. i don't think the debate really
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on thursday changed things all that much. she's got a very effective get out the vote operation to take advantage of the strength and support she has. >> let's look at the national polls 'cause it shows senator sanders has been gaining a bit on mrs. clinton. t's been the talk and he gained like eight of the last primaries and caucuses. she's at 48%. he's two points behind. he's been going up. she's going down. obviously with the super delegates and momentum, many believe in the establishment that she will pull it off in the end. what say you? >> i think she will. i think that if she wins new york by double digits, as i think is very likely, she'll go on to pennsylvania, probably have a similar result. if those two occurrences are in fact what happens, she will effectively have the math to win the nomination locked up no matter how many of the smaller
2:25 pm
contests bernie sanders should win. >> doug, you worked closely with both clintons. tell us about your view of her when she has her back up against the wall, when she's got bernie sanders nipping at her heels? >> well, she is a very tough, vigorous campaigner. she doesn't have her husband's breadth and depth and i dare say charm, but that's to take nothing away from secretary clinton. she's smart. she's focused. she's committed. i think she's run a very good new york style campaign and i think we'll see on tuesday the results of that effort. >> of course, donald trump from his perch up there on trump tower on 56th street, he's got to be surveying the scene out at central park and -- he can see buffalo almost from that office. take a look at the polls. he's just going up and up. do you think -- he's 45% right now. nationally he's above 50 some
2:26 pm
odd percent. he needs that to get all the delegates in new york. do you think he'll get above 50% on tuesday to get that magic 1237 in cleveland? >> well, couple of questions there. yes, i think he'll get over 50%. yes, i think he'll get the lion's share of the delegates that are at stake in new york. i think he'll do very well going into the other mid-atlantic states as well. but there is a big if, eric. where secretary clinton probably will lock up the nomination with a couple of wins in new york and pennsylvania, that will not be the case for donald trump because while he is winning delegates and getting close to the 56% or so of the outstanding delegates, he needs, he's losing delegates through the republican process. if he does not get the 1237, if he's 100 votes short or perhaps
2:27 pm
150 votes short, the republicans are going to try to take the nomination away from him and give it to ted cruz. i think that's clear. what donald trump is trying to do is to get as close to 1237 as he can and make the case that any other outcome other than his nomination would represent stealing the election from somebody who has the will of the people in the republican party on his side. >> man oh, man, that would be something. so finally, your prediction for tuesday in new york? trump and mrs. clinton? >> trump over 50%. hillary clinton over double digits. big, big win for the former new york senator, the new york developer. new york values, eric, will triumph on both sides. >> and you have a smile 'cause you are a new yorker through and through. >> absolutely. >> you're down there in miami today. >> precisely so. thanks a lot. >> thank you.
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pope francis gives a group of syrian refugees an opportunities of a lifetime. a chance to meet with the pontiff in italy. but now the pope is being forced to defend that decision. we're going to tell you why. and the c.i.a. reportedly working on a back up plan in case the cease fire in syria falls through. coming up, we'll talk about this so-called plan b. what it is, will it work? lieutenant colonel bill cowan is here to tell us.
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pope francis is taking on his critics. those opposing his decision to invite a dozen syrian refugees who lappedded in greece to italy and having them accompany him on his papal plane. some are branding what the pope did a political move. but the outspoken upon active maintains it was purely a humanitarian act. amy kellogg has more from rome
2:33 pm
on this. hi, amy. >> reporter: i think he was also concerned that people would judge the legality of this, or worry that he had done something really wrecklessly. these were not refugees who were among those who were slated to be returned to camps in turkey. these are people also whose documents were in order. they're all muslim and some were wondering why he didn't try to save some of the christians fleeing persecution and apparently the vatican had tried to organize a christian group, but their documents weren't in order. and i think given all the worries and issues around this whole migration debate right now, he had to be very careful. he went today to the greek island saying that i don't want you to feel alone. i'm coming to be with you to the migrants and refugees. and in fact, he ended up bringing 12 of them back on the plane with him. they were three families, six adults and six children. and the charity here in rome is
2:34 pm
looking after them initially. but pope francis says they're ultimately his guests, guests of the vatican. their homes were all bombed in syria and he said that their only privilege, other than the facts their documents were in order, is that they're children of god. as you can see, they were greeted with flowers and a lot of affection here today in rome. again, pope francis paying tribute to also the people who died at sea. he said it was -- he left for this voyage with a very heavy heart. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. the "wall street journal" reporting that a so-called plan b is in play in syria in the event the cease fire there fails. the c.i.a. and u.s. allies are crafting apparently a back up plan. it calls for more powerful weapons for the moderate rebels there to combat the syrian regime. let's bring in retired u.s.
2:35 pm
marine lieutenant colonel bill collins. and fox news military analyst. good to see you, colonel cowan. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> let's start here. first of all, what are we to make of the ongoing civil war in syria? what's going on? >> thank you for asking that question because it's the total lead in to the fact that there are two dynamics in syria right now. and they're not specifically related. one is our attempt to oust bashir assad, which resulted in a civil war that has assad's forces fighting a whole bunch of different uncoordinated, unconnected forces, some we hope are friendly to us. some we know are islamists. then there is the whole separate much of isis. so the complexity of what's going on over there is enormous. >> so then let's go to what we led with. if the u.s. is going to arm the seenian rebels with more sophisticated weapons, does that
2:36 pm
put us back at square one? how do you know who the bad guys really are? >> you know, this goes back to vetted rebels. you remember two years ago the c.i.a. had a $500 million program to come up with a bunch of vetted rebels and make them part of the moderate rebels that were going to fight against assad. that program was a total failure. at the end of the day, the entire program collapsed and in part because it took so long to find vetted rebels. so it's so ironic, you had that piece with amy kellogg. we're talk being syrians who fled syria, i'm sure we could find all the vetted rebels we need to up in europe. tens of thousands of single young military age men who are up there. i would hope. i would think that our c.i.a. was up there sifting through them trying to find some people willing to go back and fight for democracy in their own country. i don't know that that's what we're going to do. but the bottom line with these vetted rebels is we're looking at giving them much more
2:37 pm
upgraded military equipment, antitank, anti-armor weapons and shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles to wage that war against assad. >> did i hear you say that the only way to do it is bring in some vetted troops. what do you do with the guys who are there? >> well, we went -- there aren't really that many there. there are some that we hope have allegiance to us. again, we're not talking about the kurds fighting isis or the iraqis fighting isis. we're talking about the rebels that are in there. we have very little control over them. saudi arabia and turkey are funding some of it. the uae is funding some of it. it's the different groups over there. but i think the c.i.a.'s ultimate plan is number one, finding vetted syrians, which will be very difficult, but is possible. and arm them with more upscale weapons to defeat the assad forces. >> okay. before i let you go, we are getting an urgent reporting that two days after russian jets buzzed a u.s. navy destroyer in
2:38 pm
the baltic sea, it's happened again. it happened on thursday. this time the russian fighter jet buzzed an air force spy plane in the baltic sea. what's going on with this? >> arthel, that's ironic that this is all happening at a time when going back to our earlier story, syria, we are on one side of the equation in syria. the russians are on the other side of the equation with respect to assad. we're all sitting down trying to get this peace process continued working and here the russians are poking us in the eye as they did before. >> so then can the u.n. help? they're going to be brokering some sort of negotiation between the assad regime and the opposition forces. >> well, it depends. i think in large part -- first off, assad's forces are winning. where they were being terribly defeated six, nine, 12 months ago. they're winning now because of the support they're getting from the russians. i think a lot of this goes back to whether assad is willing to step aside under pressure from
2:39 pm
putin and there aren't any clear indications yet that that's exactly what putin wants. >> exactly. colonel cowan, thank you very much for breaking it all down for us and we will see you again, sir. >> thank you, arthel. the president goes to cuba. the strategy is to open up that hard line marxist communist state l. it really work? guess what castro said. no. the soviet style economy, he said, will continue, vowing to maintain that even though he lamented his nation's progress. and we are awaiting results in the wyoming convention where senator ted cruz is hoping to rack up more delegates. how states like wyoming could help him in a contested convention. we'll talk about that how fast is it? plenty fast. but it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast.'s how well you mow fast!
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senator ted cruz is trying to round up more delegates in the cowboy state. we're looking at live at casper,
2:44 pm
wyoming, where they're in the process of tallying up the votes. a victory would boost cruz' number in the delegate hunt. it also puts pressure on donald trump to lock up the nomination before the republican convention. with me now is ron nearing, the national campaign spokesperson for ted cruz for president. mr. nearing, thanks for being here. >> you bet. >> so we're waiting for them to count votes there in wyoming. but i think all indications show that you're going to probable low have a good time there in wyoming. so where i want to go next is california. i want to start with the california primary. we're talking june 7. 172 delegates up for grabs there. how crucial is california to senator cruz? and also talk about what areas you think he'll have success, a geographically and what demographic in california. >> sure. california is an example of the
2:45 pm
vision, what we've had in the cruz for president campaign and organizing in all 50 states, five territories, and the district of columbia. and we've been organizing in california since august of last year. california is a big state. biggest state in the country, about 40 million people. you can't just organize it in a couple weeks. so we've taken that time, energy and effort to organize the statewide leadership team. we announced 118 members statewide leadership team in january. senator cruz was there just this week. we had two sold out rallies in irvine and orange county and in san diego. those events were sold out just within a matter of hours. and at the same time, we announced a list of 50 republican elected officials, state and local, who were joining our campaign as well. so this goes to show the importance of grassroots organizing to win in a state the size of california. it's also a diverse state. he will be in every part of california by the time the june primary takes place. the state will play a critical role, which is something new
2:46 pm
for those of us who are californiaians. we're not louis to do having the state -- used to having the state play such a big role in the primary. we have an advantage -- >> pardon me. i know you're saying you're organized. but talk about the advantage that organization is giving you in terms of where your strengths are there in california and where you have work to do. >> i'll give you a great example of that because in california, we have to file our slate of proposed delegates. three delegates and three alternates for every congressional districtn the state. that is a huge organizational challenge which our competitors are having to waste time on that process right now. whereas we've put that process behind us and are now moving forward with the grassroots organizing that's necessary in order to reach voters. >> okay. mr. nearing, excuse me. but i'm gonna move on because you haven't answered my question in terms of where you're strengths and weaknesses are. let me move on. i'm running out of time here and i want to talk about new york. the reason why i started in
2:47 pm
california, because senator cruz is in wyoming. he's not in new york where you've got 95 delegates up for grabs come tuesday. so i wondered, do you think if in fact your candidate could win new york? obviously that would mean huge momentum, a big boost. but what's plan b? what if senator cruz does not win new york? how do you plan to recover from the hit? >> donald trump's going to do very well this new york, in his own state, even john kasich was able to win his own state of ohio. it's the only state which he has won. but what you have seen over the course of the last two weeks is that we've won about 100 -- over 100 delegates already. so even if donald trump wins the state of new york and wins every single delegate in new york, even if he does that, he will still be ahead of him over the course of last two weeks because of our success in other states like colorado and in north dakota and in wisconsin and the like. if we take a look ahead toward the rest of this process, donald
2:48 pm
trump is not going to get to the delegates he needs in order to lock up the nomination. that's just not going to happen. rapid hee moving out of reach for him. >> okay. i got to go. just got it in my ear. thank you so much. we'll be right back. thank you and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours. toujeo® also provides proven full 24-hour blood sugar control and significant a1c reduction. toujeo® is a long-acting, man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 milliliter as standard insulin. don't use toujeo® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you're allergic to insulin. allergic reaction may occur and may be life threatening.
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a legacy of the manson family continues because a california panel is now recommending parole to one of the youngest members of that notorious crime family headed by charles manson. leslie was only 19 years old when she admitted stabbing rose mary to death. they did that the night after they killed actress sharon tait. she's been behind bars for 47 years. she earned bachelors and masters degree behind bars and running a self-help program. the panel approval must pass with california governor jerry brown. he'll have say should she get
2:53 pm
out. she's turned down 19 times and the 20th is the charm. >> it serves a unique role in the justice system. review every case and determine whether people will be released. she's been in jail 47 years. she was so young at the time of the crimes. she admitted she was on drugs and under the brainwashing of charles manson. you have to look what the she's done on the inside. she graduated college. she's got a masters degree. she's apologized to the victims. she's been a model citizen and that's what the parole board looks for. you cannot hold her inside merely because of the name of this case. i feel like she's getting that type of treatment. >> let's put the famous case aside and the horrible murder. stabbed the woman 14 times in the back and scrawled with the blood on the wall. does that deserve being
2:54 pm
released? >> this decision is not final because there are two additional steps. there's a legal panel that has to decide as well and if they also agree then it goes up to the governor. the governor has recently made a decision on this. it's bruce davis. earlier this year, three time it's gotten to the governor, as he has rejected. he talks in his report about the facts that you just bring up. it's not just what she's done inside. it's also what's happened, the crime and other factors that have to be taken into consideration. >> let me read something from cory. she said this. i very much disagree with the ruling. we all need be held responsible for our behavior. the least we can do for someone who commits a crime against another human being is to keep them in jail. it doesn't end this. this doesn't end. bob, people say, yes, there's
2:55 pm
rehabilitation. you the be a model prisoner. you can do great things behinds and could become a different. at what point does society say, okay, you've murdered, you get a life sentence but now you can go free? how do we weigh this? is it fair to the victim and the victims family? >> it's the same process where you go through the trial and the jury hears evidence. this is an unbiassed board, parole board who hears anything. the family has an opportunity with their lawyers. they hear testimony like it was hearing in a courtroom. they heard what they needed to hear to recommend this. david makes a great point. this is not final. there's still two more steps she has to get over. >> what do you think will happen in. >> she's not getting out. i think the governor will reject this recommendation. when she was first found guilty,
2:56 pm
it was a death sentence. it was commuted to life. she had her case reversed. she had two additional trials and finally she was sentenced the life. also, these types of decisions happen every day in the prosecutors office. there are murder cases and prosecutors before we get the parole have to make decisions on plea offers and whether or not someone will get life or something lesser. that happens too. 30, 10, 15 at times. there are times people were getting out earlier. >> you don't think she's getting out. robert, what do you think? >> the governor has ruled against one of her cohorts that she's not getting out. >> thank you. we'll be right back. we've got trouble in tummy town.
2:57 pm
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ results of wyoming's contest coming in. it's a big win today for senator ted cruz. cruz has swept the contest in that state picking up all 14 delegates. welcome to a brand few hour of america's election headquarters. >> it's been a controversial voting process similar to the one in colorado. mike emmanuel is in wyoming rep convention. let's start with the latest. >> the ted cruz campaign is celebrating a victory here in wyoming. they organized out here. they got a lot of manpower on


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