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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  April 17, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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can cruz pick up anything in new york? >> thank you for joining us, everybody. we'll see you next sunday. and i'll see you tomorrow morning on the fox business network. have a great sunday, everybody. hello, everyone. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> top of the news this hour, donald trump and hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail in new york state today. you know, it's their final push before the state's big primary on tuesday. we have all the latest details on the campaign trail out there. >> mr. trump's campaign manager speaking out about the charges made against him by reporter michelle fields. what he's saying about the whole incident. >> and the european union pressing iran for help with the syrian peace process. how do you think that will work? is it a good idea? we'll discuss with teheran.
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but we begin with republican frontrunner donald trump. he's holding the rally in poughkeepsie, new york. just a little less than 48 hours before the empire state heads to the polls. a whopping 95 delegates up for grabs in the gop side. and donald trump is hoping for nothing short of a win in his home state's primary. senior national correspondent john roberts live in staten island, new york, where trump met just with a few hours ago with voters. hey, john. >> hey. and hello from the other side of new york harbor. where he insisted they get to the delegate count by the convention. but new york is the key to that. a landslide victory could net him all 95 delegates. any less than that, if it goes below 50% in so. the congressional districts. if he goes below 50% statewide,
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the path forward will be that much more difficult. on staten island, donald trump showed the depth of the support that he's got here in new york state. a lunchtime crowd. they did have seat, but they were on their feet whooping it up for the entire half-hour that donald trump was speaking. before that speech, he gave his first press conference in a number of weeks. one of the big topics of conversation, the delegate selection process that he's been railing against yesterday at a speech in syracuse. he suggested that the rnc would be in for a rough july unless it changes the system. he was asked about that. here was his response. >> you're going to have an upset group of people at the convention. i hope it doesn't involve violence. i hope it doesn't. and i'm not suggesting that. i hope it doesn't involve violence. and i don't think it will. i will say this. it's a rigged system. it's a crooked system.
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>> the republican national committee chairman reince priebus has been pushing back against trump the last few days, going on television wherever he can, to say the rules were set back in september and october of last year, and while states like colorado and wyoming did not pick their delegates to the national convention through a statewide popular vote, it was all done within the framework of the rules of the party. here's priebus. >> the delegates are enfranchised by the voters, whether it be in the convention or in a primary or caucus. that's how our delegates are selected. we're not a government entity. we're a political party. and political parties have been nominating candidates through the delegate process for a very long time. and this is the way we do it. and we have a right to choose the way we nominate people. >> but discord within the ranks of the republican national committee. they've got a series of meetings. one will be with the standing committee on rules. the chairman of that committee,
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bruce ash, fired off an e-mail, which fox news has obtained to the chairman reince priebus saying, he's upset that they're not considering next week, some modifications about modifying the rules before the convention in july, saying the way the rnc is handling this really is a breach of trust with the rest of the committee members. we'll see where that goes. >> very interesting. good-looking backdrop behind you. thanks, john. >> looking good today. >> all right. eric? in about ten minutes, we're going to be analyg oonlizing -- analyzing donald trump. meanwhile, on the democratic side, hillary clinton is also in staten island today. this as she fires back against trump after he has now referred to her by his new nickname crooked hillary. the democratic frontrunner says she's not upset at all about what donald trump calls her.
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women, immigrants, and other groups are undermining american values. brian yllenas is live with this. >> we were expecting the nickname to come, and it came. both candidates are crisscrossing new york city. that is bernie sanders, and hillary clinton. less than 48 hours before the new york state primary on tuesday. you're looking live now in brooklyn. bernie sanders is about to have a get out the vote concert. alongside the brooklyn grizzly bear. sanders was born in brooklyn and he's hoping to ride momentum after winning seven of the last eight contests. meantime, hillary clinton has made three stops today, including in mount vernon and washington heights, new york. and she'll have a get out the vote rally in staten island in about an hour. the eight-year new york senator has a double-digit lead in the polls ahead of tuesday. she's making sure people head to the polls.
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the democratic frontrunner is also starting to get more district hits, not only from a fiery sanders. but from republican frontrunner donald trump, who revealed that new nickname for her yesterday. call her crooked hillary and this was her response today. >> he can say all he wants about me. i really couldn't care less. i'm going to stay focused on the issues. there are stark differences. >> continuing to trade jabs on the sunday morning shows. sanders saying he's a little tired of being beaten up by the negativity of the clinton campaign. sanders attacking clinton, particularly, though, on the issue of raising the minimum wage. during that debate on thursday, clinton sparked confusion when she said she would sign a deal for a $15 federal minimum wage. despite the fact that she's campaigning for $12. >> i just have to underscore -- i think their campaign is trying to make something where there is nothing. the people who are behind the
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fight for 15 support me, not him. >> i have said at the very beginning of my campaign, we need to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. and that is kind of the difference between the way we do politics. i'm trying to set a high bar. i'm trying to be a leader, which is let's go, america, let's move in the direction we have to go. >> yesterday, sanders won 15 of colorado's 23 delegates at the state's democratic convention. clinton's lead is now down to 244 total delegates. there are 247 total delegates up for grabs in new york tuesday. he's hoping a win or a very close second will lead to just more momentum. we shall see. eric? >> some people think it could be closer than the polls indicate. but we'll see in 48 hours. new developments in a shooting that killed one maryland firefighter. and wounded another. the police releasing the suspects, saying there is not evidence at this time to file any charges. according to investigators, the suspect claims the shooting was
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in self-defense because he thought someone was breaking into the house. the firefighters were forming a welfare check and tried to open the door when no one answered. the firefighter was killed, his funeral will be held on wednesday. the other firefighter is in serious, but stable condition. another tragedy to tell you about. crews in california called to find two missing betweens swept out to sea. the 17-year-old boys were playing in the surf at the ocean beach yesterday, when a strong wave pulled them out. their friends managed to make it safely back to shore, rescue crews did conduct a massive search for nearly five hourings, but sadly, they could not find any trace of those two missing teens. iran sparking new concerns with some tough rhetoric, and a show of force. the country's president is vowing to defend muslim countries against terrorism and israel. hasan rouhani speaking during a national army day parade,
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insisting that iran's neighbors should not feel threatened. meanwhile, iranian forces using the parade to display new air defense systems recently acquired from russia. connor powell live in our middle east bureau with more. >> reporter: that russian-made s-300 sophisticated missile defense system can also shoot down other missiles that are incoming. russia originally intended to sell it to teheran in 2010, but under pressure from the united states and the international community, they canceled the contract. but it was just recently delivered to iran. now, iran today proudly and brazenly displayed this s-300 weapons system, while at the same time insisting that teheran posed really no risk to its neighbors. during this armed forces day, president rouhani pledged to defend other muslim countries from "terrorism and zionism." since the ink was signed on the international nuclear agreement
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with iran and sanctions were lifted, a lot of countries and corporations have been trying to provide weapons. and also business opportunities into iran. boeing was recently there trying to sell airline passenger jets to teheran. this is all part of the reproachment between the international community and teheran. not surprisingly, though, it has a lot of the sunni arab gulf state countries very concerned about it. they're concerned not only about iran's growing influence in the region, but also with the split between the united states and you the gulf sunni arab country, president obama is heading to saudi arabia later this week. and no doubt, iran in the nuclear agreement will be top of the concern of the comments and questions that will be discussed between these gulf arab countries and the united states. there is a lot of concern in the middle east about what the united states will do to iran if they use these mi they might in
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middle east in the larger context. but also just about the lack of communication between the white house and these gulf arab states, who think that the u.s. is drifting away from their traditional allies in large part because of these weapons systems. >> very complicated. connor powell, thank you very much. a massive cleanup effort under way in ecuador after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rattled that country, leaving scores dead and injured. at least 135 aftershocks have so far hit that area. the strongest happened to be just 50 miles from the quake's epicenter. so far, sadly, more than 200 people have been killed. more than 1,500 others have been injured. experts are warning there will be more aftershocks expected over the next few days. meanwhile, there is a race against time as well in japan, as rescue crews searched for survivors after two devastating
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earthquakes hit the island nation. at least 41 people were killed and more than a thousand buildings were damaged. u.s. military planes are now on site, helping to bring supplies to the hardest-hit areas. landslides from one of the earthquakes have blocked roads and destroyed bridges. scientists say there's no link between the quakes in japan and the one in ecuador. >> it may be spring according to the calendar, but the weather not letting up in some parts of the country. they're digging out more than three feet of snow. now we're being told there's more snow on the way. we'll tell you where old man winter refuses to go away. donald trump's campaign manager speaking out in an exclusive interview with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." what he says about his high-profile brush with the law. and reporter michelle fields who is at the center of the controversy. only 48 hours before going to the polls in new york state.
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if the polls are correct, mr. trump and mrs. clinton. they'll come out with some big wins. coming up, we'll talk to an influential new york congresswoman how the state is shaping up and how donald trump is cleaning up in his district. >> cruz and these guys, they have all these people funding them. all these people are not for their best interests. he's not for your best interests for another reason. new york values. he said that with hatred in his eyes.
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time now for a quick check of the headlines. a man in trouble for allegedly harassing the family of a sandy hook victim. police say matthew mills went up to the sister of victoria soto and claimed the shootings never happened. 20 children and six teachers were killed in the mass shooting in 2012. a storm dropping up to four feet of snow in central colorado with forecasters saying another 12 inches could be on the way. crews are warning residents about the possibility of avalanches. the boston marathon is celebrating a big birthday, 30,000 runners will compete in the 120th year of the race
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tomorrow, a million other people are expected to cheer from the sidelines. voters in new york state will have their say in the presidential race at the next primary that occurs this coming tuesday. one big base of support for donald trump has been long island. the new york city suburbs and beyond this past thursday, sounding some of his national themes by promising to bring jobs back to the embattled region. >> a few regions of the country have been hurt worse than suffolk. you know that, okay? i don't even know why. it's so beautiful out here. it's like, one of the really beautiful places. but it's jobs. and they're moving into mexico. that's not going to happen for long, according to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics, suffolk-nassau region has lost more than half of its
1:19 pm
manufacturing jobs since 1990. that's not good, folks. >> a look at the real politics polling. it shows mr. trump way out in front with 52% support of the whole state. governor john kasich in second at 23rd. ted cruz third at 18%. mr. trump's over 50% mark is important, if he is to nab most of the delegates. the question now, will he surpass that? joining us now, a suffolk long island republican whose district mr. trump campaigned in. good to see you in the studio. welcome. >> good to be back. >> politico says trump could lose like two dozen of the delegates. do you think he will get over 50% in all the congressional districts? and how's he doing in yours? >> he seems to be pretty close to that threshold. certainly in the first congressional district of new york, the one i represent on the east end of long island, where mr. trump was this past thursday. he's doing very well. i would say probably over 50%.
1:20 pm
he might get over 50% statewide. he's coming pretty close to a possible sweep on tuesday. >> did you ever think as a new yorker that you would see this? >> the entire campaign. i've never seen any of this. it's been a wild one to watch. the fact is that mr. trump, when he talks about bringing jobs back or repealing obamacare, stopping common core, building a wall. he is talking to a lot of america on issues that they care a lot about, but not through long white papers. in two or three words, he's making that connection to the heart of people's passions. >> and your district really is very representative of the whole country. with the billionaires in east hampton and southampton. immigrants in farming and other areas and a real working class, other areas. and you had also the immigration issue eight years ago, tragic
1:21 pm
killing of an ecuadorian immigrant. so why do you think he has resonated so much with the polls showing 58%? almost 60% support. >> i mentioned some of the issues that have been making that connection with people's passions. and he's talked about his opposition of the iran nuclear deal. wanting to make america great again. the desire to be winning and moving measuring in a better direction. so on many different levels, the way he's running his campaign, i've had people come up to me and say i'm a democrat. i've always voted democrat. i disagree with mr. trump on just about everything. but if he's the republican nominee, i'll vote for him. >> wow. >> what? there's two reasons. one is they say he speaks his mind. and the other is he's not beholden to anyone. but i've had heard democrats tell me they disagree with him on everything and they're going to vote for him. >> in terms of you as a politician, what do you do? went into the district to campaign for you.
1:22 pm
ted cruz did. so you have both cruz and trump supporting you. how do you make that decision? you haven't endorsed anyone yet. what do you do as a congressman, a member of the republican party, or do you just let it play out? >> a couple things. one is a very strong commitment to do absolutely everything in my power to make sure that whoever our nominee is crushes hillary clinton in november. we cannot let hillary clinton become president of the united states. so that commitment is strong and deep. but secondly, i'll tell you, i'm a freshman. there are a lot of really important issues facing our community, our state, our country. for me, i've been focusing on just trying to do my job, to score victories for my district. that's where my focus has been. quite honestly, i didn't want to get into the surrogate situation, speaking about the most provocative of the day. >> they talk about goldwater in 1964. it could be a landslide against
1:23 pm
him because of the tenor and tone. any concerns about that? >> not in the first congressional district of new york. the fact that it's his campaign is resonating where i'm from. so i don't anticipate it being an issue where i am. but we'll see how it plays out nationally. there's still a long way to go between now and november. >> talk about a trooper. you'll be with us at 1:00 a.m., when i anchor our election night coverage on tuesday. we'll see what happens. certainly perhaps according to the polls. mr. trump by then may claim victory in new york. we'll see what happens on tuesday. >> congressman? >> good to see you. >> thank you for joining us. >> okay, meanwhile, donald trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski speaking out about his recently dropped battery charge and the demand for an apology from reporter michelle fields, who accused him of grabbing her. here's part of lewandowski's response when he sat down with chris wallace on fox news sunday. >> here and now, i'd like to say
1:24 pm
i've never spoken in this field. and so i turned over my phone records to the palm beach district attorney's office it clearly shows i called her phone number that evening when i got back. and i'd be happy to have a conversation with her. but to apologize to someone i've never spoken to and candidly don't remember having interaction with i think is something that is a little unrealistic right now. and i have said, and would be happy to say again. this is a person i've never spoken to. would be happy to have that conversation if we can put this thing behind us. >> you can catch the full interview at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >> vladimir putin provoking the u.s. military yet again. what is he up to? russian war planes buzzing by u.s. ships coming far too close. we'll have details on this dangerous behavior and what putin could be up to. plus, the european union asking about the closest allies for help in that country's peace
1:25 pm
process. but iran says it won't come without a price. what iran wants in return.
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how much more their personal service can do for you. call 888-429-5722 now. have you seen this? moscow again trying to flex its muscles. a russian fighter jet flying dangerously close to a u.s. military plane over the baltic sea. that plane came within 50 feet of the u.s. aircraft. so what is vladimir putin planning with these continued provocations? kristin fisher is live in washington with more details. >> hey, eric. this is the second incident this week involving russian jets and u.s. military ships or aircrafts near the baltic sea. the u.s. european command says a russian fighter jet buzzed a u.s. spy plane. it came so close, their wings were just 50 feet apart. the potential to cause serious
1:30 pm
harm and injuries to all air crews involved. he goes on to say that all actions of a single pilot have the potential to unnecessarily exploit tensions between countries. and that's especially true when you take into account what happened just two days earlier. and this incident was caught on camera. watch as two russian jets come within 30 feet of a u.s. navy destroyer right in the same area. fox news military analyst general jack king believes this kind of aggression will continue, unless there are consequences. >> you've got to create a deterrent that will stop this kind of behavior. and we're not doing it. by that, we're meaning the deterrent has to be in there with troops and aircraft on the ground, making certain that putin knows that eastern europe is hands-off. and if he moves on it, the united states and nato is going to respond. >> the russian military is denying any wrong doing. they have dismissed the quote as running counter to reality. they admit they scrambled fighter jets after detecting a
1:31 pm
target. they deny any aggressive maneuvers took place. that's a direct contrast to the description provided by the european command. they say this u.s. plane never crossed into russian territory and only operated in international air space. >> it really looks hazardous and provocative. >> certainly does. >> kristin and eric, a flurry of behind the scenes activity this weekend concerning syria with the european union's top diplomat pressing her iranian counterpart to use iranian's influence to force syrian president assad into a political process aimed at constitutional reform and free lexes. this is after five years of bloodshed. meanwhile, iran is reportedly looking for a quid pro quo. specifically, eu assistance in urging the u.s. to give teheran more access to the global financial system. this as "the wall street journal" reports the u.s. is repairing a so-called plan b to
1:32 pm
arm syrian rebels with heavy weapons. should the fragile cease-fire collapse. let's talk about all of this now with the director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom at the heritage foundation. good to see you. let's get right to it. so much to cover. >> talk about what led up to this decision. how much is this driven by the syrian refugee crisis to try to get the eu nations to talk with iran about cooperating to end the cease fire, or to prolong it and come to a solution? >> well, that's a good point, actually. i think the two key factors driving the eu's attempt to draw iran closer into this peace agreement with syria, i think the first factor, of course, is the refugee crisis. the migrants heading over to europe, from syria, iraq, and also from north africa. this is a major headache for the
1:33 pm
european union. especially countries like germany. germany's taken in that 1.3 million refugees over the past year or so. the second key factor i think for the european union is money. and the eu is looking to significantly expand its footprint in iran. and already the french and germans have been signing deals worth about $30 billion, actually, with the iranian regime. there's a lot of economic self-interests on the part of european countries. >> as well as iran. because iran, the leaders there are saying we will help with the peace talks. that is if we get more access to global finances. that is not part of the iran nuclear deal with the u.s. so how is that going to work out? >> well, that's right, actually. the iranians see this as a sort of quid pro quo agreement with europe and the united states. and they are pressing very heavily, actually, for the
1:34 pm
lifting of international banking sanctions, which will free up more and more money for the iranian regime. teheran seeking to significantly build its military capability. and it's very unfortunate here that the european union is playing teheran's very dangerous game. and an effect to the eu has been for many years in preventing a policy of appeasement towards iran's regime. and i think that nothing good will come from these eu-driven discussions with teheran. iran is not a helpful actor at all in the syrian situation. iran has one goal to keep, of course, bashar al assad. the iranian regime continues to be an extremely dangerous regime, which is the world's largest state-sponsored international terrorism. i don't think the united states should be supporting this latest eu initiative. >> but you see the conundrum.
1:35 pm
they're asking for the u.s. to get involved and the u.s. is saying look, it doesn't work with our agreement that we've had on the table. meanwhile, does this political process -- i think we mentioned that tervegs u leaders hoped to get implemented. does it include president assad? i understand there are a couple of scenarios that we keep assad in place and have the opposition working under him. the opposition says no, we just want him out. how does that play out? >> well, i think all of these talks in geneva, this whole idea of some sort of grand deal with assad, it's really a pipe dream, actually. and i think that -- i very much doubt that we're going to see anything fruitful coming out of these negotiations. and let's bear in mind as well the entire iran nuclear deal is a disaster. it has strengthened the hand of the iranian regime. it's also actually strengthened the hand of the assad regime. i think at the moment, the priority for the west should be to crush and defeat isis, and then focus on delling with assad. but we should be under no
1:36 pm
illusions here. the iran nuclear agreement has been extremely bad for u.s. interests in the middle east. there's also, of course, a vacuum of american leadership at the moment. and it's very sad to see the european union, actually, driving policy in the middle east. i think the interest of the eu with regard to dealings with iran are very different than the interests to the united states. and i don't think that we should be allowing frankly brussels to be driving foreign policy in the middle east, cutting deals with the brutal and barbaric iranian regime. >> but they are free to do it. we have to leave it there. so much more to talk about, it is a very complicated scenario there. thank you for your time. hopefully we'll have you back on to discuss this further. there's been a showdown in brazil. have you heard about this? that threatens to divide that big country. lawmakers deciding whether or not to impeach their president. you're looking at live pictures
1:37 pm
in brazil. talking about the parliament as they discussed the future of dilma rousseff. will she be kick eed out of office? plus here at home, presidential hopefuls taking the fight to their opponents on the sunday public affairs shows. but two of the candidates sat those interviews out for a second row -- for a second sunday in a row. so who is it and why did they do it? hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. test. test clear
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1:42 pm
up gaps in brazil's budget with funds from government banks. she has denied those allegations. the critics have been calling for her to step down. the results from that vote are expected a little later on tonight. meanwhile, back here at home, the presidential candidates make the rounds on this sunday public affairs interview programs. but there were two notable absences. donald trump and ted cruz were not there for a second weekend in a row. and on the democratic side, bernie sanders, he says he's tire of being hillary clinton's punching bag. joining me now to talk about all this and break it down, david drucker. so what's the calculation behind trump and cruz being a no-show on the sunday shows? >> well, look, we have to understand that political candidates will go where they believe the voters want to see them. in other words, if they're looking for a certain kind of voter. they're looking for a certain kind of demographic voting block, that's where they're going.
1:43 pm
to reach those voters. and so i think for both trump and cruz, if there are shows that they aren't doing for any period of time, or even a single weekend, it's because they've calculated they can reach the voters they want in a better more efficient way at that particular time. i think for ted cruz, he's always sort of downgraded the importance of sunday's shows, because the kind of voter he wants to reach isn't necessarily watching the sunday shows, and donald trump, who's been all over the place and very accessible, i think over the past couple of weeks, has been focusing primarily on new york. and i think that's just where his focus has been. >> john kasich, the governor was on cnn, state of the union, giving his take on donald trump calling the delegate process rigged. listen. >> no. i think it's the way it works. it's like saying i made an 83 on my math test. so i should get an a just because i think it's rigged that you have to make a 90 to get an a. i mean, come on, act like you're
1:44 pm
a professional. >> we want to try to get through these. but do you think governor kasich is alone with his advice to trump? >> well, i don't think governor kasich is alone in his opinion. and i think that donald trump in some ways has been very effective at working the refs. how i like to describe it. to try and turn the heat away from him and his failure to compete in the delegate elections. and on to the republican national committee for what can be very onerous rules. i think if you want donald trump to be nominated and win a general election, you should be very concerned. even if he gets through the primary, despite his failure to bother with the delegate elections, and to be successful at them. the general election brings its own electoral complexities to it. and if he can't do it now, he's going to have a hard time doing it later. hillary clinton certainly won't have a hard time with it. >> okay. i want to keep going. because i got the gist of your point there, but i want to go to bernie sanders. senator sanders was on "face the
1:45 pm
nation" discussing the upswing of negativity of the democratic race. >> after we have won eight out of nine caucus and primaries, i think they made it very clear, that what their goal was -- and i think i quote appropriately here. disqualified defeat. and then reunite the party later on. they've gone after us in every single area. in a way that just misrepresents my views. >> so david, is this getting personal, or is it just politics as usual? >> well, it's both. politics as usual is personal. and it's impossible to run hard in a presidential campaign and not -- and not get personal, at least for supporters of both sides. and clearly if you're comparing the democratic race and the republican race, the democratic race has been a little bit easier. been a little less aggressive between the two camps. but it's heating up because bernie sanders isn't going away. he's raising a lot of money. and even though hillary clinton is still positioned to win the nomination, still probably will win the nomination, she's had to
1:46 pm
fight a lot harder for it. so i don't see the problem. i don't see what the big deal is, that it's a little personal. and that both sides are trying to paint their opponent in a light that is advantageous to them. >> well, hillary clinton is on abc this week. bringing the democratic party together for the general election. don't have time for the sound. but you get the gist of what mrs. clinton said. i ask you, if it comes down to hillary clinton extending open arms to bernie sanders supporters, how might she be received? >> well, there's certain bernie sanders supporters that are only in the process because of him. and i don't know that anybody could keep them in the process in an enthusiastic way that they've embraced the vermont senator. but for most of the democratic party, i think they will come together behind hillary clinton. even if it's reluctantly, because the clintons still have a lot of pull within the party. and at the end of the day, they're focused on winning a
1:47 pm
general election. and they don't have the same ideological fissures that the republicans are facing between trump and cruz. and so i think it's going to be much easier for them to come together. president obama will step in and ask them to unify. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back. stick around. clear your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours. toujeo® also provides proven full 24-hour blood sugar control and significant a1c reduction. toujeo® is a long-acting, man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 milliliter as standard insulin. don't use toujeo® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis,
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all the bryce car between saudi arabia and iran is boiling over today. concerning both nations, major economic output of oil. iran has been moving up the tensions skip, the key opec meeting this weekend to end the supply gut which has plunged crude to the lowest levels in a decade. this as surging united states oil production continues to pressure saudi market share. what does it mean for the united states economy? and our bottom line? we have a fox news contributor with us. gary they are supposed to have an agreement today to cap the oil production and have a freeze. they could not agree. that will send oil prices plunging back down. what does it mean for us? >> it is great for the consumer. it is a huge expense cut for both the consumer and business.
1:52 pm
but there has been a direct correlation an the globe between lower oil prices and stock markets so it remains to be seen if that is what happens. all bets are that overnight, the oil prices will be down. we will see how the markets react. first, opec does not have the influence they had many years ago because of how much we are producing. also, this thing between iran and saudi arabia they do not like each other. they keep trying to outdo each other and they end up screwing themselves. >> they both need the money. saudi arabia is tightening the billionaire royal family members, with their golden toilet seats they have been tightening their belts. >> look, lower oil prices have crushed every major oil-producing country an the globe. not just sauer our and iran but we are talking russia, and brazil. their currencies have been crushed. the stock markets are crushed.
1:53 pm
it has to be watched. i see only silver lining when prices come down because it is great expense cuts helps the airline business, hopes the truckers, helps. consumer, more money in the pocket. the worry is that the big slack of demand cross the globe could be a sign of trouble with the economy. that would not be good. >> the price now is $42 a barrel for the crude oil. that is down from a high of $1 $147, three times less back in 2008 but it has been moving up. how long will this last? if they do agree, they will eventually agree to a freeze, how does it impact us? >> if oil prices go up it has a negative effect. the stock market here and away the globe based on central banks has been what i call the end all be all for the economy. without the stock market going
1:54 pm
up, i don't think the economy holds up. if oil prices go up it is a sign of better stock markets. sometimes things are crazy in the markets. i nerve used to watch these things but right now it is front and center because whatever the people from europe or china say will affect the currencies and affect oil. right now i'm prices like like they were hang in $38-40 level. lower than that is not good. >> how long will it last? >> i think oil prices for the most part are down for the country. i heard some people in the last week predicting $80 oil in the next year. i am not seeing that. global growth is anemic. the last quarter we are going to be a big fat industry. until growth starts to pickup, why see the demand.
1:55 pm
most commodity prices will stay down because of it. >> a choppy stock market so far. we will see what happens. always good to see you. >> excitement is growing among royal watchers as britain prepares to celebrate the queen's 90th birthday. how the queen will mark the occasion. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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>> a milestone birthday in great britain with the queen about to turn find. celebrations begin thursday when she meets well wishers in windsor including the unveiling of a plaque at the start of the walkway a four mile trail. >> it is beautiful. later that night she will light first in a chain of a thousand beacons across the country and around the world continuing to celebration her birthday although it actually is on thursday, many of the celebrations continue to take place next month as well as in june the happy birthday. >> happy birthday to the queen. that does it for us.
2:00 pm
king eric. >> "media buzz" such -- is up next. >> on the buzz beater, the media start obsessing on hand-to-hand campaign combat as donald trump charges that ted cruz and the republican party are stealing his delegates. all the republican national committee should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> he has a good argument, popular votes should decide the nominee. the guy who get the most votes should be the nominee. >> he is using the rules to screw other people and now he is mad because he is getting screwed. >> this is going to help trump. the colorado situation is too weird. >> but is the press overplaying the argument that donald trump is in trouble or


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