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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  April 17, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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joining us, the greg gutfeld show is next, we'll see you next week, no. julie banderas is up next. donald trump threatening a sloyd if the republican party doesn't straighten out the delegate system. and ted cruz clones up in another state. republicans in wyoming holding their state convention and the end to a woke's long process of awarding delegates. he said republicans are rallying around him. >> we started out as 17 candidates and amazing and fantastic and diverse and young.
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but as weigh stand here. there are two candidates who have any ability to win the nomination. me and donald trump. and what we are seeing in wiomming and across the country. we have got to unight and come together. >> and cruz was in wyoming. donald trump and kasich campaigning here in new york ahead of the tuesday primary. and interestingly enough hillary clinton and bernie sanders are branching out. clinton is in california with celebs. and bern bernie sanders is returning to the trail after his visit to the vatican. we have fox team coverage on all of. that brian ennis is following the democrat candidates and bee start with mike emmanuel.
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what was key to cruz's victory in wyoming? >> reporter: he sold western values and made comparisons between home state of texas and wyoming x. returning land to the people from the federal government. that is a big issue in the western united states and talks about the tough fight ahead. >> we'll have to have a fight to determine who the nom no is. i want to ask you, if you don't want to see donald trumpas nominee and hand the general election to hillary clinton which is what a trump nomination does, i ask you to please support me. >> cruz was the candidate to make the long trip out here to wyoming and in solid performance in colorado. he was awarded with 14 more
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delegates. >> i hear there are complaints about the system in wyoming? >> we talked to a lot of republicans in wyoming and they said ted cruz outorganized donald trump and john kasich here in wyoming. and hay say he was the best organized and came out here several times asking for their support. but as you mentioned, donald trump did not compete and instead complained about the system. >> it is it a rigged system. when you look at wyoming and colorado, the bosses are picking the people and wyoming department want to go to a election with the people. they said that yesterday. i said wow, that is something. >> reporter: state party officials say the rules have been in place since 2014 and there are many conversations with the state parties. they maintain there were no
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surprises about the process in wyoming, jowly? >> thank you very much. >> turning to the fight for the empire state. the new york primary just a now days away. kasich and trump campaigning and he called the republican process corrupt but saying he will come out on top. >> the system is corrupt because the system is broken. and the democrats have a different system. they have super delegates and our system is worst than theirs. in our system they are not voting, the bosses are picking the delegates. despite all of that, you know who is going to win? we are going to win. lighter moments came from governor kasich. he stopped in adely and tried to win over the locals. >> i am working on a secret plan
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to delay the primaries so i can spend more time eating in new york. >> he's of course, eating joushish food. and appeal to the jewish vote. and john roberts was in. who wouldn't enjoy the soup. >> it is like a staple. >> it is good as chucken soup. the campaign put out a statement saying this is how elections are won. donald trump is not saying. that people get out and vote for a slate of delegates to propel the candidate forward. that's what donald trump will do in the empire state. one in sir cuz and one out of
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water town. and wrapping it up with a rally on monday night. he said the current system is rigged and disflynn expect, >> and here's trump in surcarouse. it is a bad system and a dirty system. and we are going to do something p it. the republican national committee better get going. you will have a rough july in that convention. and you better get going and staten out the system. >> reporter: you know, trump is rammerar on this. it is to be enfranchised.
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it is laying the scone in the vote. >> it was a big day for john kasich, tell us about that. >> it was, the brian sandoval from nevada endorsed john kasich. a lot of his candidates sought it. and he with held even though he voted for marco rubio. but he believes kasich is the only one to bet them in the fall. kasich is now the likes the best new york to the he being poipd. wolfing down >> we are interesting in this we
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and my don in rork. i can upon think we'll win with the delegate. >> that is in for a delegate hunt and that can't help until the connepgz. oven his chosest campaign shaf you can't believe how jun satellite eats. nand. you know heate a hucko-o in this the bronx. >> how do you get rid of it? ? i wish i had that. >> it is the weirdest things. thank you. >> and did your in to for want.
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corey lewandowski it comes he will not be charged. that is a must watch tv you don't want to miss. meanwhile hillary clinton holding an event in the college in l.a. on the heels of an expensive fundraiser and bernie sanders returning to new york. his last- ditch effort to try to win the empire state. and speaking in vladimar city. heing have a oat west and the new yorkers take the pole on tuesday. he did industrial 19 point the. he's back from the vladimar
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>> it is the pope visiting him. it will help and not hurt pim. it was there is importance of moral economy. he went. the sur0 price is that he met with pope francis. the vermont senator said he thanked the pope for advocating morality. and the holy father said it was good manners and nothing to do with mixed up politics. >> oh, no, no. absolutely not. my presence here is not political. he is playing a transformative role on this planet and well outside of the catholic church. and in talking about the need to
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inject moralitty. >> it will not hurt him with latino and catholic voters where the senatoror spent more in ads. sanders is down by double-digits. he's down 250 delegates. >> she thinks that she has new york in the bag. she would be here if she had any chance of losing in new york. what is she doing in california? >> fundrais-raising she raised million. and bernie sanders' supporters showed up to protest. and now two tickets cost 250,000.
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and she had another fundraisers. and back in new york tomorrow. and she rallied in los angeles, california. and biggest delegate haul in the country. >> he sticks to his talking points and well, you know, i represent a small rural estimate and we don't have begun laws. he voted against the bra d y bill five times. >> hillary released a new adhow she started a school for men. and latino and black voters could carry her this tuesday. >> and 353000 a ticket. it is so change i was not invited. i will stick to the soup. >> and the fall dppt remembering
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a fallen heary. and another fire four fighting for his life. and we'll have the >> >> ever how it infolded. the that have that is a
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>> a community in mourning after a maryland firefighter was shot and killed responding to a call and another recovering in the hospital tonight. john snyder who you see here, and another firefighter were responding to a call for help in a suburban home. officials say when they arrived no one answered the door and they tried to force their way in and allegedly someone fired from inside and shot both
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firefighters. will carr is live from the newsroom. it is a devastating story. firefighters were there to help someone and how did this happen? >> reporter: absolutely, julie and the community is reeling tonight. we learned that the shooter was released from custody and at this point not facing charges. it is unclear if it was a tragic accident or charges coming down the road after he shot three people in the suburb outside of washington d.c. the shooter's brother called them 7:30 and said he was worried are his brother had a medical emergency in his hopes. and police officers and firefighters responded. the man in question didn't answer and so they tried to go through the door. he shot his brother who was with the first responders and he will
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be okay. and then the two firefighters including a father and husband. his fellow firefighters honored them. and draping black cloth from his locker. >> we are right here supporting the family as best we can and to prepare to send our brother home. >> reporter: volunteer firefighter kevin swain was shot four times. he is expected to survive. the shooter was released from custody. he was cooperative and tonight, there are more questions than answers as to the tragic shooting. >> you do hear a lot of police officers becoming the victims of crime. but firefighters, not as much
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how often does this sort of thing happen? >> it is rare. they put their lives on the line. but coming to a scene of being shot and killed you don't see it much. the previous two years there were no fatal shootings and compare that to four fires performing normal doubts. 97 in 2013. and the majority of those were firefighters on the scone who had heart attacks. >> thank you. another deadline has come and gone. congress going home without a federal budget. is the honeymoon over for paul ryan as house speaker. what on earth happen here. a three slamming into with a three slamming into with a car. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness,
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>> look at the scone of the palm beach zoo in florida where a tieber fatally mauled the employee. the zoo is trying to figure out why he attacked the tiger staff. and a rinno boat their finger. and the staff member went to the hospital for treatment and she will be okay. members of congress are at home today after missing a key
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deadline. does this signal more trouble ahead? garrett has the story. >> it appears the honeymoon is over for paul ryan. the house failed to meet the deadline for the budget. hard liners refuse the bipartisan deal between president obama and john boehner. ryan said earlier that that agreement is hurting them for making additional progress. >> part of the problem, we have appropriation numbers in law and an agreement in law. and that is taking pressure off of the budget situation. and that is one of the challenges we are dealing with. >> the white house is putting pressure on the republicans to combat the zika virus.
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>> you heard speaker ryan saying there is plenty of the money to go to zika. i am not sure, given congress inept ability to handle the budget is a good today. >> reporter: hard line conservatives oppose. and they did not have the votes to pass it. there are no consequences for failing to pass them. democrats say it is dysfunction in the gop. >> the ryan budget destructive to working families will not go far enough for the republicans. and that's why there is no budget for the deadline. >> the house can pass the budget but withoutl debate on the spending bills. >> as tax season winds down,
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politicians are releasing details on their own fancs. including president obama and senator bernie sanders. and the impact on the 2016 race. and pope francis making an emotional visit to greece. he is giving some of the refugees a new home. and the taj mahal and the royals paying respect nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive. with twenty-five percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back. here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now.
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>> the obama administration announcing more guantanamo detainees were transferred. they were sent to a prison in saudi arabia. 80 prisoners remain at gitmo. and the united states is looking for ways to fight the isis state. and the second major earthquake in japan. it struck a southern island and killed 32 people. it is crunch time in case you didn't know. for those of us who have not filed taxes.
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and you have a little more time. you procrastinators to file. and senator bernie sanders released taxes. and president obama released his. he did not make as much. what are we seeing in sanders' returns. >> the only thing surprising is that it took him this long to release them since one of his signature issues is income inquality. they showed that he is one of the poorer members of the u.s. senate. he is still in the top five percent of the american earners. he had a taxable income of 205,000 and donated 8000 to charity.
2:32 am
clintons had 28 million. and donated 3 million to it charity. >> i've released 30 years of tax returns and every candidate including bernie sanders and donald trump should do the same. >> we have a boring tax returns. no big money from speeches or major investments. unfortunately i remain one of the pormembers of the united states senate. >> reporter: president obama's income fell to $436,000 and that is a drop in the book sales. but his income will certainly shoot up as he leaves the white house next year. there is book deals and speeches
2:33 am
and plenty of ways for former presidents to make millions once they leave office. >> look at hillary clinton and the money she made. and what the republicans. >> reporter: see far trump is citing an oun going audit by the irs. and cruz and kasich released partial returns and since 1976, every single major party nom no released their full tax returns. it is not an abnormal request. julie? >> all right. thank you very much. so pope francis making a short visit to greece. and he brought 12 refugees back to rome with him. his holiness saying it is a small gesture and called it a drop of water in the sea.
2:34 am
after this drop the sea will not be the same. and implored europeans to respond to the sufeverying of millions. and in one touching moment, a young child kissed the hand of the pope. and he loves children. and the holiness said during the trip, he is particularly saddened by the trauma that the refugee children have faced. amy kellogg has more from rome. >> reporter: pope francis putting the plight of refugeeses and migrants front and center. his trip to the greek island was a show of soliddarity are for the people. but a lot of those are slated to return to turkey and he asked people not to ignore the plight of refugees, something he said
2:35 am
was easy to do. there was a surprise as well. he took 12 refugee with him back to rome, to be hosted by the vatican. and presidential hopeful bernie sanders finally got his sought after chance to meet pope francis. >> he is a beautiful man and radiates love and it was an honor to speak to him. >> pope francis played down the significance. and said that sanders and his wife and another couple were waiting in the lobby at 6:00 as the pope was heading out of the door. >> when i came down and i greeted them and shook their hands and it is called good manners and not getting mixed up in politics. if anyone thinks greeting someone is getting mixed up to politics. they should see a psychiatrist. >> julie? >> amy kellogg, thank you.
2:36 am
close call in georgia. watch what happens. a may massive tree comes crashing down, somehow no one was hurt thank goodness. but the cars looked banged up. the three was uprotted and sent down crashing. and a tornado touching down in oklahoma and tearing across the open fields in the pandhandle. and the state dare devils caught it on camera. no reports of anyone hurt. and snow in colorado. denver international airport had to cancel 800 flights. we had a mild winter and parts of the country are not out of it yet. >> we have cold air from canada and rockies and feet of snow and
2:37 am
people are saying it is snowing in april? >> that is normal. and because of the winter we just had they are startled. unfortunately the cold front is pp lowing through the u.s. and the tornados in the pandhandle. that could occur tonight. we have watches and warnings east of lubbock. and we'll watch it today and tomorrow and monday. and we could see a severe threat tonight and tomorrow as well as monday. and large hail and damaging wind and tornados in this area as the cold front moves eastward and then the flooding potential. and several inches of rainfall. this is an area that doesn't need to see rain. and flash flooding is a concern. and we wind up for snow and several feet in the higher
2:38 am
elevations of the rocky. it will cause travel problems not only tomorrow but monday. and winter weather advisories are post ped for the region. temperatures for the 30s and warm unstable air. and it is going to feel. i think we will hit 80 in new york city. and people will finally be thanking me after the evil stares in the elevator. how are you feeling my friends. i walk in here and think she is going in labor. i can read the teleprompter. >> i am standing and i can't sit down. >> how long do you have? >> a month left. i am not counting down. >> you are having a boy? >> we are guessing. we have to boys already. >> and i am ready for my closeup. >> and i love you.
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thank you, janice. i will see you later, we hope. >> brazil in a deep political crisis in the parlamountary vote to impeach their president. as we go around the world. brazil, a fight over the future of the country , thousands rallying in support and against the brazilian president. parliament members will vote on whether to impeach her on charges of manipulating government accounts. she said there was no wrongdoing. syria, archaeologist are looking at how bad the damage is after the islamic fighters looted and destroyed an ancient town. they destroyed 200 objects. egypt. an artist stretching a mural
2:40 am
cross 50 years. it is in the garbage city. it is featuring a quite of a christian bishop. if one wants to see the light of the sun, he must wipe his tears. >> india. prince william and his wife bringing back images of princess diane. they posted for photos in the spot where the late princess posed 20 years ago. that's a wrap. and saudi arabia, with a big warning to the united states all over the partisan bill making its way through congress. they are threatening to selloff hundreds of millions worth of american asets. and a mountain lion, how they caught this big cat.
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sea. it called the latest incident unsafe and unprofessional. this comes two days after two russian jets flew within 30 feet of the navy destroyer. under the rules of engagement the destroyer could have shot down the planes. >> if the u.s. makes the saudi government responsible for the role in the 9/11 attacks. now the obama administration opposed the september bill and it comes as the president must decide whether to it declassify 28 pages of sealed documents that are expected to show a saudi connection to the attacks. but the separate 9/11 commission determined that there was no evidence that the saudi
2:46 am
government was involved. experts say it would be difficult to make such a selloff and likely cripple their economy. >> and inmates in a county jail. that's our top story. illinois, the cook county sheriff's office releasing the video saying that the public has a right to know what is going on. investigators say it shows six separate cases of excessive force. and inmates thrown to the floor and dragged. all 13 deputies involved resigned or fired or suspended. texas, 20 gang members arrested in a major gun bust. police seizing weapons and cocaine and cash. the mex an mafia was transporting them. >> they are selling the drugs to
2:47 am
our kids. we want it to sfop. >> the swat units and officers were involved in the raid. and california, a mountain lion walking around on campus in lunch time. students and staff taking shelter inside of classrooms as the school is put on lock down. wild life officials chased the big cat to a neighbor's yard and it was tranquilized. no one was hurt. >> wisconsin. an injured duck walking again. phillip lost his feet. but a teacher used a three d printer to make them. >> he picked it up fast and i am
2:48 am
sure he will be able to waddle around with all of the other ducks. >> a wedding like you have never seen before. new zealand hosting the world's first wedding conducted by the church of the flying spaghetti monster. they recited vows and used noodles for rings. it was a fasta farrian wedding. >> we did a pirate wedding because it shows respect to our faith. pasta farrian believes all humans came from pirates and it is fun to do it. >> i would never have agreed to a conventional major. this was too good to pass up. >> the church of the flying
2:49 am
spaghetti monster began as a protest with religion and schools. and took off in new zealand. >> and a finding of the zika virus. and confirming the worst fears of the after affects of the disease. what health officials are doing to curve a potential outbreak. to curve a potential outbreak. >> and the international space the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. . . relook.
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>> fears over the zika virus is escalating. the virus causes microcephaly in infants. and the disease is very unusual. >> we need to be ready.
2:53 am
as the doctor was say issing, everything that we look at with this virus seems to be a bit scarier. microcephaly is the reduced size in the infant's brains. johnathon has more. >> reporter: these bugs may look toiny but have a dangerous bite. the centers for disease control and prevention toying the zika virus to birth defact where babies are born with a small head. >> it is 50 years as a disease was caused the birth defect. it is not transmitted. >> and most people experience mild symptoms if and at all. but the link to microcephaly follows 1000 brazilian cases.
2:54 am
>> for those who are affected it is date right at birth. >>inarily 350 case s were in the u.s. it is expected to spread to the u.s. many land. the mosquito is found had 30 states and a related species is more wide pred. >> >> a mom can be be infected during pregnancy. >> he asked captaining for the money for zika. it will be addressed in the appropriation process. >> the international space station has a new inflatable
2:55 am
habitat. they used the robot arm. the habitat will be operational in late may. and it is expected to help scientist learn how future and inflatable rooms will hold up against solar radiation. they will serve it through living quarters. two and from mars. >> thank you to a movie and a tail wagging ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise... jardiance works around the clock... to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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visit okay. if i wasn't so pregnant i'd be dancing. a dog once overweight goes by the me of skinny vinny. the dachshund wayed 38 pounds when he arrived at the rescue organization in texas. his foster mom knew he had a rough time if he kept the weight. so she put him on a diet, started to give him daily exercise. he's still 16 pounds but he will be put up for adoption. but the shelter says they'd like to keep the puppy close to home. very, very sweet. so with one month and counting until my due date, i thought it would be fun to start a baby bucket list. basically i'm trying to jam in as much as i can before this baby arrives because come kid
2:58 am
three, god only knows i may never leave the house ever again, nor where my two children. so here is my first edition. last week i took my girls to see the big splash at beacon theatre in new york city. the peppa pig live tour runs through 2016. and you understand what a huge deal this is. i mean, huge. so peppa pig live, check. i'll share the next one with you if i don't go into labor before them. i'm julia banderas. sean hannity's town hall with donald trump starts next. up hopefully i will see you next week. ♪ [ playing the national anthem ]
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♪ ♪
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hi, friends. good morning. it's the 17th of april. i'm anna kooiman. we do have a fox news alert for you now. a deadly earthquake in ecuador sends people screaming. the 7.8 magnitude quake shaking a nation. at least 77 are dead. more than 500 are injured. buildings flattened, now the military is being called in to search for survivors. plus an exodus from gitmo. nine detainees some listed as high risk sent to saudi arabia. now the question is whet


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