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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 16, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ results of wyoming's contest coming in. it's a big win today for senator ted cruz. cruz has swept the contest in that state picking up all 14 delegates. welcome to a brand few hour of america's election headquarters. >> it's been a controversial voting process similar to the one in colorado. mike emmanuel is in wyoming rep convention. let's start with the latest. >> the ted cruz campaign is celebrating a victory here in wyoming. they organized out here. they got a lot of manpower on the ground.
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a lot of signage. they got all 14 delegates up for grabs. they are all smiles. ted cruz is the only gop candidate to come out here and make his pitch in person. >> let's talk about jobs. it's easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on baseball cap. the real question is do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? >> ted cruz celebrating a victory here in wyoming. it may be a different story in new york. out west he's played well. he invested time and energy here and picked up all 14 delegates up for grabs. >> let's talk about donald trump. trump is come plplaining about way wyoming and other western states select delegates. >> no question about that. he did have some support out
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here. six of the names that were on the ballot were trump supporters. the 14 that were cruz supporters were the ones that one. he did put some effort in out here. he was supposed to send alaska governor, sarah palin out here. bottom line, this morning on fox andriends trump complained about the system. >> it's ra rigged system. the bosses are peopling the people. wyoming said they didn't want to go to an election with the people. they said that yesterday. i said that's something. >> with new york on the hoe rri, donald trump decided to go there. ted cruz is celebrating victory this afternoon. >> we spoke to one of his surrogates last hour. they were talking about they already focused on california as well speaking of out west. thanks, mike. >> in the wake of ted cruz a
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decisive win in wyoming, he, john kasich and donald trump looking for the new york primary in 72 hours from now. that's where voters make a difference in the first time for a long time. trump and governor kasich hit the ground in two different parts of new york state today. mr. trump holding rallies way upstate. he was in dexter, new york. that's near the canadian border. they also went to syracuse. trump holds a wide lead in the poll over governor kasich, who is in second place. he campaign inside the new york metropolitan area today eating at an old school style deli in the city. he also nabbed the endorsement of former governor george pataki. john roberts continues our coverage. he's live in syracuse. >> good afternoon. a lot of support for donald
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trump in the upstate which is why he's been spending so much time here. syracuse earlier today and the water town. he'll be going to staten island. he's got the huge lead. 32 points over his next closest rival. 36 points over ted cruz. the reason he wants to come out with the many 95 delegates as possible to push back against this narrative that ted cruz keeps on winning the delegate contest. we saw a short time ago in wyoming and none of that a surprise to the trump campaign. now donald trump changing the narrative to say we're not playing in the delegate contest where the party's decided because it will be waste of money. listen to what he said in watertown. >> i run a smart campaign. i'm putting up my own money, so
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i'm not going to waste money. i could have had people go there four months ago, five months ago. i don't want to waste money when a boss will say we don't want trump for some reason because i'm the ultimate outsider, folks. >> trump really is on the warpath against the delegate selection process. some of these states insisting in states where the party dec e decid decides, he loses. in states where people decide, he wins. that's a point he hopes to drive home on tuesday. he shouldn't hope, because this could happen easily for him on tuesday. >> before we get into kasich, if he does get above 50% statewide,
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he gets the large delegates. as for john skak, spent a lot of time in and around the new york city area. there were a whole lot of congressional districts. he's hoping to peel off a few delegates. he was in a synagogue in long island talking about faith and asked about why he's doing them in the campaign trail. here is kasich. >> it's also about why sometimes i've said things on the campaign trial about this is not the only thing that matters to me. it's the fact that i believe life is more important than a political campaign. we're here and then we're gone. that's why i think it's important we live a life beyond ourselves. >> i can sit was believed he mie
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gone out for rubio or bush prior to the nevada caucuses. he did vote for rubio but with held an endorsement. kasich picked that up today. >> always good to see you. thank you. >> thanks. >> you've been asked for weeks and weeks to release. >> i think one is coming out tomorrow. >> which one? >> last year. >> 2014. >> yeah. >> i don't want to get anybody very excited. they are very boring returns.
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no big money from speeches. no major investments. unfortunately, i remain one of the four of the united states senate. >> senator bernie sanders making good on his promise from thursday night's debate in brooklyn. it showed a combined income of just over $200,000. the clinton's combined income for 2014 just over $28 million. what, if any impact, will this have on the race for the white house? >> this probably won't have much of an impact. sanders tax return showed exactly what he said it would show. he is one of the core members of
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the senate. in 2014 they had a taxable income of $28 million and donated more than 3 million to charity. over the last eight years they have totalled almost $140 million. so far clinton is the only major party presidential candidate who has released several years of full tax returns and it's a point she's stressed at thursday's debate. >> i've released 30 years and i think senator sanders and donald trump should do the same. >> they are very boring tax returns. no big money from speeches. no major investments. i remain one of the poor members of the united states senate.
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>> so far trump has refused to release any tax returns citing an ongoing audit and cruz and kasich have only released partial returns. we still no very little about the republican candidates finances. >> okay, we'll keep waiting. president obama releasing his federal income tax return. he and first lady reported a combined income of just over $436,000. that's the lowest amount of his presidency. they paid nearly $81,000 in taxes. also donated $64,000 or about 14.7% of their income to charity.
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leaders have failed to implement hundreds of reform changes that have failed to jump start the economy. the cuban leader talking about the relations with the united states. ast castro saying he expects a boom in tourism. can he vows it will not be abandoned despite all of his problems. colorado is getting walloped by a spring snowstorm. yep, snowstorm. up to a foot of show has already fallen as well as wyoming. more is on the way. nearly 850 flights were cancelled. they likely as the snowfall
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continues into tomorrow. really. >> we're not out there now. it's beautiful in new york city. >> gorgeous here but the poor people in colorado and wyoming. >> it does happen from april. >> we're dealing with potential for flooding and severe weather. last 24 hours incredible amounts of snow. we'll continue to see the delays and cancellations. keep that in mind. for the skiers, you're loving this. over two feet across the colorado rockies over the next couple of days into monday.
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wa warm and unstable ahead of it. no tornado warnings. tornado watches are favorable. a three-day event for our friends in texas. not only severe storms but incredible amounts of rain. that's going to lead for flash flooding especially for texas and oklahoma where some areas we could get four to six to eight inches of rainfall into tuesday. that's an area of concern we're going to watch. >> a lot of rain in those parts. bad news. you made a good point. good news for the skiers. they love you for the snow. >> i hope so. >> thank you so much. >> of course. up next, we'll fill you in on a tragedy at the zoo. investigators now trying to find
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out what went wrong after a tiger attacked and killed this veteran zoo keeper. she was known as the tiger whisperer for her dedicated work. donald trump blaming the delegate system for his campaign stumbles calling it corrupt and a rigged system. those delegates are key. if it comes down to a floor vote at the convention, we'll talk about the possible scenarios when we come back. >> this system is corrupt because the system is broken. the bosses are picking the delegates. it's a very bad thing. ♪
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a zoo keeper was killed by a tiger at the zoo yesterday afternoon. officials say the 13-year-old male tiger attacked 38-year-old stacy inside a contained area away from public view. rescue workers had to tranquilize the tiger and had to wait for the drugs to take effect. she worked at the zoo for three years and had extensive experience with tigers. it doesnhe did anything out of ordinary in
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caring for the tiger. it's not clear at this time what provoked the take. her husband is also a trainer at the zoo. >> very sad. we talk about politics again. a big win in new york on tuesday could breathe new life into donald trump's campaign. it's hit a series of road blocks revealing failures on the grass roots level of the trump campaign. trump blames the system saying it's rigged against him. either way if he fails to reach the magic number by june, which is 1,237, the nomination will be decided on the convention floor. those organization failures may have already decided the fate of the trump campaign. susan, good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> at this point not only is it a numbers game for trump, it's a strategy game telling his voters
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the rnc delegate race is phony or rigged. what is this message more about? is it reminding voters to not take any of the remaining primaries for granted or is trump laying the ground work to suggest the election was stolen from him should he lose the nomination in. >> i think he's doing both. i think the whole system of delegates picking has caught him flat footed. he hasn't been as organized as ted cruz. sweeping up many of these delegates. trump wrote an editorial about what happened this colorado where ted cruz swept that delegate contest. trump said colorado had an election without any voters. that's a very simple but
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powerful message. in i don't win, maybe you should protest the way this is being done. i think his message is directed at republican party officials, who at this moment, still have so much say in what will happen going forward. if they want to prevent donald trump from getting the nomination, they can find way to change the rules around and make it very difficult for him to do so or they can have a lot of influence on these super delegates and make it difficult for him to win on ballots beyond the first ballot. if he gets there without the magic number, as u he doesn't get it on the first ballot, those delegates could pick someone else. >> you mentioned he's doing well in new york. he is. he's popular in his home turf. he needs to get all 95
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delegates. what the he does and what if he doesn't? >> well, it's not just new york. say he gets all 95 delegates. there's some other states in the weeks ahead where west virginia, they set up the delegate choice in even if he wins he may lose delegates because of the way the ballot is set up. it's quite confusing. that would make it difficult to get to that magic number. in new york he has to win this an get that 95 delegate advantage there. every time there's a contest, the window narrows a bit because we're getting closer and closer to the convention in july. every time he needs to win greater share. this is his real chance to rack up delegates. i think he will. he's up by 26 points in the polls. he's expected to walk away with most of the delegates. ted cruz had an advantage in some of the states further down
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the road. what will happen if he doesn't have the number? >> that's the big question. he's making shorter stump speeches. is this the sign of running scared or being laser focused? >> i think he's trying to shape his candidacy. you can tell people are trying to talk to him about what he says on the stump. that's right. i don't think he's running scared. trump is not the kind of candidate that looks like he will run scared. i think they feel if he does focus his message more, he's trying to get beyond that 38-40% where he's stuck right now. he needs to expand his support. that's one of the reasons why it's not a sure thing that he's going to have the right number of delegates in july. i think that plays into why you
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see his message changing. >> kind of figured you would go with the laser focus option. all right. good to see you. thank you so much. >> you bet. a firefighter does what our brave emergency workers do for us every day. he went to help but tragically paid with his life. it's a shocking shooting that killed him and wounded another. police are now trying to figure out what happened. one of iran's top military officials traveled to russia defying international sanctions. what the increasing ties between moscow and tehran means for us. roger that! see ya! we are outta here! woo! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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a maryland fire department in mourning after two of their own are shot while responding to call. one of those firefighters died.
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39-year-old john snyder. he was a 13-year veteran at the department. a second 19-year-old volunteer firefighter also wounded in the shooting. police are trying to figure out why someone would shot them. just a horrible story. >> it is especially when you think these firefighters were simply doing their job checking on the welfare of a person inside of their home on friday. authorities say it was that person inside of the house who ended up shooting and killing the firefighter. he was a husband and also a father of a 2-year-old little girl. earlier today his other firefighters honored his memory by draping a black cloth across his locker. he's only the second firefighter to be shot and killed in the line of duty in the united states this year. authorities say he was with other firefighters and police officers. they all tried to go into the
3:30 pm
home in temple hill, maryland friday night after getting call that the person inside might be having a medical episode. that person was unresponsive outside. they started going through the door and that's when the shooting happened. >> it's a tragedy. our firefighter was a close friend of many. have strong community member. thankful for your thoughts and prayers in this very difficult time as we prepare to honor the life of one of firefighter paramedics. >> also shot was volunteer firefighter kevin. he was only 19. he was hit four times. he is expected to survive. also shot was the person who initially called authorities. that person was trying to go into the home with first responders when he or she was shot. we're told the person will be okay. the shooter is in custody.
3:31 pm
the shooter is being cooperative. >> thanks. officials said to behind iran's strategy. for the second time in one year he's traveled to moscow to fine sanctions and he even met with vladmir putin. meeting with russia's political leaders and delivery of russian missiles. he cut short his trip after the ban came to light. these close endountser, this week between russian war planes and the u.s. navy and air force that occurred in international waters. what does this mean?
3:32 pm
he's bad dude. plamed for the killing of american troops in iraq by the iranian made ieds and now he's welcomed an embraced by putin. what's going on? >> we have to say hats off to the fox news team for fiendsing th -- finding this. they saw him violate resolutions a while ago. she just did it again in the middle of his trip when he got caught. we all know that iran has repeatedly violated the u.n.
3:33 pm
resolution, the demands that the world community, the international community has put on it. yet, the reason why they continue to violate is because there are no consequences opini. what's happening is the obama administration not only looks weak but it encourages more bad behavior. we see this with north korea. we see this with iran and cuba. when you don't act, the child becomes unruly an that's what's happening now. >> what should we do? what type of action should we take if he goes to moscow? >> first of all, i believe because of the u.n. resolution that's been violated, we should call an emergency u.n. security council meeting. we can't do that because u.s. ambassador samantha power is on yet another traveling trip in africa. despite the fact we have u.s.
3:34 pm
ambassadors to african countries she's left the u.n. and down in africa. >> we can call a meeting with the deputy ambassador. >> you could but i think that only highlights the fact that is a samantha power is not around. she wasn't there for the iran negotiations. she wasn't there for the russian negotiations. literally, she is traveling on taxpayer expense with a couple of armed guards. >> she would say she's got a lot of international business to deal with. >> let me say one thing very clear. >> let me make something clear about the deeper meaning. this guy is meeting with putin he is potentially an enemy of the united states. >> he is an enemy.
3:35 pm
she's one job. it's called u.s. ambassador to the u.n. she should stay in new york. she doesn't have to travel to african countries. >> she's not here to defend herself. >> she's never around to defend herself. >> that's not true. she does defend the meetings. let's discuss the broader issue. you have him with blood on his hands, is there anything we do about that and what does it say about moscow's behavior when we have them zipping and flying over our destroyers and zinging our spy planes. >> the reason why the russians are tempting us and increasing their behavior, the reason they are on the offense is because there's no consequences. there's no consequences for what they do in ukraine or very limited an weak consequences. no one should be surprised we have bad players doing bad
3:36 pm
things. it just encourages more. watch what north korea does. they saw what the iranians got away with. they are out testing missiles and launching missiles into the united states. russia is the same way. it's not being pushed back. sdp >> we're running out of time. we got several fly byes. what can you predict will happen next in. >> i can't imagine. we're encouraging bad behavior everywhere. we have to have consequences for this. you should call it sessions of the security council and the president should focus on this
3:37 pm
and call out the behavior publicly. >> violating international sanctions. wonder what they could do with the nuclear deal. >> they violated it over and over. it's more than just with this. it's more than just the travel ban. >> they seem to have the behavior to do this repeatedly. we'll try to keep on his behavior and continue reporting. thank you as always for your insight. saudi arabia issuing a threats over a senate proposal that would hold the saudis legally responsible for having any role in 9/11. the move could prove costly for both countries. what do you thi founding fathers would think about our country today? we have result of a unique poll. there's juan in washington, d.c. he will tell us everything that hamilton and jefferson and jay and all the the rest of them would think now. caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his guardian.
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turns out that saudi arabia is pushing back big time. responding to a u.s. senate proposal that would make the saudis legally responsible for any role they had in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. the new york times reports saudi arabia and obama administration that it will sell billions of dollars in u.s. assets like treasury securities if that bill passes in congress. right noi president obama is considering declassifying those 28 secret pages from the 9/11 commission that are suspected of showing potential saudi connection to the attacks and he will be visiting saudi arabia in the coming week. imagine we have a time machine and could transport our founding fathers to the 21st century. what would they think of the united states today? it's a never ending debate as our leaders interpret a constitution written more than
3:43 pm
200 years ago. juan williams dives into that question with his brand new book. we the people, the modern day figures that have reshaped and affirmed the founding fathers vision of america. juan is here to talk about the book. can't wait the get into it. let's do it. if john adams, benjamin franklin, george washington could visit modern day america, what about the president day might strike them most? >> first of all, can you imagine if they came back. they would be rock stars. they would be beyond rock stars. we have a hit play on broadway about alexander hamilton. if you reach into your pocketbook you'd have portraits of all of those figures on the bills and the coins. people love the founding fathers. i know i do. everybody would want to touch them and ask them is this the country you created and the constitution you just asked
3:44 pm
about, are we going it right? are you happy? i think they would be thrilled at the idea that something they created, the institution constitution, 240 years ago, endures to this moment and everybody has an opinion about the constitution. as opposed to a lot of more liberal judges who see a living constitution and the argument over should there be rights for gay people, abortion, on and on in the constitution. the people who favor a living constitution say yes. the strict constructionists say no. >> what do you say to the so
3:45 pm
called purist who cling to the original writings and find no tolerance to the application to our modern day and evolving society? >> on the latter point, the beauty of constitution and the founding fathers thought because believe me, you see this throughout. they built it to be strong but flexible. they never dealt with slavery. they underthestood there would amendments. the frame work remains in place even as it's able to adapt to changing times and circumstances. they would not know what to do with all the surveillance that we live with on an every day basis. the founding fathers that you describe as coming back through time travel, they would be like, you are under constant surveillance by the government. you tolerate this. why? then you'd have to explain. i think there would have to be so many adjustments.
3:46 pm
they would be like oh, my god. >> i could keep talking to you. i wrote a testimonial for your book. williams chronicles a fascinating infortive and appetizing account of modern day history. >> i'm so grateful. i have a very good review in tomorrow's washington post. this endorsement means so much more to me because you're my colleague and friend. thank you. >> i'm so proud of you. i just loved eyes on the prize till this day. thank you and congratulations. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. or across the globe in under an hour.
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now another major tech company taking on the federal government. microsoft suing the justice department saying that tech companies have a right to let customers know when their personal information has been accessed by federal agents. this comes after the high-
3:51 pm
profile fight with federal government and apple. what does it mean for us and our iphones and blackberries? >> now it is apple and now microsoft. >> when i first heard the story. 5700 requests from law enforcement to microsoft, my first thought is who is paying for all of. this as a share holder i don't want to pay and as a tax prayer i don't either. microsoft is arguing that the request itself and not being able to notify their customers that their files are being searched, they think that that violates the responsibility to the end client. all they are doing is going through the legal process to go
3:52 pm
to another judge and let them hear the argument and deputy through all of the appeal process. i back this totally. i am not saying they are right. but they have a right to exhaust their legal remmidy. >> they can protect themselves legally? >> i would le to think that microsoft is looking out for our rights. but i don't think it is done in our self intchlt the cloud is an important advancement in technology. it is important to put information on the cloud and share with all of their employees and they are concerned that if companies are worried that the government is looking at the files they will not use the cloud. >> you mentioned 5624 orders for information. 2576 under the law, microsoft, and the other companies are not
3:53 pm
allowed legally to tell the customer that your information is accessed. >> if you are a big drug man and hit man, you could understand. but how much of the rest of us. >> how many private liberties do we want to give up. this process will help all of this. the governing law to this was written in 1986. and that was 30 years ago. the problem is that the legislature has not stepped up and updated the law for the advancement in technology. in 1986, i am not sure i had a fax machine and i know i didn't have a cell phone. there needs to be an update with this. but the stagnation in congress and the fact that they find
3:54 pm
gridlock, has hurt us, the citizens, but also what they are doing now, it is requiring the judicial system to write law and that's not their job. >> apple is involved in a case with an accused drug dealer. how will it play out? >> i think what will happen ultimately. i don't think apple is fighting the disclosure of information. but let it be heard by another judge and appeal process rather than letting government be irons if fisted. they want to protect themselves and their merchandise so customer will want to buy it. >> this is part of the process to do that. >> thank you for your insight auz always on saturday. >> thank you, eric.
3:55 pm
>> i had fax paper before the fax machine. >> people but not the machine in >> and i had that before the actual machine. i told you i had issues. did you finally get the machine? >> i did. >> h come back. we'll talk about campaign cow. and stick around. we'll have more on the fox news channel. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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appointments are available now.
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>> it is a tradition on the campaign trial in new york city to chow down on hot dog. and fish. and john kasich attacking that custom to the max. he enjoyed the soup and chatted with the republican. >> last week he had two plates of spaghetti and then the staff dubbed the kasich special. what got him in trouble? >> he eats piz with a knife and fork.
4:00 pm
bill de blasio eats pizza. and he was caught doing that at good fellas pizza. >> that is a big no- no. julie banderas is up next. donald trump threatening a sloyd if the republican party doesn't straighten out the delegate system. and ted cruz clones up in another state. republicans in wyoming holding their state convention and the end to a woke's long process of awarding delegates. he said republicans are rallying around him. >> we started out as 17 candidates and amazing and fantastic and diverse


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